Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Came to exactly the same conclusion about the inane Bachmann claim, & fully intended to/considered/mulled over typing as much,
This reminds me of nothing so much as that time Michele Bachmann went on television and said that a woman told her that her daughter got the HPV vaccine and "suffered mental retardation as a result." Everybody mocked Bachmann for that, so why isn't everyone doing the same thing to Romney?
but Paul Waldman wakes up hrs. before we do.

Rootsman Hr.

Totally righteous:We are all prostitutes:Too funny (As if that were possible. Also, NSFW [language] 'though we don't suppose many actually employed people are rockin' jams while indentured.):Version (Note young Porter Wagoner, sans rhinestones & embroidery.):

Summer's Almost Here

Time for spring cleaningsweeping under the media center, allowing us to present what the view from our window would be if there weren't manly inches+ of telebision in front of it.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Too Schaden-Laden To Ignore

Big Mike Huckabee Hound reads the riot act to the oldest & least sufferable of the Palin Princesses, Bristol. ('Though we've a suspicion that youngest princess Piper will be the real story. Hell, she might even do something positive, just to show her family. One can only hope.)And lest we forget some of the challenges Huck's own children have faced, a reminder from a time so long ago that Huckabilly was a possibly viable Republican presidential nominee.

What's Wrong W/ Romney?

What isn't?
If he weren't such a terrible candidate, he would understand that he has a big problem with relating to ordinary folk. He would also understand that this problem is only a problem insofar as the media find particular statements and incidents that illustrate it. He would also understand that if you visit a place that ordinary people are likely to visit—a convenience store, for instance—it's probably not a good idea to later describe what you saw there as though you had just been to the pyramids of Giza or got a secret look at the iPhone 5.

If he weren't such a terrible candidate, Mitt Romney would also understand how much political reporters love, love, love historical campaign references. Every political reporter can't wait to show their viewers or readers how great their memory is, to pull out how much today's event reminds them of something that happened when they were working on their first campaign. And amazement at an electronic device inside a store is just a blinking red light that screams "George H.W. Bush and the scanner!!!"
Isn't he a terrible candidate because he's pretty much a terrible human being? Seems to have a little of that G.W. Bush incuriosity too.

Indeed, it appears that Mittens & Mrs. Mittens aren't interested in much beyond tribalism & the sad evidence that their reproductive organs once worked.
Romney was responding to a question from WJR Detroit's Frank Beckmann, who asked Romney if her family would be vacationing abroad as frequently as the Obamas.

"I doubt that," Romney replied. "Our vacations and our happiness come from being with our children and our grandchildren."


Ann Romney didn't rule out vacationing at all, noting the Romney family has their "own places for that."

"When we take a vacation, it'll be with our children and grandchildren," she repeated.
Really now? These two fucks profess to believe that in the hereafter they & their spawn will be sealed to each other "for time and all eternity" (on their own personal planet, of course) but before an eternity w/ Tagg, Tuck, Toke, Turkey & Trots, their vanilla sister-wives & their various sprouts, they can't think of anyone else w/ whom to hang during their few yrs. on this mortal coil?

These people are not normal, & not in a good way.

Not Without A Protex

Surprised us to see the Angry Samoans' Back From Samoa at the top (reverse-order list, ha) of the "20 Greatest L.A. Punk Albums of All Time" list the L.A. Weekly stretched from Tuesday through Thursday of last wk. in a pathetic effort to get more clicks than they deserve. Perhaps not so surprising from the Weekly, a shot of the Samoans in the Jeff (Tales of Headband Glory) Dahl era, post-BfS. (Although it's surprising to see the photo.)
No, J.D. had nothing to do w/ Back From Samoa.
And 'though we hadn't expected Back From Samoa to be listed, we sure as hell thought FEAR: The Record would be. Wevver.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Flames from the High Park Fire 300-400 ft in the air
near East White Pine Mtn
- @northfortynews

Bang, Whimper, Whatever, Let's Roll!

Lovely illustration, & good news. Astronomers had theorized it'd be five billion yrs. before Sol gets too hot for humanoids & burns out, but there's a new estimate.
When? The unstoppable spread of deserts may start in just a hundred million years. An eyeblink!
We feel better already.

