Sunday, March 18, 2012

Comment Housekeeping

If you imagined we've been on a St. Patrick's Day binge & haven't been interested in the Internet (or anything beyond the next drunken cliché) you'd be absolutely correct, & as usual you don't get a damn thing for being so.

Anyway, once we'd sobered up (Just kidding! Still drunk as two coots.) we noticed an e-mail from one Weird Dave (could be his real name) who had (& may still have) doubts that the comments were working correctly.

Gave it the old college try (That's funny. We're only one or two behind Sarah Palin in schools attended.) even going so far as to fire up Idiot Exploder 9.0.8112. 16421 64-bit Edition to try a couple of comments while not signed in to Bugger™. Worked for us.

We're inclined to blame Google. Why not? And, Blogger having apparently remedied the evil done w/ the new pastel gradualism design for full page comments, we're reverted. If there's any one (Anyone?) else out there who has noted any problems, well, don't blame us.

The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore

Friday, March 16, 2012

Double Danziger Burn

Just Like Jan & Dean

Demo tapes, we're guessing.

Local Art & Vandalism We Didn't Shoot

The rest of the story.

B. S., What Does It Stand For?

Brain Science!
I’m offering out a whole range of issues, from brain science to paying off the national debt to creating American energy programs so no American president ever again bows to a Saudi king to rethinking Social Security so young people can have a personal Social Security savings account,” added Gingrich. “You know, I think it’s important to have a Republican Party committed to big ideas. And unfortunately, I think much of this campaign has been driven by super PACs committed to negative tiny ideas and I don’t think that’s the way to govern the country or solve our problems.”
Newt's "offering out." Is that so we won't think he's offering "in?" Corporate speech moron.

Too much science:

Home Schooling: What Did You Expect?

Why on earth are we here? To live in pain & fear, natch.
Why did she stick with homeschooling for so long, despite her difficulties? “We were convinced that it would be better for our kids not to have an education than to be educated to become humanists or atheists and to reject God,” Garrison says. “We became so isolated because the Quiverfull lifestyle was so overwhelming we didn’t have time or energy for socialization. So the only people we knew were exactly like us. We were told that the whole point of public school was to dumb down the children and turn them into compliant workers – to brainwash them and indoctrinate them into this godless way of thinking.”

Garrison believes that homeschooling has become so popular with fundamentalist Christians because, “there is an atmosphere of real terror among some evangelicals. They are horrified by the fact that Obama is president, and they see the New Atheist movement as a vocal, in-your-face threat. Plus, they are obsessed with the End Times, and believe that the Apocalypse could happen any day now...They see a demon on every corner.

“We homeschooled because we wanted to protect our children from what we viewed as the total secularization of America. We listened to people like Rush Limbaugh, who told us that America was in the clutches of evil liberal feminist atheists.”
And how do the public schools dumb the children down?
I don’t merely mean that they had received what I now view as an overly politicized education with huge gaps, for example, in American history, evolution or sexuality. Rather, what disturbed me were the many stories about homeschoolers who were barely literate when they graduated, or whose math and science education had never extended much past middle school.

Take Vyckie Garrison, an ex-Quiverfull mother of seven who, in 2008, enrolled her six school-age children in public school after 18 years of teaching them at home. Garrison, who started the No Longer Quivering blog, says her near-constant pregnancies – which tended to result either in miscarriages or life-threatening deliveries – took a toll on her body and depleted her energy. She wasn’t able to devote enough time and energy to homeschooling to ensure a quality education for each child.*


At the time, Garrison was taking parenting advice from Quiverfull leaders who deemphasized academic achievement in favor of family values. She remembers one Quiverfull leader saying, “If they can do mathematics perfectly but they have no morals, you have failed them.”

The implication, she says, was that, “if they’re not doing so well academically, well, then they can catch up on that later. It’s not such a big deal. It was a really convenient way of thinking for me because I wasn’t able to keep up anyway.”
No, wait, that's how home schooling dumbs 'em down.
*War on Women (& Children)? How could you ever think such a thing?

They Live Among Us

Cracker Patrol Continued:
Le’ Westmoreland, radiology tech student, Helena, Ala. Undecided.
“He won due to the color of his skin, without a doubt. A lot of people voted depending on their race, which I don’t think is right. It should depend on qualifications, but not everybody agrees with that. A majority of African-Americans are going to vote for the African-American.”
Slide show. (At least we were spared their awful, whiny, nasal, cracker voices.)

