Saturday, July 9, 2011

Leaving On A High Note

Image: B2843-09A
Event: Dancing on the table
Location: White House Cabinet Room
Description: First Lady Betty Ford dances on the Cabinet Room table on the day before departing the White House upon the inauguration of President Jimmy Carter.
Photographer: David Hume Kennerly
Date: January 19, 1977
Credit: Courtesy Gerald R. Ford Library
Rights Information: Public Domain (No usage fees, no permission required).

Sic Transit, Baby

Best collection of Randy "Macho Man" Poffo clips one guy could find on YouTube. Hell, we may watch a few.
It’s sad that we now live in a world where the words “Arsenio” and “Macho Man” have absolutely no meaning. Truly, all glory is fleeting.

Death At the Ballpark

No one is safe, anywhere. (Although one probably is safer in the cheaper seats.)
They chronicled 850 baseball deaths in Death at the Ballpark, spanning professional, amateur, Little League, and even backyard pickup games. And though the book purports to be comprehensive, readers have already tipped them off to about 50 incidents they missed.


It's weirdly moving, if not exactly consoling, to learn just how many of baseball's casualties made the play before expiring. There's the amateur shortstop who, in 1902, caught a bad hop in the throat and used his last moments to throw out the runner at first. The third baseman in an Indiana league who, in 1909, tagged out the runner plowing headfirst into his gut, then succumbed to the resulting internal injuries three days later. There's just something about baseball that inspires a kind of heroic resolve. John McSherry, the major league umpire who collapsed at Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium in 1996, had actually postponed treatment for the heart condition that felled him so he could call the game. It was Opening Day.

Elizabeth Anne Bloomer, 1918-2011

Mrs. Polly of Rumproast avoided the bandwagon & waited long enough to dig up two excellent images of recently deceased former First Lady Betty Ford.

She was no Pat Nixon.


Consider yourself lucky if you haven't heard about it, but next effing wknd. (Not even this wknd., mind you, but the hysteria's been mounting for a couple of wks. already.) parts of a local freeway will be shut down for demolition of an overpass, which will apparently bring all commerce, tourism, cultural activities &c., to an end, possibly not just for the wknd. but for all time.Best Hitler throws a fit yet.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Words To Live By

Further text/print obsession:
Via Tweet.

Skunks In Fantasy Pissing Match

Always amused when an adherent of ReligionX v2.0 insults adherents of ReligionX v2.1.25.
In my humble opinion, I truly think we, as a nation, can no longer overlook the reality of any aspect of the background, character, belief system, and political truth that has formed the man or woman who will become our next President. There is too much at stake.

And what about a Jewish or Muslim candidate?

The Jews are God’s chosen people. They follow the Old Testament. Even though every Old Testament prophecy of the coming Messiah was fulfilled in Jesus Christ, they still have not accepted him as the Messiah. They cannot be compared to a cult religion in any way. They are to be respected and protected.* There is no intellectual or spiritual argument that a person of Jewish decent should not run for the Office of the President.

A Muslim candidate would compare to a Mormon candidate in many ways. The two religions contain histories of false prophets and man-made (not God-made) religious books, writings that are full of fallacies, false doctrine, indoctrination and bizarre promises of the afterlife. So much more to say but I would like to keep the topic on the current election.

Let me just say that there are good people in both the Mormon and Muslim religions who are striving to live a righteous life according to what they believe. It’s just that some beliefs have been proven to be patently false. And when it comes to placing a candidate in the highest office in the land, we need to place a stable and discerning president in office.

If a candidate believes in proven lies and practices cult-like doctrine, how can the American people hold confidence in him/her as the leader of the free world?
You might be surprised how often we ask ourself that very question.

*Uh, just a slight bit insulting to "tribe" members? Rather reminiscent of Muhammad advising that Xians & Hebes are "People of The Book" & therefore shouldn't necessarily be summarily executed, innit? Funny how that works.