Otherwise too fucking long; probably not much the disaster aficionado isn't already aware of & hoping for.

Proof Positive

George F. Will debunks Jeb Bush:
Panelist George Will flatly contradicted Bush’s sentiment, explaining that the GOP does not have a history of nominating extremists for the presidency.

“Well, let’s look at the facts,” Will said. “Since Ronald Reagan, the Republican Party has given its presidential nomination four times to the Bush family. Other times, to Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney — where’s the extremist in that lot?”
Simple, isn't it? GOP nominees post-Nixon haven't included Ron Paul or an earlier equivalent, therefore the Republican Party is not extreme. The Grand Old senators, representatives, governors, state legislators, party officials, hacks, operatives & their Tea Party pals, financed by wretched billionaires & fascist corporations, wander in delusion, looting, shooting & wailing (& not in a good way) worsening the mess that also entirely non-extreme, nay, compassionate, conservative G.W. Bush made, only because their hierarchic tradition of handing the presidential nomination to the next amiable dunce/malleable tool in line is one of the few things they are conserving.*

Video so masochists needn't click The Caller. Didn't watch it ourself; we still don't advise playing it.
*Why they don't care about the presidency, quickly rendered by mikey.

The R-Money Narrative

Michael Tomasky notes the emptiness of Willard Romney's no doubt many suits.
This is completely unprecedented. Every aspect of his life story is in some way compromised. It’s not that he’s led a dishonorable life. But he’s led a remote and rarefied life, a life lived behind heavy doors and conducted in “quiet rooms,” as he famously said of the place where inequality is best discussed. It’s precisely in those quiet rooms where most Americans are ritually screwed, where decisions were made up through September 2008 that nearly destroyed the economy. That’s his America, and as he has shown with his unintended but brusque insults of working people, the folks in those quiet rooms don’t want to know the rest of us, and most of us don’t want to know them. It’s very striking that his Bain compatriots all testify to what a great guy he is, while Massachusetts state legislators, for example, found him on the whole aloof and obnoxious.
Tomasky, however, is a fucking wimp. We'll happily type that Romney's life has been dishonorable. And that his "rescue" of the Mormon 2002 Winter Olympics was financed w/ over a billion in FEDERAL money.

Anti-Fascist Father's Day

We're an orphan: You can take today's bourgeois bullshit & shove it.

The March Of Time

So, forty yrs. since the Watergate break-in; before we know it'll be the fortieth anniv. of something else.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Space Is Red

CCTV13:CCTVNEWS (Special to White Devils):Cramped Quarters:
Inside the Tiangong 1 space lab.Credit: Dragon in Space
On the stairway to the stars: The People's Republic's first female cosmonaut, fighter pilot Major Liu Yang.
Cosmonauts are kept under hermetic seal until the flight.
L to R, Liu Yang, Jing Haipeng, Liu Wang.

Sod People

Blame the anti-UV/whatever film on the windows.
The reflections were no help either.

Stay In Your Homes!

We need no reasons to remain hunkered in our bunker, but if we did here are two, presented also as a public service for others who might dare outside Los Angeles today:

Naked people on bicycles.

The possibility of encountering David Frum. (He's really asking for it, isn't he?)
Saturday night, June 16, I'll have a drink at "The 3rd Stop" in West Los Angeles from 8 pm to 10 pm. The address is 8636 W 3rd St. LA readers are invited to join. I'm glad to talk politics, answer questions, take suggestions, and sign copies of Patriots. I hope to see you there!

Lawsee, ™Aunt Jemima™!

To us, the case is a clear-cut trademark violation. At the time, though, the Aunt Jemima Mills Company was really going out on a limb. Prior to this case trademark infringement happened when another company was selling the same product under the same name.
Read the full text here -- brought to you by mental_floss!
From mental_floss.
Found this when we downloaded the one up there.
Pathetically obvious, but what's wrong w/ a silly song?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Jail Chow

ADDED (0044PDT 16 June 2012): Possibly related.

We Wouldn't Click Here Whether You ...