Friday Quite Contrary Boogie Down

Some type "Gee, the kids don't post many Led Zeppelin videos these days, do they?" (Having listened, this is why they don't. Jee-zis.)Sorry it's only (6:14) instead of (1:06:14).

Irish Sod Off!

You bog-monkeys can have your All-American green-vomit commercial holiday (Is that Paddy dude still even a "real" saint, or just another mythic figure?) but who has the Federal Holiday? Italian boy* Christopher Columbus, that's who!
*Or Polish royalty or whatever.

Lonely Heart

It was not there 15 mins. later.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Candidly, You're All Fucking Morons

And Grifters

Quick Note To The NYT

No one not in this bastard's district gives a sweet fuck that he's outta there.

FEAR: The History Of A Political Idea

Here are FEAR videos we would've posted in the item below, had we not been distracted by a shiny thing or ...Give guns to the queers!And on domestic issues:The Record: As (or more) thematically true today as when it was released 30 yrs. ago(!). One shrewd move to produce it so it remains listenable.

Found this Derf history while researching The Record's co-producer Gary Lubow, whose prior experience had included engineering REO Speedwagon sessions.

Keeping The Gov't. Out Of Your Bedroom Is Only Half The Battle

Now the fascists who run business in this shit-hole nation want to sniff your panties as much as religious & political leaders of a certain stripe in the non-stop effort to keep you sheep herded where you belong.

Smart guy Corey Robin has the details. (Also at Salon, which doesn't need any clicking, so don't!).
What I hadn’t predicted was that the GOP would be able to come up with a program, in the form of this anti-birth control employer legislation we’re now seeing everywhere, that would combine both agenda items at the same time.

I should have foreseen this fusion because, as I argued in my first book, “Fear: The History of a Political Idea,” in the United States it has historically fallen to employers rather than the state to police the political opinions and practices of citizens. Focused as we are on the state, we often miss the fact that some of the most intense programs of political indoctrination have not been conducted by the government but have instead been outsourced to the private sector. While fewer than 200 men and women went to jail for their political beliefs during the McCarthy years, as many as two out of every five American workers were monitored for their political beliefs.
It gets worse, so get a gun.

How Many Times?

We will not wallow in the misery of others.

We will not wallow in the misery of others.

We will not wallow in the misery of others.

We will not wallow in the misery of others.

We will not wallow in the misery of others.

Really, we won't.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Daily Log

Squoze out nine items (+ this filler). Washed several dishes.

Slept well past 1300. Took nap after about eight hrs. of, if not consciousness, activity.

Did not dress. However, forced to sport robe post-nap due to chill in evening air. Into each life, &c.

Idea? I-Dea?

Yes, shoot us now, we were reading about the latest flimsy mask for sadism & voyeurism, The Hunger Games.
“The Hunger Games” taps into a vibrant current of pop culture and indeed of Western civilization in general, one that never really runs dry. It’s the idea that our species remains cruel and barbarous at heart, that the strong will always rule the weak by whatever means necessary, and that our collective obsession with sports and games and other forms of manufactured entertainment is a flimsy mask for sadism and voyeurism.
How special a snowflake is typist Andrew O'Hehrir, to think this an idea rather than the simplest & most obvious of observations? Get a grip, you fucking nitwit, before someone stronger fucks you!

Example of cruel & barbaric manufactured entertainment:

Christian Cyborg

The recently late Peter Bergman (as C. Cyborg) & the remaining Firesigners, for Jack Poet Volkswagen."Selling you, the mark ... of excellence."

Coincidental, but we spend a lot of time at 5944 Figueroa in beautiful Highland Park (now a CVS) literally just about where Mr. Bergman is first seated.


Mao Moment

Listen below, but it's helpful to read it in black&white (& weep). The Tom Snyder "You wonder what goes through their minds" line seems fitting.
"When people read the Constitution and say, 'Oh, we get our rights from the Constitution,' that is wrong," he said. "The Constitution does not give us rights. It recognizes rights that are written on our heart because we are a creature of God. That's where we get our rights from."
What the fuck? Those pay attention to the real world, as opposed to the Babylonian Mystery or whatever's informing Santorum, realize that "rights" are never (ever) given, but that they flow naturally from the barrel of a gun or the point of a spear. We can only suppose that we "creature(s) of God" will next have our crimes written on our backs. W/ a fucking needle.

