Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another World

Alternate History that amused us, from a Bush leaguer:
More WikiLeaks controversy today after top-secret documents revealed that U.S. Secretary of State Joe the Plumber once stunned Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bandar by telling him during a meeting that quote, ‘I learned so much about your country from watching 'M*A*S*H.’ Secretary Plumber responded to the story by saying he misspoke. He actually had been thinking of ‘Hogan’s Heroes.’

Also on the foreign front, President McCain is preparing to send another so-called ‘surge’ of U.S. forces into Iraq in response to the Iraqi parliament’s failure to include ‘In God we Trust’ on all Iraqi currency. ‘They’re going to do it our way whether they like it or not,’ McCain vowed. ‘Otherwise the terrorists win.’
There's more, but it'll be easier for you to click than for us to copy & paste, so shoveclick it.

Condemned To Repeat

Reading about the solitary confinement of PFC Bradley Manning, we found a BJ quote w/ which we must take exception:
There is absolutely no reason for this whatsoever, other than the fact that the United States has morphed into a brutal and repressive regime that is terrified of dissent.
The reason, Mr. Cole, is that they want to make Manning admit/confess/fabricate that Wikileaks aided & advised Manning in his alleged obtaining & disseminating the catalog of gov't. lies & bullshit.

But we're really bitching about this: "Has" morphed into yada? These United Snakes have been a brutal, repressive & (most evil of all) fully hypocritical regime since any example a reasonably bright high-schooler could dig up from the 18th century. We're a proud high school dropout, so we won't look. Oh, what the fuck, let's just show up those smarty-pantses w/ their pieces of paper. Here:
Under the threat of war with France, Congress in 1798 passed four laws in an effort to strengthen the Federal government. Known collectively as the Alien and Sedition Acts, the legislation sponsored by the Federalists was also intended to quell any political opposition from the Republicans, led by Thomas Jefferson.
Yep, took nine yrs. from ratifying the Constitution to passing anti-free speech legislation. This country has been "exceptional" only in its filthy hypocrisy since its founding. Wise the fuck up already!


Winona Ryder, quoted in the PuffHo:

Winona Ryder On Mel Gibson, In GQ: 'He's Anti-Semitic And He's Homophobic'

Shorter: "Mel's a Catholic, y'know."


And we mean ACTION! Our new hero:
A 30-year old Chatsworth man is in custody in Santa Clarita after stabbing his mother multiple times; carjacking a car from a second woman, assaulting her and kidnapping her 4-year old son, then crashing the carjacked car; stealing a deputy’s car when he rushed to rescue the child; driving off a 100’ embankment and crashing and burning the deputy’s radio car; then trying to pull the shotgun from the burning patrol car; and fighting with and biting deputies who arrested him.

The bizarre series of violent incidents caused by one suspect began at about 5:50PM Friday night, when Suspect Aaron Clay Tanner stabbed his mother and pushed her out of their car on the Antelope Valley (14) Freeway at the Golden State (5) freeway interchange, near Mission Hills.


Suspect Aaron Clay Tanner is in serious condition in a local hospital, due to the multiple traffic collisions and acts of violence. Suspect Tanner will be booked for Attempted Murder, Kidnapping, Carjacking, Attempted Carjacking, Auto Theft, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Evading Arrest, and felony Hit and Run (with injuries). His bail amount will likely be approximately $500,000.00

Several deputies are being medically treated for a variety of injuries including being bitten by the suspect on the legs and hands when they were handcuffing him.
Kill kill kill kill kill!
I got a rage to live!

Go Away, Little Senator

The world will little note nor long remember the Senator (Hell, we've already forgotten which ninny it was*, & will not be arsed researching it.) to whom working the entire wk. before Xmas was disrespectful to the institution & an attack on Xianity, yada, but here's a solution, Senate reactionaries: Make like newly-minted Senator Manchin of WV, who can't himself be arsed to do his fucking job, & just up & leave anyway. (Found here.)

