Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Taking Our Life Into Our Hands

Spent the last seven eternities looking for anything on the Internet about which we could possibly say something mean. No satisfactory results, so we decided on something else to shock us from the numb: Short term risky eating.
Will we survive to tell the tale?

Nostalgie De La Boue

Chez M. Door Tree,Uni-Book ~ Universal Giant ~ Royal Giant ~ Beacon 1951 ~ 1966

Monday, June 11, 2012

Super Clap

From "the world's humanitarian news site," Supergonorrhea!
[Blah blah blah somebody blah blah] said the increase in cases of superbug strains meant there was a risk gonorrhoea may become an untreatable disease in the near future.

The proportion of gonorrhoea cases with resistance to the antibiotic recommended to treat the disease, cefixime, rose from 4 percent in 2009 to 9 percent in 2010.

The ECDC report follows a warning from the World Health Organisation that virtually untreatable forms of drug-resistant gonorrhoea were spreading around the world.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dance Hell Style Super 12" Disco 45

A Reminder

This fuck
"I suspect that many in the Obama administration really don't believe in private enterprise. At best, they see business as something to be endured so that that it can provide tax money for government programs," said Jindal.
is the elected governor of a sovereign state, & his beliefs include demon possession & exorcism.

Please Mitt please: Cap't. Underpants/Anchor Baby 2012!!

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

At Whiskey Fire (as Thers is off inflating grades) we're going nuts w/ photos that haven't been seen in this space.

Wknd. Gasbag Recap (M.B. Edition)

SOS here at ground zerobrand headquarters, but we've been on a roll lately w/ the commenting.
Not stopping:
Not that long-time Internet acquaintance Aunt Snow can be considered impartial, but we thank her & Mr. Edroso. (We'll be getting a copy of that lurid book as soon as the rest of the cable bill's paid off.)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

They're Just Fucking W/ Us, Right?

Previously on ...
Also, what the hell have they done to New Zealand?
Rearranging the continents w/ a certain three-nationed continent in the center of the new constellation we can see (Africans & South Americans may be a little colder than they're used to in this particular scheme 'though.) but it seems wasteful to cover both islands in junk like that. They left Ireland right there, f'r crissakes! (Let's just pretend we don't even see what's going on w/ Jutland.)
The usual about microwaves & one's head exploding by accident.
Horned tower in center is atop the bldg. in pix 2-4,
& frying our fillings as we type.

Thank You

About fucking time:
But do stop talking about your television friend, Don Draper, and his television world as if they mean something in the world-world. Upper-middle-class, college-educated people have this guilty compulsion to invest the TV programs they consume with cultural significance, and to blather on and on about them.

Guess what? You're Trekkies. That's OK, though. What's wrong with Mad Men isn't that it makes you boring. What's wrong with Mad Men is that it also makes you stupid.
We stand behind no one in our admiration for telebision & its mystic powers of healing & sleep-inducing, but give it a rest, over-ejimicated effete elitists.

I'm Looking Through Communist Eyes

Dep't. of Not Knowing Or Caring:Extra amusing while the commie at the end prattles on in commie? The robo-captions. (You'll have to turn them on. Not referring to the Swedish subtitles when the local yokels are on.)

Best From A Distance

Shake it to the east
shake it to the west.

Hell In A Hand Basket* Dep't.

Sayonara Mlle. McArdle, & even the business section at The Atlantic is safe:
The other, even-more-disturbing explanation, is that Republicans see the rich as worthy members of society (the "producers") and the poor as a drain on society (the "takers"). In this warped moral universe, it isn't enough that someone with a gross income of $10 million takes home $8.1 million while someone with a gross income of $20,000 takes home $19,000.* That's called "punishing success," so we should really increase taxes on the poor person so we can "reward success" by letting the rich person take home even more. This is why today's conservatives have gone beyond the typical libertarian and supply-side arguments for lower taxes on the rich, and the campaign to transfer wealth from the poor to the rich has taken on such self-righteous tones.

This just goes to show how pathological the Republican Party has become. It would be so much simpler, more logical, and more politically appealing if they would just draw a line against higher taxes for anyone. That's what the Taxpayer Protection Pledge does, and it makes a certain amount of sense, even if I think it's bad policy. The fact that Eric Cantor feels compelled to go out of his way to talk about raising taxes on the poor shows how the nasty instinct for class warfare is undermining what should be a simple, small-government agenda.

