Saturday, November 13, 2010

V.D. Wrapped Up & Disposed Of

Other hate-the-troops news:
The story of John (no last name).
An enlisted man with a couple years service, his paycheck is about $1,700 a month. Obama's 2010 Presidential Budget called for a 2.9 percent increase in pay, the absolute minimum legally allowed by the Employment Cost Index. But John shouldn't count on such wild generosity again in 2011. The "nonpartisan" Congressional Budget Office recently not only called the military pay gap, the amount that military pay lags behind private civilian pay levels, fictitious, but also declared the existence of a military pay surplus to the tune of a whopping 10.3 percent. That's right, John is vastly overpaid for the job he does compared to civilians in private industry who, assumedly, perform the same job. If John continues to be so overcompensated, Congress risks having "trouble paying for new weapons…."

By the way, John would like to dispel the myth that he doesn't pay taxes on that $1,700, because he certainly does. But hey, free housing.

Sure, all of these freebies are in some way meant to be advertisements for the chains themselves. But so what? Hopefully John manages to take advantage of all the complimentary goods and services available to him today, no matter how seemingly inadequate they are as a recognition for his service.

But, despite the chain's gracious offerings and encouragement of "current and former members of our armed forces to let loose and have some much deserved fun," he, and all of his fellow veterans, should steer clear of TGI Friday's in Union Square.

The TGI Friday's at Union Square (a 646 number, natch)* told me that it was not participating in the Veterans Day promotion. This appears to be the norm in New York.

I called a random selection of "respectable" Big Apple eateries including the Gramercy Tavern, Le Bernadin, One if by Land, Two if by Sea, Mercer Kitchen, and Brooklyn's The Grocery. All told me the same thing; there are no specials for veterans, currently serving or otherwise, on Veterans Day. This included TGI Friday's Union Square-mate Blue Water Grill. The receptionist at Per Se asked me, "What day?"

So, it appears that TGI Friday's isn't ruining New York, but that New York is ruining TGI Friday's.
*Really, area code/overlay prejudice? You stupid, irritating young people. We lived when there were no area codes.

Big (& Dull) Pic Of the Wk.

One of many contenders.

Democracy = "Ramming"

Republicans near extinction in Hawaii Senate

HONOLULU (AP) — As the only Republican survivor in Hawaii’s Senate, Sam Slom worries that majority Democrats could ram their proposals into law, sink his legislation or stifle his enthusiastic speeches.

While most of the country experienced a Republican tidal wave on Election day, Slom is the last GOP stalwart in the Hawaii senate. There were two Republicans but Sen. Fred Hemmings didn’t seek re-election and a Democrat took his place.

Republicans grew in the 51-member state House, from six to eight, but still left the state with the most one-sided legislature in the country.
More bitching, whining & moaning in the remainder of the story. An obvious case of AP bias: We are treated to one Democrat (Note the typically vicious, hateful tone of a man prepared to ram it down your throat!)
Democrats don’t intend to stand in Slom’s way too much, and they’ll even second his motions, said Senate Majority Leader Brickwood Galuteria.

“We’re going to work with him,” said Galuteria, D-Downtown-Waikiki. “We’re looking toward creating collaborative solutions here. I don’t want to sound naive. I think it’s possible.”

No other legislative body in the country has just one Republican or one Democrat, according to statistics gathered by the National Conference of State Legislatures.
but three whiny right-wingers in addition to the beleaguered, put-upon subject of the story.

The Catholic Hour Of Sniveling

Want a tissue?
Why don't the bead-rattlers just call an exorcist if things are sooooo bad?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Gone'A Rise

Via a Twitter (Is this guy's real name Ed Roso?)
a Son of The Confederacy has been elected to a position of responsibility in the State of Arkansas. The State House, not the Congress, we should point out for Mr. Roso. This is not-ha-ha funny.
... Mauch took pen in hand in 2008 during the controversy stirred up by Huntsville businessman James Vandiver's decision to respond to the election of Barack Obama by flying a Confederate battle flag in front of his motel.

"The government has lost its moral authority over God-fearing Americans," Mauch wrote to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. "I wish more patriots like James Vandiver would take their stand for what the Confederate Battle Flag truly symbolizes."

When asked what the Confederate flag symbolizes, Mauch said: "It's a symbol of constitutional government. It's a symbol of Jesus Christ above all else. It's a symbol of Biblical government."