We've no idea how many elitist jerks need to be in the Senate for a quorum (Again, we'll not be arsed.) but wouldn't it be an excellent idea for as many reactionary Senators as possible to get home to their families & campaign donors next wk., & let the Senate's business go on w/out them?


*Thers had alreadly located it for us.

Too Long To Twit ...

... and be perfectly clear.

Attempted 140:
WARNING: Next dude w/ rectangular glasses, three days stubble & knit cap may be thrown under the wheels of the food truck he's loitering by.
Extended remix:

WARNING to all dudes, hipsters, douche-bags & the like sporting three+ days of stubble, a knit cap & rectangular cheaters: You (by the very nature of your chosen self-expression) are in potential danger of being thrown beneath the wheels of that food truck next to which you're hanging out, & having us forward & reverse over you until you look like the undetermined source ground meat in the tacos for which the food truck is overcharging your lame ass!

Beefheart Devil-Box

From one of those places that didn't care until he was dead, a wrap-up, including something from
THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF GUITAR PLAYING as given to moris tepper by captain beefheart. they are not arranged hierarchically - each commandment has equal import. also, to help clarify their intent, each commandment is followed by an exegesis.
old delta blues players referred to amplifiers as 'the devil box'. and they were right. you have to be an equal opportunity employer in terms of who you're bringing over from the other side. electricity attracts devils and demons. [so now you know what you are, dear visitor of this page!] other instruments attract other spirits. an acoustic guitar attracts caspar, the ghost. a mandolin attracts wendy. but an electric guitar attracts beelzebub.
Maybe that's why we were inspired to use "devil-box." (We've certainly never read Rolling Stone's Alt-Rock-A Rama.)

And somehow forgot "Woe Is Uh Me Bop." So, here, live & otherwise:

Friday, December 17, 2010

Morbidity Wrap-Up:
"Mom, Get Me A Pepsi"

Via DOC 40, a John Peel documentary about the late Captain.

Dropout Boogie

Good quality sound, disconnected (maybe) images.

Death Of A Real Fucking Poet:
"Oh C.B. Do A Tap Dance For Me"

Learned of the probably not-entirely-unwelcome-to-him death of Don "Captain Beefheart" Van Vliet (succumbed to MS, no fun to live w/, we're sure) via Roy Edroso. And it's trending w/ the Twits.

What can one say or sing?This'll put a damper on tonight's tree-trimming bash.

Offensive Potential

Corporate Sensitivity in Action
Bullshit from one of the local museums. At last someone has responded aesthetically.
The Ayatollah Deitch
Blu's enormous mural was painted on the north side of the Geffen Contemporary in Little Tokyo and pictured rows of coffins cloaked in dollar bills. The mural was commissioned by the museum in advance of its upcoming "Art in the Streets" show next April. But Deitch said Monday that the mural was insensitive to the neighborhood, as it was adjacent to both a Veterans Affairs hospital and a war memorial to Japanese soldiers. Deitch also said he had intended to meet with the artist before the mural went up, but was unable to due to travel complications on Blu's end and the fact that Deitch had to leave town to attend a Miami art fair.
It should probably be clarified (Way to go, ignorant Times typist.) that the war memorial is for American soldiers of Japanese descent who fought in WWII (Go For Broke, bitchezz!!) not soldiers of Imperial Japan.
"A giant antiwar mural right in the heart of L.A.’s political district was erased by the museum staff just after it was finished. MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch claimed it was potentially offensive to the community. Can there be a more perfect example of censorship? Does it not border on Orwellianism to call it something else?"
As indicated in the Berlusconi item below, Just Another Blog™'s editorial position is to be offended by the sensibilities of anyone enough of an asshole to have sensibilities & then whine about them. Not that any one was given the chance even to see the mural before the whining began.

