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Blasphemy At Balloon Juice

Or music criticism.
Decide for yourself. (We know the animation's crummy.)

Right Wing Humor Recap

Oh, so funny we literally forgot to laugh. Larry O'D. doesn't think it's funny at all.

Car Culture

Two poorly composed photos of a Studebaker Lark,
& one of this, better composed.

The Present Day Cactus ...

No Way To Delay
That Trouble Comin' Every Day

We've no idea what the editorial bias of the Business Insider is (The title alone indicates bias will be somewhere along the drooling glibertarian broadsheet/not-overtly-fascist investment guide axis.) but they've compiled lists of nations that could be in deep water soon, & we don't mean Oceania.

Rather irksome there's no straight-up list we could copy & reproduce, so click if you care; we note that the last three of the 11 that could go (At any moment!) struck us as, well, non-Muslim, first, & second (esp. economic powerhouse China, holder of debt & ruler of all it surveys, at least per recent folklore) not that likely to go under from an uprising. Not that we've been devoting much thought to the stability of the Vietnamese gov't. lately. (Speaking of which, what's up in Laos? The other nations of S.E. Asia have been turmoiled & tumultuous recently, but not a peep from that landlocked zone.) On a brighter note, Venezuela is the only at-risk country in this hemisphere.

Moving on not to whatever vague will-they-follow-in-Egypt-&-Tunisia's-footsteps criteria were used for the Hot Eleven, but something based on nos. & such, The 25 Countries Whose Governments Could Get Crushed By Food Price Inflation.

Not shortages, but inflation alone.

Venezuela & the Dominican Republic the only New World nations. (Poor Haiti doesn't have enough of a gov't. to qualify?) Factoid: Issued before recent events; Tunisia was ranked only 18th, & Egypt sixth. Also ready to blow: Former S.S.R.s & Eastern Bloc nations, & Hong Kong? Huh? Really? Can't wait to see that. Burn, baby, burn!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Reds II: The Muslim Menace

Today In Paranoia: "It's A Cook Book!"

Honest to fucking gawd, even during the height of HUAC & McCarthyism in the '40s & '50s there actually were Soviet intelligence agents operating in the U.S. of A., & no doubt a few comsymps & fellow travelers would have loved to infiltrate & subvert our glorious patriotic institutions. (The success they achieved is obvious in contemporary Stalinist America.) The threat of communism was secondary to supplying Yanks their dose of fear, but there was no question that the U. of S.S.R. was more than a few thousand goofballs in caves, training camps & cramped apartments & it was armed & organized well enough to trouble even the non-delusional.

But we are fucking astounded that today's fear-mongers get any mileage from this crap at all. Were there not enough jokes about the Prez being Muslim for Ms. Geller's taste at the various CPAC events? How could one tell that
the Conservative Political Action Conference she was speaking at had itself been "corrupted" and "compromised by Muslim Brotherhood activists."
Did the Paulbots* suddenly sport fezzes? We went over the agenda or whatever & saw no scheduled five-a-day prayer breaks.† (Indeed, not even for Judeo-Xian prayers. Maybe she is right. What about that, CPAC?)

Or was having GOProud involved an indication of rampaging Islamo-fascism? At this point we have no idea, & we can't quite believe that these furtive activists are going to have a stealth resolution calling for Sharia Law passed. Not at an ACLU confab, & not at CPAC.

Though it's not as if the Islamo-fascists & Christo-fascists are that far apart on many issues. Perhaps Ms. G. is cleverly trying to point this out to us. "You can't even tell you're being infiltrated, because you're just like them!"

*NB: Did not type "Paultards."

†Top reason Islam sucks. Even the Xers & Hebrews have it down to one time & one day per wk. (Approx., depending.) of organized sucking up. Chill out, Musselmen.


What passes for left in these United Snakes: David Corn & Josh Marshall. (No offense intended, we're sure neither gentleman beats his wife or anything, but they ain't exactly, well, us.) Also some other guy. (What's his deal?)

You Do Know Who Else Believed In "Divine Selection," Don't You?

I'd Like to Thank God... 
An author argues that a belief in divine selection really does make certain celebrities more successful.Read original story in The Wall Street Journal | Monday, Feb. 14, 2011

One night last summer, Lady Gaga sat in a tour bus in England, covered in stage blood from her concert that day. She told me that she had cried hysterically before a recent show because she'd had a dream that the devil was trying to take her. She then said, in earnest, that the spirit of her dead aunt was literally inside her body and that she had eaten a bovine heart to face her fear of her father's heart surgery.

If a stranger on a train had said all of this to me, I would have moved a few seats away. But this was one of the most famous women in the world. "It's hard to just chalk it all up to myself," Lady Gaga said of her success, explaining that there was "a higher power that's been watching out for me."

