Saturday, June 30, 2012

John Philip Sousa (IV) Sends Us Mail

Dear Patriot,

Barack Obama's crazed vendetta to destroy America's toughest Sheriff is kicking into high gear.

Already left-wing billionaire George Soros has pledged to spend $10 million to defeat Joe Arpaio.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is trying to stop Sheriff Joe from doing his job.

And Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder , is using millions of your tax dollars to sue Joe in an attempt to force this national hero out of office.

The American people MUST unite behind Sheriff Joe Arpaio and make sure this patriot is reelected this fall!

Please make an emergency donation of $15, $20, $25, $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can afford to help reelect Joe Arpaio. We need all the support we can muster to beat back Obama's multi-million dollar campaign of lies and smears and we need it now.

Barack Hussein Obama is obsessed with destroying Joe Arpaio. He is using all his power, political connections and money to defeat this single Arizona country sheriff.

Joe Arpaio is a national hero because he respects the rule of law and fights against Obama's left wing agenda.

Sheriff Joe stands up to the illegal alien lobby and is enforcing our immigration laws.

He refuses to coddle criminals and makes them work while in jail.

And Joe Arpaio even conducted his own independent investigation into Obama's "birth certificate" and found it to be a fraud!

That's why Barack Obama and his leftist allies want to destroy this man. He is a symbol of everything they hate. And a threat to their radical liberal agenda.

Billionaire George Soros is even pledging to spend as much as $10 million just to defeat this one local sheriff!

Think about what is happening here. The President of the Unites States and a billionaire friend of his have made defeating a single county Sheriff one of their top political goals of 2012!

Sheriff Joe needs you. Please help reelect Joe Arpaio by making the most generous contribution you can.

We don't have much time. Americans for Sheriff Joe will be massively outspent by Barack Obama and his allies.

Obama has no problem using all the resources of the federal government plus George Soros' millions to crush Joe Arpaio.

So we need your help today.

Please do what you can. America NEEDS Sheriff Joe Arpaio in office to keep fighting!

Remember, Joe Arpaio is simply a tough cop who wants to protect his constituents and the people of America. He's not a professional politician. He doesn't have any billionaires funding his campaign.

He needs ordinary Americans like you to step forward.

Please make the most generous contribution you can to the Americans for Sheriff Joe campaign.

Joe Arpaio is battling the combined might of at least two federal cabinet agencies, a left-wing billionaire and the President of the United States.

He needs your help.

Thank you in advance for anything you can do.
What a crock. All bullshit, but we especially enjoy the "Sheriff Joe" bit. Makes him sound like a kiddie cartoon show host, but of course the authoritarian "mind" loves to be infantilized by big strong men. There's so much crap in there otherwise we can't be arsed, although you can't beat "And Joe Arpaio even conducted his own independent investigation into Obama's 'birth certificate' and found it to be a fraud!" for sheer shit.

George WORST Bush

A book is excerpted in Salon. Besides pointing out what a complete piece of spoiled-child-of-the-pig-elites shit the much lesser Bush was, here's something you America-is-the-greatest-shitpile-ever chanting morons should take into consideration.
This was — there is no kinder word for it — delusional. It rested on the idea that America could foster world peace by spreading throughout the world its democratic ideals, viewed widely in the West as universal. But they aren’t universal. Particularly in the Middle East, many people consider American values to be an assault on their own cherished cultural sensibilities. And America’s political and economic models are losing force in the consciousness of other peoples around the world. China, for example, competes with America not just economically and increasingly in the military sphere, but also in its view of the best approach to government. The China model is stirring interest and enthusiasm around the globe. As Stefan Halper of the University of Cambridge in England writes, “Given a choice between market democracy and its freedoms and market authoritarianism and its high growth, stability, improved living standards, and limits on expression — a majority in the developing world and in many middle-sized, non-Western powers prefer the authoritarian model.”
That's right, world-wide & in North America, most humanoids are cretins who would have little or nothing to express beyond "Rah rah, go team," were they allowed to do so, so all they want is a decent standard of living, & then more fucking useless plastic crap. And if a few union organizers or human rights advocates get beaten to death along the way, so fucking what, right?

