Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Center-Right Nation

Stick it, libs. Big Hollywood is right!
The one in which his character died that isn't The Shootist.
Though the actor most widely known for his westerns died of cancer in 1979 at the age of 72, his popularity remains unparalleled. A Harris poll released earlier this year listed Wayne as America's No. 3 favorite actor after Johnny Depp and Denzel Washington.

Bloated Oaf Watch

Republicans still salivating about Joisey gubner Chris Christie throwing his big, fat hat in the ring should just clam up until his portliness actually moves to take off a couple hundred lbs.
Christie’s lackluster assessment is likely to ramp up attempts by GOP hopefuls to actively campaign for his approval, even as conservatives across the country continue to beg him to put himself in the race. 
So we're pencilling him in for 2016. Or 2020. Assuming he hasn't keeled over & been unable to get up before then.

Smarty 'Phones Are For Baby-Killers

If you have one, you're complicit. Note also how fucking stupid military procurement is.

And note where your tax money goes. Stop paying taxes, now!! And start taxing the shit out of these corporate welfare cheats.

Second Amendment Round-Up

Another macho gun-owner cops out:
Ralph Swagler, owner of the adjacent Locals BBQ restaurant, told the Nevada Appeal that he saw the gunman pull up in a minivan, get out and begin firing an automatic rifle at the IHOP. The gunman then reloaded and went inside, and Swagler said he heard more gunshots inside the restaurant.

Swagler said bullets fired from inside IHOP shattered windows and struck his building as well as an adjacent H&R Block office.

Swagler said he had a handgun and considered opening fire on the shooter, but he didn't want to engage a gunman who was armed with a fully automatic weapon.
Well, the answer to that is to issue full-auto penisesguns to every citizen. An armed society is always polite, after all.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Enemy Of Freedom

Do not give this dangerous plutocrat any money by going to see the S.D. Chargers.
Perry will be hobnobbing with a crowd of big donors and big pols -- backers who include ... San Diego Chargers owner Dean Spanos ...

Fed Up?

You can bet we're FED UP! w/ two-faced socialists like Texas Gov. Rick Perry.
Gov. Rick Perry appealed for federal assistance to fight at least 63 blazes throughout the drought-dried state.


Perry, a Republican presidential candidate, cut short a campaign trip to South Carolina to go to Bastrop on Monday. He said officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency were expected to arrive in Texas as soon as Wednesday.

"I don't think we've ever seen a wildfire season like this" since the 1980s, Perry said after surveying the Bastrop fire by helicopter. "We've got a long way to go to get this thing contained."
Where's your gawd now, hairpiece? Still busy not-existing? Or real, but punishing you & your state for hypocrisy?

Wage-Slavery Celebrated

Get a job:Can't get a job:Gotcher "job" right here!

Before & After

City Life

It drizzled where we were yesterday. The sun also being out, we thought, Oh, must be a rainbow somewhere, but, being trapped in an urban canyon, we couldn't spot it.

Good News For Modern Man

Stats we like:
The growing number of Dutch churches no longer serving as such has led to a renovation boom, a national heritage foundation says.

As a result of the ongoing secularisation, only 7,000 of Holland’s 19,000 churches are still being used for worship. The other 12,000 have been given a new function or are on sale, according to the foundation.

“Giving old buildings such as churches a new lease on life also fits with sustainability trends”, the foundation says. And companies can distinguish themselves by moving into a church. “In Maastricht, for example, a former monastery now houses a bookshop.”

Reliplan specialises in selling heritage monuments including churches. The state agent operates in the Netherlands as well as Germany, Belgium and other European countries. Over the past 20 years, it has sold some 900 Dutch churches that acquired a new role, often a cultural one. The company currently has 63 churches on offer in the Netherlands.
12,000 down, 7,000 to go.



Sunday, September 4, 2011

Red Gold & Green

If you know what we mean.

She's 230 Yrs. Old

On this date:
 In 1781, a new settlement was established along that river. The settlement came to be known as El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciúncula or The Town of Our Lady the Queen of Angels of the Little Portion although its official name was simply El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles.
River, you say? Ha ha, whatever. And no longer a "very small parcel of land," but a hideous blot on the geographic & psychological landscape. 502.69 square miles of it. Progress!

Tower Of La Brea

Appeared as the "Daily Planet" building in the first season of Superman.
The pole on the roof was a dirigible mast. (How'd that work out?) Stupid sign used to advertise Mutual of Omaha.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

In The Gutter, Looking ...

Two Faces Have I

Why are we not surprised that the above cretin is affiliated w/ Big Ho? Maybe we already knew, maybe we realized that all 30 or so right-wingers in "Hollywood" end up at Big Ho for at least one or two idiotic items. Not that Mr. Golub has cranked out much for Big Ho in the last two yrs. Too busy stockbrokering, maybe, or making the Internet uglier w/ this site-to-behold.

