Thursday, April 26, 2012

World Of Lies

Digging the new design at SlateSalon (12 hrs. later: Admit it; no one noticed, & few can tell the difference.)? (You do know who else that red, white & black color scheme worked out well for, don't you?) We saw something there we were going to analyze in depth (No we weren't. We maybe were going to skim it.) but what's the fucking point (of anything, ever, really) especially of political discourse, once you're grasped the unchanging truth of the very first paragraph:
The rulebook for conservative punditry is straightforward. Push for a policy. When it turns into a disaster, defend it. When the defense becomes untenable, ignore it. Finally, when something unrelated but positive occurs, take credit for it.
Good for you if, after that, you still give a flying fuck about the specific bullshit referred to in the item. If you do, you're a better citizen then we are. And a masochistic moron.

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