Saturday, November 3, 2012

Slackjawed & Brainwashed

Not low but reverse-information voters. That Romney: No class war, 'cept when it's smart strategy. His father was a Muslim, an atheist & a communist. The (Un)Holy Trifecta!WARNING: Do not listen to these hand-edited Romney Supporters w/o appropriate musical grounding.Alternate take:

Mingus meets Mitt

Again, for both mental health & blood pressure, DO NOT LISTEN W/O ACCOMPANIMENT!

Examples, Please

The people need & want to know, but the press corpse only teases.
The nastiness of the language on the signs of the astroturf bracketers outside all events is not something I think either presidential candidate would like.
The extremist loons or "astroturf bracketers" (Huh?) are the truth of any side, much more important & amusing as examination subjects than those w/ serious chances at political power who assume the thin veneer of civility. (We've been wasting a lot of time otherwise.)

Ah. Are these loads what he means by astroturf bracketers?
"Speaker after speaker offered angry, hyper partisan, and widely-debunked attacks that—at times—veered into conspiracy theory territory," said Obama campaign spokesperson Lis Smith in a statement. "It’s a fitting end to Mitt Romney’s campaign, since he has kowtowed to the far-right wing of the Republican Party throughout the six years he’s been running for President, leaving little doubt that he’d rubberstamp the Tea Party agenda in the White House."
If the party officeholders speaking are veering, how much nuttier are the ones bracketing "outside all events?" ("All events" as in "both-sides-do-it. Neener neener!") Inquiring minds must know.

Obvious Stated

Who better than Halperin to state it?
Don’t kill me for the obvious, but the near absence of racial diversity in the Romney crowds is teased out further by the contrast with the rainbow the President draws. It is more striking than I have ever experienced it in any presidential campaign I have covered.
This older mature experienced Euro-descended editor-publisher hasn't seen much discussion of this Romney-inspired disparity. Nor have we joined any mobs of the 99 & 44/100ths pure & homogenized.

Is This Safe?

No. If we know anything it's that this is a fire hazard:
What's the four-eyed fuck looking at?
Blah blah sympathies expressed (No, really.) but we have to wonder, were landlines working through all this or were their generators/lines flooded too? Whatever. Either way, people need juice.

Just Get It Over W/ & Leave, Already

The Associated Press
California has reached an all-time high of 18.2 million registered voters while the number of registered Republicans has fallen below 30 percent, signaling a worrisome decline for the state's minority party.

The secretary of state's office announced Friday that 950,000 new voters have signed up since the 2008 presidential contest. Officials attribute that surge, in part, to the state's new online registration system, which attracted many new young, Democratic-leaning voters this fall.

That system was seen as a threat to the ranks of the California Republican Party, which has struggled to maintain voters, let alone add them. The secretary of state announced that Republicans now make up 29.3 percent of the voting population.

The percentage of registered voters, 76.7 percent of those eligible, is the same as in past years.
Copyright The Associated Press

Art Trike

Art Cart

Art Truck

Freudian Packaging

Friday, November 2, 2012

Music Biz Up-Date

Sun debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard 200—a record for the artist—with sales of 23,000. According to Nielsen Soundscan, total sales are now at 54,000 units. In comparison, Power’s 2008 album Jukebox debuted at No. 12 on sales of 29,000 units in its debut week and has sold a total of 137,000 copies to date.

A good-selling album for an established artist like Marshall is gravy—musicians make the bulk of their net income from touring and merchandise sales.
To us it's interesting that moving 23,000 units gets an act to 10 on the Billboard 200. No real idea where 23,000 would have ranked in the Golden Age of the '70s, & no idea how the charts are done now (Strictly CD sales, still, or are those download things accounted for?) but we'd have to figure that 23,000 albums then would have been a lot farther down the top 200.

And we do know that bigger acts made most of their money from (musical) product, not tchotchkes & touring; hitting the road was pretty much a grim necessity to "support" a new album, & tours would often be lucky to break even.

It's all upside down, like the Party of Lincoln today being the party of tea-bagging racist crackers.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Titties & Beer & Insulting The Flag

Tits, not "titties."
Actually, beer "koozies."
More accurate? TRAITOR SCUM!
Sad, but probably not a joke. And no patriotic flag-loving rah-rah asshole/frat boy site would be complete w/o a violation of the U.S. Flag Code.
Piss-stained & skid-marked from binge drinking & butt-chugging?
Pretty damn revealing that many pseudo-patriots are all for a Constitutional Amendment banning flag-burning, but none of them seem interested in making the Flag Code anything more than advisory.

Controversy & Hypocrisy

Much ado about art in the capital of good taste & you can get away w/ anything, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Not that we give a flying fuck about the controversy, but it's shameful that great American painter Robt. Williams isn't credited for his work in all the blather about this. The nekkider G'n'R advertising version:
Bowdlerized version at our source, or our source's source.

Very original version:
Appetite for Destruction

Expert Financial Advice

From a pro: Spend it while you have it.
We'll get right on that.