... offered us money or held a gun to our head.

Old Music

Quite the entrance.How long, how long?

New Mouse

Scrolls excellently. No more double-posted comments, we'll assume in advance. And, it came w/ an alkaline battery & was US$10.00 off the retail mark-up. Now we'll see how long it lasts, 'though it claims to have a "three-year limited hardware warranty."

Don't necessarily expect more output from us, however.

The Vicar Of Christ

Bring on the RICO statutes!

Glenn Reynolds' Wetware Dream

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Eschatology Up-Date

These typical/"real" American types all deserve to drown in a flood, or maybe choke to death on hydrocarbons. (Not to mention what we personally would love to do to each of them.)

Wrapped In The Flag

Just a guess, but are most of these pix in violation of the U.S. Flag Code? This one is:
From The Daily Creepy Sexist.
But enough with the history lesson: Erect your flag at full-mast, and check out these ladies wearing, holding and/or posing next to American flags, as we know that’s what you really came here for.
How long before TheDC goes split-beaver, Hustler-style? We're sure Taylor Bigler (the Entertainment Editor for The Daily Caller) is very, very proud of herself. And if she's a slutty whore who needs buckets of birth control pills because she's having so much sex, she probably is.

Carrying The Cross

In these United Snakes, it is Flag Day, about which no one cares, & why should they give a crap about shallow symbols?

Thanks Google, we'd forgotten last yr.'s tributes to fascism.
Image we originally ran last yr.

Sportin' Life Recap

L.A. Dodgers, L.A. Kings & L.A. Angels (of Anaheim) at Dodger Stadium w/ the Stanley Cup.
Not shown: L.A. Galaxy, current holders of the MLS Cup.* Also not shown: Punk-ass chump losers L.A. Lakers.

More visible cup, fewer visible Angels.
Kings defenseman Rob Scuderi holds the Stanley Cup
over his head at Dodger Stadium.

*Maybe Los Angeles could get a championship in an American sport one of these days?

Racial & Religious Hypocrisy

Yes, a dog bit a dude today, & in other non-news items, a schmuck typing at Commentary (not this one, but you get the idea) is suddenly all in favor of welfare for fundamentalist Jewish parasites.
You know what else they possess? Staggering quantities of public assistance. Take the overwhelmingly Hasidic Kiryas Joel, the poorest place in America. As the Times reported last year, “half of [its] residents receive food stamps, and one third receive Medicaid benefits and rely on federal vouchers to help pay their housing costs.” And boy, do they have children: The median household in Kiryas Joel has six people, and the median age is twelve. Many of its men learn Torah full-time instead of working, and the community’s low high-school graduation rate would be even lower if its religious schools had real academic standards. These kids are hardly being “socialized to the world of work.” And it’s not just Kiryas Joel: back in 1996, at the heart of “welfare reform,” a full third of Williamsburg’s Hasidim received public assistance.

Welfare is, and has been for some time, a crucial ingredient in these communities. While Hasidim take care of their own, they also get taxpayers to take care of them. Like Israeli Haredim, Kiryas Joel’s Hasidim vote together to secure, for instance, a “luxurious 60-bed postnatal maternal care center… built with $10 million in state and federal grants.” Off the record, New York City officials admit that Williamsburg’s Hasidim “work the system,” and experts who don’t have to be reelected come out and just admit there’s widespread fraud. As Shmarya Rosenberg has argued, the Haredi birthrate, to be sustainable, requires large and consistent infusions of cash from outside. In Williamsburg, welfare really is a lifestyle.
Hey. You know who else called certain people parasites? We aren't saying he was right, but we aren't saying he was wrong, either, if you know what we mean.

No mention of fundamentalist frauds sponging from taxpaying job creators would be complete w/o mentioning the Fundamentalist LDS Church & their (in)breeding of cretins.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Old Timer Religion

We're being generous if we think we'll be here another 30 yrs., so indications that the generation of little creeps who could be our grand-sprogs are wising up don't mean dirt to us.
Could they have made a crummier or harder to read graphic?
By the time the megachurches are turned into rave venues & the Catholic parishes have been demolished & the ground beneath them plowed under & salted (for obvious reasons) our corpse will have been dissected by a med student. Oh, also the planet will have become a slagheap, so what fucking difference does any of it make, really?

