Friday, June 22, 2012

I Have In My Handbag A List Of ...

On about the same level of seriousness as "A woman told me her daughter got an HPV vaccination & it turned her into a retard,"
Bachmann: It appears that there has been deep penetration in the halls of our United States government by the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood has been found to be an unindicted co-conspirator on terrorism cases and yet it appears that there are individuals who are associated with the Muslim Brotherhood who have positions, very sensitive positions, in our Department of Justice, our Department of Homeland Security, potentially even in the National Intelligence Agency. I am calling upon the Justice Department and these various departments to investigate through the Inspector General to see who these people are and what access they have to our information.
Yes, she said it.
There is also another issue that is going on that doesn’t get talked about at all in the media and it is very sensitive. We currently have orders by President Obama for a purge in the FBI and now in the military of any training materials that teach FBI agents or people in the military about Islam and these materials are being purged. So the motivations behind terrorism and the understanding of the ideology of why people are committing terrorist acts, that is being purged out of the training materials. There was a request for this to be done by over forty Muslim groups and the President ordered this purge to occur and it’s happening now, they are purging libraries. We have other governments that have censored libraries but not the American government, now the American government is purging in the libraries in the FBI and in our military any training materials that could in any way be construed as negative about Islam.
This is all so deluded & paranoid it would make more sense to believe that the M.B. is penetrating our halls, & these two buffoons & others are trying to discredit anyone who points it out. Because Representative Bachmann's adviser is certifiable.

Mitt Romney's Five Sons: Our Dad Is A PranksterStupid Jerk

Mittens R-Money, looking more like a spoiled brat jerk every day. Presidential material? You betcha.How stupid & awful are these five fucks? "And now we do it to our kids, naturally." That awful. Few better summations of the conservative brain-set.

Return Of The Monocled, Top-Hatted, Waistcoated Plutocrat

Cartoonist shorthand getting more polarizing.

People Were Too Happier Then!

Photographic proof (This is the best reproduction the Internet offers?):
We were reminded by this latest outrage against all of America & all it stands for, & noticed a distinct lack of joy in contemporary America.
C'mon, put a smile on that face!

MOR (Stay Out Of It)

Here it comes again ... "Pragmatic Center" ... yada yada ... problem solving ... blah blah blah ... eyes glazing over ...
A majority of voters (54%) are Problem Solving Voters (PSVs), which is defined as someone who:
— When voting for national office, chooses candidates who are focused on solving problems rather than the candidates who align most closely with their party affiliation
— If a member of a political party, somewhat often or frequently votes for candidates outside of their party for national office

94% of Independents are Problem Solving Voters, compared to 30% of Democrats and 33% of Republicans
— Problem Solving Voters are discouraged with the current state of our country—only 29% think the country is heading in the right direction, compared to 42% of non-PSVs
— Only 16% of PSVs believe that the current leaders in Washington are able to get things done; 84% believe we ultimately need a new group of leaders who are focused on solving problems

If the 2012 Presidential election were held today, Mitt Romney would win the PSV vote 51-49, while Barack Obama would win the non-PSV vote 52-48
—This is in contrast to the 2008 election, when Obama carried the PSV vote 48-37
—On specific issues, PSVs see Romney as more of a problem solving candidate for Tax Policy (55%), Deficit Reduction (58%), and Immigration (51%), and see Obama as more of a problem solving candidate for Healthcare (59%)
Sure, mediocrities should be elected to represent mediocre Americans. Why not?

This remains sound advice:

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sweet Blood Of Jesus!!

We thought we were a pathetic unhappy loser, but luckily for our self-esteem, there is always Kathryn Jean Lopez, as viewed through Alex Pareene's jaundiced eye. (Our emphasis.)
Lopez just seems damaged, and dumb. All of modern life plainly makes her miserable. She seems happy only at Mass, which she frequently live-tweets. Her Twitter feed, which used to be made up primarily of normal people things like baseball and the weather, is now often just an odd series of often slightly differentiated links to her articles, all of which have bizarre, obscure headlines, and all of which are about how degraded and horrible society is, besides the pope, who is swell.
We feel so much better about ourself now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

There's Hope

The days will be getting shorter, at least.

Ta Gueule!