Oh, just one more question: Where was gawd & his written-on-our-hearts rights throughout the history of human horror prior to the Constitution-which-doesn't-give-us-rights? Huh? Where?

Cracker Patrol

Expanding on a theme
brought to our attentionboth here & here.

Sugarcoat the hateful sounds of horror w/ this underneath:Whose gawd is righteous now, bit-chezz?

There's A Reason These Stories Are "Exclusives"

What? If?

What if democracy is just an illusion?
In the US, the dominant political discourse consists of ideas put forth by the ruling class.

Then a lot of tl;dr, ending:
And perhaps there's the real problem. If you believe the US is a democracy, if you believe in the rule of the many and not the rule of the few, then the Citizens United ruling could not be more troubling. But what if this is not a democracy? What if this, as Dionne suggests, is an oligarchy of billionaire capitalists? More horrible to ponder, what if democracy is yet more intellectual cover, another one of those illusions, for the exploitation of American workers?

Then the theory of the ruling class fits perfectly. Citizens United and the United States were made for each other.

Why Taxes Are Evil

McArdle manquée (But she's trying!) Katherine Mangu-Ward reveals the deep thinking behind principled glibbo opposition to the coercion of taxation:
Doing your taxes sucks. Paying someone else to do your taxes sucks, too.
Also taxes are icky. Thank you, good night.

Rock News & Views

Regular readers/viewers may have noticed our linking to coverage of LACMA's Rock. Neither for nor against, we are only amused. Someone thinks about it & types. (We couldn't be bothered.)

One question: Shouldn't they have started the trench a bit earlier?
Related, barely: Non-LACMA light standard display.

It's Magic!


Now it appears there will be residual magic.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Fun Ahead

No Moderates Allowed

Juan Williams: "The death of the political middle is the defining shift taking place in American politics today. It is ending the tradition of political leadership that rises above ideology, region, party, religion and even race to attain statesmanship ... The Congress has become an increasingly uncomfortable place for voices of moderation. Many of them are fed up and have decided that 2012 is the year they will call it quits ... Because of the exodus -- if not expulsion -- of the remaining moderates from Congress this year, American politics will become even more polarized and dysfunctional. If you like the ideological extremism and obstructionist paralysis that has characterized the 112th Congress, then you will love the 113th."
No, it never ends. Until it's over. All over.

And sure, much of the leadership that rises above (to statesmanship, yet) is fondly mis-remembered crap that never happened, but what of history isn't?(Modi!)

Last Fucking WARNING To The Wicked

And when the right time comes, don't say we didn't.

One Lies, Another Swears To It

Where we stopped reading:
Meanwhile, the Limbaugh apology for crude language (including the epithets “slut” and “prostitute”) in his three days of ridicule of free-contraception activist Sandra Fluke poses an uncomfortable question for his critics: now that he’s said he’s sorry, repeatedly and somewhat emotionally, what, exactly, do they mean to accomplish with their continued pressure to try to force sponsors to sever ties with the show?

Junior High-Interpretation Shorter:

"You're just jealous!"

When Giants Walked The Earth

Monday, March 12, 2012

Smoggy Day At The Antenna Farm II

Smoggy Day At The Antenna Farm I

Sometimes These Things Just Leap At One

Listening not required.

Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill!

We got a rage to live!!!
COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- A University of Maryland student has been arrested and charged with posting an Internet threat claiming he planned to go on a shooting rampage on campus hoping to kill as many people as possible.

Campus police said in a statement that 19-year-old Alexander Song, of Fulton, Md., had been identified as the person who posted plans on a website for a rampage that would "kill enough people to make it to national news." The message also warned people to "stay away from the mall." Police did not elaborate.
We'd likeare going to get revenge, kill as many people as possible & make the national news. Whatcha gonna do, coppers?

Fxing What Ain't Broke

Stealing these shots straight from The "Eastsider."


Sunday Afternoon In The Park

Enough (for now).

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Almost Sorry We Missed It

On the other hand: Sleep.

Same Old Shit, Newer Bag

Our illegitimate, socialist and Kenyan-born commander-in-chief.
Tomasz Kobosz
, from In These Times.
Goldwag underscores how the past serves as prologue. Again and again in The New Hate, he demonstrates how the theories, and the rhetoric spreading those theories, were devised decades and sometimes centuries earlier by previous generations of conspiracy-minded, history-twisting, racist, misogynistic, homophobic evangelicals. Since the internet spawned authoritative-sounding blogs and social media, the haters appear to have become better at reaching beyond the lunatic fringe. For example, right after Barack Obama’s election, Goldwag noticed the controversy over Obama’s birth certificate continued unabated. He wondered whether to add a paragraph about Birthers to a new edition of one of his previous books, but decided “that references to such a transitory political derangement might just as easily date” the book as update it. No one will remember the Birthers six months hence, he calculated – mistakenly.