The Hollywood Sign from a not-seen-that-often angle.
Apparently it's now under renovation. If you scrutinize you can make out the scaffolding between the second "L" & the "Y".

Afterlife Report: Go Straight To Hell

There is no afterlife. Hell, we aren't too sure that this plane of existence has anything that could charitably be defined as life, & certainly not as intelligent life.

But were there an afterlife, most of this scab of a nation would not be where their sense of entitlement tells them they'd be.
Obama’s inauguration reverend: All whites are going to hell
Reported by well-known immigrant douchewad Neil Munro from "quotes" from something called the Monroe County Reporter, in the pages of The Daily Caller. It's gotta be true!

Blah blah context, history & so on. TheDC knows its audience, of course:
50 years ago he was living in a weathered claboard shack, heated by a firepalace and pooping in an outhouse. Today he has an expensive home, automobile, fancy clothes and all because white people he so despises helped fight for intergration and equality.
No people of mostly European descent opposed "intergration" & equality, of course, so shut up darkies.

We're sure there's worse, but we aren't picking any more nuts. We already have a scrotum to scratch.

Actually, were it not for the "White People: A Cancer on the World" label & the Day of the Dead-afterlife connection we wouldn't have arsed ourself.

Day Of The D for The Dead

Not Jerry Garcia.Strictly local.And old as the hills.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Proof The Prez Is From Mars

Per the BBC, & if you're still naive enough to believe Obummer was born in Hawai'i.
Nasa's Curiosity rover has found soil on Mars to be similar to Hawaii's after sifting and scanning its first sample on the Red Planet.

As had been theorised, much of the sample is made of weathered "basaltic" materials of volcanic origin, like that seen on the islands of Hawaii.

The sample seems to contain dust carried from afar by Mars' global-scale storms, as well as coarser sand of more local provenance.

BOO! Who? Hoo! Haw!

The entire disc, just for your stupid party. Don't get so drunk that you drown yourself bobbing for apples.

In The Wings: Commercial Christmas

Brace yourselves: Plastic/Resin Shopping Mall Santa is about to be released from jail (probation violation) & inflicted on you again.
Some may remember when Xmas waited until after Thanksgiving.
Being built by elf slave labor.
From Winter Wonderland we crawl back through time to Fall Festival.
Nobody home.
Bonus: Saw Richard "Dickie" Smothers w/ a couple bottle blonds some 20 yrs. younger than he near Santa's shack. No picture because we aren't that much of a jerk.

Boo, As If We Care

Illustrated un-embedable version.

Sez here that King Horror was/wasn't Laurel Aitken. And this number was suggested there, for the screaming.Skins pictured here are rather frightening.

Countdown To Horror VIII

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

House Of Whore Roar

Good thing Hallowe'en comes so close to Election Day; what the hell would the dying art of political cartooning do w/o it?
The image really is worth 1,000 words.

Photographer's Rights Up-Date

We aren't the only one feeling the boot of free-speech suppression. At least we weren't dealing w/ pin-dicked rent-a-cops w/ their sticks, Mace® & guns.
A film crew was there too, shooting this little car on Grand Avenue in front of the hall. Devol says he would have been happy to just shoot the building. But then the crew tried to bully him, and had a guard threaten arrest if he kept taking pictures. So he posted pics of the car and the guys to Flickr.


Taking pictures on a public street in Los Angeles — of anything visible, as far as I know — is not a law enforcement issue or suspicious activity. Publishing a picture online — now that could get you sued.
Fucking pathetic when someone needs to carry a concealed weapon to assure themselves of the right to shoot. (Pictures.) Know your rights & use them!

Natural Disaster Report

Decadent East-of-the-Rockies residents, we are unimpressed by your mere wind &/or water tornadoes & hurricanes. Get back to us when the earth itself (volcanoes, earthquakes) rises against you. Or when dirt & rocks drop on you from the sky in the form of asteroids or comets. Neither of which can arrive soon enough.

Also, we piss on your graves.

Countdown To Horror VII

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Telephone Is Ringing

Hey, this is fun. (510) 545-6722 called us, but hung up after one ring. Apparently it's some fucking pest who asks if Jessica's there, per here & here.

Luckily we're in a relatively good mood, but the possibility of that number being called at an inconvenient hr. & abused w/in an inch of its sad empty life may be greater the closer we come to an inconvenient hr. How much of our laundry money would it take to call Oaktown from a pay 'phone here? Might just be worth it.

Even more fun would be had if there's a reverse 'phone book on the Internet we could use to get a physical address for those seeking Jessica. You call us uninvited, we break your fucking window. (Luckily for whoever, there's no free service that we could find before we got bored.)

No Wonder They Keep It Locked

Countdown To Horror VI

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Damn ...

After coming from behind in the two previous play-off series, having to win every possible elimination game, who could have imagined four & done?
Out of the way, Detroit dirt.

Countdown To Horror V