Cheap shots at ugliness aside, here's a bit of TPM's blood-libelous coverage:
In the past, Palin has protested loudly and publicly when comedy writers have attempted to use her son's handicaps to make jokes. The special needs community is, perhaps understandably, a particular sore spot for Palin -- though her outrage can sometimes shift with the political winds.

Back [sic] in February 2010, for example, she excoriated then-White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel for calling liberal activists "retarded." A few days later, she defended Rush Limbaugh's use of the same word in a similar context.

CNN reports that Palin did not comment on the remark in her speech, nor did her team respond to CNN's request for comment.
For those too young & dumb to catch the reference:Note the similarities in vocal register between Eric Golub & Lou Christie.

Crikey, Golub is a real winner.
Palin “has such a value for human life, that she would even bring a child into this world she knew that modern medical technology would show that would be defective ideologically like Nancy Pelosi.”

Musical Interlude

Before re-plunging into the sewers of American politics, take a chill pill w/ Hamp.More tom, less snare!Even more tom!Bringing it back to the '70s w/ more bop-a-re-bop.False ending too!

Asshole Of The Wk.,
Pseudo-Aristocratic Division

A look inside something. Or a look at something previously hidden under a rock. Yes, the very, very Vadum (Vadense?) Matthew Vadum, who believes ACORN is still in existence & that the franchise should be very restricted.Know them by the company they keep: Mr. Vadum w/ convicted political criminal* G. Gordon "Rat-Eater" Liddy, he of advising how best to kill ATF agents ("Now if the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms comes to disarm you and they are bearing arms, resist them with arms. Go for a head shot; they're going to be wearing bulletproof vests. [...] They've got a big target on there, ATF. Don't shoot at that, because they've got a vest on underneath that. Head shots, head shots ... Kill the sons of bitches.")
Mr. Vadum seems to have a problem w/ smiling convincingly.

*Which is worse, Vadum's lies about his bête noire, ACORN, or Liddy's involvement in Watergate, CREEP & Nixon's plumbers?

Context (2054PDT 3 September 2011): Get off the vote.

Gawd Loves Our Team

Notre Dame Stadium evacuated due to heavy rain & lightning, a first. The Fighting Pederast PriestsIrish were losing to the U. of South Florida, 16-0. We're hoping for a bolt of lightning to whack Touchdown Jesus.
This one.
Not this one, previously whacked by nature.
What a country, that we should have two "Touchdown Jesuses." Beat that, furriners!

The Nasty Broadcasting Corp. is now running a Notre Dame-Utah game from last yr., in case anyone cares.

Why Don't We Eat Breakfast?

Because the current Yankee breakfast is bullshit, Adventist/Puritan/corporate style:
Seeking to provide sanitarium patients with meatless anti-aphrodisiac breakfasts in 1894, Michigan Seventh-Day Adventist surgeon and anti-masturbation activist John Kellogg developed the process of flaking cooked grains.


"Cold cereals are an invention of vegetarians and the health-food industry, first through Kellogg's and then through C.W. Post, which steals all of Kellogg's ideas," Smith explains.

"These companies realized early on that people like sugar, and kids really like sugar -- so they shifted their sales target from adults concerned about health to kids who love sugar. It's a thoroughly American invention."

Republican Vet Speaks

Robin Abcarian reports:
Palin has been adept at raising small sums — in the first half of the year she raised nearly $1.7 million, spent close to $1.6 million and had $1.4 million on hand. But one veteran Republican strategist familiar with her operation guffawed at her fundraising skills.

"She is not capable of raising anywhere near the amount of money necessary for a serious presidential campaign," said the strategist, who like several others interviewed spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid damaging professional relationships. "Maybe a couple million. Not $50 million."

This strategist said Palin is "fundamentally a media candidate" whose product is not policy, but books, reality television and her million-dollar contract with Fox News. Keeping herself in the limelight, he said, is the key to "renewing that fan base and monetizing that stuff in the future."
So. Nah gunna happen, even if she throws her hat in the ring.

Also, Abcarian on Palin & the C4P faithful.


A read-a-thon by Harry Shearer on Jerry Lewis & the 1976 MDA telethon. The one where Sinatra brought Dino to make up or whatever w/ Jerry. We're curious as to the rag where it first appeared.

Later (0420PDT 23 September 2011): We are advised that it appeared in Film Comment.

Our Favorite Brand, Hint Hint

Our birthday arrives soon, & if those has-been Beatles were bigger than Jesus, surely Xmas isn't a bigger deal than said anniversary.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Touch This & We'll Break Your Arm

We believe we still have a single of this one, but why should we get up & look?Can't find the version, but we didn't look very hard or long.

