Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Dilapidated Suburb

A book about the sign is reviewed.
Braudy explores a time before the sign, and he knows that Hollywood was once a country road trip from downtown Los Angeles. Anita Loos, in 1914, called it “a dilapidated suburb.” She visited the Hollywood Hotel and observed “a veranda where elderly seekers after sunshine … sat in big red chairs and rocked their uneventful lives away.” One of its chief attractions was the peace and quiet, and so we should not forget that Hollywood’s first charm was as a rural retreat, not an urban factory.

That, more or less, was the aim behind the HOLLYWOODLAND development, led by Harry Chandler and others in 1923: well-to-do residences away from the smoke, the noise, the autos (and non-white neighbors), where you could “protect your family and insure their happiness.” So what happened? As Loos said, “Nobody dreamed a day was close at hand when that one word, Hollywood, would express the epitome of glamour, sex, and sin in their most delectable forms.”
If he had any idea what H'wood's like today, sad fuck Chandler would no doubt be spinning in his mausoleum.

The Bankers May Own It,
But It's Still A World Of Cretins

More anecdotal evidence of these United States self-retarding:
It is no easy task to try to explain this descent into a culture of ignorance. Some the descent may be rooted in our under-funded and unfairly maligned system of public education. As a professor at a public university I have first hand knowledge of the processes that give rise to a culture of ignorance. Although the intelligence, curiosity and grit of some of my students, many of whom are the first people in their families to attend college, thoroughly inspires me, I am often shocked and disappointed by general student ignorance of culture, geography, history, and politics -- at home and abroad. Even more disturbing is what seems to be a lack of student curiosity about a world that has been rendered more complex through globalization. Many of my students are not interested in learning about foreign societies. They take my introductory cultural anthropology course because it is a requirement. In addition, some of my students seek the most expedient path toward graduation -- one that involves the least amount of work and difficulty for the greatest return. The upshot is that many students leave the university unprepared to compete in the global economy. Many of them have trouble thinking critically. Others find doing any kind of research to be profoundly challenging. Some write essays that border on the incoherent. More troubling still is that that this downward spiral toward incompetence, according to the findings of Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa's new book, Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses, seems to be widespread among our college and university students.
Could not happen to a more deserving, stupid or "exceptional" nation.

Saturday Night Embalmed

Meet the living dead.
Seriously, a masterpiece of taxidermy,* 'though the glass (or just glassy) eyes distract a bit.

Just Had to Dep't.: That's his official photo; here it is larger & better defined.
(We resisted the urge to crop it to just his face & fill the column therewith; no complaining about this lesser assault on the sensibilities.)

*Alternate line: "A masterpiece of the mortician's art." Either way.

Stopping Radicalization

From War in Context.

A Little Bogus Nostalgia

We'd probably be just as miz-uh-bull were we now in either of these two cities where we once enjoyed ourself, but maybe we can pretend otherwise for a few moments.Jesus gawd, mute the above: Young folksingy person. (We'll never forgive Bob Dylan.)Dull techno or whatever it's called. At least no whiny-ass vocals.

Worth Stealing

So we did. The Daily Dish's extraction (Credit given, why link?):
In other words, the banks emerged from the crisis bigger, more powerful, and more systemically dangerous than ever before. They are playing by most of the old rules and all of the old norms. We are now left with six gargantuan, interconnected, too-big-to-fail financial institutions that are a threat to our economy and our democracy. Johnson and Kwak (and Stiglitz and Roubini and Mihm) believe they need to be broken up. It seems almost certain this will not happen.
To avoid reeking of sloth, we pulled some startling, dog-bites-man (over & over) news ourself:
We are, Johnson and Kwak argue almost too convincingly, in the hands of an oligarchy that has used its economic power to purchase political influence that, in turn, sustains that economic power. Worse, Wall Street and Washington have become so inbred that ideological homogeneity reinforces and legitimizes an implicitly corrupt system. The crisis and the necessary bailouts presented a rare opportunity to break the iron grip of this financial oligarchy, but we failed to seize this moment.
"Argue almost too convincingly?" What's that mean? Still refusing to face reality?

We'd as soon drown in our own vomit as read the entire review (A review of four books bound to be popular w/ the sort who read these kinds of books shouldn't be too hard. Don't let our lassitude discourage you.) but as we scanned we did spot this, which should probably be shouted from the rooftops & widely repeated on the Internet.
It is now clear that two foundations of anti-Keynesianism—rational expectations and the efficient-markets hypothesis, both of which are embraced by mainstream economics despite the absence of empirical support—are simply wrong.
Neener neener, you idiots.

