Monday, October 10, 2011

Bunker Hill Massacre II

Rumor mill (i.e, Twitter) has it that the Boston PD & Mass. State oinkers are brutalizing people encamped at OccupyBoston.

When will people wise up, arm themselves, & begin to defend themselves against their own damn country? That is, the aristocrats & their tools?Goodbye, First Amendment, & "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Same Old Thing

It was suggested this thing
Totally different shot.
might be a theater. Not that we were playing guessing games, but our curiosity was piqued, so we ran down these shots from 1978.
Neither of which tell us much more. Note to smart asses: "Disco" Drugs as in discount, not as in a cocaine clearinghouse.

Life's Losers Assembled

From Toilet Paper Memo, a gallery of the insane & inane. TPM is to be commended for not commenting on these bizarros but leaving it to the perceptive. Which, in this case, is us.

Marriage is now between not a man & a woman, but between two sexless circles, one black & one an off-red.
Are these two married? Perhaps to Gawd? Alternate: Dude, where's your affect?
Median age at the Summit: 76, maybe?
The hair coloring actually makes you look even creepier, Uncle William.
OK, OK, we are imagining a three-way w/ these two. A three-way light bulb.
Another just creepy-looking type. Home-schooled, & not up on social cues? Brain-damaged?

He Looked Up "Mob" In The Dictionary!

MSNBC Republican Ron Christie deals w/ the issues, which, to him, consist of urination, unruliness & sex on the lawn, when all anyone needs to do is write letters to their representatives. Be sure to include a huge contribution if you want it to be read by anyone other than the intern generating the we-got-your-letter form letter. AND GET A JOB, HIPPY!!Yes, it's exactly like 1968 again, & the Republican reaction is about the same as it was then. Is Ron as bad as a FOXNews Democrat? We doubt it, because it takes a lot to be as contemptible a sack of human shit as Christie is.

History Corner

100 yrs. ago today, California made a move toward actual democracy.
Created by artist Bertha Margaret Boye for the 1911 California campaign, this is probably the most popular poster produced during the American suffrage movement. Boye’s design, featuring a draped western suffragist posed against the Golden Gate as the sun sets behind her, won first place in a contest sponsored by the College Equal Suffrage League in San Francisco. The image was later reproduced on cards, fliers and publicity stamps.

The poster’s vibrant colors and evocative imagery helped draw attention to the suffrage measure, which was one of 23 propositions on the ballot. For an entire week in August, stores in San Francisco featured the colorful poster in their windows, often accompanied by festive decorations in suffrage yellow, which supporters referred to as "the color of success."
When male voters went to the polls in California in 1911, one of the questions on the ballot was: Should women be allowed to vote? The issue of woman suffrage was being raised across the country and 5 states, all in the west, had approved the radical and controversial idea.
NB that it was in the West where this first happened, Eastern Elitists.
Just before the election, 10,000 people gathered for a final "monster rally" in San Francisco, which was followed by fireworks and a band concert. But on Election Day, October 10, 1911, the measure was soundly defeated in the San Francisco Bay Area and just barely passed in Los Angeles. Disheartened and disappointed, suffragists began to plan yet another campaign when late reports from the far flung counties began to swing the vote in their favor.

When the long count was finally completed several days later, Equal Suffrage had passed by only 3,587 votes – an average majority of one vote in each precinct in the state! The final tally was 125,037 to 121,450. As suffragists had hoped, work in the rural districts successfully overcame the more organized opposition in the cities. With the passage of votes for women in California, the number of women with full suffrage in the U.S. doubled, and San Francisco became the most populous city in the world in which women could vote.
Note also that San Francisco (Stupid hippies!) was against, while more civilized Los Angeles was for.

Monday Montage

Before the plunge into the cesspool of politics & today's world of shit & pain, some nice/pretty pictures.
Santa Monica from Malibu.
View housing.
See lower right of top photo.

These Colors Don't Run ...

...they just fade & fray.
 Criminy, Ralphs, you just remodeled the whole fucking store, couldn't you spring for a new flag while you were at it?
We don't remember Ralphs stores flying a damn flag before being taken over by the Kroger empire. Even Safeway-owned Vons doesn't have flags. We guess they know what country they're in.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Good Eatin' Report

Post all the pictures you want of food before it's eaten. No one will know that it was so inedible that Phydeaux found a surprise under the dining room table. Here, however, is proof of food eaten & enjoyed:

More War For Jesus

Continuing proof of the non-existence of a Big Spook in the Sky:
(CBS News) Republican presidential candidates Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich spoke out Sunday against a Dallas pastor and Rick Perry supporter who recently disparaged Mormonism as "a cult" - noting that "We're not running for theologian-in-chief."