Raiders Suck Way Through Pre-Season

Felt as if we should run something texty, if not actually textural. Which would involve typing something, which might just strain our brain, if not our fingers.

So: We're glad the Southland fire season is at last underway, & sincerely hope that this yr. all suburban sprawl is reduced to ash (Also: More & larger earthquakes, hurricanes & typhoons please!); we could not give less of a flying fuck at a rolling dough-nut about the DC comics "re-boot" (Or is it a "retcon?" Either way, we'd as soon never hear/read either term again about anything except restarting one's devil-box — wait, one can simply say/type "restarting.") or world-class* war criminal/evil doer George Lucas & his latest alteration of his pathetically juvenile space fantasy series for the fucking Blu-Ray™ release; the President of The United Snakes can go fuck himself; will you people stop w/ the Twitting already? (We're far enough behind on the shit in the reader as is.); we're as sickened by reading about "cocktails" & their invention as we are about "food" & its preparation: You drink booze to get drunk, not to be stylish or whatever the fuck you're pretending, just as food fetishization is sad sexual sublimation in the neo-Puritan fear of STD world; we don't have a bang-up ending, merely a whimper ...

*Just as disgusted by "world-class" since we first heard it drawled from the mouth of H. Ross Perot some 20 yrs. ago, but couldn't resist the double alliteration w/ "war criminal."

Music Not For The Masses

Who are we kidding? Can't get much more commercial than Spear & Uhuru.This one from the sad file of discs we once owned.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A = A

Where A = asshole. Steve Ditko goes Objectivist.
We see "for an equal value" there, but where does almighty profit enter the equation, Randian superman?

Did You Ever See A Bat ... Walking?

It was probably rabid, so stay the fuck away.
People who encounter bats should be especially careful because a healthy bat is usually skilled at avoiding people, officials said.

The rabid bats found locally include ones found walking on the ground and during daylight, uncommon behaviors for a bat, officials said.
As opposed to bats found walking on what, exactly?

Anyway, chances of an encounter are higher than average.
So far in 2011, 22 rabid bats have been confirmed, according to the veterinary public health division of the county health department. In a typical year, about nine are found.

In the Santa Clarita Valley alone, tests indicated rabies in nine bats.
No word on squirrels & other rodentia w/ bubonic plague this season.

US$1.00, US$2.00 On Sunday

If we hadn't already given up on daily purchase of the local fish-wrapper, this would have sealed (Unsealed?) the deal.
Talk about paying more for less. After slashing staff, budgets, freelance rates and page counts, the LA Times is raising the price of its print edition.

The cost of the weekday paper will increase to $1.00 from 75 cents. The Sunday edition will increase from $1.50 to $2.00. Changes go into effect on Labor Day.

So far we’ve seen mention of the price increase in the Washington Post, The Sacramento Bee, Newsday, and NBC Los Angeles. But we can’t find any information in the LA Times itself.

The paper last increased newsstand prices two years ago. when it went from 50 to 75 cents for the weekday edition.
Page count last time we bought the damn thing (for reading while on public transit): 50. That would be 2¢ a page, at least some of which still have ads on them.

Another (And Firmer) No To Slave Labor!

Hmmm. S'pose we could get a job as a guard somewhere that deserves to be shot up? Of course, any operation that needs to be protected from the wrath of the people should be shot up. Or burned to the ground.
The 23-year-old guard, Vishram Singh, posted at the Govindpuri Extension office of Muthoot Finance Ltd, was apparently frustrated with his long working hours and meagre salary. Sources said Singh, who hails from Etah in UP, was also sore about having to stay back after the normal closing time of 6pm on Thursday.

"The guard suddenly opened fire while standing at his post at the entrance gate on the first floor of the building. He began shouting and cursing everyone, claiming he was being overworked and underpaid, and that he would seek his revenge,'' said joint commissioner (southern range) Amulya Patnaik.

No To Slave Labor!

Well over halfway through Thursday & nothing to amuseirritate has yet appeared in this space.

Although our desire is for others to be irritated (We're in an almost constant state of irritation as is.) this is irking us.

Frank McCourt is offered $1.2 billion for Dodgers

The all-cash bid comes from Bill Burke, founder of the L.A. Marathon, plus 'state-owned investment institutions of the People's Republic of China' and unidentified American investors, a letter sent to Frank McCourt says. Burke and a spokesman for McCourt have no comment.

We'd as soon not have the PLA owning "our" former Brooklyn Bums, thenkyew veddy much.

