Saturday, August 6, 2011

Psycho II

Our fave Jimmy Stewart line: "That don't mean dirt to me now!"And because we can:


Robert Ryan fans (You know who you are.) are advised that The NYT has a piece on the actor, pimping for a series at NYC's Film Forum.

That said, and granting that one can catch most of Ryan's movies in various home media, howzabout Elvis Mitchell gets a hold of some of these flicks for his new gig curating LACMA's weekly film series? (Big screen, baby.)

Something we didn't know: Ryan was some sort of commie in real life, & one of the founders of Oakwood School, which appears to be cranking out commies to this very day.

Tip o' le chapeau to.

Police Terror In The Militarized Society

Trouble in Tottenham, furor in Fullerton.

OFF THE PIGS!!Literally:
Kelly's father, Ron Thomas, a retired sheriff's deputy, said he expects to file a civil suit over his son's death in the near future. He has called for the chief to resign and all six officers to go to prison and, in at least one case, to receive the death penalty.
Or at least "Jail killer cops!"

And on the schadenfreude front, how's that 'thin blue line' crap working out for you & yours, retired deputy?

The Response:
What Was The Question Again?

As mentioned immediately below, "Joanne & her fellow 'middle class,' know-how-to-wear-their-baseball-hats (Caps, actually, Joanne.) types don't look as if they like to miss too many meals. Or snacks."
Weigel's caption: "Fasting was optional."
Image from David Weigel, thanks to Balloon Juice. We all know Dave's a Journo-list commie, so take it all w/ a grain of salt. Selected for Slate. More, from his flickr stream. (Get a real camera, sonny.)

Defining The Middle Class

Joanne Butler is a senior economics fellow at the Caesar Rodney Institute of Delaware.
And here is how her economic perspicacity plays out:
I laughed out loud at the little airplane endlessly circling above the parking lot while towing this banner: “GOV — KEEP CHURCH-STATE SEPARATE FFR.ORG.” It would seem those atheists don’t care about their carbon footprints!

The crowd was well in excess of the 8,000 who had previously registered; the numbers may have reached 30,000. Although most attendees were white, the crowd included significant numbers of Hispanics and African-Americans. It was a younger crowd than I had expected — much younger. While there was a smattering of cowboy hats in evidence (hey, it’s Texas), I was pleasantly surprised to see nobody wearing backward baseball hats or baggy jeans. Another surprise was how few people were texting, checking their emails, etc. If this is Rick Perry’s base, it’s solidly middle class.
We'd guess them them to be solidly lower class, because they can't afford smarty 'phones to check their fucking e-mails or text their inane bullshit to their fellow cretins.

"Actual" research:
Afterwards, I had a fascinating conversation with the manager of a Houston diner. The Washington State native didn’t attend the event but thought it was “nice” that Perry was hosting it. He then talked enthusiastically about how Perry’s policies had kept the Texas economy strong in spite of the recession (one bit of evidence was the diner’s packed parking lot) and said the nation should give Perry a try — and that Perry was going to get his vote for sure.
Just a guess, but the diner may have been awfully close to the event, which might just, maybe, somehow explain the packed lot afterwards, as Joanne & her fellow "middle class," know-how-to-wear-their-baseball-hats (Caps, actually, Joanne.) types don't look as if they like to miss too many meals. Or snacks.

Additional: We saw another of Joanne's little piles some time ago & almost went off.
6:31 PM 05/21/2011
“I used to be a drunk, but now I’m bipolar.” A guy who was applying for Social Security disability benefits once said these words, which sum up the problem with this entitlement program. (more)
Her mastery of economics is matched by her knowledge of psychology, the deal here being that once this guy stopped self-medicating w/ the booze he was able to start dealing w/ the bi-polar disorder he'd previously been dealing w/ by drinking. All a big scam to Joanne, naturally. Not an "entitlement" program, either. It's Social Security Disability Insurance, a payroll tax-funded, federal insurance program of the United States government. What an awful person. Imagine "I used to be a fattie who couldn't stop stuffing my ugly face, but now I'm bi-polar," coming out of her fat yap.

Reconsidering Our Options

Have hiked Eaton* Canyon before, & have been planning to do so again. (On a weekday, 'though. Fucking losers w/ "jobs.") But two fatal slip-&-falls in a wk. are turning that have been into had been.

*Named after the Eaton who was a mayor of L.A., & ancestor/relative (can't remember the exact relationship) of our friend Barbara? Doubtless named after the Eaton family, at least.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Blade Runner Prequel

Latest addition to the downtown Los Angeles skyline: The Ritz-Carlton. At night the edges are illuminated in neon.