Toughest Question Ever

Michael Medved looks at Republican Vice-Presidential candidates. Not a distinguished record in the last 50 yrs., & he admits it, but of course he still insists on keeping his silly looking dick-duster & the rest of his head up his ass while admitting it, especially when former half-term governor of Alaska Sarah Palin ("a strikingly attractive mother of five") is under his microscope.
But Sarah Palin endured the sort of questioning (“What newspapers do you read?”) never faced by more familiar candidates, while controversies about her qualifications and competence upstaged the campaign’s substantive messages and its attempted challenges to Barack Obama’s own limited experience.
Really, Medved? Still on about her reading habits? (More accurately, her lack of such habits.)

Then he goes on to call for multi-religioned liar & would-be Fulgencio Batista Sen. Marco Rubio (Jerk-Humid Hell) to be the GOP V-P nominee. Sure, fine, whatever. But what exactly are Sen. Rubio's qualifications to be President, should Romney be elected & then leave for his Mormon post-life planet? Apparently (But how can we be sure?) Rubio was born in these United Snakes, but his parents were not natchul-borned city-zens of these United Snakes, were they?

Bigger & Better

Screw you & your tiny "urban" centers, rest of America. No wonder these United Snakes are so effed up. Look at you, like rats in cages.
Blah blah blah & yada here.

Planet Report

Record temps set: Sweat pigs, sweat!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Thesaurus For Dummies

English Only

When the fuck did "surgery" replace "operation?" Most often heard as, "Athletic figure so & so has had three knee surgeries?" although it's not limited to the world o' sports.

Hollywood Decay

Dunno if we've mentioned it before, but the absolutely worst show on the telebision, bar none, is something called Cheaters. Just fucking horrible. Assholes stalk the kinds of low-lifes who cheat on each other, & then, after arranging a potentially violent confrontation between all parties involved, give them fucking lectures about morality. Some of you may remember COPS, where some fucking pig was always ready to lecture the loser in a wife-beater/prostitute/drug user who'd been caught in some petty crime & then tried to flee through the trailer park. Cheaters is worse, possibly because not every cop on COPS gave a lecture, but Cheaters has the bullshit morality built in.

Not that it makes any difference to us, or that we give a crap about Hollywood "royalty" & their douchewad descendants, but the new host of the program will be Clark Gable's grandson, Clark Gable III, so moral himself that he was arrested for shining a laser at a police helicopter. Off the pig, yes please, but not over residential areas, as there is a (slim) possibility that decent humans (Maybe that's not possible, in retrospect.) could be underneath when the pig loses his rotors & hits the ground.

Added schadenfreude: The younger Gable is taking over the show from former host Joey Greco, who was once stabbed in the line of duty. Did not know that, but it could not have happened to a more deserving person.


In other news, it is reported that the sun rises in the east, & every day, too.

Crime Report Manipulation Is Common Among New York Police, Study Finds

The results showed that pressure on officers to artificially reduce crime rates, while simultaneously increasing summonses and the number of people stopped and often frisked on the street, has intensified in the last decade, the two criminologists who conducted the research said in interviews this week.

“I think our survey clearly debunks the Police Department’s rotten-apple theory,” said Eli B. Silverman, one of the criminologists, referring to arguments that very few officers manipulated crime statistics. “This really demonstrates a rotten barrel.”
Fourth Amendment, pigs!! Ever heard of it? And: Fuck. The. Police!