In the meantime, corporate executivesMOCA Trustees are very, very concerned.
As for the reason Deitch offered for the decision, Johnson buys it: "I believe it was a very human decision, made out of respect for veterans in the community."
We've no idea which corporate entity this imaginary "David Johnson" (Better than "John Smith," but not by much.) represents, but we doubt if he & his ilk have ever lost a single dollar bill as a result of any wars. And the likelihood of any of his corporate buddies or their hideous offspring dying for oil & profits is quite low.

Where oh where is the respect for the suckers who volunteer to die for corporate profits, Afghan pipelines, (our) Iraqi oil & so on? (Not that the idiots who volunteer actually deserve any respect, it goes w/o saying, but we're always rerady to illustrate the empty meaninglessness of words like respect & honor, to note but two.)

Worst Wop-A-Dago* P.M. Ever?

Tweet revenge: Italians bombard EU summit wall with Silvio Berlusconi insults

Giant screens at Brussels meeting display Twitter epithets calling Italian PM 'a mafioso' and 'a paedophile'
Alright, now claim that Twittin' is silly & useless, unbelievers!
Postings on the microblogging site tagged "#EUCO" were automatically fed to a pair of large plasma screens in the main hall of the Brussels building in which the 27 leaders of Europe were meeting to discuss a response to the eurozone debt crisis.

But soon after it was launched yesterday, Italian twitter users found out about it and flooded it with anti-Berlusconi messages.

After only two hours, the "tweet-wall" was replaced by anodyne footage of the summit proceedings and the European Council logo.

"Berlusconi pays for sex, for votes, for mafia protection, for everything he can buy. What he cannot buy will be stolen," one tweet read.

"Berlusconi is a mafioso but he make laws for be not judged," said another.


But it was the messages sent by mpietropoli, an Italian designer, that caused the council press team to take down the system when he started bombarding it with quotes from the Italian leader, including some praising Mussolini.

"Mussolini never killed anyone. Mussolini used to send people on vacation in internal exile," he posted – a quote from the PM.

"[I cannot] think that there are so many pricks around who would vote against their own best interests," mpietropoli also tweeted – another Berlusconi quote.
And get this: Potential hurt feelings, as if the alleged sensibilities of a delegation of pedophiliac mafiosi are important.
"The point was not to show insulting messages about Berlusconi. If anyone from the Italian delegation saw it, it would hurt their sensibility."
You know, if their feelings are so hurt because their boss is a piece of shit, maybe they should have a coup d'etât or something, followed by a permanent vacation in hellinternal exile for Italy's even more successful version of Rupert Murdoch.

*It'sa OK, paisan, we a one too!!

Honest Mistake

We thought this meant something different, but "architect" is being used in a non-literal context, darn it.

CIA Foots Legal Bills for Waterboarding Architects 
Meaning that "taxpayers are paying to defend the men in a federal investigation over an interrogation tactic the U.S. now says is torture." 
Read original story in Associated Press | Friday, Dec. 17, 2010

Nixon Bush Worstness Showdown

And two days later The NYT is all over it!
Now 87, Mr. Kissinger confined himself this week to a brief statement that said his taped comments “must be viewed in the context of the time.”

News You Can Use

Locally, anyway. If you'd like to avoid the next workplace spree killing, stay the hell away from the Gas Co. Tower downtown. Judging from this, tensions will be mounting.
Now, having renewed its lease in its namesake tower, the Gas Co. is cutting its space from 15 floors down to 12 in what may be the largest office makeover underway in Southern California. (The office also has about 12% fewer employees than in 1991.) Among the changes will be fewer private offices and more compact standardized workstations for those who spend their days in the office.
From sardines in a can to rats in a cage.

The new feudalism is on the march as well.
Age makes a difference, workplace experts say. Baby boomers longed for a corner office and expected to separate their work lives from their home lives.

"Younger workers' lives are all integrated, not segregated," Rivard said. "They have learned to work anywhere — at a kitchen table or wherever." Many don't feel a need to spend time in company quarters.
Fucking sheep youth, brainwashed into 24/7 corporate dronery by technology infatuation.