"... And This Is Just My Own Personal Opinion, Without Any Factual Data To Back It Up ..."

She said it. Admitted speculation, all the time. What's shrink-talk for someone who recognizes she's delusional, but indulges her paranoia anyway? Ah, "money-grubbing liar, making a living scaring others." Thanks. (WARNING: Stupid leftists can't adjust varying volumes. Gets loud at 1:30.)Bonus from mind-reader Gaffney. He knows who wants to be Caliph.J.C at B.J. put it well:
But does it bother anyone else that a former Deputy Defense Secretary is now some crazy dude with a bullhorn and a trenchcoat shouting in the park?
We don't understand why no one has any information on Jones' prison record & how long he's been in the Aryan Brotherhood.Could the ass-wipe whining about "Starbucks®" & "capitalism" please explain what any of that has to do w/ Jesus or Muhammad? Would Mr. Whiney take one of those high-paying Starbucks® jobs, big capitalist that he is?

(Please consult any Arabic dictator or Muslim potentate for their feelings on capitalism. Or have they taken all the petro- & corrupto-dollars from their Swiss accounts & moved their funds to China to invest in the workers paradise?)

Also amusing that the clash of civilizations involves one civilization announcing the excuse for publicity, then not showing up, while maybe 50 or so uncoördinated saps representing the other civilization responded to the provocation. (We will not worry that there'll be fighting in America's streets, Weimar-style, until the pudgy middle-aged women holding signs are replaced by angry young bags of testosterone holding weapons.)

Most amusing though, is that this spectacle distracts us (& millions of others who might actually do something) from the revolutionary acts of resistance that should be taking place now as the American economy (& the hard-won rights of the American people) continues to crumble under the attacks of capitalists who want to return us to a Randian caliphate where the richest pig would be the default lord of the manor.

(Personal note: We are being driven nutty ourself by the inner conflict such self-retards cause: Should we succumb to the perfectly-sensible desire to place that guy's head in a hydraulic press & fucking pulp it, or is pointing & laughing uproariously enough to keep our head from exploding?)

Thunderbolts Caught Easily

Phil sez:

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Failure Agrees

Never took a serious shot at the voice-over biz (Whorin' ain't easy.) & never even thought of doing characters (It's a struggle playing ourself convincingly.) but two thumbs up yours for this from the Guardian:

Johnny Depp's a chameleon and
Justin Timberlake's a bear*

How the best new kids' movies are putting voice actors out of work, and perpetuating Hollywood's star system
Blame is laid, & on someone blameworthy.
And then came Robin Williams. Fox's magical rainforest yarn FernGully, released in April 1992, was somewhat pioneering, utilising the voice work of Williams alongside Tim Curry and Christian Slater, but it fared poorly. The role of the Genie in Disney's Aladdin, however, was written specifically for the star, who then ad-libbed substantially, and the film, released in November the same year, grossed $200m in North America alone. Much of its success was justifiably attributed to Williams. The industry has never looked back.
Parasitic pricks. Where's SAG & AFTRA in all this?


TheDC Reveals (Heh!) New Strategy

It begins w/ this:
And how else would a FOX station illustrate such a study? (++meta, huh? 'Cause you still get to peep.)Merely the beginning of the campaign, 'though.

Having agreed that Meg Whitman was a whore, we assume what little feminist credibility we had is shot, but if we may, who the hell is Laura Donovan & why is she subjecting her sisters to the male gaze?
Not to mention:
Peepers of the world, unite.
Seriously, Ms. Donovan, if your superior, editor, or whoever is assigning you to search jiggle pictures on the Internet & write dumb posts around them all day, you may have the basis of a hostile workplace suit on your hands. We, of course, are not a lawyer or, technically, anything at all, but we didn't just fall off the proverbial turnip truck either.

Of course, if Ms.Donovan is a Sarah Palin feminist, or such a young & committed ideologue that "pissing off the libs" is all the justification she needs for virtually anything, not to worry, we guess.

And best of luck to Tuck & his exciting new approach to whatever it is he's trying to do. We just want to know if/when there will be nipples.

UPDATE (2155PT 4 March 2011): Not that we were necessarily presenting the heart health item as true, but it isn't:
The article referred to above was not printed in The New England Journal of Medicine or any other major medical journal. It is, in fact, a slight reworking of a piece that has run on at least two occasions in that celebrated tabloid Fountain of Truth, the Weekly World News (13 May 1997 and 21 March 2000) and has escaped into the wild.
Eyes forward!