Goldwag comes to realize that what stands out most about contemporary paranoids and conspiracists is, ironically, their lack of newness: “The most depressing thing about the demagogues who tirelessly exploit it – in pamphlets and books and partisan newspapers two centuries ago; on websites, electronic social networks, and 24-hour cable news today – is how much alike they all turn out to be.”
From a book review spotted at Newshoggers.

We Really Are Slipping

'Cause we forgot it's TIME TO FUCK!!And kill. The usual. Wrapping up the time theme, just once we'd like to open a malfunctioning electronic box & not find a dead insect
or other bug inside. At least we didn't have to reset the alarm, its tiny microprocessor having decided to change every second rather than every minute.

What Time Is It?

No idea. Were we all supposed to do this?
We're usually on top of this, but memory (or the mind itself, & what's the difference?) fades.

Money Where The Mouth Is

Purchased yesterday.
We told the woman who sold them to us to keep up the communist indoctrination.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

Must These Englishmen ...

A guy on the Internet quotes another guy on the Internet, & we pull a quote & link to it. We're only in it for the invective, of course, so here it is:
The British are now among the least self-disciplined people in the world: it is as though they had undergone a gestalt switch, so that what they previously decried they now honour, and vice versa. They are the fattest people in Europe: the characteristic smell of Britain is re-used fat. They treat the country as their personal rubbish tip — there is more litter here than anywhere else comparable — and they drink brutishly. They take more drugs than anyone else. They consume without discrimination and dress abominably because they have no self-respect or respect for others, an absence that is often evident in the way they work, no small matter in a service economy. They favour the uncouth over the refined and the stupid over the intelligent; their vulgarity, like their drunkenness, is not unselfconscious but militant. They mutilate rather than beautify themselves; they care for nothing except their odious entertainments, and their popular music is a paean to their hatred of life. They are individualistic without individualism. A consumer society without taste is a horrible thing to behold.
Come on America, they're beating us at our own game!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Head Covering Report

We've been noticing straw hats on the fashion forward both in local meat space & on André 3000 in this gawd-awful advertwhich is inevitably played louder than the programming/drivel it interrupts, thereby disturbing the zen-like meditative state we try to achieve when watching telebision. While the straw number may catch on (W/ the climate jerking us around, the hipster's felt fedora may soon be too hot & muggy for comfort in our soon-to-be tropic zone.) we're not as sure about the look Johnny Depp will be sporting in the upcoming Lone Ranger flick.
Armie Hammer as The Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp as his sidekick Tonto
It does make a statement. Unless that's a trained crow (A hallucination? Something?) rather than headgear.

M.B. Explains The ConspThry

Not us, this M.B., you trusting ninny.Who's afraid of women? 99¢ psychologists want to know. Possibly the caller, who doesn't seem to like women much, considering her insults. We'd think that w/ four marriages, no resulting spawn & a bottle of Viagra® w/ someone else's name on it, Limbaugh might be the one who's scared.Program note: You needn't watch the first one if you watch the second for about three minutes.

A Robot Speaks

In today’s flinty commercial climate, most households are sarcastic service wherever they can. And with cable and satellite television costing anywhere from $65- $150 a month (more if you reckon premium movie channels) multitudinous people are making their idiot box sets the foremost part of their homes to retrieve the axe. But what if there was a personality to relish in thousands of boob tube channels, including firm to spot international shows and sports programming, and not till hell freezes over pay another monthly rope restaurant check again?

Welcome to Disciple Direct- the later of television.

With no dues services or monthly bills, no munitions to install, and 24/7 myriad access, is it any wonder that Internet Media Periodical hailed Satellite Pilot as “unequivocally the best TV to PC software on the capture”? Don’t be fooled by other so called “Enormous Deals” on attendant television maintenance on your PC that present you just limited access to channels, or be enduring dozens of recondite fees that expiration up costing you more than your current cablegram service.