Cut to…Snoop Dogg in the living room of his home outside Los Angeles, smoking a blunt and discussing his comeback after leaving Death Row Records. "God makes everything happen," he said. "He put me in that situation with Death Row, and he took me out of it."

Cut to…a hotel room where Christina Aguilera is gorging on junk food and discussing her success. "All of this isn't something that I did," she told me. "It's something that is totally there for a purpose." In a separate interview, Ms. Aguilera's mother explained that fame was her daughter's destiny: "We thought there must be some divine intervention. Early on, I realized…God has plans for her."

We need a "Just Shoot Us" category. And a gun, obviously.

Happy Looting, Shooting & Wailing Music For Our Brothers & Sisters Fomenting Revolution

Fomentin's easy & safe from our middle-class suburban bunkerInternet hideawayon the other side of the planet.
Algerian protesters clash with riot police in Annaba, about 370 miles east of Algiers, Algeria. (Moh Ali/The Associated Press)
Added telebision lunacy:

Twice A Day, Like Clockwork

It happens:
That's four straight interviews in which the country's three top Republicans—the speaker of the House and the GOP leaders in each chamber—have refused to condemn the spreading of lies about Obama's faith and citizenship. These three men are confident enough in the personhood of fetuses to support banning abortion. They're confident enough in the efficacy and justice of the U.S. health care system to block funding of the Affordable Care Act. They're confident enough in Wall Street, despite the recklessness and bailouts of the last three years, to press for repeal of the Dodd-Frank financial regulation law. But ask them whether Obama is a Muslim or was born in the United States, and suddenly they're too humble to impose their beliefs on others. They can only describe "the facts as I understand them." They can only speak "for me." They can only "listen to the American people," not "tell them what to think."

These men aren't leaders. They're followers. To lead a party, much less a country, you have to be able to say no. You have to stand up to liars, lunatics, and dupes on your party's fringe. John McCain did it, in his clumsy way (there's nothing wrong with being a Muslim or Arab), when he was the GOP's presidential nominee. Even Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck have done it. They've called the birther conspiracy theories "bogus," "absurd," and "ridiculous."

Why can't Boehner, Cantor, or McConnell speak that bluntly? Why won't they call a lie a lie? If they want to be leaders, it's time to lead.
Just to prove he's still Saletan, he makes the mistake of assuming there's a reason to stand up to the fringe.
The party that was supposed to stand up to President Obama can't even stand up to its own fringe.

CPAC Wrap-Up I

R. Edroso in Esquire picks some winners.
"That is [liberalism's] goal — to destroy the family… [liberals] just made up this gay marriage thing… gays are natural conservatives." - Ann Coulter
FEAR: "Liberals?"

Goblins Go Home!

Untitled (Awning 1)
Untitled (Awning 2)
Sez Pony Boy.

Digital Audio?

We saw & heard this as it happened, & wondered, but gave it no more thought untilit crossed the radar hrs. later. Hope all is well inside Ms. Branson's brain.

Pogo In The Streets

No freaking idea (Whatsoever!) if we've even seen this, let alone mentioned it here. (We've a vague memory of something to do w/ local news & the punk community possibly appearing here, but 50 yrs. of crap, most of it there, some of it here, starts to run together upstairs.)$8.00!!

Class & Breeding: Horses Or Humans?

Ad hominem action from the Red State Trike Force.
If you think I’m being less than charitable to otherwise unoffending Ron Paul supporters, think again.

Here at RedState we have experienced several influxes of Ronbots but our first real introduction to the type of person we were dealing with occurred as the 2008 primaries were heating up. Their monomania — along with mouthbreathing and poor personal hygiene — forced us to take the unprecedented step of banning them on sight.

Any doubt that we have unfairly maligned them disappeared this past week at CPAC where they booed and shouted anti-Semitic slogans at two of the pre-eminent public servants our side has produced in the past couple of decades.


While one is free to believe what they will about Rumsfeld’s second tour as Secretary of Defense, I happen to believe that history will judge him to be one of the most able and productive men to have ever held the job, there is no excuse for adults walking out. If you ever needed proof that class and breeding aren’t something that you can teach you need look no further.


Show us the shekels. Draft dodger. Murderous scum.

Foul epithets directed at men who accomplish more in any given day than the combined mass of Ron Paul supporters will accomplish in the totality of their miserable pissant lives.

These are people who fancy themselves conservatives and believe they have some place honor within the conservative movement. They are wrong. This odious behavior will be neither forgiven nor forgotten.
That'll scare at least a few of those mouth-breathers into using their nostrils & showering.

One doesn't really know which assortment of weasels is preferable, but the great American motor sport of Demolition Derby will be our example here: We hope only for flaming destruction, & expect no one to rise victorious from the tangled metal & charred human flesh.

