Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bimbo Eruption Explained

Nut-picking, sure. And?
Ragspierre says:
…a party that was well out of touch with the demographic, generational, and ideological changes quietly transforming the electorate.
Well, PARTLY true.  Across all ages, Romney won the with Anglos.  He won with men, if the early numbers I saw were right.
What he did not win were “victim classes” the Collective has cut out of the American people, including a new one: “Julia”.
I take exception with your title, McQ.  It breaks rationally with the content.
Being a minority party…and the conservative coalition is NOT…is not the same as going out of existence, is it?  The nation has moved away from conservative ideology before, and been brought back.  I’m not convinced that it has moved away in our time, and the election results don’t support a vast shift outside of California and New York.  Recent history, in fact, shows the opposite.
Both you and Cook make a raft of assumptions about “being out of touch” that I still think the information does not support.
Bill Whittle pointed out something in a recent FireWall that I’d never heard before, and certainly bears investigating; among conservatives who are NOT REGISTERED to vote, the primary reason they give is avoiding jury duty.  That is astounding.
Winning elections is important.  But what you will DO with the power of an office is a LOT more important, and I am by no means convinced we need a radical retooling of what we believe.  Especially on BAD information…while harboring a rout mentality.
What part of limited government and individual liberty do you propose to drop for popularity?
This must be denial: Whites & men, esp. white men, because victims & women. "NOT a minority, a member of a grand coalition!!" (Offer not available in Calif. or N.Y.)

Is this humor?
looker says:
“and I am by no means convinced we need a radical retooling of what we believe.”

Herein lies the problem – if we were standing next to Tonto at this point in the joke he’d be saying “what do you mean ‘we’ paleface”.

We can comfort ourselves thinking those who believe roughly what we believe just couldn’t be motivated to vote, or we can acknowledge that perhaps the Erbs and their ilk have taken a better control than we give them credit for.  I’m your cockeyed optimist and I believe it CAN come back our way, but the voting public apparently decided for the moment to buy the quack medicine that the Democrats believe will make us all better.
New code: "Erbs." Hmmm ... nothing in the obligatory but short search to indicate what an "Erb" & its ilk would be in this context. Any guesses?

But all of the above was mere context. If anyone's gotten this far, here is the full dope on today's scandal:
Neo says:
… but God help Julia if with her ObamaCare contraceptive coverage she should decide to become a “military groupie” because the FBI will be coming around to determine the appropriateness of her life style.
Leave it to a bunch of Democrats to create a “target rich” sexual environment then bring in the “modesty police.”
The Democrats are really blowing it if this guy's giving credit where due & the Dems indeed invented sex. "The party that brought you sex" sounds like a winner.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I thought you said, "Bimbo Eruption Explained".

mikey said...

My guess is that "Erbs" is phonetic slang for "Urbans" which is the current dogwhistle term of art for the colored people with the baggy trousers and the hippety hop so-called music...

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

As much as I think mikey is right, part of me wishes he meant 'erbs' as in erbs, grues, and leucomorphs.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Shouldn't it be "Urbs", then?

M. Bouffant said...

Urbane Editor:
Erbs w/ an "e": Extra subtle.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...