Betty Ford Dies At 93

Per the tee vee.

Congrats to the dancer for popularizing breast cancer & drug addiction to a nation of Puritan assholes.

UPDATE (1843 8 July 2011):
Breaking News Alert The New York Times Friday, July 8, 2011 -- 9:12 PM EDT
Betty Ford Dies at 93

Betty Ford, the outspoken wife of President Gerald R. Ford who overcame alcoholism and an addiction to pills and helped found one of the most famous rehabilitation centers in the nation, has died at 93, according to a statement from Nancy Reagan.
Wait, Nancy Reagan is now the go-to gal for morbidity info.? Did we miss a memo?

Today's Idle Threat: Duke & Duchess

Too late (or too lazy) to set up a "Should we stay or should we assassinate?" poll (let alone dig up the plutonium) but a bit o' research revealed that the stinking royals are 28 city blks./2.5 miles away, at the Brit Consul-General's residence, where they're hosting a reception this very evening.

Related by a couple of words (Plus which lyrics feature prunes = old people, funny, ha-ha.):O.G. version:Pretentious live no-lyrics version:

A Reason To Live

So dulled out of late we were contemplating digging up our stash of plutonium, splitting it down the middle & smooshing the halves together very, very quickly. Not to worry, 'though. We'll hang on until Monday, when the downtown HOOTERS opens.
Looks like a fucking dump to us.
A press release sent out by the chain this week touts a 100,000 wing giveaway that will offer the first 100 people who arrive at 11am on Monday free wings for a year. The same deal will apply for the first 100 to arrive on Friday, July 15, at 3pm for AM570 KLAC's "Christmas in July" party.
The juggernaut of downtown cultural renaissance will not stop w/ a mere HOOTERS:
Hooters will be joined later in the year by Knights Restaurant, an eatery offering a knights and maidens dining experience ala [sic] Medieval Times.
No surprise in the opening days of the second feudal age.

Added HOOTING (2151PDT 8 July 2011) via ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®©:Let Freedom Wing!

Dep't. Of Amplification

Good try taken at the record!
A 39-year-old Stanthorpe woman has been arrested for allegedly driving with a blood-alcohol reading eight times the legal limit.

Police responded to a tip-off about a drunk driver and found the woman behind the wheel of a vehicle on Talc St about 2.45pm today.

She allegedly had a blood-alcohol reading of 0.407 per cent.

She will face the Stanthorpe Magistrates Court on August 9 and her licence was immediately suspended* until that time.
Nice to see some international competition. It's just rude of the United Snakes to be NUMBER ONE1!1 at everything.

*What? No presumption of innocence? Road to serfdom, baby.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

No Fucking Way

All it took was the merest threat of physical violence & the cowards at Bugger ™ fixed their stupid little problem. Let that be a lesson: All power comes from the barrel of a gun! (Or the threat of arson!)

Now then: We'd as soon drown in our own vomit as watch this horseshit. Can you fucking imagine two hrs. of the three weenies flapping their gums?


It is absolutely not worth the effort to sign all the way out & then sign back in every time we want to post some horseshit, so we'd suggest you flood those evil-doing pirates at Google/Bugger™ w/ outrage at their incompetence. If there were any way to contact those motherfucking assholes directly.
We can think of one form of contact, as we know just where in Santa Monica they are located. Next to the main branch of the Santa Monica Library.

You bastards like your windows? Take another look, they won't be there in the a.m., & if any of these Molotov cocktails we're working on ignite correctly, the bldg.won't be there either.

Global War On Telebision

Combat Hospital, mentioned recently in this space, turns out to be a Canadian production. We should have known.

More, if you care.

Look Out!

Computer says today is Ringo's 71st!That is officially old.

Middle-Aged Anti-Sex League

Kareem Types!

Nostalgia's everywhere, although in Mr. Abdul-Jabbar's case it's a response to the horrors of business weasels ruining teams.