Valentine's Day Special Feature

American romantic Newt Gingrich:
Gingrich's first wife was his high school math teacher, seven years his senior. Making an indelible contribution to his life story, she said he wanted to discuss divorce terms with her while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery. Later, as GOP-driven impeachment proceedings stemming from the Monica Lewinsky affair unfolded against President Bill Clinton, came the news that Gingrich – then married to his second wife -- was having an affair with a much younger aide. The aide, Callista Bisek, became his third wife. He later admitted he had cheated on both his first and second wives, and apologized.
Gingrich, 67, and Callista, 44, have a high-profile partnership producing homages to conservative causes and heroes. The latest books from Gingrich Productions are about Ronald Reagan and George Washington. The subjects of the latest films are Reagan, terrorism, religion in America and how Pope John Paul II's 1979 trip to Poland helped lead to the fall of Communism there (Gingrich became a Catholic two years ago after having had his first two marriages annulled). Fans can keep up with their travels, their restaurant meals and their films, books and articles at Newt.org or on Twitter (@NewtGingrich and @CallyGingrich).
Ick. This reporter is ten yrs. less wretched than Newtie, & can't imagine being involved w/ someone a mere 44. (Nor can any 44-yr. olds imagine it, but this isn't about us!)

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Have done two loads of laundry & taken out trash. Expect no further activity in this space until Wednesday at the very earliest.

Fact-Free Paranoia From
A Leading Lunatic


Must This Englishman Live, &c.:
Endless Revisionism From
Mr. Roberts

If you're a Yank, & you've been offended by the celebration of treason (treason celebrated, oddly enough, by those who are first to hurl an accusation thereof at their fellow Americans) that's gone on since the slavers lost the War of Northern Aggression Between The States, & have only been more irked as Republican/Tea Bag/conservative/reactionary elements have increased the beating they've been giving the dead & buried horse of states' rights as the sesquicentennial of the Cracker Rebellion & that lost & noble cause has neared, you might have wondered if this revisionist bullshit could be topped.*

Well, Peak Wing-nut, our ass. Of course that can be beat. For example, a book review in The Daily Beast. (Not to be confused w/ The Daily Caller, or [simply] The Daily, which we haven't perused, & fully intend to keep ignoring, no matter how many references to it we see.)
Although Jasanoff does not put it in quite so stark terms, the Loyalists were people who opposed the anarchy that the revolution seemed to offer in its early stages, the tarring and feathering and the mob-rule exemplified by the Boston Tea Partiers’ despicable fancy-dressed hooliganism. They saw the opposition of Boston merchants—for whom, in many cases, read common smugglers—to pay their taxes as a glaring lack of gratitude for the massive debt that British taxpayers had incurred while protecting America during the French and Indian War. They also saw through the ludicrous attempt by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and others to portray the gentle, intellectual, and dignified King George III as some kind of European-style tyrant, especially when Americans paid an average of 6d in direct taxation per annum, one-fiftieth of the 25s Britons paid without hypocritically yelping about “liberty.” As for genuine liberties, such as that of conscience, Dissenters could operate in Britain without licenses, but not in some American colonies.
You read right, a review that includes "does not put it in quite so stark terms," but immediately asks, "You dirty peasants, how dare you?" There's a joke about the difference between Loyalist & Royalist here, & it doesn't have anything to do w/ the Japanese. And the hypocritical yelping. It never stops, does it Mr. Roberts? Wouldn't surprise us in the least if Andrew had been hoping that Mubarak would hold on against the filthy unwashed of his once-British colony. (The loss of which we're sure he laments daily, judging from what he finds admirable about the sufferers of the Loyalist diaspora.)
The Harvard historian Maya Jasanoff has trawled the archives of all the major destinations where the Loyalists wound up, including Britain, Canada, the Bahamas, the West Indies (especially Jamaica), and Sierra Leone. Her biggest trove of documents proved to be the records of the Loyalist Claims Commission, which was set up to compensate Loyalists for their losses and reward them for their fidelity to the crown, which had often cost them all they owned. The result is the first comprehensive global history of the Loyalist diaspora. And it really is global; the British empire in India was partly won by the efforts of first- and second-generation Loyalists such as Benedict Arnold’s sons, and Freetown in Sierra Leone was founded by 1,200 black Loyalists. The first serious proposal to colonize Australia came from an American Loyalist.
Slavery in the W. Indies, & imperialism on the other sides of the world. Just as well they left. If only more Confederates had.

We've a vague memory that Andrew Roberts ([His] latest book, Masters and Commanders, was published in the U.K. in September. His previous books include Napoleon and Wellington, Hitler and Churchill, and A History of the English-Speaking Peoples Since 1900. Roberts is a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.) was G.W. Bush's fave historian, whatever the hell that meant. Bush 43 being so busy reading & all, how could he possibly have chosen a fave?