Nor are we that happy about Bill Burke, either.
[T]he L.A. Marathon has no roots in the local running community, no runners' advisory boards, not even a local running club as a sponsor. Instead, the L.A. Marathon was created out of thin air, legislated into existence almost overnight by a City Council still intoxicated by the "spirit of the Olympics," not to mention the prestige and money that the event brought to Los Angeles. And while such glamour events as Boston and New York command sizable corporate sponsorships, none can match the L.A. Marathon for its ability to mold itself to the needs of Fortune 500 companies, marketing firms and public relations outfits. "The Los Angeles Marathon was created from a top-down process, rather than the usual bottom-up fashion," observes Jeff Darman, a noted road-racing expert. "It's not as much a race as it is a marketing organization."
Bet the Chinese love that.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Art Beat

Today's art asshole would be whoever reported the guy painting this
"Chase Burning," courtesy of artist Alex Schaefer
to the police.

And the LAPD would qualify as jerks for actually bugging the artist. We'd say the lesson here would be to shoot a photo & then paint from it in the privacy of one's studio, except ...

Ten yrs. after the righteous & entirely justified attack on America's little Eichmanns, what further proof is needed that these United Snakes have finished the transformation to a fascist nation?

All the details you'll need, as stolen from laist who stolecompiled links which you, too, may use.

Royal Viking Motel (Sign)

Integrity Round-Up

We'd have a little (but not that much) more respect for Dr. Rice's self-professed integrity if she'd be honest about this & would stop doing crap like this.

We're nonetheless appalled by Cheney's bullshit
Cheney [...] wrote that Rice "came into my office, sat down in the chair next to my desk, and tearfully admitted I had been right."
& this earlier but equivalent bullshit from a Cheney biographer concerning Cheney's partner in war crimes, Donald Rumsfeld:
Instead, Miss Rice was so fazed by former Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld that she burst into tears at a meeting in the White House situation room.

The floodgates opened for the then national security adviser in February 2004, as the Bush administration was wrestling with growing instability in Iraq and the legal status of detainees at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.
And appalled by the entire tone of the Torygraph item. (Referring to her as "Miss" rather than Doctor, "floodgates opened," which is hardly in line w/ the quote "Her eyes welled up and her next words caught in her throat. The men in the room did not know where to look." Those are some wide-open floodgates, not that we believe any of it ever happened.)

Pre-Emptive Strike

We offer below the expected not-so-crypto fascist response to this from Alternet:
According to Workamper.com, a workamper is “an adventurous individual who has chosen a wonderful lifestyle that combines ANY kind of part-time or full-time work with RV camping. If you work as an employee, operate a business, or donate your time as a volunteer, AND you sleep in an RV (or on-site housing), you are a Workamper. Workampers generally receive compensation in the form of a free campsite, usually with free utilities (electricity, water, and sewer hookups) and additional wages.”


Most workamper jobs are of the minimum-wage variety. Workampers generally don’t receive unemployment insurance benefits, severance pay or any warning that a job is about to end. Workampers face many of the same job insecurity issues as the millions of Americans who have been downsized due to job outsourcing, financial mismanagement and slow consumer demand for products and services, except workampers are purposely more nimble and have been conditioned to pack up and move to where the jobs are. “We have to be mobile to land a job,” said Suzann. Those who become jobless and live in traditional stationary homes aren’t usually able to move to another city on a moment’s notice.
The (momentarily imaginary) response:

"What are these people complaining about? They own an RV (A recreational vehicle. See? Lazy mooching parasites!) so they're not poor & it's not as if they have to ride the rails the way they would have had to in the Great Depression of the 1930s, & this is a good thing anyway, because workers should have to accomodate whatever the desires of their job-creating betters may be. Too bad they can't just float their RVs across the Pacific to Asia, where the jobs have been sent by the Invisible Hand."

(Electrons expended here as well.)

Stupid Band Name, Even Worse Music

There are no words to express the revulsion we have for this song, the band memberswhores in the band & their managers/agents/parasites who sold it to a corporate entity that uses it to advertise beer, the singer's hideously cutesy-poo voice (Throat cancer for you, toots!) the gawd-awful ricky-tick piano, the inane lyrics, the necessity of hitting the mute button whenever it crosses our path, everything!

It is to vomit, & if we could vomit the crummy beer it advertises all over the band it wouldn't be enough punishment for them. Shoving an unopened bottle of the swill for which these horrid clowns whore up the Heinie-hole of every band member wouldn't be enough. Making them drink said horse piss mixed w/ their own shit would be a start.Fucking Danes, it turns out. Can we get organized & separate their peninsular shit-hole from the Continent & let it drift to the Arctic where the occupants will freeze to death? (We type that having recently discovered, while self-stalking on the Internet, that the ancestors we thought were Scots were descended from some fuck who emigrated from Jutland or whatever the fuck it was then called to Britain & Anglicized his name to something Scottish close to a thousand yrs. ago. Way to make us less upset about being descended from Bavarians & wop-a-dagos as well!)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dick, Liz & Din-Din: Under $100

Sorry, "This event is currently SOLD OUT."
Don't despair, opportunities to be fleeced remain: There's an "overflow remote viewing area." No price given, but it isn't free, although the book signing is. (Must buy the book from the Reagan Library, of course.) Grab your guns & get on up there!

