Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cassius "The Greatest" Clay 70 Today

While it's still the big day in most of these United Snakes. (As always, really on top of it. Note MLK tie-in.)
Muhammad Ali & Martin Luther King Jr. meet the press
after conferring on The Champ's draft status,
Louisville, Kentucky, 29 March 1967.
Certainly the greatest draft resister ever. Keep punching, Champ!

Lucky Ducky

Very lucky. Lives in a rich person's pond in Pasadena which is not open to the 99%. We had to shoot these through the fence.

Big Back-Up

What was in the sink when we returned yesterday.

American Dream Report

Headline in one of the S e-rags:

Get used to living with
Mom and Dad

The era of empty nests may be over unless we change our work culture and our economy. An expert explains

We didn't read the item & don't advise you do so either, but apparently mentioning w/o linking is a breach of form.

So, not only will the next generation not "do" as well as their parents, the rapacious Boomers, they'll be not doing as well at home w/ Boomer mom & dad. (Or whatever generation of sheep came after the Boomers. We don't have to keep up.)

We can not emphasize how good a deal being childless & alone is. Imagine your new, adult empty nest again overrun as the brats you spoiled come home to roost.

Hilarity Ensues

Beyond Mombasa

Critics' Rating:

Release Year:
MPAA Rating:
A missionary in Kenya tells a drifter his uranium-miner brother has been killed by leopard men.

Whozis Dude?

Whoever he is, he has a website & everything.

ABBA Reuniting?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dulled Out

To the extent that our eyes rolled back in our head & we contemplated biting our tongue off to see if we could feel it.

Maybe we're having a fit.

Wave Bye-Bye, Junior

Jon Huntsman leaves the stage in Myrtle Beach, S.C.
(Mark Wilson/Getty Images/16 January 2012)

Son Of A Billionaire

Per The New York Times, via e-mail:
Former Gov. Jon M. Huntsman Jr. of Utah formally ended his once promising Republican presidential run with a call for party unity, asking the five candidates he leaves on the field to end their negative ads, and chastising President Obama for engaging in “class warfare.”
Class warfare indeed. As committed by the dirty libs of The NYT & patrician Obama, not by a "billionaire industrialist" & his loser son.

Days Of Our Lives

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bringing The War Back Home

The latest & apparently last victim of the O.C. serial killer was, just like the alleged killer, a military veteran,
John Berry, 64, is warned on Jan. 5 by Anaheim Police Sgt. Mike Lynch about the serial killer preying on homeless men in Orange County. On Friday, Berry himself was killed. (Allen J. Schaben, Los Angeles Times/January 6, 2012)
although the victim of one of America's earlier wars of aggression.
ANAHEIM - A tribute made up of candles, ballooons, coffee cups, cookies, cigarettes and a gray-white stuffed elephant lies next to the trash enclosure where a serial killer's fourth victim was stabbed and killed.

Locals in the area who say they knew him, calling him John, came out early Saturday to pay respects and remember the friendly, God-fearing, Santa Claus-like looking man.

Marilyn Holland and Linda Maher shared stories about the mild-mannered Vietnam vet who was known to never ask for money but always got it anyhow.

As Maher drive up in her pickup truck, she called over to Holland, "Was it John?" she asked. "This makes me so mad. I'm so sick about John. He never asked for money. When people gave him money, he always said, 'God bless you.'"

Holland said she had warned John about the serial killer and had wanted to buy him a cell phone.

"He always liked to sit and drink coffee at Carl's Jr., read his bible and do crossword puzzles out of the paper. It such a tragedy, he looked just like Santa Claus," she said. "He was friends with everyone. Even the coyotes in the riverbed, he gave them all names."
Have we mentioned how much we hate this fucking country, & the people in it that make it such a shit-hole? You might have missed it.

Fractal Trees

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Zillion Wordsworth

10,000+ pix at 1,000 words each would be a zillion, right?
"For entertainment purposes only - All rights go to Ryan & Sheri Killackey."
Most amused by "A DAY IN CALIFORNIA" when none of it takes place more than, say, 100 klicks north of Laws Angeleeze.

Found object.

Wanna Make Something Of It?

Yes, we muted the National Anthem (performed by what appeared to be Huey fucking Lewis) at the beginning of the NFL game.

