Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nighthawks At The KFC

You Bet We Bolded The Best Parts

NASHVILLE, Tenn | Thu Feb 9, 2012 8:45pm EST
(Reuters) - A Tennessee couple who "defriended" a woman on Facebook were murdered in their home by the jilted woman's father and another man, police said on Thursday.
"It's the worst thing I've ever seen," Johnson County Sheriff Mike Reece said, adding he had never seen anything like it in his 27 years in law enforcement in the area. "We've had murders, but nothing like this. This is just senseless."

He said Billy Clay Payne, Jr. and Billie Jean Hayworth were killed last month after they deleted Jenelle Potter, the daughter of one of the suspects, from their "friends" list. Both were shot in the head and the man had his throat cut.

The couple's 8-month-old baby was in the mother's arms, unharmed, when the bodies were found.

Marvin Enoch "Buddy" Potter Jr., 60, and Jamie Lynn Curd, 38, were each charged on Wednesday in Mountain City in northeastern Tennessee with two counts of first-degree murder. The men were arrested on Tuesday.

The case was not the first involving violence linked to Facebook. Last year in Iowa, a woman was arrested on accusations of setting fire to a friend's garage after she was defriended on the social network site, local media reported.

In Texas, a man was accused of hitting his wife after she failed to "like" a Facebook post he wrote about the anniversary of his mother's death, according to media reports.

In the Tennessee case, Reece said a couple of harassment cases had been filed against Jenelle Potter in court over "someone blocking her or taking her off." "Once you've crossed her, you've crossed her father too," Reece said, adding that Jenelle Potter, in her late 20s or early 30s, stays home with her parents and was constantly on Facebook.

Her father, "Buddy" Potter, will return to court next week for a bond hearing after he hires an attorney. Curd, also a second cousin of one of the victims, was appointed an attorney and bond was set at $750,000 for each murder count. His preliminary hearing will be in March.

No charges have been filed against Jenelle Potter, the sheriff said. She could not be reached for comment.

Curd's attorney, R.O. Smith, an assistant public defender, said it was "safe to say there's more to it than the Facebook problem, it appears."

"I wish I could provide more of what went on, but there's needless to say a lot of rumors swirling around and nothing substantiated on the rumors," Smith said.

(Reporting By Tim Ghianni; Editing by Mary Wisniewski and Cynthia Johnston)
And here'a a fucking link for all the copyright lawyers.

Next, Tedious Pictures

Actual running time about (2:35).


Take it from us, you want the orange one in the background.

Bloody Hell!

That is, fuck, shit, piss, yada.

Dragged the aged (& working just fine while plugged in at the shop) devil-box back from the shop & all it wants to do is ...
Seriously, we're guessing the new hard drive wasn't firmly implanted, & the dragging about may have loosened something if not another. Maybe we'll feel like opening it up tomorrow.

Very Busy

Go away.

Friday, February 10, 2012

More From CPAC

Look who dropped in on the panel noted immediately below! Renowned (For being such a moron.) Republican Representative from Iowa Steve King, who is a big fan of Peter Brimelow.
King had no qualms about associating himself with Brimelow when I caught up with the congressman after the panel. "Consider the source, I'm not in a position to judge people in the fashion that they seem to be so free to do," King said of the SPLC.

King was not on the public schedule for the panel held at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), and showed up as a surprise guest an hour after the panel started. Hosted by a group called ProEnglish—which supports English as the official language—the panel was titled "The Failure of Multiculturalism." According to King's assistant, the congressman had always planned to attend in order to push the bill he has sponsored to make English the country's only official language. After standing at the podium and pitching his bill to make English the legal language—"there's no reason to back off, there's no reason to think all the names we're called are accurate, they are not"—King sat down with the panelists to take questions. When Brimelow introduced himself to the congressman, King exclaimed, "Oh yes, Peter! I've read your books, I just hadn't met you."
This Peter Brimelow:
Brimelow's prepared remarks during the panel railed against laws in Canada that dictate a dual national language, French and English. "I think it's a hogwash," he said of bilingualism, proudly touting his knowledge of only one language. "I've never felt the absence."

