Sunday, July 8, 2012

"What are your thoughts on George Soros and his agenda for America?"

Yes, Brad Thor, what are your thoughts on the Soros agenda? Are these thoughts any different from the Glenn Beck fantasies you've swallowed whole? No?

Moving on then, could you advise us which subway stations should be reinforced against impending invasion by the mole people? Sasquatch? Does the Loch Ness monster disprove evolution? Today's the 65th anniv. of the Roswell, NM flying thing whatever. Where do you think Obama is hiding the aliens? How far up your ass does your head go?

We could go on, but why, when Mrs. Thomas's ghost-writer will take it from here, in Ginni's inimitable (What, seventh-grade?) book report style?
Brad Thor [Stop it! You're killing us w/ this "Brad Thor" bit. — Editor/Publisher] is a conservative literary culture warrior.

If you liked Jack Bauer and the TV series “24,” you’ll love the best-selling stories Thor weaves about warriors in the intelligence world waging battle to maintain our freedoms.

Thor, 43, is an old-fashioned patriot and political thriller author. His last book, “Full Black,” pits a former Navy SEAL Team Six member against a George Soros-like character who seeks to destabilize America. His next book, “Black List,” comes out later this month.

Noting Thor’s propensity to insert so many facts into his fictional novels, radio host Glenn Beck said Thor’s books should be referred to as “fact-ion.”
Wait, the guy typesweaves a best-selling story containing such facts as "The sky was blue-ish & the sun was warm," so it's all true?
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