Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How Many?

Rather than having them announce the number of mewling whiny brats w/ which they each had polluted our once-fair planet, the wanna-bes at yesterday's Republic Q&A session should have been asked how many houses they each owned. Especially this season's John McCain, Mitt "Mansions" Romney. And which house was he living in when he was running for governor of Mass.?


Damn! Must watch.We are assuming it's either trick photography or whatever lets it do that causes cancer if it rubs on the kitchen counter & one ingests even a few molecules of it.

Via Gloatessa.

These Colours Don't RunBiodegrade!

(Slightly different image than originally appeared.)

Working Too Damn Hard

Thers (How is that pronounced, anyway?) is busy w/ something more like real work than the linking to crap & pointing out that it's crap we are complaining about in the title, so we desk-top published some abuse of Megan McArdle at his establishment.

(Which is probably like lighting a cigarette at the bus stop. He'll be through w/ whatever & have three items posted w/in an hr.)

Lest We Forget ...

... today is Flag Day.

Sip E. Cupp Debate Wrap-Up

Nope, nothing wrong here, they're all winners!!And smart, too!

Water, Water, Everywhere
(Or Piss, Depending)

John Cole via Political Animal on the EPA. If you need yet another reason to die now & avoid the rush, Google concepts like "privatization of the water supply."

For (Both) Our "Friends"
In The Nether Regions

So you can be aware what the masses "down" here think of you.Hey, at least there weren't any sheep jokes.

The Secret Knowledge That Doesn't Exist

Local book person points out that Mamet is a ninny.
His critique of affirmative action relies on a dismissal of race — "When," he asks, "was the last time you heard a racist remark or saw racial discrimination at school or work?" — that is so divorced from the reality of many Americans you have to wonder where he lives.
Perhaps inside the rarefied atmosphere of "The Westside of Los Angeles," where decadent Euro-Americans are at least decent enough to keep overt & shallow racism under wraps. If Mr. "Now I Blindly Accept Anything I've Heard on Reactionary Talk Radio" Mamet had worked at some of the dumps where this reporter (blue-eyed blond who some might consider sympathetic to their crap) has, he would've heard plenty of it, from customers & fellow wage-slaves.
The problem with these positions isn't that they are conservative, it's that they're so easy to refute. "[T]hough much has been made of the necessity of a college education," Mamet writes, seeking to connect the rise of school shootings to what he sees as the aimlessness of liberal arts curricula, "the extended study of the Liberal Arts actually trains one for nothing. And the terrified adolescent, abandoned by society, coddled by society, may, if unbalanced, turn to rage and (a) kill; or, if merely clueless, (b) hide in college, as he does not possess the strength to grow up and leave." Really? And here, I've always thought that school shootings were the responsibility of the shooter, not of the system. I guess I ought to thank him for clearing that up.
Maybe we should enroll Mamet at L.A. Trade Tech & force him to be a plumber instead of a liberal arts dilletante who, by his own admission, produces literal nothing.

And which is it? Is society coddling or abandoning the "terrified adolescent?" In all fairness, Mamet might be on to something there, but admitting (or even realizing) that whether one is coddled or abandoned is mostly determined by skin-tone & economic circumstance would burst his fucking bubble. Much as we'd like to pop his head. (W/ truth. It's a metaphor, not a threat. Or is it?)

And now we are done:
Here, however, he continues in the shrill, strident vein that marked his 2006 book "The Wicked Son." That work traced his return to (or perhaps more accurately, his adoption of) a form of socially conservative Judaism; "The Secret Knowledge" takes this shift into a purely political realm.

"The bifurcation of Humanity (as opposed to acts) into two identifiable camps, Evil and Good, is, essentially, a childish act," Mamet writes in his new book. The idea that "one may gain merit from this division, and that this merit makes one the superior of the unenlightened, is the act of an adolescent." It's a valid point, but in the end, it makes for yet another irony, as such a bifurcation is the essential condition on which this book depends.

Put A Sock On It

From FOXNews, but don't click, it's all here.
WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Army said Monday that it was abandoning the beret, after a failed 10-year experiment.

The black beret, which proved deeply unpopular with American soldiers, will be replaced by a patrol cap* for everyday wear, U.S. Army spokesman Col. Tom Collins said.

The move came after outgoing Army chief of staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, asked the Army's sergeant major "to go out and talk to soldiers across the force and see what was on their minds," Collins told AFP.

"One of the things that soldiers consistently brought up was the desire to wear the patrol cap as part of their duty uniform," he said.

The beret will still be part of the Army's dress uniform, but will no longer be worn in the field as soldiers complained that it was impractical, he said.

"It does not have a visor and doesn't shield the sun, doesn't absorb sweat well," Collins said.
One soldier put it more bluntly.

"I hate wearing a wet sock on my head," Chief Warrant Officer Mark Vino, at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state, told the Army Times. "Plus it makes head/skin break out."

Before 2001, the black beret was associated with the elite Rangers special operations forces. Many Rangers resented the idea that the hat they had earned the right to wear had been assigned to the entire force.

The uniform change applies to 1.32 million soldiers -- including 566,473 active-duty troops -- and goes into effect immediately. The new headwear comes with a lower price: a beret costs $11.90, while a patrol cap is only $6.50.

