Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh No

Just came to the realization that by the time we're awake & plugged in to the outside world tomorrow the Prez will have spewed platitudes in Tucson & there will be approx. three zillion Internet pp. devoted to what was/wasn't said, whether he was sporting a flag pin, where his hand & heart were during the playing of whatever, yada fucking yada.

As good an opportunity as any to get that bacon smell out of the microwave.

In Case You Forget Where You Live

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

New Murder Redux

If you couldn't be bothered to wrap your lips around all the syllables, now you can just sit there & still get the message, you lump!

Candidate Wrap-Up

Via The Washington Monthly, a recap of Newt Gingrich's quick-draw reactions to the terrible menace of filthy, evil liberals & their liberalism:
In 1994, just a few days before the midterm elections, a deranged woman named Susan Smith drowned her two young sons. Gingrich, at the time, made infanticide a campaign issue and publicly equated Smith's murders with the values of the Democratic Party. Gingrich told the AP, "The mother killing her two children in South Carolina vividly reminds every American how sick the society is getting and how much we have to have change. I think people want to change and the only way you get change is to vote Republican."

Five years later, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 13 people at Columbine High School. Gingrich insisted that American "elites" bore responsibility for the massacre. "I want to say to the elite of this country -- the elite news media, the liberal academic elite, the liberal political elite: I accuse you in Littleton ... of being afraid to talk about the mess you have made," Gingrich said, "and being afraid to take responsibility for things you have done, and instead foisting upon the rest of us pathetic banalities because you don't have the courage to look at the world you have created."

In 2007, Seung-Hui Cho shot and killed 32 people at Virginia Tech. In response, Gingrich blamed liberals for supporting "situation ethics," adding, "Yes, I think the fact is, if you look at the amount of violence we have in games that young people play at 7, 8, 10, 12, 15 years of age, if you look at the dehumanization, if you look at the fact that we refuse to say that we are, in fact, endowed by our creator, that our rights come from God, that if you kill somebody, you're committing an act of evil." Gingrich, explaining the VT tragedy, went on to condemn Halloween costumes and the McCain-Feingold campaign-finance law.

Sure, Newt, tell us again how awful it is for political figures to rush to "draw conclusions" in the wake of a tragedy.
Note our emphasis above. As delusional as alleged assassin Jared Lee Loughner? Not far from it. Maybe Gingrich should be put away for a while until a team of shrinks can get a good idea of what's going on inside that huge melon of his. Does he own any guns? And should his daughterwife,
Look at these two. Look!
an obvious loon, be allowed access to them?

Straight Outta The Guardian

Rock&Roll not much of a go in Limeyland either. (See another $$-related take on "the biz" down below.)

RIP rock'n'roll? Professor of pop reads the last rites

Rock songs in the charts fall to lowest level in 50 years, with only three tracks appearing in the top 100 best-sellers

Yet some hold out hope of rebirth. Paul Stokes, associate editor at NME, is not yet ready to bury the sound. "Music is a cyclical business," he said. "We've been told rock was dead before, in the late 80s, late 90s, but it came back."
[Wait, when did this happen? — Ed.]
This year could even see rehabilitation, he said. Much-hyped the Vaccines have a debut album out in March and other acts such as alt-rock act Yuck and smalltown rockers Mona are hotly tipped. "We are waiting for the next big band to come along and change the scene. Something is around the corner and it's beginning to bubble."

The economic gloom may also speed up the revival, according to Martin Talbot, chief executive of the Official Charts Company. "Most interesting and challenging rock music comes out of periods of austerity," he said. "Maybe Tory governments make for more challenging rock music – and now we have one."
Someplace local we hadn't heard of &, it turned out, didn't care much about. No. 4.

History Showing Again: American Political Violence

Our permanent culture of political violence

And why the calls for civility in the wake of Saturday's shooting won't end up changing anything

And again:

With belated sanctimony


Not us (cont.)

You read all that fancy-typin', & figger out the good parts fer yerse'f!

Liberally-Biased Facts

Televised All-Douchebag Match

Newest Form of American Exceptionalism?

Mmm, could be ...
The events of this weekend seem incomprehensible to us now; someday, with the benefit of hindsight, they may strike us as all too inevitable. For now, however, there is only one question to ask: Was Saturday’s hybrid assassination-rampage a one-off, or is this new species of American murder going to become a defining symbol of our sorry era?

Disturbing Image Of The Wk.

