Saturday, October 20, 2012


From the Police Blotter, "sharp object" violence at a restaurant ten or so blocks from our bunker. This is a photo (1 October 2012) of an A.C. unit working hard at the HoJo Hotel on the southwest corner of the intersection, directly across the street from the crime scene on the southeast corner.
Next time get guns & gas, you two fucking losers. This is high-tech America, not some developing country shit-hole!

Thank You, TG!

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Catch fellow Californian Tengrain chez lui, where, for someone who (unlike us) appears to have a "real world" job, he cranks out a hell of a lot of content (& quality) every day.

And thanks to Aunt Snow for bringing our 15 secs. of fame to our attention. Are we gracious or what?

Quote Of The Day (44 Yrs. Ago)

TNR doesn't give the date, but we'll assume it was after Kuchel's primary loss in 1968. Anyway, from the plus ça change ... file:
When conservatives defeated moderate California Senator Thomas Kuchel, he lashed out at what he called a “fanatical neo-fascist political cult” in the grips of a “strange mixture of corrosive hatred and sickening fear.”
And something interesting we didn't know:
While Kuchel was campaigning against Goldwater, there circulated a "vicious document" that purported to be an affidavit signed by a Los Angeles police officer, saying that in 1949 he had arrested Kuchel. The document said the arrest was for drunkenness while Kuchel had been in the midst of a sex act. Four men were indicted for the libel: Norman H. Krause, bar owner and ex-Los Angeles policeman, who in 1950 did arrest two people who worked in Kuchel's office for drunkenness; Jack D. Clemmons, a Los Angeles police sergeant until his resignation two weeks before his arrest; John F. Fergus, a public relations man for Eversharp, Inc., who in 1947 was charged with possession of a concealed weapon and given a suspended sentence, and Francis A. Capell of Zarephath, New Jersey, the publisher of a right wing newsletter.

Kuchel was narrowly defeated in the Republican primary in 1968 by conservative state Superintendent of Public Instruction Max Rafferty, who went on to lose the general election to Alan Cranston, the former state Controller, a position once held by Kuchel himself.
Full disclosure (as if it means a damn thing): Our dead as a fucking doorknoblate mother was a volunteer in Rafferty's 1962 campaign, & there exists somewhere (Maybe.) a photograph of physically violent asshole Rafferty
(While an undergraduate at UCLA, Rafferty "took umbrage at many of the things" in the college newspaper, the Daily Bruin, "particularly the editorial page," editor Stanley Rubin recalled in 1970, "to the point of charging into the office and physically attacking me."[3] In 1937 Rafferty wrote a letter to the Los Angeles Times in which he described The Bruin as "one of the most prejudiced newspapers on the Pacific Coast" and complained that the Bruin's "radicalism is not so funny if it keeps you from getting a job."[4])
autographing the cast on this at the time eight-yr. old reporter's broken right arm in the San Mateo Rafferty office.

Added value! Cast-autographing song:"I hope you heal up real quick!"

Blogspot Evil-Doing News & The Usual Passive-Aggressive Death Threats/Not So Secret Desires

If you Bloggerers haven't noticed, you can again test-play embedded videos in Preview. Why that ever changed is beyond us, but we're merely human, not fascist-corporatist robot entrepreneurs.

And 'though we've sent several increasingly angry, rude & obscene feedbacks about having both the Compose & HTML fields visible at the same time (as of last night it was still driving us insane like a fork in the brain) we never moaned about videos not playing in Preview. It's as if they aren't even paying attention.

Boy howdy would we like to be in the same room as those two assholes Brin & Page for just a few minutes. Perhaps a bit of karma has been rendered, but that's about like us losing a buck fifty from our US$20.00 wad. We are reduced to hoping that one day while filthy communist Brin is enjoying himself parachuting (on our fucking dime) neither his main 'chute nor his reserve 'chute will open. SPLAT!
Sergey Brin: Bound for mush, if we have anything to say about it.
Or a whale will fucking eat him. (Google's fucking world-wide collection of server farms is probably releasing so much carbon dioxide evil his precious fucking whales will boil to death. Hypocrite.) Fingers crossed.

Answer Song

John Lee Hooker To Woody Guthrie: Fuck You!

