Saturday, August 20, 2011

No Forbidden Planet

Went to see this load of drivelclassic of 1950s cinema today.Had never previously seen it on the big screen or in color, & didn't know it was one of the last flicks made using Technicolor's three-strip process. Scratchy print w/ a couple of sucky splices 'though. Great job Universal: "35mm print supplied by Universal Studios." Couldn't do a little restoration?

We are surprised no one has yet remade it (or Forbidden Planet).

Always a thrill to see a movie w/ an audience, of course. When Russell (The Professor, of Gilligan's Island) Johnson appeared, one, maybe two people applauded. And when the big-head alien asked Dr. Ruth Adams (Faith Domergue) if she (A friggin' atomic scientist!) wasn't, "as a woman, curious" many of our fellow film-goers burst into laughter. Time marches on.

Added Fun

Outbreak of tar.
Not yet fenced off, like these two.

Severance Check

"Mark Heisler (formerly) of the Los Angeles Times" delivers an obit.

Truthdig editor Robert Scheer's note:
Editor’s note: The Los Angeles Times’ Mark Heisler, 2006 winner of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame’s Curt Gowdy Award and a Truthdig contributor, was laid off by the newspaper in July, one year before he planned to retire. With 44 years in the business, and 32 at the Times, he reminds us that newspapers were in trouble long before the Internet but still offer at least the promise of something their competitors can’t match. Bearing in mind his severance agreement not to “disparage” the company “in any way,” he nonetheless provides an inside look as one of the world’s great papers is bought, sold and turned into a caricature of its former self.
We note in passing that not long after the Times let Mr. Scheer go from his columnist position, one Jonah Goldberg began appearing on the Times' op-ed page each Tuesday.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fast Food Friday Continues

No Catholicism here, it's all-meat, all the time.

And synchronicity strikes again: No sooner do we mention Pink's than it is invaded by Bristle Palin & friends. This apparently occurred yesterday, 18 August.In other Pink's poop, Aunt Snow mentions that she visited in 1997 & there wasn't much of a line. Our blaming Hollywood & Highland may have been correct.

Real Food For Real Men

We done et at most of these dumps, 'though never at Tacos Delta. It still exists, so there's still a chance, although menudo gives us the creeps, & some of it might get into our taco; don't hold your breath for an exclusive review.Spotted here.

Who Are The Art Police?

The oinking bastards of the Long Beach Police Dep't., if you didn't know already.
Police Chief Jim McDonnell has confirmed that detaining photographers for taking pictures "with no apparent esthetic value" is within Long Beach Police Department policy.
Criminal photograph.
"If an officer sees someone taking pictures of something like a refinery," says McDonnell, "it is incumbent upon the officer to make contact with the individual." McDonnell went on to say that whether said contact becomes detainment depends on the circumstances the officer encounters.

McDonnell says that while there is no police training specific to determining whether a photographer's subject has "apparent esthetic value," officers make such judgments "based on their overall training and experience" and will generally approach photographers not engaging in "regular tourist behavior."

This policy apparently falls under the rubric of compiling Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) as outlined in the Los Angeles Police Department's Special Order No. 11, a March 2008 statement of the LAPD's "policy …  to make every effort to accurately and appropriately gather, record and analyze information, of a criminal or non-criminal nature, that could indicate activity or intentions related to either foreign or domestic terrorism."
Yes, you "have" "rights." NO, YOU MAY NOT USE THEM!

Music B(4)

Really. He suggested 'em.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Inner Monologue Externalized

Even if we were mentally & psychologically capable of it, we still wouldn't give a shit.

Sudden Realization UPDATE (19 August 2011 @2255): That really should be "Interior Monologue," shouldn't it? See how little & late we care?