For less than the toll of united month’s price wire or acolyte aid, you can charge out of a lifetime of television- greater than 3,500 channels!- from the convenience of your laptop or desktop. And thoughts the hassles of waiting on account of depot, or hours on suppress with the mooring company. Installing Dependant Manage is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Roll - Suffer the consequences of c take a not many clear questions, and our serene registration group will-power answer your ONE EVERY SO OFTEN payment. That’s auspicious, no monthly bills- ever.

2. Download - Follow the easy as pie, on qualify instructions to download our software. No components to install, no gear to buy.

3. Keep safe and Lift - Meet abet and get off on thousands of television channels, from soaps and sports to movies and dramas, any time, epoch or night.

With crystal clear exact replica and give one the impression nobility, aberrant patron service, and a lifetime of goggle-box for less than you’d requite after honourable a man month of cable service, Aide-de-camp Unequivocal is the beat way to get the most for the duration of your TV dollar.

Guilt By Association: Opus Dei

Turkey Neck Republic visits Santorum's sanctorum in the affluent wilds of Virginia. We doubt there are any smoking guns: While these people are disturbed, deluded, & just plain daffy they (more likely their leaders) are just cunning enough not to be caught w/ actual meat in their mouths.

Still, some icky details:
Even with his wife, Karen, now joining him on the campaign trail, several parishioners told me that the Santorums ensure that their children attend Mass almost daily by having other congregants drive them to St. Catherine.
Those poor yawning children. Which one(s) will be the psycho killer, or the casualty of self-medication?

Nice people, too, filled w/ Gawd's love & respect:
In the ’90s, the National Catholic Reporter reported that a St. Catherine priest was one of a group of conservatives who overran a meeting in Sterling, Virginia, hosted by liberal Catholics supporting female priests and altar servers. He did not become violent, but he did not discourage his compatriots as they cut microphone cords and pushed some of the meeting participants to the ground. A police officer told The Washington Post, “There was more noise and carrying on than I’ve ever heard in my life, especially in a church.”
Pathetically funny as well:
Brian Finnerty, a spokesperson for Opus Dei’s national office, said that men and women are separated because an evening of recollection is “intended as a prayer time, rather than as a social time, and this gets people away from possible distractions.” He added that it also allows priests and lay speakers to tailor their messages. “For men, we could offer advice like, when you get home from work and your wife asks, ‘How was your day?’ saying ‘Fine’ as you look up from the newspaper is not an adequate response. Things like that.”
We must assume these people have allowed their sexuality to be so repressed by wretched old men that being in the same room w/ a member of the opposite sex would make them lose control; therefore, sexual segregation, & reinforcement of "you are all evil sinners w/ base lusts" yada, followed by a few minutes of cutting to get things back under control. Also: "look up from the newspaper?" Really? (Always 1958 in their minds, isn't it? So imagine the retrograde messages tailored for the ladies. The skin crawls.) We think not. It's 2012: Hubby's looking at Catholic schoolgirl smut on the Internet, not reading the paper.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Paging Dr. Freud

"Entertainment" or obsession?We understand how radio works (Repetition. Few people listen to the full three hrs., so it's reuse & recycle.) but this truly flabbers our gast.


Like Pulling Teeth?

No, actually pulling teeth.
Disadvantage: Doesn't look so hot. (Note to self: Smile even less.)

Advantages: Now easier to chew, one less extraction (at US$160.00/tooth) to pay for, another drink.

Bookmark It, Libs!!

These should be played simultaneously.

Terrifying Terror Theatre

Authorities are working to determine if the message and the faux explosive was meant to "frighten its target or intended as a joke."
Ha ha. White powder in an envelope, or road flares, wire & anything that could pass for a timer duct-taped together & the average American can shut down anything for at least a few hrs. in this nation of scared fucking morons.Fuck. Really should've mixed the vocals higher.

Wanna Buy A Grunt
W/ A Third-Party Check?

LAObserved is on a roll, so we're helping ourself from their bag of goodies.
This came in yesterday, trying to capitalize on the Rush Limbaugh slut controversy and the right-talk host's loss of advertisers:

"Despite the public outrage, Brandon Wade, the founder & CEO of – the world’s largest sugar daddy and sugar baby dating website – announced his decision to advertise on the Rush Limbaugh Show for the first time...."
We're getting the impression that Limbaugh's show may end up replacing the adult ads on Craigslist.