Mauch has used the phrase "Biblical government," in letters to the editor before, but said he doesn't mean a theocracy. "It's just that the government has limitations," he said. "Christians are commanded to obey the laws of the land as ordained by God. It's like that... it's constitutional government, with limitations on government."

Mauch said he wants to work to serve the people of District 26 and the state of Arkansas. "My job is a service job," he said. "I'm here to serve them, not the other way around. I'm the voice of my constituents in my district."
He probably is the voice of the majority in his cracker district. Not funny at all. We were quite amused by the gentleman's necktie, bless his little heart.
LOY MAUCH: Photographed at a
conference on Abraham Lincoln.
We looked for a better shot of his cravat, w/o result, but we found our Xmas desire.
Rebel mouse pad
Anything here would be fine, really. This place is all Reb, all the time, & has a very good idea of their customers.
Comes w/ Viagra®. Not available in small or any color but white.

Block That Metaphor!

Beck undeterred by what he is spurring people to do, has put his foot on the gas pedeal to try to stoke the fires more.
— Cenk Uygur in The Huffington Post

Bear Genocide?

From our favorite tee vee news channel.

Via Sadly, noen.

Annals Of Architecture & "Punditry"
(For Lack Of A Better Word)

Bourgeois Yank David Brooks.

Ortho-Religioso Daniel Larison saves us typing, thinking, what not on Brooks & National Greatness.

On "N.G." from the world of 1998. (If this were audio, there'd be echo on "1998.") 12 yrs. ago. Before everything changed.
Washington is a strange town. Having but a single business to justify its existence, and there being far more warm bodies in town than are necessary to do that business, many a peculiar notion has been known to issue from its excess capacities. Perhaps that helps explain the recent call to “national greatness,” wherein a coterie of metropolitan intellectuals has sought to plan for the next triumphal, and definitely great, American century.

One can readily detect this particular form of exhaust inside the Beltway. In February a “national greatness” colloquium was held in Washington, well-attended by journalists, think-tankers, assorted middlemen, and others prepared only to identify themselves as “consultants.” This colloquium followed from the founding documents of the "movement,” last year’s essays by Bob Kagan and William Kristol in Foreign Affairs, and David Brooks in The Weekly Standard. The flame has shone too in the dispatches of the Project for the American Century, a William Kristol initiative ably managed by Gary Schmitt from behind the portals of the Standard’s offices on 15th Street.

I bow to no one in my respect for both patriots and patriotism, and I, too, want America to be great. But there are mature and there are wayward ways to go about such things. The heavy breathing associated with the national greatness project, I am afraid, is an example of the latter.

Still, it is hard to argue with one of the movement’s main propositions: that one cannot love one’s country and hate one’s government at the same time. Some conservatives have somehow moved away from their Burkean sensibilities toward those more befitting the anarchist Peter Kropotkin, and it is surely worthwhile to try to haul them back to their better senses.

It is also easy to sympathize with one of the movement’s underlying motives: to prevent internationalist-minded Republicans from becoming an endangered species in the great swirling intellectual vacuum of the post-Cold War world. Otherwise, the realms of foreign and national security policy would become playgrounds for fuzzy-minded liberals for whom the term geostrategy has about the same ring as phrenology or leeching.

Nor is the moral core of the movement frivolous. The national greatness project frames two very important questions: As the preponderant global power, what responsibilities does America have toward the rest of the world? How wisely to share the gift of democracy we bear?
We could start w/ Reagan's big head on Mt. Rushmore.
First, some quick background. In 1997 Weekly Standard editor-in-chief Bill Kristol and senior editor David Brooks — two men who make up roughly 50% of the entire national-greatness “movement” — wrote an interesting essay in the Wall Street Journal arguing that the Right has internalized too much of its libertarian, anti-government rhetoric. “Wishing to be left alone isn’t a governing doctrine,” they wrote. “And,” they continued, “an American political movement’s highest goal can’t be protecting citizens from their own government.” Hence, they wanted to inject conservatism with more patriotic language and fervor.

In 1997 they favored an activist government that couched time-honored conservative goals in Teddy Rooseveltian rhetoric, arguing that we should “[B]ust the great public trusts of our time — the education, health and Social Security monopolies,” which, as Foer points out, is precisely what libertarians and conservatives had been arguing for a few decades. Abroad, they favored a more assertive foreign policy infused with American values, also hardly a “new” idea in conservative circles.