In an appearance on CBS' "Face the Nation," Cain (who was joined on the show by Gingrich) argued that while it was fine to question candidates on their principles and values, he did not support getting into "the specifics of your chosen religion."

"We're not running for theologian-in-chief. We're running for President of the United States of America," he said.
"I think that none of us should sit in judgment on somebody else's religion," Gingrich told CBS' Bob Schieffer on Sunday. "I thought it was very unwise and very inappropriate."

When asked if he thought Mitt Romney could be defined as Christian, Gingrich's response was, "I think he's a Mormon, and they define themselves as a branch of Christianity."

Cain concurred: "I believe that they believe that they're Christians, based upon their definition," he told Schieffer. "But getting into whether or not they are more Christian than another group, I don't think that's relevant to this campaign.

"While I believe that the American people want to know, what are your values? What are your principles? Because your values and your principles may impact how you make decisions, but not get into the specifics of your chosen religion," Cain said.
Compare & contrast. Have either of the smirking assholes pictured above ever listened to anything that fell out of their mouths?

Weaselity also noted.

Religious Warfare

A month ago:
Reporting from Greenville, S.C. — Stan Craig, a Vietnam veteran and fundamentalist Baptist preacher here, winces at the idea of a female president.*

Yet he hesitated when he was asked recently to make a hypothetical choice between Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

"I probably would cast my vote for Michele," Craig said.

His thinking: Romney is Mormon. Mormons, in Craig's view, are not Christian.

"The devil wrote only one Bible," Craig said, "and Joseph Smith found it under a rock."

*Gender war too. Nice.

Part II

Continuing the close calls in personal cleanliness theme, we were going to meet the insignificant other (Whom we will continue to abuse like that, 'cause she claims not to read this drivel. We'll see!) at a cultural event, had the water running for a shower, & had stripped off our undies in preparation for ablutions when the 'phone rang & we were advised she was too beat to go, having been gardening & cleaning about her residence since an ungawdly (To us, certainly, on a Sunday a.m.) hr.

Now somewhat quandrified: If she'd called a min. earlier we'd still be relatively clad, & would just turn off the water. But we don't want to sit around nekkid for the next 12 hrs. (It'll be getting colder, among other things.) nor do we really want to take a shower. Yet we don't want to put clean threads on dirty skin.

We'll just hope this isn't the shower that kills us.

Compromise (1710PDT 9 October 2011): Put on the bathrobe.

Almost Cut Your  Hair

We thought the Amish were peaceful, if not actual pacifists, but this sounds like bullying, as reported from the birthplace of Dean Martin:
Four men believed to be members of a breakaway Amish group have been arrested for allegedly going into the home of an Amish man and cutting his hair and beard with scissors.

It's common practice for married Amish men to have beards and the attack on the 74-year-old man in his home Tuesday night was believed to be an attempt to degrade and insult him. Likewise, Amish women do not cut their hair based on biblical teaching.

A sheriff's deputy said authorities arrested 38-year-old Johnny Mullet, 26-year-old Lester Mullet, 53-year-old Levi Miller, and Lester Miller. Lester Miller's age was not immediately available nor were the charges against him.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the Mullets and Levi Miller were charged with kidnapping and burglary.
Why we bothered: The Mullet Brothers? (Or cousins, or whatever.)

Young Journalist Training Program

Who's the "thug" here?
Immediately after the incident began hitting the newswires Howley published a “Breaking News” story with The American Spectator online in which he reveals that he had consciously infiltrated the group on Friday with the intent to discredit the movement. He states that “as far as anyone knew I was part of this cause — a cause that I had infiltrated the day before in order to mock and undermine in the pages of The American Spectator — and I wasn’t giving up before I had my story.”
If you don't like the news, go out & make some of your own, right?
According to Howley’s story he joined the group in its march toward the Air and Space Museum but the protesters on the march were unwilling to be confrontational.  He states “they lack the nerve to confront authority. From estimates within the protest, only ten people were pepper-sprayed, and as far as I could tell I was the only one who got inside.”


Ironically Howley concludes the story of his adventure mocking the lack of courage of the protesters, who he admitted did not seek – as he did – to confront the authorities, by praising the courage of the guards who twice pepper-sprayed him.
A seriously disturbed young person.

Corporate Media Shorthand: Looks as if any public political activity not initiated by Tea Baggers & their ilk will be linked to "Occupiers."

The not-so-mainstream but still very corporate American Spectator would like to add (Greater legibility here.):
That's some training program!