[suddenly, following research] Oh damnit to all hell, beaten again, but we don't mind, for the phrase "douche-centered business model" alone.
these businesses have a douche-centered business model that really could benefit from reaching out directly to the angry misogynists that have kept Limbaugh's coffers flowing with illegal Viagra and Cuban cigars.
Essentially making Rush a, well ... pimp. As illustrated by sexist pig FZ.Hey, we're a little tipsy & we want to hear some tunes. Be happy we're sharing, rather than shutting you out as we usually do.

Sun & Yardarm

Hey, it's 1700PDT! Time for a drink? (We're not offering. Get your own!)

We'll take the lack of response as affirmative, which means we may or may not be back. This yr.

Thinking About The Subway

Hope royalties for this coverare going to Lester Chambers, who's been screwed just like the rest of us.

Cover Aversion

From the world of coffee table books copped from the world of the graphic novel, mostly Woodwork at which to gawk,
 These two did not make the cut for the Salon version.
'though we're not sure what to make of a claim that a "happy ending" is in sight for a guy who killed himself 30+ yrs. ago:
But his personal life was a drama verging on tragedy and culminating with his suicide in 1981. Only now, three decades later, is his story heading toward a happy ending, with a burst of renewed interest in his work.
And, bitching & moaning (which we always like to hear) about covers of Kirby books.
As I designer I know there were infinite possibilities, regardless of the rights issue, beyond a choice of a photo or Kirby art. With all due respect to Geoff Grogan I am hard pressed to understand why someone would opt for an imitation of the artist the book is about. Can you imagine a book on Matisse, Picasso or Pollock, or pretty much any “fine” artist with faux art on the cover? For me it represents that a serious take on comic artists and Kirby in particular still has a long way to go.
What were they thinking?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Is this the end of McArdle?
And with that, I'll say so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye.  Be nice to the guest bloggers.  I'll miss you all.
Is it too much to hope she'll fade away, never again to darken the pages of The Atlantic? It would be irresponsible not to speculate. (And not to cross one's fingers & knock on wood. While holding one's breath.)

Book-typing leave is a wonderful way of easing out a public embarrassment. Whichever of the guest-loggers gets the most hits or raises the biggest stench will get his/her (We'd guess her: Quite the sausage fest at The Atlantic's "Voices.") own by-line; perhaps the pretense of guest blogging under Megatron's picture will continue, but w/in mos., Jane Galt's easily-distracted claque will have latched on to a new diva/o. Then it will be safe to make the pursuing-other-interests (desperately trying to find a publisher) announcement, saving The Atlantic from the outraged squeals of the McAddled.

Pegging the irony meter, Outside The Beltway publisher Joyner's reaction shows how far inside that Beltway he really lives.
She moved to DC some years back for her job with The Economist, so we’ve actually met in person a few times. And we had her as a guest a couple of times on the late, lamented OTB Radio.

She’s always struck me as good humored and personable. For reasons I’ve never quite understood, Megan somehow became a source of tremendous antipathy some time after getting the big platform at The Atlantic. Despite what has always seemed a very civil and analytical tone, she’s apparently viewed in some circles as a combination of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Michael Savage.
Should you visit, up-thumb Susan of Texas's comment.

We Rest Our Case

Bonus Quote of the Day

"If enough people were praying He would've intervened."

-- Pat Robertson, on the 700 Club, saying that people could have asked God to stop the deadly tornadoes that killed a dozen people in the Midwest.
Now, can Mediaite explain why it got so hissy about Mike Malloy?

Politics Of Personal Destruction

He's sorry. So sorry.If you haven't listened (It appears to be all over the Interfestation, so what's wrong w/ you?) you really should take the seven minutes. It's a tour de force. Or farce. Or fuck.

We hope legal eagles are already at work preparing the complaint. No jury that heard it could fail to award Sandra Fluke significant damages.

Wake Up Call

Sonuva bitch, is it SUPER Tuesday already?
And O.G. Republican Newton Leroy took Georgia?

Never Better Late

Practically our first item when we started this abortion
dealt w/ the punishment of bitter clingers by their imaginary god.
On Friday, liberal radio host Mike Malloy had harsh words for tornado victims, mocking the Christians who were affected by the storms that have killed dozens. “Their God … keeps smashing them into little grease spots on the pavement in Alabama, and Mississippi, and Arkansas, and Georgia, and Oklahoma,” Malloy angrily sniped. “You know, the Bible belt, where they ain’t gonna let no goddamned science get in the way, it says in the Bible, blah blah blah blah blah. So, according to their way of thinking, God with his omnipotent thumb reaches down here and so far tonight has smashed about 20 people into a grease spot on highway 12, or whatever the hell highway they live next to.”
And, whereas Sandra Fluke is not a slut (No false equivalency here!) there is no question those people turned into grease spots on the highway. So we're just haggling over the cause: Arbitrary natural activity, or the vengeful war god of the Hebrew-speakers that these losers still worship?