They Never Learn &
It Never Ends Well

We will grant that Texas, like Calif., was at least some form of non-Limey if not completely non-colonial republic before being subsumed by manifest destiny. (Also Hawai'i, though not a republic.)
As with any half-decent declaration of independence, the group's resolution has a list of grievances: Specifically, the federal government has failed the protect its borders, and "implemented thousands of laws, mandates and agencies in violation of the United States Constitution that have invaded the sovereignty of the State of Texas."
But wait: This story actually gets stranger. As the Houston Press reported, the Texas Nationalist Movement's secession rally is being sponsored by none other than state Rep. Leo Berman. You may remember Berman as the man who introduced a bill to force the President of the United States to prove his citizenship (again), and, when asked for proof, cited YouTube videos he'd seen because, "YouTubes are infallible." He's also sponsoring a bill to save state courts from the scourge of Islamic Sharia law.
Previously on Bizarro World:
The standoff was sparked April 27 when police arrested two ROT members--one because he refused to display license plates on his vehicle. McLaren's followers retaliated by taking as hostages two neighbors who had long clamored for the leader's arrest. After the hostage exchange, talks continued but have been unsuccessful, while McLaren's rhetoric has grown increasingly apocalyptic.

Fear of repeating the deadly clash between federal agents and Branch Davidian cult members has deterred police from raiding the compound. Also, police take seriously McLaren's claim that he coordinated with militias throughout Texas, who will react violently in response to a police assault. On Wednesday, April 30, police in Pecos, 80 miles from Ft. Davis, arrested seven men who were carrying explosives and guns and admitted they were headed to join McLaren.
We remember these losers sending "Mayday" on short-wave, as if a few more chump-ass crackerssovereign citizens from Idaho or wherever would make a big difference against the Texas Rangers.

In the end, surrounded by the forces of the mightiest nation on earth, the ambassador decided to abandon his ramshackle redoubt deep in a lower ventricle of Texas. He had sent out a "Mayday" on shortwave radio, calling on "any nation in the world" for assistance. "We have hostiles in the woods," he cried. "We are being invaded!" But no one came to his aid, and his supporters were beginning to trickle away. Even the ambassador's wife had decided to leave the combination lean-to and trailer that was designated the "embassy compound." Thus, shortly after 4 p.m. on Saturday, with barely the pretense of extraterritoriality, Rick McLaren, self-declared "ambassador, consul-general and chief foreign legal officer" of the separatist Republic of Texas, ended his 6 1/2-day standoff against America, laid down 10 rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and agreed to a cease-fire. In a nod to protocol, the plenipotentiaries who negotiated the agreement--otherwise known as the Texas Rangers--watched as the separatists ceremonially arranged their arms in a circle.
Condemned to repeat the lessons of history? These fucks should all be sentenced to eternal summer school. Preferably in a classroom in a Texas district where budget-cutting austerity has eliminated funds for air conditioning.

Today's Thrilling Activities
In The Bunker

Took a shower for the first time since last Fri., hot water (of a sort) having been restored to the premises.

Big plans: Having emptied our mail-box of advertising circulars & taken out some garbage & recycling, we can now sit around in our bathrobe until about dusk tomorrow.

No Longer Worth The Effort

We started, then stopped (WHY DO WE FUCKING BOTHER, EVER?) but being confronted w/ not one but two fuck-ups (as if THEY were trying to up our rage quotient) we felt obligated.

Duhr indeed.
We didn't expect much from AOL.
It's FISTSFUL, handful of cretins!

The banner yet waves.


Again W/ The Stealing

Danziger forgot something. Not a typo, exactly.

Stupid Kids Have Trivialized Death, Too

Lookin' At The World Through A Windshield
Watchin' It Fly By Me On The Right

The Kenyanesian

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sorry Squire, I Scratched
The Record

The Fading Sounds of Analog Technology

As digital technology takes over, we're losing the sounds of analog technologies. And sometimes that's a real loss. A dial tone can serve a useful purpose, at least on TV.

Why Newtie Can't Run

[Insert Advert Here]O.V. & other. (Neither embeddable. Assholes.)

Together Or Separately

Jesus! Jesus!

Context: An attention-whore who identifies as Muslim threatened to be near the White House or something today. Self-identified all-American attention-whore Frank Gaffney rose to the occasion & appeared, but the Muslim provocateur didn't. Fortunately, a scapegoat was found, & the "Scared of Shariah For No Apparent Reason" group was able to focus its aggression:Jesus.

