Saturday, May 5, 2012

Moon June Spoon Croon Papoon

Triple play!


Weak In Review

This wk., we forgot the fifth anniv. of our efforts here, which occurred the third of May. You can see how much of a shit we give, especially when looking at what was posted here Thurs., when we were bravely trying to give a shit but ended up w/ rock-photo filler & links. (Should have thought ahead & scheduled a celebratory item.)

What a colossal joke, & all at our expense.

Fuck Cinco de Mayo, too.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Items That Disappoint At The End

Facebook has announced a new option allowing you to display your organ
donor status.
Teasing bastards.

Rock Walk

The point, if art or this thing has one, is walking under it.
We suppose now it's a question of landscaping the surrounding area. Sod it, we say!

Local Onion

This is funny. To us. Because we live in this Los Angeles place. Which includes enclaves such as Santa Monica.
SANTA MONICA—Two years ago, the City of Santa Monica revolutionized the way visitors paid for parking by installing credit card readers on every parking meter. This system held up well until many residents noticed they were maxing out their credit cards to pay for parking.

"Most of my paycheck goes toward paying for parking," said Cory Gillespie, who works at The Gap on the 3rd Street Promenade. Gillespie, 22, recently requested a second shift at The Gap to help pay the parking fees he accumulates while going to work. "It's a vicious cycle," he added.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Unlevitated Rock

Wks. ago:

"Volume II LIVE" ...

... is record co. speak for scraping the bottom of a no-longer-recording group's barrel. We were looking for the studio version of this number, & chanced upon this, posted a mere twelvish hrs. ago.Plus: Recorded 4 October 1968 at Oakland Coliseum Arena, Oakland. East Bay!

Another Rock Pic Or Three

Now appearing w/o support & in a new wrap.
Numb to the whole thing at this point.

Who Hates Honkies? We Hate Honkies!

Ol' Bryan Fischer will spontaneously combust if [Apply your favorite ridiculous & deluded right-wing canard &/or calumny here.] Obama is reëlected. Or sooner.We at Just Another Blog™ have a rather long list of (virtually all) white people we'd like to see punished, but we haven't been getting too far w/ it; good luck to the fucking Prez if he can punish (What's Fischbait mean, "punish?" Biblical deal?) a nation that's majority EurotrashAnglo for being white.

Warrior Elite

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Not Bothering

Already documented in excruciatingly numbing detail, so we needn't.Should be quite convenient if there is ever any reason for us (or anyone) to visit Culver City, or look at the decorations.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Babylon Continues New Tower Of Babel

"You got those planes warmed up yet?"

Another Side Of Don Martin

From outer space, man.

Big Electric Cat


Being & Numbness

Anarchy hell; the tattered flag of crushing numbness to all existence.
(Read into it any May Day crap you wish. It is physically, mentally & emotionally [esp. emotionally] impossible for us to give any less of a damn.)

Not Working

Sure, we don't work the other 365 either, but it's May Day, so ....

Anniversary Whatever

Hurray hurray, The First of May!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

More Reptilian Action

The flightless four-door model.

Lizard Lounging

Moments ago:

Kenny Burrell's Giant Head

LACMA Free* Jazz Series, 27 April 2012.
*To be clear, it's not that they were wailin' Ornette Coleman or Clifford Thornton (Duke Ellington centenary deal, actually.) but that there was no admission or cover charge.

Down The Hatch W/o A Scratch

Riot Wrap-Up

It was literally 20 yrs. ago today ...
The 1992 Los Angeles Riots
Military Operations in Los Angeles, 1992
Major General (Ret.) James D. Delk
"This Winchell's shall not fall."