Saturday, July 7, 2012

SCOTUS Wkly. Wrap-Up:
"Fuck You. War."

The official SCOTUS isn't doing diddly this wk.; what's its most public spouse* up to?
Mrs. Thomas does not necessarily support or endorse the products, services or positions promoted in any advertisement contained herein, and does not have control over or receive compensation from any advertiser.
Just giving it away, apparently.Oh yes she did. Because knowing how people respond to questions about this fucking oafis as good a litmus test as any, we suppose.

Ooops! (This happens when we don't listen to the entirety of the droning. Coulda been finished by now.) The idea of "Leaders w/ Ginni Thomas" eliciting accloades to Breitbart was amusing enough, & reinforced by the shortened transcript at Tucker's Caller. Then we clicked play as we were embedding & assembling this drivel, & heard that, among other fantasies, author Thor wants to drive the "hard institutional left" into the sea.Per Thor, Breitbart iwas "our version of George Washington." (We kid you not. He said that. For posterity. At [2:30].) We can only imagine Brad sees himself as the Tea Party General Sherman, pushing the liberal lemmings from their elitist coastal enclaves. Because (hard, institutional) lefties have said bad things about talk-radio hosts & Michele Bachmann.

Best for last: Breitbart makes a ghost appearance w/ Brad Thor, to recite the Breitbart mantra: "FUCK YOU. WAR." Honest. You were warned, workers.
*Our memory is short, the socio-political culture changes, can't be arsed &c., but has there ever been a Supreme Spouse as public as Ms. Thomas? (She seldom actually shows on these little Q&As, almost as if her upper torso were 'phoning it in. Nice work if you can get it.) More fun to ask: Will she end up in a Martha Mitchell stylee?


(We Miss Drum Solos)

Night Of The Living Filler

Never Ending

Friday, July 6, 2012


No point in having been there, but we've done, heard & seen that. Again & again. Doubt if we could get ourself to "care" if a gun were held to our head.

Shorter, just (Synchronicity!) seen on the telebision: "I've stopped listening; why are you still talking?"

Five Yrs. Later

It's still Friday.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Comedy Music

There Will Always Be An England, Part ...

Not every day does one see the Napoleonic Wars used for historical comparison.
The defence secretary, Philip Hammond, will set out how the regular Army will be cut from 102,000 troops to 82,000 by the end of the decade - its lowest level since the Napoleonic Wars.

Sky News has obtained details of the five infantry battalions that are to be scrapped as part of Government cuts.

They are 5 Scots - The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, one battalion of The Yorkshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, 3rd Battalion The Mercian Regiment (The Staffords) and 2nd Battalion The Royal Welsh Regiment.

Mayberry To The Stars

From 1953 (Kee-rist on a crutch, his show bidness career was older than we are.):On to 1979, & the fondly semi-remembered Salvage 1.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Keeping America Awful

You cannot get more American (& middle-middle-brow) than LIFE magazine. Add Al Capp for extra America.
Also, forgotten in the bookmarks until our memory was jogged.

More Fucking Lies About "America"

That teary-eyed eagle doesn't sound like that, & is probably of the female persuasion.

Representation recently acquired from illustrations of the last refuge of scoundrels (1540PDT).
Is your manhood threatened, patriot? Grab that gun a little tighter, pin-dick. Squeeze it hard.

Patriotard Round-Up

Only in America.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Remember When ...

Word On The Street

Live, earlier this afternoon.
Stencil &/or spraying technique need a little work.

Neapolitan Delight

May be useful for those desperate to mock. Comes in three colors: Us, them & the spectrum. Laugh as you will at where various sites are placed on that spectrum.

Sharing Is Caring* Oh yeah, note that the 'bagger is concerned about what the Holy Founders wanted, as if that's important 200-some yrs. later.

It doesn't take a degree in psychology to realize that vehement denials of stupidity are, you know, [shrugs, makes "meh" face]  denial.

WARNING: Frat boys at TheDC. Compare & contrast. (This "fiasco" is just an indication of how inane— oh ... Who? Fucking? Cares?)

*Original TypoTitle: "Sharing Id Caring."

Breaking News

Andy Griffith dead ...

For the living & local, we are advised by e-mail from Brother Bee Dub that Pete Escovedo & Orchestra
Pete and brother Coke were in Santana (and Azteca), his kid is Alejandro (of the Zeroes), and his kidette is Sheila E (as in Prince and several gorgeous covers of Modern Drummer), who sometimes plays with this bunch, wailing on the kit and looking beautiful. You try that.
are performing at the hideous temple o' commodity fetishism located at Hollywood Blah & Highland Ave. 1900ish. Free. (Otherwise we wouldn't mention it.)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Compare & Contrast

One or another of Sullivan's staff (Our emphases.):
"I want to be Jonathan Krohn, and I’m tired of being an ideology, and it’s not fun and it gets boring and it’s not who we are as individuals," - former 13-year-old CPAC star, Jonathan Krohn, revealing that he is, in fact, a conservative.

Which means that he cannot currently be a Republican.
Yeah, right.

The very next sentences in the Politico item:
But a quick rundown of his current political stances suggests a serious pendulum swing away from the right.