This dreamscape imagined by a third-rate Dadaist, starring his mistress (not incidentally, the heiress to a Central European smuggling fortune) as the woman in funny dress disturbed us.
A woman in funny dress leaves the frozen Lake Orankesee at the Eis-Fasching (Ice-Carnival) in Berlin Saturday, Jan. 8, 2011.
Markus Schreiber/AP

Pissing Off The Pukes

Two items from the WaPo one-panel round-up that irked someone at The DC today: "Political cartoons exploit Arizona tragedy in effort to score crude political points." (Reminder: No style points are given. A point scored is a point scored, no matter how ugly the scoring. And really, who are the ugly ones here again?) Thanks for bringing these to our attention 'though.
Jeff Danziger

Monday, January 10, 2011

How Dare They? Extreme Far Left Hater Wants To Censor Freedom Speech Of Real Americans!

Really! See?

TPM Guide for the Perplexed

In the aftermath of the Giffords shooting there's been a lot of talk about political speech, politicians and whether there's a climate of violent political rhetoric. And it's been clear that a lot of politicians weren't clear that certain phrases and statements -- like calling for armed revolution or target practice at fundraisers -- might lead to misunderstandings. So in the spirit of ettiquette manuals, I thought I'd start putting together a list of things it's probably best not to say simply to avoid misunderstandings or criticisms the next time there's an attempt on the life of a politician.

1. Refrain from telling supporters that winning the election may require active exercise of their "second amendment" rights.

2. Refrain from suggesting it's time for "armed revolution", even if Thomas Jefferson once kinda sorta suggested that.

3. Refrain from holding political fundraisers focused around use of automatic weapons, especially target practices with initials, name or images of your political opponent.

4. Refrain from telling supporters you want them to be "armed and dangerous."

5. Refrain from making campaign posters with opponent's head in gun sights.

6. Refrain from saying that bullets will work if ballots don't.

7. Suggest that supporters not bring weapons to opponents' political rallies.

Censorship of the foulest kind. They know full well that w/o those talking points there's nothing real Americans can campaign on.

Ass-Hole Up-Date

Up-Dating from here. To demonstrate & to demonize Sterling further, we'd figured on eventually scanning one of his hideous adverts from the cage-liner, but once again the Napoleonic approach has worked & we needn't do anything. Granted, this is a mild example. Worse.
Maybe someone at Sterling World Plaza was able to persuade him to tone it down for the real Times.

Moment Of Silence

Unless we were snoring, we observed it.

Exorcism Up-Date

Away, demons!
BRUSSELS (AFP) – The child abuse scandals rocking Belgium's powerful Catholic Church are also shaking the faith of followers, with more and more people asking to be struck off baptism registers -- a global movement known as "de-baptism".

"When you don't agree with an organisation that you never chose to join in the first place, the healthiest thing to do is to leave," Damien Spleeters told AFP.

In this mainly Catholic country of 10 million people, the 24-year-old is among a growing crowd exasperated by church policy on issues such as AIDS, and angered by revelations last year of massive child abuse by priests and lay workers.
Shaming the messenger:
"Whilst we deplore your decision," replied Abbot Jean-Pierre Lorette, "the Catholic Church respects each individual's freedom and will not hold back against their will those who wish to leave it."

Spleeters, the priest added, was in consequence "logically" excommunicated.
Fuckin' logic, how's it work?
In an interview, the young Brussels resident said "I don't consider myself an atheist" but explained he turned to de-baptism due to growing irritation with the Catholic hierarchy

The move was not uncommon, said Daniel Leclerq of the group "Friends of Secular Morality".

"Pope Benedict XVI's statements against condoms, the appointment of a conservative -- Andre-Joseph Leonard -- to head the Belgian church in early 2010, and the child abuse revelations have led to a hike in de-baptisms," Leclerq said.

While national statistics are unavailable on the number of people seeking to quit the church, Friends of Secular Morality, which is active in four of Belgium's 10 provinces, said it has been helping increasing numbers to de-baptise.

"In 2010, we worked on 1,700 cases compared to 380 in 2009 and only 66 in 2008", Leclerq said.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Real Man Litmus Test

We'd planned to note this, but finding the video was daunting, & then ... well, something came up (It always will!) & we forgot all about it.This transcript & brief history jogged the memory.
Just in case you neglected to watch the debate staged yesterday by the five competitors for the job of Republican national chairman - what? you really had something better to do? - allow me to share the most scintillating factoid:

The five aspirants own a total of 25 guns.