The decision does not affect units that have long worn berets as a mark of distinction, including the Rangers' black beret, Army special forces' green beret and Airborne's maroon version.

As part of the change, soldiers will have the option of having their name tags, rank and badges sewn on to their uniforms.

There also will be a new look for soldiers working at the Defense Department's headquarters at the Pentagon, with camouflage to be replaced with the more business-like dress uniform, Collins said.

"For soldiers serving in the Pentagon, we will transition to the dress uniform," starting in July, he said.

In the aftermath of the attacks of September 11, 2001, all the armed services started wearing combat uniforms in the Pentagon, to underscore the country's war footing.

But Defense Secretary Robert Gates last year had his staff drop the combat uniforms, and some other offices in the Pentagon have returned to the dress uniform.
Returning to the dress uniform from BDUs is actually a bigger deal, as far as we're concerned. Desk jockeys running loose in the Pentagon in BDUs is just plain stupid (Like virtually everything else these days.) &, we'd imagine, insulting to the baby killerspoor slobs in real combat zones, who aren't such ass-kissers they can get a position jockeying a desk on the other side of the world.

*The "patrol cap" is more or less what the young militarists of our rapidly aging generation knew as a "fatigue cap," just less stiff.

Democracy Is A Sad Fucking Joke,
Yet We Aren't Laughing

Per Pensito Review, the Pew Research Center breaks it down for you:
Few Americans know the specifics of political power in Congress. Asked about the legislative branch in a recent News IQ survey, just 38% of the public can say the Republican Party currently has a majority in the House of Representatives. About one-in-ten (11%) say the GOP controls the Senate, 18% believe the Republicans control both houses, 6% say neither and 27% admit they do not know. Republicans are more likely than Democrats to be aware of the details of divided power in Washington. Still, only about half of Republicans (49%) know that the GOP controls only the House, compared with 39% of independents and just 33% of Democrats. As with many political knowledge questions, older adults and those with a college education are more likely to know that the GOP controls the House of Representatives. In a separate question about Congress, just 43% of adults were able to identify John Boehner as the speaker. Nearly two-in-ten (19%) still believed Nancy Pelosi controlled the speaker's gavel. Read more
A Modest Proposal: Sterilize such ignorant morons & their offspring, before the joke's on you!

Get Out. Now!

Memphis-based Perkins & Marie Callender’s Inc. said Monday that the company, which owns the Perkins and Marie Callender’s chains, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  The restructuring prompted both chains to close restaurants Sunday afternoon — including 31 Marie Callender’s in eight states.

The closures were so sudden, some diners were forced to leave while they were still eating.

“We apologize for that,” Perkins & Marie Callender’s corporate spokeswoman Vivian H. Brooks said. “It is a difficult situation.”
We can only hope that the bum-rushed customers weren't expected to pay for their meals.
“Our customers will continue to receive the highest quality products and dining experience they have come to expect from our restaurants,” Trungale said in a prepared statement.
Nothing says "quality dining experience" like being thrown out of the dump in a sudden & barely announced closure on a Sunday afternoon, does it?
Brooks said the company intended to shut down restaurants in a “sensitive way,” which is why restaurants were asked to close between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. Sunday — normally a slow time of the day for dining.

She apologized to those who were “disturbed” while eating.
They couldn't stay open until regular closing time, which appears to be Sunday at 2200 or 2300 in most L.A.-area locations? Looks as if upper management incompetence is again to blame. Kill the managers!

In addition (1452PDT 14 June 2011): A Mocker.

You're All Doomed

It would appear that w/in just a few yrs. we will be laughing from the medical school or organ bank where we plan to spend our final connected hrs., & those who are still living then will all wish they were under a med student's blade as well.
But for real extremes in 2011, look to Australia, China and the southern US these past few months. In Queeensland, Australia, an area the size of Germany and France was flooded in December and January in what was called the country's "worst natural disaster". It cost the economy up to A$30bn (£19.5bn) in devastated livelihoods and is still being cleaned up.

In China, a "once-in-a-100-years" drought in southern and central regions has this year dried up hundreds of reservoirs, rivers and water courses, evaporating drinking supplies and stirring up political tensions. The government responded with a massive rain-making operation, firing thousands of rockets to "seed" clouds with silver iodide and other chemicals. It may have worked: for whatever reason, the heavens opened last week, a record 30cm of rain fell in some places in 24 hours, floods and mudslides killed 94 people, and tens of thousands of people have lost their homes.

Meanwhile, north America's most deadly and destructive tornado season ever saw 600 "twisters" in April alone, and 138 people killed in Joplin, Missouri, by a mile-wide whirlwind. Arizonans were this week fighting some of the largest wildfires they have known, and the greatest flood in recorded US history is occurring along sections of the Missouri river. This is all taking place during a deepening drought in Texas and other southern states – the eighth year of "exceptional" drought there in the past 12 years.
We just laugh.

Monday, June 13, 2011

See Immediately Below

We were reminded of something that we had in reserve by a (OK, the.) comment on the item beneath, to wit:
Click it to big it. (Or just to read it.)
Really, how does Google know these things? No reference to anyone's then condition or artistic career in the comment. Is there a Freedom of Information Act for Google? Could we see our file? Not that we have anything to hide.