Generation Gap Crap From A Cretin

Oh, extra fun, didn't realize it was a yout' hating his betters, i.e., a sap who blames the decline & fall of American Empire & the resultant crummy economy on his parents' generation merely for existing (Blame the "Greatest Generation," who couldn't keep it in their pants.) rather than for its blind acceptance of its own destruction by reactionary forces. Well, no reason to expect the children of idiots to be any wiser than the mutant gene pool from which they sprang.
It may now be starting to change as economic opportunities for those who are freshly out of college and even professional schools are starting to narrow, whereas the bill for half-a-century of profligate living is suddenly coming due.
Also, a free market asshole (What we get for linking to something from The Daily Dish merely because it appeared schadenfreude-filled.):
When jobs were plentiful in the 1990s, it made sense for the cost of college education to rise rapidly. It was, after all, clearly a worthwhile investment. But now jobs are scarce and pay little while tuition and other college costs are still on the rise. It is a dead-end situation both for colleges and for graduates. Even law and medical schools no longer guarantee a well-paying job. Yet, graduating young professionals are now routinely facing debts of $300,000 or more. Even if they find a job, you can’t expect people laden with such debts to be risk-takers.*
No, but we can expect them to be roused against their betterselders.
Generational Conflict

In the United States, rising unemployment among young people hasn’t yet led to an intensified conflict between generations, but it probably will soon. Western Europe, where budget cuts hit Britain, France and Italy and riots protesting those cuts ensued, provides a blueprint for coming strife.

At first glance, it is easy to dismiss such riots as unreasonable demands for more entitlements on the part of people weaned on socialist handouts. But it is worth analyzing the nature of those protests on a deeper level. In Europe, as in the United States, students are facing a very grim future with no job openings and few opportunities to advance. They see a generation of baby boomers — their parents’ generation — who enjoyed free education, secure, well-paying jobs and steady careers, and who are now preparing to retire at age 60 to full pensions and medical benefits. The new generation will be asked to pay for all those benefits out of their meager salaries while at the same time they are being told that the baby boomers have eaten the entire pie and that they will have to pay more for their education, work harder for less money and retire at a later age — because there is no money left in the till for them.

It may be different in Europe, but anger against high-living oldsters will likely well up on this side of the Atlantic as well. Social Security and Medicare are bankrupting the state while those who are now working to support such open-ended programs are warned not to count on them when they reach the age of retirement. Recent graduates probably would have gladly supported the retirees if they had a good job and a bright future, but not when they themselves are struggling to keep their heads above water.
Say, remind us where all that fucking money went, shithead. Foolish as that statement is, note the context in which it occurs:
Only after reforms in the mid-1980s, the Reagan-Thatcher years, did recent graduates — the Baby Bust generation — begin to see a much freer, more entrepreneurial environment, with better job prospects and greater economic opportunities.
Big economic analyst just can't quite make the connection. We can't imagine why.

*A risk for you, Mr. Gutsy Free-Market Risk-Taker (Alexei Bayer is head of KAFAN FX Information Services. His monthly “Global Economy” column in Research has received an excellence award from the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants for the past six years, 2004-2009. He previously worked for the Economist Intelligence Unit and Standard & Poor's.): A long walk off a short dock.

The Angriest Honky In The World

Not to compare or any other leftish outfits w/ crazy Nazi skinheads (Indeed, what "leftie" equivalent is there to white supremacists?) but we can't remember the last time Code Pink members had a shoot-out.

Not Hateful Or Anything,
Just Stupid & Crazy

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Burger Wrapper

Living off the land in California.

We Started Typing Something, But ...

Great Mid-Western Hardware Store

Shut up, old man.

Huckabee Paints Obama as a Foreigner

Mike Huckabee insists he misspoke when he said President Obama was raised in Kenya, but his comments today in a radio interview with Bryan Fischer make clear he intends to portray the president as a foreigner.

Said Huckabee: "And I have said many times, publicly, that I do think he has a different worldview and I think it is, in part, molded out of a very different experience. Most of us grew up going to Boy Scout meetings and, you know, our communities were filled with Rotary Clubs, not madrassas."
Boy Scout meetings? Well, sure, most of "us" are male, aren't we?

Joan Walsh w/ the Tweety vid of her appearance we'd ordinarily have posted.