This is apparently quite important, if only as a measure of the requisite Republican machismo. Or perhaps as visceral proof that the candidates love Freedom. Or perhaps it's meant to suggest that we should all sleep better at night knowing that the Republican chairman is locked and loaded. Or maybe it's just Republicans behaving as parodies of themselves.

I first noticed this Real Man litmus test during the most recent Republican presidential primary season; at an autumn '07 debate, five of the eight white men on the stage declared that they pack heat at home. A few months later there was another debate, this time featuring the six '08 candidates for the RNC chairmanship, and what moderator Grover Norquist wanted to know was, "How many guns do you own?"

Those six aspirants said they owned a total of 22 guns, but the number could have been way higher, because South Carolina chairman Katon Dawson tried to trump the other guys by claiming that his stash contained "too many to count." But Chip Saltsman of Tennessee got points for specificity when he itemized the contents of his closet: "I've got two 12-gauges, a 20-gauge, three handguns, and a .30-06."

By the way, the only guy at that '08 debate who didn't own a gun was the guy who ultimately won the job: Michael Steele. And we all know how well he has performed. Last we heard, the Republican National Committee was $20 million in the hole. On the other hand, it's worth noting that even though Steele has repeatedly spent the last two years extracting his foot from his mouth, the Republicans nevertheless racked up big gains in the '10 midterms. Which arguably suggests that it really doesn't matter who runs the national party office. Who among us will be biting our nails a week from Friday, anxiously awaiting word about whether Steele has kept his job by corralling the support of 85 national committeemen - or whether he'll lose the post to Reince Priebus or Saul Anuzi or Ann Wagner or Maria Cino?

Anyway, conservative activist Grover Norquist was back again yesterday, moderating the latest RNC debate. And again he asked: "How many guns do you own?"

Again Steele said, "None." Cino, a former RNC official, also said, "None." The room was packed with spectators, but those responses were met with silence.

Then came Priebus, who currently chairs the Wisconsin GOP. He proudly declared, "Five!" Finally, a red-blooded American. He was serenaded with applause.

Then came Ann Wagner, a Missourian and a former ambassador. Ann Wagner quickly morphed into Annie Oakley: "I may surprise y'all, but we just got a new gun safe for Christmas, and I think there are about 16 in there - everything from pistols and a Glock to shotguns, rifles. And my son, who's on the combat weapons team at West Point, has an all-out assault rifle. So there you go!"

Holy John Wayne, she hit the trifecta: Christmas, combat, assault. Try topping that one. Nobody could. While Wagner was basking in the most sustained applause, ex-Michigan chairman Saul Anuzi sheepishly tallied his gun stash, confessing his failure to measure up: "I feel very inadeqate at four."

Poor Anuzi. The GOP's macho stakes just keep going up. When he ran in the '08 party chair race, he said he had two guns. Now he says he has four guns - that's a 100 percent increase - yet he stilllooks like a girly man.

The latest word is that Steele, the gunless incumbent, won't win a new term; he apparently got nowhere yesterday with his argument that the party should knock off the orthodox groupthink and become more diverse. ("We do get a little comfortable with ourselves, and we do become so, to the exclusion and detriment of others" - especially the "fresh voices and fresh faces that don't look and sound like us.")

Instead, the final balloting on Jan. 14 will likely feature Priebus, Wagner, and Anuzi. In case of a deadlock among the 168 voting RNC members, maybe the three finalists can settle this thing where party orthodoxy apparently deems it most appropriate: On the target range.
A wk. later, not so funny.

News Of The World

Ask us to name the nations of the Maghreb & Tunisia would be last, after Mauritania even. Yet even in a nation where, per the VoA, little dissent is tolerated:
Riots in the North African nation were triggered last month when a 26-year-old university graduate in the central city of Sidi Bouzid who could only find work as a street merchant set himself on fire after authorities confiscated his produce. The man, Mohammed Bouazizi, later died of his burns.

Protests are rare in Tunisia, where the government tolerates little dissent.
The AP.
TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — At least 11 people have died in clashes with security forces in new rioting in the North African country where unrest is in its fourth week, local union officials said Sunday.

The Interior Ministry, meanwhile, said eight people were killed over the weekend in the western towns of Thala, and Kasserine.

Rioting to protest joblessness and other social ills has scarred numerous cities across this tiny country since Dec. 17, after a 26-year-old man with a university degree set himself on fire when police confiscated his fruits and vegetables for selling without a permit.