Word Of G-d

Via international smutmeister Mick Farren, more reasons to despise American sheep.
"More than 80 percent of born-again or evangelical Chris­tians believe that "God helps those who help themselves" is a Bible verse.

"More than half of graduating high school seniors guess that Sodom and Gomorrah were husband and wife, and one in ten adults believes that Joan of Arc was Noah's wife. (Those two must've been multiple-choice questions.)

"Almost two-thirds of Americans can't name at least five of the Ten Commandments. Some of these people, moreover, are outspoken promoters of them. Georgia representative Lynn Westmoreland, cosponsor of a bill to display the Ten Com­mandments in the chambers of the House of Representa­tives and Senate, could remember only three when Stephen Colbert asked him to recite them on The Colbert Report."
Really, fuck every one of you ignorant pieces of hypocritical shit. If we didn't feel that virtually all activity is an imposition on us we would have started thinning the flock long ago. Lamb chops!

Plus which: A Mormon gets pissy, via bjkeefe. A note to the Mormies: Your bullshit church lies about how many of you there are. Don't get too carried away w/ the illusion of power, you theocratic fucksticks. Mountain Meadows, any one?

Questions, Questions, Questions ...

Any technological geniuses who are always telling us what to put in our devil-box have any suggestions about wireless mouses? As a power-user*, we seem to run through about one a yr. Are we fated to blow approx. US$20.00 on a new mouse every yr. from now until the sweet release of death?
*By which we mean we sit on our lardy ass all day & all night & all afternoon pressing our lead-finger on the damn thing.

Lambs To The Slaughter

Why we are completely justified, indeed, righteous, in our utter contempt for America & Americans:
When this pyramid of debt collapsed in 2008, the Rumpelstiltskins of Wall Street kept the gold while America’s middle-class families got stuck with straw.

Strangely, what anger there is about this financial shakedown of the middle class is largely misdirected toward Barack Obama and Big Government, even though the current president had nothing to do with creating the disaster and a lack of government oversight, not too much government, was a big factor in the debacle.

More strange, perhaps, is the easy acceptance of the new status quo. Convinced that the American Dream is the best dream possible, average Americans, unlike Europeans, find a way to blame themselves when their dreams take a big hit. Their style is to “take it all week on the chin with a grin” and not expect to be “runnin’ much of anything.” A cozy family, a softball game and a few beers with their buddies seem to be enough to satisfy.

In some ways, I admire that attitude. Life should be about the people you love and the simple pleasures, not a constant get-rich scheme. But it seems to me the working people of the United States have done their part for two decades. They have worked longer hours, they have become more productive, they have taken pay cuts, they have given up jobs to downsizing and outsourcing and have taken on two lesser jobs to make up the slack in the family budget. In the process, a vast amount of new wealth has been created but almost none of it has trickled down to the men and women who have done the hard work.

The enormous gap in wealth in this country is not fair and it is not healthy, either for the future of capitalism or of democracy. But don’t expect a revolution. The country song ethic will keep most folks quiescent, if not content. They will work even harder, keep sliding backward and “call it all livin’ the dream.”
We just don't get it. What is missing from the American mind? Why do the sheep want to be sheared? What will wake them up?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Taking Our Life Into Our Hands

Spent the last seven eternities looking for anything on the Internet about which we could possibly say something mean. No satisfactory results, so we decided on something else to shock us from the numb: Short term risky eating.
Will we survive to tell the tale?

Nostalgie De La Boue

Chez M. Door Tree,Uni-Book ~ Universal Giant ~ Royal Giant ~ Beacon 1951 ~ 1966

Monday, June 11, 2012

Super Clap

From "the world's humanitarian news site," Supergonorrhea!
[Blah blah blah somebody blah blah] said the increase in cases of superbug strains meant there was a risk gonorrhoea may become an untreatable disease in the near future.

The proportion of gonorrhoea cases with resistance to the antibiotic recommended to treat the disease, cefixime, rose from 4 percent in 2009 to 9 percent in 2010.