Soiling One's Own Inter-Nest

Recently the editorial staff clicked on an ad for 'cycle boots, & made the mistake of looking up "Juicy Couture" as an explanation for someone somewhere who was wondering about the silly people wandering the earth w/ the word "Juicy" emblazoned over their booties in huge letters on cheap slave-labor made sweat-pants.

Now, every single fucking time we go to any god-damned whore site that has Google Ads (You know who you are, prostitutes!) we are confronted w/ either a model posing in a Juicy Couture advert or pictures of silly looking boots.

No real point to this, just bitching & moaning.

Just to add to the agony, the violin student is at it again. Or is that a clarinet? Yes, a few more notes reveal it to be a wind or reed instrument, at least. When will the agony end? (Rhetorical: We know, & it can't come soon enough!)

Dem A-Loot, Dem A-Shoot, Dem A-Wail!

Isn't this how it started in Tunisia?
The clashes, which began on Friday after a fracas between security officers and a pregnant street vendor in Xintang, Guangdong province, highlight Chinese authorities' struggle to control social frustrations. It is thought that most protesters were migrant workers like the vendor.

Monday Moon Day

Ha ha, you've been lied to again: These were Saturday's moon.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Suburban Scumbags/They Don't Care

Any excuse to play this:Someone hates the U.S. of A. almost as much as we do, & we grew up (Let's be honest, passed through childhood.) in the suburbs of the 1960s.

Too much good stuff to single any of it out, but read it. It's not that long, & you're probably an adult. (If you aren't, your soccer mother probably doesn't want you reading this anyway, so get lost.)

We had only to read the first paragraph before we were hooked.
I’m about to offend a lot of people. Be forewarned.

Worst Person In The World This Wk.

Thus spake Fleischer in 2001:
On Wednesday, Ari Fleischer, the White House press secretary, denounced Mr. Maher, saying of news organizations, and all Americans, that in times like these "people have to watch what they say and watch what they do."
So you can imagine our shock upon reading this:
Life of the Party: A Political Press Tart Bares All, the new memoir by former GOP PR aide Lisa Baron, begins on a note both intriguing and revolting. "When people find out that I worked for Ralph Reed during the 2000 Republican presidential primary in South Carolina, they always ask the same thing: Was it true Ralph told voters that Senator John McCain fathered a black child?" she writes. "And my answer is always the same, 'How would I know? I was in a Greenville hotel room giving Ari Fleischer a blow job.'"
Straight outta The Beast.
A bit of research indicates the sickening little flack was not married at the time, but there's still no excuse for sex between the unmarried, let alone non-procreative sex, is there?

What motivates such hypocrites?
It turns out that besides money, she also cares about Israel—or, more specifically, the Israeli right. "Evangelicals believe strongly in the state of Israel, and I can't say that for all Democrats," she says. "That's a very, very big issue for me. I vote primarily on that issue."
Has she spoken w/ her rabbi about her values?
A pro-choice, pro-gay Jewish woman who revels in her "trash-talking, booze-swilling, foul-mouth, fornicating" ways even as she spins for the family-values crowd, Baron seems to see herself as a loveably insouciant lush, a right-wing Chelsea Handler. She doesn't seem to have the slightest idea how ugly her self-portrait really is.
Perhaps not, but boy is Israel important, huh?

Make-Up Mobile

This claims to be a behind-the-scenes still from the production of "A City Upon A Hill" featuring Newtie & Callie Gingrich, but the cynic in us (Or we're just someone in a cynic.) wonders if it doesn't follow Mme. DeBoTox wherever she appears, just in case.
"Spackle the hag!!"

Man-Biting Dog Barks, Too

Why, it's almost as if religion doesn't have a positive, uplifting & moral effect!
In educated people, religion is more likely to be linked to conservative views, and conservative views are more likely to be linked to support for torture.
Yes, whatever sad genetic or organic brain dysfuction allows for religious belief actually contradicts the (alleged, &/or merely for public consumption) morality of the religious.

You could have knocked us over w/ feather.

Sullivan, panties always a-twist over torture, nonetheless can not/will not condemn religion. Fucking sheep.

Les Damnés de la Terre

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Anti-Semitism Wrap-Up

Becoming what you most fear.

Where's The "Whitey" Tape?

Palin has her faults, but she is a serious participant in the national dialogue on the key issues of our time. The New York Times and the Washington Post, in contrast, are frivolous rags with little or nothing of substance to offer.

UPDATE: Jim Hoft points out some ironies; the same news outlets that think it is urgently necessary for you to learn of any dirt that may be contained (but probably isn't) in Sarah Palin's emails are prudently concealing from your eyes some much more interesting information, which they have possessed for years: "LA Times Won't Release Obama-Khalidi Tape But Posts 24,000 Sarah Palin Emails." Via InstaPundit.
Hoo boy. We have to think the irony here is an alleged attorney (Sorry, litigator. What a punk.) referring anyone to Jim Hoft. Not a credible witness, to put it mildly.

Spotted at Sullivan's, but we actually had something to say about it.

Existential ++Agony

It appears we will have to shower (Will not be shaving.) & leave the bunker in search of sustenance. Today. While there's enough pancake batter to postpone exodus for a day, we don't have enough milk. And having et nothing but fish sticks & salmon yesterday, we are lusting for meat.

Also out of coffee.

Nobody knows, & the torture never stops.

Mamet: Spector Not Guilty

And he says he's "crazy." (About Sarah Palin.)

