Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How Low?

Now we know.
Cigar Hunter: On Bill Clinton’s big night,
let’s smoke his big Gurkha
Proud of yourself, Tucker?

How Low Will They Go?

Because we love ourself as much (if not more) than we ♥ America, we've been watching baseball rather than the DNC; peeks at the Internet indicate all goes well & Mrs. Obama's speech was well received by the liberally biased.
FLOTUS Michelle Obama at the Democratic National Convention,
4 September 2012. (Harry E. Walker/MCT via Getty Images)
So we wonder how it will be spun (Spinned?) by the FLOTUS-haters. Yes, we've an idea or two of the direction it could take; the real question is how far & low they will go when there's nothing objectionable for them to whine about.

The big aesthetic/socio-cultural subtext of the entire competition being how audible the dog-whistles will become if, as November approaches, the Magic 8 Ball® of polling bullshit & bullshit hunches says "signs point to yes" for the incumbent's chances & Rymney/Roan's team of incompetent hacks begins feeling as if they're on board the Straight Talk Express c. 2008 w/ Sarah Palin at the wheel & babbling non-stop.(Shouldn't there be a "prediction market" [that taps the wisdom of crowds, maybe] for the first straight-up non-euphemistic un-coded [Not necessarily "nigger."] reference by a candidate or party official?)

Tuesday Sea Bird Blogging

We were advised that the smaller, grayer/less white gulls are called sand-peckers or pickers or something.
What. Ever.
Pelicans 11
The eternal wait for meat.

While It Still Burns

Damn palm trees always in the way.

Today's Clint Eastwood


Leading You All Basically Into Hell, Basically, You Know

"Bipartisan Centrist Approaches:"
Are You Fucking Kidding Us?

Bonus Quote of the Day

"Republican voters, if you ask them about my particular policy positions, often agree with me. So there's a difference between Republicans in Washington and Republican and Republican-leaning voters around the country. I think that after this election, we'll be in a position to once again reach out to Republicans and say that the American people have rendered a judgment, and the positions we're taking are well within what used to be considered bipartisan centrist approaches."

-- President Obama, in an interview with Parade, on how he'll be able to work with Republicans after the election.
Here we go again. Has he learned nothing? Maybe he isn't so smart.

Song Of The (Short) Wk.

Mostly because Axis combine SONY/BMG* removed an earlier upload.The present day YouTuber refuses to die.
*Might have been home-grown fascists UMG (Universal Music Group). You can see the possibility for confusion there.


BONUS: An entry in the "Who types this crap?" competition:
Where some candidates choose evocative names—President Obama sees himself as a "Renegade," while George W. Bush was a "Trailblazer." Ryan got to choose his favorite hobby. The man is a skilled archer, a hunter of deer and animal, and an aficionado of the sport.
EXTRA BONUS: We waxed nostalgic about an archer/reactionary we'd had as a French teacher. Aunt Snow reminded us of teach's late wife.
Late as of 2007, that is. It would be extremely irresponsible not to speculate what allowed Dennis Dunn to marry his "beloved bride" 18 yrs. before lateness hit Mrs. Dunn Mark I.

EVEN MORE BONUS (Men's Rights Division): Note that Dunn "fathered two sons." (++manly.) Not even "w/ Jennifer Blackburn Dunn." He just straight up sired them. One of whom is named "Reagan."

Christ, what a collection of assholes.

Editor's Note: Isn't the Internet grand? Almost fifty yrs. later we can abuse a shithead teacher (In all fairness, not a bad French teacher for a Yank, & we did well in his classes, fortunately for our permanent record.) w/ his own words. Fuck you, Dennis.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Do Not Leave Boat Unattended

Watching Dinesh Squirm

Or so it is alleged. We'll look later. Hell, haven't even seen this more than once.Text pile-on as well, for the less visually & aurally sensitive.
With his vested interest in denying the persistence of racism in American life, D’Souza seems unwilling to address the ways that his own racial and national background have made him useful to the right. Would he have been hired as a Reagan White House aide at age 27, and gone on to a stellar and lavishly remunerated career with right-wing think tanks, publishing houses and academic institutions, if he had been a young conservative from Indiana rather than India?
Bill Maher raked D'Souza over the coals too, apparently; not embeddable.

