Saturday, September 15, 2012

This Web Log Stands W/ DP

This made the idiots angry:
This, for crying out loud.
When do the "Teach the Controversy" riots begin?

Mary Elizabeth Williams at Salon has a few choice lunacies.
After the ad appeared, the soda-drinking Bible literalists promptly took to the comments, declaring, with no hint of irony whatsoever, that “I ain’t no freakin’ chimp.” Of course, the creationists should have expected Dr. Pepper to come down on the side of science. He is a doctor, after all.

Ever since, on the JESUS IS NOT A PEPPER side, commenters have been weighing in to register their fury, declaring “this photo is in very poor taste and certainly not something I want to identify with!!!” and “I didn’t come from no ape the great creator made me GOD!!!!!!!” Because God loves exclamation points like he despises abiogenesis. And several people have declared “No more DP for me” because of the apparent anti-world-in-seven-days stance. “Let me believe in a God that created me,” writes one poster. “I’ll let you believe that you came from a rock.” Reminder: We’re talking about an ad in which a caveman discovers Dr. Pepper.
The editorial & cleaning staff at Just Another Yada™ are firm in our belief that dude indeed came from a rock, & we support Dr Pepper (No period, Mary Elizabeth.) w/ our money as well as our mouth.
Although these Peppers on the label are a little creepy.
And awfully Anglo.

Saturday Night Advice

Once a wk., even if you don't need to.And scrub those sins away. You know exactly where they are.

We Told You Once Already

"Nation of sheep/Stupid wage-slaves
Your bosses will work you/'Til you're in your graves!"
Action Points
  • Being stressed on the job was associated with nearly a 25% increased risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) in workers, a meta-analysis found.
  • Note that the association between job strain and coronary heart disease remained significant when adjusted for age, sex, and socioeconomic status.
And so on. Via.

Too Good Not To

Sure, late, but look at this:
Burn Colonel, burn!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Should We Be Nervous?



West Nile Virus Found In Eagle Rock

Today In Epistemology W/ M.B.

"Get on your lead-foil hats, the mind control is already here!"

How else can one interpret Michele "not a master war strategist" Bachmann's claim that understanding itself can be virtually outlawed?Little wonder they continue to delude themselves; they're speaking a degenerate jargon that will soon be incomprehensible to outsiders.

100°F: Pyromania

Where there's smoke ...
There's Scratch.Local tee vee yokels hyping the possibility that the Getty Center may be threatened; we aren't buying it.

Sucker Bait

"This is the city, Los Angeles, California. It used to be the only culture here was found in yeast cans."
—Sergeant Joe Friday, intro to episode nine of Dragnet 1970
Via Don Dylan's fave site, L.A. as seen by Frogs in '69. We like L.A., Frogs & those fabled '60s. A lot. So we were a sucker for this:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hellmouth Report

F.U., Old World.
For nearly a century the Mediterranean city of El Azizia in northern Libya has held the official title for having been the hottest place on Earth ever recorded.

But the world record was taken away on Thursday after an investigation by the World Meteorological Organisation found the measurement was probably bungled by someone who misread a thermometer.


In striking out the Libyan record – after 90 years to the day – the title of the hottest ever place on Earth passes to Death Valley in California, where the temperature reached 56.7C in 1913, the WMO said.
134°F, in the Valley of Death. (No biblical Valley of the Shadow of Death bullshit, actual fucking death!) Still the winner & undisputed champeen.

It Ain't Me, Babe

You remember Bob's cousin/brother/nephew/son "Don," don't you?
More legible:
Perez landed in Topanga Canyon and more recently owned Topanga Skyline Studio, a famous recording venue used by Don Dylan, Jackson Browne, Sting, T-Bone Burnett and others.
Fuck us, is Just Another Blog (From L.A)™ the last Internet site w/ quality control? Or an editor? Or just literate?

Sorry to hear Johnny Perez is off to the big studio in the sky.

She's Back!

And true to form.
Lebanon, Libya, Liberia, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg. Embassy, consulate. What. Ever.

Perhaps her atlas (or Google Maps) has gastritis.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Romney's Small Mind Hobgoblined

GarboBouffant Speaks!

