Friday, December 10, 2010

Not Long Enough

(AP) John du Pont, the chemical fortune heir who killed an Olympic gold medal-winning wrestler at his palatial estate, died Thursday after being found unresponsive in his prison cell. He was 72.

Du Pont was found just before 7 a.m. local time at Laurel Highlands* state prison, prisons spokeswoman Susan McNaughton said. He was pronounced dead a short time later at a local hospital.

"He had had some illnesses so we are considering it natural," said McNaughton, noting that the county corner would ultimately make the determination on the cause of death. County Coroner Wallace Miller said later Thursday he was still gathering information on the death and had no immediate comment.

Du Pont was the great-great grandson of E.I. du Pont, the French-born industrialist who founded the chemical company, and one of hundreds of heirs to the family fortune.

In January 1996, he shot and killed David Shultz, 36, a 1984 gold medal winner who came to live and train at a state-of-the-art Foxcatcher National Training Center that du Pont had built on his 800-acre (324-hectare) property in Newtown Square. After the shooting, du Pont barricaded himself inside his home for two days, but was taken into custory when he left his mansion to fix a boiler police had shut off.

The millionaire had a reputation for acting erratically, including once driving two new Lincoln Continentals into a pond on his property, one after the other. Wrestlers who had trained at Foxcatcher alleged du Pont pointed guns at them, drank too much and once kicked out a wrestler because he was black.

His lawyers also contended du Pont was insane, suffering from paranoid schizophrenia that also made him believe he was Christ and the Dalai Lama.

In 1997, he was found guilty but mentally ill in Shultz's death and sentenced to 13 to 30 years in prison.
But better than nothing.

*Sounds pleasant.

Second Amendment Round-Up

How the three major US nets present themselves on the web.

We've no idea what the problem is at CBS. Neither of these have been resized; both were copied directly from CBS.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Xmas In Hell 2009

"Bad For America?" VA A.G.
Cuccinelli Knows Best

At least this quixotic endeavor has distracted Buffoon General Cooch from re-enacting the 150th anniversary of the attack on Ft. Sumter w/ an assault on Langley or the Pentagon by the Virginny Nat'l. Guard & the Corps of Cadets from V.M.I. So far.

Birds Of A Feather

A long time country club Republican leaves the party.
Hasan said he felt alienated between national Republican leaders on one side railing against the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” and gays and illegal immigrants and, on the other, state Republican delegates convinced that as a candidate for treasurer he was angling to install sharia finance laws. He said the GOP convention in May was a low point.

“You experience bigotry sometimes but I often just think it’s probably my personality that the person doesn’t like. At the convention, though, that was the first time I felt the real thing. It was the worst experience of my life.”

Hasan suspects a whisper campaign swept the convention, sounding a warning against placing a Muslim in charge of investing the state’s revenues.

“Some goons were telling people that there’s a passage in the Koran that encourages Muslims to lie, that lying is considered a good thing in the service of advancing a Muslim or sharia agenda. I don’t know who was behind the rumor, but I’ve read the Koran, and I don’t know what they were talking about.”
Is this lying, Mr. Hasan?
Hasan said that when he was considering running for House District 56 three years ago, an adviser told him that his being Muslim was much less an issue than the fact that he was a filmmaker and not a rancher. “You gotta go work on a ranch to be able to relate to these people,” the adviser told him. So Hasan did. Dressed in a suit, cowboy boots and matching turquoise bolo tie and enormous belt buckle, Hasan said he is proud of the work he did just bringing salt licks out to the animals and watching the weather.
Flock you.

"Birther Queen" Taitz Uses
Racially Offensive Language

Moments ago, it appears safe to visit Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ. Not that you have to now.
Plus which.

Authorities Say: "Burn, Baby, Burn!"

Authorities have set fire to a suburban San Diego home they said was so packed with homemade explosives that they had no choice but to burn it to the ground. (Dec. 9)

More of This, Please

As thousands of students were corralled by police near Parliament, some strummed guitars and sang Beatles songs – but others hurled chunks of paving stones at police and smashed windows in a government building.
Another group ran riot through the busy shopping streets of London's West End, smashing store windows and setting fire to a giant Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square.
Story & other thrilling pics of direct action.Shock & outrage, plus juicy details of the attack, from the Torygraph. (Note reverential "Duchess of Cornwall." No "Charles & Camilla" for them.)