Keeping it on subject (us): Most of our existence has been passed in the land of our birth (California, bit-chezz!) but it doesn't take leaving the U.S. of A. to hate it. We couldn't stand the place long before we went overseas.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Al Gore Nothing

Newt Gingrich demands equal time: OK, Mike Huckabee is a fat pig too, & when he & his family are at the same location the FAA issues an advisory warning of potential gravitational threats to general & commercial aviation.

Then, Xmas 2007:
And today, hot from the presses:
He's now withdrawn the statement that Obama grew up in Kenya and says he meant Indonesia.


Well, how do you get a view of the Mau Mau revolution in Indonesia? So I don't buy the mis-spoke explanation. And Obama did not "grow up with" a Kenyan father and grandfather. Seriously, how can you have any understanding of Obama without knowing he yearned for his absent father and was brought up largely by his white mom and white grandparents?
And to type that Huck &/or his staff were as stupid as pigs would be insulting even the slowest of porkers.
Plus ça change ...

MOMENTS LATER: Just looked at memeorandum. Why'd we even bother?

Watch Out, Current Mrs. Gingrich!

Newtie's probably going to find his next wife somewhere on the campaign trail among the gaggle of female aides w/ the father issues that make so many political marriages possible. Sound familiar, Callista?
Then he'll need a magnifying glass to find his pin-dick.
We'd love to see Kenyan anti-colonialist & incumbent Obama kick converted Catholic hypocrite Gingrich's electoral ass from one end of this great nation to the other.

Then we'd like to see Newton run over by a steamroller. (Not really steam-powered any more, are they?) The most likely scenario, however, would be for the serial adulterer & his fellow useless loser Fred Thompson to get an AM radio show going where they talk about boner pills & whose trophy wife is the youngest, over & over until they die. (Fuck, that's the best idea we've had in a mo. of Sundays. "Newt & Fred's Boner-Pill Time." It's pre-sold! Better call the agent.)

Speaking Of Housing:
We Exercise Our Memory

Trailerload of old peopleBoomers waxing nostalgic for their youth & the good economic times at B-Juice. Housing inflation being one of the reasons today's homeowners cite for their being worse off than their parents w/ their cushy union jobs, one of them investigated on a personal basis using the magic of the Internet.

We were curious too (as well as desperate for something more interesting to run than the usual dick-wagging at reactionaries wagging their pin-dicks) so we peeped at a couple of places from the long gone days when we lived in houses, rather than apartments or tar-paper shacks behind someone's garage.

The first house in which we remember living stood on this alleged acre lot.
The thing there now was built in 2000, no idea if a dot-com zillionaire had previously razed the ancestral manse or not. No, there was no pool when we were there. Our damn house wasn't much larger than the pool (& in about the same spot). And no, we will never forgive our parents for (among other crimes) not holding onto the place until they could leave it to us to sell to some Silicon Valley digital fool for a large wad of green.

First & only new house we ever occupied.
1966. No idea what the units paid for it. Lot: 8,555 sq. ft.; house: 1,850. (Don't know if that includes the garage, which is about half of the upper "wing.") At least it hasn't been demolished.

Excessive Gov't. Regulation!!

No expectation that it would only be the "couple of hours," but two days & a warning?

Note: Comparisons to people on mythical islands w/o electricity or even shelter will not be accepted. Really, who is suffering here?

Plus which, we worked (11 yrs., three floors underground) for the Fascist Insect Bank in the same building the Housing Dep't. is now in. The world collapses around us.

A Silly Goose

Echo Park's most famous goose is at the Los Angeles Zoo. She's not visiting the new elephant enclosures. She's in protective custody, for the time being at least. Not only was there concern among Maria's human supporters that the big bird was increasingly vulnerable to prankster humans as her fame grew, but last week, for the first time, Maria flew out of the fenced yard where Parks and Rec workers routinely detained her when Dominic, Maria's best buddy, left the park on his motor scooter. While Dominic often encouraged the goose to fly alongside his scooter for two blocks from Lemoyne to Echo Park Ave. -- and then back -- were she to follow him farther she'd be in considerable danger from cars and buses.
Flight sequence at (1:35). Late goose news.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Late, But The Party's Still On

Dunno how we missed this musical posting from last wk.

No One Cares, But ...

So, does anyone else think that Mickey Kaus is gone from Tina Brown's Newsweek (& firmly ensconced at Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller) because Brown had a chance to get Andrew Sullivan?

And find your own effing links to all this incestuous bullshit. What are we, your mother? (It is just this attitude that keeps us from paid employment.)