Wknd. Muzik Wrap-Up

Worst gigs ever, per those who agreed to discuss w/ The Guardian.

These tunes not (necessarily) associated w/ bad gigs:NEW MUSIC POSTING CRITERIA: Nothing by honkies*, & nothing post-1980.

*Exceptions may be made for hicks, 'necks & crackers & their authentic tunes of rural suffering.

Hugh Hefner Found Dead In Mansion

Few details available, but here is a photo of the corpse:

Delusional Lunatic Round-Up,
Multi-Media Version

Read here, or waste your time (Unless you're a moves-your-lips-while-reading moron like most of the theocrats under examination.) listening here. Or watch & listen:


Just laid-off Chicago Times/L.A. Tribune NBA beat writer Mark Heisler, who was advised of his termination while on vacation:
Five days later, I went downtown to turn in my company ID, laptop, Blackberry and American Express card. Unfortunately, my ID card no longer opened gate in the parking structure. They had already turned it off, along with my access to the Trib’s virtual network, my email account and, of course, health insurance.

I should point out that, believe it or not, I’m not angry about this. At 67, I was only going to work one more season and they just gave me the whole thing off, with pay, through April.

All that notwithstanding, I’m sitting in my car, behind the closed gate, marveling at the company’s efficiency, thinking, "If only we were as good at newspapering as we are at dumping people….”
Not that there'll necessarily be an NBA season for him to work anyway.

What. The. Hell?

May not be a joke/lampoon/satire.

Here We Go ...

Where we stop, nobody knows.
BEIJING—Global stock markets tumbled Friday amid fears the U.S. may be heading back into recession and Europe's debt crisis is worsening. The sell-off follows the biggest one-day points decline on Wall Street since the 2008 financial crisis.

Oil extended sharp losses to fall below $84 a barrel amid expectations a slowing global economy will undermine demand for crude.

In Europe, major markets fell, adding to losses Thursday. London's FTSE 100 declined 3.5 percent to 5,393.14 and Germany's DAX shed 3.8 percent to 6,172.00. France's CAC-40 lost 2.5 percent to 3,238.80.

Japan's Nikkei 225 stock average slid 3.7 percent to 9,299.88 and Hong Kong's Hang Seng dived 4.6 percent to 20,877.74.

China's Shanghai Composite Index lost 2.2 percent to 2,626.42.
Losses today have been indiscriminate," said IG Markets strategist Ben Potter in a report. "The big question on everyone's mind is what will happen across European and U.S. markets tonight and will there be any form of emergency policy response?"
©2011 The Ass Press. Come sue us, ass pressers.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

What's The Rush?

Southbound on the 110 at 1550.
In case you didn't get it because
you didn't enlarge the shot above.

P.P. Hotel

This dump (Gawd knows when it was last an actual hotel, if ever.) has a place in the history of Los Angeles punk action, when it was still known as an Elks Lodge.
Not the Asbury (Didn't our friend Shirley once live there?) the Babylonian edifice w/ the statues.

Erick Urks On The Horse's Ass Race

You just can not fool Erick Erickson for very long, can you?
This race is as fluid as ever and more and more interesting. The list of candidates is also getting shorter. I no longer see Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, or Thad McCotter as viable, adding each to the list of former candidates.
Quite the judge of horse's asses, isn't he? We'd be awfully surprised if Thad McCotter himself ever thought he was "viable." But Erick doesn't let up on the keen analysis:
But now we have to take Rick Perry seriously, keep an eye on Sarah Palin, and also glance at Rudy Giuliani. The Horse Race is getting interesting.
Here's the picture Erick likes to attach to his in-depth analysis:
Above doubtless taken before he decided to show National Nanny Michelle Obama that she'd better not suggest anything about diet & exercise to him!!

The More You Know

People bitch & moan (All the time about everything, & why the hell shouldn't they? Everything is made out of shit & we are all dying.) about Catholic dick, racist & former Nixon flunky Pat Buchanan's continuing employment at the Mighty Sorry, No Body Cares network, but we're all for it.

After all, it's no worse than FOX News hiring a bunch of pathetic pseudo-leftists to provide counter-point (Balance!) to the collection of reactionary droolers FOX News puts on every day & wknds.

Indeed, it seems to us that it's a public service to give the pants-shitting creep a platform to expose himself & his fellow-travelers on the path of hate & fear. From Politico, via TP.
FIRST LOOK – “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?” by Patrick J. Buchanan, out Oct. 18 from Thomas Dunne Books:

--Chapter 1, “The Passing of a Superpower”: “Ignoring the real causes of racial disparity in home ownership – age, income, length of residency, and the credit ratings of mortgage applicants – the Bush administration plowed ahead in the same suicidal direction the Congress had set out on years before. Community bankers were pressure to make mortgages to home-buyers who could not qualify under standards set from decades of experience. … We are not the people our parents were. We are not even the people WE used to be. FDR was right about what would happen if we did not get off the narcotic of welfare.”