The Sheep Speak Up

Find out just how stupid/ignorant the American people are:
So how does the polled American think we should tackle the deficit issue? He knows that programs need cuts—tax hikes alone can't, and shouldn't, pull the country out of this mess. But he wants Washington to leave Social Security and Medicare well enough alone. And he hesitates to bring the ax to energy, health, or education programs. That said, he supports several provisions proposed by the president's debt commission—like shrinking the federal workforce, cutting federal salaries, closing overseas bases, and ending the tax deduction on home mortgage interest. And one program to really trim is America's generous foreign aid. The polled American thinks the government ships a quarter of our budget overseas, and thinks we should spend only $1 of every $10 helping out other nations. (In reality, the foreign aid amounts to less than 1 percent of the federal budget.)
One thing the polled American does not think the country needs is more bailouts. He hates bailouts. He wishes Barack Obama—it was him, right?—had not given all those bankers all that cash. They didn't need it. He's not big on those Timothy Geithner or Ben Bernanke cats, either, even if he does trust them on the economy more than you might think. He despises the Federal Reserve, even more than he hates the IRS. He thinks it's the Fed that needs auditing, though that might be because he hates the word federal. Those federal workers, for instance? He does not like them. He thinks they are overpaid and probably less qualified than private-sector workers. (He does love astronauts, though, and thinks we should send them to Mars.)
The polled American tends to think little of Congress and is lukewarm at best on the White House. Of late, she has reassessed the presidency of George W. Bush—and it looks pretty good compared with the Obama administration. (All in all, she likes Kennedy the best and Nixon the worst, as usual.) She can't shake the worry that Barack Obama is secretly a Muslim, even if she knows better. Then again, when asked by the pollmeisters, she tends not to be perfectly sure whether the sun revolves around the Earth, or the other way around.
Taking the long view, the polled American remains worried. She believes China has the world's strongest economy now. But despite her fears, the polled American remains characteristically sunny. Things are bad now, she says. But she believes the American Dream exists. She thinks she might even be living it. One way or another, she definitely thinks it is possible, with hard work more so than luck. Just don't ask her how to do it.
There can't be a nation more dissonant in what passes for its cognition, or more pathetic in its baseless pride.

More Xmas Cheer

Act Like An American


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Big If

If we gave a shit, we'd mock this crap. Instead, we'll wonder again where Carlson finds these ninnies. (It would be irresponsible not to wonder what exactly they have on him that he clutters the beauty of his AP reprint page w/ their collegiate satire.)
C. Scott Litch is the chief operating officer and general counsel for a non-profit association. Scott is a licensed attorney, Certified Association Executive, and also holds a masters degree in public policy. He is the author of The Principled Conservative in 21st Century America, released in the fall of 2010 just prior to the GOP mid-term election tsunami.
We can only presume there's a direct connection between the release of his magnum opus & said tsunami.
As our societal philosopher-queen Oprah has pointed out, we unfortunately live in a celebrity-obsessed culture. Whether entertainment or sports, our citizens know far more about what’s up with the Kardashians and the length of Tom Brady’s hair than the top income tax rate in European countries or the number of political prisoners in Cuba. Therefore, it is only fair that the beneficiaries of the celebrity culture pitch in to help with the deficit. Further, for all those Hollywood celebrities who want to do some good for “social justice,” what better time to step up to the plate?

So here is the compromise: every celebrity with annual net earnings of over $10 million shall pay a special windfall profits tax at the rate of 50 percent of every dollar earned above that amount. The term “celebrity” will of course be generously defined in statute and regulation. Democrats can jump on board because this lets them tax some really rich people. Republicans can support it because it only impacts those Americans who don’t really contribute much to job growth or the overall societal good.

Of course this is a terrible public policy idea. However, it would be fun just to throw it in the mix. Then we can see how many celebrities, particularly from the Hollywood left coast, suddenly change their tune about progressive taxation and making the rich pay their “fair share.” It would also be entertaining to watch our privileged rich young professional athletes contemplate that our hip and cool president really does like to spread the wealth around. When the celebrities raise a cry and hue, then conservatives can say “well, if a tax increase is bad for you, why do you want to stick a tax increase on other successful Americans who don’t make nearly as much money as you?” It’s all part of our right-wing plot to get Americans to learn a little more about Milton Friedman on economics vs. John Maynard Keynes. And that the taxpayer should not be considered a sugar-daddy for a bloated federal government and unsustainable entitlements.
Jesus H. Jesus, do they ever stop? What more do these United Snakes need to learn about Milton Friedman that 30 yrs. of class war hasn't demonstrated? (Granted, U.S. voters are dumber than posts, & many haven't made the connections yet; we're probably being charitable to imagine they might.)

But, unlike Mr. Prep School Name, we're not kidding when we say that huge taxes on "those Americans who don’t really contribute much to job growth or the overall societal good" should start w/ general counsels to non-profit (We spit when we type that ugly word!) associations & be quickly applied to all attorneys, recipients of corporate think tank funding, & so on. As well as people who fucking write books. Who do they think they're kidding?