UPDATE (1554PT 28 February 2100): We still don't care, but perhaps we should note Mr. Kaus's explanation.

Oman: Temples Of Commodity Fetishism Attacked

MUSCAT, Oman (AP) — Protesters set a supermarket ablaze and gathered in several sites in a seaside town in Oman on Monday in a third consecutive day of unrest that has included deadly clashes in the strategic Gulf nation.

Security forces sealed off main roads to Sohar, about 120 miles (200 kilometers) northwest of the capital of Muscat, in attempts to isolate the protesters and keep crowds from swelling.
Best place for revolution is a seaside town alright. And, the temples of commerce weren't attacked until the forces of authority & repression were hit on the second day of action. No stopping it now, no matter how little their experience.
Protests have been rare in the country, which wraps around the southeast corner of the Arabian peninsula. But Oman’s ruler, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, is moving quickly to try to offer reforms to quell the demands that include more jobs and a greater public voice in the country’s affairs.

On Sunday, he ordered 50,000 new state positions and a monthly stipend of 150 rials ($390) for job seekers. A day earlier, the sultan replaced six Cabinet members.

A high-level delegation planned to travel to Sohar to meet with protesters, who on Sunday set fire to cars, a police station and the governor’s residence.

Never Have So Many Said So Little
For So Long

Joe, Mike, & Pat discuss, two or three other Media Village Idjits look on.

Oscar® Wrap-Up & Reminder

Courtesy Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles Community Relations Committee Collection, Urban Archives Center, University Library, California State University-Northridge

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I & I Prophesy

Heard it through the Internet grapevine:

Smaller Gov't. Theory Made Clear

T-Paw, one of we can't remember how many indistinguishable Mid-Western Republican gubners &/or ex-gubners in the thick of the speculation about possible entrants to next yr.'s (Only 10 mos. 'til 2012!) sacrificial lamb event visited that state where they're always shooting people & may have found found his campaign catch phrase:
Invoking former New York gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan,* Pawlenty called for smaller government.

“Do you remember the guy who ran in the NYC mayor’s race who ran his entire campaign on a simple motto?” Pawlenty asked the audience. “He said over and over: ‘The rent is too damn high!’ So here’s our simple motto: The Government’s too damn big!’”

Pawlenty headlined the three-day event and was one of three potential Republican presidential contenders — former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain and Texas Rep. Ron Paul were the others — slated to speak.
Ambien®Palookas 2011!!

*(born December 1, 1946),[2] also known as Jimmy Mack,[3] The Black Hulk Hogan,[4] Papa Smurf,[5] Santa Claus on Venus[6] and Rambo,[7] is an American martial arts instructor, former postal worker, private investigator, Vietnam War veteran, perennial candidate, and political activist from Brooklyn, New York.

Has It Stopped Yet?

Fat Kite

LadiesCelebrities, please!

Charo: 'Lady Gaga is Madonna with diarrhea'; Singer slammed on Sirius XM ...

We think Charo's on the left. "Cuchi-Cuchi!"
The only possible winner here is the schadenfreuding public.

Spring Training At Vero Beach

Roy Campanella, Jackie Robinson, Carl Furillo, and Duke Snider, Vero Beach, Fla.,
8 March 1951.

Sad Baseball Up-Date:
Win One For The Duke

Via the Dodgers:
Dodger Hall of Fame outfielder Duke Snider passed away this morning at the age of 84 at the Valle Vista Convalescent Hospital in Escondido, Calif.

Born Edwin Donald Snider in Los Angeles, CA on Sept. 19, 1926, Snider was among the game's most feared hitters during his 16 seasons with the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers (1947-1962), playing on a pair of World Championship teams (1955 and 1959) and in six World Series overall.
Hey. We forgot/didn't know he shared ourwe shared his birthday.* That's extra sad. Who's next, Adam West, Twiggy ... or us?

The authority:
Dodger Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully:
"He was an extremely gifted talent and his defensive abilities were often overlooked because of playing in a small ballpark, Ebbets Field. When he had a chance to run and move defensively, he had the grace and the abilities of DiMaggio and Mays and of course, he was a World Series hero who will forever be remembered in the borough of Brooklyn. Although it's ironic to say it, we have lost a giant. He's joining a great Dodger team that has moved on and I extend my sympathies to his entire family, especially to Bev."
*Day, not date, potential smart-asses.

Manly Programming Notes

Had the Laker game on, it finished, suddenly there were sissies discussing red-carpet style on the telly. It will only worsen.