CPAC 2012

Seems as if it was only a yr. ago ... (Oh, it was? That was an entire yr. ago? How it flies as one speeds downhill to the grave.) And like the seasons & other horrid annual events, CPAC is back, this yr. w/ white nationalists!
Screen capture & gory details from RWW.

Just one appetite-whetting quote:
Brimelow, an immigrant from Great Britain, expresses his fear of the loss of America’s white majority, blames non-white immigrants for social and economic problems and urges the Republican Party to give up on minority voters and focus on winning the white vote. He also said that a New York City subway is the same as an Immigration and Naturalization Service waiting room, “an underworld that is not just teeming but also almost entirely colored.”
Well fuck, it it weren't colored you wouldn't be able to see anything!

Romney: A Verb

Spreading R-money.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today's Turkey

Tony Perkins. We wonder if Holy Tony could tell us which of those ten or so commandments has to do w/ false witness. He should certainly know.

Cooties From "Uncovered Meat?"

We missed it, but via No More Mr. Nice Blog we can repeat it.
Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum told a Spartanburg crowd Wednesday that the only woman he’s ever sat on a couch with is his wife, a not-so-subtle dig at former House speaker Newt Gingrich, who appeared seated next to Democrat Nancy Pelosi in a 2008 ad urging action on climate change.
99¢ Only Store psychology follows; we doubt that Nancy Pelosi is Santorum's entire point here. Per Rick's patriarchal/Talibanic attitudes, he's probably afraid that, like fellow bead-rattler Gingrich, his self-control will give out should a tempting tramp (or trollop) sit next to him.
In the religious address on adultery to about 500 worshippers in Sydney last month, Sheik Hilali said: "If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it ... whose fault is it, the cats or the uncovered meat?

"The uncovered meat is the problem."

The sheik then said: "If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred."

He said women were "weapons" used by "Satan" to control men.

"It is said in the state of zina (adultery), the responsibility falls 90 per cent of the time on the woman. Why? Because she possesses the weapon of enticement (igraa)."
Or just the possibility of cooties? (Directly connected to the "weapon of enticement [igraa]" of course.) Either way, Rick is scared, & as so often, what most scares him is himself. Which is why he's trying to clamp down on America's sex life & will not shut up about morality: He's still trying to convince himself.

"Not Just A Socialist"

David Frum in a very expensive Mayfair restaurant:
By the time my main course arrived, the restaurant was nearly open: just me and another table—a very loud older American man and two younger European friends, a man and a woman. He was explaining American politics to them. For what it's worth, his accent was more New Jersey than South Carolina.

"This man Obama is a communist. Not just a socialist. A communist. And his wife—she goes on these shopping sprees—it's like we're ruled by the Mugabes or something. We're going broke, and they're spending everything in sight."

He was so pleased by the Mugabe comparison that he repeated it twice more before the dinner ended.
The shopping sprees? Where the First Lady apparently spends directly from the U.S. Treasury? Not so much. And it must be nice if "going broke" involves dining in very expensive restaurants.

Return To A Natural State

[C]riminals in search of valuable pieces of scrap metal and copper have moved in – or more like broken in – to the former station at Temple Street and Benton Way. Residents who attended a community meeting last month heard that the station sustained water damage in late November after copper thieves cut into pipes that were still in use.  A few months earlier, burglars broke into the building and made off with electrical boxes,  said burglary Dect. Teresa Hernandez of the Rampart Division, which is now housed in a new building on Sixth Street. “We have been having ongoing problems.”

The burglars who stole the electrical boxes were not caught but two men were arrested by police following the day-time break-in on Nov. 29. Neighbors alerted police to the break-in, and officers encountered the men as the thieves were carrying a large pipe across the property, Hernandez said. The men ran off and climbed over a fence only to be apprehended by officers waiting nearby. A third suspect – who tipped off the two other men with a cell phone call – got away.
Yup, same building (new at the time) used for exteriors on ADAM-12. And hooray for technology, even if he didn't call his associates fast enough.