Over time Brooks wrote some wonderfully elegant essays in favor of building more patriotic monuments and public architecture. He wrote fondly of the Republican party’s post-Civil War activism and he praised land-grant colleges and the Library of Congress with a passion rarely associated with land-grant colleges and the Library of Congress. David Brooks is one of my favorite writers in the world, but with his emphasis on the patriotic spectacle and the wonders of government activism, he sounded a bit too much like Charles de Gaulle for my taste.
One might not immediately suspect who typed the preceding three paragraphs. The intro surprisingly demonstrates some self-awareness on the typist's part, & gives him away:
My computer crashed when I was two-thirds through writing a brilliant and thoughtful essay on national-greatness conservatism. As it is now a little after one o’clock in the afternoon and I am very weary, I’ve decided it ain’t worth rewriting the damn thing. I bring this up because, well, lately you you guys have been complaining about my tardiness and the length of these columns. I write long when short on time.
Yes, he's been knowingly working that shtick since 2001. Minimum.

Carnivores & Suction

The act of drinking may seem like no big deal for anyone who can fully close his mouth to create suction, as people can. But the various species that cannot do so — and that includes most adult carnivores — must resort to some other mechanism.
Sounds naughty.
Dog owners are familiar with the unseemly lapping noises that ensue when their thirsty pet meets a bowl of water. The dog is thrusting its tongue into the water, forming a crude cup with it and hauling the liquid back into the muzzle.

Cats, both big and little, are so much classier, according to new research by Pedro M. Reis and Roman Stocker of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, joined by Sunghwan Jung of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Jeffrey M. Aristoff of Princeton.

Writing in the Thursday issue of Science, the four engineers report that the cat’s lapping method depends on its instinctive ability to calculate the balance between opposing gravitational and inertial forces.

What happens is that the cat darts its tongue, curving the upper side downward so that the tip lightly touches the surface of the water.

The tongue is then pulled upward at high speed, drawing a column of water behind it.

Just at the moment that gravity finally overcomes the rush of the water and starts to pull the column down — snap! The cat’s jaws have closed over the jet of water and swallowed it.
We can't draw any political conclusions, anti-American or otherwise, from this. Are we slipping?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why We Fight: Free Speech

"Call me a nigger, I don't care." "You killed Martin Luther King, you niggers turn on each other."Also for the right to take cruddy mobile 'phone pix 90° from level.

So you won't think we wander YouTube looking for this sort of thing.

Drooling Unbalanced Loon Wrap-Up

For those w/o telebision.Losers.

Born To Hate

If we despise the people & gubmint of these United States, let alone "America" (The exceptional nation, not including the unfortunate others allowed to share the continent while being ground to dust by the cowboy boot of U.S. economic interests, & our wayward siblings & odd cousins to the north.) than imagine the disdain in which we hold America's accidental, unintentional & ironic "Born in the USA" symbol, El Jefe de Asbury Park.

And devoting three screen-columns of pretensioso-flackery to the Big Boss Man's oeuvre of pseudo-rock is all the condemnation needed. Indeed, it is central to our point, & for once that tired phrase has non-ironic meaning.

General mumbling: Music & its markets; the re-cycling of 30+ yr. old product w/ every available scrap of actuality or documentation in a hugely expensive box for Bourgeois Bohemians:
Directed by Thom Zimny, the 85-minute documentary forms part of the deluxe edition of the Darkness reissue, along with a film of a marvellous concert from Houston, Texas in 1978, a stirring performance of the entire album by Springsteen and the E Street Band shot last year in a small Asbury Park theatre, and two CDs compiling 21 of the best of the 60 songs Springsteen rejected while spending three years on the project that would occupy a special place in his canon. That process is further illuminated by the documentary's extensive use of 8mm monochrome footage shot in the studio while the album was being prepared.
What the kids are calling it today:
Springsteen's distinctive compositional method involves the permutation and re-examination of familiar phrases, shuffling sequences of notes or words from one song to another until they find their place.
Enough, we can't go on. A veritable Bill Burroughs cutting it up good, that Brooooooooce.

Expensive? £73.93 Whatever that is in "real" money. (As it turns out, $120.00 or so.)
A bargain at twice the price.