And he wants to establish credibility as both a Brooklyn Bums & L.A. fan before ripping into Frank "Not good enough to buy the freaking Red Sox" McCourt.
The Brooklyn fans affectionately called the Dodgers the "Bums" because they could never win the World Series. It seemed that fate had made it impossible for them to go all the way, while the Yankees would win the Series regularly. The Dodgers were special in a way that meant a lot to America. By being the first team to sign a black player, they showed the nation that equal opportunity was something that benefited the game as well as the minority communities of our country. Brooklyn embraced the team and enjoyed the fact that the various ethnic backgrounds of the players reflected the same variety in Brooklyn's neighborhoods.


But those days are long gone now, and the new owner doesn't seem to understand what the team means to its fans. When people became aware of how Mr. McCourt pays his sons hundreds of thousands of dollars for do-nothing jobs instead of trying to improve the team, the reaction was very predictable. The stands are mainly empty now, and the focus of coverage of the team shuttles back and forth between the McCourts' divorce proceedings and various comments coming from the commissioner's office.
He needn't prove anything to us. At some point in the '80s we attended Hollywood Stars Night, which involves a collection of show biz lice playing three or four innings against the Dodger bench. Most notable were the four player outfield the "Stars" were allowed, & Kareem towering above the other three. Can't remember if anything was hit to him. (Probably not, 'cause we would've remembered, wouldn't we?)
AP PhotoIt wasn't unusual over the years to see Abdul-Jabbar take BP with the Dodgers, this time in 1977.
By way of.

Bullshit Phrase Of The Wk.:
"Constitutional Conservative"

Very far from "compassionate con," but equally alliterative, & that's all that's important.

Compare & contrast. (Do consider the sources before clicking.)

Also from TNR (Our emphasis.):
The hard-core Christian Right/Tea Party folk who are Bachmann’s base in Iowa and elsewhere, of course, don’t need any introduction to her. She’s been on the television and radio shows they patronize, and many have undoubtedly contributed to her vastly expensive congressional campaigns. They’re fine with the more outlandish things she’s said over the years, but also understand it may be necessary to bring Americans along slowly to the recognition of the high-stakes holy war that Bachmann is waging on their behalf as a self-described “constitutional conservative” (a heavily loaded term connoting a belief that liberalism—fiscal, economic, or cultural—is literally un-American and needs to be permanently vanquished) in the field.
Constitutional cretins may be more accurate. We keep reminding ourself it's merely the proverbial 27% of the population that suffers paranoid delusions.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

State Of The Discourse

Not so good at The New York Times. Do we really need a brace of gawd-botherers to tell us what caused the budget deficit? You can be sure they'll both be lying through their hats & magic seeing-stones.
Joseph Smith would put the seer stone into a hat, and put his face in the hat, drawing it closely around his face to exclude the light; and in the darkness the spiritual light would shine.A piece of something resembling parchment would appear, and on that appeared the writing. One character at a time would appear, and under it was the interpretation in English. Brother Joseph would read off the English to Oliver Cowdery, who was his principal scribe, and when it was written down and repeated to Brother Joseph to see if it was correct, then it would disappear, and another character with the interpretation would appear. Thus the Book of Mormon was translated by the gift and power of God, and not by any power of man.” (David Whitmer, An Address to All Believers in Christ, Richmond, Mo.: n.p., 1887, p. 12.)"

More Stuff ...