The ECDC report follows a warning from the World Health Organisation that virtually untreatable forms of drug-resistant gonorrhoea were spreading around the world.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dance Hell Style Super 12" Disco 45

A Reminder

This fuck
"I suspect that many in the Obama administration really don't believe in private enterprise. At best, they see business as something to be endured so that that it can provide tax money for government programs," said Jindal.
is the elected governor of a sovereign state, & his beliefs include demon possession & exorcism.

Please Mitt please: Cap't. Underpants/Anchor Baby 2012!!

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

At Whiskey Fire (as Thers is off inflating grades) we're going nuts w/ photos that haven't been seen in this space.

Wknd. Gasbag Recap (M.B. Edition)

SOS here at ground zerobrand headquarters, but we've been on a roll lately w/ the commenting.
Not stopping:
Not that long-time Internet acquaintance Aunt Snow can be considered impartial, but we thank her & Mr. Edroso. (We'll be getting a copy of that lurid book as soon as the rest of the cable bill's paid off.)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

They're Just Fucking W/ Us, Right?

Previously on ...
Also, what the hell have they done to New Zealand?
Rearranging the continents w/ a certain three-nationed continent in the center of the new constellation we can see (Africans & South Americans may be a little colder than they're used to in this particular scheme 'though.) but it seems wasteful to cover both islands in junk like that. They left Ireland right there, f'r crissakes! (Let's just pretend we don't even see what's going on w/ Jutland.)
The usual about microwaves & one's head exploding by accident.
Horned tower in center is atop the bldg. in pix 2-4,
& frying our fillings as we type.

Thank You

About fucking time:
But do stop talking about your television friend, Don Draper, and his television world as if they mean something in the world-world. Upper-middle-class, college-educated people have this guilty compulsion to invest the TV programs they consume with cultural significance, and to blather on and on about them.

Guess what? You're Trekkies. That's OK, though. What's wrong with Mad Men isn't that it makes you boring. What's wrong with Mad Men is that it also makes you stupid.
We stand behind no one in our admiration for telebision & its mystic powers of healing & sleep-inducing, but give it a rest, over-ejimicated effete elitists.

I'm Looking Through Communist Eyes

Dep't. of Not Knowing Or Caring:Extra amusing while the commie at the end prattles on in commie? The robo-captions. (You'll have to turn them on. Not referring to the Swedish subtitles when the local yokels are on.)

Best From A Distance

Shake it to the east
shake it to the west.

Hell In A Hand Basket* Dep't.

Sayonara Mlle. McArdle, & even the business section at The Atlantic is safe:
The other, even-more-disturbing explanation, is that Republicans see the rich as worthy members of society (the "producers") and the poor as a drain on society (the "takers"). In this warped moral universe, it isn't enough that someone with a gross income of $10 million takes home $8.1 million while someone with a gross income of $20,000 takes home $19,000.* That's called "punishing success," so we should really increase taxes on the poor person so we can "reward success" by letting the rich person take home even more. This is why today's conservatives have gone beyond the typical libertarian and supply-side arguments for lower taxes on the rich, and the campaign to transfer wealth from the poor to the rich has taken on such self-righteous tones.

This just goes to show how pathological the Republican Party has become. It would be so much simpler, more logical, and more politically appealing if they would just draw a line against higher taxes for anyone. That's what the Taxpayer Protection Pledge does, and it makes a certain amount of sense, even if I think it's bad policy. The fact that Eric Cantor feels compelled to go out of his way to talk about raising taxes on the poor shows how the nasty instinct for class warfare is undermining what should be a simple, small-government agenda.

*Those are at 2011 tax rates, including the employee's share of payroll taxes, assuming that the rich person makes $2 million in salary and $8 million in capital gains. Note that the effective rate of 19 percent is still significantly higher than those of Mitt Romney and Warren Buffett.
Not that Megatron is off the radar; she'll be sharing servers w/ David (Lest we forget: "Axis of Evil.") Frum, who presented charts to the class.
This is handy. Henry Blodget of Business Insider compiles in one place the charts showing the ominous divergence between the fortunes of working America and ownership America
Not that the arguments of savages fighting over their shares of a pie that is about to turn to shit in & at their hands are going to make any difference. In the long run we're all boiled alive.
Localized ecological systems are known to shift abruptly and irreversibly from one state to another when they are forced across critical thresholds. Here we review evidence that the global ecosystem as a whole can react in the same way and is approaching a planetary-scale critical transition as a result of human influence.
Ha ha. (Oh, alright. If you're not a subscriber, a recap.)
*Or: Link Dump Dep't.