And don't think we didn't notice "It would also be entertaining to watch our privileged rich young professional athletes contemplate that our hip and cool president really does like to spread the wealth around." You don't suppose he's the general counsel to some less than savory organization, do you? Looks like.
C. Scott Litch
Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel at
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
He runs a trade organization for traffickers in human misery. Nice. Bet those dentist bastards spend all their free time whining about taxes & regulations. When they're not on about the privileged rich young professional athletes & their ilk.

Glenn Beck Does Voices

Crime Blotter

10 Crimes in '10 That Made Headlines

Homicides, drugs and credit card scams
all made waves in Beverly Hills this year.

The crimes of the elites (if the original definition of the word has any residual meaning) are almost always more interesting than those of the ham-&-eggers. (Some of these didn't even occur in B.H., but only involved B.H.-identified personages, which doubtless says something about something else. Possibly the desperation of BeverlyHillsPatch for material.) Most hideous are the crimes of the middle classes, but let's not, shall we?

I Got A (Basic Human) Right!!

Now we have something useful to do w/ all our spare time. Eat shit, corporate interests.

Ring A Ding Ding!

Christmas really is the best time of the yr. Entrepreneurial opportunity is everywhere!
Police arrested a man who stole a Salvation Army kettle, uniform and bell early Tuesday morning.

The Salvation Army told Channel 2’s Eric Philips they put out an alert across Metro Atlanta for Ernest Mize, 41, who it believed may have been trying to illegally collect donations after walking off the job with Salvation Army property last Friday.

Lt. Matt Cunningham of the Salvation Army told Philips that Mize, also known as Ernest Jackson, prematurely packed up his post and left with the kettle and cash. It was his first day on the job.
If you don't have a gun or a sizable blade, you can always grab a kettle. A million marks in every mall.

Not To Brag Or Anything ...

Apparently copyrighted by some guy whose name we don't remember.
As if a collection of political hacks & centrist pragmatists under the name "Democrat" is anything to be proud of, but it's straw-grasping time in the land of the free & home of the under-informed.

Anyway (from last wk.) about whom was the post-electoral fuss.

Habitat For Profanity

Not only did we have to laugh, we had to post it, even though it's a month old. We're sure the PTC appreciates even the slightest attention.
LOS ANGELES (November 9, 2010) – The Parents Television Council™ has documented a sharp rise in the frequency and harshness of profanity being used on prime-time broadcast television in a special comparative analysis of the fall 2010 and 2005 seasons. The PTC’s report entitled “Habitat for Profanity: Broadcast TV’s Sharp Increase in Foul Language” documents a 69.3 percent increase in just the past five years.
Panties in a twist yet? Imagine the underwear of whoever was forced to keep track of this foul vulgarity during the family hour.
Major Findings:
• Across all networks, use of profanity on prime-time broadcast entertainment programming increased 69.3% from 2005 to 2010.
• Use of the bleeped or muted f-words increased from 11 instances total in 2005 to 276 instances in 2010 – an increase of 2409%.
• Use of the bleeped or muted s-word increased from 11 instances in 2005 to 95 instances in 2010 – an increase of 763%.
• During the family hour, instances of the f-word increased from 10 in 2005 to 111 in 2010. Use of the s-word during the family hour increased from 11 instances in 2005 to 42 in 2010.
• The Fox broadcast network showed the greatest per hour increase in use of profanity from 2005 to 2010 with a 269% increase across all prime-time hours.
Holy cow, an increase of 2,409% in bleepings & mutings! We're somewhat at a loss, our critical skills not being what they were when we consumed broadcast network telebision on a more regular basis. In our current media environment there's literally nothing on any of the webs that we'd consider appointment tee vee, but we're still pretty damn sure that CSI: Law & Order doesn't type "fuck" in the script, shoot it & have it bleeped. Our educated guess is that the functionally illiterate who populate reality programming are more likely to say "fuck," & al. before their betters (& be beeped/muted for their troubles) than they were even five yrs. ago. Whether the societal chicken or the broadcasting egg (or vice versa) are to blame for this is a question the PTC is still too shocked to consider. They may still be obsessively washing their hands. Certainly wouldn't surprise us.
Our analysis of the first two weeks of this still-new fall television season shows a disturbing trend that shocked even us. Profanity is far more frequent and the profanity itself is far harsher than just five years ago. Even worse, the most egregious language is being aired during the timeslots when children are most likely to be in the audience. In 2010, 111 f-words were used during family hour compared with 10 in 2005.
Statistical proof that the apocalypse of televised ennui is about to occur. Stay well clear of the discharge.
Don't go in that house, Johnny!
Is this a coincidence? Is it an aberration? Or is this exactly the path that broadcasters and the ‘creative community’ in Hollywood set out when they began launching their legal attacks against the broadcast decency law?