Dumb-ass Dave is in the Big Apple scouting
locations for a film he has written and will direct for HBO about Phil Spector, the legendary music producer.


Spector, to be played by Al Pacino with Bette Midler as his lawyer, Linda Kenney Baden, was jailed for murder in 2008 after being convicted of the killing of Lana Clarkson, an actress, at his California mansion. "I don't think he's guilty. I definitely think there is reasonable doubt," Mamet says briskly when I ask what interested him about the case. "They should never have sent him away. Whether he did it or not, we'll never know but if he'd just been a regular citizen, they never would have indicted him."
Our emphases above. Compare & contrast.

Who will check for his statements vis-à-vis O.J. Simpson? Leave our celebrities alone!!

More Mamet mentioned here.

And The Crowd Goes Wild

From Brutish & Short, LLC.

Self-Portraits W/ Butt

Good morning, world!
You cannot be much more awful than we are. You certainly couldn't be any prouder of or more amused by being awful. Nor could you be more in love w/ yourself than we are.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Skull Blogging*

Damn. We (almost) wouldn't mind having a yard if we could find this sort of thing in it.
A South Pasadena resident and a landscaper found a skull in a backyard that authorities believe is Native American and likely belonged to a Gabrieleno/Tongva of San Gabriel. The Los Angeles County Coroners Office will make a final determination once an anthropologist examines it. (Courtesy South Pasadena Police Department)
Because if nothing else, we'd shoot it from a better angle than the SPPD crime scene photog.

Actual chance of finding one? Not that slim.
About 10 police cars, coroner's officials and a crime-scene investigation team appeared t [sic] the woman's house in the 1600 block of Milan Avenue after she called police. But there was no evidence of a crime.

Rare? Hardly. The Native American Heritage Council is notified of about four such bodies each month. Officials were relatively certain the skull belonged to a member of the Gabrielino-Tongva tribe.

About 400 remains of Gabrielino-Tongva tribal ancestors, the original inhabitants of the Los Angeles basin, were found in 2004 as work on the $4 billion dollar Playa Vista development began, according to the Associated Press, the article reports.

*An homage, not theft. Note well the fair use disclaimer at the bottom.

More Reasons To Ignore Andrew Sullivan

His "ramshackle ladder from his blog cave" collapsed under him & he broke the little finger of his left hand in the fall. From this we can ask these questions:
  • Should attention be paid to a college graduate who uses the word "pinkie?"
  • If one is descending from it by ladder, isn't it a loft rather than a "blog cave?"
  • Should anyone be referring to anything that's not an actual cave as a "cave?" ("Man cave," for example. Crikey.)
  • Should we pay any attention to someone whose comprehension of gravity, physics, structural engineering & their own bulk is so inadequate that they don't realize their ramshackle ladder won't hold them?
Biggest aggravation:
Typos may also occur as I type with one right hand until the pain lets up in my other three available digits.
Yes, typographical errors "occur." That does not mean they are cast in stone for eternity. Reading over whatever one has typed before posting it often results in both spotting the typo & correcting it. Give that a try sometime.

We must suspect that typists who don't go over their spew obsessively know damn well they are spewing garbage, & at some level are too embarrassed to review their own work, knowing that no amount of polishing will result in anything but a shinier turd. (Applies as well to many others who are paid for this shit. You know who you are, Megan McArdle.)

So stop it w/ the "typos happen, dude" excuse. Considering that most of Sullivan's spew is paragraph length, would it kill him to go over it once? Of course, he may have a reading problem.

Not to mention the three credited flunkieseditors & who knows how many uncredited interns employed at The Dish.

It Got Away, But It Was This Big!

Looks as if the Botox around her left peeper has malfunctioned.
Photo: Cheryl Senter/Associated Press
Did you know? Not an adulterer, a romantic.
His speaker resignation after the disappointing 1998 midterms combined with serial romances created overweight personal baggage and took him off the playing field for too many years, despite frequent TV appearances.
Not even serial. Overlapping.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


More uses for Macs:
Harwell was a student at Biola University at the time but no longer attends the school. Goodrich said many of the victims attended the university.

Harwell used a program called Camcapture that was installed on the victims' hard drives, Goodrich said, adding that potential victims should search the "/Library/WebServer Documents" directory for the Camcapture program.

Detectives also believe Harwell may have exploited Macintosh computers that were connected to Biola's internal network, officials said.
It should be made clear that "Biola" University is the current incarnation of the Bible Institute Of Los Angeles, & claims to offer "Biblically Centered Education." Which probably explains this.
One message mimicked the appearance of a system message and read: "You should fix your internal sensor soon. If unsure what to do, try putting your laptop near hot steam for several minutes to clean the sensor."

The message led many victims to take their laptops into the bathroom while taking a shower, Goodrich said.
Jesus makes you a moron.

Future (We Hope) Squeegee Person

Lawmaker Gets Surprise Visit at Constituent Event

The Rapid City Journal reports Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD) washed windshields at a Sioux Falls gas station while sharing her message about energy policy with drivers and had a surprise customer: Ben Nesselhuf, the chairman of the South Dakota Democratic Party. 

"The two politicos - who served together in the Legislature for four years - chatted cordially for a minute while Noem's aides took photos and videos of the encounter. When it was all done, Nesselhuf found himself in an unusual situation: saying something nice about Noem." 

