Thursday, September 6, 2012

We Hate You & Everybody Like You

A brace of religious ragheads (And doesn't that say everything about religion, that, for no reason at all other than tribalizing  these ninnies have to wrap a towel around their head before they go out in public?) whine about hate crimes.

Here's a clue: Religion is a choice (Unless the religious person is so fucking brain-dead that s/he was born into a religious culture & was unable to think his/her way out of the net of deception & indoctrination.) not a condition of birth. The foolish & ignorant deserve to be hated, whether they were born that way or chose to shut off their mental faculties. No one likes Scientologists, Mormons & their ilk (NB: The Sikh "religion" is another obviously bogus Mormon-style invention.) why should we respect any of this crap? Let's start beating some fucking sense into these cretins. At least tax the fucking hell out of their scams & cons.

And get a fucking shave & wash your hair once in a while you hippie whiners.
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