Additional: In a fit of "journalistic" integrity (Or cowardice, you decide!) The Spectator has changed their story. The preserved original.


Moon, Malibu

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Don't Be The Weird One!

Welcome to the Dark Ages.

Death Takes A Raider

Al Davis is drop-kicked through the goalposts of life.
Al Davis is the one on the left.
A Bay Area death about which we give half a shit. Now that the old fool is dead, maybe things will pick up for the bad boys of the NFL. If not, a good excuse if the team doesn't do too well this season.
Known for, or at least suspected of, underhanded ploys like bugging the visiting team’s clubhouse, he infuriated other owners with his relentless self-interest; Dan Rooney of the Pittsburgh Steelers once called him a “lying creep.”

For his part, Mr. Davis once said of his fellow owners: “Not all of them are the brightest of human beings.”

Don Shula, the Hall of Fame coach, once said of Mr. Davis, reporting on a conversation they’d had: “Al thought it was a compliment to be considered devious.”


He rehabilitated others, like receiver Warren Wells, defensive linemen Lyle Alzado and John Matuszak, and quarterback Ken Stabler, whose reputations were sullied (either before or after they became Raiders) by allegations of criminal behavior, drug use, gambling or other transgressions.

The Raiders’ colors, silver and black, were chosen by Mr. Davis to intimidate. As was their insignia, a shield emblazoned with the image of a pirate in a football helmet in front of crossed sabers. The Raiders’ unofficial team motto, coined by Mr. Davis — “Just win, baby!” — was reflected by the take-no-prisoners style of play he encouraged, featuring brutal physicality on defense and speed and long passing on offense.

Indeed, his allegiance to the so-called “vertical” passing game led to some ill-advised draft choices, especially late in his career, notably JaMarcus Russell, a big-armed passer from Louisiana State who was the first pick in the 2007 draft and who was out of the game three years later. But Raiders fans loved the swashbuckling recklessness of an offense built around the big play.
Enough from The NYT. An era passes, there will never be another, blah blah blah ...
And one cannot argue w/ these:

They Must Have A Very Elastic Definition Of "Weird"

Doubtless there will be a recap or two of what weird crap these people spewed at their Bizarro world confab (Attended by all the Republican would-be Presidential nominees, we are advised.) but if they're such wonderful, wholesome all-American family types, representative of the 300 million real Americans, & not in any way shape or form Satanic homo-fascists bent on destroying rather than restoring America, why does the head buffoon have to remind them to watch their mouths?
Each time Mertz opens or closes a session at VVS, he offers this advice to the crowd: "Don't be the weird one." He means don't be the out-there birther, etc., the so-called "unscrupulous" members of the press corps will undoubtedly find as they seek to slander the crowd here. It's a common, repeated refrain at a VVS and it raises a chuckle everytime Mertz says it.

Keeping Them Honest

Oh yeah?
This shall not stand!
Took 'em a whole damn minute, too!

Friday, October 7, 2011

"Suck It Up, You Whiners"

This is Erick Erickson. He's one of the "53%." He "works" three jobs. Loudmouthed asshole is the primary requirement for each of his completely unproductive positions: [M]anaging editor of the prominent blog site In 2010, he became a political contributor for CNN's show John King, USA. He also hosts a show weekdays on WSB Radio in Atlanta from 7 P.M.- 10 P.M.
He can't sell his house because he was too stupid to understand what a housing bubble is. His insurance costs are "outrageous" because of the profit motive he so blindly worships. He thinks all of his problems are caused by people who can't get even one real job complaining & "hanging out," yet if his note isn't the ultimate whine, what is?

He may be the stupidest douchewad in America.

Farce Turns To Tragedy

Hey, Wop-A-Dagoes! Leave our innocent young & not-ugly Honky American girls alone!!

Whatsa matta w/ you people?Is it all Berlusconi's fault?
Italian opposition politicians have been joined by a leading Catholic publication and even government MPs in expressing outrage after Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi joked he was thinking of renaming his political party Forza Gnocca, which translates as Go Pussy.


Responding to the slide in the polls of his Freedom People party caused by the financial crisis and his sex scandals, Berlusconi reportedly told MPs he had commissioned surveys to find a new name for the party, which started life in 1993 as Forza Italia, or Go Italy.

"Some of polls say the best choice would be Forza Gnocca," he joked, according to the Italian daily La Stampa.

Pier Luigi Bersani, the head of the opposition Democratic party, called the quip despairing, while party colleague Rosy Bindi said: "Now the farce is turning into tragedy."

Democratic senator Anna Finocchiaro said: "These are not jokes but a reflection of the view that Berlusconi and his coalition have of the country – backward, vulgar and squalid."
Seems an apt description to us if the voters keep going w/ the horrid old man.

