Saturday, January 7, 2012

13th Night, & Just Barely

Two wks. already?

They Type So We Needn't

One or another of those American Something mags:
One of the striking things about the Republican field is the degree to which they now disparage Wall Street (while still calling for Dodd-Frank’s repeal) and sing the praises of manufacturing. Santorum would eliminate the tax on US manufacturers, Romney impose tariffs on Chinese goods if they don’t revalue their currency, Huntsman bolster manufacturing through means as yet unspecified. They all understand—as does Obama—that Americans truly dislike the rise of finance over manufacturing as our dominant economic sector, though none of them— including Obama—have a clear idea what to do to reverse it. It defies all credulity that Romney, the man who built Bain Capital, really wants to diminish finance, but it will be fascinating to see him campaign across Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, for instance, as manufacturing’s champion against Obama.
That bold part would be the elephant on the plant floor: Nothing can be done. "We are so screwed;" not so funny when it's true, is it?

Here's A Segue:

Typing of knowing/not-knowing when to stop, we are very much enjoying soundly-defeated onetime Pennsylvania Senator/lobbyist Rick Santorum's ongoing campaign to we don't know what the fuck. Really, to what is he up?

Been There, Done That

The doc’s writer-producer-director Peter Jones confirmed that he had been pursuing Carson in letters from the time he famously retired from Tonight in 1992 to participate in a doc on his life, but he never received so much as a response. “Then one day in 2002 I got a call and heard, ‘Johnny Carson’s on Line 2,’ and I thought it was a joke. But it was really Johnny. He said to me, ‘Peter, you write a very good letter. I know you want me to participate in this, but I won’t be doing anything about my life because you know what? I don’t give a shit. … I’ve done everything I want to do and said everything I want to say. There is nothing more.’ And that was that.”
Knew when to get out, too. By way of.

Wait'll Next Winter

Friday, January 6, 2012

Slander & Shing-A-Ling

Slander might have been a problem.

Just A Guess, Mind You ...

... but would any one be surprised if the Hitler-Pope has a phalanx of pedophile priests (Redundant?) praying for a Gingrich/Santorum 2012 Catholic GOP ticket & victory?

(It's certainly obvious to us that the Catholic G-d wanted the New World to be Catholic, or "He" wouldn't have sent the Portuguese & Spanish here before the apostate British. And now the plan may be fulfilled.)


We All Win When We All Play

Can't fool that TBogg for long, can you?

Although, as we always (& magnanimously) point out when we beat somebody to something, the Blog-o-verse is not a competition, but an exhibition. There are neither winners nor losers.

(Also, the legal eagles said we didn't really have much of a case.)

Empty Parking Lot Of The Soul

Kitty Car

You cretins probably don't remember the shots we ran of this '57 Chevy Bel Air wagon a while ago, & we're too lazy to look for it, but here it is again w/ a cat on it, & another hanging out beneath it.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Nor did we ask for some robot's opinion.

So Long, Shelley

"I have decided to stand aside,” Mrs. Bachmann said at a news conference in West Des Moines.

Of the six candidates who seriously competed in the Iowa caucus, Mrs. Bachmann came in last, winning only 5 percent of the vote.
She will be missed.
So let's rub it in a bit more.
Thank You America!
I will be forever grateful to Iowa and its people for launching us on this path with our victory in the Iowa Straw Poll. While I will not be continuing in this race, my faith in the Lord God Almighty, this country, in our republic, has been strengthened. As I have traveled around Iowa, and the country, I have seen the very best in America, our people. And I will always believe in the greatness of them and the greatness of our God.

And, of course, I am deeply grateful to our entire campaign team, here in Iowa, in South Carolina and everywhere. I have no regrets. We never compromised our principles and we can leave this race knowing that we ran it with integrity and that we made an important contribution.

Thank you, God Bless you.
And we remember when the Minnesota Madwoman first crossed the American radar:Our editorial staff has just the slightest suspicion we've not heard the last of Mme. B. Fingers crossed.

Reggae Weds. In Hell

Overkill.Still wondering: Is it really Weds.?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Darwin Award In Naval Aviation

The F-11 Tiger is noted for being the first jet aircraft to shoot itself down. On 21 September 1956, during a test firing of its 20 mm (.79 in) cannons, pilot Tom Attridge fired two bursts mid-way through a shallow dive. As the velocity and trajectory of the cannon rounds decayed, they ultimately crossed paths with the Tiger as it continued its descent, disabling it and forcing Attridge to crash land the aircraft; he survived.[3][4]


Stupid jerks in Iowa having their little caucuses so early this yr. & we still haven't had the cable reattached. We won't be able to hear shit-loads of shitheads pontificate & punditize about what a tiny & hickish slice of these United Snakes has to say about choosing the next president.

Nonetheless, having rec'd. our gubmintinsurance payment today, we're really going to get on that. And, while still confused as to the day & date, realized, ward of the state or not, we've rent to pay. No carefree afternoon of watching Bachelor Father & Leave It to Beaver. BRB.

Love Me

Sometimes you just want to scream it at the top of your lungs.
Others can be cruel.
Ultimately, one is alone in the urban environment.

Republican Rabbit's Foot

The Constitution as talisman:

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hope We Die 'Fore ...

The visibly aging slide further into irrelevance & oblivion, via.

Pushing them down that slide? Their fucking parents.
Even before the headlines about pot-smoking grannies, things were changing. The community’s fitness centers, for example, had extended their hours to accommodate a suddenly higher proportion of residents who decided to keep working rather than retire. Exercise classes had begun offering yoga, meditation, and Zumba, and Marcia Wilson, the manager of social services, says she started to notice sixtysomething neighbors who’d moved to be near ninetysomething parents now were making up about a third of her caregiver support groups.
[We emphasize.]

Do not know/care what the hell Zumba is, by the way.

Now Is It 2012?

Totally confused, as it is what? & yet the Rose Parade (Specifically, re-run #3 thereof.) is on the telly but New Years' Eve was night before last ...

Realizing that having been unemployedretired for some time, time (esp. trivialities such as days & dates) has much less meaning than to the wage-enslaved.

Also confused because of the blimps that were about yesterday. ('Though not the B-2 "Spirit" stealth bomber, which showed today to reënforce that this is a militaristic society.)

East-side blimps:
Central city blimp (Poor folks only get one, & it advertises alcohol.):

Bullshit For The New Yr.

Mr. Door Tree's Golden Age Comic Book Stories has been a favorite site of this web log since we found it & started stealing stuff a couple yrs. ago. Now, following a naked picture or two, some Puritan asshole has hit him w/ Blogger's bullshit CONTENT WARNING, just like Mick Farren's DOC40. This has ticked Mr. Tree off, &, although he has a poor attitude about certain (Most?) Internet denizens:
I never post self gratifying pixs of myself...who cares what I look like or what I did when I was a teen-ager...I don't get it why so many people go that cares!
we're the forgiving type, & would urge all to visit the site to discourage him from quitting, provide some well-deserved clicks, & look at all the swell stuff he presents to the world. (In high-quality scans, too.)

And a resounding "Fuck you w/ a splintered broomstick!" to both Blogger & the shit-heel who clicked the CONTENT WARNING button. How sad that in an allegedly free democracy one piece of easily offended garbage is given the power to censor anybody & anything.

Decade (Or So) In Review

Bush, Obama and a new century’s dark debut

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oh, Hi

Time marches on. Good yada yada for the new yr., y'all.