Wednesday, November 14, 2012

☢Holiday Message From The Publisher☣

Now that the fucking Xmas decorations are up & the Xmas adverts are all over the telly, a mere six wks. before the dreaded event, we wish to remind you, if we haven't made it perfectly clear already, of just how much we hate you & your species.

And while some of you are evil scum who should have been strangled at birth, the trouble w/ the vast majority of you is that you bore us limp when you're not driving us nervous.

Stop it!


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

We hate you right back!

mikey said...

And yet they have us outnumbered.


Substance McGravitas said...

Stop it!

Turns out it's kinda hard to get this done properly if you're afraid of heights.

Weird Dave said...

So here's how the misanthrope thing was explained to me:
I was talking with this nice young lady, a friend of a friend, and she's, "I don't like people."
Me, "I'm a people. You don't like me?"
She, "Oh no. You're a person."

Emmm hmmm. OK then.

OBS said...

Stop it!


jim said...

Rest assured, the moment this species stops boring you, your first sensation will be an acute pang of nostalgia for these Good New Days of yore.

"They will wish for boredom, & boredom will pass them by. They will lust for ennui, & seek it high & low - but find it they shall not."

Careful what you wish for.

M. Bouffant said...

Publisher's Page:
Dave's right, get too many of you in one room & it's trouble & irritation.

You will all be fine as long as you don't look over the side.

We're already more on the irked to angry scale than bored. And we never get what we wish for. Not even from Santa.

Weird Dave said...

Which, of course, in no way forgives the drooling, glassy-eyed masses from their greedy, mindless, only slightly exacerbated by the season, excessive consumptionisim.