... we didn't know or don't remember knowing:
It's not the first time Grace has made up her mind about where guilt falls. Five years ago, Melinda Duckett, a 21-year-old mother of a missing child, appeared on Grace's show. During the interview, Grace interrogated the woman, "Where were you? Why aren't you telling us where you were that day?" The next day Duckett shot herself to death, prompting Grace to drawl to "Good Morning America": "I would suggest that guilt made her commit suicide. Long story short, Trenton Duckett is still missing, and now police are agreeing with me." A court, however, did not, and last year Grace settled a wrongful death suit Duckett's family brought against her for $200,000.
CRIME ALERT: Who stole this woman's neck?
Nancy Grace arrives at the Orange County, Florida, Courthouse in May.
Photo: Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel

A Big Damn Thing

And three tall things.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bleak Future Expected

Said future doubtlessly to include infinite hrs. of discussion of the "Tot Mom" case, now that she's been not-convicted. Plus, the heat & humidity have us in tight blue underwear. And nothing else. If we hadn't already warmed our folding metal chair we'd contemplate stripping all the way down & cooling our pasty white kiester.

We Get Letters

But no one will see them if we don't point them out.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Real Obvious Losers

Patriotism Continues


Losers Comment On American Exceptionalism (In PARIS!!!)

NB: LOUDNESS WARNING!During America's Bicentennial Year yet. These people!

Print Dep't.

Another we-wouldn't-have-bothered-but item/link, the buts being that it's related & the photo attached
Mike/vistavision [Flickr]
is the newsstand where we purchased comic booksgraphic novels when we arrived in town in the '70s or whenever it was.

Now, nothing but memory:
This newsstand in the alley behind the Los Angeles Theatre was removed last year after closing.

This Date In Baseball: Going Way Back

The Fourth of July:
1881 At Riverside Grounds in Buffalo, Mickey Welch throws two complete game victories as the Troy Haymakers sweep a doubleheader from the Bisons in National Association action, 8-3 and 12-0.
1884 In American Association action, Guy Hecker of the Louisville Colonels pitches complete games to win both ends of a doubleheader. The Youngsville, Pennsylvania native does not walk a single batter as he beats the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers, 5-4 and 8-2.
1900 Approximately one thousand people in the crowd of 10,000 fans attending the game at West Side grounds celebrate Independence Day by firing pistols into the air. Chicago beats Philadelphia in 12 innings, 5-4.
1905 With the A's scoring two runs in the 20th inning, Rube Waddell beats Cy Young and the Red Sox, 4-2 with each hurler pitching a complete game.
1908 With two outs and an 0-2 count in the ninth inning, Giant pitcher George 'Hooks' Wiltse loses his perfect game when he hits opposing pitcher, George McQuillan, with a pitch. Wiltse still keeps his no-hitter intact as the Giants win 1-0 in the tenth. [Who the fuck were the Giants playing? — M.B.]
1911 (One Hundred Yrs. Ago:) Armando Marsans and Rafael Almeida become the first Cuban natives to appear in a major league game as they both make their debut for the Reds. Appearing as pinch hitters in the eight inning, Almeida strikes out and Marsans singles in the 8-3 loss to the Cubs at Chicago’s West Side Grounds.
1912 Tiger pitcher George Mullins celebrates the nation's birthday and his own by throwing a no-hitter against the St. Louis Browns. In addition to his excellent pitching, the 32-year old also collected three hits and drove in two runs during the 7-0 victory.
1925 In a battle of southpaws at Yankee Stadium, Herb Pennock and Lefty Grove of the A's hook up in a 15 inning pitchers' duel which the Bronx Bombers win, 1-0. Penncock retires the first 18 batters and the last 21 batters he faces.
1932 Bill Dickey punches and breaks Carl Reynolds’s jaw after the Senator outfielder collides with him on a close play at home plate. The American League suspends the Yankee catcher for 30 days and fines him $1,000 for his one-punch fight.
1935 Due to his 'wandering' ball, Iola hurler Harold 'Lefty' Liell, a 5' 6 1/2", 155-pounder with pigeon-toed feet, is called up for a try out with the Kansas City Blues. The K.C. manager Dutch Zwilling is impressed with the youngster's performance, but advises the Greeley, Kansas lad to get more experience and suggests he play in the Ban Johnson League.
1938 The Phillies move into Shibe Park by splitting a twin bill with the Boston Bees (Braves) losing the first game, 10-5, and winning the nightcap, 10-2. Problems with Baker Bowl made it necessary for the Phils to share the Athletics' home field at 21st Street and Lehigh Avenue.
1939 It's Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day at Yankee Stadium and ‘the Iron Horse’s’ uniform number 4 will be the first ever to be retired. After emcee Sid Mercer informs the sell-out crowd the man of the hour is too moved to speak, Gehrig changes his mind when Skipper Joe McCarthy encourages him, and delivers the keynote address in baseball history describing himself as "the luckiest man on the face of this earth".