Lighten Up Break

Brilliantly sarcastic. (Bee Ess for short.) Well, kind of funny. We don't throw "brilliant" around much.
Also because it plays into this, where Five Guys are alleged to be opening a new store.
Coming Soon!
5550 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Hours: 11am-10pm Everyday
Not seeing much action in there. Step on it, wouldja?

Sharing Is Good
(Esp. If You "Share W/ Sarah")

Still cable-deprived (No depravity jokes, smart-asses!) so we were forced to see & hear this at just any old time we wanted to, schedulers be damned to hell for all eternity! Might as well share, as some may have a life that prevented them from catching it when the programmers decided it should be available.Yes, thousands of dollars to mom & dad for mailing postcards to other common clay morons. As the saying goes, you can't cheat an honest man. You sure can rook Americans though.

Juxtaposed In Our Twitstream

Not sure if state murder of protesters would work out well here in the United Snakes, many (Most?) Americans being brain-washed & bloodthirsty pigs & all. Perhaps we'll pay a visit to the occupiers in downtown Los Angeles next wk. (If they haven't all been shot over the wknd.) & assault a police officer to get things going.

(File under: "Threat, or promise?")

Also: On topic list, may be too long for those w/ shorter attention spans. (We know you wouldn't be here if you had an attention span.)

Prez Jams It Three Times

So, why don't you all just stick it?Commenters picky about Prez in the above number: Not knowing much beyond what we like, we neither know nor care.Almost half-an-hr. of your rapidly dwindling life you'll never get back. Thank us later.

We Just Can't Wait For
The House Of Cards To Collapse

Die, financial system, die!
"In The Absence Of A Credible Plan We Will Have A Global Financial Meltdown In Two To Three Weeks" - IMF Advisor

And a big dose of IOKIYAR financial hypocrisy from the ever-awful Eric Cantor:
When he hears the words "economic justice" he reaches for his Desert Eagle.
"Some in Washington have actually condoned the pitting of Americans against Americans," Cantor said of the protests after accusing the Obama administration's policies of being an "assault on many of our nation's bedrock principles."
Now we have a better idea of the values espoused by the Values Voters Summit.

Fortunately for Mr. Cantor, the editorial staff here is too busy anticipating the wknd. to waste our time & energy looking up some Joseph Goebbels quotes about Jewish people, "Germany's bedrock principles," & Germans being pitted against Germans.

Hey, maybe mentioning Ari Fleischer advising people to "watch what they say" would be close enough. (Careful that you don't become your enemies there, hypocrites.)

UPDATE (1444PDT 7 October 2011): Political Animal goes into detail about creepy Cantor, where we were perfectly happy to pull out the Nazi accusations & be done therewith. Show off!

Ten Yrs. After

Where have we heard this before?
One of America's most celebrated generals has issued a harsh indictment of his country's campaign in Afghanistan on the 10th anniversary of the invasion to topple the Taliban.

The US began the war with a "frighteningly simplistic" view of Afghanistan, the retired general Stanley McChrystal said, and even now the military lacks sufficient local knowledge to bring the conflict to an end.
Thinking, remembering ... Oh, yes: We've heard it everywhere this benighted nation of ignoramuses has stuck its fat nose in the last 50-odd yrs. Really, will the sheep ever stop being proud of their ignorance?

Image info: U.S. Army Pvt. Jeffery Hansen of Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment crouches after launching a 60mm mortar round from the mortar range at Forward Operating Base Lane in Zabul Province, Afghanistan, Feb. 15, 2009. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Adam Mancini.)

This public domain photograph may not be used in materials, advertisements, products, or promotions that in any way suggest approval or endorsement of any people appearing in the photos. Department of Defense guidelines for use.


From comments: Perfect song to listen to while staring at Nighthawks by Edward Hopper.

Hamburger On The Highway

Evacuating the injured from an incident seen to our north on the PCH.
W/o ambulance lights. (Or focus.)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Currently Hitting The Mute Button For ...

Fix It Again, Tony.

Bullshit & Boilerplate

Twitterers advised this was a solid reaming of Mr. Cain. We suspect Hermy pretty much eviscerates himself. Let's hope so. Plus, Hank Jr.Sweet Blood of Jesus, he is an ahistorical idiot.

Christ on a crutch, it's a two-parter.Today's weasel words: "Difference of opinion."

No, it's a three-parter. Make it stop, please!

By Request

Perhaps not as gritty as some desire, but hey, it's free.
Would've gotten a shot of the newsboy, but the batts. died.
Who the above is.