African Clint Eastwood


You cannot get any whiter than the Big Malig.


Wages Are Theft;

Kill the bosses!NO MORE SLAVERY FOR BREAD!!And get your teeth out of the necks of working people, blood-sucking capitalists!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Lie:

Sorry to see that Reverend Sun Yat-SenMyung Moon has passed to hell.
Moon, self-proclaimed messiah who turned his Unification Church into a worldwide religious movement and befriended North Korean leaders as well as U.S. presidents, died on Monday, September 3, 2012, at a church-owned hospital near his home in Gapyeong, northeast of Seoul. He was 92.
We give him three days or any messiah claims are rendered null & void.
In this Aug. 25, 1992 file photo, Unification Church founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife wave their hands to some 40,000 believers and supporters during a wedding ceremony at Seoul's Olympic Stadium in Seoul, South Korea.

Moon, born in a town that is now in North Korea, founded his religious movement in Seoul in 1954 after surviving the Korean War. He preached new interpretations of lessons from the Bible.

The church gained fame, and notoriety, in the 1970s and '80s for holding mass weddings of thousands of followers, often from different countries, whom Moon matched up in a bid to build a multicultural religious world. AP Photo/Ahn Young-Joon
Christ, what an asshole.
Perhaps his descendants, heirs &/or successors won't be wasting any more moolah on The Wash. Times.

Another funny.

Blue Moon

Pillar Of Smoke

From the 10, eastbound. (Or on the 10, eastbound.)
Oh ha ha just noticed the bus.
It's 20-30 miles away. More or less. Probably. (Guessing.)

Elitist Snobbery

Believe it or shove it, a jigsaw of a Thomas Kinkade thing, glued to a round board, lacquered & hung in a motel room.

Sweeping the Ocean

It is filthy.

Photography On The Beach

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Entirely bogus retroactive/pre-dated post (1810PDT 2 September 2012) because we didn't have the good sense to schedule one for Saturday 1 September 2012, & there was no wi-fi in room 7 at the Malibu Riviera ("Bates") Motel.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Yesterday's Clouds Today

We'll be sweating like the pig we are all night long.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Staff Photo

The amorphous "they" tell us politics is Hollywood for the ugly; this does nothing to disprove that dictum.
The Romney campaign staff w/ Paul Ryan & Mittens. Get ready for a nation run by frat boys & their little sorority sisters.

Tip o' le chapeau to YAFB at Rumproast, who inspired us w/this:
Joseph Smith's Lame-Ass White Folks Band
And you shouldn't use ugly & Hollywood in the same sentence w/o showing these mugs:V.O. (no commercial potential):

Crummy (Exhibition) Game Of The Wk.:

Oakland at Seattle.

Clint Speaks!

Eastwood looks to have a movie about the old getting oldercoming out in a few wks.; he must figure the entire target demographic of angry white guys will be watching the convention. Christ, what a whore.

Another Tab Closed

Par for the course, far behind on this, to which we were going to link, as we'd already banged our toe on this non-commitment.

Now it is brought to our attention that others have noticed & responded.

Our reaction: Astral Weeks? Who'd want to hear what it sounded like? Another tortured singer-songwriter complaining mid-tempo. We prefer complaints about existential agony from Americans like Bangs, because we can understand them.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Watch Out, Pretty Boy

Something caught our eye when we finally read all the POLITICO thing mumbled about an item below:
“We’re not your crusty old white guy party anymore,” boasted Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.), who at 31 is at the tail end of the Reagan generation.
Nope. Just dumb-ass middle-aged honkies.
Now, students, comparing Rep. Schock to his crusty buddies Jim Hoft, the late Breitbart & the InstaPundit, why might we imagine young Aaron to have a Napoleonic complex? And how might he deal therew/?
That's one way to compensate. (Dr. Freud, may I speak w/ you a moment?) Fit, sexy Paul Ryan better watch it. There's always someone younger & even buffer on the prowl for a sugar-daddyvice-presidential slot/position as heir to the manliness that is the Republican party.

Christ, what a bunch of assholes.