Added fun: Reagan Presidential Foundation & Library website is copyrighted 2010. Senile dementia is contagious.

Still Scum After All These Yrs.

George Bush, not the two commies seen here.That Moulitsas guy really has a face for the radio & a voice for typing on the Internet, doesn't he? We're a bit disappointed there's no footage from the "interview." Legalities, perhaps.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Bad Attitude Round-Up (UPDATED)

We like Chicago Times columnist T.J. Simers because others in the sports-typing/babbling trade often whine about his alleged negativity. We'd consider it a reflection of reality, if we gave it any consideration at all, but what do we know?

Apparently he got some good quotes from "one of the team's very few good players," Andre Ethier, in his Sunday column. The FOX Sports Prime Ticket post-game broadcast crew (Steve "Psycho" Lyons & some other toad) were a bit unhappy. Fuck 'em.

We contemplated bothering w/ a link & so on, then decided not to, then read this brief item from L.A. Observed which pulled good stuff from ESPNLos Angeles.com that reminded us that we have some photos burning a hole in our hard drive of said Ethier, described by the ESPNLA typist as
A guy who certainly isn't helping his reputation with all these public outbursts, especially at a time when, according to various sources, scouts from other teams are starting to pick up on his moodiness and the fact he can be high maintenance[.]
As illustrated:
Double-barreled, bit-chezz!
BUILDINGS TOO (2205PDT 30 August 2011):
From Dependable Renegade.

Wrong Again

It was a joke, obviously.
She hailed the tea party as being common-sense Americans who understand government shouldn't spend more than it takes in, know they're taxed enough already and want government to abide by the Constitution.

"I don't know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We've had an earthquake; we've had a hurricane. He said, 'Are you going to start listening to me here?' Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now. They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we've got to rein in the spending."

Plenty of people in the crowd said they were interested to learn more about Perry, but Bradenton retiree Philip Staples said he's already sold on Bachmann. "She's got the fire in the belly, and she's a straight shooter. She's one of the common people,'' he said.

Asked in an interview to spell out the chief difference between her and Perry, Bachmann pointed to her record leading the charge against most of President Barack Obama's agenda and willingness to buck her own party.
Isn't this taking Gawd's name in vain? And how do we know this isn't Gawd warning us about climate change & the possibility of "fracking" causing earthquakes?

Michele Bachmann on telebision, trying to wriggle out of her "joke:" "It isn't every day that we have an earthquake in the United States."Uh, look again, Gawd's Dimmest Bulb.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Libertarian" Theocrat

Yes, Ron Paul. Who'd you think?
Ron Paul is only a "libertarian" where and when it's convenient. Much of the rest of the time, he's not merely a social conservative but a religious conservative promoting an agenda very close to that of Christian Nationalists.
While it's a four-yr. old item, Representative Paul's head is stuffed so far up his ass it's hardly likely any of his positions have "evolved" in the meantime.

And speaking of four+ yrs., we knew we'd covered the same territory. Didn't quite remember it was exactly the same territory.

Tip o' the chapeau this time around to @ronaldjackson, as re-Twitted by @rufuspolk.

Highland Park Hates Hipsters

Do not imagine we scrawled this for photo fodder.
Context: New tree holders in the 'hood.
UPDATE (0240PDT 30 August 2011): Meanwhile, in Brooklyn. (Not the Highland Park of the East, but still ...)

Tween In A Tree

Music Is Not Enough


Happy to report that we rode both the Red Line & Gold Line (twice each!) yesterday & were not stabbed to death or w/in an inch of our life.

(Probably random luck; we'll no doubt get ours next time.)

No Idea

None at all. We doubt the flags & the eagle on a rock have anything to do w/ whatever it is.

Swimming Pools, Cacti

To hell w/ palm trees, here's the real clichéd Southern California:

Don't Believe The Hype

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Last Wk. About This Time


Church Too Gay?

There was a time when this reporter lived a few blocks east of the Crescent Heights MC on Fountain Ave.
In its 97 years, Crescent Heights Methodist Church has flourished and floundered. As recently as 2004, the congregation was growing so much, it asked the many 12-step programs meeting there to find other spaces. The West Hollywood Recovery Center was started as a direct result of the church closing its doors to the 12-step programs there (12-step groups have since been allowed to meet there again).

During that time, Pastor John Griffin was holding Sunday services that incorporated Broadway show tunes, bringing in a lot of new members. But when Griffin was reassigned to a church in Long Beach in 2005, the people who loved the Broadway tunes left with him.
We could always count on 12-Stepping losers being outside smoking, & get a laugh from announcements of the show tunes services.

