Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rose Bowl Recap

We're wearing our USC ballcap, yet the effing Bruins had an interception mere seconds into the Battle for Los Angeles, & a touchdown not long after.

Somewhat conflicted here, as an SC semi-alum who gets discount dental service at the UCLA Dental School, & contemplated sleeping on the UCLA campus during our un-housed period. However, our immediate male ancestor having graduated from the University of Spoiled Children, we're going w/ Southern Cal.

Either way, the winner of this one will have the Ducks of Oregon hand them their helmets in the PAC12 championship game. We'll be happy as long as the Trojans beat the vicious Catholic MolestersFighting Irish of Nôtre Dame next wk.

Uh-oh. Field goal. UCLA 10, USC 0, zip, nada, yada.
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