[Not Gary Cooper:++mawkish. It had not stuck in our empty consciousness that this famous farewell occurred on the Fourth. — M.B.] Also in 1939: In a slugfest at Shibe Park, Red Sox third baseman Jim Tabor hits two grand slams as well as a third home run in Boston's 18-12 victory over the A's. It's only the second time the feat as been accomplished, both coming in games against the Philadelphia Athletics. 1955 In Three-I League action, Keokuk Kernels’ hurler, Mudcat Grant, hits three home runs in consecutive innings. During his 14 year major league career with seven teams, the right-hander from Lacoochee, Florida will go yard six times. 1964 Kansas City's Manny Jimenez, who didn't homer in 1963, connects for three in a 6-6 tie with the Orioles. Game is stopped by a special Baltimore curfew to permit a fireworks show to take place. 1966 In his first game after being sidelined a week with a fractured cheekbone, Ron Santo sets a franchise record hitting in his 28th consecutive game. The streak will come to an end when the Cubs' third baseman is held hitless in the nightcap of the twin bill against Pittsburgh. 1969 At Kansas City’s Municipal Stadium, Bob Oliver becomes the first player in Royals history to hit a grand slam. The center fielder's eighth-inning blast comes off Jim Bouton of the Pilots in an eventual 13-2 KC victory. 1976 After hitting an apparent game-winning grand slam, Tim McCarver is only credited with a three-run single when he passes teammate Garry Maddox on the bases paths in the Phillies' 10-5 victory over the Pirates at Three Rivers Stadium. The other base runners are allow to score on the Philadelphia catcher's 'grand slam single' because only the player who passes his teammate is called out and there were less than two outs. [See comments. — M.B.] 1980 Reggie Smith belts the 7,000th home run in Dodgers' history and Don Sutton sets a team record with his 52nd career shutout in the Dodgers' 4-0 victory over the Giants. Nolan Ryan fans Ceasar Geronimo to record his 3000th career strike out. In 1974, the Reds' outfielder was also Bob Gibson's 3000th victim. 1982 Celebrating Independence Day at Mile High Stadium in Denver, 65,666 fans watch an American Association contest and enjoy a giant fireworks display after game. The gathering is the largest crowd in minor league history. 1985 In a 19 inning game, which goes until just before 4 a.m. the next day, the Mets beat the Braves, 16-13. After the 6 hours, 10 minutes game, the 1000 fans left in Atlanta Fulton County Stadium are treated to pre-dawn fireworks which awaken and frighten many of the ballpark’s neighbors. 1987 Giants and Padres complete a seven-player trade, including Kevin Mitchell who will be the 1989 MVP for the Giants and Mark Davis who will win the 1989 National League Cy Young Award for the Padres. 1998 The National Baseball Facility of Ireland, considered the main home of the Irish National baseball team, officially opens in Corkagh Demesne Park in Clondalkin, West Dublin when U.S. Ambassador Jean Kennedy throws out the ceremonial first pitch. Dodger owner Peter O'Malley played an instrumental role in the construction of the diamonds now known as the Fields of Dreams, which includes a regulation sized adult field and an international standard Little League field. 2001 The Brewers' new home, Miller Park, continues to be jinxed as a parachutist breaks his ankle when he misses the opening in the retractable roof and lands on a beam several hundred feet off the ground. Another member of the Sky Knights Sports Parachute Club missed the stadium completely. 2001 The fifty people stranded on the Ferris wheel ride at Comerica Park for two hours during the Royal-Tiger game are rescued by firefighters and emergency crews using a cherry picker and a fire truck ladder. The inconvenienced fans will receive tickets to another game, free dinner and team autographs from the Tigers. 2003 In a 10-3 victory over New York, the Red Sox score all their runs with the long ball hitting a record seven home runs off the Yankees. Prior to today's Independence Day fireworks, the Bronx Bombers had given up six homers in a game four times including twice to Boston (1997 and 1977) and the Indians (1970). 2004 The selection of Barry Bonds*, Ken Griffey Jr. and Sammy Sosa* as starters in the NL All-Stars line-up marks the first time in baseball history which three players with 500 career home runs have appeared on the same team. The trio will appear in the starting outfield in the 75th All-Star Game in Houston’s Minute Maid Park. 2006 Yankee owner George Steinbrenner's 76th birthday is less than festive, as the Indians provide all of the fireworks in 19-1 Independence Day rout over the Bronx Bombers. The victory is the Tribe's most lopsided victory at home since the 1950 team, scoring 14 first inning runs, beat the Philadelphia A's at Cleveland Stadium, 21-2. 2006 Nomar Garciaparra ties the major league record for being hit by a pitch in one game as he is plunked three times by three different Diamondback pitchers in a 10-4 Los Angeles victory. The Dodger first baseman is the first National Leaguer to equal the mark, both literally and figuratively, since the 2000 season when Astros outfielder Richard Hidalgo got thwacked thrice in a game in April. 2008 Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki needs 16 stitches to close up a gash in his right palm caused by a maple bat when the he pounds it into the ground in frustration and it shatters. These types of bats are under scrunity of a major league investigation because of their tendency to shatter when the hard wood breaks instead of just cracking like the bats made from softer ash.