*Those are at 2011 tax rates, including the employee's share of payroll taxes, assuming that the rich person makes $2 million in salary and $8 million in capital gains. Note that the effective rate of 19 percent is still significantly higher than those of Mitt Romney and Warren Buffett.
Not that Megatron is off the radar; she'll be sharing servers w/ David (Lest we forget: "Axis of Evil.") Frum, who presented charts to the class.
This is handy. Henry Blodget of Business Insider compiles in one place the charts showing the ominous divergence between the fortunes of working America and ownership America
Not that the arguments of savages fighting over their shares of a pie that is about to turn to shit in & at their hands are going to make any difference. In the long run we're all boiled alive.
Localized ecological systems are known to shift abruptly and irreversibly from one state to another when they are forced across critical thresholds. Here we review evidence that the global ecosystem as a whole can react in the same way and is approaching a planetary-scale critical transition as a result of human influence.
Ha ha. (Oh, alright. If you're not a subscriber, a recap.)
*Or: Link Dump Dep't.

Mood Music

Sleepy time. (Pardon the stupid hippie smoking mushrooms there, but the shitheads at GoogleTube have discovered the phrase "Video player is too small.")Now wake the fuck up: It's Saturday & there's a lot to do.Ol' bastard Scratch Perry's still faking it, can't you at least pretend you still give a shit?

The Other Side Of The World

Took a walk along Cesar E. Chavez (formerly Brooklyn) Ave. in East L.A. todayyesterday. [Already? — M.B.] (The closest location to obtain an authentic L.A. County death certificate. Five yrs. ago it was possible to do so in convenient to us & many others downtown Los Angeles, of all fucking places, you know, w/ all the other gummint bldgs.? But no longer. Price is up two Yankee dollars as well.)

Quick & easy summation: Like Echo Park but spread out, & pre-hipster/gentrification. (Matter of time? That would probably imply an unsustainable hipster overload.) Barely worth efforting any shots (or we were too numb from existenceexhausted from walking a few blks. to get much inspiration, if you can call it that).
Workers return to their dormitories on the 710.
Mordor, viewed from the east.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Convert, Or We Put Out Your Eyes

This sad sockpuppet for his parents' neuroses or worse has been around the Internet for his 15 mins. of fame twice already, but one may occasionally miss things while retrieving one's jaw from the floor.This caught our attention when we read it (Try it sometime!):
“When you’re trying to teach them the word of God and they consider it bullying, yeah, I find that a big problem with not being allowed to convert other people to my religion,” he said.
The devil-inspired First Amendment: Big problem. (Solution? THEOCRACY NOW!)

It's not entirely fair to pick on a picture of a young man whose testes can't be more than half-way to useful, but he's already chosen to present himself like a spinster aunt who's had the same same-sex housemate for 20 yrs.; we merely present the image.
Puka shells or pearls?

Mayan Calendar Up-Date

Dunno (or care much) what humanity may be tipping planetarily, but the species is about to push us over the edge.

One of the many things setting us off is that we just spent two hrs. looking for something extra-stupid or horrific enough to justify murder & couldn't find anything adequately awful but readable. What is wrong w/ you people?

Golden Dawn: It Can't Happen Here

From the Guardian:
Greece's pre-electoral climate has become more explosive after a high-profile neo-Nazi MP assaulted two female politicians from leftwing parties on live TV. The brawl, a first in the nearly 40 years since democracy was returned to its birthplace, broke out during a morning talkshow when Ilias Kasidiaris, the spokesman of the far-right Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) took umbrage at deputy Rena Dourou declaring that his party "will take the country back 500 years".

After leaping from his seat and throwing a glass of water at Dourou, a deputy with the radical Syriza party, Kasidiaris then turned on Liana Kanelli, an MP with the KKE communist party, who, waving a piece of paper, stood up to condemn the action.

As the cameras rolled, the cropped-haired Kasidiaris, a weightlifting enthusiast, who had served in the Greek military's special forces, is shown lashing out at Kanelli slapping her around the face three times as she threw up her arms in self-defence. Shouting "No, no, no," the talkshow's presenter, Giorgos Papadakis, then tried to intervene but within moments other guests present said the MP had fled the studio.
Strictly action:"Bar, bar, bar" until (1:10).We'd expect this to happen sooner or later on one of the Sabbath gasbag programs we are exposed to in these United Snakes, but realized the likelihood of an elected Republican official "showing some mouthy broad what for" is almost zip, as so few women appear on those gabfests. Maybe the Sunday show bookers aren't deliberately ignoring the ladies, but doing potential centrist-Democratic female guests a favor.