No more.
"I'm a gay, pro-medical marijuana pastor," Pastor Scott Imler told West Hollywood Patch. "The United Methodist Church is becoming increasingly conservative and our church is too gay for them."


"Nature Boy" Ric Flair (who stole his shtick from "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers) doesn't approve of a Grantland item, per FishbowlLA & TMZ.

So, let's look for the awful to share.

Or, fuck it, people either want to wallow in schadenfreude or they don't (Most do, of course, w/ the knowledge that every one of them will be dead soon enough being the ultimate schadenfreude. What a horrid little species.) often depending on their attitude toward professional wrestling, celebrity/infamy, or their own deep-rooted issues, so they can look or not. Seems to be a timeline of crap dug out of court records. Here's the stupidest image we could find following a cursory search.
Hah, we chanced upon this in our desultory attempt to locate visual emabarrassment:
After we posted the story noting that a Ric Flair representative told TMZ that Flair was considering taking legal action against claims made in the Grantland.com article, a number of readers sent in emails pointing out that Flair admitted in his 2004 autobiography to suffering from Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy.
Considering that Flair's considered complaint against Grantland is that he doesn't have boozer's ticker, we are ++amused. Guy's another fucking Rick "Read/don't read that book I put my name on & had published last yr." Perry, isn't he? Wooooo!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cookies Seal Deal

As mentioned below.Also, Dodgers beat Rockies 6-0. And the cookies.

Worst McCourt In The World

And now, the rest of the story.

UPDATE (2105PDT 26 August 2011): Vin just announced during a break he'll be back for games this side of the Continental Divide next yr. (While showing a cookies someone who wanted him back had sent him.)

Self-Centered Media Blitz

Are those of us who have cable news playing in the background as we terrorize the Internet going to be cursed w/ eyewall-to-eyewall coverage of this dumb-&-dull-ass hurricane through Monday? Let us know if, as some have theorized, New York's subway floods, because that would be very amusing; otherwise bugger off.

As we no longer have relatives in Rockville Centre, we don't really caregive Sweet Fanny Adams what happens to the Island, but here's a musical suggestion for the eastern bridge & tunnel crowd:Cah

Astronomy ... A Star (x4)

Even more interesting than the diamond planet or the black hole sucking up a star that hit the news toyesterday is the 80°F "star" (brown dwarf, really).
This artist's conception illustrates what a "Y dwarf" might look like. Y dwarfs are the coldest star-like bodies known, with temperatures that can be even cooler than the human body. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech.
PASADENA, Calif., Aug. 24 (UPI) -- NASA scientists say they've discovered the coldest class of star-like bodies, with temperatures as cool as that of the human body.

The discovery was made using the space agency's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, since the so-called Y dwarfs are nearly impossible to see when viewed with a visible-light telescope, a release by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., said Tuesday.

The WISE infrared telescope was able to spot the faint glow of six Y dwarfs relatively close to the sun, within a distance of about 40 light-years.

"WISE scanned the entire sky for these and other objects, and was able to spot their feeble light with its highly sensitive infrared vision," said Jon Morse, Astrophysics Division director at NASA Headquarters in Washington.

Y dwarfs are the coldest members of the brown dwarf family, often referred to as "failed" stars, having too little mass to fuse atoms at their cores and burn like the sun. Instead, astronomers say, they cool and fade with time until what little light they do emit is at infrared wavelengths.

One of the Y dwarfs, WISE 1828+2650, is the record holder for the coldest brown dwarf, with an estimated temperature of less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit, they said.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

They get it right, for once:
Heavy metal was also first used to describe ugly guitars. The phrase, of course, originated with William S Burroughs in his 1962 novel The Soft Machine, featuring Uranian Willy, the Heavy Metal Kid. Then John Kay of Steppenwolf sang the phrase "heavy metal thunder" in 1968's Born to Be Wild. But it first reached print as a synonym for hard rock via Mike Saunders (later Metal Mike Saunders, singer for early-80s punks the Angry Samoans), in a review of Humble Pie's As Safe As Yesterday in Rolling Stone from 1970, describing the album as "more of the same 27th-rate heavy metal crap".

The same year, punk rock was coined [in Rolling] Stone's Detroit rival, Creem, via Dave Marsh, who used it in a ? & the Mysterians live review ("Needless to say, it was impossible to pass up such a landmark explosion of punk rock, even after two nights running of Tina Turner"). Punk magazine came along a few years later.
Two origins we did not know:
But sometimes an artist assigns a title that becomes something else. Power-pop was coined by Pete Townshend in 1967 to define the Who, but wound up being what Eric Carmen of prime power-pop practitioners the Raspberries described as "groups that came out in the 70s that played kind of melodic songs with crunchy guitars and some wild drumming". Not to mention the endless acolytes who mimicked them.