Simpleton Report

Today's morons brought to us by The New York Times.
“There are a lot of folks who believe that we are really in the end times,” he told me, “and the election of Obama was a signal that the end times were here.” But after Republicans came roaring back in 2010, he said, a lot of those conservatives decided that maybe the apocalypse was still a way off, after all.
There's no indication whether it was Mr. Obama's negritude or Democrat-ness that caused this belief.

Friday, January 13, 2012

It Was A Fucking Joke, Nimrod

See? And not that bad a joke.What we find most disturbing is that this took place at a dump in SC (Redundant?) called the Squat 'N' Gobble. (Equally repugnant name for a Frisco restaurant. The kind w/ a website.)

Not even this tired bullshit disturbs us.
“We need to have a president who respects the men and women in uniform from the standpoint of knowing what it's like to wear the uniform,” Perry said, playing up his credentials to this crowd in an area heavily populated with military bases. Ads have been running on local TV in South Carolina emphasizing Perry’s military credentials -- Ron Paul has also run ads here about his military service.
There's a no-religious-litmus-test clause in the Constitution, but (NB, Dr. Ron Paul!) no requirement that a candidate for office have killed any foreign babiesbeen in the service, either. Americans have been so deeply submerged in the national security mindset they can no longer conceive of an unmilitarized society.

Most of those Founders were more than a bit leery of a standing army, weren't they? Funny how that turns into "the only reason for a Federal gummint is dee-fense, & plenty of it" but no other changes in the world outside the Constitutional bubble need be reflected in Federal government.

Here's the visual aid. It's not Mittens & his fudge glove, but we suppose it says something or another about liberal media bias.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks at the Hilton Head Diner in Hilton Head, SC
(AP Photo/David Goldman/13 January 2012)
Almost forgot, also from the local fish-wrap:
said Perry, dressed in khakis and a blue fleece with his name embroidered on it.
Are these fashion notes to legitimize future commenting on eventual/further female candidates & their fashion moves? Reverse sexism? Perhaps an observation that the dark suit, blue shirt, red tie costume is no longer de rigueur (not all the damn time, anyway) for a serious (or even a Republican) presidential contender?

Friday Night Music

All-frantic, non-stoppadelic, under two minutes & at least 30 years ago.And for the hell of it, 40 yrs. ago:Izzat Kenny G. on the horn? We'd go for 50 but that was a suckier-than-ordinary time in popular music. No wait.Tempted to cross-post this at Whiskey Fire, but cooler heads prevailed.

Just Following Orders

Orders in a long chain.
I invite readers who (a) have similar sentiments, and (b) have their own blogs to write posts with the word “gmail” hyperlinked to this post, in order to see whether we can get a bit of a googlebomb going. If nothing else, it would be an interesting experiment in algorithmic politics. Google claim that they can do nothing to help Santorum wipe himself clean of Santorum. But would they tweak their algorithm if their own product were the target? It would be interesting to see.
So: gmail, gmail, gmail.

Eck-shully, we've no complaints about the new GMail. Hell, we kinda like it, 'cause we can see more of the theme we chose. Nor did we give that much of a shit about the changes to Google Reader, beyond the harder to read redesign, because all that social media & sharing crap is just that, crap. We don't care about you. And by now, the bastards having ground us to dusty nothing, we've gotten used to the crummy new design.

Plus which, the GPhone or whatever it is deal where you can call anywhere in the area code world free from your devil-box is pretty damn sweet.

On the other hand (Is this the third one now?) we don't like trying to access our Picasa or Google Photos or whatever the fuck it is account (They seem to have a tough time identifying their products clearly, don't they?) & being sent to Google+. Walled garden bullshit. Get out there on the real Internet, you sissies!

Doing Some Math

Awful excuse for a human being Liz Cheney has opened her pudgy yap again:
I think, in fact, what President Obama is doing is something that America's enemies--the Taliban, al Qaeda--have been unable to do, which is to decimate the fighting capability of this nation," Cheney said. "And when you look at his rhetoric, he talks about the need now that hostilities are over to cut our spending, as though we're no longer at war. He's acting as though this is a time for a peace dividend when we're not, you know, truly at peace.
So as, of 2010 (We aren't doing any more research.) there were 1,430,895 active-duty in the U.S. military, round it down to a million four-thirty & divide by the 5,500 dead the Pentagon admits to, that's 1/260th of the armed forces, not actual decimation, but a good start made by that witch's father Dick & George W. Bush. Now who's decimatin' whom?

Watch if you dare.Enjoy the hag-spackle too. Little old for eye-liner aren't we, Liz?