All-American Nausea

Too late?
Die, Vets!
*The FREE Bloomin' Onion® and Beverage promotion is open to the following Military Personnel who have one of the following forms of identification on November 11, 2010: U.S. Uniform Services Identification Card, U.S. Uniform Services Retired Identification Card, Current Leave and Earnings Statement (LES), Veterans Organization Card (i.e., American Legion and VFW, Photograph in Uniform or Wearing Uniform). The FREE beverage will be customer’s choice of one non-alcoholic drink.

Others who ♥ Amerika & those who killed for her:

*Available during business hours on November 11, 2010 at participating Applebee’s only. Dine-in from limited menu only. Beverages and gratuity not included. Veterans and active duty military simply show proof of military service.

Burger patties are grilled to your choice of pink or no-pink.

†NOTICE: Items marked with an † may be cooked to order. Consuming raw or undercooked meat may increase your risk of foodborne illness. To our guests with food sensitivities or allergies: Applebee’s® cannot ensure that menu items do not contain ingredients that might cause an allergic reaction. Please consider this when ordering.

Even farther down on the food chain.
Pink or no-pink?
And we're sure smelly, homeless vets needn't apply at any of these dumps.

A Veteran's Lament: I Killed Babies In Far-Off Lands So The American People Could Elect Retards To High Office?

Rep. John Shimkus Not Worried About Climate Change Because of God's Promise to Noah

Rep. John Shimkus, the Illinois Republican who would like to be the next chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said Wednesday that a promise God made to Noah about 6,000 years ago keeps him from worrying about global warming. "I do believe in the Bible as the final word of God," Shimkus told Politico. "And I do believe that God said the Earth would not be destroyed by a flood." Shimkus, who sounds like an excellent candidate for Energy Secretary in a Palin White House, is competing against three other Republicans for the top spot on the energy committee, and Politico predicts that even if he doesn't end up with the chairmanship, he'll at least be named the chairman of a subcommittee. Salon's Andrew Leonard shudders. "I'm glad that John Shimkus can sleep at night, faithful that that God's word is 'infallible, unchanging, perfect,'" he writes. "But for those of us who are less confident in humanity's ability to keep from massively screwing up, the thought that the Bible will be determining government energy policy is massively ulcer-inducing."

Read original story in Politico | Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010

Read original blurb in Slate.

Wingnut To Watch Now Harder To Keep Eyes On

Sad news for mockers; new fave Joyce Kaufman has already been implicated in terroristic acts, & she & her would-be boss, Congressperson-elect Allen West,
You cannot possibly question the blatant patriotism of this war criminal on Veterans Day.
took the opportunity to get her out of the national spotlight.
The radio host who made comments that may have triggered a threat against Broward County schools has announced she's stepping down as chief of staff for a recently elected conservative congressman. Meanwhile the phone call warning of the attack that led to a three-hour lockdown has been traced to a caller outside South Florida, Pembroke Pines Police said Thursday.

Radio talk show host Joyce Kaufman, who just earlier this week was named Rep.-elect Allen West's chief of staff, said she didn't want to tarnish West's reputation. "I will not be used in an electronic lynching by proxy," Kaufman said Thursday.
Not at all. Actually, Kaufman supports lynchings.
 In August, however, it was Kaufman herself who said on her show: "If you commit a crime while you're here, we should hang you and send your body back to where you came from, and your family should pay for it."
More on the latest threat from Kaufman & the terrorists w/ whom she pals around.
According to Capt. Dan Rakofsky of the Pembroke Pines Police, WFTL received an e-mail addressed to Kaufman late Tuesday, expressing the threat.

The call came into the radio station the next morning.

While police will not say whether the call and e-mail were threatening toward Kaufman or in defense of her, there is some suggestion the e-mailer may have been upset that Kaufman has come under media scrutiny lately for alleged inflammatory comments she has made on her radio show.

According to The Reid Report, a blog authored by political columnist Joy-Ann Reid, whose work has appeared in The Miami Herald, Kaufman, who often talks on the air about her weapons collection, was recorded at a July 4 political rally telling attendees "if ballots don't work, bullets will."


"You guys can do all the things you want to me, but I will not participate in you trying to destroy [West]," Kaufman said on her radio show Thursday, apparently referring to the press.

West didn't refer to the controversy in his news release, noting that it was with "deep regret that this Congressional office and the people of CD 22 will not have Joyce Kaufman ... Joyce is a good friend, and will remain loyal to South Floridians and to me. I will always seek Joyce's counsel for being a good Representative of this Congressional District."
At least we'll still have her radio show.