Watch Your Heads!

Just what these United Snakes need: Fat, stupid, doughnut-gobbling drones flying drones over our heads.
The police force of Montgomery County, Texas (north of Houston) was one of the first in the nation to own a drone.  It cost $300k, funded largely using grant money from the DHS (Department of Homeland Security).

While using it take pictures of its SWAT team using its armored personnel carrier (BearCat), it ran into problems.  The drone lost contact with the control module.  During it's emergency landing it crashed into the SWAT armored vehicle.

Thong Rind Andy, Over & Out

Alex Pareene sums up Andrew Breitbart:
The most modern thing about Breitbart was that he was so ridiculous, and so extreme, and yet taken more or less completely seriously by the mainstream press he claimed to despise. (This is in part because he was fun at parties.) Screaming — literally, screaming — vulgar, stream-of-consciousness insults on national television used to be your ticket out of respectability with the news crowd, but now it is basically indulged.
Honestly, if he helped make false civility less of a requirement for being “taken seriously” in the media world, that is almost certainly a good thing. The rest of his influence is too tied up in the influence of the Internet itself on the world of information for him to be directly blamed, but he was the raging, filter-less, irresponsible, vitriol-spewing, tireless avatar of the new way of doing things.
If we're sure that The Weasel of West L.A. is dead, let's play this one last time (Barring yet another schmuck named Andy making an idiot of himself, of course.)[Ha ha. Cuts off just as it starts to wail. — Ed.] 'cause we like the tasty licks & silly lyrics (Don't like this as well as the studio version, but variety is something.) & be done w/ all mention of how BB brought down the "institutional left" & finally began the "vetting" of the Kenyan Muslim occupying the White House. Heh in-fucking-deed.

Hey, there's no fucking doubt that the editorial staff here is a loser, but we don't pretend otherwise about ourself. And we certainly don't draw attention to what will inevitably be failures.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Moss Gathering

Okey-dokey, stealing more from LAO, but here's why Dwayne JohnsonThe Rock may be worth the lebenty-two million bones out of which some entity or another was suckered.
The retired county accountant has never visited LACMA, but now that he can see the "Levitated Mass" boulder from his Rowland Heights bedroom, he wants to go. Staffers from LACMA worked the crowds that gathered around the boulder this weekend with invitations to come see some art.

I-&-I-Mon Strictly Roots

A Woman's History Un-Hidden

From LAObserved, a Smithsonian thing about session bassist Carol Kaye.
Carol Kaye and Bill Pitman on guitar at Gold Star; circa 1963.
Courtesy of GAB Archive/Redferns
As Kaye carefully listened one day in the studio as she and her fellow musicians ran through “The Beat Goes On” several times in order to try to make sense out of it, she knew that she was going to have to come up with something inventive. In her opinion, the droning, one-chord tune was a real dog; it just lay there. Playing around with several bass lines on her acoustic guitar, she then came upon a particular pattern that had some real hop to it. Dum-dum-dum-da-dum-dum-da-dum-dum.

Bono immediately stopped the session.

“That’s it, Carol,” he whooped. “What’s that line you’re playing?”

Maybe he couldn’t really play an instrument himself, least of all the bass, but Bono instinctively knew a signature lick when he heard one. And Kaye had just come up with an all-timer. As she dutifully played her creation once more for the producer, Bono had Bob West, the electric bass player on the date, learn it on the spot. Kaye and West then proceeded to play the simple yet transformative line in unison on the final recording, turning a previously lifeless production into a surefire hit.

Entering the charts in January 1967, “The Beat Goes On” made it all the way to number six, giving Sonny & Cher their biggest Top 40 showing in almost two years. Stepping in as the song’s de facto arranger, the independent-thinking Carol Kaye had just saved Bono’s composition, and likely Sonny & Cher’s tepid recording career, from an almost certain demise.
Hmmm. Think she regrets that?
The aforementioned Mr. Spector. You know, the murderer.

B.S. Brings The Party

We suppose so. It does appear relatively new.
(Abso-fuggin'-lutely not to imply or infer that anyone unfortunate enough to have violated our lens-space is anything less than a paragon of decency & rectitude. Or bankrupt, either.)