Spot The Ninny Living In The Past

The pants-pissers still fear ... THE SOVIET UNION!!
In an interview with conservative talk show host Jay Sekoluw, Bachmann said she knew what was bothering the American people. Bachmann described America's worries as a "unified message," before listing off about five things, one of which is a long-gone country:
It really is about jobs and the economy. That doesn't mean people haven't [sic] forgotten about protecting life and marriage and the sanctity of the family. People are very concerned about that as well. But what people recognize is that there's a fear that the United States is in an unstoppable decline. They see the rise of China, the rise of India, the rise of the Soviet Union and our loss militarily going forward.
Good answer, Michele. And what about the Ottoman Empire? Should we fear them, too? Is America prepared for a naval attack from the Phoenicians?
We are also quite amused by "our loss militarily going forward." In English that might have been expressed as "potential reduction of the defense budget," unless Rep. Bachmann believes these United Snakes are going to lose "militarily" some time in the future. The audio. Plus which.

And the just plain silly (Note: On the Just Another Blog™ devil-box there is a burst of irksome static as the advert starts, then, mercifully, there is no advert audio. Take the good w/ the bad, eh?):Who "came out today?" Mr. Representative Bachmann? Or was it Michele, advertising herself as a "man-ette?" And speaking of Mme. Bachmann's fashion adviser/buyer, has no one told him that those sleeveless dresses she wears are very immodest, if not downright slutty?

Spot The Hypocrites

Obama Begins His Summer Vacation

President Obama leaves today for a 10-day summer vacation on Martha's Vineyard but once again faces Republican criticism that he's taking time off while the country faces tremendous problems, the Boston Globe reports.

The Chicago Sun Times notes that this is Obama's ninth vacation since taking office and has spent all or part of 38 days on vacation away from the White House. He has also made 14 visits to Camp David spanning all or part of 32 days, for a total of 70 days.

In contrast, former President George W. Bush, at this point in his first term, had made 14 visits to his Texas ranch spanning all or part of 102 days and also made 40 visits to Camp David spanning all or part of 123 days. His vacation total at this point in his presidency was all or part of 225 days away.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pink's Line

Never figured it out. The sheep weren't lined up like lambs to the slaughter during the '70s, but at a point which we didn't notice (The '80s? We left the general neighborhood in 1985 & didn't keep a close eye on things after that.) Pink's caught on, mostly, we surmise, w/ tourist scumvisitors to our fair city, & now, per this item, it takes an hour to get your dog. We can't confirm that it does take an hr., 'cause we aren't waiting five damn mins. for a fugging chili dog, esp. not in a line w/ bloated mid-Westerners & their mutant spawn who think a visit to the Gap store at Hollywood & Highland is intrinsically different from a visit to the Gap in Podunk, but there sure as hell is a long, long line there every time we wander past.

Disgusting detail.

Today's Asshole Of The Day

From (No surprise!) TheDC, an asshole named Mencken (It's a pseudonym. Gutsy fellow.) announces:
“What about Ron Paul?! He took second! Doesn’t he warrant a mention?”

This meme has been echoed even by the likes of Jon Stewart, whose fanciful quest to ferret out every trace of hypocrisy on the side of his opponents has instead led him down the rabbit hole of self-righteousness and false punditry, always thinly veiled by a layer of badly applied clown makeup.
OK, just stupid & juvenile so far. No need to hold your breath, however. Just your nose.
Because Ron Paul is a joke at the expense of the Right, and his second place showing in the straw poll was the bad punch line. The man tracks with (and may agree with) racist, conspiracy-mongering mongoloids so vile that they would instantly discredit libertarianism if any liberal media outlet more relevant than The New Republic ever bothered to cover them. Those who disagree are invited to explain the chumminess between Ron Paul and the Mises Institute, whose patron Saint Murray Rothbard once made a habit of paling around both with Maoists and with the followers of David Duke, for the simple reason that the responsible Right failed to display a sufficient hatred of America relative to those two groups.
Mongoloids. Ha ha. What is it, 1955? Also funny: A pseudonymous clown typing for TheDC claiming that "liberal media outlet" TNR isn't relevant.

