Friday, June 22, 2012

MOR (Stay Out Of It)

Here it comes again ... "Pragmatic Center" ... yada yada ... problem solving ... blah blah blah ... eyes glazing over ...
A majority of voters (54%) are Problem Solving Voters (PSVs), which is defined as someone who:
— When voting for national office, chooses candidates who are focused on solving problems rather than the candidates who align most closely with their party affiliation
— If a member of a political party, somewhat often or frequently votes for candidates outside of their party for national office

94% of Independents are Problem Solving Voters, compared to 30% of Democrats and 33% of Republicans
— Problem Solving Voters are discouraged with the current state of our country—only 29% think the country is heading in the right direction, compared to 42% of non-PSVs
— Only 16% of PSVs believe that the current leaders in Washington are able to get things done; 84% believe we ultimately need a new group of leaders who are focused on solving problems

If the 2012 Presidential election were held today, Mitt Romney would win the PSV vote 51-49, while Barack Obama would win the non-PSV vote 52-48
—This is in contrast to the 2008 election, when Obama carried the PSV vote 48-37
—On specific issues, PSVs see Romney as more of a problem solving candidate for Tax Policy (55%), Deficit Reduction (58%), and Immigration (51%), and see Obama as more of a problem solving candidate for Healthcare (59%)
Sure, mediocrities should be elected to represent mediocre Americans. Why not?

This remains sound advice:

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