Gay marriage? In favor. Obamacare? “It’s a good idea.” Who would he vote for (if he could) in November? “Probably Barack Obama.” His favorite TV shows? “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report.” His favorite magazine? The New Yorker. And, perhaps telling of all, Krohn is enrolling this fall at a college not exactly known for its conservatism: New York University.

“One of the first things that changed was that I stopped being a social conservative,” said Krohn. “It just didn’t seem right to me anymore. From there, it branched into other issues, everything from health care to economic issues.… I think I’ve changed a lot, and it’s not because I’ve become a liberal from being a conservative — it’s just that I thought about it more. The issues are so complex, you can’t just go with some ideological mantra for each substantive issue.”
Out-thought by a 17-yr. old. Just fucking sad, Sully. Sad & pathetic. Can Sullivan be deported? Is he a damn U.S of A. citizen now? Can we lift it if he is? Been done to other naturalized fascisti.

From The Spam Trap: MURDER!!

buy cheap Lexapro online [url=] buy Lexapro without doctor [/url] buy lexapro medication online
Someone would like you to buy Lexapro®. Our advice? (We know you need it.) Fucking don't.

Following our first attempted/threatened murder spree, after it was decided that Depakote® & the other two horseshit drugs that were being pumped into the sacred temple that is our body were a bit much for us, we were given Lexapro® in a five mg./day dose. Didn't do shit for our mental state, so the dosage was increased & increased (eventually to 30 mg./day) & the only effect it's had on us is what seems to be permanent tinnitus. We haven't taken any of the useless shit in almost four yrs., but the bells are still ringing. How does having a constant high-pitched whine (Above & beyond the sound of reactionary cretins going on about "Freedumb!") in our ears make us less likely to want to murder virtually every humanoid on this sad & sorry fucking rock located a trillion zillion light yrs. away from nowhere?

Fuck you, Medical Science, the Psychiatric Suppression of Working People Industry, & everyone/everything the hell else.

Burgers Or Bullets:
A Nation Kills Itself, & Everyone Else

A trio of Yankee killer clowns:
Image & text lifted from Randy Andy's researchers; don't bother clicking.
Kuwait, the second-most obese nation in the world after the US, can trace its obesity problem to the first Gulf war:
That was when hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops descended on the Gulf nation, bringing with them Taco Bell, Hardee’s, Baskin-Robbins, and Nathan’s Famous hot dogs, among others. "The [war] was the demarcation line," says Dr. Abdulwahab Naser Al-Isa, at the Department of Community Medicine & Behavioral Sciences at Kuwait University. Andrew Smith, the author of the Encyclopedia of Junk Food and Fast Food, says, "The American military went in, and obviously they wanted fast food. Therefore, the number of fast-food establishments expanded exponentially." And Kuwaitis fell in love.
(Photo: U.S. Army Sergeant James Linville from Brandon, Florida and Justin Herdman from Dover, Arkansas of the 2-82 Field Artillery, 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, relax as they order McDonald's meals after arriving in Kuwait from Camp Adder in Iraq on December 7, 2011 at Camp Virginia, near Kuwait City, Kuwait. Lt. Wilson had been looking forward to fast food after spending seven months serving in Iraq. By Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
We have no idea who the "Lt. Wilson" mentioned above is, but it certainly demonstrates how thorough Sullivan's staff are.

A bit later: This excellent illustration, by Lydia Wong, is from the link in the above blockquote.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jays Suck!

Moved from White Sox/Yanks to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim/Toronto BJs game on the glass teat, in which the Blue Jays were defeated & the Angels announcers kept reminding all it was indeed "Canada Day" in Toronto. How discourteous of the Serafinas to beat Canada's only remaining MLB team on their big day, & in their park. USAmericans are such jerks. 'Scuse us, Canookies.

Ear Worm

Self-inflicted, but now we must hear the entire studio recording from 1966: ♬River of Shit/River of Shit♫Progress: Almost 40 yrs. ago they'd been swimming in the river o' shit for 20 yrs. Now we've been in it for nigh unto 60 yrs.

Unauspicious Beginning
To The Remainder Of 2012

Woke (not much) before 1100, figured we might as well get up as the Dodger game would be on soon enough. Turns out, not until much later: It's the Sunday night game on ESPN, & now we are stuck w/ White Sox at Yankees. Not completely stuck, as we can switch between the suck on WGNAmerica & the same suck w/ different (Yet equally sucky; how do they manage that?) announcers on TBS. Freedom of choice!!

Oh, Canada!

It's their day or sumpin'.
Pirates!! We knew it!
Note to Canucks, Frogs, & Froggo-Canucks: This month belongs to the United Snakes. We don't need you sneaky furrin fucks trying to get your national natal day in three days ahead of us, or ten days after.

P.S.: The Canucks don't really call their aerobatic team the "Snowbirds," do they? They do? Really?
Snowbirds over Parliament in Ottawa. July 1, 2008.
Note to our several Canadian readers: We tease because we sorta like you, & congrats on getting the Witch of Windsor off your backs.

Only In America

Golden Corral? Brass Pig-Sty would be our call.The fucking non-stop chocolate slop fountain wasn't enough?(Above tune added 1245PDT, as if anyone gives a shit.) RIP, Tuli.

Half Way Through Another

Yet, six months to go.