*All one sentence. So much for Faulkner.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Week In Fear

Great American Bill O'Reilly has another Great American on to wrap up the week in lunacy. Thanks for saving us the eye & ear strain, Mr. O'Reilly. And yes, he's on about Google. And the communist riots in Greece. And The Coming Insurrection.Even if Bill does think Beck is a ninny, he also thinks "forment" is a word. Do none of his flunkies dare correct him?

Defective Work

#CKS, seen below, leads here. Which goes to this shot:
Honestly, at this stage we neither know nor care what the hell today's youth are up to.

J.B. & Luciano-P, Together:
It's A Man's World

We can't imagine how a maven of upper middle-brow American culture such as ourself missed this mish-mash (Apparently not a mash-up, though if they'd been closer to each other than ten ft. at any time we wouldn't have had to question it.) of the titans.

Sat. Nite Boogie 'Til You Puke

Super duper.

The Present Day Artist Refuses To Die

Previously on &c. Five wks. later, improvements:

Hey Hey Hey!!

What the mother-fucking hell happened to the font on our header?

Blogger had better lock their doors.

UPDATE: Momentary glitch, we guess.

Fox & Hacks

Via TNR:
Former Congressman Harold Ford, “Meet the Press,” January 30:
These are really local conditions driving this, as we saw even in Tunisia. You have poverty, you have issues of access, you have young professionals, middle class, educated people complaining bitterly about a lack of opportunity. So as you, as you look at the, the—not just the content of the protest, but the character of the protest, it's different, it's new. And, frankly, I think it's confusing the White House even more in terms of the kind of response that they should put forward.
Twice-convicted former Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci, on “Hannity,” January 28:
Well, you can look at the clips that are right on the TV right now and this is as Yogi Berra would say deja vu all over again, unfortunately … Mubarak has not exactly been—would not be the recipient of the Nobel Prize or the Jefferson Award or anything like that. The price of oil, what is going to happen?
Wall Street Journal columnist and former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan, “Meet the Press,” February 6:
I think President Reagan, in general, would tend to approach Egypt with the thought and the conviction that America is the beacon of freedom, in some ways a teacher, an example of democracy and republican forms of government. I think he might be very specifically helpful in terms of information about how good things can happen in Egypt. However, I think he would also keep, obviously, a shrewd eye on America’s interests, for we do have interests, and we are a separate nation. I don’t think President Reagan would likely have confused himself thinking Egypt is ours. He would remember Egypt is the Egyptians’. The people there will order and choose their future.
Race car driver and former Daytona 500 winner Michael Waltrip, on “Hannity,” January 25:
WALTRIP: You know, you have to be careful what you wish for. Sure, he’s like a friend. He's been an ally to our country. That region has been stable. I'm scared. I don't know what is going to happen. I don't think anyone does. It is unsettling, obviously.

HANNITY: We’ll give Michael the last word tonight.

WALTRIP: I just hope you read my book. It tells a whole lot about NASCAR. I know a lot more about NASCAR than I do the Middle East. But I'm all about keeping that area stable.
Wall Street Journal columnist and former Bush adviser Karl Rove, on “Hannity,” January 26:
Egypt is not the run-of-the-mill Middle Eastern country that views itself exclusively or even primarily through an Islamic lens. This is a country that has a long and proud tradition where people view themselves not as simply followers of Muhammad, but they’re the people who are descended from Ramses and Cleopatra.
Rupert Murdoch, on “Your World with Neal Cavuto,” January 26:
I think we are going to be reading about the Middle East for a long time.
Comedian Larry the Cable Guy, on “Hannity,” January 25:
HANNITY: Have you been watching what is happening in Egypt?

LARRY THE CABLE GUY: You know I had a gig there last week, I had to cancel.

HANNITY: You did not.

LARRY THE CABLE GUY: They are big on me over there.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fuck You, Foodies

Try sex, you twisted yet dull foodie fucks.

Colon Truth

Bringer Of Death

So. The Fascist Insect Bank lays this reporter off. W/in a yr., the Fascist Insects had been absorbed into Wells Fargo.

Now, less than nine yrs. after the chicken-shit booksellers fired us merely for threatening a (violent) management shake-up, Borders Group, Inc. swirls toward the toilet.

Hoping for a hat trick w/ FedEx, though our killer magic there may have been FedEx absorbing Kinkos. Either way, bring it on, corporate entities.

Freedom! Liberty!

Mr. Mubarak had passed all authority to a council of military leaders ...
The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which is now leading the country
We see. There's Glenn Beck's Muslim Bros. Caliphate, forming before our eyes.

Live Recording

The violin is louder in person, obviously.

First Amendment Up-Date

Our Los Angeles City Attorney, one Carmen
Trutanich[,] said in an interview that recent demonstrations, conducted without permits, had cost the city thousands of dollars for police response and disrupted traffic. Organizers of illegal protests should face consequences, he said.

"My whole deal is predictability," he said. "In order for us to have a civilized society, there has to be a predictable result when you break the law. I want to make sure that they don't do it again."