While broadcasters continue to claim that they can regulate themselves, this type of increase in profane words aired on scripted programming - not on live broadcasts that are the subject of ongoing judicial review – suggests otherwise. Are we to expect a 69 percent increase in TV profanity every five years?

Regardless of what the courts decide, it’s time for broadcasters to set parameters and publicly explain their broadcast standards. Advertisers must also ensure that the language they help bring into our living rooms is consistent with their hard-earned corporate brands.

The public airwaves should offer a banquet for all. But increasingly, the broadcast networks are telling American families to swallow whatever they’re fed or starve. Those families are currently relegated to eating scraps at the table they themselves own.
Commies. Threatening hard-earned corporate brands.

And, that whole eating scraps at the table thing? When people really are eating trickle-down style, they're more inclined to be saying the f-word (Over & over, mantra-like.) than worrying about hearing it on the telly.

Xmas Cums In Your Mouth
W/o Asking But Once A Year

Alt. title: "Now we don our gay apparel ..." (including little white dog).

And, we save you the trouble of clicking to the war on you know what.Surprise! It was the Jews all along.

Sad News On The Political Front

Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain have no more need for their website.
Where were they during the recent senatorial campaign in Arizona?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fagged Out & Sold Out

Had to sell some advertising to offset operating costs.

The late Dr. Jazs advises: "Don't let too much coffee fag you out!"
What a whore.

Getting Our Money's Worth

Picasa Check

We shelled out US$5.00 for 20 GB, for a yr., not a bad deal (Maybe. How the fuck would we know? Even if a complete rip-off, the desk-top publishing convenience is worth it.) & no drawback to it beyond Google now having our debit card info, legal name, address & the like. Meaning the Federal Gov't. knows it all too. Come & get us, Feds, before we again advocate armed rebellion against fascist bullshit!!
Tree from North
Tree from East
None of the promised up-to-24-hr. delay. Let's see how many of those 51 shots we can shove in here.
Could be us. Instead, we can afford 20GB of storage w/o foraging for recyclables. Whew.
Urban Grit
Urban Brick
Tenants Needed
So far so good. Three studies in pollutants:

Bomb Newt Now!

Crap, we hope it isn't too much trouble for Bugger™ to allow us to copy some shit.
Newt Gingrich has apparently thought better of using this Pearl Harbor Day to sell books.

Mediaite reported the former speaker of the House has deleted a tweet that reminded his Twitter followers about the two World War II novels he has co-written:
The 69th anniversary of the japanese attack is a good time to remind folks of our novels pearl harbor and days of infamy newt.
The tweet disappeared after blogs including Gawker mocked Gingrich for trying to "cash in" on the day of remembrance.
Filed Under: Gaffes, Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich and Callista Gingrich pose for photos during the 33rd Annual Kennedy Center Honors at the Kennedy Center Hall of States on December 5, 2010 in Washington, DC. By Kris Connor/Getty Images.
Hmm. That worked.

Words & Their Worth*

Wandered out on a butt runfor cigarettes & managed to snap 51 pics. The very best A fewNONE are seen below.
Guess the party's over at Blogspot/Blogger.

File under: Self-pity, mawkish, & Christmas, merry fucking.

*Yes, running our photos at their huge original sizes might not have been the wisest move, but what can we expect when we merely tried to provide a fine product w/o consideration for profit, health, or anything but our dedication to faceless unknowns who occasionally leave comments from the mists of nowhere.

P.S.: These three were the last allowed. (Rendering "NONE" up there a little heated. Whatev.)
Economy still on upswing.
So, not missing that much.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Vicious Downward Spiral

We get up every afternoon w/ a sense of purpose, hope & renewal.* Then our expectations are, once again, dashed on the rocks. We really must be mental if we continue to expect a different result from the same action.

*Approximation for "literary" purposes.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Boredom & Dullness Index

Oaktown 28, Dago 13

Violating Disney & NFL copyrights. No respect at all.
12 players on the field on two consecutive plays. (A possible first in the NFL.) Way to go, 'Blots [sic].

Bottom Ten Losers

Conveniently, there was an un-official Chump Bowl to determine the biggest collegiate loser.

Pro ha ha:
Mr. Versatile: Minnehaha quarterback Brett Favre's 10-yard run against Washington marked the first time he had gained more than four yards on a carry since 2008.