Mobs have since attacked public buildings and the local office of the party of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.
Next door in Algeria:
Algeria Riots
Youth face police forces in Annaba, eastern Algeria, Saturday Jan. 8, 2011. Youths in the North African nation have been rioting for days following sudden price hikes for staples including sugar, flour and oil. (AP Photo)

Face of the Day

Let's see if one of his minions went w/ it. Hah, no. (We haven't cared for a long time, have we?)

Santa, Jesus &
The Second Amendment

Open Season!
On Violent Eliminationist Rhetoric

Drive-In Sunday Morning:
No Wonder (At All)

It's Limey stuff, is why we'd never heard of it.The critic of today:
1954 science fiction movie starring Patricia Neal. It is a slow-moving film with a lot of talk and little action.
Serious competition for us in the field of laziness:
SFFWorld has a review that wonders why the folks behind The Day the Earth Stood Still didn't sue.
DVDTalk's review says it "plays like a pretentious theatrical production made by people lacking the talent to come anywhere close to pulling it off".
Ambien®, hell!


DOC40 comes up w/ local action in a Rule 34 stylee: "IF YOU COULD IMAGINE IT, THERE WAS A MAGAZINE ABOUT IT," & from across the pond, too.


On a lighter note, Show Bidness, as seen through a lens smeared w/ an especially noxious substance that's guaranteed to make the subject look several yrs. older, or even invisible.
We were so excited by "contempt" that we missed "aging²," which is the actual offense against Americans & their heartland values, as Mr. Driscoll's lens clearly shows him.

This phenomenon of people getting "older" has not escaped the still-eagle-like eyes of concerned critics somewhat younger, we think, than Ed Driscoll, Hard-Boiled (You can tell by the hat!) Media Snoop. We also dipped into the subject of fading show revenue here; Ed was only a wk. late this time.

So we were all excited to find what absolute contempt Hollywood was holding us in. A greater scandal than kiddie-host X & his apocryphal open-miked "That'll hold the little bastards!" before the cartoon, or, or ... Surprise! Links:
Both industries have shown enormous contempt for wide swatches of their audiences
Wow. Get this, straight outta NewsBusters: Paul McCartney Compares Global Warming Skeptics to Holocaust Deniers; Says of Obama, 'I Really Love Him'

And if that's not enough, Colin Firth thinks about science or something. Bet he was sneering while he thought, too.

In case you've been living under a rock, or in your mother's basement, Ed The Hat is happy to fill you in on what's been happening:
The traditional music and film industries were created during the first half of the 20th century, when media meant mass media — by the 1950s, you had three channels on your TV, a handful of radio channels, and a couple of local movie theaters within easy driving distance.

Today you have YouTube, Blip, iTunes, Netflix, DirecTV, etc.
Therefore (Really. This is the very next paragraph. We shouldn't have interrupted the flow of logic.):
Concurrently, both the music industry and Hollywood have watched their stars age and decline. Most of the people we still think of as stars in both Hollywood and the recording industry date from the last days of mass media — and Hollywood in particular has been hurt badly by their decline.

Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have simply aged: Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery and arguably Harrison Ford are all getting too long in the tooth to be leading men. Younger stars such as Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise severely damaged their careers during the preceding decade by publicly unleashing their inner demons. Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn and Robert Redford put politics ahead of stardom, damaging their brand in flyover country.
You see, the point here is, there's technological change, & the only people in Show Bidness that Ed Driscoll has ever heard of have gotten older, except the ones who were nuts or something to begin w/, so ...

So we dunno what. Did he think Clint Eastwood was going to make the transition to video games & YouTube shorts, & his failure to do so means Americans will now be putting all their entertainment dollars into paying off their credit cards?

Music industry afterthought:
On the surface, this doesn’t sound like it will bode well for Hollywood’s future. Essentially the recording industry, with its own aging stars and genres, faces many of the same negative structural trends as well.
Still not grasping the point, just the realization that Ed has a point on his head. No one's made a record or written a song since Milli Vanilli were run out of the biz? We may not like today's Gss Music From Jupiter any more than Ed would if he ever heard it, but we do have vague (sometimes painful) awareness of some noise out there on the Internet.

At last, at the end, a clue to the new direction:
Contraction is always painful for any business model; any thoughts on where these industries go next?
Heading to Goldberg-land. That explains the lack of there there.

