Monday, December 26, 2011

Just One Last Laugh

A former employer learns its final lesson (We hope this now-dis-corporate ghost never again crosses our radar, as we feel obligated to mention it when it does.) ending our yr. on an up note.

Borders era over as judge confirms bookseller's liquidation

The 40-year-old Ann Arbor company started in 1971 as a used bookstore run by brothers Tom and Louis Borders and evolved into a Fortune 500 chain. Borders sought a white-knight bidder to rescue it in July, but the largest unsecured creditors — particularly book publishers — rejected a plan to sell the bookstore chain to a Phoenix private equity company.
We suppose we shouldn't be dancin' around the funeral pyre hootin' & hollerin' w/o noting the unsecured creditors & making noise in the direction of the yada publishing biz. There. Done.

Woooo! Now we dance!

(FedEx is next & last, the Fascist Insect Bank having already disappeared.)

Life In Review

Farther out of the loop than usual recently, &, where "little" = "not a damn thing," have little to add in any case, but if'n you missed 'em, here's a couple from Hitchens, w/ whom we're usually ready to agree on matters of culture & religion.

Coincidence Or Not

Completely wrapping up the Mothermania, we did not know (or care) that F. Scott Fitzgerald left this mortal coil the same day F. Zappa arrived hereon. And we doubt that it means squat.

Wait, maybe the great fucking circle of life does apply here, FZ having been born in Bawlmer:
The remains were shipped to Baltimore, Maryland, where his funeral was attended by twenty or thirty people in Bethesda; among the attendants were his only child, Frances "Scottie" Fitzgerald Lanahan Smith, and his editor, Maxwell Perkins.

Alligator Tops Angels

Winner Declared In Tree-Topping Contest

All-American Killer Christmas

A Texas man dressed as Santa Claus appears to have opened fire on his own family and then killed himself, leaving seven dead amid a pile of presents on Christmas Day.

Police believe the man showed up as the family was opening gifts, according to MSNBC. Authorities got a 911 call from the apartment Sunday morning but heard only silence on the line. When they showed up, they found four women and three men, all dead.

The slaughter happened in Grapevine, a Dallas suburb that was recently deemed the state’s “Christmas Capital” for its numerous holiday-season festivals.

The victims were two couples in their fifties and three young adults, ages 22, 19, and 17, police said. All of them appeared to be related. Their identities were scheduled to be released following autopsies Monday.
Ho ho ho. Added fun: We'd already forgotten this closer-to-home example of real American Santa suit horror.

Bouffed For Christmas

Xmas lunch & dinner. (Pine cones for decoration only: Do not eat.)
Breakfast? Coffee, a Turkish/domestic tobacco blend & bacon.

A Boxing Day Gift

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The U.N. H8s Santa!

Christmas Morning In Hell

No biggie, really. They just turn the Xmas music a little louder.

Season's Greetings From MAD

Class warfare alright: Is the bottom right card of 43 yrs. ago any less true now, besides the added frisson of Merrill Lynch having been bailed out & absorbed by BofA w/ the gummint's aid & assistance?
You guessed it.

Screwed Again, Chump!

All at Just Another Blog (From L.A.)™ wish any & all a Happy Holiday & tolerable New Yr., & our editor would personally like to express his sincere & heartfelt appreciation to those people & Internet entities who have the time to waste here, & choose to do so. Be grateful yourselves that you have that time, & quit bitching already.

Corporate Fucking Santa Claus, Drunk Again

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Humbug, We Say!

Best Individual Tree Ornament(s)

Medium Close-Up: Rudolph

Medium Shot: Santa, Reindeer

He's on his way to your houses right now, kids!!
Note scavenging water-pigeon trailing Santa's scow.

Later Last Minute Decoration

An Xmas Carol

Here's wild life (not "nature" stuff, however) observed the night before The Night Before Christmas.NB: We do not know anybody in this, & were asked to leave the premises shortly after recording it.

Outside the premises:
Trifecta, + tacos & gas!