Said Nesselhuf: "She did a nice job on the windshield."

We Were Wondering

Not far from our bunker, three adjacent houses that had been a drug rehab &/or mental health center for men were recently gutted & remodeled, & a sign went up that identified the new operation as a "Post-Partum Confinement Center," whatever the hell that was. After a wk. or so, the English on the sign was painted over, leaving Korean characters & a 'phone no. We had no idea, but now The NYT fills us in on the bizarre crap that foreigners believe, & gives a clue why the English part of the sign disappeared.
The centers largely fly below the radar of English-language authorities — they advertise online or in Chinese-language publications. They make up such a niche market that city and state authorities did not know they even existed. Jeffrey Hammond, a spokesman for the state Health Department, said that as long as the centers were not offering medical services, they would not require a license. A spokeswoman for the city Health Department said that it had no information on the centers.

But they made a brief appearance in the news when, in March, officials in San Gabriel, Calif., shut down what they said was a home for women who had come to the United States to give birth so that the children would be American citizens — so-called anchor babies.
Might be fun to contact someone at the local Health Dep't. & see if we could get the dump shut down, anchor-babying or not.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Filling In The Blanks: Deconstructing Theocracy & The Newest Fascism

The speech-writing formula revealed. Apparently some poor bastard listened to all the spew at Ralph Reed's Faith & Freedom Coalition conference.
Another thing is clear: The messaging people behind all of the major GOP candidates who are wooing this critical base are all reading off the same script. Bachmann, Hunsman, Pawlenti, Romney, Santorum, Cain, Palin — those who appeared at the event, and those who didn’t — all give the same speech, with the only notable differences being in style and delivery. Here is the not-so-secret talking points memo.

Shit Mash

Thanks to contempory technology, collage will be the art of this century as well, as exemplified by @PEANUTWEETER. (Is that pronounced Peanu-Tweeter, like Keanu?)
We're w/ Lucy.
Not as good as The Nietzsche Family Circus, mind you.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Same Shit, Different Year

The Google Test

In what his aides are calling "a major speech" later today, Tim Pawlenty will pledge to dramatically cut taxes and eliminate certain parts of government if elected president.

Here's his guide: "We can start by applying what I call 'The Google Test.' If you can find a good or service on the Internet, then the federal government probably doesn't need to be doing it."

It's hardly a new idea, however. Former Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith (R) called the same principle a "yellow pages test" more than 15 years ago in the pre-Google era.

They're Good W/ Money, Too

Monday, June 6, 2011

Not Culture Wars, War Wars

Hope this receives a bit more attention than it had as of 1000PDT today:
There are pols who aren't fighting this. On Saturday, former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell spent a little time away from the podium to meet activists and talk to reporters. He runs Reed's affiliate in Ohio; he's thinking about running for U.S. Senate. He was the only Republican in that position who said what the social conservatives believe.

"Clean water is important to us," said Blackwell. "Decent housing is important to us. But they're not rights. And we have to begin to say that what's important is that we in a rational way are able to reform these programs in a way to save them. And, yes, if it means that somewhere down the line individuals have to make sacrifices, because the rationalization of the system means we save it, but we are also doing it in a more efficient way. … I don't think too many Americans will object to that. At the end of the day we're going to get back to making sure we're in a position to finance the wars in which we engage. Does that mean we can do that without sacrificing? No. We have to make sacrifices. But what's more important? Our freedom and security or the gluttony of the federal government?"
That's right, we are to "sacrifice" in order that "the wars in which we engage" may be financed. Wars that protect our freedom & security, but won't allow for clean water, decent housing or anything else of real worth.

In order to protect the nation, we must destroy it. (Or make Ken Blackwell drink some less-than-clean water. Which would you prefer?)

(Also at Whiskey Fire.)

Weiner Wrap

Where is the sex in this "sex" scandal?

Where is the Republican jobs plan?

Where is the outcry to impeach Clarence Thomas for not reporting income for yrs. & not recusing himself from cases in which his crazy message-leaving wife has been active?

Where are the troops that should be marching home right now?

Where are the prosecutions of Bush Admin. war criminals & Bush Admin. financial criminals?

Where are David Vitter's diapers? Does his wife put them in the hamper for him now?

Where is the real outrage?


Not Bitter At All

TIME announces "The Best Blogs of 2011." One might assume that TIME understands the concept that 2011 is not even half done (Because it's, like, time.) but that assumption would be incorrect.

And is MLB Trade Rumors really necessary to the nation's discourse?

Admittedly more necessary than anything TIME has ever printed.

Plea For Votes

We haven't shit in our diapers since we stopped wearing them before we developed memory, nor have we ever taken a picture of our wiener (or anything else on our body below our chin).

Please elect us to something; our firm control & tight asssphincter (the ass itself is pretty flabby) demonstrates how eminently qualified we are!

Cool Jazz For Miserable Monday

Ahead Of Their Time

We've a vague recollection of hearing of Horseshit, The Offensive Review. (Or not, who can fucking tell after 50+ yrs. of cultural observation?) We may have confused it w/ Fuck You, A Magazine of the Arts, also mentioned in the review of Horseshit we found at Vice.

Just go look, we don't feel like excerpting.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Farm Report

Any of you clod-hopping hicks in fly-over (And as fast as one can!) country have any ideas about this, which appeared atop our Gmail?
What the hell happens to the "damaged" grain? No damn wonder people are sick all over.

