Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wimps & Weenies

We keep telling you limp-dicked liberal pansies to stop fucking internalizing shit
From TPM Reader LW …
Wondering if you heard the quote from a pollster that EJ Dionne mentionned [sic] on (I think) the Rachel Maddow Show. Anyway, the pollster, according to Dionne, said, “Whwn [sic] I come out with a poll with bad news for Republicans, they want to kill me. When I come out with a poll that’s bad for Democrats, they want to kill themselves.” I think that comes really close to explaining the difference between the two parties and what has been happening since that first disastrous debate.
& to start lashing out in righteousness. Also fear & anger. And hate & pain. Rage, already! What in hell is holding you back? Oooh. Baaaaaa!

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