30 Yrs.

1982Comedian John Belushi was found dead of a drug overdose at age 33.
Also on this date:
1963Country music singer Patsy Cline died in a plane crash near Camden, Tenn., at age 30.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

One More For Sunday

Less Freedom, More Filling

We'll just bold the really absurd/incomprehensible/meaningless parts & go back to the telly.
LIMA, Ohio (AP) — Rick Santorum sees an America in need of more than economic recovery, warning Saturday that the nation’s inattention to conservative social values is “damning people.”

“Folks if we know what works, why don’t we talk about what works? Why don’t we encourage it in our schools? Why don’t we encourage it in our culture?” the Republican presidential candidate asked hundreds of people gathered at the Allen County Lincoln Day dinner. “Why are we damning people? Why are we condemning them to a life just because we won’t talk about — we’ll talk about childhood obesity until the cows come home. But we won’t talk about one of the great underlying causes of childhood obesity, which is the instability of the community, the neighborhood and the family.”

Campaigning across Ohio this weekend, the former Pennsylvania senator has been calling for fewer children born out of wedlock and fewer single-parent families. He argues that communities where mothers raise children by themselves have less freedom than those where two-parent families are the norm.

The comments underscore Santorum’s commitment to social issues, which helped define his 16-year congressional career and distinguish his candidacy from that of rival Mitt Romney. Despite a pro-choice past, Romney is now just as socially conservative as his opponent on paper, but the former Massachusetts governor has almost singularly focused on the economy while campaigning.

By contrast, Santorum’s views on morality sometimes overshadow his prescriptions for the nation’s economy. And some Republicans — even among the hundreds waving signs at Santorum’s rally in Blue Ash Saturday morning — fear he’s gone too far.

“He needs to start talking more about the economy and get off the social issues, because I don’t think that’s what’s going to make him president. The economy is going to make him president,” said Joan Conradi, a 50-year-old nurse from nearby Mount Healthy, who was holding a “Santorum for President” sign.

Cincinnati-based conservative radio host Bill Cunningham, who like Santorum is Catholic, raised the same concern directly with the candidate during a broadcast Friday.

“When my wife goes to bed at night, and she has rosaries in her hands, I pray as a practicing Roman Catholic you win the presidency,” Cunningham said, suggesting that Santorum’s focus on social issues would limit him to being a “niche candidate” at best. “I want you to win, but I think the tactics you’ve employed are not going to result in victory.”

Santorum fired back that Cunningham was falling victim to the “media hype.”

“They try to say because you have deeply held religious beliefs that somehow or another you’re going to impose that on everybody else. That’s a bunch of crap,” Santorum said. “It didn’t happen during my political career, and this is the media again, trying to tarnish anybody who has real strong convictions. Don’t you buy in to their fraud.”

It wasn’t all family values in Blue Ash, where Santorum discussed his plans to improve the nation’s manufacturing sector, highlighting his “Made in America” plan that would reduce corporate income taxes on manufacturing from 35 percent to zero. But he returned repeatedly to social issues during the 43-minute speech, as he did the night before in a speech outside Cleveland.

“We can cut government; we can grow the economy. But unless the basic building blocks of our society are strong, then we will not be able to sustain it,” Santorum said.

He campaigned Saturday alongside Tony Perkins, president of the Washington-based Family Research Council, who offered Santorum an indirect endorsement.

“I have seen Rick, who I’ve worked with in Washington for a number of years, never back away from defending the American family,” Perkins said at the Blue Ash rally. “We’ve got to elect a candidate who understands the connection between our economy and our family.”

Santorum did not say specifically how the federal government could address family values. He recently released a tax plan he plans to implement in his first 100 days that would triple the personal deduction for children and eliminate the marriage tax penalty throughout the tax code.

On Saturday, however, he simply called for a national conversation of the nation’s top minds to determine how to “reconnect fathers with children” and bring “mothers and fathers together.” And he promised not to shy away from talk about God while campaigning.

Another audience member, 48-year-old Kurt Daum, said that he agrees with Santorum’s positions. But he isn’t sure they’ll resonate with the broader electorate in a general election matchup against President Barack Obama.

“I’m worried a candidate like this may polarize too much,” said Daum, who was wearing a Santorum sticker on his shirt but said he hadn’t determined whom to vote for Tuesday. “I agree with what he has to say there, but when we get to the general population, how much are they going to agree. And can he beat Obama? That’s what it comes down to.”