Happy Holiday Camp

EXCLUSIVE: The War on Christmas is being orchestrated from this gated liberal enclave in Los Angeles, California.
Hey! You little punks keep offa my parking strip!
Abandon hope, all who enter!Crap, now we're repeating ourself!

Last Minute Decoration

Ah Ain't Got T' Blues No Mo' Ah Said

The Guardian's Celebrity Christmas piece features a mess of Limebags, of whom the collective 'Murkin we are no doubt better remaining in ignorance; nonetheless, fun from one:

Suzanne Moore: I dropped acid on Christmas Eve. At lunch the next day, I was freaked by the tinsel worms*

Suzanne Moore at 15. Photograph: Suzanne Moore
I am not sure if Christmas on LSD counts as good or bad. In my defence I was about 16 and, as my mother used to tell the neighbours, "against everything". Plus ça change. We used to do a lot of acid. Well, I lived in Ipswich, my boyfriend was a drug dealer and I wanted to expand my mind. We began quite reverently: reading Huxley and lots of RD Laing and then it just became something we did. I could go to school tripping away and my religious education teacher would say: "Are you on drugs, Moore?" To which I could say with 16-year-old insouciance: "Yeah I am actually, Miss." "Is it because you are from a broken home?" she would ask, believing this to be helpful.

But I was always far more interested in drugs than drink, which was freely available at home. My mum drank, and Christmas usually consisted of her shoving the dinner on the table, scotch in hand, crying and saying we were "gannets" for gobbling it up. The family dysfunction had become even more apparent with the death of my grandmother. My grandad, who was deaf, had to live with us, which meant the TV on full volume all the time. So I dropped the acid very late on Christmas Eve and went home at about 8am but my mum made me come down for Christmas dinner which, because we were working class, we had to have about noon. I was dressed in black and freaked out by tinsel worms everywhere. Crackers were possible bombs as my mum was so cross. Why did the chicken cross the road? This sent me down a corridor of massed chickens on zebra crossings. Were we eating a chicken that had crossed the road?

My mum was understandably angry and said I needed a drink. And gave me eggnog. My grandad (a Tory) had not been so cross since I had joined the Workers' Revolutionary party at 14. I was indeed being entirely selfish and was rebelling. Against what though?

My last memory is throwing up but being fascinated by the colours of my own puke. Mum may have slapped me at this point and I don't blame her.

But I really don't want to be a bad influence, kids. I think in the right circumstances acid is amazing but advocaat … it's lethal. Just say no.
Less gratuitous than usual accompanying musical number: Chicken references.

*Reminds us of Bob Lewis (Real name!) who "dropped a tab" before crummy cafeteria dinner one Friday evening & later stated the spaghetti on his plate had been crawling like worms.

I'm Dreaming ...

What a fucking nation/country/cultural entity.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Late 20th Century Stage Diving

What Zappa wrought. One needn't view past the zebra falling down.(Has it been 20 yrs.? Errk.)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa's Seasonal Hut Of Fear & Cones

Are these "virgins" waiting to be sacrificed inside?


Just noticed there seems to be an orbimal watching in these shots. Grizzly ghost?

A Blimp

Xmas Consumption Choo-Choo II

Day Is Done

Satire Dep't.

We'd be remiss if, after sourcing material & a link, we didn't note that GACBS ran several doses of good ol' American lampoonery, yada recently. This one was reprinted in paperback; you (where "you" means "we sure as hell hadn't") may never have seen it in color.
Possibly not reprinted in paperback. Self-parody.
Crazy v2.X. PoopPlop. The Holiday Party.

Christmas Goose Motif Noted

Fucking New England-y Anglophiliac crap.


Inside The Conserve-O-Mind

In a bit of pimpin' from the all new & improved PJMedia LLC, we were informed of a new & improved cult deal.
Concerned persons suggest that unless there is an awakening, government in America's republic will continue being transformed into a foreign ideology. Ask yourself, is there an awakening powerful enough to halt that juggernaut of governmental control of what its citizens can and cannot do?