Open Letter To W. Mitt Romney

Hey Romney, your bullshit prophet Joseph Smith was historically just as big a philanderer & sack of crap as their bullshit prophet Muhammed was alleged to be ("Alleged" because there isn't a great deal of documented history about that "prophet.") in that wonderful movie you defended on a free speech basis. Will you defend my rights to type the truth about your piece of shit religion?

Have We No Immigration Laws?

Find this fucking developer/landlord & ship his ass back to Israel. Now.
LOS ANGELES (AP) — An Israeli filmmaker based in California went into hiding Tuesday after his movie attacking Islam’s prophet Muhammad sparked angry assaults by ultra-conservative Muslims on U.S. missions in Egypt and Libya, where one American was killed.

Speaking by phone from an undisclosed location, writer and director Sam Bacile remained defiant, saying Islam is a cancer and that the 56-year-old intended his film to be a provocative political statement condemning the religion.

Protesters angered over Bacile’s film opened fire on and burned down the U.S. consulate in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, killing an American diplomat on Tuesday. In Egypt, protesters scaled the walls of the U.S. embassy in Cairo and replaced an American flag with an Islamic banner.

“This is a political movie,” said Bacile. “The U.S. lost a lot of money and a lot of people in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but we’re fighting with ideas.”

Bacile, a California real estate developer who identifies himself as an Israeli Jew, said he believes the movie will help his native land by exposing Islam’s flaws to the world.

“Islam is a cancer, period,” he said repeatedly, his solemn voice thickly accented.

The two-hour movie, “Innocence of Muslims,” cost $5 million to make and was financed with the help of more than 100 Jewish donors, said Bacile, who wrote and directed it.

The film claims Muhammad was a fraud. An English-language 13-minute trailer on YouTube shows an amateur cast performing a wooden dialogue of insults disguised as revelations about Muhammad, whose obedient followers are presented as a cadre of goons.

It depicts Muhammad as a feckless philanderer who approved of child sexual abuse, among other overtly insulting claims that have caused outrage.

Muslims find it offensive to depict Muhammad in any manner, let alone insult the prophet. A Danish newspaper’s 2005 publication of 12 caricatures of the prophet triggered riots in many Muslim countries.

Though Bacile was apologetic about the American who was killed as a result of the outrage over his film, he blamed lax embassy security and the perpetrators of the violence.

“I feel the security system (at the embassies) is no good,” said Bacile. “America should do something to change it.”*

A consultant on the film, Steve Klein, said the filmmaker is concerned for family members who live in Egypt. Bacile declined to confirm.

Klein said he vowed to help Bacile make the movie but warned him that “you’re going to be the next Theo van Gogh.” Van Gogh was a Dutch filmmaker killed by a Muslim extremist in 2004 after making a film that was perceived as insulting to Islam.

“We went into this knowing this was probably going to happen,” Klein said.

Bacile’s film was dubbed into Egyptian Arabic by someone he doesn’t know, but he speaks enough Arabic to confirm that the translation is accurate. It was made in three months in the summer of 2011, with 59 actors and about 45 people behind the camera.

The full film has been shown once, to a mostly empty theater in Hollywood earlier this year, said Bacile.
Oh, look: Lies, all of it.
I asked him who he thought Sam Bacile was. He said that there are about 15 people associated with the making of the film, "Nobody is anything but an active American citizen. They're from Syria, Turkey, Pakistan, they're some that are from Egypt. Some are Copts but the vast majority are Evangelical."
Fucking Christians. Fucking Abrahamic religions. Fucking fuck.

*Make him & his asshole immigrant friends pay for all the American property that they are responsible for destroying before we run them out of the country on a rail. "Your security's no good, ha ha." Christ, this is beyond mere assholery.

