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Ball St. 24, Toledo 20, a min. remaining in the third quarter.


Polling Place

This we did not know, &, as a purist, we're not sure if it's "cool" or not.
Two great brands: America® & Bear Whiz Beer®!

Don't Scare Us Like That!

Thought we'd slipped the bonds of time for a second there.
From memeorandum 4 November 2012-2035PST

No Mas, Dammit!

Oh great, again in four mos.

ICYMI  (How Could  You?)

It Was 40 Yrs. Ago Today

Final result of the '72 campaign, election &, essentially, impeachment? You win if you said Ford!

Measure B

You decide:
Measure B. Safer Sex In the Adult Film Industry Act -- County of Los Angeles (Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Shall an ordinance be adopted requiring producers of adult films to obtain a County public health permit, to require adult film performers to use condoms while engaged in sex acts, to provide proof of blood borne pathogen training course, to post permit and notices to performers, and making violations of the ordinance subject to civil fines and criminal charges?

The Big Flush

Monday, November 5, 2012

It Begins ...

New Hampshire's show-offy Dixville Notch & Hart's Location have voted!!
After 43 seconds of voting, Dixville Notch's 10 votes divided evenly — five for President Obama, five for Republican Mitt Romney.

In the other community, Hart's Location, which cast its 33 votes in five minutes, 42 seconds, Obama won 23 votes, Romney nine and Libertarian Gary Johnson one.

The towns have enjoyed their first-vote status since 1948, and it's a matter of pride to get everyone to the polls.

Hart's Location Selectman Mark Dindorf says you could call it a friendly competition to see who gets votes tallied first, although he says Hart's Location is a town and Dixville Notch is a precinct.
The AP via LAT.

Privatization: Never A Good Idea

Or, Don't Leave It To Beaver.

Homes near Carnation flooded
after beaver dam breaks

A spokesbeaver for the dam beavers was not available at press time.

In the second half of the video (2:50) human agency is mentioned. Leave those dams alone, you fools!

Why We Surrender

We just fucking give up because we've heard all this before (See also: "Hanging Chads" The Election of 2000 & Resulting Changes in the American Electoral System, unpublished.) over & over & over & over yet nothing ever changes. Now The New York Times offers another rehashing, in its O.G.L. Eisenhower-quoting tones of restraint & moderation. Who'll even notice? (Noticed at War in Context.)
Uncritical support of all things martial is quickly becoming the new normal for our youth. Hardly any of my students at the Naval Academy remember a time when their nation wasn’t at war. Almost all think it ordinary to hear of drone strikes in Yemen or Taliban attacks in Afghanistan. The recent revelation of counterterrorism bases in Africa elicits no surprise in them, nor do the military ceremonies that are now regular features at sporting events. That which is left unexamined eventually becomes invisible, and as a result, few Americans today are giving sufficient consideration to the full range of violent activities the government undertakes in their names

Were Eisenhower alive, he’d be aghast at our debt, deficits and still expanding military-industrial complex. And he would certainly be critical of the “insidious penetration of our minds” by video game companies and television networks, the news media and the partisan pundits. With so little knowledge of what Eisenhower called the “lingering sadness of war” and the “certain agony of the battlefield,” they have done as much as anyone to turn the hard work of national security into the crass business of politics and entertainment.
No wonder. Typed by a college professor. Does anyone doubt that the taxes of decent & real Americans are redistributed to this Marxist loser (A lifetime gov't. employee, it appears.) so he can teach his students to hate America?
Aaron B. O’Connell, an assistant professor of history at the United States Naval Academy and a Marine reserve officer, is the author of “Underdogs: The Making of the Modern Marine Corps.”

Lying, Rug-Style

Stolen via a Lawyers, Gubs & Money commenter, this Rick Perlstein item (from The Baffler) is just about worth* the effort. Our in-box is clogged w/ the same ol' crapola (The Mark Skousen one described was a recent visitor.) & we see the ads for free electricity, running your car on water, &c. on the rare occasions when we look out of our cocoon & visit NewsMax or any of its peers. Currently playing:
One hand washes the other.
There you have it. People who believe in secret joint replacement miracles also believe absurd conspiracy theories & support fiscal conservatism.

Unmentioned are the Utah-based nutritional supplement companies, which serve as a clear example of Galtian super-beings resisting socialism or something. This is what they mean when they scream that "Liberty & Freedom" are threatened by Big Bad Government.

