Friday, August 3, 2012


A Chick-fil-A employee recounts work on "Tell The Queers to Shove It by Shoveling Chick-fil-A in Your Face" day.
Customers sang “God Bless America” in the dining room. They vocalized their support for “family values” in a way that made me want to vomit.
This can help.
No one really stopped talking about the reasons why today was as busy as it was. The people I work alongside kept going on and on about how powerful it was to be part of such a righteous movement, and how encouraged they were to know that there were so many people who agree with Dan Cathy. They went on at great length about how it was wrong not just for gays to marry, but to exist. One kid, age 19, said “I hope the gays go hungry.”

I nearly walked out then and there. That epitomizes the characteristics of these evangelical “Christians” who are so vocally opposed to equal rights. Attitudes like that are the opposite of Christ-like.


The evangelical bigots have their ignorance bases covered. Chick-fil-A employees, LGBT or not, will be absolutely fine. Bible thumpers are going to voice their support with greenbacks, as they always have done.

When this first started, I implored my friends and allies not to boycott. Now, if I didn’t work there, I’d be boycotting too. That much hypocrisy and hatred leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and the last thing I want to eat is their chicken.
Liberal A-BMs!! Also drones trapped in a concrete canyon between Chick-fil-A on wheels & a Starbucks. God Bless America.Get a grip on the issue here, Mr. "Pro-Life." Meat is murder. Stop breaking eggs!
Edited up post-publishing, because we can. Over & done at 2205PDT.
— M.B.

Art Beat Up-Date

Might be fun. Could still make it there 20ish.
Probably won'tNot bloody likely.

Sea Birds

Domesticated gull. Went from table to table
on the railing of the waterfront restaurant hoping for scraps.
Pelican strafing run.
Also saw a seal break water; too busy eating to shoot.

Before Linux Too

Mikey advises:
Those 16" guns could fire a shell that weighed over a ton more than twenty miles using 700 pounds of gunpowder and hit a moving ship. All before we had Microsoft Windows ...
What is put into the gun & blown up & out.
As we understand it, computing was advanced by WWII developments in accurately lobbing these things 20 miles.

San Pedro

Visited the battleship yesterday. Smaller than the movies, but what isn't?
Later, mere blks. from the Iowa, went to see grunion, saw none. Excellent moonrise over Pedro. The only shot wethe robo-camera managed that was even close to focused.
Next time, the tripod. Pelicans, too.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sports Up-Date

Angel Boligan, Cagle Cartoons, El Universal, Mexico City


Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!
(I got a rage to live!)

The ideal of Death from Above (at no physical risk to the death dealer) is achieved.
When he was deployed in Iraq, “you land and there’s no more weapons on your F-16, people have an idea of what you were just involved with.” Now he steps out of a dark room of video screens, his adrenaline still surging after squeezing the trigger, and commutes home past fast-food restaurants and convenience stores to help with homework — but always alone with what he has done.

“It’s a strange feeling,” he said. “No one in my immediate environment is aware of anything that occurred.”
Now do you fear the Reaper?
The Reaper is among the drones that pilots at Hancock operate,
killing insurgents and protecting American troops overseas.
Image: Heather Ainsworth for The New York Times
Possibly related: The "Active Shooter Event."

Third Eye Opens At Last

Snoop DoggLion goes rasta.
He added: “I feel I have always been a Rastafari. I just didn’t have my third eye open, but it’s wide open right now.”
Whatever, dude. Here are actual O.G.s from actual JA, compare & contrast-stylee.
One song, for instance, “No Guns Allowed,” is a plea for the banning of handguns, a position he says he has finally come around to.

“I have always wanted to make a song that could really stand for something,” he said. “I could never make a song called ‘No Guns Allowed’ because I was supposed to be a gangsta.”

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Tale Of Two Tabs

Seeing this we started making a noise some might have recognized as
at least similar to "I've Got Rhythm," then realized why: We'd recently opened this & were going to give it a listen.

Open Your Box

ABC News:
Amid the ongoing turmoil following Egypt’s revolution, the Washington Post reports Egypt is planning to reopen tombs, many for the first time in decades, to draw tourists back to the land of the pyramids. The tomb of Queen Meresankh III will be opened for the first time in nearly 25 years, as will five other tombs of high priests.
Damn, we're not even mailing it in.