D'Souza Duh'Spews

Beautiful Mind

(Or "B.M." Which. Ever.)

Here is a wonderful quote from the website of adulterous liar & hypocrite Dinesh D'Souza. Try not to hurt yourselves laughing & laughing & laughing.
Atheists beware: this book contains incontrovertible evidence of a benevolent and omniscient Creator. What is that evidence? It is the spectacular mind of Dinesh D’Souza. Believing such a mind could be the product of random forces would take infinitely more faith than believing in unicorns and leprechauns. A triumphant tour de force.”
ERIC METAXAS, New York Times bestselling author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy
That is one spectacular mind inside that "chewed up baseball head" of D'Souza's.

How spectacular? We quote:
“I had no idea that it is considered wrong in Christian circles to be engaged prior to being divorced.”
Has he noticed the Law of Gravity at work yet?

If we are to believe this D'Souza opus,
he & his skanky also-married girlfriend"fianceé" will be directly responsible for the next terror attack or act of terrorism (You decide.) committed against his adopted country. Way to go, two-faced libertine asshole.

Special request going out to the chewed-up baseball head:Do it until his bobblehead fucking comes apart at the seams. Can his naturalization be revoked for moral turpitude & filthy degeneracy so we can ship his sorry chewed-up baseball of a head back to his motherland before the jihadis come to punish us again?

Someone rational watched chewed-up's movie, too. What a disgusting & incompetent shit-fest it is.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Life In The Semi-Tropics

Nervous Norvous that we are, we'd have jumped about 10 ft. while screeching. And of course the damn thing would still be attached to us. From.

And in the earthquake zone: Not as cool.

Shrinkage In The Tool Dep't.

We're running about 12 hrs. late on the reader, & don't know how much macho outrage this has generated, but it would appear that American manhood has been deflated just a bit more, as the last bastion of Yankee masculinity, the hardware store, is threatened by a bunch of California (Figures, doesn't it?) corporate fairies.
California-based home and garden retailer Orchard Supply Hardware has gone to great lengths to cater to women like no other hardware store we know of. They paid attention to the details:

Lower shelving, clear directional signage, shorter aisles, and a "racetrack" design encourage a woman customer’s roam-and-explore shopping style

Color-coded "neighborhood" groupings: red for tools, green for outdoor, yellow for interiors and decor.
Shorter aisles, shorter ding-dongs: Can you feel it shrinking, dudes?

Mormon Dating & Marriage

Not sure how we missed this, but are there not laws about this sort of thing?
Ann and Mitt got married four years to the day after their first date on March 21, when she was 15 and he was 18.
Of course, who the hell knows what the statutory rape & child molestation laws are in Michigan? And many wealthy families are happy to whore their female children to wealthier families. Can't have them running off w/ the chauffeur, after all.

Maybe after Mitt outlaws abortion he'll repeal all those silly laws that say a guy can't marry just as many 14-yr. olds as he can get. And then he'll pardon Warren Jeffs.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

But How Does This Affect Megan McArdle?

Also, Mickey Kaus right?
P.P.S.: You think Barry Diller can afford to pay Howie Kurtz’s salary and Andrew Sullivan’s salary and Megan McArdle’s salary and Peter Boyer’s salary on the revenues from a website? I don’t. The market is about to be flooded with high-priced talent jumping ship, or being pushed. …
Yes, it appears this Boyer person is already history. On the other hand, they wouldn't have stopped print-Newsweek if it were making money, would they? So if they've stopped the bleeding, maybe there'll be more or sufficient money to pay the remaining "high-priced talent."

Looks like Kaus may only be mostly wrong, not actually correct. We'd hate to see McArdle replace him at Tucker's repository of high-priced talent. She might not work as cheaply as he does.

Watching The Defective

The Obama advert narrated by Morgan Freeman has been played during the ALCS. Will advise if any Robo-Money ads appear, assuming we don't hit mute, ignore all the commercials & miss it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Now What In Hell Are We
Supposed To Do?