The bigger theme is that blatant lying or total disregard for the truth or what. Ever. Is now part of the conservative/reactionary identity. And is a requirement for office-seeking.
*Good enough it wasn't worth our time to excerpt any of it.

42 Yrs. Ago

A Thurs., first night of a three day engagement. We caught all three.

The Biggest One

Easy, NewsBeast-style reading about the (potential) deaths of hundreds of thousands. Such a shame it's planned for the Pacific Northwest, a lovely (mostly due to the Canadian parts) region which doesn't deserve it nearly as much as, oh let's just say, you know, as an example, the States of the Former Confederacy. To name just one region.
“It will put Portland and Seattle out of action potentially for years,” he says.

And that’s just the earthquake. Next up, in the Mother of All Disasters trifecta, another deadly piece of jargon: liquefaction. That’s when the earth shakes the sandy substrate beneath houses and fire stations and hospitals all along the coast so vigorously that the soil mixes with the high-water table beneath it, turning the ground into quicksand. So what didn’t get shaken into pieces gets swallowed up by the earth, at least in some places.

Then comes Cascadia’s final blow: the tsunami. Waves traveling at jetliner speeds across the open ocean, barely higher than the surface of the water far off shore but soaring up into the sky, 100 feet or higher, once they approach land.Waves. Not just one wave, not just one skyscraper of a wall of water, but one after another after another, each flooding the cities along the Oregon and Washington coasts, ripping trees out by their roots and swirling them back and forth into a muddy whirlpool. Swimming skills don’t save people when they’re being pinned beneath the water by a floating bus.

“The tsunami will probably be the main reason” for casualties, Yeats says. “We’ll all be going about our daily lives, then, whammo. If it’s a local earthquake, you’ve got 20 minutes to get out.”

Then, the aftermath. Aid deliverable only by boat, or helicopter, for weeks, maybe even months, while those destroyed roads are brought slowly back to life. Hopefully with some help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency or the National Guard. “Something like Cascadia going off is really not on the radar for power centers on the east, where decisions are made," says Goldfinger. "They focus on themselves, mostly.” (Remember Katrina?) “I go to these regional meetings to discuss scenarios, response plans, and resilience, and the message from people at the National Guard is that they’re going to be victims like everybody else. People will be on their own for awhile, maybe a week or two.”
America w/o drive-through for a couple of wks.? Cannibalism will be full blown by the end of wk. one!

Best advice is simply to run. (NB: Not a chased by an animal & really you only have to outrun your friend, not the animal deal. The tsunami will neither stop nor care.)
But the necessary infrastructure upgrades in Oregon alone are estimated at $30 billion, Yeats says, and that’s money the little state doesn’t have. And even if all that money was available, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop a Cascadia Subduction Zone quake. The best advice people on the coasts pass along is just terrifying, when you think about how helpless it means you really are: if you feel the ground shaking, run. Grab the backpack you’ve hopefully already packed with emergency supplies, scoop up your children and animals, and just run. You’ve got 10 minutes, maybe 20. Run to the highest point you can find, as quickly as you can find it. Don’t come down even after the first wave recedes back out into the sea, because there’ll be another one after that. Just sit up there on that hill, provided you’ve made it there safely, and then wait.
Yes, yes!

We need a cigarette now.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Century City

Rule Of Sixths

Rubbing It In: Republican Registration Report

The big picture was seen here.

Now a look at the local action, as we report on the L.A. Times reporting on the L.A. County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk's report:
According to the report, the number of registered voters in L.A. County increased by nearly 10% since 2008. Voters under the age of 30 now make up the largest proportion of L.A County’s voters, about one in five. About 19% of registered voters declined to state a party affiliation, just three percentage points less than identified as Republicans. Democrats were 50% of the county’s electorate.
It's the Internet sucking in the kids.
County officials said that although voter registration in the run-up to the 2008 election, going back to 2004, was “historic,” the number of voters registered in the last four years outpaced that. This year, the number of people registering spiked during September and October, not surprising given the Nov. 6 presidential election. But county officials said the jump in registrations was also explained by the fact that on Sept. 19, California allowed residents to register to vote online

“These figures suggest that online voter registration in Los Angeles County was immediately adopted as a popular voter registration method,” the report stated. “Of the 284,268 voter registrations received in the months of September and October, 42% were submitted online.”
At this rate, we'll have socialism Western Euro-style around 2050. (Just as the cities & everyone in them start drowning.)