Drought Up-Date

Imagine awakening at 1315 of a Sunday & discovering that there is no water flowing into the bunker!

There was enough water in the kettle for (only) one cuppa kaw-fee.

What if we'd wanted to take a shower? (Not bloody likely, as we took one just Friday, but it could happen.) What if we needed another cuppa? (Which we do.)

Nobody knows the trouble yada ...

P.S.: ++bloody hell, we really were planning to do laundry today.

Neo-Feudalism Up-Date

Per the bleeding heart guy at The NYT, Somalia is no longer the low-tax libertarian paradise; it's now our allies or whatever they are in Pakistan that the Republican Party, libertarian douche-sacks & Tea Bagging losers would most like to emulate.
I’ve always made fun of these countries, but now I see echoes of that pattern of privatization of public services in America. Police budgets are being cut, but the wealthy take refuge in gated communities with private security guards. Their children are spared the impact of budget cuts at public schools and state universities because they attend private institutions.

Mass transit is underfinanced; after all, Mercedes-Benzes and private jets are much more practical, no? And maybe the most striking push for reversal of historical trends is the Republican plan to dismantle Medicare as a universal health care program for the elderly.

There’s even an echo of the electrical generator problem. More and more affluent homes in the suburbs are buying electrical generators to use when the power fails.
We wish the bleeding heart had provided a link for richies in the suburbs leaving the grid.

And we hope that the shit hits the fan soon enough that we'll still be in adequate shape to give at least a few of the parasites their just desserts.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

No Point In ...

being a slob if you don't horrifydisgust others.

On The Other Hand ...

This will cleanse (not really the exact word, but ...) your palate & reduce any desires motivated by the previous item. From laist.
Here to make your Saturday more absurd is a video lunch by the legendary Los Angeles public access personality, Francine Dancer. Fair warning to the modest or underage, she shows a lot of tush during these exuberant dance sequences. Despite her clear display of dexterity Ms. Dancer was often seen wheelchair-ing around Hollywood when not in the studio making variety show history.
We dunno from "legendary," but we've seen her wandering the streets (& riding the buses, which was irksome in that the delay to get a wheelchair w/ rider on board is completely pointless in her case) in her wheelchair, most recently in Santa Monica, as well as in Hollywood, & found ourself on the receiving end of her conversation once or twice in the last 20-odd yrs.

P.S.: Don't think you need to watch any or much of it. We'd actually advise against it.

Perfectly Safe For Work

Because there is nothing shameful about humanoid breasts.Is Franco spinning in his grave?

As Promised

Finally:You bet your sweet ass we must quibble: The landing didn't look too soft, although we'll presume that an actual humanoid might be able to exercise some control over it.

And the "Martin Jetpack" logo is a bit on the fascist side, wouldn't you say?

Original research performed by the House of Anti-McGravitas.

Friday, June 3, 2011

James Arness, Last (Maybe) Of His Kind

Last or so of the kind of WWII vets who took their GI Bill money & attended the Pasadena Playhouse to study acting or meet girls, that is. Memory fades, & it's probably too big a concept to search easily, but several future show biz names (if not want-to-be actors) decided to take courses at the Playhouse to meet actresses. ('Cause we all know what actresses are like.)

Not that Mr. Arness himself went there to meet dames, mind you.
After an honorable discharge from the Army, Mr. Arness used the GI Bill to join the acting program where he was discovered by an agent.
Ah, an example:
INSIDE LA STAGE HISTORY…When US Marine Sgt. Hugh O’Brian was discharged onto the streets of LA after WWII, he decided he liked having danced with starlets at the wartime Hollywood Canteen so much, he wanted to be around them fulltime. Wanting to take advantage of his GI Bill to study acting, he discovered there were only two places he could go to get a degree: the Pasadena Playhouse and Los Angeles City College.* “Hell, City College was a lot cheaper so that’s where I went,” recalled O’Brian.
*Known to local cognoscenti as "The University of Vermont."
LACC was founded in 1929 on Vermont Ave. on the site that was formerly the campus of UCLA.

Sony All Baloney

Here's a good one: Big Show Bidnis, helpless pitiful giant that can't help itself w/o interference from the nanny state:
The news came the same day that Sony brought the Sony PlayStation store back online after a separate massive hack, and appeared on Capitol Hill to say there was no "clear evidence" that hackers accessed credit card information on its PlayStation Network. The company, however, said it and other tech companies are vulnerable to future attacks absent any action from Congress.
No computing expert we, but wouldn't this sort of activity be less harmful if companies like Sony encrypted the apparently-quite-easy-to-obtain info of its customers?

Just what action can Congress take, besides mumbling something about the Internet being a series of tubes through which trucks are driven?

Dep't. Of Amplification

"Natural" light.
"Flash" light.
For Weird Dave, guy under the bldgs., per the Steely Dan cover.

Daily Obligatory Nothing

Here are buildings,
as we've nothing worth typing about anything.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ministry Of Truth

There being no discernible future, wallow in the past w/ the Academy™®©'s web pp. on WWII & get hep to how Hollywood won the war.
Original title: Saludos Maricónes

Junior Anti-Sex & Liberals League

No sex please, Ben has issues.