Cracker Aristocracy & Plantation America

Many, many paragraphs, but might be worth the effort to wrap your lips around all those difficult syllables.
Which brings us to that other great historical American nobility -- the plantation aristocracy of the lowland South, which has been notable throughout its 400-year history for its utter lack of civic interest, its hostility to the very ideas of democracy and human rights, its love of hierarchy, its fear of technology and progress, its reliance on brutality and violence to maintain “order,” and its outright celebration of inequality as an order divinely ordained by God.
Killing an aristocrat is an act of self-defense. Stand your ground!

Get Unhinged!

Oddly mutant-looking Matthew Vadum (seen here, left, w/ well-known Constitutional supporter/convicted criminal G. Gordon Liddy)
wants a revolution. He may not get the one he wants.

Entering The Gulch

Abandon hope, all who enter.

Can't Get Anything Right

Er, correct, not "right." (We emphasize.)
William Temple of Brunswick, Georgia is perhaps the only other protester with a costume to rival those of the belly-dance act. A de facto mascot for the Tea Party since its inception, he’s outfitted, tricornered hat (resplendent with craft-store feathers) to boot, in Revolutionary War garb—though rather ironically, his green and red felt uniform is a replica of what German mercenaries wore while fighting for the British. Temple seems not to mind, slipping in and out of a Scottish brogue, part of his act imitating Button Gwinnett, one of the first signers of the Declaration of Independence.

“I’ve been protesting the federal government for 32 years,” Temple says, attributing his frustration with the system to his tenure as a Secret Service agent (he pulls out his commission book as proof). He was not impressed with what he saw as the spendthrift habits of the federal bureaucracy. “I’ve seen them change out their desks every year whether they needed to or not.”
His staunch opposition to the Affordable Care Act hits close to home: Temple is upset that his 25-year-old daughter has gone back on his insurance since the law passed. But the ill will cuts both ways: His children are, Temple reports, “embarrassed of me.”
What a fucking jerk/homophobe/sexist. The Hessian uniform indicates his comprehensive grasp of history, doesn't it? And it's at least one instance of children not continuing the idiocy of their parents. A few more of these clowns telling their own spawn to get off their insurance may be helpful to the forces of decency. Maybe when "Button's" daughter hits 26 & is no longer on his insurance, she'll put him out of his misery w/ a strategically placed pillow.

Prank Zappa

Some guy from the Inland Empire managed to get two items from this long-ago event, to which we were directed by LA Observed.
Photo from LAO, whose contempt for their audience
is demonstrated by their addition of that arrow.
FZ would not have approved of the leaf. Hippies.
Anyway, we'd never heard of the above silliness, although we did driveride all the fuggin' way to Pomona to see the gig it celebrated, 37+ YRS. AGO!! (Chee-ziz! That's a loooong time, even for a humanoid. Wouldn't have bothered w/ this item if we hadn't been there.) This is probably about how it sounded:

Someone Didn't Like Nora Ephron

Lotsa "wasn't she swell" yada 'bout Nora Ephron following her death, let's look at a counterpoint in the interest of even-handedness:
Am I missing something? Did Nora Ephron do something great once in her seventy-odd years that I never heard about? She cure cancer and I was never told? She make an uncharacteristically watchable movie and hide it in a vault for posterity and we’re just discovering it now?
Ha ha. You sucked & now you're dead. (We really are awful. And don't care one way or the other about Nora Ephron & her workanything, really.)

Epistemic Closure Continues

Jim (@jtLOL) Treacher or whatever his legal name is of The Daily Caller:
What the hell is this sissy "protecting" himself from?

Extra points: "Don't eat my dog." Eat this & die, nitwit.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Au Revoir, Minitel

The Minitel was dreamed up in the 1970s when France was lagging behind on telecommunications, with the nation's homes underserved by telephones – particularly in rural areas. Amid a technological dawn in France, it was, with the TGV railway, a matter of political and national pride.
We remember the clunky black 'phone we had in Paris an infinity ago. No idea how old it was, but it would always make one loud click about three secs. before it would actually ring.

