Saturday, November 24, 2012

Photo Of The ...

Oh crap, have to run something in this space today. Discipline, y'know. (Quantity is quality.) As far as we can remember we haven't used this shot of Pasadena's City Hall yet.
And if we have we don't care; too much work involved to research it. (Merely cropping was a strain.)

Friday, November 23, 2012


Just took the garbage out; surprised to see fog.
Never let us be accused of originality or even cleverness.Don't be long ... or don't belong?

Fatima Presents: No One Is Safe

More holiday-themed crap, & bonus episodes. Audio only.Synchronicity: Today's LAPD.
“There has to be some consequences because they aren’t justified beatings. When you beat someone who is handcuffed there is something wrong with the picture. When you start beating up women, now you have really gone crazy. It is almost as if no one is safe.”
It will be 39 yrs. next mo. since we were last in their custody, fingers crossed & wood knocked. Worst we got then was the threat of a hair cut.
“I think it is horrible,” said Arthur Corona, the attorney for Michelle Jordan, the nurse. “They kept her out of the car and then without provocation he slammed her face into hot asphalt. By sheer luck my client pulled into a Del Taco that had a videotape running at the time. It is almost impossible to prosecute against the police department unless you have overwhelming evidence. This isn’t regular contact. You would assume that is not what they are taught to do. In Michelle’s case we learned it can happen to anyone and that is what is most frightening to me.”
Next rebellion & breakdown of order we will be helping ourself to anything & everything that is not nailed down.

Dog Bites Man: Of Course
The Store Has Reopened

Tallahassee, FL -- 5:03pm
The crime scene is now being cleaned up; the tape is coming down.

Tallahassee, FL -- 2:42pm
Tallahassee police confirm that two people were shot on the sidewalk in front of the Wal-Mart on Apalachee Parkway. Police would not comment on what may have started the confrontation and they would not comment on whether they have any suspects in the case.
Witnesses tell us it was a man and a woman who were shot. Tallahassee police say the victims have non-life threatening injuries.
The store has been re-opened.

Tallahassee, FL -- 1:03pm
The Wal-Mart on Apalachee Parkway is shut down after witnesses tell us multiple shots were fired right in front of the store. Witnesses tell us two couples were arguing and one of the men started firing, He then took off in his car. Witnesses tell us it happened on the sidewalk right in front of the store.
We are awaiting a police spokesperson to arrive on scene to give our reporter on scene more information.

Tallahassee, FL -- 12:53pm
The Tallahassee Police Department is working a crime scene at the Wal-Mart at 3535 Apalachee Pkwy. Witnesses say two people have been shot. We have a reporter on scene and will bring you more information on this developing story as we get it.
From our "What a shithole Florida is" file.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Reminder: 49 Yrs.

We always enjoy Thanksgiving being observed on the anniv. of the assassination of President J.F. Kennedy. Irony or something.

OK, We Get It

W/ Apologies To Norman Rockwell

Turkeys, Jive

From GACBS. If gratitude wasn't an emotion for dogs, we'd be thankful that there's always material on the Internet we can steal when (as so often) we are w/o any inspiration but hate, pain, rage & fear. Pigs.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Baaa! Baaa!

Morons heading to & from the airport on the 405, lambs to the slaughter-stylee. When do we start reducing the population already?
From the Nutty Broadcasting Co.-L.A.'s Instagram. Which can go fuck itself, as we couldn't save this image, but had to capture it. What we go through to be mean.

One Riddim, Two Tunes

Same vocal group anyway.

GMOs & Homos

If anything is "making more men gay these days" it's probably exposure to Victoria Jackson's face, voice & what passes for a mental process in there.

Also too: "More men gay," or just fewer men in the closet?

Fuck Every One Of These People*

Celebs giving a shit one day a yr. Screw them every way possible.
Thousands of homeless and underprivileged Los Angelenos will thankfully gobble up Thanksgiving dinner Thursday, and many will be served by famous faces
How about handing out mental health care & housing rather than crummy food scrounged from restaurant leftovers or whatever, assholes. One meal out of (lessee, 365 x 3 = X) 1,095 a yr.? Fuck you all in holes you didn't even know you had. Including the ninny who thought this was a good close to the item we linked:
Happy Thanksgiving, Los Angeles! May you be thankful to live in such a fine city.

*W/ the exception of Paul Mooney at the Laugh Factory, 'cause he's OK.

Happy Holidays

Turkey shopping:
A fight among a small group of people shopping at a Boyle Heights supermarket got into a fight that escalated into a shooting, leaving one woman wounded.

The incident took place Tuesday night at around 8:30 p.m. at the Food4Less at First and Mott streets, according to the Los Angeles Police Department, reports City News Service.

A young woman at the store with another woman and two men, all in their 20s, got into an argument with a woman in her 30s who was also shopping at the Food4Less. One of the men jumped into the squabble and fired a shot at the older woman, striking her in the leg.

The group of four fled the store in their vehicle, which was soon pulled over by authorities. Though all four attempted to flee on foot, they were all four ultimately taken into custody.
Now we are thankful, Jah Rastfari having provided us w/ an illustration of the horrors of forced family time & excessive consumption.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Air Raid Warning

In case of attack ... kiss your ass good-bye.
Uh, maybe don't expect to be warned.
These were tested at 1000 the last Friday of each mo. until some time in the '80s. First time we heard the test (1973) we were more than a little nervous, but as no one else was running for the shelters we figured it was a test & relaxed.
Siren #29, if you give a crap.
Radio. Text & pix.

Wkly. Musical Number

W two time, minus an "L" or two.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cloudy But Dull

And that concludes our broadcast day.

Failure Report: Fluffing The Fascists

Diane Dimond in The Daily Beast:

When we lost our CIA director, we lost four decades of expertise at a time when we need that most. Diane Dimond on the high cost of a scandal.

Paragraph Two:
This country has invested heavily in developing Petraeus into the successful and well-decorated military leader he became. And a decades-long ascension to the elite branches of government doesn’t come cheap. Look at Petraeus’s schooling alone: four years at West Point, where he graduated in 1974 in the top 5 percent of his class; Ranger School; the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College; and Princeton University, where he earned both a master’s and a Ph.D. in international relations.
Well, say no more. Nagonna read the rest, but we'll scan it for mention of "The Surge" in Afghanistan.

Nope. Her theme is that millions have been paid him & spent on his education, we can't waste that. Her theme is not that he's, like, actually competent, or that he has achieved anything beyond promotion. And that he was injured in service to his country (in training accidents). We hope he didn't contract prostate cancer in the service of these United Snakes as well, but Dimond adds that, so ...
Official Washington might be done with David Petraeus, but this is a man who has survived being shot in the chest during a training mishap, a broken pelvis from an ill-fated parachute jump, and prostate cancer. He has developed into a highly valuable commodity, and now it seems that only the corporate world will benefit from his expertise. Corporations seeking to do business with foreign governments will be lining up with open wallets to tap into Petraeus’s considerable knowledge.
We don't follow why someone w/ 40 yrs. of baby-killing experience would be so valuable to those seeking business w/ foreign nations, other than whatever the former Blackwater corporation (Whatever they're calling themselves now.) or other literal mercenary outfits.

No mention either of corporations hoping to do business w/ the military/industrial/Congressional complex. Good fucking job, DiDi.