So we surfed a few channels up, & currently have NASCAR on, in an effort to bank some testosterone before the rest of the Oscar®* events begin swirling about the ether.

Added random: If NASCAR is so manly, why is it sponsored by boner pills?

*ACADEMY AWARD(S)®, OSCAR(S)®, OSCAR NIGHT® and OSCAR® statuette design mark are the registered trademarks and service marks, and the OSCAR® statuette the copyrighted property, of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. ©2011 The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences & ABC, Inc. All Rights Reserved

If You've Noticed A Stench Here ...

It is a wonder & a miracle that dead bodies are not yet piled up in mounds. (Any one have a couple of lumps weapons-grade plutonium?) And we haven't even started w/ the Spelling/Grammar Nazi-ing.

P.S.: When one is homeless, at least the Starbuck®'s have hot water. What a fucking world.

Blood Now Spilled In Oman

"Two people have died after police fired rubber bullets in the crowd," one witness, who declined to be named, told Reuters from Sohar. Another witness said the police had used live ammunition, but that could not be confirmed.

Sultan Qaboos bin Said, trying to ease tensions in the normally sleepy Gulf state as Arab unrest spread in the region, reshuffled his cabinet on Saturday, a week after an earlier protest in the capital Muscat.

Protests were also taking place in the southern town of Salalah where demonstrators have been camped out since Friday near the office of a provincial governor.

After the clashes in Sohar, police pulled back from the protest and the crowd, some of whom were carrying gasoline and matches, was making its way to a police station,
[Go cats go! — M.B.] said one witness, who gave his name only as Mohammed. Helicopters circled overhead.

Witnesses said at least eight people had been hurt in the melee in addition to the two fatalities. Roadblocks had been set up on a main road between Sohar and Muscat, they said.

Gulf Arab countries have stepped up measures to appease their populations following popular unrest that toppled the leaders of Tunisia and Egypt.

A Tree Grows In Korea Town Adjacent

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Funnies
Intellectual Property Theft

Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter

Nice Work If You Can Get It

The blaze started around 6:40 p.m. Sunday, when a woman visited a fourth-floor apartment in Brooklyn and paid a man $300 to perform a mystical ceremony that would bring her good luck, according to fire marshals with the Fire Department of New York.

The man was known in the neighborhood as a priest, and the two were either having sex, or had sex when the fire started from the candles on the floor, though it's not clear if it was part of the ceremony, said the official, who had direct knowledge of the case but spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the investigation was ongoing.
Oh. Not so funny. A fatality, & nearly fifty families are on the street. We could rant about mysticism (Was a demon summoned?) but won't this time.

Still funny. And would've been funnier if the Obeah man had had a fire extinguisher.

No Escape

KausFiles QC At TheDC

Older humans may click to read.
Would you emphasize your eyes if they were this close together?
Maybe if you were balding & weak-chinned.
Anyway, he's on about 1992, unless they turned the robot on. Do let us know when you've worked your way up to, say, 2009 or so, Mick.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Shouldn't PETA Be On This?

Canned or Dry?

Celebrity Culture

Not even Foreign Policy (The magazine's website, not the song.) is free of it.

Admittedly the last part of an item on a declaration of national emergency (Check your rights. At the door.) by an executive in Washington, D. of C., which imposes sanctions & freezes however the eff you want to spell his name's money:
There's no word yet on how the sanctions will affect the $100 million investment by Al-Saadi Qaddafi, one of the sons, in a film company that's producing a movie entitles "The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer," with Mickey Rourke.
Above not our discovery. @edroso re-twitted it from @james poulos. And frankly, we were a little disappointed. Reading "Buried lede alert:" & a link to "Declares National State of Emergency," we hope for potential repression at the least, & the opening of the camps if we're really bored.

But while we were there:
The executive order itself condemns the "wonton violence against unarmed associates" perpetrated by Qaddafi, his sons, his government, and his close associates. Effective immediately, all U.S.-based assets of Qaddafi and his four sons are to be frozen and transactions intended to move those assets are prohibited. The order allows the measures to be expanded to include any member of the Libyan government who are determined to be complicit in Qaddafi's brutality.
Associates? Good job transcribing. We like the gossip-column name bolding too.

Behind & Behinder

Left the bunker today, & as a result we are still reading crap that appeared on the Intertrons at 1000 today. All of it depressing or inane. Either of which can lead to rage.

Be patient.