Big Fucking Help, MLB

In case you are visually impaired, offers you the option to listen to their verification dealie. How kind. Except that if one is "visually impaired," how in the name of hell do they expect one to read this, what, eight pixels-high line of type?
Fuck you sideways, Bud Selig. How'd you like us to poke your goddam car dealer eyes the fuck out& then ask you to see & use that tiny type?

And fuck the Dodgers, who, as we predicted, would swoon in June. (While crooning for the moon.) They've hit six home runs so far this mo. Gee-ziz!!

(Well, they just scored a couple of runs, for the first time in several games. Fucking losers.)

Kardashian Courthouse Crazies

We love the recorded effluvia of loons, & here's a double dose.

This isn't really unexpected of Hollywood types. (We know we won't make a sex tape w/o a witnessing goat or sheep. Unicorns are nice, but optional.)
Kimberly's suit alleged Kardashian, Humphries and Sinanaj were making a lot of noise in the next room. The suit alleged when Kimberly looked through the peep hole, he saw them making a sex tape.

"It was weird because on the floor was barnyard animals staring at them, sheep, two goats, unicorn, and I thought they were there as witnesses," the suit alleged.

Kimberly's suit additionally asserts Sinanaj "was bobbing her head up and down with a voodoo doll in her hand," when Kimberly yelled through the peephole that he was trying to sleep.

"And Kris said, 'mind your business pip squeek' and I told Kris, ‘I got a sling shot' and ‘my middle name is David' ‘you are no Goliath,' the suit continued.

Kimberly said in his suit he would report Humphries to "JayZ, the Russian, and"

"And Kris went irate on steroid rage, ripped the door open dragged me into the room, put a shot gun to my head that he got from Nets player Jayson Williams and forced me to watch the three defendants have sex with another for 5 hr's against my will," the suit said.

The suit continued saying Sinanaj hit Kimberly with an RC Cola Can and Kardashian forced him to watch "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" reruns for six consecutive hours.

"I defacated on my self, barnyard animals snipped at my feet, Chris is laughing at me like the Jolly Green Giant, then a knock on the door, Kim Kardashian opened and it was Charlie Sheen, who had a bag full of ecstasy and set ‘lets get this party started,'" the suit asserts.

Kimberly alleged every two minutes, Kardashian would beat him in the head with her engagement ring, which he said caused bruises and a broken wrist.

"Kris put me in a pretzel, saying he is a chiropractor, and him passed gas in the room, and I passed out from it, and woke up at a truck stop, wallet gone, Kardashian lip stick all over my clothes," the suit stated.

"I'm violated, humiliated, and my voice is circulating on this Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries sex tape which puts me through public humiliation, I face imminent danger and bodily harm, I seek a restraining order from the defendants I pray this court for relief."
This goes a bit farther.
Romano's suit meanwhile alleged he "stumbled upon defendants" at a secret Al-Qaeda training camp while "deep in the hills" of West Virginia.

Romano alleged defendants pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda, burned the U.S. flag, stomped on President Barack Obama's picture and then Kanye West performed a concert for all Al Qaeda members.

He also asserted Kim Kardashian launched a rocket at him and Bruce Jenner threw a grenade at his head.

"They all drank Jim Jones juice and then the defendants got shovels and were digging coal and fracking at mines in West Virginia to get fuel to make weapons of mass destruction and Kris Jenner was enriching uranium," the suit said.
We can't get affordable/mandatory mental health care in this country soon enough.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Housekeeping Warning:

Let the cable bill go unpaid too effing long* & had to shell out serious money to remain connected, so expect posting around here to be more vicious than usual (DIE, YOU FUCKING PIGS, JUST FUCKING DIE!!!) for the next wk., until our gummint money gets here & we can afford cigarettes & meat again. (WE WILL KILL YOU FOR MEAT IF WE HAVE TO!)

*Why should we pay them one red cent? IT SHOULD BE FREE!!