That Whirring Is Just Tolkien Spinning

Those flotation devices will keep you afloat for 10 mins. max., but you'll be frozen shark food in five.


Remember to fall forward.

We Endorse

In the Great American Tradition of free speech (unless you actually try to use it) & crazed gun violence, this publication endorses bullets, not ballots.

Every round that hits its target will be infinitely more effective than any given million ballots, few of which will be counted anyway.

Make the bastards too scared to leave their gated communities, vacation, second vacation, beach vacation, lake vacation & ski vacation houses. Their flunkies too. No one is innocent.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Slackjawed & Brainwashed

Not low but reverse-information voters. That Romney: No class war, 'cept when it's smart strategy. His father was a Muslim, an atheist & a communist. The (Un)Holy Trifecta!WARNING: Do not listen to these hand-edited Romney Supporters w/o appropriate musical grounding.Alternate take:

Mingus meets Mitt

Again, for both mental health & blood pressure, DO NOT LISTEN W/O ACCOMPANIMENT!

Examples, Please

The people need & want to know, but the press corpse only teases.
The nastiness of the language on the signs of the astroturf bracketers outside all events is not something I think either presidential candidate would like.
The extremist loons or "astroturf bracketers" (Huh?) are the truth of any side, much more important & amusing as examination subjects than those w/ serious chances at political power who assume the thin veneer of civility. (We've been wasting a lot of time otherwise.)

Ah. Are these loads what he means by astroturf bracketers?
"Speaker after speaker offered angry, hyper partisan, and widely-debunked attacks that—at times—veered into conspiracy theory territory," said Obama campaign spokesperson Lis Smith in a statement. "It’s a fitting end to Mitt Romney’s campaign, since he has kowtowed to the far-right wing of the Republican Party throughout the six years he’s been running for President, leaving little doubt that he’d rubberstamp the Tea Party agenda in the White House."
If the party officeholders speaking are veering, how much nuttier are the ones bracketing "outside all events?" ("All events" as in "both-sides-do-it. Neener neener!") Inquiring minds must know.

Obvious Stated

Who better than Halperin to state it?
Don’t kill me for the obvious, but the near absence of racial diversity in the Romney crowds is teased out further by the contrast with the rainbow the President draws. It is more striking than I have ever experienced it in any presidential campaign I have covered.
This older mature experienced Euro-descended editor-publisher hasn't seen much discussion of this Romney-inspired disparity. Nor have we joined any mobs of the 99 & 44/100ths pure & homogenized.

Is This Safe?

No. If we know anything it's that this is a fire hazard:
What's the four-eyed fuck looking at?
Blah blah sympathies expressed (No, really.) but we have to wonder, were landlines working through all this or were their generators/lines flooded too? Whatever. Either way, people need juice.

Just Get It Over W/ & Leave, Already

The Associated Press
California has reached an all-time high of 18.2 million registered voters while the number of registered Republicans has fallen below 30 percent, signaling a worrisome decline for the state's minority party.

The secretary of state's office announced Friday that 950,000 new voters have signed up since the 2008 presidential contest. Officials attribute that surge, in part, to the state's new online registration system, which attracted many new young, Democratic-leaning voters this fall.

That system was seen as a threat to the ranks of the California Republican Party, which has struggled to maintain voters, let alone add them. The secretary of state announced that Republicans now make up 29.3 percent of the voting population.

The percentage of registered voters, 76.7 percent of those eligible, is the same as in past years.
Copyright The Associated Press

Art Trike

Art Cart

Art Truck

Freudian Packaging

Friday, November 2, 2012

Music Biz Up-Date

Sun debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard 200—a record for the artist—with sales of 23,000. According to Nielsen Soundscan, total sales are now at 54,000 units. In comparison, Power’s 2008 album Jukebox debuted at No. 12 on sales of 29,000 units in its debut week and has sold a total of 137,000 copies to date.

A good-selling album for an established artist like Marshall is gravy—musicians make the bulk of their net income from touring and merchandise sales.
To us it's interesting that moving 23,000 units gets an act to 10 on the Billboard 200. No real idea where 23,000 would have ranked in the Golden Age of the '70s, & no idea how the charts are done now (Strictly CD sales, still, or are those download things accounted for?) but we'd have to figure that 23,000 albums then would have been a lot farther down the top 200.