The new policy, he added, was designed with an eye on what he called "professional" protesters who demonstrate repeatedly — sometimes for pay, he said — and never seem to be punished for their illegal activities.

"There's a right way and a wrong way" to protest, Trutanich said. "When you break the law, it's a not a mainstream 1st Amendment activity. You have the right to protest; you don't have the right to break the law."

Critics, including civil liberties advocates and at least one City Council member, accuse him of overkill and say his policies could imperil legitimate free speech.
Ah, now there's mainstream First Amendment activity, which may be protected, or not; if it isn't mainstream, tough cheese, paid professionals!

Spirit of the law well demonstrated here. And financial responsibility. Real small gov't. budget-cutter.

Pandering asshole.

Reagan Centenary Celebration Continues

Although we spent some time looking at this & other footage of the event for a project some yrs. ago, we'd never heard the audio. You may not have either.

Worth Going Full Screen

Pathetic title though. C'mon, a little effort, people.
The Angels from Givot on Vimeo. Spotted at L.A. Observed.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jack Loves America

His bison Sara.

Stop Abusing That Cat!

And clean up your house, lady.

Civil Discourse Up-Date

While waiting for Mubarak to pull a Palin & split (Conventional wisdom on the RSS feed when we got up; whatever happened?) we missed this display. ("Sit down & shut up.") And we pay good money (forced to purchase an extra tier) to receive C-SPAN3.Enjoyable to watch Cheney becoming a skeleton even before he's literally dead, isn't it? Further detail.

P.S.: Izzat Tina Turner being played to bring the post-pulse puke on?

Dep't. Of Corrections

It turns out we were blowing smoke when we speculated that Big Twit Andrew Breitbart might see some of the scratch involved in the PuffHo/AOL entanglement.
“She and I have one of the great air kiss relationships that America has ever known,” Breitbart said during a recent radio interview. “I’m glad that she did well for herself.”

Despite his role in the early days of the site, Breitbart netted the same financial payday most of HuffPo’s bloggers nabbed from the deal: ($0). He said he didn’t get early stock options, but is more content using the dough he made when he cashed out years ago to launch his own media operation.

“I don’t have any hard feelings to say the least. I’m happy for their success,” Breitbart said. “I’d have to have a twisted psychology* to be upset about that scenario.”
*Wouldn't he?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

T.V. Eye

We don't post this sort of crap for the overpaid squawking heads spewing (esp. not Shrum) but the various clips of loons being loony that the Hardball staff has assembled are well worth watching.Yet it's worth experiencing these two Tea Baggers, if only for the facial hair. Loser is too good a word for these two.Also we post because we are trying to share our sad & empty telebision-watching existence w/ a cruel & uncaring world. And S.E. Cupp.

America Has The Best Health Care
In The World. People Come From
Everywhere to Get It.

We neither know nor care if "at US hotel," as opposed to "in Pennsylvania" says anything about differences between The Left & The Other, or about stylistic differences between these media powerhouses. We don't think "buttocks injection" speaks too well of The AP, for that matter.
Welcome to the new media universe.

Oh, no. We're sorry.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Calvary" To The Rescue (0:30)

A reality-free presentation from a woman who shares initials w/ the Muslim Brotherhood. Coincidence?Again the "21 Generations." Book of Revelations code?

Hard Luck Hannah

CANCUN, Mexico (AP) — A second person has died after arriving on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship that docked at the island resort of Cozumel, Mexican authorities said Tuesday.

The 24-year-old American tourist died Monday in a Cancun hospital from internal bleeding after ingesting a safety pin that punctured her organs, said Francisco Alor Quezada, state prosecutor in Quintana Roo, where both resorts are located.

The prosecutor’s office gave two different names for the woman and no other information on where she was from. Alor said an autopsy found she suffered from diabetes, had a brain tumor and was taking anti-anxiety medication.
Damn. In light of that sort of agony, we will refrain from complaining about our trivial agonies for a good 20 or 30 mins.

Plus, we could be aboard the cruise ship of doom.
Alor said the death had nothing to do with the case of Monika Markiewicz, 32, whose body was recovered Saturday from the sea off Cozumel. The Polish national was a musician on the cruise ship, Allure of the Sea.

He said the ship’s staff was working with investigators and reviewing on-board surveillance videos to help find out what happened to Markiewicz.

An autopsy determined she drowned but also had suffered a blow to the head, leading cruise officials to say she was the victim of a violent crime.
Equally lame cracks to end it: Anchors aweigh! All ashore that's going ashore! Bon voyage!


Tuesday. When did that happen?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Get Out Before You Die!

Good list of the old & in the way of whom Slate readers have had just about enough.

Also straight outta Slate:
Click here to read a slide-show essay about the history of racist spokescharacters.
Here's one from our collection.