And here's the big fun:
What Paul’s partisans fail to apprehend is that the reason that coverage is not forthcoming for their hero is because Paul has made himself the avatar of a time-tested brand of Republicanism: That is, self-hating Republicanism. The reason disingenuous sniggerers like Stewart sympathize with Paul, and why Rachel Maddow will fawningly ask him to explain his crackpot theories between heaping mouthful [sic] of carpet is because Ron Paul attacks his own party with twice the zeal he ever uses against liberals. He spouts the same nonsense talking points as members of the Pacifist Left (“Iran is only defending themselves!”) and the Socialist Left (“Corporations aren’t people! Only people are people!”) with the ingenious capacity for somehow duping legions of devoted followers into believing these time-tested left wing gobs of spit are somehow true conservatism. It’s time someone explained precisely why this designation is as fantastical as Paul’s chances at election are.
Does he mean Rachel Maddow is as nutty as Hitler, who was alleged to be rug-chewingly mad? Or have we somehow missed the hard core carpet-munching that is (Subliminally?) interspersed w/ Ms. Maddow's questions?

Because TheDC needs clicks, there are four more pages of this (Granted, an easy condemnation of Rep. Paul's economic cow patties.) but we'd as soon poke ourself w/ a sharp stick as use that stick to search through the urine-filled tank to spear more poop nuggets.

We will share that Pseudo-Mencken's main gripe w/ the Texas Turkey is that he is not bloody-minded enough to engage in pre-emptive attacks/strikes/wars against any nation, group or individual that looks cross-eyed at these United Snakes. Help yourselves if you like. Just don't say you weren't warned.

(First person singular here.)

More Music More Often (For Morons)

First release from Screaming "Lord" Sutch & The Savages (1961):Something we did not know: In the Rolling Stones song "Get Off of My Cloud", the guy who shows up "All dressed up just like a Union Jack" was Lord Sutch uninvited in Mick Jagger's room. ("Lord" Sutch via The Belated Nerd, who has an amusing bit on a neglected Jack Kirby trope.)

Buddy Rich on the skins:Give it up for the cat on the licorice stick.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Return Of The Son Of Grammar Nazi:
The Meghan McCaining

Meghan (Sez The Wiki: She attended Columbia University, where she earned her bachelor's degree in art history.) McCain types:

I think it’s quite obvious at this point that Sarah Palin is starting to feel threatened that there are new Republican darlings in town and that the media stronghold she once monopolized is clearly loosening.

"Stronghold?" Does she mean ...Not ironic or nuffin'. We like this one*.

Bonus Art Historian material:
I know Palin hasn’t asked for my advice, and I assume the likelihood of that ever happening in my lifetime is probably about the same as the likelihood of hell freezing over. That being said, my advice to Sarah Palin would be, continue to hold the position as the leader and the symbol of right-wing America that you are, continue making boat loads of cash, and stop acting so threatened that the media might forget you. If you are in fact seriously considering running for president, you have reached the eleventh hour and the clock is ticking. Fish or cut bait, Sarah. Either put your hat in the ring and show America what you want to do with our country, or step back and let other politicians whose time has come have their moment. God knows, you have had yours.
She does know how to pad it, doesn't she?

*Because (as we just noticed) there are some riffs from "Bolero" in it?

Elvis Is Still Dead

1000 Words Worth (x2)


Commitment To Siphoning

Politics & the clowns who practice it continuing to be nauseating ('Though we are amused that Dick Perry is getting abuse from both sides of the aisle for being a stupid jerk.) we'll wallow in honky nostalgia for baseball & Frank Sinatra. (To hell w/ apple pie & Chevrolet.)

Shorter Dodger management: "Fuck the Fans."
In a statement, the Dodgers said there is no need for an official committee of ticket holders because their interests "will not be affected by the Chapter 11 cases."

Today Is "Die On Your Toilet" Day

You know, in honor of the first white guy who sounded like a "Negro" (& could therefore make some real money for record companies) to be discovered & exploited.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Were we currently in give-a-shit mode, we would have found some content for today's minimum.

(Even picking labels is really too much bother.)

No, wait: Vote for us,
because we don't give a flying fuck at a rolling dough-nut.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Who Does This Asshole Think He Is?