Let's look at just a bit of a comment from maryann:
I proceeded to watch a few of the scenes in Singing in the Rain and as I watched I said to myself, God what amazing creative talent came out of America before the leftists of Hollywood took over with coarsening of the culture and the let’s hate America narrative.
Just imagine being trapped in such a tiny, fearful mind. Too bad that black-list didn't work, huh? And the silents were even better, but FDR killed them w/ his "Hate America New Deal," didn't he?

[Hope this holds 'em.]

Open Letter To The Delusional

The inane clowns self-righteously bloviating "This must stop!" (See: The Internet, Everywhere, & Moderation, Calls for ...) in reference to the most recent evidence (that will be denied w/ every beat of their lying hearts) that American "exceptionalism" mostly means you all are a nation of twisted mass-murderers would do well to read this letter from the paper of record.

Violence, as American as Apple Pie

Published: June 08, 1990

To the Editor:
Anthony Lewis's column ''A Rage to Kill'' (May 18), on the death penalty in the United States, touches on a cultural attitude that appears in many areas of American life, and not just the popular sentiment about criminal justice. An obsession with killing appears in the popularity of movie violence, the fascination with contact sports (and the injuries they produce), the use of the word ''competition'' as a euphemism for bullying (or just general nastiness), the mistreatment of animals (for example, ''road-kills,'' ''rattlesnake roundups'' dogfights) and in the emphasis given to violent events in the news media.

All of these are symptoms, but what is the disease? Part of the answer might be that the people who love violence as adults learned it as a way of life during childhood: psychological studies indicate that those who were abused as children tend to be abusive as parents. One might ask, ''What does this have to do with ordinary people?'' The answer is that one probably cannot draw a clear-cut line between abuse and normal discipline. As a result, it is conceivable that an attitude euphemized as ''being tough,'' or ''making a man of him'' (one's child) may pass from one generation to the next and eventually become a cultural norm.

This implies that we have developed a culture of violence, which might be traceable to the pioneer experience of living in a rough, new land. One wonders how the stress of living on the frontier might have affected the behavior of parents toward children and, ultimately, the attitudes of subsequent generations to life in general. When 12 families of new settlers live stuffed together in a cabin in the middle of the Great Plains in the dead of winter, one would expect some long-lasting psychological trauma as a result (see ''The Old West,'' U.S. News and World Report, May 21, 1990). Circumstances like this must have occurred repeatedly since the founding of the Jamestown colony in 1607.

Another component of this background might be the secularization of Calvinist values, in the form of such notions as restraint (especially of emotional expression), stoicism, the elect (good guys) versus the nonelect (bad guys) and of extremely stern (often physical) family and community discipline as virtues in their own right.

A third element underlying our proclivity for anger and its violent expression would appear to be frustrated expectations: the disappointment of not obtaining one's dreams has affected all generations of newcomers to America. Moreover, deferred dreams appear to be linked to periods of social unrest and violent incidents, at least since the Civil War.

We have a population whose cultural experience has produced generations of anger with only a few socially acceptable outlets, most of which have been physically violent, even when they are supposed to be ''fun.'' Moreover, everyday experience here in New York City suggests that violence may be contagious, through retaliation or by imitation.

Perhaps we are still too close to our origins to be free of their detrimental effects. We also appear convinced that the attitudes resulting from our beginnings are necessary for success, and as a result, we're not willing to change (yet).

Brooklyn, May 22, 1990
Twenty fucking yrs. ago, & the only change is that the New Media Universe has given every twisted fuck of an All-American murderer an almost-infinite smörgåsbord of possible delusions on which to feed their blood-lust.

Scab of A Nation, Driven Insane Dep't.:

Cop kill a creep/Pow! Pow! Pow!We simply can not play enough of either of these swingin' numbers, whose message strikes close to the heart or other vital organ (Duck!) even today!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


More from the mists of history:


We respond to a question: "M - is this their graphic, seriously? Jeebus."
This one was seen at FDL.
Sullivan offered this one:
And we suppose the final click would reveal this one, source now lost in the dim mists of history.
Currently at SarahPAC:
"End quote."

An Armed Society Is A Civil Society

Much "civility" claptrap issuing from the usual sources (white guys, old & privileged, in the Puffho).

Look, the shooter was a paranoid & delusional schizophrenic. The sudden introduction of the civility for which wretched old honkies (Of whom, in the interests of disclosure, we is one, 'though not wretched in the way Fineman, Paul Helmke or other media villagers are.) pine into the discourse would not have made George Wallace's proverbial dime's worth of difference to the young man alleged to have killed & wounded his fellow humans in a Tucson parking lot.