And we do know that bigger acts made most of their money from (musical) product, not tchotchkes & touring; hitting the road was pretty much a grim necessity to "support" a new album, & tours would often be lucky to break even.

It's all upside down, like the Party of Lincoln today being the party of tea-bagging racist crackers.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Titties & Beer & Insulting The Flag

Tits, not "titties."
Actually, beer "koozies."
More accurate? TRAITOR SCUM!
Sad, but probably not a joke. And no patriotic flag-loving rah-rah asshole/frat boy site would be complete w/o a violation of the U.S. Flag Code.
Piss-stained & skid-marked from binge drinking & butt-chugging?
Pretty damn revealing that many pseudo-patriots are all for a Constitutional Amendment banning flag-burning, but none of them seem interested in making the Flag Code anything more than advisory.

Controversy & Hypocrisy

Much ado about art in the capital of good taste & you can get away w/ anything, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Not that we give a flying fuck about the controversy, but it's shameful that great American painter Robt. Williams isn't credited for his work in all the blather about this. The nekkider G'n'R advertising version:
Bowdlerized version at our source, or our source's source.

Very original version:
Appetite for Destruction

Expert Financial Advice

From a pro: Spend it while you have it.
We'll get right on that.


The Hollywood Sign from a not-seen-that-often angle.
Apparently it's now under renovation. If you scrutinize you can make out the scaffolding between the second "L" & the "Y".

Afterlife Report: Go Straight To Hell

There is no afterlife. Hell, we aren't too sure that this plane of existence has anything that could charitably be defined as life, & certainly not as intelligent life.

But were there an afterlife, most of this scab of a nation would not be where their sense of entitlement tells them they'd be.
Obama’s inauguration reverend: All whites are going to hell
Reported by well-known immigrant douchewad Neil Munro from "quotes" from something called the Monroe County Reporter, in the pages of The Daily Caller. It's gotta be true!

Blah blah context, history & so on. TheDC knows its audience, of course:
50 years ago he was living in a weathered claboard shack, heated by a firepalace and pooping in an outhouse. Today he has an expensive home, automobile, fancy clothes and all because white people he so despises helped fight for intergration and equality.
No people of mostly European descent opposed "intergration" & equality, of course, so shut up darkies.

We're sure there's worse, but we aren't picking any more nuts. We already have a scrotum to scratch.

Actually, were it not for the "White People: A Cancer on the World" label & the Day of the Dead-afterlife connection we wouldn't have arsed ourself.

Day Of The D for The Dead

Not Jerry Garcia.Strictly local.And old as the hills.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Proof The Prez Is From Mars

Per the BBC, & if you're still naive enough to believe Obummer was born in Hawai'i.
Nasa's Curiosity rover has found soil on Mars to be similar to Hawaii's after sifting and scanning its first sample on the Red Planet.

As had been theorised, much of the sample is made of weathered "basaltic" materials of volcanic origin, like that seen on the islands of Hawaii.

The sample seems to contain dust carried from afar by Mars' global-scale storms, as well as coarser sand of more local provenance.

BOO! Who? Hoo! Haw!

The entire disc, just for your stupid party. Don't get so drunk that you drown yourself bobbing for apples.

In The Wings: Commercial Christmas

Brace yourselves: Plastic/Resin Shopping Mall Santa is about to be released from jail (probation violation) & inflicted on you again.
Some may remember when Xmas waited until after Thanksgiving.
Being built by elf slave labor.
From Winter Wonderland we crawl back through time to Fall Festival.
Nobody home.
Bonus: Saw Richard "Dickie" Smothers w/ a couple bottle blonds some 20 yrs. younger than he near Santa's shack. No picture because we aren't that much of a jerk.

Boo, As If We Care

Illustrated un-embedable version.

Sez here that King Horror was/wasn't Laurel Aitken. And this number was suggested there, for the screaming.Skins pictured here are rather frightening.

Countdown To Horror VIII

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

House Of Whore Roar

Good thing Hallowe'en comes so close to Election Day; what the hell would the dying art of political cartooning do w/o it?
The image really is worth 1,000 words.