One of our meat space associates once applied for a job at said Gas Co., where he was informed that the woman he might be replacing had "failed to re-invent herself," whatever the fuck that means. (That she's out of a job because she didn't knuckle under her to corporate oppressors?)

So, fellow residents, stay away from the Gas Co. Tower. It's only a matter of time. And don't say we didn't warn you.


Not Just Angry, But
Modernist Marxist Lesbian Nuns

Not only are there real & not Americans, there are real & not-so-real Catholics. Who knew?

Holiday Spirit

The higher the proof, the better the spirits!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Man Pants? What In Hell Are "Man Pants?"

A better explanation of the whimpering, sniveling John Boehner, by a pro in the crying game. (Tom Lutz is a professor at UC Riverside, editor of the Los Angeles Review of Books and the author of "Crying: The Natural and Cultural History of Tears.")
One of our fondest cultural myths — one of baffling durability, like the idea that Republicans are fiscally conservative — is that crying is a sign of sincerity or authentic feeling. No matter what we may know of crocodile tears, we continue to read weeping as a sign of true, pure emotion. All the research suggests something else entirely.


Oliver North cried at the Iran-Contra hearings whenever he talked about how much he loved his country. His patriotism was real, but it was complicated by the fact that he was lying to Congress. His part in an illegal operation meant that he was subverting the very Constitution he spent his life defending. These moments when real honesty is coupled with bad faith, especially when it is personal — when the speaker who is at once telling the truth and a lie is, like North, talking about himself — these are the moments that call forth tears.

On "60 Minutes," Boehner told Stahl that he couldn't visit schools anymore; that he got too upset, worrying about whether today's schoolchildren will have the same opportunities that he and his generation had. As he spoke, he started to weep. Why?

He does, I believe, worry about the children, and yet his entire political philosophy is devoted to limiting the federal government's ability to help them. He has voted against providing health insurance for children (many times), against student aid, against unemployment benefits, against equal pay, against food safety, against money for teachers, against raising the minimum wage, against tobacco education, mine safety, alternative energy, pollution control, whistle-blower protection, science and technology research. If he were making his decisions based on what government programs might help today's schoolchildren reach their dreams, like the Kennedy- and Johnson-era programs that helped him, his voting record would be very different. It is a deep enough contradiction to make him weep for the future.

"Making sure that these kids have a shot at the American dream, like I did, is important," he told Stahl through his tears. Yet he and his Republican colleagues are working hard to make sure that they can't; that the middle class he once aspired to becomes smaller rather than bigger. His college received federal grants and federal student aid while he was there, and it continues to do so, including from the stimulus bill he voted against.

The America that gave Boehner a shot at his dream had a minimum wage that, adjusted for inflation, topped $10 an hour. In 2006, he voted against letting the minimum rise from $5.15 to its current $7.25. It took Boehner seven years to finish college while working minimum-wage jobs; how long would it have taken if the minimum wage had purchased as little as it does today?

Boehner put himself through school, he said on election night, unsuccessfully trying to stem the flow of tears, "working every rotten job there was." He mopped floors, waited tables and tended bar. One could feel both his horror at once having done that sort of work and his exuberance at having left it behind to become the golfing, jet-setting, deeply tanned man weeping before the cameras.
What a whiny fucking bitch that Boehner is. "Mopped floors, waited tables and tended bar." Yes, & his gawd-damned family owned the fucking bar. (Not that working for one's family isn't one of the most exploitive forms of labor exchange since chattel slavery, but go fuck yourself anyway, non-manly whiner!)
Would he agree with this assessment? Does he know that, despite his assertions to the contrary, cutting taxes for the rich won't do anything to produce those jobs he keeps promising? Does he feel conflicted knowing that his golf bill (reported at $83,000 last year) is six or seven times the take-home pay of someone working 40 hours a week at minimum wage, and several times the median income in many of our communities?