*: "*."

Losers Day

35 Yrs. Ago Today:

This was not on the hit parade.

Rocket's Red Glare

25 Yrs. Ago Today*

*We think. Definitely 1986; not absolutely certain this was a 4th of July BBQ.

Lonely Newsstand

It's dead.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

"Anybody Got Any Lynch?"

Slightly overheated, as we emphasize:
Each rhetorical bombardment against her was and is reminiscent of the Arab strategy to demonize Jews and Israel.

The attacks on Palin were and are blood libels.

The latest ghoulish assault — liberalism is socialism as lynch mob — on her was the mob frenzy to analyze some 24,000 Palin e-mails from her tenure as Alaska’s governor.
Why not just call it a pogrom?

Now to the defense of Michele Bachmannn, Honorary Jew & the Baby Bear of politics. She's just right.
Like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann is beautiful and glamorous. Yet not so glamorous that she threatens other women. Nor is she so sexy that she intimidates men.

I’ve never seen her in a Hillary-style pants suit.

And she actually knows stuff.
What a woman.

Later: Also see Rumproast.

Close To The Heart Of The
Cultural Capital Of The Known Universe

This Date in Baseball History

3 July
1912 Giants' southpaw Rube Marquard wins his 19th consecutive game from the start of the season beating the Dodgers, 2-1. The 25-year old future Hall of Famer will complete the campaign with a 26-11 record.
1925 Dodgers' second baseman Milt Stock sets a National League mark by having his fourth consecutive four-hit game.
1932 With a Boston law restricting games within 1000 feet of a church on Sundays, the first Sunday game is played at Fenway Park with the Red Sox losing to the Yankees,13-2
1939 Cardinal first baseman Johnny Mize accumulates 13 total bases hitting two home runs, a triple and a double. The 'Big Cat's' offensive output contributes to the Redbirds' 5-3 win over the Cubs at Wrigley Field.
1945 At Braves Field in Boston‚ the Cubs tally the most runs in their post-1900 history when they blast the Braves, 24-2. Phil Cavarretta‚ Don Johnson‚ and Stan Hack each score five times tying a major league mark.
1947 The Indians purchase Larry Doby from the Newark Eagles. Two days later, the twenty-two year old will become the first black person to play in the American League.
1948 Dick Lane hits five homers in a Fort Wayne Central League game. The Muskegon slugger will finish the season with 12 round-trippers, and will never ht a home run in major league game
1949 En route to a 16-0 shut out of the Dodgers at the Polo Grounds, starting pitcher Monte Kennedy hits a grand slam. It will be 51 years before another Giants hurler (Shawn Estes - 2000) hits a bases full home run.
1966 In a 17-3 rout of the Giants, Tony Cloninger hits two grand slams and collects nine RBI's in the Candlestick Park contest. The Braves' pitcher is the first National league player to hit two home runs with the bases full in the same game.
