Friday, May 11, 2012


Hey irksome tattooed (A tat! Wow that's clever! Psych! [What the hell was that & "Not!" about? Is it already time for Wayne's World nostalgia?]) out-of-towner, where the fuck-tuck-tucking hell do you think Silver Lake & elsewhere local hipsters come from? Insufferable shit-holes just like if not Tennessee is where. Insufferable shit-holes they had to leave because they were too sensitive to live in a town w/o pity, or just because Mitt Romney's 21st-century equivalent kept shaving their waxed dick-dusters. (Natives don't have to act hip; we're already from the big city.)Sound advice: "Stop that, you'll hurt your throat."

Dragged in for us (like meat) by laist.
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