Accidental Gull

Hollywood Goes To War

TYRONE POWER: Besides being a famous actor before the Second World War, Tyrone E. Power, Jr. also served in the Marine Corps as a pilot. While overseas, First Lieutenant Power flew R5Cs, and was assigned to VMR-353 where he transported wounded servicemen from Iwo Jima and Okinawa to Hawaii—a flight always requiring a fuel stop on Kwajalein. On at least one occasion, Lieutenant Power dropped by VMB-613's compound to say "hello" to his friend from Officer Candidate School, VMB-613 Adjutant, First Lieutenant Arthur H. Navarre. While visiting, Lieutenant Power toured the squadron area, accompanied by Lieutenant Colonel Nevils. Photograph: U.S. Marine Corps, Arthur H. Navarre Collection (Courtesy of Diane Hindy)
From a mess o' photos of Kwajalein during WWII.

As we watch it all go to hell, we can comfort ourselves for a few minutes w/ our one-time industrial might, & how we could cover an entire atoll w/ Quonset huts & jarheads in a yr.

NORTHERN END OF KWAJALEIN: Looking south, a general view of the crowded northern section of Kwajalein Island shows the extent of building that had occurred since the capture of the island one year earlier.  The lagoon is located on the right, while the ocean can be seen in the background. Photograph: U.S. Marine Corps (Courtesy of Frank E. Acker)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Speaking Ill

Never a big fan of the suddenly late Ray Bradbury; more a fantasist or fabulist or something than actual science fiction hack so ...

Big fan of his refusal to drive, even in the absurdly spread-out SoCal landscape. We probably agree w/ some of his public transit ideas. (Jet-packs hell, where are the monorails?)

And good for him, we suppose, that he hit 91, although this chunk o' text we lift from one of our many sources for "Hollywood" is yet more indication that knowing when to check out, or at minimum when to get the hell off stage, can be as important as success in the first place.*
If I asked him something new, the interview went nowhere. He had no new stories of any interest. He did have some political views he wanted to express but his daughter and others close to him asked me to, for God's sake, do what I could to steer him away from those topics.

They were...odd. And obviously the result of advanced age, medical problems and emotional responses to some personal tragedies. I suppose they would be called right-wing viewpoints, though every smart Conservative I know would race to distance themselves from Ray's views on, for example, how a woman should feel honored if a strange man came up and pinched her ass. There were others that were well into Glenn Beck territory...though Ray not only clearly believed what he said, he believed the mere fact that Ray Bradbury said it meant it had to be so. I took to telling friends, "If you wroteThe Martian Chronicles, you may be a redneck." It was one of those jokes you say to try and wring a smile out of a situation you find troubling. I finally had to beg off the interviewing job. I admired the man so much and felt such gratitude for past kindnesses that I couldn't bear to be around him in that condition. It was for the same reason that I won't attend a funeral with an open coffin.
NB: Excellent advice, although one is not always advised as to the coffin's potential state. (One doesn't have to look, either.)

*Or not. In the long run:
If you could erase the last decade or so from the record, as I suppose time will eventually do

We Have Never Been So Disappointed

You people are fucking dead to us:

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Stainless Steel Spider

Election 2012

Inviting, innit?
Next block, slightly older school.


The Memorial Parkway is located on Wilshire Blvd. in front of the site (now a high school) where Sen. Kennedy was plugged 44 yrs. ago today.

These Names Do Not Mean
What You Think They Mean

At the new home of Megan McArdle, John Avlon sez:
The California Republican Party has a long and distinguished tradition, from Hiram Johnson to Earl Warren to Richard Nixon to Ronald Reagan to Pete Wilson. It was once the quintessential big tent, though it contained plenty of ideological disagreements. Most important, it won elections, appealing right and center.
Then a quote from another deluded soul:
“In California it’s possible to find thousands of people willing to wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning, dress up in chicken suits, and wait in line all day just to watch a taping of Let’s Make a Deal, but the California GOP can’t find one termed-out state legislator, redistricted congressman, or dot-com weenie willing to run against Dianne Feinstein,” says John Phillips, a host at talk radio 790 KABC in Los Angeles.

“The same party that brought the world Dick Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Pete Wilson could now nominate a woman for statewide office who is bat-shit crazy. It’s beyond embarrassing; it’s suicidal,” Phillips adds. “The California Republican Party is officially in the Terri Schiavo stage of its life.”
Yup, Tricky Dick Nixon the paranoid, washed-up actor turned GE spokesmodel Reagan & Pete "Prop. 187" Wilson. Remember when "Pito Pete" was the great Republican Presidential Hope?