Fast & Furious Fascism

Rational beings might wonder where the OUTRAGE is when the U.S. government arms dangerous criminal drug gangs"police forces" in these United Snakes, as documented at Danger Room. Arming these pin-dicked compensating murderers not just w/ semi-auto rifles, either, but infantry fighting vehicles & the like.
“There’s been an unmistakable trend toward more and more militarization of American law enforcement,” Norm Stamper, former Chief of the Seattle Police Department and author of Breaking Rank: A Top Cop’s Exposé of the Dark Side of American Policing, told Danger Room. During his tenure in Seattle, he clamped down on the WTO protests in 1999, the infamous “Battle in Seattle.” It’s a response he now calls “disastrous.”

According to Stamper, having small local police departments go around with tanks and military gear has “a chilling effect on any effort to strengthen the relationship” between the community and the cops. And that’s not the only danger. “There’s no justification for them having that kind of equipment, for one obvious reason, and that is if they have it, they will find a way to use it. And if they use it they will misuse it altogether too many times,” said Stamper. What happened a year ago in Arizona, when army veteran Jose Guerena was shot down during a drug raid that found no drugs in his house, could very well be an example of that misuse.
We also note that this is hardly "news." Items here labeled "The Militarized Society" have been warning of this for several yrs.* (If there weren't 2,325 items labeled as such we'd try to find the first one. Nope, easy to find: The second load of crap we typed here was already on it. And in over five yrs., things have only worsened.)
*First brought to our attention in the '90s by our friend Peabody, who read about it in The Nation.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Let's Murder Matt Yglesias!

A greater analysis of Yglesias' worry that domestic slaves might receive a living wage is offered here, but we don't want to get into economics, just simple humanity, something that Matt Yglesias left behind him several jobs ago.
Immigration skeptics often act as if there’s some fixed pool of jobs that we compete for. But it’s obvious that in a world without immigrant housecleaners, we wouldn’t have an equal number of much-higher-paid native-born maids. What we’d have is less housecleaning being done on a market basis and more being done as unpaid work at home. For many middle-class families that would be pure waste. Time spent cleaning the toilet that could be spent on higher-value labor, on leisure, or on quality time with friends and family.
And the person (woman, really) who swabs that middle-class toilet eight hrs. a day, & perhaps spends another hr. or two a day on public transportation? She doesn't deserve "quality time w/ friends & family." She's poor, you know, & her friends & family aren't really that important, are they? What really counts is the five mins. saved on toilet cleaning that middle-class mom can spend w/ her spoiled brats. Except that maid-nanny is pulling mom's weight there too.

Let's not leave it w/ Yglesias. The other members of the upper-middle non-toilet-scrubbing class should be wiped from the national bowl as well. Put some Clorox in there while you're at it, Maria.

UPDATE (1530PDT 27 June 2012): Mr. The Bastard reminds all of the same approach applied by Texas crackers. We now know w/ absolute certainty which side Yglesias is on. Wonder how much he pays his bond-servant? Wouldn't surprise us a bit if he gets his "help" from this sort of place. Quality time, baby!!

Life On The Street

The knowledgeable Los Angeles history aficionados at the Vintage Los Angeles page on Facebook located this scene as the 1950s at Santa Monica Boulevard and Fairfax, known then as the Crescent Junction on the Pacific Electric rail network. (Note the store is Crescent Drugs.) The car is about to turn right and head west on Santa Monica. The camera is looking to the northeast, where the tracks will connect with Sunset Boulevard. The corner is now occupied by a Whole Foods market.

The photo was posted by Jerome Melgar.
We'll point out that the corner is now occupied by a Starbucks w/ a pool hall above it; the Whole Paycheck Foods is across the street on the northeast corner. The camera is looking northwest. Now pardon us, we have to wise up some Facebook morons.


Careful: Loud! (Always check levels.)