Attention has been paid to Arizona's recent passage of a concealed weapons carry law & to Sarah Palin & others (Rep. Giffords' opponent in the recent election among them) using violent, gun-oriented imagery & rhetoric to play to their threatened, fearful base, but (especially considering Arizona's attitude toward the medically indigent) the first place we should look in the finger-pointing process is Arizona's treatment (if any, ha ha) of its mentally ill population.

Besides the state's assurance that every disturbed paranoid (who is a legal resident) can get at least one gun.

(Cross-posted, where the commenting system must be better.)

Second Amendment Prescriptions

7-9 Sea-Hawks Depose
World Champion Ain'ts, 41-36

Underdogs! They said it couldn't be done!

Now let's see Joisey take care of ugly boy Manning & the fly-overs. Everything is political/cultural!

Nothing To Add, Sharron Angle?

Anxiously awaiting failed U.S. Senate candidate Angle's attempts to "refudiate" her support for Second Amendment "remedies."

Well? Still avoiding the media?

Internet Free Speech?

What's the fucking deal? Every time someone applies a little Second Amendment Remedification to a socialist America-hater all their postings & what not on the Internet disappear.

Bullshit, we type. Shouldn't examples of Second Amendment thinking be left for all to see, so one's social media pals can be thoroughly checked out for lunatic fringieness?

A Lean & Hungry Look

Ripped from the pages of The New York Times.
Drew Angerer/The New York Times
Representative James Lankford, a freshman Republican, is learning the ways of Washington, and the way to the elevator.
Don't even try to convince us this guy is anything but deeply disturbed. Look. At. Him.
A former Christian camp director who, before he was elected, had last been to the nation’s capital in high school, Mr. Lankford is as much a symbol of his class as a member of it: a first-time politician who plans to send his family back home, sleep on his office couch and, he says, spurn special interests in the name of those who put him here.

“My family’s theory is that the best way not to become Washington is to not live in Washington,” he said.
The possessed do blend in better back in OK.
This was never supposed to really happen. “In 2008, I had a real sense of calling,” said Mr. Lankford, who later that year resigned from his job to campaign full time. “We described it as an unsettling. It was almost like God was telling me, ‘Get ready. Get ready.’ ”

After a prayer journey, he said, he decided, in consultation with his wife, Cindy, to run for the seat that opened in the Fifth Congressional District in Oklahoma when Representative Mary Fallin decided to seek the governorship.
Perhaps the demon who possesses him has eaten most of his body fat.

On Target For Victory!

Via professional leftists: Gabby Giffords & Guns.
Giffords’ 2010 Congressional opponent Jesse Kelly held a June 12 gun event that was billed as follows on the Pima County Republican website:
Get on Target for Victory in November Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office Shoot a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly
In more important information, this is interfering w/ our enjoyment of the football playoffs.

18 People Hit, Five Dead

What kind of weapon(s) was alleged shooter Jared Lee Loughner using? Did he practice much? Inquiring minds want to know!

Chickens Roosting

Arizona's bottle-blonde Governor Brewer, who seems perfectly willing to let Arizonans die if they can't afford health insurance, might want to consider just how seriously any one will take her inane "oh, how horrible" blather in the context of her obviously depraved indifference to human life.

Arizona Death Panels Now In Force

Just woke up. Did something happen?

Federal judge & nine-yr. old. child dead, President now adds five dead.

Now, at last, can we start shooting all the crazed Nazi assholes?

Friday, January 7, 2011


Commie Wrap-Up from FDL.

Unquestioning Acceptance of Pig Propaganda, for the strongly-stomached.

Shorter from the venue itself: Sorry we had to call the heat & then they got out of hand.

Regarding 1/6/11

Key Club would like to sincerely apologize to the city of West Hollywood & our incredibly loyal fan-base for the unfortunate events that occurred last night. We work hard every day to provide a safe & enjoyable concert experience for all of our patrons. We hope that you will continue to trust & support us in the future!
If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the venue directly.
Punks get your guns!

FYWP!: New Social Media Is
Death Of Web Logs

Statistics don't lie.
Automattic tells us that it has seen over 6 million new blogs sign up in the past year and that total pageviews for the year stood at 23 billion, up an impressive 53% from 2009. Media uploads also doubled to 94.5 terabytes of new photos and videos, while new posts were up 110% to 146 million.
So much for the old lame-stream new media.