Who Types This Shit?

When will this reporter learn to ignore POLITICO? We do ignore it most of the time, but even jaded cynics can be suckered by something that appears interesting; we click & six short paragraphs in we are reminded why it is to be avoided.
The two bookends, Reagan and Ryan, represent a party that is unmistakably moving from George W. Bush’s compassionate conservatism to a new Republicanism that sounds a lot like the old-time religion but with fresher packaging. To use the language of their youth, these children of the 80s want to dispense for good with New Coke and return to Coca-Cola Classic.
Sweet blood of Jesus, we pretty much agree w/ what we read of the premise (Too many pp. to give them the satisfaction/increased page views so we qualify it w/ "pretty much.") but if TIME® (allegedly, once) was written at a "ninth-grade" level, which level of hell are we on here?

Just What Is Needed

Well-known Reagan-crush holder (He's dead, Peggy! Dead as your wretched Catholicism.) Peggy Noonan is now emitting her high-pitched squeals from The WSJ on a daily basis, because ... we don't know. Why?

I think the headline was that she and Mitt got married young, lived in modest circumstances and struggled a bit while he studied and tried to get a foothold in business.
It can certainly be a struggle when a young college student wants to sell some of the stock he was given just for being such a wonderful millionaire's son but it's the wknd. & all the brokerages are closed. By the way, did Mme. Romney do any studying? Or is learnin' too hard for Mormon ladies?

Christ, what an asshole.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Annals Of Self-Defense

A New York judge who has been threatened several times during his nearly 20 years on the bench decided he wanted to get a concealed-carry permit and take a loaded firearm into the Tioga County courthouse at which he worked.

However, although there was no rule against having a gun in chambers, Judge Vincent Sgueglia should not have approved his own concealed-carry permit, the state Commission on Judicial Conduct said in an opinion (PDF) earlier this month.

It censured the judge—who admitted, on reflection, that he should have handled the matter differently—for doing so, as well as for an accidental discharge of a revolver in chambers in 2010, as Sgueglia was trying to repair a faulty mechanism that cocked the .38-caliber Smith and Wesson and rotated the cylinder.

The judge, who is now 70, stopped bringing a loaded gun into the courthouse after the accidental discharge incident. He plans to retire at the end of 2012.
From the ABAJournal.

Also noted at the Journal: We may not have to kill all of them.

Yesterday & Today

People in shorts just don't scare us. Not even armed cops.
Above Reuters photo located here, where Friedersdorf hits the ground in Tampa.
There are countless events with corporate sponsors, delegates from all over the country, political professionals networking for future gigs, and a security infrastructure that really ought to be conveyed to America, because the fact that it's invisible to television viewers is a distortion of reality.
Not to worry about the future America: There's work for about half of you protecting the 1% from the other, unemployed half of the 99%.

Long But Readable

A bit o' Mormon history, personal & beyond. Romney's ancestors: Just as grifty as he.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Police Beat:Tampa 2012

The scamps at TPM saved the best for last in their "The Stage Is Set In Tampa: Gearing Up For Republican National Convention" photo featureslide show.
Handcuffs and restraints at the St. Petersburg Field Force Prisoner Processing Center, set up specifically for the Republican National Convention.
"Y'all make sure they's tight now."
2012 Republican National Convention: Policemen
near the convention site in Tampa, Fla.
2012 Republican National Convention: U.S. National Guard members patrol near the convention site in Tampa, Fla.
Previous deployment: Target duty w/ the Afghan Nat'l. Police.


From another universe barely recognizable as an odd mutation of what we know as reality, this has jumped the dimensional divide:(You must listen for an impression she does of somebody. We have no idea who.) What is she on about? Literal textual analysis may help.
LOESCH: What is that shrieking that you hear? Do you hear that? What is that? I think Joe Biden would call it, like, squealing pigs, wouldn't he? That's the left collectively losing their minds because ZOMG, ZOMG-BBQ! Mitt Romney made a joke. He made a joke. The left doesn't -- the left likes to have a sense of humor except when it comes to conservatives. When it comes to conservatives, we are no longer funny. We have no humor after conservatives talk. He was just making a joke. The Obama campaign sells mugs with birth certificates on them on their website. Give me a break. You people need to stop being all uptight. Did you just say you people?
Nope. Still nothing.