Martin Peretz is still nuts. Indeed, we expect he will remain so until he dies.
Mitt Romney is a pious Mormon and an honorable man, as was his father
I’ve had many students at Harvard who are Mormons. They are honest, candid, smart, hardworking, and touched by the pain of others. That’s what I think motivates them to spend one or two years of their lives in service to others.
Apparently colossal intellect Peretz is unaware that two yrs. missionarying is not what any one would describe as "service to others," unless he thinks converting people & taking their money is a "service." We'd call it fraud, but why be picky, right?

And try to make sense of this:
Which brings me to former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, who is a Roman Catholic, a pious Roman Catholic. I would have thought that John F. Kennedy had done away with fright of the Catholics. And, for that matter, the Church, which has its own moral problems—here, there, everywhere. What with the universal sex scandal that has never been addressed candidly by the hierarchy, its authority in preaching the virtuous life on abortion, sexual matters and gay marriage, doctrine in general has been miserably undercut. Still, it’s not for me to press. Catholics will have to do that, and maybe Santorum himself has. I do not agree with much that Santorum says on other matters. (Although let me confess that on American foreign policy I find myself more in agreement with the Republicans—Paul excepting—than with the Democrats, or at least with the Democrat who is their standard-bearer.)

So Santorum said “we will always need a Jesus candidate.” What of it? It is clearly a metaphoric statement. It would be strange if a practicing Catholic, a believing Catholic, would not have the phrase and the thought close to his heart. For him, I suspect (no, I believe), a “Jesus candidate” means an ethical candidate, one who does not sully others, who does not lie, who nurtures the poor and the ill and those born to rotten lives. Yes, those born into prejudice and hatred. Of course, this is not exactly his politics. I’ve judged him separately on that. But are you certain—I am not—that those with whom we agree on health care and taxes are ethical human beings? On drones, for instance?
No rational person can.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Panel Of The Day

Tell Us Again Which Party
Hates America & Loves Terrorists

The Greedy Ol' Party. How could we forget?
Former Michigan Republican Rep. Mark Deli Siljander was sentenced to prison on Wednesday for his work with a Missouri-based charity purportedly tied to terrorist groups.

“I stand before you broken in so many ways,” he told the court prior to sentencing, reports the Kansas City Star. “I did something wrong. I mistreated the system I believed in, and I mistreated my family and friends.”

Siljander, who left office in 1987, was sentenced to 366 days in prison for acting as an unregistered foreign agent and obstruction of justice. He had admitted to receiving payments from the Islamic American Relief Agency in return for lobbying for their removal from a Senate Finance Committee list of organizations tied to foreign terrorist groups.

He also admitted that he lied to federal authorities when they originally asked about the payments, which he claimed were to help him write a book.

Elected in 1980, Siljander first made a name for himself as an outspoken social conservative. He lost a primary to Fred Upton, now the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce committee, in 1986.

Siljander described himself as a “poster boy for Jerry Falwell” who decided to devote himself to fixing “cultural misunderstandings” in a 2007 interview with Urban Tulsa Weekly. That effort led him to start studying the Quran to find common ground between Christians and Muslims.
Couldn't even get ecumenical do-gooding happening right, had to make a buck on it too.

Andy Admits It

Fuck humanity, what's important are the "general benefits" to the economy, sez Andy as he bitches about Gingrich's "Romney is a shitheel" video.
[I]t focuses on the specific human suffering of the necessary "creative destruction" of capitalism not its general benefits to the economy.
Nice, Sullivan, real nice. As long as those "general benefits" continue to accrue to the already wealthy, what's the fucking problem, right?

Public Speaking 101

Can any of these inane drones make anything clear? Ever? John McCain:
"These attacks on, quote, Bain Capital is really kind of anathema to everything that we believe in. We believe in job creation, and the record of Bain Captial is to take companies that would otherwise fail and restore them to some kind of viability, and sometimes that doesn't work, but, you know, when it always works is a thing called communism, where you keep everybody in business."

Subject-predicate agreement is entirely too much to expect, of course."That's Adam Smith." There you fucking have it. Because absolutely nothing has changed in however long it's been since Smith roamed the earth.

Last word, from Charlie Rose: "Hope we'll see you at this table ... a lot." Oh, please.

Some Good News For The Planet

Ali Davis
Uh-oh. Consumption makes a comeback.  I hope everyone enjoyed those pointless antibacterial dishwashing liquids!