Often, technology drives musical changes, so equipment plays its role, too. Acid, noted above, is one example. So is dub, short for the "dubplate" (duplicate platter) Jamaican sound system operator Ruddy Redwood ordered in late 1967 from Duke Reid's pressing plant. The recording was On the Beach by the Paragons, and the engineer, Byron Smith, accidentally wiped the vocal. Reid played it alongside the vocal version; the response was so strong he began putting instrumentals on the B-sides. Eventually, creative engineers such as King Tubby and Lee Perry would take the dub side into whole new areas of bass-heavy abstraction.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yada Yada Yada

Speaking of which, Media Matters for America, why no adjustable volume on your player? Assholes. It's 'cause of that Joo Soros, innit?

Today's Amazon.com Special

All Of You Please Fuck Off & Die*

If we never hear, view or read another fucking word about food & the unsavory people who prepare & eat it, it will be several yrs. too fucking soon.

America (& other white people nations): Stop living in fear of sex & its accompanying diseases (few of which are worse than food poisoning, immediate [E.coli, &c.] or long term [heart disease, diabetes, yada]) & start fucking more, eating less & not discussing food at all again ever (except for where to get a good burger cheap, maybe).

*Preferably by choking to death on a food-like object:
No idea who "nick koudis" is; he can get his fucking royalties anytime he wants.

On The Horizon: More Disappointment

As various gubmint agencies & "leaders" seem to be taking the threat of Hurricane Irene seriously,
Aug 25 (Reuters) - New York City residents who live in low-lying areas should voluntarily start moving out on Friday, before Hurricane Irene is expected to hit, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on Thursday.

Otherwise, they risk getting stuck because the mass transit system that millions of New Yorkers rely on might have to be shut down on Saturday, he said at a televised news conference.

New Yorkers should start feeling the effects of Hurricane Irene early Sunday morning. It is expected to hit the city of 8.4 million people as a Category 1 storm, the lowest ranking of major storms.

The mayor made it clear that residents in coastal areas, such as Battery Park City on Manhattan's southern tip, Coney Island and the Rockaways, should not linger until he issues an evacuation order because doing so could endanger emergency workers.
it becomes pretty obvious that the hurricane therefore won't arrive w/ a whimper, let alone a bang. A great disappointment to us. Even the obvious opportunity to let this one wailis small compensation for the destruction & human tragedy for which we had hoped.

Following on an "earthquake" in which no one was injured enough to make any of the news we've seen/heard, we're about ready to abandon all hope of a righteously angered nature starting to get you parasites off her back.

Oinking Update

These sons-&-daughters-of-stupid-bitches are paid for this crap?
A seven-hour police standoff in Hawthorne ended abruptly today, when authorities burst into the apartment where they thought their suspect was barricaded — only to discover that he wasn't there.

Neighbors near Kornblum Avenue and 132nd Street told Fox LA that they saw officers with their guns pulled attempting to serve a search warrant around 4 a.m. this morning.

Authorities were searching for a suspect accused of shooting a man in the leg a [sic] two weekends ago near Dockweiler Beach. The LAPD's Pacific Division thought they saw a movement in the building, so they called in the Swat Team just after 6 a.m. this morning [sic].

In the meantime, authorities had cordoned off the neighborhood, and neighbors were evacuated. Some news reports were saying that the suspect was refusing to come out, and this incident was labeled a "potential barricade situation."

And then it wasn't.

The SWAT officers finally entered the apartment around 11:30 a.m. but then, well, the suspect wasn't there, according to Los Angeles police Officer Norma Eisenman.

LAPD didn't really said much after that, so it's hard to tell what happened. No other information about the suspect or the alleged assault with a deadly weapon were released.
At least the taxpayer's obligation to pay disability or funeral expenses wasn't increased by any of these Keystone Kops shooting themselves or another oinker during this entire cluster-fuck.

Scum Sack Of The Day

Kent Scheidegger of the Criminal "Justice" Foundation.

21st Century Sanitation

Look, no floaty ball.
And, it flushes again. No more dumping a wastebasket full of H2O in it.

Twitter: Now More Agony Than It's Worth

Actual Statistics

Leave that Billy Paul/Today in History item alone!


The more of you we encounter, the likelier we are to take a shot at you.

Criminologists have realized for quite some time that summer is more violent than the colder months not because people get all hotted up to commit homicides or aggravated assaults by the sun.  Rather, it’s because warm and dry days mean people are out and about more, and as they come into contact with more and varied souls they’re more likely to try to shoot each other.

Read more: http://www.lineofdeparture.com/2011/08/25/el-nino-and-war/#ixzz1W4daQv3c

So thank whatever bullshit entity before which you prostrate yourselves that we're as agoraphobic as we are.