OK, Everything Usable In That Folder's Been Used

Still can't quite get a grip on the concept that there's a lump of rock visibly drifting 238,900 miles (384,400 km) above our head. Can you?

This Never Grows Old

Does it?
Honestly we're a little dulled out w/ living inside a cliché. You can't look up w/o seeing some of the damn things.

Not The Only Rug Store We Saw
That Had Gone Out Of Business

As could be imagined, we didn't bother w/ the first one. This is becoming a bakery or something. Rugs are o-u-t out this yr.


— of the current economic slump.
You got an "A" but you went broke selling coffee?


The sky above,
the mudconcrete below.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dumb & Stupider

Sure, we knew this one, if only for one of the all-time couplets.And this one, even, 'though it's semi-contemporary.Now version three comes to light.C'mon now, it's not as if CNN played a tune entitled "Dumb-Ass Witch & Her Cretin Husband."
"Dumb-Ass Witch & Her Cretin Husband"

3-D Olympic Games

As we understand it, the phrase "Olympic Games" can not be used legally by any one other than paying Olympic sponsors & broadcasters, which explains why one hears "summer games" & "London games" so often. So sue us, collection of wretched aristocrats & bribery-fueled fucks. You suck as much as the Academy Awards/Oscars.

These 3-D images of the opening crap snatched directly from our telebision may be illegal as well. Good. Do something.

Five Guys Fries

Last time we mentioned Five Goys a comment-maker questioned their fries, of which we had had none. Today we went for some, 'though a bit off-put by the US$3.09 they ask. (What the hell, why not US$2.99, izzat thin dime their entire profit margin?) Once we saw how many fries come in the cup & spill into the bag we weren't so price-pissed.
Later. We ate at least as many in the store as are on the plate.
Quality, not quantity: Pretty damn salty, quite crisp. Skin on. Greasy? You decide:
Maybe an hr. after we got our order.
Flash for extra contrast.
Regular, not Cajun. Figured in ah Cajun-stylee could be too much for the wretched aging Bouffant gut. Later/tomorrow we will heat & consume them w/ blue cheese dressing as nature intends.

Off W/ Their Heads!

Say what you will about the hateful Islamic assholes running Iran, they do come up w/ a good idea once in a while.
Four people have been sentenced to death for their roles in Iran's biggest-ever bank fraud scandal.

Two other defendants received life sentences, while 33 more will spend up to 25 years in jail, the chief prosecutor was quoted as saying.

The scandal involved forged documents reportedly used by an investment company to secure loans worth $2.6bn.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last year denied allegations that his government was involved.

The identities of the defendants have not been made public.

Impeachment vote
The case broke in September 2011 when an investment firm was accused of forging documents to obtain credit from at least seven Iranian banks over a four-year period.

The money was reportedly used to buy state-owned companies under the government's privatisation scheme.

As part of their probe, authorities froze the assets of an Iranian businessman thought to be the mastermind behind the scam.

The BBC's Sebastian Usher said the firm at the heart of the scandal had moved from a small start-up capital to being worth billions of dollars.

The affair fuelled weeks of political infighting between Mr Ahmadinejad and Iran's ruling hierarchy of clerics.

Economy Minister Shamseddin Hosseini scraped through an impeachment vote in November after conservative hardliners accused him of failing to take action over the fraud.
Deep economic thinkers will note that the whole megillah stems from the Islamic Republic's privatization scheme. See also: Russia, oligarchs, yada.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Politeness Is To Do & Say ...

laist advises:
A driver in a 2005 Mazda, identified as 37 year-old Keetha Knox, was heading south on Western Avenue near 108th St. in Westmont (an area just south of South Los Angeles) around 9 p.m. last night when she hit a pedestrian, identified as 28 year-old Alexis Brooks, sheriff deputies said. The impact threw Brooks into the northbound lane where she was hit by another car. Brooks was pronounced dead at the scene. Unfortunately the night’s chaos did not end there, according to City News Service (CNS).

Knox reportedly got out of her car to check what had happened, at which point, CNS says, one of Brooks’ acquaintances took out a gun and started shooting at Knox. Knox got back into her car, drove home and called 911.
You fucking sad-ass loser, how can we make this a more polite society if you can't even hit the rude person who deserves a lesson in decency? More time on the range, politeness fans.

Why We Aren't Watching The Olympics

No actual competition, that's why.