You Aren’t the Only One with Crappy
Cell Reception at Dodger Stadium


That famed 27% of USAmericans who are deluded may be as large as 31%. We're sure it's w/in the margin of loon error either way.

As we suspected (Our prejudices confirmed; why should we question it, although Baylor is a hotbed of academic leftism.):
To put this more concretely, approximately 31 percent of Americans, many of whom are white evangelical men, believe that God is steering the United States economy, thus fusing their religious and economic interests. These individuals believe in what I call an “Authoritative God.” An Authoritative God is thought to be actively engaged in daily activities and historical outcomes. For those with an Authoritative God, value concerns are synonymous with economic concerns because God has a guiding hand in both. Around two-thirds of believers in an Authoritative God conjoin their theology with free-market economics, creating a new religious-economic idealism. Nearly one-fifth of American voters hold this viewpoint, signaling that it can be a major political force.

Religious-economic idealism is the belief that the free-market works because God is guiding it. (Its adherents are, of course, not your typical laissez-faire, Ayn Rand devotees.) The popularity of this ideology explains two supposed paradoxes. First, it indicates why some religious working-class Americans have embraced the GOP. It is not that these individuals ignore their class interests, but rather that they believe issues of abortion and gay marriage are linked to whether God is willing to help solve both social ills and their economic woes.
The author advises not to bother asking what's wrong w/ Kansas; the contradictions there are in our minds, not in what passes for a mind among the Kansans, who have a mighty gawd indeed in Mammon, Moloch, or whatever his name is.

Yesterday's History Lesson

We'd foolishly believed it impossible to demonstrate greater ignorance than has already been proudly paraded before us, but not only has it been done again, it's been doubled down upon. We'd type "Shoot us now, we're begging you" but this "student of history" would.
In addition to the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust, Mr. Christofanelli also said gun control may have contributed the enslavement of African Americans.

“Well, blacks weren’t allowed to own guns in the south, that’s a historical fact as well,” said Mr. Christofanelli. “So, it would seem that the argument would apply there as well.”

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Came to exactly the same conclusion about the inane Bachmann claim, & fully intended to/considered/mulled over typing as much,
This reminds me of nothing so much as that time Michele Bachmann went on television and said that a woman told her that her daughter got the HPV vaccine and "suffered mental retardation as a result." Everybody mocked Bachmann for that, so why isn't everyone doing the same thing to Romney?
but Paul Waldman wakes up hrs. before we do.

Rootsman Hr.

Totally righteous:We are all prostitutes:Too funny (As if that were possible. Also, NSFW [language] 'though we don't suppose many actually employed people are rockin' jams while indentured.):Version (Note young Porter Wagoner, sans rhinestones & embroidery.):

Summer's Almost Here

Time for spring cleaningsweeping under the media center, allowing us to present what the view from our window would be if there weren't manly inches+ of telebision in front of it.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Too Schaden-Laden To Ignore

Big Mike Huckabee Hound reads the riot act to the oldest & least sufferable of the Palin Princesses, Bristol. ('Though we've a suspicion that youngest princess Piper will be the real story. Hell, she might even do something positive, just to show her family. One can only hope.)And lest we forget some of the challenges Huck's own children have faced, a reminder from a time so long ago that Huckabilly was a possibly viable Republican presidential nominee.

What's Wrong W/ Romney?

What isn't?
If he weren't such a terrible candidate, he would understand that he has a big problem with relating to ordinary folk. He would also understand that this problem is only a problem insofar as the media find particular statements and incidents that illustrate it. He would also understand that if you visit a place that ordinary people are likely to visit—a convenience store, for instance—it's probably not a good idea to later describe what you saw there as though you had just been to the pyramids of Giza or got a secret look at the iPhone 5.

If he weren't such a terrible candidate, Mitt Romney would also understand how much political reporters love, love, love historical campaign references. Every political reporter can't wait to show their viewers or readers how great their memory is, to pull out how much today's event reminds them of something that happened when they were working on their first campaign. And amazement at an electronic device inside a store is just a blinking red light that screams "George H.W. Bush and the scanner!!!"
Isn't he a terrible candidate because he's pretty much a terrible human being? Seems to have a little of that G.W. Bush incuriosity too.

Indeed, it appears that Mittens & Mrs. Mittens aren't interested in much beyond tribalism & the sad evidence that their reproductive organs once worked.
Romney was responding to a question from WJR Detroit's Frank Beckmann, who asked Romney if her family would be vacationing abroad as frequently as the Obamas.