More On Tucker McSwanson Carlson, From C.B.

Not the C.B. who might have been expected.

Creep Of The Wk.

Local NBA owner & real estate weasel/landlord Donald Sterling. Admittedly, he's been creepy for much longer than a week.
Via inestimable ESPN.com basketball chronicler J.A. Adande comes this absolutely reprehensible new nugget from the legal depositions of former team executive Elgin Baylor:
“Players Sam Cassell, Elton Brand and Corey Maggette complained to me that Sterling would bring women into the locker room after games, while the players were showering, and make comments such as, ‘Look at those beautiful black bodies.’ I brought this to Sterling’s attention, but he continued to bring women into the locker room.”
Sweet mother Mary of Charles Barkley. We love the Clippers’ new energy and soon-to-be perennial all-star Blake Griffin, but Sterling needs to realize that these Baylor bombshells have placed his already tarnished reputation that much closer to beyond repair.

Good Eatin' Up-Date

Locavore alert:
POWELL, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio zoo is trying to round up runaway prairie dogs and is asking its neighbors for help.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium said Friday 11 of the critters wriggled their way out of temporary quarters and so far only four have been recovered.

Assistant Curator Jeremy Carpenter says in a statement there’s no reason to believe the animals have left zoo property. But he says nearby residents are being asked to watch for prairie dogs, just in case.

The zoo says the animals are not dangerous.

They were among a group of 20 prairie dogs that arrived from another zoo in November. The newcomers were kept in quarantine, then moved into the temporary housing two weeks ago. They were to be introduced into the zoo’s regular prairie dog exhibit in the spring.

Tool Of The Week

Frozen-foodie Tucker Carlson, at it again.
The primary story the Caller piece was going to attack was Mayer's piece on the Koch brothers, billionaire industrialists who've spent years funding conservative-libertarian organizations and think tanks, and whose organizations helped birth, organize, and train the Tea Party movement. According to a knowledgeable source, Tucker Carlson was heard saying that the reason the story needed to go up this week, specifically on Monday or Tuesday, was because the National Magazine Awards submission deadline was on Thursday. Apparently, Carlson wanted to throw the New Yorker into enough of a panic that they wouldn't submit the Koch story for an Ellie.

If this is true, the Caller story looks a lot more like a political smear campaign than "traditional" reporting. (Someone has, after all, reportedly hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on Mayer.) That's why it wouldn't necessarily matter that the "victims" of the alleged plagiarism didn't think there'd been any wrongdoing -- the point would've been simply to introduce the accusation, spread uncertainty, and catch the "opponent" off-guard.

The problem with the scheme, of course, is that no one really cares about the National Magazine Awards, or remembers who won them and why. (And it should also be noted, again, that even if he made the decision reluctantly or out of embarrassment, it was still obviously laudable of Carlson to spike the Mayer story, instead [of] following through on his original plan, running a politically motivated smear based on phony accusations.)
You just read the dictionary definition of damning w/ faint praise. Enjoy it. Tucker's Breitbart in a bow-tie, although Tuck's ability not to flap his gums triumphantly before all (or any) of the unedited facts are in may make him worthier than BB of being lauded. (Not really. Insufferable twits, the two of them.)

12 Wks. Until Opening Day!

Hype started yesterday.
The Los Angeles Dodgers announced today that Opening Day has been moved to Thursday, March 31 at 5 p.m. and will be nationally televised on ESPN. The Dodgers will face their rivals, the 2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants in a four-game series three of which will be televised nationally or regionally. Additionally, the Dodgers officially announced their promotional schedule with a long list of giveaways, the most comprehensive in Dodger history, filled with fan favorite items and valuable incentives

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stairway To The Stars

Would you believe a subway to the sea?
Map courtesy LACMTA.
Any yr. now.

Mental Health Break-Down?

Wait, what, we're being tossed down the memory hole?
The upcoming fifth revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 10 years in the making, will exclude "narcissistic and paranoid personality disorder" from its list of designated psychiatric diagnoses, along with "histrionic, dependent, and schizoid personality disorder."
This would make us more than a little paranoid, but that appears right out too.

How We Fight: Exceptions

All the news you need to know:
The White House has told the Pentagon to squeeze that growth over the next five years, Mr. Gates said, reducing by $78 billion the amount available for the Pentagon, not counting the costs of its combat operations.
Our emphases. When you see or hear "$78 Billion Cut," remember that's over a five-yr. period, not from the annual waste, fraud & abuse DoD budget.

