Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blogspot Evil-Doing News & The Usual Passive-Aggressive Death Threats/Not So Secret Desires

If you Bloggerers haven't noticed, you can again test-play embedded videos in Preview. Why that ever changed is beyond us, but we're merely human, not fascist-corporatist robot entrepreneurs.

And 'though we've sent several increasingly angry, rude & obscene feedbacks about having both the Compose & HTML fields visible at the same time (as of last night it was still driving us insane like a fork in the brain) we never moaned about videos not playing in Preview. It's as if they aren't even paying attention.

Boy howdy would we like to be in the same room as those two assholes Brin & Page for just a few minutes. Perhaps a bit of karma has been rendered, but that's about like us losing a buck fifty from our US$20.00 wad. We are reduced to hoping that one day while filthy communist Brin is enjoying himself parachuting (on our fucking dime) neither his main 'chute nor his reserve 'chute will open. SPLAT!
Sergey Brin: Bound for mush, if we have anything to say about it.
Or a whale will fucking eat him. (Google's fucking world-wide collection of server farms is probably releasing so much carbon dioxide evil his precious fucking whales will boil to death. Hypocrite.) Fingers crossed.

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