Photographer's Rights Up-Date

We aren't the only one feeling the boot of free-speech suppression. At least we weren't dealing w/ pin-dicked rent-a-cops w/ their sticks, Mace® & guns.
A film crew was there too, shooting this little car on Grand Avenue in front of the hall. Devol says he would have been happy to just shoot the building. But then the crew tried to bully him, and had a guard threaten arrest if he kept taking pictures. So he posted pics of the car and the guys to Flickr.


Taking pictures on a public street in Los Angeles — of anything visible, as far as I know — is not a law enforcement issue or suspicious activity. Publishing a picture online — now that could get you sued.
Fucking pathetic when someone needs to carry a concealed weapon to assure themselves of the right to shoot. (Pictures.) Know your rights & use them!

Natural Disaster Report

Decadent East-of-the-Rockies residents, we are unimpressed by your mere wind &/or water tornadoes & hurricanes. Get back to us when the earth itself (volcanoes, earthquakes) rises against you. Or when dirt & rocks drop on you from the sky in the form of asteroids or comets. Neither of which can arrive soon enough.

Also, we piss on your graves.

Countdown To Horror VII

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Telephone Is Ringing

Hey, this is fun. (510) 545-6722 called us, but hung up after one ring. Apparently it's some fucking pest who asks if Jessica's there, per here & here.

Luckily we're in a relatively good mood, but the possibility of that number being called at an inconvenient hr. & abused w/in an inch of its sad empty life may be greater the closer we come to an inconvenient hr. How much of our laundry money would it take to call Oaktown from a pay 'phone here? Might just be worth it.

Even more fun would be had if there's a reverse 'phone book on the Internet we could use to get a physical address for those seeking Jessica. You call us uninvited, we break your fucking window. (Luckily for whoever, there's no free service that we could find before we got bored.)

No Wonder They Keep It Locked

Countdown To Horror VI

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Damn ...

After coming from behind in the two previous play-off series, having to win every possible elimination game, who could have imagined four & done?
Out of the way, Detroit dirt.

Countdown To Horror V

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pathetic Putzes Post Putrid Clichés

Beer & cigarettes good, wine & race-mixing bad, per Asshole A, via Asshole B. (Your personal rankings may differ.)

Same lame crap one drone or another comes up w/ for every World Series. A-hole Dan Shaughnessy sez:
And so we are done with cool and hip for a while. No more kayaks bobbing in McCovey Cove beyond the right-field wall at AT&T Park. No more panda heads looming hilariously behind the on-deck circle when Pablo Sandoval comes to the plate. No more Willie Mays riding on a golf cart like he’s Ted Williams or the Pope. No more flowers in the hair of granola-sprinkled fans. No more sweet smell of weed wafting from the crowd.


San Francisco is European. It’s where white people and black people mingle and nobody makes a big deal of it. It’s where folks are polite at a four-way stop. You go. No, you go. We are all Tony Bennett. We all left our heart there.
Fuck you. What tired bullshit, especially that Ku Klux Klan stuff. Die in a fire, already. Also: More deserving of a ride in a golf cart, Willie Mays or big-time asshole Ted Williams? And the Pope? The Chief Fucking Pervert? Let him walk too, so someone can take a well-deserved shot at him outside of his perv-protecting bubble. BANG!

D-list B-hole Matt Lewis types:
I don’t mind the beards, but the Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy inadvertently does a good job summing up why every patriotic traditional conservative ought to be rooting for MoTown to make a comeback:
Detroit has real people who work hard for their money and cherish their jobs. Detroit loves hockey. Detroit loves to buy American. Detroiters like their boats and their beers. You do not ask to see the wine list in the bars around Comerica Park. Pabst Blue Ribbon, please. Tall boys.

I love the Tigers. Best uniforms in the sport. They have Al Kaline and Willie Horton sitting in the dugout before games. They have a 67-year-old manager who smokes Marlboro Reds in the dugout and wears cleats when he puts his feet up on his desk in his office.

[Detroit manager] Jim Leyland is from Perrysburg, Ohio. He reminds his players that they need to run out ground balls because a fan in the stands might be trying to feed a family of five and worrying about job security.
Inadvertently? No right-wing compensation axe to grind there, Danny boy? And what does that last sentence mean? Any connection to be made there, beyond "you hard-working stiffs better produce like hell for your bosses & take a pay cut or your job's going to China?" You know, "patriotic traditional conservative" values. Romney's values. Profit before people, & so on. (Who told them to breed like fucking animals until they had a large family they couldn't support on the shit wages their bosses begrudge them, anyway?)