--Chapter 2, “The Death of Christian America”: “Obama’s White House … enlisted in the long and successful campaign to expel Christianity from the public square, diminish its presence in our public life, and reduce its role to that of just another religion. Cultural power in American long ago passed to an anti-Christian elite that rules the academy, Hollywood, and the arts. Secularism is now America’s state religion.”

--Chapter 4, “The End of White America”: “A rebellion is under way in America: a radicalization of the working and middle class, such as occurred in the Truman-McCarthy era, during the George Wallace campaigns, and in the anti-amnesty firestorm that killed the Bush-Kennedy-McCain push for a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. What all these movements had in common was populist rage against a reigning establishment. … Why the alienation of Middle America? … They sense that they are losing their country. And they are right.”

--Chapter 5, “Demographic Winter”: “The reason the West is dying is simple: children are no longer so desirable. The child-centered society has been succeeded by the self-centered society. … [H]aving one child … means a more rapid death and disappearance of Western man.”
Lift that rock & take a good look at what's squirming down there.


Is the tune she was playing after the guy stopped talking to her & we began our descent into the bowels of the Red Line.

Buttermilk Sky

Wasted Yrs.

Eleven of them ('84-'95) down the hall from the cash vault in the third sub-basement (So we can't show you our window.) of this bldg.
The blue panels under the larger windows were maroon in our day.
In the rear. Used to eat lunch from the cafeteria there.
The Holiday Inn that occupied the southern part of the block is now an apartment bldg. We wonder if it's all one room dumps w/o kitchens, or if conversion happened.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Could Be A Bargain

Here's something you don't see every day.
Tourist info.
UPDATE (1725PDT 8 September 2011): We scooped 'em again!

Rent Is Theft: Defend Yourselves!

From the Daily Breeze website.
Police are looking for Darryl James Stamper, 49, who is suspected of recently beating his landlord.

The victim was beaten when he asked Stamper for his rent money. Stamper told the landlord, "No," and punched the victim numerous times. The victim suffered broken bones, police said.

Stamper is 5 feet 7, 150 pounds, with blond hair and green eyes. He has a tattoo of a clown on his right shoulder.

Anyone with informationLow-life squealers whose tongues will be cut out by the Peoples Committee on Justice for Landlords should call detectives at 310-726-7900.
Who's the fucking victim in this case anyway, Moneybags the Slumlord, or the person coerced by the explicit threat of state violence to pay "rent" to some fucking parasite? Huh?

Monsoon Clouds

Seen over the Park Plaza Hotel.
Funny, but we don't remember the weather weasels calling such conditions "monsoons" (There were occasional drops of water hitting us from above.) until fairly recently. Also don't remember such conditions that often. Not that our memory means anything.

Security & Stupidity Follow-Up

We grabbed something about what a collection of arrogant assholes our beloved warrior caste is a few days ago. Now, more proof how effing ignorant & arrogant these bastards are.

Especially amusing in light of the military policy that, among others, the cowardly murderers who fly drones from Nevada to shoot & bomb the other side of the world are not to have their last names used in the media because of all the Shariah law infiltrators in the U.S.

FTA. Still applies 35 yrs. post-Vietnam.

Another One Bites The Dust

If you know Brick or give a shit you've already gotten this link in your e-mail, but what the hey, we'll let others in on it.

We'll also guess he won't be heavily edited at IRoM.

Hey, Don Heckman has the picks o' the wk. there.

Do not need a review of Peter "The Hose"* Frampton, however.

*Credit: Flo & Eddie.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gotcher "Moonbeam" Right Here

If you fucking shitheels had nominated Jerry Brown in 1976 instead of Christian Cracker Carter we might never have had to deal w/ the destruction of these United Snakes that the "amiable dunce" Reagan began under the control of his corporate masters.
He compared the Republican Party to the Catholic Church he encountered as a young theologian. “This budget reminded me of doctrines, from back when I was in the seminary,” he said. “If you’re 15 minutes late to church, you could burn in hell. That’s how Republicans are about taxes. There’s a fanaticism. They are deeply stuck in a no-tax identity that is almost now, on the national level, a religion.

" 'No taxes' is a central dogma in the new Republican church. You can’t deviate," he said. "They won’t burn you at the stake, but they’ll recall you ... nobody up here has the courage or cojones to do anything about it," he said.
You get what you deserve, Americretins. We hope all you assholes old enough to have voted then don't have any Social Security when your turn comes around.

