Saturday, December 22, 2012


Trouble in Breitbart's paradise (which we would know as hell) as Dana Loesch files suit. Can't believe she's selling herself so short, but she only wants US$75,000.00; shouldn't several million be the opening number to be negotiated? Surely her career as an "Internet editor" is worth more than that.

Anyway, here's the truly funny part, which the Stephanie Miller Show has been on (like wrinkles on a Sears suit): D. Loesch's squeal. Original:& w/ Ann Romney protesting.Credit: Ann doesn't like Dana's squeal by 47of74

Hey necrophiliacs, free speech has never been less "free," has it?

Winter Brubeck

Leaving many of our holiday music selections to the late Dave this season.

Friday, December 21, 2012

"Isn’t fantasizing about killing people as a way to get your kicks really
the filthiest form of pornography?"

Yes it is Wayne. You of all people should know, w/ your "guns will save the world (or at least white people)" fantasies. Buzzfeed:

10 Things The NRA Blamed For The Sandy Hook Massacre

Not guns. At a press conference Friday morning, the NRA's Wayne LaPierre offered some other villains.

While the NRA Was on TV Talking About the Need for More Guns Some Guy Was Walking Up and Down a Road in Pennsylvania Shooting People

Sounds Of The Season

Welcome, winter.(This one composed 5 July 2012.)

It's Here!

[Editor (for once) thinks about the future: What are things like seven-&-a-half mos. from the now of 8 May 2012, when this item was composed?]

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Future

Will We Forget Newtown’s Kids?

Above headline at last made us link these two tabs-open-for-an-Internet-eternity items. Subject? No one gives sweet fuck all about "the children."
It seems as if every major interest has political clout – except children. They can’t vote. They don’t make major campaign donations. They can’t hire fleets of lobbyists.


Their parents and grandparents care, of course, as do many other private citizens. But we’re no match for the entrenched interests that dominate American politics.
This real-world illustration of America eating its young may be worth a click & a glance.
[S]chools use the correctional system as a misplaced mechanism for discipline, with children being sent to detention facilities for offenses as minor as wearing the wrong color socks to school. A juvenile county chief judge testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday that these are not isolated incidents, but rather systemic trends that bombard prosecutors and courts with a glut of cases in which kids pose no danger but merely “make adults mad”
This kind of thing makes us think it probably is a good idea to arm students.

Local Action Story

Yikes! People here really are shits, aren't they?
Now, I live in Los Angeles. I moved here from New Mexico 10 years ago. Can you tell me what is wrong with everyone here? Where are the nice people? When I try to be nice they look at me like a hopeless simpleton. When they try to “act” nice it never feels sincere. Like part of a show.

Like dinner parties where everyone has to leave at 8 because the host is going out later with “other people.” Or people invite you out with them to a play and then they spend the whole time on their cellphone texting someone and making plans to meet them “as soon as the play is over.” And then asking you to drop them off at this other person’s house. Is this normal behavior?


Do I sound mopey and self-pitying? But I’m not! It’s just that it’s Christmas and I send out cards and I don’t get any back! Only from my dentist! What’s wrong with everyone!?!

Why is everyone such a bad tipper? Why do people yell at each other in church parking lots!?! Why do people take you out to lunch one day and then the next day complain to your boss that you talk too much?!

Why does someone say her wedding reception was “ruined” because her mother-in-law wore the wrong color dress? That’s crazy, right? That’s L.A., right? L.A. is making me crazy, right?

In L.A., at a wedding I went to, the only decorations were pictures of the bride — that’s not right, is it? Giant posters of the bride? A website of the bride? A video of the bride on an endless loop? Party favors with teeny-tiny pictures of the bride? And she doesn’t greet her guests because she’s too busy getting more pictures taken! Is it me? That’s crazy, right? Or do I just not appreciate how exciting it is to be young and beautiful? Should I hang out with the old and deformed? Would they like me better after plastic surgery?
Depends on just how curable your ugly is.

Wish she'd revealed whether she worked in show bidness or something even worse like real estate.

Public Apology

Please pardon the hell out of us for not responding to comments & even e-mails in a timely manner of late. Don't think we don't appreciate all you unemployed bums taking the time from your empty days to leave your idle musings here, but there's just so much telebision to watch, & it's been aggravated by the addition of several more high-definition channels to the local line-up. All hail TimeWarnerCable!