The birf surf-i-ticket on the mugs is because of silly accusations. No one's ever said Willard Mitt was born anywhere besides Michigan. So there's no point in pointing it out about himself; it's not a "moment of levity." (Think about "moment of levity." Can they be less connected to humans?) Lest we forget, it was Mitt's father JorgeGeorge who was hecho en Mexico. And George's father & whichever sister wife his mother was may not have been U.S. citizens. Got a joke for that?

Thanks of a sort to an apparent obsessive.

The Real Victim

Have yet to watch whatever the hell happened this a.m. on hideous Morning Joe, but it's all over the electron tubes & it really ticked off both Matt Lewis & The News. Hell, they were so mad they forgot to refute any of Tweety M.'s "relentless attacks" & just went ahead w/ the personal attacking.
If you haven’t seen Chris Matthew’s embarrassing meltdown on “Morning Joe” this am [sic], it’s worth a watch — if you can stomach it. RNC Chair Reince Priebus handled the relentless attacks as well as possible (several times Matthews interrupted host Joe Scarborough — in order to press his points). Most people being accused of playing the “race card” wouldn’t maintain their composure as well as Preibus did. Still, one wonders why he would ever volunteer to endure such an interrogation (it was a monologue, really) again? This poses a real problem for “Morning Joe.” Unlike MSNBC’s prime time lineup, the show has generally been able to attract top-tier Republicans, such as Gov. Chris Christie, Rep. Paul Ryan, and Chairman Preibus. Unlike the ideological shows, “Morning Joe’s” cachet has generally come from being an “insider’s” show — must-see TV for opinion leaders on both sides of the aisle. But at some point, that could end. A good way to avoid that possibility would be to ensure that Matthews — who clearly has some anger problems to deal with — is no longer capable of hijacking the program. They shouldn’t have him on again.
Holy crap he's threatening Chris Matthew's First Amendment rights! Actually he isn't, but how many times have reactionaries trotted that one out? (And are there any Daily Callgirl reporters who should be banned for embarrassing meltdowns? See, both sides do it.) And for crying out loud, think of poor Reince Preibus, obviously the sufferer here, yet a model of stoicism!
Most people being accused of playing the “race card” wouldn’t maintain their composure as well as Preibus did.
Not to go out on a limb to defend Matthews (essentially a Reagan Democrat waiting to happen) but on occasion he gets close to the truth & tells most of it. Matt Lewis & The News will call it an embarrassing meltdown & suggest he deal w/ his "anger issues." Christ, what an asshole.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Might Be Of Interest

Some may not care.
This is an until recently unpublished interview with Brian Eno by Lester Bangs from 1979.

Last Call For Meat

Not that there will be meat animals left.

Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warn scientists

Water scarcity's effect on food production means radical steps will be needed to feed population expected to reach 9bn by 2050
Facts & figures.

Huckabee Calls For Holy War

A little loose w/ our words aren't we Governor?
“This could be a Mount Carmel moment,” said the former Arkansas governor, referring to the holy battle between Elijah and the prophets of Baal in the book of Kings. “You know, you bring your gods. We’ll bring ours. We’ll see whose God answers the prayers and brings fire from heaven. That’s kind of where I’m praying: that there will be fire from heaven, and we’ll see it clearly, and everyone else will to.”
"Fire from heaven" sounds like nuclear holy war to us. Bring it, Fat Man.
Bombs away for Jesus!
In other fallout, inelegant phrasing, that is, lying, from the Huckster:
Huckabee released a statement Saturday walking back the comments he made on the call.