Speaking of the evil that is Europe, Giant manager Bruce Bochy was born in France. The end will never be heard, even if his U.S. Army officer father soon returned to the United Snakes & Bochy was raised in Virginia & Florida.

Matt Lewis & The News (Not a sucky joke. That's what it says, right there at the Daily Dungpile.) wrapping it all up:
Come to think of it, unless you’re from the Bay Area, it’s really hard to imagine why anyone wouldn’t be rooting for the Tigers this year.
Bullshit. Real Americans root for the National League team (Unless the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim or Oakland Athletics of Oaktown are competing. California rules, except fuck the Padres & the Catholic/Spanish imperialism crap they trade in.) because American League ball is sissy ball, w/ that designated hitter crap. Where's the "tradition" in that, pindicks?

We should note that wine never stains our lips, we're smoking a real cigarette (Not Marlboros w/ their fairy filters, Jim Leyland.) as this is typed, & know that "race" is racist bullshit. Note also that after threefour innings it's Giants 2, Tigers 0. Heh indeed, sad East Coast hacks.

Addenda (2222PDT 27 October 2012): LG&M also on the case; interesting rebuttals of certain Matt Lewis claims in the comments.

Countdown To Horror IV

Kill & Kill Again

Period not required after a title, Marin Independent Journal morons.
Blah blah blah.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Big Game Result

E.L.A. Classic: Garfield Bulldogs 7, Roosevelt Rough Riders 0.

Jerks In The Box

Several hundred words' worth w/ which you needn't arse yourself. Think those are penis noses by accident?

Lip Reading Round-Up

A gallery of book covers (89 of them.) about the you-know-who in the woodpileWhite House. A sample:
Most interesting/telling? Surprise, surprise, the only male authors shown on the covers of their tripe are well-known-to-the-cretin-population egomaniac television & radio host Sean Hannity, failed television host who still has a radio gig Michael "Savage," & egomaniac grifter/serial adulterer Newt Gingrich*. Of the female authors, bottle-blonds Laura Ingrahm, Monica Crowley & Ann Coulter, & one woman who isn't a bottle blond, Deneen Borelli, appear on the covers of their screeds. Oddly, female typist Phyllis Schlafly is not pictured on the front of her book. Nor is Pamela Geller, who may have realized she's a bit past her sell-by date.
*Newt, as all of America knows, is the smartest guy in the room, yet not a malignant narcissist. Compare & contrast w/ Obama, whose "sense of intellectual self-importance, that he is smarter than anybody else in the room, is now only believed by himself and a shrinking number of media acolytes." (Quote from Nobama, on the left, second row from the bottom.) Funny how that works, innit?

Huntin' & Fishin' News

And dumb as a post. Jesus sure loved his Mossberg, didn't he?

Countdown To Horror III

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Idle & Juvenile Speculation

Just us, or does the bottle-blond woman playing Jack's cousin-in-law in this advert bear more than a passing resemblance to a certain Mrs. Willard Mitt Romney?And just for the hell of it, a couple we haven't seen on the telly. Apparently Jack figures it's worthwhile to mock Philadelphians.We're inclined to agree. Of course Jack in the Pants is based in San Di-fucking-ego, so they should talk.Not the first time they've tried it, either. Two yrs. ago, same shit, different bread: Americans have no memory, do they?

Credit, as due.

Follow Up-Date Correction

Or something, sort of. We guess.

Some top-o'-the-worlders (Lonely up there, innit?) doing in-depth (Internet) research bring to our attention that this item may be bull.

What. Ever.

Countdown To Horror II

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Countdown To Horror I

Michelle Malkin's Fashion Report

Well-dressed & entirely rational, not in the least bit absurdly paranoid conservative cheerleader Michelle Malkin has the scoop: It's a fashionista conspiracy!
Talk about wearing your politics on your sleeve. An elitist clique of fashion designers has banded together to raise money for celebrity-in-chief Barack Obama and browbeat their customers into supporting him. Even worse, the Beautiful People who dress the Powerful People are putting increased pressure on conservatives to stay out of the business altogether.

Out: Haute couture. In: Hate couture.
We're much too lazy to do a 180° treatment of that paragraph (Substituting "armament industry" for fashion designers, Romney for Obama, lib for con, yada.) but certainly you can imagine.