They'll Do It Every Time®

Every yr. we get the vote-by-mail pkg. & ignore it until election day. Then we still have to visit the precinct to drop it off. Saves a stamp, & we don't have to wait in line to punch the chads mark our ballot, but farther than the corner post box.

A look at the sample ballot & we see the polling place is much farther than the long blk. away it was last go-round. Budget cutting, we suppose.

Lesser of infinite evils

Judicial & District Attorney candidates: Virtually every one is an incumbent or a "Gang Homicide Prosecutor." (Quantification: Of 16 Superior Court candidates, three are incumbents, three are "GHPs." Also: three "criminal prosecutors" [one "retired"] a criminal "trial" prosecutor, & a child molestation prosecutor. Plus a "domestic violence litigator." [Pro or con?])

Correct Again!

As seen here (via TBogg) we pegged it!
Is this the end of McArdle?
And with that, I'll say so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye.  Be nice to the guest bloggers.  I'll miss you all.
Is it too much to hope she'll fade away, never again to darken the pages of The Atlantic? It would be irresponsible not to speculate. (And not to cross one's fingers & knock on wood. While holding one's breath.)

Book-typing leave is a wonderful way of easing out a public embarrassment. Whichever of the guest-loggers gets the most hits or raises the biggest stench will get his/her (We'd guess her: Quite the sausage fest at The Atlantic's "Voices.") own by-line; perhaps the pretense of guest blogging under Megatron's picture will continue, but w/in mos., Jane Galt's easily-distracted claque will have latched on to a new diva/o. Then it will be safe to make the pursuing-other-interests (desperately trying to find a publisher) announcement, savingThe Atlantic from the outraged squeals of the McAddled.
Can't fool us for long!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Not So Fast There, "Whitey(?)"

Who's this schmuck kidding?
"The problem of the infiltrators must be solved and we will solve it," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last month, in remarks aimed at calming protests against migrants in Tel Aviv.

[Interior Minister Eli] Yishai, of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, told the newspaper Maariv on Friday he saw the African arrivals, many of whom are Muslims or Christians, as a demographic threat.

"The infiltrators along with the Palestinians will quickly bring us to the end of the Zionist dream," Yishai said, adding that Israel had its own health and welfare issues. "We don't need to import more problems from Africa."

"Most of those people arriving here are Muslims who think the country doesn't belong to us, the white man," Yishai said in the interview with Maariv.

Aryeh Eldad, a right-wing lawmaker, urged Israel to order its troops to open fire on any infiltrators who penetrated its borders, rather than only at those suspected of being armed.
Only a matter of time until racialists on this side of the world replace "illegal aliens" w/ "infiltrators." Some of those racialists will probably be having a good laugh at the Interior Minister's concept of whiteness while they're appropriating.

1000 Words Worth

Thought we'd have to dig into some of our crummy but un-manipulated-beyond-cropping images for an obligatory daily item, but we found this, by The Guy Who Can't Find A Decently Drawn Suit of Armor to Manipulate.
Should you not wish to click, this masterpiece
is titled "Michele Bachmann & Nancy Antoinette."

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Friday, June 1, 2012

Meat (No Potato) Report

Ate today at the now open & relatively close FIVE GUYS® we've mentioned before. It's easier for us to type "Google is your friend if you're really (we know you aren't) interested" than to self-link.

Yes, it's a hamburger, the sole criterion for which is dry/crummy or not; the patty on our Little Cheeseburger was certainly moist, the additional elements, mayo, mustard, tomato, grilled onions, & lettuce (Not sure we ordered lettuce, as we don't ordinarily. Do we look like a fucking rabbit?*) seemed fresh, the bun had sesame seeds.

Service was quick, & w/ no crowd we should hope so. The wage-slave who took our order & the manager-looking (black polo shirt rather than the red ones the other employees were wearing) guy who called our no. were entirely too friendly/enthusiastic. How long that attitude will last is anybody's guess.

Judgement: Several hrs. & we haven't thrown up, although we've belched several times. (As recently as now.)

P.S.: Didn't try the well-spoken-of fries, but that gives us a reason to livesomething to look forward to.
*Don't be arsed.