From the wilds of the PuffHo, as seen in our reader:
We are never in perfect balance. But being in harmony in your life means being in a process of movement and change, balancing and rebalancing the things you do, the actions you focus on, and the things you value.
Clichéd words from which one should run as fast as the buttons on your devil-box will carry you:

Balance, harmony, process, movement, change, focus, value.

Depending, natch, on context, such words can be indicative you're about to waste time on self-deluding spiritual garbage & meaningless hippie-dippie rot. Rot as in "Rot in hell, one of America's most active public philosophers."

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Please Put Them Out Of Their Misery,
'Cause We're Suffering Just Thinking About Them

We suppose they're too fucking stupid or self-retarded to know any better, but still: Is there any reason for this species to be allowed to continue making the planet uninhabitable for themselves w/ environmental pollution, & ruining the human-constructed world w/ ideological confusion & ignorance?

Many Think Health Care Law Was Repealed

A new Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows that nearly half of Americans either believe that President Obama's signature health care law has been repealed (22%) or they aren't sure (26%). Only 52% accurately say that it is still the law.
Oh crap, it gets worse:

Trump Not Surprised by Poll

Donald Trump told CNN he wasn't at all surprised by a new poll which showed him a in a virtual dead heat with President Obama in a hypothetical 2012 presidential race.

Said Trump: "The poll came out, and we're in a virtual tie and I haven't campaigned...I'm not really, despite that, that surprised, because it's a message of common sense. We can have a great country again, the problem is we don't have the right leadership. We don't have the right leaders. We don't have people that have any semblance of negotiation."
Read that last sentence again. He has our vote.

Motoring Is Murder

The 22-year-old driver who struck and killed a cyclist while allegedly driving under the influence this week has 11 traffic tickets on her record according to court records.

Danae Marie Miller was driving a white Jetta when she is believed to have hit 41-year-old Amine Britel in Newport Beach Monday night, authorities said. Britel, who was riding a bicycle on San Joaquin Hills Road, could not be resuscitated by paramedics.

Miller, who somehow was driving on a valid drivers license, actually has 17 tickets since 2005 counting citations that were eventually dismissed after she showed proof, according to the OC Register.

She was scheduled to appear in court today for a driving-while-using-a-mobile-phone ticket. At least five of her tickets are for speeding.
From LAist.

Worried No More

Now we can start spending again, to help America's economic recovery. Because we're so concerned. (About ourself, obviously. No socialist collectivist we, but a rugged individual who lets the chips fall where they may, & devil take the hindmost!!)
WASHINGTON (AP) — Social Security checks would still go out. Troops would remain at their posts. Furloughed federal workers probably would get paid, though not until later. And virtually every essential government agency, like the FBI, the Border Patrol and the Coast Guard, would remain open.

That’s the little-known truth about a government shutdown. The government doesn’t shut down.
Whew. See also: Biting the hands of the assholes who feed us.

Explaining The New World Order,

From here, video here, nominated here.

Still Fucking Waiting

How long, how long?

Stupid Jerk Wrap-Up


Reactionary Asshole Wrap-Up

Tea Partyers, according to yet another recent poll, are conservative Republicans. They are social conservatives and whatever the other kind of conservative is, too. (Upward redistributionist conservatives, I think.) Conservative Republicans are a demographically shrinking minority, so they needed to rebrand themselves as independents, which they more or less succeeded at. And once they get into power, as they have shown in the last month, they attempt to smash unions, ban abortion, redefine rape in order to make it more difficult to safely get an abortion, take a hatchet to women's reproductive health access in general, pass increasingly onerous and insane laws punishing undocumented migrants and those suspected of being undocumented migrants, propose unconstitutional legislation designed to combat birthright citizenship (the practical result of which would be to vastly increase the number of "illegal immmigrants" in the country), name a national gun of Arizona [sic, see below] shortly after a deadly mass shooting, and otherwise do and say things that horrify and alarm reasonable Americans. (Television and Internet to the contrary, bilious pools of screeching resentment made pathetically animate still make up a minority of the nation's population.)
Also the "no miscarriages" law that buffoon in GA offered. And we'll quickly note (As we are apparently much more knowledgeable than Mr. Pareene, ha ha, so what if he gets paid for his crummy work?) that it was Utah's loons who wanted an official state gun.

Nits aside, an adequate summation.

Dep't. of Amplification (@2335PT 24 February 2011): Typed too soon. A legislator is going for a state gun in AZ as well. But it's still a state gun, not a "national" penis-extender, so we're only half-off.