“I have not had any direct contact with leaders or staff from the NRSC,” he said in the emailed statement. “This is an attempt to create a story. My comments this week on my own forums of radio and to the people who choose to receive communications from me are first hand and accurately reflect what I said. I hardly need third-party news outlets who ‘heard’ things to report on that which simply didn’t happen. Harry Reid has imaginary friends who tell him things about others, and it appears that there are some others in the media who have some imaginary friends.”
Not unlike the former Governor's imaginary friend in the sky w/ the fire.
His spokesman declined to answer follow-up questions about who Huckabee was talking about in the direct quote or whether he had indirect contact with party leaders, saying he’d discuss the matter on Fox News on Saturday night.
Remember, just mis-speaking, & nothing wrong w/ anything anyway (as long as one is a Republican & believer) because the gawd of personal responsibility will forgive you.
The executive director of the Missouri Baptist Convention, John Yeats, told the group that he counseled Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) after he was linked to a prostitution ring in 2007.

“David had been exposed for going places he shouldn’t have been going. And there were calls for him to step out, but he stayed by his campaign and restored his relationship with his wife,” Yeats said. “As I think about Congressman Akin, his quote, ‘transgression,’ was not nearly as vile as Vitter’s. So I think this thing is survivable. And beyond survivable, I still think he has a real shot at winning the race here in Missouri.”

“One of the things we have to remind ourselves of and remind our people of is that Congressman Akin represents the mainstream of our values,” he added. “He is the mainstream of our values.”
Funny, their values aren't quite as one might think. Major gaffes (murder, for example) can be forgiven.
David Barton, the founder of a Texas-based conservative group WallBuilders, was asked to offer some historical perspective for the group.

“There’s been a lot of political leaders who have made major gaffes but not just misspoken,” said Barton. “One of the greatest leaders in Israel’s history was David, who had [committed] adultery, murdered Uriah, etc. But he repented. God gave him forgiveness. Great leader. But that was not a misspeaking of words. And then Noah had trouble with drunkenness. God still used him. Samuel couldn’t control his children. He ran a nation. Moses, guilty of murder. He came back, delivers a nation.”

“There’s a long list of people who were absolutely flawed, but nothing for as small a misdemeanor – if you will — as misspeaking,” he added. “So this is really unprecedented.”

Barton, who was once the co-chairman of the Texas Republican Party, decried “party bosses” for calling pastors, supporting Akin to pressure them to stop doing so.

“This is a guy that we can’t let a lot of loud-mouth people take from the rest of the nation,” he said, “because he’s too much of a fighter that we need on these kinds of issues in D.C.”
David Barton there is the liar who is known nation-wide for his lying; isn't it funny that he should beg for another's forgiveness on the basis of misspeech. It's beyond too late now, nevertheless we'll pretend that we care (or that anything makes any difference) by making it clear that Akin did not "misspeak" (Wingnut faves "57 states" or calling an admiral a general are misspeaking. The word was popularized by the Nix's press sec., Ron Ziegler, we should add.) but laid bare the awful truth of the usually otherwise amorphous (hidden because they aren't all morons) values & beliefs these people of faith all endlessly & insufferably profess to hold.

And there's always a mad as hell type who ain't gonna take it & you shut up or else; no one tells him what to do because AmericaMissouri Baptists. This one is also a prophet.
David Baker, pastor of First Baptist of Church in Belton, Mo., chimed in to say that he met with 60 men* earlier in the evening and the view was unanimous Akin should keep fighting.

“We have a responsibility as prophets to speak out,” he said. “One thing I know about Missouri Baptists is that we don’t like to be told what to do.”
Drone drone drone, no tax exemptions for obviously political churches, ZZZZZ.
*We haven't the energy to deal w/ this clarification/emphasis of gender. A recording of the 'phone call for Christ would be amusing until the urge to throttle one of these dopes became overwhelming & an aneurysm developed. We didn't even drag J.C. Watts in, but he's a riot too.

Hello? Some Americans There?