Right Again

We've always known that no matter what hippies whine, unprocessed food is no good & will kill.

Proof positive. We will not be eating anything not enclosed in a can or frozen pkg. for the foreseeable future.

Indeed, we removed the "lettuce" from the Ralphs Monster Sandwich of which we just had a half.

Found A Picture

Per suggestion in comments below.

Thursday Or Something ...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011



I wanted to give you and the readers of Just Another Blog From L.A. some exciting info about a casual gaming and digital commerce portal launching today on HSN.com. HSN has created a gaming platform that combines eCommerce, casual games and social features.... all in one screen. The games are FREE to play -- and you can win prizes!  I've put together this micro-site with all sorts of images, info, and videos. Please feel free to share the news with your readers and use any of the assets on this site:


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. If you can post or tweet about this exciting initiative, please send me the link so I can share it with the team.

Thanks so much,


Chris Dunn
HSN Arcade
And answered:
Do any of you morons w/ advertising scams ever read the weblogs you try to place your crap on?

We despise commerce, capitalism & gambling (What a colossal rip-off!) at Just Another Blog (From L.A.) & people like you who whore yourselves for the capitalist parasites who steal your admittedly worthless work are beneath contempt.

By the way, do the people at the real Home Shopping Network know you're using their corporate identity?

Hoping that you & everyone like you dies in a fire, & soon,
M. Bouffant

"Rep." Weiner?

Time for a betting pool: When will someone whack a bit of long term attention span into Mr. Breitbart's head? If you're going to bet on who might do it, put us at the top. (Hey, just a bus ride to Breitbart's wife's house.)

Listen to the smear at work: "Young girls, relationships ... yada ... even younger ..."See also. Coincidence? Hah!

Original offense not available on CNN:
However (0145PDT 1 June 2011):

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

There Oughta Be A Law?  There Is!

The Flag Code.

Sleepwalking Towards Bethlehem:
Neither Bang Nor Whimper, Just A Gurgle As The Body Consumes Itself

Essentially over, no matter how it happens, but let's face it: Commodity speculators adding to their millions is much more important than human lives.
The average price of staple foods will more than double in the next 20 years, leading to an unprecedented reversal in human development, Oxfam has warned.

The world's poorest people, who spend up to 80% of their income on food, will be hit hardest according to the charity. It said the world is entering an era of permanent food crisis, which is likely to be accompanied by political unrest and will require radical reform of the international food system.

Research to be published on Wednesday forecasts international prices of staples such as maize could rise by as much as 180% by 2030, with half of that rise due to the impacts of climate change.

After decades of steady decline in the number of hungry people around the world, the numbers are rapidly increasing as demand outpaces food production. The average growth rate in agricultural yields has almost halved since 1990 and is set to decline to a fraction of 1% in the next decade.

A devastating combination of factors – climate change, depleting natural resources, a global scramble for land and water, the rush to turn food into biofuels, a growing global population, and changing diets – have created the conditions for an increase in deep poverty.

"We are sleepwalking towards an age of avoidable crisis," Oxfam's chief executive, Barbara Stocking, said. "One in seven people on the planet go hungry every day despite the fact that the world is capable of feeding everyone. The food system must be overhauled."

Oxfam called on the prime minister, David Cameron, and other G20 leaders to agree new rules to govern food markets. It wants greater regulation of commodities markets to contain volatility in prices.

It said global food reserves must be urgently increased and western governments must end biofuels policies that divert food to fuel for cars. It attacked excessive corporate concentration in the food sector, particularly in grain trading and in seed and agrochemicals.

The Oxfam report followed warnings from the UN last week that food prices are likely to hit new highs in the next few weeks, triggering unrest in developing countries. The average global price of cereals jumped by 71% to a new record in the year to April last month.

Drought in the major crop-growing areas of Europe and intense rain and tornadoes in the US have led to fears of shortfalls in this year's crops.

The World Bank warned last month that rising food prices have pushed 44 million people into poverty since last June.
If intelligent life exists anywhere (Based on what we know of this planet, not bloody likely.) at least they'll get a few good laughs from examining the historical & archaeological record of what will soon be a planet of cockroaches & speculators fighting to the death for the remaining organic compounds.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Big Damn Surprise:
You're (Still) Being Lied To (Again)

Fucking sheep:
If you've long suspected that the "mahi-mahi" on your plate may really be yellowtail, you now have science on your side: Researchers with the non-profit group Oceana have harnessed the power of forensic science to confirm that as much as half of all seafood sold in the U.S. is mislabeled.

"Results from our DNA lab show that about half the time the fish you are eating is not the species listed on the menu," said DNA tester William Gergits. The group accuses the industry of "seafood fraud," and is calling on the federal government to step in to more tightly regulate fisheries and related businesses.

Oceana's announcement follows a recent report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office recommending improvements to government oversight of imported fish.

Oceana dispatched scientists to check over a thousand fish samples across the country, and found what it calls "disturbingly widespread" fraud.

Yesterday's BBQ Today

Beat the crowds:
Limo ride.
Windy day.
Two-person job.
Conclusion: Charcoaled stuff better than results previously obtained w/ the old rusted out propane grill.

Mickey D, WTF?