Mood Music

Sleepy time. (Pardon the stupid hippie smoking mushrooms there, but the shitheads at GoogleTube have discovered the phrase "Video player is too small.")Now wake the fuck up: It's Saturday & there's a lot to do.Ol' bastard Scratch Perry's still faking it, can't you at least pretend you still give a shit?

The Other Side Of The World

Took a walk along Cesar E. Chavez (formerly Brooklyn) Ave. in East L.A. todayyesterday. [Already? — M.B.] (The closest location to obtain an authentic L.A. County death certificate. Five yrs. ago it was possible to do so in convenient to us & many others downtown Los Angeles, of all fucking places, you know, w/ all the other gummint bldgs.? But no longer. Price is up two Yankee dollars as well.)

Quick & easy summation: Like Echo Park but spread out, & pre-hipster/gentrification. (Matter of time? That would probably imply an unsustainable hipster overload.) Barely worth efforting any shots (or we were too numb from existenceexhausted from walking a few blks. to get much inspiration, if you can call it that).
Workers return to their dormitories on the 710.
Mordor, viewed from the east.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Convert, Or We Put Out Your Eyes

This sad sockpuppet for his parents' neuroses or worse has been around the Internet for his 15 mins. of fame twice already, but one may occasionally miss things while retrieving one's jaw from the floor.This caught our attention when we read it (Try it sometime!):
“When you’re trying to teach them the word of God and they consider it bullying, yeah, I find that a big problem with not being allowed to convert other people to my religion,” he said.
The devil-inspired First Amendment: Big problem. (Solution? THEOCRACY NOW!)

It's not entirely fair to pick on a picture of a young man whose testes can't be more than half-way to useful, but he's already chosen to present himself like a spinster aunt who's had the same same-sex housemate for 20 yrs.; we merely present the image.
Puka shells or pearls?

Mayan Calendar Up-Date

Dunno (or care much) what humanity may be tipping planetarily, but the species is about to push us over the edge.

One of the many things setting us off is that we just spent two hrs. looking for something extra-stupid or horrific enough to justify murder & couldn't find anything adequately awful but readable. What is wrong w/ you people?

Golden Dawn: It Can't Happen Here

From the Guardian:
Greece's pre-electoral climate has become more explosive after a high-profile neo-Nazi MP assaulted two female politicians from leftwing parties on live TV. The brawl, a first in the nearly 40 years since democracy was returned to its birthplace, broke out during a morning talkshow when Ilias Kasidiaris, the spokesman of the far-right Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) took umbrage at deputy Rena Dourou declaring that his party "will take the country back 500 years".

After leaping from his seat and throwing a glass of water at Dourou, a deputy with the radical Syriza party, Kasidiaris then turned on Liana Kanelli, an MP with the KKE communist party, who, waving a piece of paper, stood up to condemn the action.

As the cameras rolled, the cropped-haired Kasidiaris, a weightlifting enthusiast, who had served in the Greek military's special forces, is shown lashing out at Kanelli slapping her around the face three times as she threw up her arms in self-defence. Shouting "No, no, no," the talkshow's presenter, Giorgos Papadakis, then tried to intervene but within moments other guests present said the MP had fled the studio.
Strictly action:"Bar, bar, bar" until (1:10).We'd expect this to happen sooner or later on one of the Sabbath gasbag programs we are exposed to in these United Snakes, but realized the likelihood of an elected Republican official "showing some mouthy broad what for" is almost zip, as so few women appear on those gabfests. Maybe the Sunday show bookers aren't deliberately ignoring the ladies, but doing potential centrist-Democratic female guests a favor.

Accidental Gull