1967 In Atlanta-Fulton Stadium‚ Billy Williams‚ Ron Santo‚ and Randy Hundley all homer for the Cubs in the first‚ and Rico Carty and Felipe Alou also go deep for the Braves in the same inning. The five round-trippers tie a major league record for home runs hit by two teams in the same inning, but it is the first time its been done in the opening frame.
1968 Luis Tiant strikes out nineteen Twins and scatters six hits in a ten-inning 1-0 complete-game victory against Minnesota at Cleveland Stadium. 'El Tiante' becomes the second hurler to whiff more than 18 batters in an American League contest, only Tom Cheney of the Senators recorded more with 21 punch outs in an 16-inning game in 1962.
1970 Angels southpaw Clyde Wright no-hits the visiting A's at Anaheim Stadium, 4-0. 'Skeeter' accomplishes the task in one hour and 51 minutes needing to throw only 98 pitches.
1973 For the only time in their careers, the Perry Brothers (Tiger Jim and Indian Gaylord) oppose one another. Gaylord takes the loss but neither finish the game.
1987 On 'Dick Howser Day' at Royals Stadium, the former manager, who died last month from brain cancer, is inducted into the team's Hall of Fame. The club also honor the late Miami, Florida native, manager of the team from 1981-86, by retiring his uniform number 10, the first digits to be withdrawn from future use in the history of the franchise. Paul Splittorff, the team's all-time leader in victories, is inducted into the Royals' Hall of Fame, along with Howser and infielder Cookie Rojas. The slender southpaw was the first player selected by the franchise to appear on its major league roster.
2001 The Padres tie a National League record hitting four sacrifice flies in one game. The last one, lifted by shortstop D'Angelo Jimenez in the sixth inning, gives the Friars a 6-5 victory over Colorado at San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium.
2002 In an 11-8 loss to the Yankees, Jim Thome homers in his seventh consecutive game. The solo shot, off southpaw David Wells, leaves the Indians' slugger one shy of the major league record shared by Dale Long (1956, Pirates), Don Mattingly (Yankees, 1987) and Ken Griffey, Jr. (1993, Mariners).
2005 During the fireworks display at Pawtucket’s McCoy Stadium, two shells misfire landing in the stands. Four or five employees of the Telstar Display Fireworks suffer minor burns, and some fans are injured when they stumble trying to escape from the mishap.
2006 Barry Bonds (41), Steve Finley (41), and birthday boy Moises Alou (40) become the first trio of 40-year-olds to start a game in the same outfield. The senior flycatchers combine to go 4-for-11 along with two stolen bases to help the Giants defeat Philadelphia, 5-3.
2010 With homers in his first two at-bats, Twins' DH Jim Thome passes franchise legend Harmon Killebrew with 574 round-trippers and moves into tenth place on the all-time home run list. The team plays a previously recorded message from the much beloved Hall of Famer in which he congratulates the designated hitter on the career accomplishment.