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Lost In The City Of Light/Night

(Now, text to break up the all-photo format. Not much, but some.)

Granted, most of the objets d'art appear uninteresting & the text we're about to reproduce is a load of arty/pseudo-aesthetic codswallopcrap (Not to mention the tee vee program tie-in - See? Everyone, Frog or no, is out of ideas.) but in the next 30 days we should be able to drag our fleshy & other baggage to this mess for no reasons other than proximity & free admission. Now stand back, 'cause here it comes!
LOST (in LA) is an exhibition and an innovative dialogue between LA artists and French artists. It reproduces the quintessential Los Angeles experience of being lost in the heart of this metropolis. Layers of time and space appear to be interlaced together atop a hill hidden in the middle of the city.

LOST – one of the influential TV series of this decade – is considered by many artists as a source of inspiration as well as disappointment, as it struggles to deliver a true formal link that would connect the different layers of time and space. The exhibition comes from the desire expressed by artists to create this formal link. On this hill located between the Hollywood sign, Venice Beach, South Central and Downtown LA, these different layers of time and space intercept, connect, disconnect and reconnect again.

Despite this fragmentation, we move around the space, guided by the works themselves, sometimes through their dialogue and at other times through disaccord. While they all try to develop their own “black box,” they strive to become transitive works, able to generate a multi-layered net of connections with their surroundings.

The works of art reposition themselves in a larger field – the exhibition – ergo taking on new meanings. With its absurd and “pataphysical” desire to bring a formal contribution to the TV series, the exhibition LOST (in LA) in turn might find its place in a larger field and contribute to the definition of itself.
... ?

And an Internet video, but what doesn't have an Internet video?Being a bit of a Francophiliac fuckstick we'd already covered Froggy aesthetes looking askance at Los Angeles; about the time we found the above art talk the same flick came across the desktop (another pro vote here.) paired w/ this:which may be of interest.

Backlighting & Not

Mtns., Moon, Star

Beautiful Music

"Too much comedy, too much making fun of stuff."

Frank Zappa, Roy Estrada* and Ray Collins of the rock group
'Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention' perform onstage
at the Garrick Theatre upstairs from the Cafe Au Go Go
on May 24, 1967 in New York, New York.

Alternate Take

via RS:
Frank Zappa and Ray Collins of the Mothers Of Invention
at the Garrick Theatre in New York, 24 May 1967.
PoPsie Randolph/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

*Last (original) Mother of Invention standing.

Another Mother

Joining the heavenly chorus Xmas Eve was 75-yr. old Ray Collins,
an original M. of I. & Soul Giant.
In need of a guitarist, he suggested Zappa, whom he had met in 1961 and who lived in Ontario and Cucamonga. Zappa was also a writer of sardonic, musically adventurous songs, and within two years the Soul Giants - whose members included drummer Jimmy Carl Black and bassist Roy Estrada - had become the Mothers of Invention, were signed to Verve Records and recorded their 1966 debut album "Freak Out!"

Collins sang lead on some tracks of that album as well as 1967's "Absolutely Free" and "Cruising With Ruben and the Jets" from 1968. He sat out 1968's "We're Only in it for the Money" and quit the band.

"Too much comedy, too much making fun of stuff," Collins said in an interview in 2009. "I just wanted to make beautiful music. I was raised on Johnny Mathis and Nat King Cole."
We'll tell you one thing: When the band started almost 50 yrs. ago no one expected that the death of a guy who hadn't been a member since 1968 would be an AP story on the CBS website, or whatever the equivalent of that was in 1965.
CLAREMONT, CALIF.Ray Collins, who invited guitarist Frank Zappa to join the band that eventually became the Mothers of Invention, has died at age 75.
Collins' friend Patrick Brayer tells the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin that the musician from Claremont, Calif., died Monday, five days after a heart attack.
Collins brought Zappa to R&B cover band the Soul Giants in 1964. By 1966, they had become the Mothers of Invention, releasing their first album, "Freak Out," on Verve Records.
Collins sang on three albums, then left the Mothers, saying their comedic approach to music didn't suit him.
He pursued little music afterward and spent his last years living in a van, but was a well-known character and conversationalist on the streets of Claremont, a college town east of Los Angeles.
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'Tis The Season (For Murder)

Words fail us often enough, but this ...
A man has been arrested for allegedly setting a homeless woman on fire as she slept on a bus bench outside a Van Nuys drugstore.