"I doubt that," Romney replied. "Our vacations and our happiness come from being with our children and our grandchildren."


Ann Romney didn't rule out vacationing at all, noting the Romney family has their "own places for that."

"When we take a vacation, it'll be with our children and grandchildren," she repeated.
Really now? These two fucks profess to believe that in the hereafter they & their spawn will be sealed to each other "for time and all eternity" (on their own personal planet, of course) but before an eternity w/ Tagg, Tuck, Toke, Turkey & Trots, their vanilla sister-wives & their various sprouts, they can't think of anyone else w/ whom to hang during their few yrs. on this mortal coil?

These people are not normal, & not in a good way.

Not Without A Protex

Surprised us to see the Angry Samoans' Back From Samoa at the top (reverse-order list, ha) of the "20 Greatest L.A. Punk Albums of All Time" list the L.A. Weekly stretched from Tuesday through Thursday of last wk. in a pathetic effort to get more clicks than they deserve. Perhaps not so surprising from the Weekly, a shot of the Samoans in the Jeff (Tales of Headband Glory) Dahl era, post-BfS. (Although it's surprising to see the photo.)
No, J.D. had nothing to do w/ Back From Samoa.
And 'though we hadn't expected Back From Samoa to be listed, we sure as hell thought FEAR: The Record would be. Wevver.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Flames from the High Park Fire 300-400 ft in the air
near East White Pine Mtn
- @northfortynews

Bang, Whimper, Whatever, Let's Roll!

Lovely illustration, & good news. Astronomers had theorized it'd be five billion yrs. before Sol gets too hot for humanoids & burns out, but there's a new estimate.
When? The unstoppable spread of deserts may start in just a hundred million years. An eyeblink!
We feel better already.

Otherwise too fucking long; probably not much the disaster aficionado isn't already aware of & hoping for.

Proof Positive

George F. Will debunks Jeb Bush:
Panelist George Will flatly contradicted Bush’s sentiment, explaining that the GOP does not have a history of nominating extremists for the presidency.

“Well, let’s look at the facts,” Will said. “Since Ronald Reagan, the Republican Party has given its presidential nomination four times to the Bush family. Other times, to Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney — where’s the extremist in that lot?”
Simple, isn't it? GOP nominees post-Nixon haven't included Ron Paul or an earlier equivalent, therefore the Republican Party is not extreme. The Grand Old senators, representatives, governors, state legislators, party officials, hacks, operatives & their Tea Party pals, financed by wretched billionaires & fascist corporations, wander in delusion, looting, shooting & wailing (& not in a good way) worsening the mess that also entirely non-extreme, nay, compassionate, conservative G.W. Bush made, only because their hierarchic tradition of handing the presidential nomination to the next amiable dunce/malleable tool in line is one of the few things they are conserving.*

Video so masochists needn't click The Caller. Didn't watch it ourself; we still don't advise playing it.
*Why they don't care about the presidency, quickly rendered by mikey.

The R-Money Narrative

Michael Tomasky notes the emptiness of Willard Romney's no doubt many suits.
This is completely unprecedented. Every aspect of his life story is in some way compromised. It’s not that he’s led a dishonorable life. But he’s led a remote and rarefied life, a life lived behind heavy doors and conducted in “quiet rooms,” as he famously said of the place where inequality is best discussed. It’s precisely in those quiet rooms where most Americans are ritually screwed, where decisions were made up through September 2008 that nearly destroyed the economy. That’s his America, and as he has shown with his unintended but brusque insults of working people, the folks in those quiet rooms don’t want to know the rest of us, and most of us don’t want to know them. It’s very striking that his Bain compatriots all testify to what a great guy he is, while Massachusetts state legislators, for example, found him on the whole aloof and obnoxious.
Tomasky, however, is a fucking wimp. We'll happily type that Romney's life has been dishonorable. And that his "rescue" of the Mormon 2002 Winter Olympics was financed w/ over a billion in FEDERAL money.

Anti-Fascist Father's Day

We're an orphan: You can take today's bourgeois bullshit & shove it.

The March Of Time

So, forty yrs. since the Watergate break-in; before we know it'll be the fortieth anniv. of something else.