Not A False Equivalence

Yet to many Chinese, the constant barrage of criticism, whether over human rights, hacking, military policy, or intellectual property, feeds a sense of paranoia that there is a broad American plan to undermine China.

“A conspiracy theory has taken root in China,” says Liu Yawei, director of the China program at the Carter Center in Atlanta. “Some very influential scholars see the whole currency manipulation as a ploy, along with the dollar devaluation and war with Iraq and Afghanistan, as all meant to make China disintegrate.”

And yet, according to Liu, if the Chinese government could vote in the American election, they would probably side with the red states. “The Chinese elite actually like the Republican Party more than the Democratic Party,” he says. “They believe the Republicans just want to make more money, while the Democrats are more concerned with human rights.”
Yeah, fucking imagine that. The extremes of left & right somehow connecting & being interested in power & profits before people.

G.O.P. Brain Trust

Missouri Candidate Claims Degree in Economics

Missouri gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence (R) says he "earned a degree in Economics" from the University of Missouri.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch notes that "may be true -- but it is not entirely accurate. According to the university, Spence's degree is not in economics. It is in home economics."

Spence admitted he had to change his major in order to graduate on time: "I was not the greatest student in the world. I'll make fun of myself: I was a 60-watt bulb in a 100-watt society."
We'd guess more like a 40-watt incandescent bulb in a world of fluorescents. See?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Possible fun.
Three ½ hp DC motors with motor controllers, 1100 custom manufactured die-cast cars, 13 HO-scale train sets with controllers and tracks, steel, aluminum, shielded copper wire, copper sheet, brass, various plastics, assorted woods and manufactured wood products, Legos, Lincoln Logs, Dado Cubes, glass, ceramic and natural stone tiles, acrylic and oil-base paints, rubber, sundry adhesives. 9 feet, 9 inches (H) x 28 feet, 3 inches (W) x 19 feet, 2 inches (D).
But no mention of this?
Via, w/ pix.

Hollywood Dumbs It Down For You

"Slag?" The best thing about The Hobbit is the dragon being named Smaug.

If you geeks aren't too busy posing your Star Wars® & Star Trek® action-figures in perverted sexual positions, more on this version from the hazy mists of 45 yrs. ago.

Straight Outta Wenatchee

"We Like Our Own Meat"

Tester's Carry On

If you see Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) in an airport, the New York Times notes he "can often be found lugging an extra 40-pound roller bag, which he gingerly stuffs into the overhead bin. His precious cargo is neither briefing books nor an extra raincoat, but roasts, ribs, round steak and (his favorite) rib steak."

Said Tester: "Taking meat with us is just something that we do. We like our own meat."

"Just as some lawmakers cannot part with their pillow from home, the Testers do not like to leave their state without its meat, which they have been schlepping around the country for years, including to a family reunion in Hawaii."
Aways hungry
We're in heat
Never never
Never enough meat


Reporter: Speaker Gingrich, given where we are today, do you own any guns personally?

Gingrich: No.

Reporter: When was the last time you went shooting?

Gingrich: It's been a couple years. I can tell you that my grandson just got his .410 for Christmas. Very exciting.


Reporter: Have you ever owned a gun?

Gingrich: No, I actually personally have never owned a gun. I believe in the right to bear arms, and I strongly defend the right to bear arms.
Per Mother Jones. And previously in Gingrich World:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Power Restored

Just experienced the first neighborhood black-out (An hr. or so, since you asked.) of 2012. Here is an up-to-the-hr. shot of Parking Enforcement subbing for a traffic signal.
Then the lights came back on & we didn't have to shoot anyone.

Keep It Civil, Jay!

NRO culture cretin Jay Nordlinger is so vulgar as to use "stinking." Strong words, Mr. Nordlinger.
The last two presidential election cycles have revealed a stinking hypocrisy in conservatives: They profess their love of capitalism and entrepreneurship, but when offered a real capitalist and entrepreneur, they go, “Eek, a mouse!”* And they tear him down in proud social-democrat fashion. In the off season, they sound like Friedrich Hayek. When the game is on, they sound like Huey Long, Bella Abzug, or Bob Shrum.

Last time around, Mike Huckabee said Romney “looks like the guy who laid you off.” Conservatives reacted like this was the greatest mot since Voltaire or something. To me, Romney looked like someone who could create a business and hire the sadly unentrepreneurial like me.