Shot yesterday: THE FLAG isn't supposed to be flown at half-staff on Memorial Day, or the day before, & we're certain the deaths of Gil Scott-Heron or the other recently croaked celeb have not been declared national days of mourning, so what 's the deal?
We do know damn well that no other flag is to be displayed above THE FLAG , half-staff or no. (Note which pole is highest!) Especially not the MacDonald's flag, f'r cryin' out loud! Why does this franchiser hate America, & would we be justified in burning his or her dump down?

Memorial Day Reminder

Memorial Day: It's for those killed in war!

The hell w/ living veterans, they have a day in November.

Stop It!

Not funny any more.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rite Of Spring

98th Anniversary of the debut. Didn't know/remember/connect that the Théâtre des Champs-élysées, where the controversy & outrage happened, was the same venue where we saw The Who crank through Tommy in 1970.

Here's TintinCarlEsa-Peka Salonen leading a few bars of The Rite.

Today's Item

Another fucking prowl car parked in front of another fucking Ralphs. Will anything even slightly interesting, let alone novel, ever happen again?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mystery Box

We wanted to flip the switch & see if anything blew up, but restrained ourself, as there were too many cops around. (Even one, of course, being entirely too many.)

Same For "Chicago" Pizza

Give up on the "New York" or "New York-style" crap already. If the collective we wanted it, we'd fucking well go to New York City, wouldn't we? (As if there's any actual difference in any foodstuffs in this homogenized & post-regional nation.)

Palin/Bullwinkle 2012?

Ward and his partner, Alex Anderson, owed the creation of Bullwinkle to a strange dream — and a used car dealer.

Anderson had dreamt he attended a poker party with a "stupid moose who was doing card tricks," he told author Scott. "I woke up feeling embarrassed. I thought, 'You've been working too hard.'"

But he and Ward realized this could be a rich comical character. What to call it, though? They simply adapted the name of a car dealer — Clarence Bullwinkel — that they found humorous.
And now, the rest of the story.

The Telebision Will Not Be Revolutionary

From Black Ark Nuggets on YouTube.
RIP 5/27/11, America's TRUE poet laureate.

Morbidity Report

Matters of the heart:
BRISBANE, Australia — Margo Dydek, a 7-foot-2 former WNBA player who led the league in blocks nine times, died yesterday at 37 after being placed in a medically induced coma following a heart attack a week ago.

Her death was confirmed by Cathy Roberts of the Northside Wizards in the Queensland Basketball League, where Ms. Dydek was the coach.

Ms. Dydek, who was pregnant with her third child, suffered the heart attack on May 19 and collapsed at her home in Brisbane. Roberts said that Ms. Dydek was at an early stage in her pregnancy and that the child had also died.
At 7' 2" we'll assume Marfan's syndrome, but yow.

Even worse: Testing for heart trouble will kill you:
He was 7 ½ years old, sitting in his room, riveted to his family’s portable radio and wearing his little plastic baseball glove. It was 1962, and Dana Brand was listening to the Mets’ inaugural game, and so began a love affair that would last until his death on Wednesday at 56.


He died of a pulmonary embolism at a hospital in Danbury, Conn., his wife, Sheila Fisher, said. He had taken a stress test, which showed a healthy heart, she said, and then died suddenly.

Friday, May 27, 2011

CBC Local Action News Wrap

When we were gallivanting about town a few days ago & snapped the MacArthur Park pix down there, we also encountered the tail end of a march near the LAUSD's HQ, which dovetails w/ this horrid item.
Last night, the Canadian radio broadcast, "As It Happens," featured a remarkable story about what's going on in Los Angeles public schools, as officials grapple with a budget crisis. Librarians -- more specifically, teacher-librarians, are being escorted to the basement of an administration building, where they are made to sit on lawn chairs while being interrogated by school district lawyers who are seeking to prove that the librarians don't actually qualify as teachers. From the "As It Happens" Web site:
Teacher-Librarians in Los Angeles are under threat.

The Los Angeles Unified School District wants to lay off eighty-five middle- and high-school teacher librarians to reduce costs. As a result, school librarians across L.A. are being interrogated by lawyers working for the School District to see if their qualifications are up to scratch.

Laura Graff, a teacher librarian at LA's Sun Valley High School, has been on the receiving end of one of these questionings. We reached her in Los Angeles, California.
That description hardly does justice to the process that Graff recounts, which she characterized as very adversarial. Graff said that her job requires both a teaching certificate and a library science degree, and suggested that administrators themselves have their eyes on the teacher-librarian jobs, saying they want to replace libraries with some sort of high-tech schemes.

Hmmm...The librarians in the public school systems that nurtured me taught me pretty much how to do the job I do now. They taught me how to research, how to cross-reference sources, and guided me to books that encouraged me to dream. We really wouldn't want that for the children of L.A., now, would we?

Well worth a listen; archived on the show's Web site in Part 2 of the program.

By Adele M. Stan | Sourced from AlterNet

Posted at May 26, 2011, 4:15 pm

Fucking shit. We don't think it's going too far to use the "Nazis" tag for this one. (Redundant, maybe, as "administrators" are Nazis; stop deluding yourselves.)

The teachers were protesting cuts in arts curriculum, we believe.
FOX reporter. Couldn't find any coverage on the "myFOXla" site.
Not sure what their deal was.
In the "free-speech" pen. Fucking pigs.
If the camera had focused on these three instead of gawd-knows-what in the background, this would've been the greatest picture of humans we've ever taken.