Monday, October 22, 2012

Foiled Again

We were gong to note how appropriate it is to have the third & final Sacks of Presidential Shit debate in Florida's Boca Raton, as we were laboring under the impression that Boca Raton translates as Mouse/Rat Mouth, but the usual cursory search reveals that's not the actual origin of the name, so fuck it.

We'll be watching the beisbol game anyway, because we are a real American.

Speaking of coverage of the national pastime, sideline/dugout/whatever reporter Erin Andrews, isn't FOX Sports paying you enough that you could hire a voice coach? Jesus fucking goddam Christ, you sound like a 'tween being strangled. Of course FOX Sports hired you w/o insisting that you learn how to speak as if you'd actually finished puberty, so they're as much to blame. Just as w/ FOX News, apparently all it takes is a bottle of hair color.

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