The victim, a 67-year-old woman who was often seen outside the Walgreens at Van Nuys Boulevard and Sherman Way, was lying on a bus bench at around 1 a.m. Thursday when the crime took place, according to a live report on KTLA.
Our emphasis:
The suspect, a man in his 20s, allegedly went inside the store and purchased an accelerant that he then poured onto the sleeping woman before tossing a lit match on her body, reports City News Service. A witness who saw the suspect exit the store and set the woman on fire called 911 to report the crime, then followed the suspect until authorities arrived on scene. The unidentified suspect was then taken into custody by officers with the Los Angeles Police Department. The victim is hospitalized in critical condition; should she not survive, the suspect's charge will be elevated to reflect his alleged role in her death.
The horror never fucking stops, does it? How much more fucked up can you people get before someone or something gives every last one of you what you deserve? Plus which, should anyone be able to advise us which, if any, part of this
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may be deleted so the fucking thing won't auto-play, please advise ASAP. (Or "A sap.") Thenk yew veddy much.

Scab Of A Nation, Driven Insane

The Old Testament's culture of death:
Most Americans—not just my friend Li—find murder to be more acceptable fare for children than sex or swear words.

Our peculiar hierarchy of priorities may be due in part to the influence of Abrahamic religion on Western Civilization and the unique standing accorded to the Bible in American Christianity specifically. The Bible amalgamates the mythology and legal codes of a specific kind of culture: a clan-based tribal society in which herdsmen struggling for survival in an arid and increasingly denuded environment. Males competed to control females and territory while maintaining the purity of bloodlines and inheritance; gods that were modeled on warlords competed for fealty. Consequently, while codes governing sexuality and blasphemy were strict, codes governing violence were complicated.

Yahweh himself originated as a war god. Non-Hebrews were regarded with hostility and indeed, much of the founding story of the Israelite people comprises tales of triumphal genocide. The violence in in the Bible is so extreme that it defines vast portions of the book:

[Edmund Leach] looked at the Bible through the eyes of a communications engineer and asked: what message are these authors trying to get through to the reader? The answer, Leach thought, was that they were trying to obscure the fact that mankind began through incest (Adam and Eve) and so the strategy was to compile a list of atrocities so heinous that, in the end, the original incest would come to look like a harmless act.

Whether history or mythology or some fusion of the two, the Bible stories, when tallied, include an estimated 25 million violent deaths.
Jesus would like you to smash every creep in the face w/ a rock.Cop kill a creep, pow pow pow.Video from War in Context.

Labor News

Things looking up for working people as job creators get theirs.
Assam tea workers burn boss and wife alive
Around 1,000 workers at the privately-owned M.K.B. Tea Estate attacked the plantation owner's bungalow on Wednesday and set it on fire in violence blamed on festering labour unrest in the tea-growing region, police said.

Mridul Bhattacharya and his wife Rita were burned to death as workers armed with home-made weapons prevented police from rescuing them, they said.

"The body of the planter was charred beyond recognition and reduced to ashes while the body of the wife was found lying in the kitchen," local police officer A. Das told AFP by telephone.
Hope for the new yr.: "Workers armed with home-made weapons."

LATER, from the Guardian:
On Wednesday, around 700 workers armed with bows and poison-tipped arrows surrounded the house and set it on fire, trapping the couple. The house had burned down by the time police reached the remote region in Tinsukia.


Today's morbidity report was stole whole from LA Observed. First body: Fontella Bass.Number two: Jack Klugman. End of a generation. Well, end of the last of the cast of 12 Angry Men.
No idea where the 12th dude is.
This reporter was quite impressed by 12 Angry Men on first viewing ('65, 66?) when we were much younger, much less cynical, & had not yet served on a jury.