Sooner Than Expected

Really was the last days of May, not even June.
The Brewers didn't need reigning National League MVP Ryan Braun to complete a four-game sweep of the Dodgers for the first time in their franchise history.
Only redeeming factor is that the Brewers share our (& Michele Bachmann's & Milton Bradley's) initials. May have to get ourself a Brewer ballcap.
Maybe not. MB, BM, could go either way.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Close The Border!

The border w/ Canada, that is. Let's face it, anyone wanting to leave our neighbour to the north for these United Snakes is up to no damn good. (Mark Steyn, et al.) This Sideshow Bob-looking asshole in particular.
Perhaps Americans would be less shocked by Malcolm Gladwell’s journalistic corruption if they were aware of his background. Gladwell was trained up in the same corporate-funded network of training and “education” institutes and outfits responsible for churning out the likes of Michelle Malkin, convicted criminal James O’Keefe, Dinesh D’Souza and countless other GOP corporate activists. The difference: Unlike Gladwell, they rarely hid their ideological willingness to take cash in exchange for promoting the corporate right’s agenda.

While a student at the University of Toronto, Gladwell’s admiration for Ronald Reagan led him into conservative activist circles. In 1982, while still an undergrad, he completed a 12-week training course at the National Journalism Center, a corporate-funded program created to counter the media’s alleged “anti-business bias” by molding college kids into corporate-friendly journalist-operatives and helping them infiltrate top-tier news media organizations. To quote Philip Morris, a major supporter of the National Journalism Center, its mission was to "train budding journalists in free market political and economic principles." Over the years the National Journalism Center has produced hundreds of pro-business news media moles, including top-tier conservative talent like Ann Coulter and former Wall Street Journal columnist and editorial board member John Fund.
Much more on the whore here. And click the NJC link above if you haven't. Gaaahh!

I'm Pissed, I'm Raging, & I've Got A Gun*

Seattle gunman had concealed weapons permits, 6 handguns - @seattletimes

Seattle gunman suspect's family: 'We could see this coming' - @seattletimes

Oh, nice. The Manson Family there should probably be charged as accessories before the fact.
*No, we don't have a gun. Yet. But we are enraged. Can you fucking blame us?

Couldn't Put It Better Ourself

Yourself, your little fucking dog & your ugly mama too. Credit.

Economic Up-Date
(Kill Your Landlord Edition)

40 PERCENT OF WORKERS REPORT HAVING THEIR BENEFITS REDUCED IN THE LAST FIVE YEARS | According to a survey conducted by the non-profit National Endowment for Financial Education, 40 percent of workers have seen their benefits reduced in the last five years. 72 percent of those who experienced benefit cuts reported that their health care was the hardest hit. 25 percent of respondents said that their company “cut back on their 401(k) match and 13% said their employer stopped matching altogether.”


Today's Anti-Semitic Item

It seems to come from a "self-loathing Jew."*
Perhaps you thought that after last week’s race riot in south Tel Aviv—and the international disgust it sparked—Israel’s pogromists would take a break. No such luck. Yesterday, dozens of demonstrators congregated outside south Tel Aviv’s central bus station to denounce African asylum seekers and the leftist “traitors” who support them.

Yet again, the thugs saw a black man passing by and began beating him. Only this time, their victim turned out to be an Ethiopian Jew. Upon realizing their mistake, the assailants apologized.

They apologized! Do we laugh or cry? For centuries, gentiles mistakenly set upon by anti-Semitic mobs saved themselves by screaming that they were not Jews. Now Jews save themselves by screaming that they are not gentiles. And when before, in the long history of human bigotry, has a black man saved himself by proving that he is also a Jew. Oh what Lenny Bruce could have done with this.

The ringleader of this travelling Chillul Hashem is Baruch Marzel, a disciple of Meir Kahane who, according to Yedioth Ahronoth, has distinguished himself with violent attacks on Palestinians, Israeli leftists and the Israeli police. Marzel, like his mentor, hails from the United States, where as Naomi Paiss recently pointed out, Kahanism was born not merely as an anti-Arab and anti-Soviet vigilante movement but as an anti-black one as well. The more things change, it seems, the more they stay the same.

*We can certainly understand being a "self-loathing" Israeli.

Oh Fuck

Didn't even know about this.
One's quite enough, thenkyew.
Are we now going to be treated (Ha!) to fifty million web pp., hrs. of bloviators, & other yada about the partial decision in ratbag John Edwards's trial?

Yes weyou are. We, however, could not possibly care any fucking less.

P.S.: Public campaign financing, now & forever, so nothing like this will ever again bore us!