The writer would like you to consider that people's awakening to the existence of a natural law has that power. It is known as nature's law of absolute right.

Website tells people worldwide how to get out of trouble, stay out of trouble, and start a new way of life.

Creation's law of absolute right states: Right action gets right results; wrong action gets wrong results. The law defines right action as thinking and behavior that are rational and honest, correctly resolving each situation.

People's motivation consisting of man-made laws, personal beliefs, likes, dislikes, wants and don't wants does not conform to creation's law of absolute right, and when wrong results occur, people have not known to look to themselves.

Laws of nature never play favorites. People obey natural laws or they suffer the consequences. That is the awakening information this generation needs. If people ignore nature's behavioral law, eventually they suffer an eternal sleep.

Whoever or whatever is the creator revealed this behavioral law to the mind of Richard W. Wetherill in 1929 in answer to his fervent appeal for an understanding of humanity's plight. And although Wetherill took no credit for identifying this law, his efforts to inform people of the flaw in their thinking was not understood until he published his book,
Tower of Babel, in 1952. Then small study groups were formed, and later many members relocated under Wetherill's direction in southeastern Pennsylvania.

So much for a brief history of the group that now brings you the good news of the law of absolute right, and to the awakening that it brings.

Centuries ago the Founding Fathers of America did their best to establish a country ruled in a God-fearing way by representatives of the people. Newcomers from other countries, willing to be governed by its Constitution and Bill of Rights, came in droves. Now, the divergence of political thinking is causing serious turmoil and confusion.

There is only one solution to this problem: people must heed Nature's Wake Up Call and conform to nature's behavioral law of rational, honest thoughts and action. They will be mighty glad they did!
And we thought "Nature's Wake Up Call" was when the wretched & aging of the earth had to get up & go in the middle of the night. After which we wouldn't mind some of that eternal sleep ourself. Wrong again, 'though!

And sure, PJMedia disclaims the whole thing, but the Humanetics (!) people haven't been conning rubes for "six decades" w/o knowing who & where the suckers are. Takes a big one to buy into something like this:
Behavioral responses require that same attitude. Do not act for personal reasons; act because a self-enforcing, natural law requires people's obedience.

For ages people have sought to control their behavior and have suffered myriad troublesome results. Nature's law of behavior when obeyed unites people, allowing them to enjoy the benefits that then control and favorably affect their lives.
(All emphasis & coloring theirs.) Not what we'd call "libertarian." (Of course, what do we know?) But what would PJSuperstar Glenn Reynolds think?

DECEMBER 20, 2011

AT AMAZON, HDTVs Under $500.
Also, markdowns on select Sony HDTVs.
Plus, deals on headphones.
Anyway, the suckers in this case are right there at PJ Media, eating up stuff like:
& (the bad) Zombie.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Girl Talk

The story behind Mme. Gingrich's hair.
Having just undergone a Washington, D.C., salon’s best attempt to Callistify me, I now know that hair like that doesn’t come easily—in fact, it suggests a certain strength of character on Callista’s part that she’s able to do that to herself every single day. And I’m much less inclined, now, to judge her for looking a little off-kilter. The fumes from that many products mingled together and swirling around her head must be dizzying.
And so on.

And Best Wishes for The New Yr.

We like the images that accompany this musical number. They serve as an antidote to the constant cant of this time of joy & sharing. What a despicable species you are. Do the planet a favor & bugger off, would you?


A scheduled post. Bases now covered; nap time. (Not a haiku. Sad.)

Electronic Chamber Orchestra

Sunday, December 18, 2011


We only hope we look as good as ? if we live to his age. (We should only hope we look as good ever, period.)Note crappy NYC honky clapping. Have you people no shame?

And enjoy Ronnie Spector as she enjoys never having been shot (fatally, at least) by Phil Spector.

Plus which: 1998, Coney Island. Working the crowd.