Devolution Would Be More Like It

We're willing to hate anybody, for any reason. (Sometimes the only reason we need is that a humanoid is involved.) Please, hate along w/ us.Still, isn't making puppet shows for YouTube distribution definitionally "hipster?"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not This Yr. You Don't

It's officially off.
The fate of the festival has been a cliffhanger for much of the month, with city officials voicing dismay that, in the middle of a municipal budget crisis, event organizers still owe $260,000 from last year's festival to the city. Meanwhile, backers of the event described critics of the festival as “haters” and implored the board to change course.
Well, once you're reduced to screeching "haters" at critics, it should be over.

FURTHER DETAILS (Looks as if laist did some reporting here, rather than their usual aggregatingstealing):
Board member Jerilyn López Mendoza was the first to address McKinley and the room, and she expressed concerns echoed by members of the Silver Lake community who were afraid the organizers would do little to improve upon the safety, noise, and access to the festival for locals, who in recent years became incensed at being required to pay admission to cross the street to get to their own homes.
You are invited to imagine what may have resulted if, when we lived in the Swish Alps, a festival volunteer had requested us to pay US$25.00 to get back to our dump.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where's The Waste, Fraud & Abuse Outrage?

Apparently the baby-killers have been wasting a lot of money on crap. One might imagine that if the losers who enlist because they can't find a job in the real world absorbed "Spiritual Fitness" lessons they would realize that Jesus is the alleged Prince of Peace, not the King of Baby Murder, & stage a mutiny or something. Yet the lesson hasn't quite sunk in. Of course, you're dealing w/ clowns who "defend" a nation that won't provide jobs for them, thereby forcing them into the baby-killing services in the first place. Catch-22.

Read & weep.
DoD Funded Evangelical Christian Youth Programs
Service members are not the only ones targeted by evangelical Christian programs paid for with DoD contracts. Military children are also heavily targeted, both here in the U.S. and on bases overseas. Evangelizing the children of service members is one of the largest areas of spending.

The biggest ministry contracted by the DoD to target children is Military Community Youth Ministries (MCYM), whose mission statement is "Celebrate life with military teens, Introduce them to the Life-Giver, Jesus Christ, And help them become more like Him." MCYM has received $12,346,333 in DoD contracts since 2000. One of MCYM's tactics? Stalking "unchurched" military children by following their schools buses.

Ranking second is Cadence International, with over $2,671,603 in contracts since 2003. Cadence describes itself as "an evangelical mission agency dedicated to reaching the military communities of the United States and of the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ." Cadence not only targets young service members and military children for conversion to evangelical Christianity, but also actively tries to convert members of foreign militaries in the countries where they operate under DoD contracts.

In addition to military youth ministries like MYCM and Cadence, military children are also targeted by military base Religious Education Directors, also hired with DoD contracts. These ministries and Religious Education Directors employ tactics that can only be described as "stalking" children, with some DoD contracts even requiring that the contractors identify and target the "unchurched" children at non-religious events and activities and get them into chapel programs, and to supply reports naming these children by name.
At least they aren't naming them by number (yet).

And that's merely the most egregious part we've read so far. Worse:
One of the reasons given by Cadence for the success of its "Strategic Ministry" is: "Deployment and possibly deadly combat are ever-present possibilities. They are shaken. Shaken people are usually more ready to hear about God than those who are at ease, making them more responsive to the gospel." Of course, they must first gain access to these "shaken" soldiers, but that's no problem -- the Army helps them out by allowing them to operate on Army posts and granting the soldiers in AIT extra privileges if they attend Cadence's retreats.
Did "the Life-Giver, Jesus Christ," suggest that the best way to gain converts was to prey on the scared & "shaken?"

This non-Christian nation needs a Hyde Amendment equivalent that sees to it that the First Amendment is not used as kindling for the fires of never-ending holy wars. Hell, we need such an amendment to ensure that our precious tax dollars aren't spent on the abortionmurder of living humans.


Saw the above in our in-box & thought for a moment that our long-lost (if not entirely forgotten or never even existed) sci-fi epic had been found somewhere & published.

Handbasket to Hell

Was the Great Recession Just Phase 1?

Felix Salmon sounds the alarm over what he believes to be "arguably the most uncertain outlook, in terms of the global political economy, since World War II ended and the era of the welfare state began... Most fundamentally, what I'm seeing as I look around the world is a massive decrease of trust in the institutions of government."

"It looks increasingly as though we're entering Phase 2 of the global crisis, with 2008-9 merely acting as the appetizer. In Phase 1, national and super-national treasuries and central banks managed to come to the rescue and stave off catastrophe. But in doing so, they weakened themselves to the point at which they're unable to rise to the occasion this time round... And that failure, in turn, is only going to further weaken institutional legitimacy across the US and the world. It's a vicious cycle, and I can't see how we're going to break out of it."

Richard Posner: "If we were being honest with ourselves, we would call this a depression. That would certainly better convey both the severity of our problems, and the fact that those problems have no evident solutions."