You can also imagine the incredible "pressure" being applied:
Diane von Furstenberg pitched in two $85 tote bags and has grown more strident about her partisan agenda as Election Day nears. At a fashion event in her New York Meatpacking District store last month, she yelled at clients: "Everyone here better be a Democrat; no Republicans!"
Wow. Not sure pressure is a strong enough word. Fortunately Malkin found someone (Pro-Romney because he doesn't like to pay taxes or a living wage to women indentured in his sweatshops? Who knows?) to reveal that it's not mere pressure but a threat! And to do a 180 that reveals where the true attacks on women come from.
Young New York City designer Bradley Scott also spoke up against ideological "persecution" in his industry. "It's really offensive for me, as a designer, to be issued an unveiled threat by someone who could exert an enormous amount of influence over my customers, store buyers and magazine editors," he told me on Tuesday. "I for one want absolutely nothing to do with this attack on women. This pressure upon designers should offend every woman in this country, not just the conservatives."
As far as we can determine the real conspiracy here was making Ann Romney appear as if she's a blind woman who lets a six-yr. old Disney Princess fan choose her clothes.
Richard Perry/The New York Times
Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, left, made cherry pies with Linda Hundt,
the owner of Sweetie-licious Bakery Cafe in DeWitt, Mich.,
during a campaign stop in June.
See how far up Mitt Romney's ass the stick goes at the photo source.

Not Caring ...

... About: trailers for Iron Man 3 or The Hobbit ... pointless elections ... anyone getting divorced, ever ... narrative ... your (or anyone's) pathetic "feelings" ... your sad-assed "laws" ... TPMPrime, whatever in hell that is ... the NHL(?) lockout ... food ... drink ... Facebook ... Iran getting nuclear weapons ... recommendations from Amazon ... morons, cretins, dupes & dopes ... reading, 'riting & 'rithmetic ... veterans & the currently serving (you made your bed now go lie in it) ... gas prices ... underwear ... the living &/or the dead (It's so hard to tell w/ most of them.) ... cardboard ... Lance fucking Armstrong ... murder convictions ... good taste ... jobs ... newspaper endorsements ... Windows 8 ... weekends ... Israel ... you, everybody like you, & the horses you all rode in on ... Arianna Huffington's new hip ... breathing ... video games ... staying awake ... sleeping ... "home"-owners & their fucking problems ... climate change ... analysis (political & psychiatric) ... the center ... the base ... mobile 'phone contracts ... momentum (remember "traction?") ... anything ... bath salts ... cleanliness ... holidays ... bodies in the streets ... red ink ... black ink ... invisible ink ... Ohio ... declining Hulu viewership ... Syria ... everything ...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Unidentified Drifting Object

Here is a thing which was in the sky as we shot (But not w/ bullets, damnit!) those fucks below.
300, 400 ft. up, maybe. No fucking idea what it is. Advertising crap that got loose?

The Almost Tragedy (For Them)
Of The Commons

Walking through Pan-Pacific Park today we were asked not to walk on a very public path by students (we'll guess) shooting some shit. Making demands (ridiculous or otherwise) of us is never a good idea, as we are in a state of rage 24/7 (To the point of grinding our remaining teeth as we sleep, we so want to lash out!) but even though we hadn't yet breakfasted, making us even crankier than usual, we complied & wandered a different path, to the hill above where these twerps were shooting. Looking down on them (in every sense of the phrase) we had the inspiration that a shot or two of them could be slightly more interesting than the other crap we'd already shot, so we took a picture.
Then this little fuckface, a future 3nd AD/extra wrangler (if he's lucky & sucks enough dick to get into show biz) waved at us to stop taking pictures of them.
Hah! We advised him to go to hell & flipped him off. When he got closer we said "Fuck you," inquired if he had a permit to be shooting (Why else would he care that we we were taking pictures?) & telling people where the hell they could & couldn't walk, & asked him to consider the hypocrisy of attempting to violate our right to photograph in a public place even as he was fucking doing it. Should've switched to video & recorded it all, but sometimes rage just consumes one.

Being outnumbered & not desiring our head to explode what w/ our high blood pressure (Is it any damn wonder we're constantly on the verge of exploding like a supernova when scum like this wander the streets unimpeded?) we quit the verbal abuse & decided against pushing him & the two other student jerks who came after him down the fucking hill, & eventually wandered away, after a couple more "Fuck yous" & fingers. They have no idea how close they came to feeling the malignant wrath of Bouffant.