Ten Worst Places To Live

The Rat Islands just might be one.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Non-Stop Neo-Feudalism

Those who administer empire—elected officials, corporate managers, generals and the celebrity courtiers who disseminate the propaganda—become very wealthy. They make immense fortunes whether they deliver the nightly news, sit on the boards of corporations, or rise, lavished with corporate endorsements, within the vast industry of spectacle and entertainment. They all pay homage, even in moments defined as criticism, to the essential goodness of corporate power. They shut out all real debate. They ignore flagrant injustices and abuse. They peddle the illusions that keep us passive and amused. But as our society is reconfigured into an oligarchic system, with a permanent and vast underclass, along with a shrinking and unstable middle class, these illusions lose their power. The language of pleasant deception must be replaced with the overt language of force. It is hard to continue to live in a state of self-delusion once unemployment benefits run out, once the only job available comes without benefits or a living wage, once the future no longer conforms to the happy talk that saturates our airwaves. At this point rage becomes the engine of response, and whoever can channel that rage inherits power. The manipulation of that rage has become the newest task of the corporate propagandists, and the failure of the liberal class to defend core liberal values has left its members with nothing to contribute to the debate.
More of the same.

Net Neutrality Neutered

Damnit. We'd been vaguely planning on producing/extruding some sarcasm to the effect of "What now, PuffHo buys TIME?" reacting to the final subsumption of Newsweek by The Daily Beast. But we didn't. In light of this breaking news pile, had we typed & manifested it last wk. or whenever, we'd now be hailed as an effin' genius, if not an oracle.
Breaking News Alert
The New York Times Mon, February 07, 2011 -- 12:05 AM ET
AOL to Buy The Huffington Post in $315 Million Deal

The Huffington Post, which began in 2005 with a meager $1 million investment and has grown into one of the most heavily visited news Web sites in the country, is being acquired by AOL in a deal that creates an unlikely pairing of two online media giants. The two companies completed the sale Sunday evening and were expected to announce the deal Monday morning. The deal will allow AOL to greatly expand its news gathering and original content creation, areas that its chief executive, Tim Armstrong, views as vital to reversing a decade-long decline.
Imagining the synergy: A minimum of three times the suck is expected from only two combined sources.

This of course means that parasites like Huffington (Newt's BFF, see?)
Two on the left: no idea. Then: Arianna, Newt, Callista, Barbara Walters.
& Andrew Breitbart will receive added millions, while the people who did the actual work, created the brand, yada fucking yada, have doubtless already been fired or laid off & will receive sweet fuck all for their efforts.

Wage-Slave Loser Up-Date

More data, stats & so forth about how you, running dog lackey of capitalism, are no longer of any use to your Galtian overlords, as mentioned recently.
These alarming job trends were not caused by the financial collapse that began in 2007. Rather, the prolonged recession revealed deep structural changes in the U.S. economy that reflect a gross imbalance between a corporate elite and ordinary working people.

So if you want to know why the Democratic Party did so badly in the 2010 midterms, it's because the administration lacked a plausible story about how to alter these basic dynamics. And it lacked that story because it was unwilling to challenge the corporate business model that disdains American workers. In light of that reality, the latest gestures by the president to show the business elite just what a good fellow he is are not just disappointing, but they are foolish politics.
Will it take food shortages for the American public to pull its head from its ass?

Not Enough Guns At Frat House

Two men have been arrested and charged in a shooting at an Ohio fraternity house that killed one student and injured 11 people at a party near Youngstown State University campus, police said Sunday.

Each man is charged with aggravated murder, shooting into a house and 11 counts of felonious assault, Youngstown police Chief Jimmy Hughes said.
From Just Another Blog™ staff & wire service reports. Eat it, AP!

Michael Douglas Blows Too

So. FOX Sports has already given us cut-aways to G.W. & Laura Bush, by themselves, hiding under the stands or somewhere, & to yet another posed shot of our baby-killers at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan. Not to mention the reading of the Declaration of Independence, & the singing of "G-d Bless America" & the War Anthem.

Bombs & Rockets for Jesus!

Kick off was five min. late.
Entirely ignored Obama-O'Reilly, you betcha.

Pork B-B-Q Now!

American citizens are assaulted under color of authority every single fucking day, but because it's seldom documented well, the illusion/pretense that police officers (American & otherwise) are not brutal thugs & enforcers of the fascist status quo is perpetuated. See also: Egypt, right now.

Theres's a reason they're called pigs, you know.We lived in Houston in 1970 & '71. It was a shit-hole then, & doesn't appear to have improved at all in the ensuing forty yrs. Note the mayor back-tracking on her previous anti-free speech statements.

Let the punishment fit the crime, we say. Kick a cop today!!

An Important Birthday Today

Bob Marley would have been 66.

Twofer: Reagan, Super Bowl

XIX, 1985. From.