The Kim is Dead, Long Live The Kim

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il (right)
with his third son and heir-apparent Kim Jong-un
 Photo: EPA
The Torygraph has all the factoids to make you think he was just awful in a pre-obit.
No one inside North Korea would ever hear of this excess. Kim has banned mobile phones, newspapers, the internet and books. In 2004, he brought in a new criminal law, penalising anyone who tried to bring in outside music. Talking about his successor is banned too.

However, Kim is not technically in charge. His father, Kim Il-sung, who died suddenly of a heart attack in 1994, was proclaimed "Eternal President" and never replaced. Kim junior, who took up the post of General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and head of the National Defence Commission, simply expresses his deceased father's will.
How wacky!

Int'l. Double Death Action

Vaclav Havel, Former President of Czech Republic, Dies at 75
OK, a bit late on that one, but here's some hotter shit:
Kim Jong-il, the reclusive dictator who kept North Korea at the edge of starvation and collapse, banished to gulags citizens deemed disloyal and turned the country into a nuclear weapons state, died Saturday, according to North Korean state news media.

Called the “Dear Leader” by his people, Mr. Kim, the son of North Korea’s founder, remained an unknowable figure. Everything about him was guesswork, from the exact date and place of his birth to the cause of his death to the mythologized events of his rise in a country formed by the hasty division of the Korean Peninsula at the end of World War II.

North Koreans heard about him only as their “peerless leader” and “the great successor to the revolutionary cause.” Yet he fostered what was perhaps the last personality cult in the Communist world. His portrait hangs beside that of his father, Kim Il-sung, in every North Korean household and building. Towers, banners and even rock faces across the country bear slogans praising him.

Read More:
Will this have any effect on anything that matters to us? Our immediate guess is no, other than an increase in inane droning blather on which spawn of Kim/mystery man will now take the reins, what that will mean, blart. Probably not even floods of refugees.

Fanboi Clubhouse

Having spent much of the wknd. associating w/ humanoids, you can bet your flabby ass we're in a bad mood, & surprised we didn't run & mock these earlier, considering they were taken close to a mo. ago.
Look up "Commodity Fetishism, Temple of" in the dictionary & one of the above images will appear.

Abandon Hope All Who ...

NB: Pedo-Bear comments will be BANNED!!

Telebision Round-Up

Friday, December 16, 2011

"I can't say what's right or what's wrong ..."

Motown:Whatnot:No idea if the above was uploaded from a CD remix, digital remastering or what have you, & probably haven't really listened in X+ yrs., but you sure can hear all the weird noises and the vocals/dialog on the dinky speakers & sub-woofer on the stereohome theatre.

It Was Friday, December 16th;
It Was Cool In Los Angeles

What's left of today is the 60th anniversary of the televised incarnation of Dragnet, per this reliable source. Older than both us & the proverbial hills.
The eternal two-shot. On the right, the recently late Harry Morgan.
One more from the archives.
Closest Webb could get to a smile?


L.A. snowpeople are made of tumbleweeds & gigantic.
Yours probably aren't.

Grifting From Town To Town

Rick Perry, retired gov't. employee.
Perry officially retired in January so he could start collecting his lucrative pension benefits early, but he still gets to collect his salary — and has in turn dramatically boosted his take-home pay.

Perry makes a $150,000 annual gross salary as Texas govenor. Now, thanks to his early retirement, Perry, 61, gets a monthly retirement annuity of $7,698 before taxes, or $6,588 net. That raises his gross annual salary to more than $240,000.

On a swing through Cherokee, Iowa, Perry was asked why the Employee Retirement System should be paying his retirement while he's still collecting a salary.

"That’s been in place for decades ... I don’t find that to be out of the ordinary,” Perry said "ERS called me and said, 'Listen you're eligible to access your retirement now with your military time and your time and service, and I think you would be rather foolish to not access what you’ve earned.'”
What's a goddamn "Ponzi scheme" now, you fucking double-dipping parasite?Wooooo! From the times before Mr. Bland went slick, got a horn section, & personified the "urban" blues.