Smirky Romney

Apparently highly-offended ChristiansIslamic radicals got organized w/ some RPGs & machine guns & did to the U.S. consulate in Benghazi what this reporter would like to do to Word Press HQ. This is one of those "something will happen before the election" deals that no one could anticipate, but Willard Rat-Money may not have handled it as well as he could. And the "optics" (hate that when used that way) aren't so hot. We've noticed some on the Internet referring to the Republican candidate as "The Smiler;" if this picture of Mitt is widely seen, perhaps he'll be known as "The Smirker."
PHOTO: Mitt Romney leaves podium after speaking about
U.S. consulate killings in Benghazi, Libya
"What's bad for the country is good for my campaign. Yay!"

Opportunistic yet incoherent. Typical.


Thank you for your support request. Your public message is posted to the forums so you and other users can see it here: has a fantastic community of users who enjoy helping and they may be able to provide an answer to your question. We have automatically subscribed you to email updates on the forum thread.

For reference the request you submitted was: Would you clowns please fix whatever you've done to my account so I can comment on your crummy web logs again. I have indeed cleared my cache & cookies, more than once, but your sites keep swallowing my comments whole.
How chickenshit to outsource help to pathetic suckers who, if they have the time to do that crap for nothing for a giant & profit-making corporation, must be even bigger losers than we are. Same goes for you & your fucking "help forums," Google/Blogspot!! All the money in the fucking world & you can't create a few jobs on a help desk?

Christ, what fucking assholes.

Previously. Clearing the cookies & cache was entirely useless (except at S,N!, but we're on the special [ed] list there, or used to be) but made for extra aggravation having to sign in again everywhere & refill the comment forms that do work for us. It is not a good idea to aggravate us. Ask the fucking LASD's WeHo station if you think it is. (Ask the dead bodies piled up in mounds you'll be finding soon too. Apparently picked a bad wk. to give up junk. GAAAAHHH!)

Is there a chance that Word Piss is located somewhere we & a gun could get to w/o paying airfare? Maybe:
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California
Key peopleMatt Mullenweg (Founder, president)
Toni Schneider (CEO)
Ryan Boren (Lead Developer)
Imagine this happening to servers rather than broken telebision sets & the like.

Shut Up & Shove It In

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Art Pigs

Ol' J.P. Getty wanted his Museum to be free, & it is. Uh, save for the parking fee, which probably wasn't part of his bequest. So here's a surprise:
That's an impressive number: $6.4 million in parking revenue, more than the annual income of many, many non-profits in Los Angeles. For those who are chagrined by the unofficial admission fee, the plot thickens when they look deeper into the 990 forms. They show the parking income in tax year 2009 was just $4,707,447. That year the Getty bumped the parking charge up to $15, saying it was necessary to keep the museum financially healthy. About 200 positions were also eliminated. By 2011, the last year for which the Getty has filed, the parking revenue had swelled to $6.4 million. So the parking fee hike, and any increase in visits, brought in an extra $1,774,200 a year.

Those same 990 forms also show that between 2009 and last year, the amount paid in compensation to officers, directors and trustees also swelled — from $2,301,872 (in '09) to $4,062,574 (in '11.) That's a net increase in high-level salaries of $1,760,702 for the year.

Using what Bill Clinton calls arithmetic, that suggests all but $16,502 of the increased parking revenues went for compensation to the highest officers at the Getty. Nice to know, if you're just an art lover who wants to visit one of the richest-endowed museums in the world.
Do as we do, tell those fuckers to go to hell by taking the bus to their temple of greed. Honestly, we only go for the grounds & view; few of the exhibitions are worth the drive or the parking fee.

Christ, what a bunch of greedy assholes.

Why The United Snakes Deserve
To Be Nuked

And once the radioactivity abates, pour salt on everything!

At the very least these BK franchises should find a few rocks through their windows.
And scroll down to the "deliberately offensive" section!
Twinkies! Yum.

Did We Type Something
Worse Than Usual?

Any one else experiencing comments not posting at that site where the lib com-symp academics/union thugs use half their electrons discussing sports in a vain attempt to hide their America-hating sissitude from real Americans?

UPDATE: Never mind! Coulda been our cache, as we had a similar problem at S,N! until we cleared the thing.


Blowback, bitches! Couldn't have happened to a more deserving nation. Bin Laden's mission accomplished.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Good News For Mitt Romney?

From the possibly not-visible LAT.
Forty-five rabid bats have been discovered in Los Angeles County so far this year, the highest number in modern history, authorities said Monday.