Plutocracy Up-Date

Sad fucking truth that some know/admit, but most deny:
Trust is not in oversupply today. The United States has largely ceased to be a democratic republic (which is to say, a republic whose officers are validly elected by the demos, or commonality, of the community), but has become a plutocracy dominated by moneyed interests.

This is the result of (1) elimination by President Reagan of the existing Federal Communications Commission requirement for equal access to the public media by candidates for office (a system in which a Fox News, as presently constituted, would have no place); (2) the 1976 Supreme Court decision declaring money spent on political campaigns as a constitutionally protected form of free speech; and (3) more recent Supreme Court decisions banning restrictions on campaign funding and declaring business corporations “persons” with full constitutional rights to unlimited “free speech.” It is difficult to see how these changes and their consequences for American constitutional government can be reversed. The foreign implication is that the United States is no longer the political society it has, since World War II, been understood to be. This undermines the world’s trust in American democracy, and the American economy.
One could add the selection/appointment of G.W. Bush by the Supreme Court in 2000, but what real difference does it make? The party's over, & we know whose fault it is. Vengeance is all we can hope for at this point.

You Couldn't Make It Up If You Tried

Had to leave the bunker today, which means pix. Here's a crazy person on a stage talking about Jee-ziz to an audience of rocks.

Buchanan Again

At (4:55).Note also how Pat is all droppin' his "g"s & saying crap like "throw me in the briar patch." Condescending racist asshole.

Later: Beaten to the punch, it appears.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Cavalcade To The Cellar*

As this is not a radio or telebision operation regulated by the FCC, we can send personal messages that would be illegal were we using the public's airwaves instead of Google's broadbandwidth.

That being said:

Former Bums of Brooklyn 56, Current Bums of San Diego 2.

We'll probably be eating those words tomorrow when the suck-fest between the two worst clubs in the NL West will continue.

*Like a Stairway To The Stars, except not quite.

Vote Fraud In Action

If these actions by Americans For Plutocracy aren't illegal, why the hell not?
Now, Politico is reporting that AFP has mailed absentee ballots to Democrats in at least two Wisconsin state Senate recall districts with instructions to return the paperwork after the election date. The mailers, obtained by reporter David Catanese, instruct reliable Democratic voters to return ballots for the Aug. 9 election to the city clerk “before Aug. 11.”

Americans Are Exceptional

An exceptional source.


1966Charles Joseph Whitman shot and killed 14 people at the University of Texas before he was gunned down by police.
1981The music video cable channel MTV made its debut.
1988Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh began broadcasting his nationally syndicated radio program.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Let's Have A War!!

Shaving Ryan's Privates again on TNT (Turkey Neck Telebision) which reminds us of something we saw, intended to mention & then forgot in the press of events & whatnot. (Probably somewhere in our bookmarks.) We were reminded of it by an e-mail from another militarist.

Pictures of WWII. War lovers will have seen some but not all of these. We're going to look at Pearl Harbor right now.
Our father is aboard USS Tangier (AV-8) & shooting back. The Tangier is the farthest right of the four ships, left center, moored next to the island. USS Utah (AG-16) just forward of the Tangier, is already listing.
The sensitive are advised there are pix of corpses, but the ickiest ones have a "Click for ick button" so don't be too nervous.

Audio Video


Fearful Synchronicity

Follow this (if you can):

We saw this Tweet, so we watched the clip here, then went to YouTube (out of curiosity as to the flick it was from,but there was no indication). "Up next" at YouTube was this,which we'd seen via our DVR w/in the last 24 hrs! It did stick in the mind; we knew just what it was when we saw the image of George Burns & "Vibrator Joke." So we shared!

Herman Cain's Pizza Plantation

Worth a peep.

We wonder if Herman Cain agrees w/ the founder of the anti-Shariah movement, whose blather includes:
It is not the first time Mr. Yerushalmi has engaged in polemics. In a 2006 essay, he wrote that “most of the fundamental differences between the races are genetic,” and asked why “people find it so difficult to confront the facts that some races perform better in sports, some better in mathematical problem-solving, some better in language, some better in Western societies and some better in tribal ones?” He has also railed against what he sees as a politically correct culture that avoids open discussion of why “the founding fathers did not give women or black slaves the right to vote.”
We anxiously await another "Democrat plantation" reference from Mr. Cain.

We Have Labels For It

"The Militarized Society," among others. So we'll link to it. Nothing we don't know, really, & long.

(We tried, but there wasn't anything startlingly excerptable. So read, or don't.)

This Is Us

Except we won't be using that weapon for bullshit "voting."