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Almost Mobile

But still no earthquake. What, mega-volcanoes [followed by tsunamis] would be about the worst the planet alone could deal?

Three Hr. "Quote" Trailer

Now we'll be sure to avoid this one like the plague. You may not want to bother w/ more than this opening paragraph. We didn't.
Quentin Tarantino no longer makes movies; he makes trailers. “Django Unchained” feels like a three-hour trailer for a movie that never happens, a slavery-revenge melodrama cum salt-‘n’-pepper action film that would be awesome if it actually existed. Like so many trailers, it’s packed with memorable scenes that don’t go anywhere, and keeps promising payoffs that remain theoretical. It’s got Western scenery on a grand scale and scenes of madcap comedy involving inept members of the Ku Klux Klan. It’s got veritable geysers and fountains and gushers of blood, an ocean of fake gore even by Tarantino’s standards. You could claim that he’s “quoting from Sam Peckinpah” with those slapsticky water balloons full of blood, except that that’s not quite it. It’s more like he’s quoting from crappy ‘70s drive-in movies that were quoting from “The Hills Have Eyes,” which was quoting from something else that was quoting from Peckinpah. (I may be missing an intermediate stage there, such as a cannibal film that was dubbed from Italian into Spanish and projected once, with the reels out of sequence, at a downtown Los Angeles theater in 1983.)

New-Look Still Fat Frank Luntz

Further evidence that beards are for oafs like this to hide their weak first & morbidly obese second & third chins.
CBS, probably.
Reason fat boy is in "the news."

The Most Wonderful Time ...

8 dead in Christmas Day fires, riot in Philippines, officials say; approximately 5,000 homeless - @AP

Ho ho ho you stupid fucks.

Radio Haze

Jack Benny, dead almost 39 yrs. today. Armed Forces Network, 1974.

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Inside The Well-Armed Mind

The always liberal New Republic claims that real American people just trying to defend themselves are racists, but as we all know, that makes them the racists, nyah nyah!
This is part of what makes the post-apocalypse such a desirable, ecstatic condition: You can maintain your scruples but act violently anyway, because you must. The apocalypse reveals the savagery at the root of human social life, and so it allows the strong to be strong, and the true survivors and leaders to shed their humility, failure, and anonymity and become who they truly are.

The Doomsday Preppers want to protect themselves and their families from the marauding hordes who have not prepared themselves, who will flee the doomed cities seeking food and shelter in the suburbs and countryside. This is the terror: of society collapsed, gone mad, reduced to violent, fatal encounters between strangers–the provident and improvident, those who know how to survive (and therefore are worthy of surviving) and those who don’t, those who foresaw and those who were complacent, those who valued their families and those who were careless, those possessing the moral judgment of true Americans and those who lived in the sinful cities. None of the Preppers on the program live in cities. None are African American, Jewish, Muslim, Asian, or Hispanic. It is a Tea Party conservative demographic right down the line. The hordes they fear are the very same aliens who reelected Barack Obama.

Every apocalyptic fantasy emerges not only from fear but also from desire: the wish that the catastrophe occur. The real-life Preppers look forward to the days of violence when they can shoot down the useless, starving urban refugees the way humans shoot down zombies. They’ve stocked their weapons and ammo; they train, they teach their children. The basic fantasy of justified violence in a world without social structures or law is the same as in “Walking Dead” and “Revolution.” These are fantasies of an imagined world in which genuine, just, democratic, caring social life on a large scale is impossible; that the real human reality is violent struggle and the survival of those who know how to use violence to get what they want.
The effete New Republican limits himself to high-brow cable tee vee drama when jumping to his conclusions, not the pseudo-factive end of the human/"civilized" world porn that's also quite popular (& preferable because everybody dies or is vaporized).Or everybody just, you know, disappears.Between zombies, Armageddon, Nostradamus, Mayans & the ephemeral nature of civilization & technology it's obvious Americans, at least, would just as soon it was over & done w/, already. This American for damn sure.




Best wishes for the New Year: See you in Hell in 2013!

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