Also have been stocking up on ammo & polishing, cleaning, lubricating & otherwise preparing our weapons, just in case some son-of-a-bitch in Washington, D.C. tries to cut our fucking insurance payments &/or housing subsidy. BRING. IT. ON!

(Note to self: OK. Minimum daily requirement of one item for today done, & at least one scheduled daily through the 26th. Tahiti vacation, here we come. Bye-bye, suckahs!)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Getting The Spirit

OK, coming in strong at #6.
Except we've been exploited!!

Previously, it showed even under different terms. And linked here, not to some thief's tumblr.
The "original." (Actual orig. was on a hard drive that went the way of all hard drives. Which is why we were looking for it. Reduce, reuse, recycle.)

Good Riddance

Sayonara, sucker.
Jose R. Lopez/The New York Times
Robert H. Bork with President Ronald Reagan in 1987.
Above, one of many reasons he won't be missed.

Don't Blame The Guns!

Gotta love that on FOXNews it's a "School Tragedy," as if Sandy Hook Elementary collapsed in an earthquake or burned down w/ a tragic loss of life, rather than a "School Massacre" or "Shooting" or something honest.
That's FoxNews "legal analyst" Peter Johnson Jr. there.
He is a piece of human garbage spouting the party line.
If you must ...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

No Guns Today

Plenty of hypocrisy though.

Photo: Gun racks at Dick's Sporting Goods are empty in Danbury, Connecticut, a few miles from Newtown - @JoNBCNews

No doubt the weapons that were on display are now in a region that may be running short due to panic buying.

Xmas, 60 Yrs. Ago Today

Friday and Smith search for a missing boy. The first sign that the case is serious is when blood is found. Further probing reveals the boy's parents had purchased him a .22-caliber rifle for Christmas -- and the weapon is missing, removed from its wrapped package.Public Domain. Original air date December 18, 1952.
IRONY ALERT (1910PST 18 December 2012): Ho ho ho, this was scheduled several wks. ago (w/ absolutedly no idea of then-future events) as soon as we noticed the morbid Xmas theme & that today would be the anniversary of its first airdate. Still haven't watched it, but we'll bet it's not entirely disconnected from the current situation.

Just A Shot Away ...

Valuable resource for murder/suicide.

Same Shit, Different Day

"The female caller gave out that address, our dispatcher then heard the female party hollering 'no, no, no,' followed by gunfire. A male caller then got on the phone and said he was going to kill himself," Schwartz said.

A recording of radio chatter provided by reiterates that the shooter was in contact with the dispatcher before taking his own life.

"Weld County advising that they have an open line into the residence. They had a caller advise that he had shot multiple people inside the house, family members" a Longmont dispatcher radioed at approximately 4:22 a.m.

"I heard shots at 4:13 this morning. Woke me up and my wife," said neighbor George Vibbert, who also said deputies asked him and his wife to stay away from their windows.

"I heard three [shots] then screaming after that," said Joyce Vibbert.

Schwartz said the dead found inside the home were two adult males, 1 adult female and a female of unknown age who is believed to be an adult.
State in question: Colorado.

End Of The Line

Monday, December 17, 2012

Freestyling At FOXNews

Never watch or listen, but were curious: Were they even covering it? We then spent several mins. watching FOXNews' The Five spend several mins. discussing it. Same old & tired talking points: Hope that it isn't politicized, more guns, no more "gun-free" zones, & the necessity of armed janitors & teachers in schools. Also: No politics, please.

That Was Quick. And Final.

Context."Sent the dog in to drag out the body?"

More Guns, No Reasoning

John Fund is full of shit concerning voter fraud. Why would anyone assume that anything he's typed on the subject of massacres has any closer relation to truth?
In all of the fevered commentary over the Newtown killings, you will hear little discussion of the fact that we may be making our families and neighbors less safe by expanding the places where guns aren’t allowed. But that is precisely what we may be doing. Both criminals and the criminally insane have shown time and time again that those laws are the least of the problems they face as they carry out their evil deeds.
Nothing he types changes the grim reality of 20 murdered first-graders. Not one word.