Others said, “He looks like a car salesman,” or, worse, “a used-car salesman.” Ho ho ho! Commerce, gross, icky, yuck. Better Romney looked like an anthropology professor.

As I say in Impromptus today, I was watching a clip of Romney tangling with an “Occupy” protester last week. Romney was defending corporate profits. I was astounded. I don’t think I had ever seen a candidate do this. When the subject comes up, you’re supposed to denounce corporate profits or say, “Hey, nice weather we’re having, huh?”
And on & on.

Jay apparently doesn't get faux-populism. Figures.

MOMENTS LATER: We're late on this one. Judging from TBogg, stirring defense of capitalism was the pro-Romney thing of the day yesterday.

*Why we bothered:

Under Renovation Soon

Shorter Skeeter

Moon Over Last Month

Art Shot II

Art Shot

Not The Arsonist

Probably not a pyro, & taken before the recent yr.-end fire fest, although in the general area. Survey (& mostly wall damage) would probably show shoddy wiring on this garage add-on. (Or some young person charging all her iThings at once while playing some cretinous video game on a super-consuming devil-box.)
Note also that the LAFD got there in plenty of time & knocked it right down. Dirty fucking gummint worker parasites. Get a real job!

Coincidentally, mere minutes later:

Which Is Most Awful:

The things Americans do, or the morbid interest of the Americans who don't do anything?

Monday, January 9, 2012

M. B. '65!

Yes, us on the drums. (In those days we were eating high on the hog, & had our initials right there on the kick drum like Buddy fucking Rich or somebody.)It's too damn bad we were so effing drunk for that gig we can't remember thing one.

Jimi Hendrix' Half-Assed Conk Job

As below: 46+ yrs.

Mayan Rock

This broadcast may be reaching cold intelligences some 46 lt. yrs. from here just about now.

Kids Today: Lame (UPDATED)

Yesterday apparently was "Do Something [No idea what. — Ed.] in Public in Your Underwear Day.
Now our generation, we did something!

UPDATE (0105PST 10 January 2012): Not even for charity:
Roughly 300 underwear-clad Angelenos crowded trains Sunday for the fourth annual “No Pants Metro Ride 2012.” The idea was concocted by New York City prankster collective Improv Everywhere 11 years ago and caught on globally.

Thousands from cities around the world including Istanbul, Mexico City and London, took part in the daring but lighthearted underwear flash mob that briefly took over public transportation. An estimated 4,000 New Yorkers stripped down to their skivvies, despite “mild” East Coast winter temperatures of 44°F.

In L.A., swarms of bare-legged riders boarded Metro lines from North Hollywood, Pasadena, East Los Angeles and Koreatown and converged at Union Station just before 2 p.m., then departed for Hollywood and Highland. The riders were loosely instructed to act like they had mistakenly overlooked putting half their clothes on.


Did someone type "The Whore of Babylon?
Below please find a special message from one of our advertisers, Rick Santorum For President. From time to time we find special opportunities we believe you as a valued customer may want to see. Please note that the following message reflects the opinions and representations of our advertiser alone, and not necessarily the opinion or editorial positions of RedState.com or Eagle Publishing.
Dear Patriot:
"Rick Santorum cannot win. Mitt Romney can't lose."

That's what the moderate GOP Establishment wants you to think anyway. I'm here to tell them something different. Will you join me and send a message today?

The media elites and the Establishment said we couldn't succeed in Iowa – right up until we did. Now that Iowa is over, they're quick to explain why winning in Iowa doesn't matter. They want you to think Mitt Romney cannot possibly be defeated.

Well, guess what? The GOP establishment does not get to decide who our nominee is. The liberal media does not get to decide who our nominee is. YOU DO.

Barack Obama is more vulnerable than any President since Jimmy Carter. The only way Republicans lose is if we screw this up and nominate another moderate who has taken multiple positions on every major issue of our time. I firmly believe we are going to elect a Republican President in 2012. So let's elect a CONSERVATIVE Republican, shall we?

Make no mistake, I can win this primary, and then take the fight to Barack Obama. But I cannot do it without you. New Hampshire's primary is tomorrow. A week after that is South Carolina. I have to raise $1 million in the next 2 days to be competitive.

Will you help me do it? This is your chance to send a message to the moderate Establishment and the liberal media elites and the DC consultants that we will nominate a conservative who shares our values.

Do you want to elect the most conservative President since Ronald Reagan? Then you have got to fight back today. Not tomorrow, not next week. We've got to do it TODAY.