Quote of the Day

"One of the reasons that I'm running for president is I want to make sure that every young man and woman who puts on the uniform of the United States respects highly the president of the United States."

-- Rick Perry, quoted by Ben Smith, who notes the line "is a reversal of the usual pledges of respect for the military from politicians."

Badge 714

We suppose we must weigh in on this from the carpetbaggers of The NYT. (Slideshow.)
The morning roll call, which 20 years ago would have been, for the most part, a lineup of white men with military haircuts, included blacks, Latinos, Asians and women, evidence of what Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa described in an interview as the result of an aggressive and crucial effort to diversify the department.
True enough. But we suspect that a good number of the new faces, no matter their skin tone/hair style (We've also noted that many officers have taken the look of their enemies, the shave-it-once-a-wk.-or-so gang members to their heads as well.) are still dick-swinging junior fascist thugs.

The LAPD, in the bad old days, indicated a preference for recruiting veterans, or, at the least, guys who had "participated in team sports." W/ these United Snakes' never-ending wars, there's a limitless supply of the PTSD-afflicted to fill the ranks. Many a local of Hispanic/Latino descent w/ few other prospects has ended up joining the military, & will no doubt be recruited by the LAPD on his or her return home when s/he can't get work after "serving."

Only one incident is needed to relight the powder keg. Which will be next, a big quake or more civil unrest? (Minimum of 50 deaths in both the '92 riots & '94 earthquake. If nature doesn't kill you, a pig will.)

You May Be A Moron If ...

If our ideas seem smaller nowadays, it’s not because we are dumber than our forebears but because we just don’t care as much about ideas as they did.* In effect, we are living in an increasingly post-idea world — a world in which big, thought-provoking ideas that can’t instantly be monetized are of so little intrinsic value that fewer people are generating them and fewer outlets are disseminating them, the Internet notwithstanding. Bold ideas are almost passé.

It is no secret, especially here in America, that we live in a post-Enlightenment age in which rationality, science, evidence, logical argument and debate have lost the battle in many sectors, and perhaps even in society generally, to superstition, faith, opinion and orthodoxy. While we continue to make giant technological advances, we may be the first generation to have turned back the epochal clock — to have gone backward intellectually from advanced modes of thinking into old modes of belief. But post-Enlightenment and post-idea, while related, are not exactly the same.

Post-Enlightenment refers to a style of thinking that no longer deploys the techniques of rational thought. Post-idea refers to thinking that is no longer done, regardless of the style.
It sadly degenerates into drivel decrying information overload rather than continuing to insult every last dimbulb walking the earth,

The fault lies not in our trillions of terabytes of shit, but in the billions of lumps of unthinking humanoid protoplasm that so thickly cover the world.

*Seems to us as good a definition of "dumber than our forebears" (As if that were even possible.) as any.

Village Perry People

The peeps at Pimp My Presidential Ride must've been working overtime to get his shit-mobile tricked out.
Full slogan: Get America Working For Minimum Wage & No Benefits Again.
They just ran out of space.
Rick's fashion advisers have already covered Military Man
& Cowboy.
Still to go: First American, Hard Hat, Biker & Police Ossifer.

Handicapped Parking Hawk

Check out this hawk spotted early this morning at Dodger Stadium ... this is a real photo!
From the Former Bums o' Brooklyn's Twit feed. While we've seen many a hawk aloft near the hills, we've never caught one at rest.

The Man Can't Bust Our Music!

First the boner-pill people appropriated "Smokestack Lightning," forcing us to develop an even quicker mute-button finger, then the dilrods at the FIAT* advertising agency decided to cop the intro to "Jailhouse Rock" for their reintroduction of the FIAT* brand to these United Snakes.

Here we take them back.Yes, it is perpetually around 1956 inside our brain.Hah! Fooled all of you w/ that one, didn't we?

*Need we spell it out for you? There's a reason FIAT disappeared from the North American market for some time.

The Painter Of Light: Early Work

Before he really hit his stride.