The previous high for a single year was 38 in 2011, and it is unclear what factors led to the increase.

Thirteen of the rabid bats were found in the Santa Clarita area, according to a map of all the cases compiled by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

Authorities warned the public to avoid handling bats and to report any found in homes or other places frequented by people to local animal control, especially if the animals are seen during the day.

Healthy bats tend to stay away from humans and are most active at night, authorities said.
The Santa Clarita Valley is full of housing developments for white-flight types. Mittens may have more of a chance if his supporters there are increasing every yr.

Darwin Award Handed Out In Studio City

Stupid jerks. At least they didn't take any one else w/ them.

Best part of the story:
The other two deceased were identified on Twitter and by friends, many of whom were among the estimated 80 people who gathered Sunday outside Reno's Pizzeria where a makeshift memorial had been set up. That gathering ultimately had to be broken up by the Los Angeles Police Department.
Think the mourners were all drunk too?


Up at the crack of 1000. Accomplished by 1500:
Cups of coffee. Sweating. Finished a pack of butts. Read crap on the Internet, wasted an hr. looking for the "Song of The Wk." Listened to the DVR of the Stephanie Miller show (No good; she's on vacation this wk.) while wading through Wonkette threads. Breakfast (just before 1500): Baked 2/3 lb. of frozen Swedish (style) meatballs & et 'em.

Things picked up considerably post-1500. We put on pants & a shirt, went out for butts & Dr Pepper (too hot & humid for un-iced coffee as caffeine & sugar delivery). Checked mail (nothing) returned to the bunker, took our clothes off & typed this while smoking & drinking Dr Pepper. May be nap time.

Song Of The Wk.

Nothin', y'hear, nothin'!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lunar Tunes

Late to the wake. Thanks, Neil.Plus which, allegedly The Hippy Boys recording under a different name in a last-ditch attempt to get their cruddy music on the radio.No flowers on Luna.

Sunday Footsball Wrap-Up

Watching the Pit-Den game, mostly in hope that a terrorist attack will occur, thousands will die & neither team will win.

So pithy & offensive we decided to tweet it. #BlackSunday

Fascist Schools, Fascist Parents

As a one-time unarmed, unprotected child ourself, we were horrified, nauseated, &c. by this example of America eating its young, from some creep unwilling to take responsibility for the trauma that living w/ him for five yrs. inflicted on his once-innocent daughter.
In my public school 40 years ago, teachers didn’t lay their hands on students for bad behavior. They sent them to the principal’s office. But in today’s often overcrowded and underfunded schools, where one in eight students receive help for special learning needs, the use of physical restraints and seclusion rooms has become a common way to maintain order.

It’s a dangerous development, as I know from my daughter’s experience. At the age of 5, she was kept in a seclusion room for up to an hour at a time over the course of three months, until we discovered what was happening. The trauma was severe.

According to national Department of Education data, most of the nearly 40,000 students who were restrained or isolated in seclusion rooms during the 2009-10 school year had learning, behavioral, physical or developmental needs, even though students with those issues represented just 12 percent of the student population. African-American and Hispanic students were also disproportionately isolated or restrained.
It is truly a wonder & amazement that there is a single parent, teacher or school administrator still breathing in this fascist shit-hole of a nation.

The ultimate fault is always the parental units, however fucked-up & fascist the schools to which they send their children. What psychological trauma did Bill Lichtenstein impose on his daughter that she would “get fidgety and restless when she is unsure as to what is expected of her"? A five-yr. old who thinks she should be performing & conforming to the desires & expectations of others 24/7? That's just wonderful, innit?*

There's no age limit/requirement in the Second Amendment, & if anyone in this nation of bullies & enforcers needs weapons for defense against the fascism of physical superiority it is those under 18. Note well that (No surprise here.) those of darker skin hues get more of it.

Guns to the youth to free them from restraints & solitary confinement!

*No comments there. Maybe himself-a-bully Bill Lichtenstein was aware people might wonder why his daughter can't handle freedom/thinks she should be under someone's thumb at all times. No parent is innocent, are they?