The Unheard Music

OK, we haven't heard it in some time.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Continuing A Theme

A very recent picture of something not un-interesting from the very G. Leonard & Downtown News mentioned below.
The original façade will be restored as part of Clifton's owner Andrew Meieran's renovation of the property at 648 S. Broadway. The project will add three new bars and another restaurant to the site.

Misty ... Something ... Memories

An iconic image of local action & police terror.
Gary Leonard took the photo (He took a shot atof us once too, for the Downtown News' Question Man or whatever they called it feature.) the LAPD put it on Facebook, we observed it at L.A. Observed.

Topper: We saw the Ramones at The Palladium some time in 1983 (Spring/Summer, maybe? Can't remember the other acts, either.) so all the Facebookers who are proud of seeing The Ramones there in '89 can fuck off, & tell their mothers we said so.

Hump Day: Shake Like Jell-O On A Plate

Over halfway through Weds. already. Will wonders never cease?

A well-recorded recording of an all-star ensemble.So too damn bad there were only two cameras, or the director didn't call any better shots or whatever was responsible for our not seeing much of anyone but the Wolf.

(We are a picky weasel, aren't we?)

Added music stuff. We can't call it trivia. (Or music, even.)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Music, Not So Often

200 Yrs.

The Dickens you say!What would the social reformer say about the completely non-ironic references to debtor's prisons & poor houses made by contemporary conservatives?

And look, we're linking to this is all, not necessarily endorsing it. We're decidedly middle-brow & sho nuff enjoyed the Dickens we read in school, but we're not going beyond that. (This we might read. Tee vee is king.) It would be no surprise if Harold Robbins or Jackie Susann were the only later mid-20th century writers remembered & still in print 150-odd yrs. from now. (Assuming there's anything left to sit on. And for all we know virtually everything may be perpetually in print if there is any technology left, & the phrase "still in print" will be meaningless.)

Probation Report

Convicted Federal felon James O'Keefe III has found a new friend, Roger L. Simon
CEO, PJ Media, LLC

Roger L. pimps Project Veritas's amazing & provocative investigation revealing that in Minnesota, you can apply to vote under the names Tim Tebow or Tom Brady.

The most telling aspect is that several of the subjects did not, for heaven's sake, recognize the names Timothy Tebow & Thomas Brady as being the names of well-known-to-the-sports-fan quarterbacks in the National Football League! No more proof is needed, is it?

Oddly, no word as to whether these attempted registrations will actually be registered by the county clerk or whoever, of course. And no indication of how this will affect any election in any way, either. Or if Project Veritas  will be sending its flying monkeys out to vote using these registrations. Which wouldn't prove much, but would be much more impressive than this crap. (Really, go ahead & finish your fraud, fuckers.)

Sweet Blood of Jesus, this is so fucking tiring. All-too-recent history should have made it perfectly clear to the American public that elections are stolen by state gov'ts. (from the head down) &/or Supreme Courts, & O'keefe should have been laughed down so many times by now that even bottom-feeders like
Roger L. Simon
CEO, PJ Media, LLC

wouldn't besmirch their bandwidth w/ his garbage. But no lessons have been learned.

The only remotely fresh observation that can made here is that, for once, rather than projecting, the right is deflecting here, hoping such stunts will draw attention from the voter suppression tactics regularly employed by the Grifting Old Party against the votes of any one but old white bastards & bitches.

Oh, Canada

Canadians (Alright, just one of them, but from - you guessed it - Canada'a complaint capital, B.C.!) take to the Internets to bemoan Canadian-ness/-osity, as it keeps him from seeing the adverts from south of the border.
What does that mean? I watched the game here in Vancouver and logged all the advertisements. When America got an overproduced Bud Light Platinum ad, British Columbia got a lightly droll spot for a domestic IPA, Alexander Keith's. Around the time America was watching John Stamos peddle Greek yogurt, British Columbia was learning about job creation and infrastructure. Shortly after America watched a joyful promo for NBC shows such as Community, British Columbia watched a local advertisement for—I kid you not—an actual community college.