One Hundred Years Of Sick Shit
Involving Ronald Reagan

Just a shame Reagan didn't die fighting bravely in WWII. During his extensive motion picture service in Alameda. And well before he personally started America's decline to its current sorry fucking state. As noted. Noted here too. More ancient video.

Hey, you think "Mommie" still gives those Hollywood blowjobs for which she was so famous?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Not An Invitation, An Insult

Why sad sacks insist on living on the wrong side of the Rockies, w/ blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes, Heartlanders & all of Flyover Country is beyond us. Plus which, they get the Super Bowl two or three hrs. later than we West Coast elites.

Super Bowl 2011 will take place on Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011, at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time and 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time.


  • 2 p.m. (ET): Super Bowl XLV Pregame Show
  • 2:30 p.m.: Super Bowl Red Carpet begins
  • 3:30 p.m.: TMZ dirt from Super Bowl week
  • 4:30 p.m.: President Obama with Bill O'Reilly
  • 5:30 p.m.: Terry Bradshaw with Big Ben
  • 5:53 p.m.: Declaration of Independance
  • 6:15 p.m.: Michael Douglas narrates open
  • 6:24 p.m.: Christina Aguilera national anthem
  • 6:29 p.m.: SUPER BOWL KICK OFF!
Be sure to miss the Declaration of Independence. (WTF?)

Dr. Jazs Presents

Allegedly the Tonight Show ensemble.Via Brother Brick. Too bad we don't have the slightest memory of the original, or we could pass some judgement.

Car Culture Club

Phrase Of The Indeterminate Period

Dildo boat. Usage:
Also note uncivil Twit logo.

Saturday At The Symphony

Actual length (3:16). Disappointing to us, but just as well.And beats that other dinosaur, Robert Planet, currently moaning on third dino Letterman's show on the other channel.

Late add to the rotation, w/ vocals:

Friday, February 4, 2011

America's Shitholes

Snooty elitists at Forbes have once again deigned to look down their noses at America & mock us in our times of trouble.

We were attracted to this because California has eight lovely locales on the list of twenty (Good show, eh?) & four of the first five, including the capital, Sac'to. Our schaden was also well freuded by the fact that the southernmost of these cities is Bakersfield, & other than Vallejo they're inland shitholes, that is, the red parts of the state, where the suburbanites fled to live among the farmers.

Inevitable karmic justice.

Job Report

Grabbing today's Biggest Asshole Award for ourself:

Stupid wage-slaves, your bosses were going to work you 'til you were in your graves, but now they've found out how to make proles entirely redundant, so rather than dying from a heart attack at your desk, you'll be able to starve or freeze to death.

Meanwhile, here in the bunker, one of the winners got up about 1300 & has been watching tee vee, listening to music & dicking about on the Interfestation, while still in the underwear in which he slept for eight or nine hrs., & a T-shirt. (Not paradise though: A bit nippy, so we're sporting our bathrobe too.) Chances of wearing more or doing anything before noon (At the very fucking earliest.) tomorrow: Zero, zip, nada, zilch, nil.

Ha ha. We don't blame you for hating us.

Today's Ignorant Prick

We'll outsource today's Biggest Asshole Award to Conor F. at The Daily Dish, where he provides a new one for a Big Peace hack.
I understand how a writer for a Web site filled daily with intellectually dishonest nonsense, written to advance a twisted, incoherent ideological agenda, would lose site of the fact that other people who call themselves journalists are engaged in work that rightly makes them proud. But the fact of the matter is that foreign reporting is poorly compensated, dangerous work that is of vital importance to our world, and seldom undertaken by anyone whose primary concern is ratings. How someone fails to grasp this while writing at what is ostensibly a foreign affairs Web site boggles the mind. If you're in journalism for the money, it's much easier to launch some hack Web sites where ideologues flatter the prejudices of fellow travelers by slapping up links to stories reported by real journalists, and then publishing people who insult those same professionals, implying their work has no more value than recreational mountain climbing. So Schweitzer disparages these journalists in Egypt while his boss, who owes his fortune to curating their work, roller skates around a parking lot confronting liberals.

Ranking Factoids

A list
This entry gives an estimate from the US Bureau of the Census based on statistics from population censuses, vital statistics registration systems, or sample surveys pertaining to the recent past and on assumptions about future trends. The total population presents one overall measure of the potential impact of the country on the world and within its region.
that has provided literally minutes of amusement & not-uninteresting information to the Just Another Blog &c.,™ staff. Via, as ignorant as we were concerning Ethiopia, mon.

Also did not know the CIA's count was up to 238 countries, autonomous political units, or whatever the hell they are. The U.N. only has 192 member tribes.

And, confounded that the Census Bureau claimed 308,000,000 sheep, while the CIA (using "an estimate from the US Bureau of the Census") figured 310,000,000 as of July 2010.
Either way, we're No. 3!!