Rain has halted Game 3 of the National League Championship Series and Game 4 of the American League Championship Series

Natural Woman

Eliminated from a second shot on Dancing w/ the Stars Bristol Palin on Jimmy Kimmel Live: A very tasteful orange color on her arms & fleshy legs. Regular make-up for her surgically altered face. Shouldn't these fucking Jesus freaks be happy w/ whatever their gawd gave them? What's it say about henna-ing one's hair in their Book of Lies?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

D'Souza's Doxy Denise

From our in case you missed her file, a girl who knows what she likes: A sugar daddy who pulls down US$10,000 per lecture on Xian morality, while sleazing around w/ skanks like her outside of his holy God-blessed marriage.
Denise Odie Joseph II
This hoor graduated high school ten yrs. ago. 52-yr. old Mr. D'Souza is old enough to be her father.

Who's "black ghetto society" now, Denise?

Another 50 Yrs. Of Shit Have Passed

And w/ their passing we mark a rounded anniv. of yet another something.
On October 15, the CIA's National Photographic Interpretation Center reviewed the U-2 photographs and identified objects that they interpreted as medium range ballistic missiles. That evening, the CIA notified the Department of State and at 8:30 pm EDT, National Security Adviser McGeorge Bundy elected to wait until morning to tell the President. Secretary of Defens Robert McNamara was briefed at midnight. The next morning, Bundy met with Kennedy and showed him the U-2 photographs and briefed him on the CIA's analysis of the images.
Fuck Wikipedia, here's Chomsky:
Another candidate is October 26th. That day has been selected as “the most dangerous moment” by B-52 pilot Major Don Clawson, who piloted one of those NATO aircraft and provides a hair-raising description of details of the Chrome Dome (CD) missions during the crisis -- “B-52s on airborne alert” with nuclear weapons “on board and ready to use.” October 26th was the day when “the nation was closest to nuclear war,” he writes in his “irreverent anecdotes of an Air Force pilot,” Is That Something the Crew Should Know? On that day, Clawson himself was in a good position to set off a likely terminal cataclysm. He concludes, “We were damned lucky we didn’t blow up the world -- and no thanks to the political or military leadership of this country.”

Why Does Andrew Sullivan
Hate The Free Market?

Still bitching about NYC:
Again, more money. To do even the slightest thing, you get fleeced.
Jesus, no shit? How fucking long has he lived in the United Snakes, & when will he notice things right under his nose?

Christ. What. An. Asshole.

Tom Petty Proved Wrong

Approximately 72 million people around the world were living as refugees in 2011, the Red Cross reports - @Reuters

Some 72 million people around the world had been driven from their homes by conflict, natural disasters or big development projects at the end of last year, the Red Cross reported on Tuesday.
Our bold. Wait'll the natural disasters start increasing as the climate changes.

Monday, October 15, 2012

God Damn America!!

Fuck those two old whores from the Dreadful Grate (Lesh & Weir) who sang the National War Anthem, & that whore Lenny Williams, former Tower of Power vocalist, who sang "Gawd Bless America" to "honor America & our 'military troops' around the world." Fuck all three in the throat w/ a cheese grater so they can NEVER AGAIN use their voices to celebrate imperialism & murder. Sickening pukes. May their careers stay in the toilets in which they were forged.

Yes, the P.A. woman said "military troops" when she introduced whore Williams & "GBA." Redundant & retarded.

Sickest Fucking Horseshit
You'll See Or Hear Today

A crazy Catholic fuck has put us on his ('cause you just know this is a one-man operation, except for his wife who probably does all the work) sucker list & keeps sending us crap like this:School dances! Women playing sports! Or going to college!! "Dads" just know! No daylight between this schmuck & any random lover of Sharia law, or the extra-fascist/patriarchal brand of Judaism practiced by the idjits who wear beanies all the time.

We quote: "College gives them a degree. Since most girls will marry and become mothers they don't need a degree."


First high water of the season in Venice.
One option:

Something You Don't See Everyday

Show bidness: What now?
Central Library on the left. From.

Songs For The Work Wk.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Late Shuttle Delivery

Gary Leonard, photog to the stars.
"Motivated By Haters"
Approx. 12 hrs. behind schedule.


Jeter was trying to make a play on Jhonny Peralta’s grounder in the 12th when he fell to the ground, wincing in pain as he hit the dirt.