The Pentagon’s proposed operating budget for 2012 is expected to be about $553 billion, which would still reflect real growth, even though it is $13 billion less than expected. The Pentagon budget will then begin a decline in its rate of growth for two years, and stay flat — growing only to match inflation — for the 2015 and 2016 fiscal years. (The Pentagon operating budget is separate from a fund that finances the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.)

Why We Fight, 4 July 2010 Version

Lifted in toto:
California congressman Howard "Buck" McKeon is the next chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. He doesn't have any military experience -- he spent the Vietnam era on a Mormon missionary retreat and a twenty-nine year quest (1956-1985) for a BA from Brigham Young -- but he did bankrupt his family's western wear company, so he knows how to order shirts no one wants.

You can see why he's the perfect man to oversee America's trillion-dollar defense budget.

Granted, he's a coward, a hypocrite and an incompetent. What's important is that Howard "Buck" McKeon has a vision. He knows why we're spending all that money, and why we're in Afghanistan and Iraq. (And by "we" I mean, "people other than Howard "Buck" McKeon.")

We're in Afghanistan and Iraq because of a Mormon Holy War that started in 1775.

We're in Afghanistan and Iraq to fulfill Mormon prophecy, to protect the home of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints, and to guarantee its freedom to send missionaries around the world.

And again, by "we" I mean "not Howard "Buck" McKeon."

Let's let Howard "Buck" McKeon explain:

(You can jump to the two minute mark, if you want.)
"(The Battle of Lexington and Concord) began what gave us the liberty, the freedom that we now enjoy, to where we can congregate together like this, we can talk about things, we can have free elections. We've been able to have real freedom and liberty, which is what the Lord, many, many years ago said that this land was set aside for. About a little over a year later, on July Fourth, 1776, the Continental Congress ratified the Declaration of Independence, which states that we would be free to pursue life, liberty and happiness. That's what the Lord said that this land was set aside for, so that battle began the fulfillment of the prophecy. Now there's no guarantee that those freedoms are always to be here. We've continued and fought for years. Hundreds of thousands have given their lives so that we can continue to enjoy those freedoms, and that fight goes on, on a daily basis. In discussions that you hold. In the people that are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. Afghanistan was where the planning, the kick-off of the attack on us on 9/11 took place. That's why we're there. To prevent that from happening again. It's better that we fight there, than on the streets of New York, or downtown Valencia. I just pray that we always will be able to hold those freedoms. Elder Ballard, a few years ago, visiting with the members of the Church in Washington in the Congress, said that it's important that we always keep this land free, because it's the cradle of the Church. It's where from here we send our missionaries around the world. We need to have freedom to do that. It's my prayer that we might always retain that freedom, and I wish we could do it without continued loss of treasure and blood, but it seems that that's the world we live in.
I think that should clear up just about everything.

Feel free to tell all your Muslim friends and the relatives of the coalition dead.

They didn't die for nothing. They died to protect New York, downtown Valencia, and all of America. Which was promised by Jesus to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Jesus Christ dragging his cross through Jerusalem. Litmus test, anyone?

Actual title:

Buck McKeon's Mormon Holy War in Afghanistan

Chris Kelly

Posted: January 5, 2011 01:18 PM

News & Nature Wrap-Up

Gates Calls for U.S. to Slash Military Spending
The defense secretary says the country can trim its program spending by $78 billion over the next five years and reduce the number of active-duty soldiers and Marines by 70,000.
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U.S. to Send More Troops to Afghanistan 
1,400 marines will be sent to boost the surge before troops begin exiting in July.
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State Employees Singed by Incendiary Devices Mailed to Maryland State Offices 
Two suspicious packages "created a flash" and smoked when opened by Maryland state employees Thursday afternoon, but no one was seriously injured. 
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Psychology World Mired in ESP Controversy 
A new paper that will appear in one of the field's most respected journals claims strong evidence of extrasensory perception. Many are horrified.
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Vatican Teams Up With Discovery for New Show on Demon Possession 
The Exorcist Files will hit the small screen this spring. 
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Number of Spam Messages Suddenly Plummets 
No one is quite sure why and security experts warn the lull isn't likely to last. 
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A student opened fire at an Omaha High School on Wednesday and wounded two adults.
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