Just do it; click this link, and take your country back. It can be done, but we've got to start right now.


The Gospel Truth

Ha ha. Wait, seriously?
[T]he true power of the Christian gospel is its unambiguous call for liberation from forces of oppression and for a fierce and uncompromising condemnation of all who oppress.
No, really, that train left the station quite some time ago. Specifically, around the time the Whore of Babylon (below) took over the primary oppresser gig from the Romans & their Empire.

Fuck, Kill, Eat

How sex, bombs and burgers shaped our world

From Skype to robotics, our basest instincts have given us our greatest innovations. An expert explains why

Control these urges & you could control, well ...

Kim Jong Un's Dukakis Moment

The audio's certainly raw. And it appears to our untrained eye as if North Korean State Television shoots film, here in the 21st century.

Romney To Earth

77: Elvis Probably Would've Been Dead
By Now Anyway

For once, more or less just remembering the good stuff.Let us know if you can hear any difference in the "mixes" above & below. If you're like us, you didn't listen.W/o Hywd. sound efx.All credit to Sam Phillips for realizing he had a gold mine w/ this Negro-sounding honkie.

UPDATE: Yesterday? Now ask us if we care.

The Day Slavery Begins

Hey! Isn't today International Torture Your Weasel-Dick Boss to Death Day? If it isn't, this is as good a day as any to start the tradition.

Remember, it's self-defense. No jury of your actual peers would convict you. And no coppers will take you alive anyway, will they?

Cute Animals Too!

We got it all.Surprised the little fucker didn't take a bite at the lens.

Cars & Girls

In the car sex vein, which does one get to ride in luxury, should one win?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Next: Hebraic Shariah

Heard this disturbingly familiar bullshit elsewhere?
In an interview with Beit Mashiach, the journal of the messianic faction of the Chabad Movement with ties to settlers, Katzover says that "the main role of Israeli democracy now is to disappear. Israeli democracy has finished its role, and it must disassemble and give way to Judaism. All leads toward recognition that there is no other way but to place Judaism at the center, above all else, and this is the answer to every situation."

Earlier in the interview Katzover commented on the campaign against the exclusion of women, saying that his group had information of the pending campaign.

"Our activists are linked to all the networks of the left, and we knew they were planning an incitement campaign. This is just another wave of incitement, targeting the hilltop youth and the Haredi community. The leftist activists prepare well-timed campaigns against anything which smells of holiness, and their aim is twofold: political, to undermine the government and score points among the public, and to strike at all the fundamentals of Jewish faith.
Moses, Jesus & Muhammad/Mohammed: Three sides of a theo-fascist coin.

Found at War in Context.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

13th Night, & Just Barely

Two wks. already?

They Type So We Needn't

One or another of those American Something mags:
One of the striking things about the Republican field is the degree to which they now disparage Wall Street (while still calling for Dodd-Frank’s repeal) and sing the praises of manufacturing. Santorum would eliminate the tax on US manufacturers, Romney impose tariffs on Chinese goods if they don’t revalue their currency, Huntsman bolster manufacturing through means as yet unspecified. They all understand—as does Obama—that Americans truly dislike the rise of finance over manufacturing as our dominant economic sector, though none of them— including Obama—have a clear idea what to do to reverse it. It defies all credulity that Romney, the man who built Bain Capital, really wants to diminish finance, but it will be fascinating to see him campaign across Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, for instance, as manufacturing’s champion against Obama.
That bold part would be the elephant on the plant floor: Nothing can be done. "We are so screwed;" not so funny when it's true, is it?

Here's A Segue:

Typing of knowing/not-knowing when to stop, we are very much enjoying soundly-defeated onetime Pennsylvania Senator/lobbyist Rick Santorum's ongoing campaign to we don't know what the fuck. Really, to what is he up?

Been There, Done That

The doc’s writer-producer-director Peter Jones confirmed that he had been pursuing Carson in letters from the time he famously retired from Tonight in 1992 to participate in a doc on his life, but he never received so much as a response. “Then one day in 2002 I got a call and heard, ‘Johnny Carson’s on Line 2,’ and I thought it was a joke. But it was really Johnny. He said to me, ‘Peter, you write a very good letter. I know you want me to participate in this, but I won’t be doing anything about my life because you know what? I don’t give a shit. … I’ve done everything I want to do and said everything I want to say. There is nothing more.’ And that was that.”
Knew when to get out, too. By way of.

Wait'll Next Winter