Remember an election cycle or two ago when weight-loss guru, FOXNews Tee Vee Personality/radio yapper & complete failure as a presidential nominee (Which has indeed worked out well for him, hasn't it? Fucking hell, all the creatures in the GOP's candidate corral are in it for the money to be made being a public loudmouth/"author"/Queen of Facebook/Tweeter after an unsuccessful bid. Name one not currently in office who doesn't have some donation/no-tax scam going.) Mike Huckabee was considered somewhat less repellent a toad than most of the other contenders? And he knew just how, where & when (right after Rush Limbaugh attacked Sandra Fluke as the war on womenRepublican campaign against women's rights began to make itself better-known.) to position himself:
"They are going after Rush's affiliates," said one radio company executive who received Cumulus' email and spoke on condition of anonymity. "They are positioning Huckabee as the safe, non-dangerous alternative to Rush and saying to station owners, 'If you are looking for conservative content, we want you to consider our guy instead of theirs.'"
Extra funny because Limbaugh's audience is 70% old men, & of course mass advertisers are most interested in middle-aged women so Huckabee decided to build ratings by siding w/ Rep. Rep. & Sen. candidate Todd Akin (MO) against the GOP establishment.
Speaking harshly about establishment Republicans who have tried to force Akin from the Missouri race, Huckabee at one point compared the National Republican Senatorial Committee to "union goons" who "kneecap" their enemies.
OK, bag of obese hammers, really now, when was the last time someone was "kneecapped by a union goon?" And why not compare Akin's treatment at the hands of the establishment to, say, being shot by an actual goon white supremacist for living-while-Sikh? Wrong century for Huck's frame of reference? Oh-kay.Huck appeared on the 'phone w/, among others, congenital liar David Barton &
encouraged the pastors and radio hosts to aggressively defend Akin to their congregations and listeners.

"The poll numbers need to come back up," he said. "Todd needs to show that he can raise money and be competitive. That will be a game changer. If not, the pressure will still be there for Todd to exit the race and clear the field for somebody else."
All about the competition & the numbers & the money. Whether what Huck wants aggressively defended is objectively wrong (& creepy) doesn't enter into it.

And we see precisely how genial & civil Huckabee is. Reasonable & open to conversation too.

And blah blah. Another pointless typing exercise. Where's the outrage?

See item below for notes on this.

Oops ...

Seem to have missed an entire calendar day, for the first time in some time. Possibly yrs. (Sad, huh?)

We did start typing something (same old same &c.) yesterday, but had nothing snappy for the end* beyond the usual nihilistic plea for apocalyptic relief (Meteors? Plague?) from jaded suffering & intense ennui, which are probably a reaction to Internet political climate & an electorate that is (if one scans polls as headlined on said Intertuberous) bizarrely & inexplicably evenly divided.

So we started watching telebision (to clear/empty head/mind, zenning it up for a later stab at creation, or, or ...) & suddenly it was Sunday.
*OK, OK, not just the finish, most of it was tedious, if not actually irksome. Banal is a given.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Pukey Pizza Cheap

If you want crummy anti-abortion pizza at 50% off, this is the wknd.
Presented as a public service for those not on the MLB.com sucker list, although the real public service would be bankrupting Papa John's.

58-Yr. Old Man Gets Sane,
Kills Asshole Who Ruined His Life

Then NYPD cops shot another nine people, apparently just to watch them die, Johnny Cash-style. We don't give one fucking shit about anybody anywhere anymore, but were somewhat relieved to discover that we weren't the 58-yr. in question. It could happen 'though, so don't think you're safe if you've ever fucked w/ us. We have a list, & it's a long one. (Now that our parents are dead, the one & two spots on the list are open. We guess if we're doing it chronologically, there are some teachers who need to be dead, if they haven't already been brought to justice by a vengeful gawd. Might be easier to look for certain employers, supervisors, managers & bosses who may still be alive. Not for long, however. When's the next gun show?)

Do not make the mistake of thinking these are empty threats. They are promises.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Cattle Are Coming!

Things are tough all over, as cattle come down from the hills looking for lawn, & find it at an apartment complex.
“They were there for the grass,” said Diestel, a 10-year sheriff’s veteran assigned to the Malibu/Lost Hills station. “They went from green belt to green belt. The canyon is just so dry.”

The animals had made their first appearance the night before. Deputies, aided by county animal control workers and an apartment-dweller with a couple of herding dogs, thought they had successfully shooed the herd back up Browns Canyon.


Suddenly, though, help appeared in the form of a woman who said she was the neighbor of the rancher whose cattle had wandered off.

The woman, armed with what Diestel described as an “Indiana Jones”-style bull whip, was able to persuade the cattle to git along.

“She drove them the rest of the way,” he said. “It was funny as heck.”