I suspect he does, and that when he thinks about the America of his youth, he knows it will never return if his party gets its way in Washington. It is all too much. He weeps.
File this one under "Orange Un-American Activities."

Holding The Little Bastards

Let's see see how W7 imports images. Even better, is how: Opens the new file w/ the pix after importing. (Why both "importing" & "uploading?") Here are a few, as we visited the outside world more often w/o the distraction of the Internet. (Had to go to the repair shop & back. Twice. Gad, it's awful out there.)
Or maybe not. Seem to have a new photo-abuser, which doesn't work quite like Windows. Two more that don't need manipulation, then, & be patient until we have everything customized & figured out.

Back In The Saddle/From The Shadows (Again)

If, like us, you're a cretinous imbecile who effed up his devil-box because he knows just enough to be dangerous & you're SoCal local, you can not go wrong taking your wounded warrior to M.C. Computers in fabulous Silver Lake, (323)665-9022 (email:

Mr. Melendez fixed the self-inflicted problem, upgraded the box to Windows 7 from Vista (No laughing, Steve Jobs groupies!) & threw in a few snappy programs, for a mere US$75.00. (US$39.95 minimum charge, if you haven't really screwed things up. FREE SPEECH IS NOT FREE!)

Walter was recommended to us by two separate sources (Just like the real news biz!) one of whom said he'd considered taking his box into a geographically convenient-to-him scam shop in Sherman Oaks (Locals only! Valley dweebs get lost!!) whose minimum fee was US$200.00. Hah!

We'll be taking our desktop devil-box in come 4 January to have the probably dead hard drive replaced, & the most recent operating system that it will handle installed. For cheap. Even said he had a bunch of hard drives he isn't using lying around, so it wouldn't run us much. Once that's accomplished, world domination (or at least more interference w/ fascist websites) can only be days away!

We'll also note that TimeWarnerCable's Internet Service was functional on our return to the bunker (Would have been cause for WWIII to break out had it not been functional.) which is somewhat of a rarity. We mentioned the big outage of a couple of wks. ago a couple of wks. ago. On the subject of TWC, a column from yet another local institution, the Chicago Times, one of whose typists screeded about the unspeakable greed of TWC in a column we read because we had to buy the damn fish-wrap to see what was up in the world of hatred, pain & fear we all occupy while we were disconnected therefrom.

Read it & laugh.
Jim Gordon, a Time Warner spokesman, said the latest rate increase reflects higher programming costs as well as overall improvements to the company's service.

"Throughout 2010, every one of our products has continued to see enhancements," he said. "We've continued to invest in products that add value to subscribers."

Be that as it may, customers of Time Warner and all other telecom service providers wouldn't be remiss in wondering why their rates have to go up every year like clockwork, and why those rate increases routinely surpass the inflation rate.

Next year's Time Warner rate hike for basic cable: 5%. Projected 2011 inflation rate, according to the Congressional Budget Office: 1%.
We were especially amused by the "overall improvements" bit. Eat a bowl of fuck, Jim Gordon, if that's your real name. (We don't believe it for a minute.)  We can't figure why Lazarus didn't mention the recent outage. Wonder how many refunds TWC issued for that.

Just how much TWC sucks:
Finally, you get “wideband” Internet through DOCSIS 3.0-tier networking with 50Mbps down and 5Mbps up, an improvement from their current real-world service of about 1Mbps down and “Why Don’t You Send a Letter In The Mail, It Will Get There Faster”Mbps up.
But don't expect too much more yada from us today, we have to get Chrome on the devil-box & figure out what all is up w/ Windows 7.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oops!! Heh Heh.

Fucking devil-box died last Thurs. (Or was it Friday? Time means so little, y'know.) In shop now, may know more tomorrow.

Can't even Twit from mobile, as we are old & stupid.

Odd that we decided to go through the holiday images file & pre-publish some crap. We're quite sure we would've rec'd. many expressions of concern about our spew suspension if we hadn't done that.