Monday, June 25, 2012

No Exit

Fuck socio-politics, fuck culture, get this/fuck that, &c. Let's draw back from the desire to commit murdergenocide & relax a bit. We find the version of this number to be both refreshing &, well, undemanding.Spoke too soon:

Titties & Burgers

We are all prostitutes. Except the pimps.
In this May 16, 2012 photo, Rose Dimov serves lunch at the Tilted Kilt, in Tempe, Ariz.
The Tilted Kilt is part of a booming niche in the beleaguered restaurant industry
known as “breastaurants,” or sports bars that feature scantily-clad waitresses.
(AP Photo/Matt York)
Now it's Hooters Lite to the rescue of the "beleaguered" industry?

Here's the part (One of several, actually.) where you throw up in your mouth a little. Or a lot.
"We believe in feeding the ego before feeding the stomach," he says. Or as the website of the mountain lodge-themed restaurant states, "Twin Peaks is about you, 'cause you're the man!"
Titties yes, but ...
"We want to be very PG-13," he says. Its "class in all things" motto also means servers can't have tattoos, piercings or dyed hair.

Rose Dimov, a 22-year-old waitress at Tilted Kilt, says her job is no different from any other waitressing gig; make guests feel special and ensure they have a good time. As an aspiring ballroom dancer, she also says she's not fazed by the revealing outfit that comes with the job.

"Going to a restaurant should be an experience," Dimov says. "We're entertainers."
As if Ms. Dimov is sporting a natural hair color.

And here's where you throw up not just in your mouth (Cover that keyboard!):
The owner of Tilted Kilt is just as frank. "We hire only spectacular talent," Lynch said. "They have to fit into that costume."
Spectacular! Talent!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Early To Bed ...

Meh: Had we risen at an absurd hr., not only might we have made it to the big dumb rock opening (ignored below) we could have witnessed big dumb rock Pamela Geller wigging out just down the street:
If you're in LA, come to the Jewish Federation at 6505 Wilshire Boulevard at 11AM. We will be protesting this craven capitulation of the Jewish Federation to Islamic supremacist Jew-haters.

In a jaw-dropping act of cowardice and submission, LA Federation is not allowing ZOA (Zionist Organization of America) to hold the event where I was scheduled to speak this morning.


Proud Jews and lovers and free speech will be protesting outside the LA Jewish Federation building at 11 am, and another venue will be announced shortly.
[Via TBogg's Twitfeedstream.]
Good thing we aren't in this for the money.

Fuck It, Then

Idly contemplated a visit today. Saw these.
(Photo by Amanda Schwartz/LAist)
And these. Nagonna be arsed now.

Going Apeshit: The Beginning Of The End

Looks as if it's over for your species. Think your breeding group is the crown of creation? Think again, if a damn dirty ape hasn't beaten you to it. You may not have a tail or fur; doesn't mean shit to a tree:
Zoo associate director Don Moore says: "I've got a Ph.D., for God's sake, you would think I could out-think an orang and I can't."
Icing on the cake? The devil-boxes are in on it:
One reason scientists are learning more about animal intellect is computers, including touch screens. In some cases, scientists are setting up banks of computers available to primates 24-7. In the French word recognition experiment, Fagot found he got more and better data when it was the baboons' choice to work.

Animal cognition researcher Steve Ross at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago agrees.

"The apes in our case seem to be working better when they have that control, that choice to perform," he said.
See? Can't be more humanoid than to slack.

The struggle for self-determination continues:
Some of the shifts in scientific understanding of animals are leading to ethical debates. When Emory University researcher Lori Marino in 2001 co-wrote a groundbreaking study on dolphins recognizing themselves in mirrors, proving they have a sense of self similar to humans, she had a revelation.

"The more you learn about them, the more you realize that they do have the capacity and characteristics that we think of as a person," Marino said. "I think it's impossible to ignore the ethical implications of these kinds of findings."


Tension mounts. And mounts:
Twit from.

Flying Saucer Day

65 yrs. ago Kenneth Arnold blew the whole mess wide open.