There can not be anyone watching "synchronized diving" can there? It's odd enough that it exists, let alone that it has an audience, even if only every four yrs. Is "Higher, faster, stronger" being fulfilled in any way by such crap?

Should people want to see horses dancing they should try dragging someone around on their back while striking peculiar poses. (Oh. Repressed sexuality again, innit Ann Romney? This is why we like to type stuff; it's educational & informative to us as well as the audience. Some of you may be old enough to remember when every middle-class girl in the suburbs wanted a pony so, so much.) And those who enjoy watching humans in water dancing, &/or young girls who've done their best to delay puberty writhing on poles & bars like strippers should go to the fucking ballet or to a strip club. (Granted, sickening pervs won't get the thrill of watching the pre-pubescent writhing about at the gentlemen's club. Too bad, sicko.)

In general, anything that involves judging is not a sport, but an exhibition. Of crap. Some may ask "Boxing?" but it's not actual boxing unless one of the contestants finishes lying down in blood, preferably their own. Don't need a fucking judge to call winners & losers for that.

Indeed, any event that does not feature the losers literally fucking dying (And maybe a few of the winners, in team sports.) is not competition, but bullshit to fill the space between the adverts for wimp telebision viewers.

UPDATE (29 July 2012, 2130PDT): Voilà the sort of punk-ass chump who enjoys this sort of shit.
... just watched the women’s synchronized diving. My favorite was the last two young girls who won silver in diving, because it is just so nice watching someone win silver, not gold, and still be ecstatic.
The fucking sheep are so easily manipulated. "Up close & personal" our ass.

Pee-Pants Nation

We live in a country, after all, where significant pluralities of the population refuse to accept the worldwide scientific consensus on climate change and fervently continue to believe in the superiority of a piecemeal, private-sector health care system despite ample evidence that Americans spend more for medical care, and have poorer outcomes, than people in any other major Western nation. The cultural and geographic isolation of the United States has a lot to do with this, as do the failures of our education system, but those explanations aren’t quite sufficient. One aspect of the paranoid worldview is a sense of immense self-importance: The CIA has chosen you for secret experiments, or you and your Internet friends are the only people who can see that the Obama birth certificate seen and touched by independent experts is an obvious fraud. In the United States, we cling to this sense of specialness on a manic, nationwide, tautological scale; the way we do things in America is clearly superior because we know we live in the greatest country in the world.
So there, un-Americans!

Cars & Guns

Florida again:
Miami Police issued a lookout alert for 23-year-old Erin Cash around noon, for a "suspect randomly driving around shooting at victims," according to a release.

The incident began as a domestic dispute when Cash and his girlfriend got into an argument, police said. Officials said their 3-year-old son was inside this white Pontiac as Cash beat up the child's mother.

"He said that he was going to kill her, the mother and the child," said public information officer William Moreno. "Secondly, he has told her that he's not going down without a fight."

The girlfriend threw herself out of the car and Cash took off with their toddler, planning to make good on some of his threats, police said.

"He was driving around, he's been going to different family members' homes and shooting at victims randomly," Moreno said.
Not sure what "randomly" means if he's shooting at family members, but it's not as if Public Information Officers are anything but mouthpieces for the police gangsters.

"The Spectrum"

Two more who think it of the Rom.

As noted here:
(Now being considered semi-autistic by two separate sources, one of them highly respected.)

Lady MacR-Money's Horseshit

Mme. Romney (w/ her original hair color) about to give the hose to a son.
Five offensive to the ordinary volk things Miss Ann has said in public.

Most of which the well-informed reader has already heard or read. But there are specific revelations of interest:
Hmm. Interesting indeed, considering that her husband is worth about $200 million. If elected, he would be among the richest presidents ever to occupy the White House, topping both the Roosevelts and the Bushes, who were no slouches. In fact, he’s wealthier than the last eight presidents combined.
That assumes that Mittens isn't worth well over 200 million simoleons, which is why he won't whip out his earlier tax returns.

Odd turn of phrase:
Mrs. Romney said she likes to see what women are up to on the campaign trail, asking “Why are you here? What made you come out of your house today to this event? And what do you think about the future?”
Did hubby give you ladies permission to leave the house w/o him or another male relative, Saudi-style?

Out, damned blot on humanity!

Grand Central Pants Station

Also gone: El Taco, where zombie crackheads used to hang. And Dante's Inferno.The St. Francis is still there, but we're afraid the Sultan Room is long gone as well.