Saturday, January 5, 2013

Today's Report

Most likely a partial one.We will not be moving to Aurora, CO soon.

No one dead in this one, but not for lack of trying.
A deputy shot and wounded an armed suicidal woman outside a Pine Hills pub after she threatened officers with a handgun during a standoff Saturday.

The woman — described as being in her 50s — was injured by shotgun pellets when she came out of the Golden Cue and Pub in the 6800 block of West Colonial Drive while pointing a gun at a deputy.

Deputies spent about 45 minutes calling to the woman to come out of the establishment. She came out twice but retreated back into the business.

The first time, she emerged pointing a gun and a deputy armed with a shotgun fired when she refused to lower her weapon. The pellets from the buckshot struck the woman in the upper chest and shoulder, said Jeff Williamson, a Sheriff's Office spokesman.

The woman retreated into the establishment, continued to ignore commands and came out once more.
She was distraught because her dog had to be euthanized. Very sad, but really? Was she (like the late Nancy Lanza) one of those "law-abiding citizens" of whom the NRA is so fond? Right until this happened?

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