Three More Things From Memeorandum We Won't Read

After however many yrs. of building the Ronald Reagan tearing down the wall w/ his bare hands myth, no one has learned the lesson? Really?

All that can be learned from the menacing threat of communism is that the state & its enabling pundits want to scare you w/ national security bullshit & attendant fear-mongering, distracting you from noticing that your rights & freedoms have been taken away in order to save them. Because, unless the army has mutinied & is, as we type, storming the Winter PalaceWhite House w/ a mob of Bolsheviks, there is currently sweet fuck all resembling communism (threat or menace) in these United Snakes.

Yet almost twenty yrs. on it's "Communism has fallen, but don't let down your guard: It's trickiest when it's down!" Who still writes this crap? It was starting to creak by the time of the double-knit leisure suit, you'd think it would be as long forgotten.

In parting, we'd love to explain to Bruce McQuain that neither big-c nor little-c communism had much impact on political discourse in the big-w West; why would the collapse of something routinely dismissed as bound to fail have had any impact beyond a rousing chorus of "Nyah nyah nyah," which we'll just bet is what we'd hear if we did read this trinity of turkeys.

Entrail Readings

Few things more boring or pointless than poring over polls & typing about them. Polls in general, & polls about the polarized political slag-fest (We hope!) that will be over in nine agonizing months.

Might as well slit open a sheep & start divining as try to come to any long-term conclusions about the American public. (Other than one or two generalized trends we could mention.)

Grifting W/ Gingrich

The Las Vegas interests:Later: Plus which.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Where's The Rock?

We anxiously await, LACMA.

♡-Positive Riddim Nostalgia

Continuing in the "As if any imaginary readers give a crap vein," we've been rooting about in YouTube & found some sweet truffles: Albums we once owned. And in their vinyl incarnations. (Tedious pretension, or a lame attempt to get additional & unneeded street cred?) Imaginary readers may listen along/suffer, or not. (Fortunately for them, it's not the damn radio around here, 'though maybe it should be.)Dealing w/ the present if not real world, we note (fingers crossed, knocking on wood) that the devil-box has not, while playing Flash crap, frozen all graphics/presented us w/ an irritating digital drone (let alone the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile either crashing & recovering, or causing Windows itself to crash) since we stopped piggybacking on the no doubt cheap & slow wireless router of the dumb fuck neighborhelpful stranger whose password was the name of his/her "network," & returned to a hard-wired* Internet connection.

Thanks nonetheless for being there when we needed you, helpful stranger!
*Not to mention our hard-wired to the modem, not-even-cordless but w/ a wired handset 'phone.
All one sentence!

Clothing Up-Date

1555 & we just got a pair of socks on.

We Get "Letters"

For once, a solicitation in our inbox comes from someone/a robotic entity who may have some idea of what goes on here.
As someone who would appreciate this, I thought this article may be something your readers enjoy.
Odd syntax there, but Pets Lady is right. There are those who will enjoy. Samples:
S.G. Komen katydid. Very timely.

Cute Bug 3) Spinybacked Orbweaver Spider

Three spiders out of ten bugs. Beetles, it seems, are cuter.

Moyers Explains Alinsky

[T]he name Alinksy didn't even ring a bell when it first got trotted out, round about the time the Wright and Ayers cards finally went flaccid.
No bell for us either.

This may help:Bill Moyers Essay: Newt's Obsession with Saul Alinsky from We found it at truthdig. Bonus self-link to an Alinsky link. From one of many alma maters, yet.

Wknd. In The Country

Golfing, of course.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Trends In Architecture

The New Frugalism.
Been like this for at least a wk.

Race Against Time


Led by Dr. Elliot Caine (trumpet).
The York, Highland Park, Los Angeles, Calif., 15 January 2012.