Bog Rolling

Hey, Skip, stop burning electrons like that!
Fucking shit, how can we link to a web log smaller than this? Does such a thing even exist? (What does "smaller" even mean? Most of the crap we read works out to be the size of our monitor, depending on the amount of advertising [WHORES!!] in the side-bars. If it's by readership, no way in hell will we research who might be receiving fewer visits than we are; talk about depressing!)

Also why not to: Try to do someone a favor & all of a sudden it's "Oh, 'smaller than you,' are we? Yada yada." All of our readers from known cybersnarkspace are well aware of whatever crap we'd recommend anyway. Few of the (often international) pervs looking for the celebrity nudie shots we ran in the '00s will give a shit.

Wow, we've almost talked ourself out of this.
  1. Reads 'Em So You Needn't: green eagle.
  2. TL;DR, Posts Daily & Also Reads 'Em: Just Above Sunset
  3. Inspirational: Murder/Suicide
  4. This Version Is All Videos, All The Time: RedTory v. 3.0.2
  5. Current News & Events w/ Commentary: WELCOME TO THE NOW
Five already! Strictly random, by the way; we chose the first five (i.e., most recently posted) "deserving" sites on the local & not rolls.

Equally deserving, but not as obsessive:
  1. BTC News. Personal acquaintance from meatspace.
  2. bjkeefe. Only web logger who's emailed concerning his listing on the roll. We suspected he was going to ask to be taken the fuck off when we read the header; turned out he was just polite.
  3. BUTTERMILK SKY. "angry loner (non-violent)"
Fuck it, it's all two mos. or more since the last posting for the rest of 'em.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Plus Ça ...

Not to worry:

U.S. Shadow War Will Go On,
Whoever Runs Yemen

Status Up-Date

Currently not giving a shit about anything or anybody. Which is hardly breaking news.

Raw Video: No Fascist Editing

Dragging bodies at (0:53):

Newly Thin People To Riot More

UN food price index up 3.4% from December, the highest level since the organisation started measuring food prices in 1990
World food prices surged to a fresh record high in January for the seventh consecutive month.
The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation in Rome said its food price index averaged 230.7 points last month and was up 3.4% from December, marking the highest level since the organisation started measuring food prices in 1990. It topped the high of 224.1 hit in June 2008.
All food commodity prices showed strong gains last month, except meat, which remained unchanged.
"The new figures clearly show that the upward pressure on world food prices is not abating," said FAO economist and grains expert Abdolreza Abbassian. "These high prices are likely to persist in the months to come. High food prices are of major concern especially for low-income food deficit countries that may face problems in financing food imports and for poor households which spend a large share of their income on food."
He added: "The only encouraging factor so far stems from a number of countries, where – due to good harvests – domestic prices of some of the food staples remain low compared to world prices."
Cereal prices were up 3% from December and the highest since July 2008, but still 11% below their peak in April 2008. The recent rises in wheat prices are one factor that triggered the growing unrest in Egypt, and the recent protests in Tunisia. Egypt is the world's largest wheat importer.
Oil and oil seeds costs rose 5.6%, close to the June 2008 record level, while dairy prices gained 6.2% from December and sugar prices were 5.4% higher.
By contrast, meat prices were steady as falling meat prices in Europe, caused by a drop in consumer confidence following recent feed contamination scandals, were offset by a slight increase in export prices from Brazil and the US.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Power Of The New Media

We told them (two items) below that they'd better get cracking!

And now bodies are being dragged from the square. The devil-box is mightier than the sword. Or the AK-47.

Role Models

So, how long before Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller goes News of the World & starts w/ bare-nipple shots of attractive nobodies? Judging from this exhibition, two wks.? A mo.?

Is this the sort of thing Tucker likes his daughters to see? Probably. They'll need ideas on how to support themselves after Bow-Tie Daddy blows through the load of venture capital he stole for TheDC. And this seems just the sort of thing that reactionary women would get into, doesn't it?

What Have They Done To The Earth?

Cyclone Hits Queensland With 181 mph winds 
Residents described "tree tops being shredded by winds that roared like jet engines." 
Read original story in BBC | Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2011

Midwest Buried By Record-Breaking Blizzard
As Chicago starts to dig out from under almost two feet of snow, the storm moves toward the northeast, coating New England in ice.
Read original story in CNN | Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2011

And when will the Egyptians start some actual fighting, rather than aimlessly milling about in the streets? We'll give the chicken-shits until their Friday after prayer aimless milling, at which time, if there isn't enough bloodshed, destruction & anarchy happening, we'll be giving our travel agent a call & heading out for some revolutionary action ourself. "Don't make us come over there, you will be sorry."

What we mean is, "Somebody, somewhere, do something to relieve the non-stop fascism of dullness & idiocy under which we suffer!"

And no, you fucking sheep, seeing a groundhog or two rudely awakened (Stop torturing the animals!!) does not relieve the stress of boredom.