Read more:
Read more:
Read more:

Why Vets Are Saps For "Defending" This Scab Of A Nation

You can NOT ...
The Family Research Council, an influential group with large followings among conservatives and evangelical Christians, announced a nationwide initiative Wednesday to persuade 1 million people to pray for the South Carolina Republican.

Tony Perkins, head of the Washington-based organization, said DeMint has been unfairly blamed for having cost Republicans control of the Senate by backing ultraconservative candidates who lost several key general election races last week.

“To those of us who know and admire Senator Jim DeMint, these recent attacks on his character have been difficult to stomach,” Perkins said in his daily email newsletter to supporters.
Have some Pepto-Bismol®, Tony. Glug down a capful, & then you can explain how Senator Demint's character was attacked. Isn't this sort of "principled conservatism" (Oxymoron much?) exactly in character for the man who beat Alvin Greene? Why is Tony so attuned to Slippery Jim's feelings? He must be very, very sensitive, if you know what we mean.
Perkins said DeMint, who sailed to re-election last week over Democrat Alvin Greene, had inspired countless conservative voters who might otherwise not have cast ballots.
Ballots for losing candidates, that is. Will T.P & his irritating friends ever check any random poll & realize the magical base of which they continually blather is at best 20% of the American herd? And admit they're dropping like flies? (Faster Death Panels!)
“When the establishment failed to energize the base with its moderate platform, Senator DeMint became a crusader for principled conservatism that reached beyond the GOP,” Perkins said.
Reached to the Drooling Loon Party, several Grizzly Mamas, & three or four militia members who wouldn't otherwise have voted. But avoiding the political/electoral issues & strategizing here by calling it an attack on the nation's moral backbone as personified by DeMint would cut down considerably on the whining time, & where would Tony P. be then?
“We want the men and women from both parties to know that an attack on Senator DeMint is an attack on all conservatives and people of faith,” he said.

His group, Perkins said, “is gathering together one million Americans to pray on a regular basis for Senator DeMint.”

DeMint spokesman Wesley Denton said the senator welcomes the initiative.

“Senator DeMint is humbled by the support of South Carolinians and others from around the country,” Denton said. “He’s proud to fight for the millions of Americans who support constitutional, limited government.”
Where humbled means enabled.

Read more:
Read more:
Read more:

Thanks for the help, McClatchy, but we didn't really need that much.

Every Day Is Veterans Day

To The Troops On Veterans Day:

The obvious,
& the timeless & always true.
So, 4000 rubes are dead. Cry me the Tigris. Another 30,000 have been seriously wounded. Boo fucking hoo. They got what they asked for—and cool robotic limbs, too.

Likely, just reading the above paragraph made you uncomfortable. But why?

The benevolence of America’s “troops” is sacrosanct. Questioning their rectitude simply isn’t done. It’s the forbidden zone. We may rail against this tragic war, but our soldiers are lauded by all as saints. Why? They volunteered to partake in this savage idiocy, and for this they deserve our utmost respect? I think not.

The nearly two-thirds of us who know this war is bullshit need to stop sucking off the troops. They get enough action raping female soldiers and sodomizing Iraqi detainees. The political left is intent on “supporting” the troops by bringing them home, which is a good thing. But after rightly denouncing the administration’s lies and condemning this awful war, relatively sensible pundits—like Keith Olbermann—turn around and lovingly praise the soldiers’ brave service to the country. Why?

What service are they providing? I don’t remember ordering 300,000 dead Iraqis—although I was doing a lot of heavy narcotics back in ‘03. Our soldiers are not providing a service to the country, they’re providing a service to a criminal administration and their oil company cronies. When a mafia don orders a hit, is the assassin absolved of personal responsibility when it’s carried out? Of course not. What if the hit man was fooled into service? We’d all say, “Tough shit, you dumb Guido,” then lock him up and throw away the key.

As a society, we need to discard our blind deference to military service. There’s nothing admirable about volunteering to murder people. There’s nothing admirable about being rooked by obvious propaganda. There’s nothing admirable about doing what you’re told if what you’re told to do is terrible.

We all learned recently that the Bush administration instituted its policy of global torture during quaint White House meetings. And we already know this war was started with lies. Shame on them. But what about the people who physically carry out these atrocities? We’ve seen bad apples punished and CEO despots walk free, but all verbal and written denouncement is focused on our leaders. Surely, they deserve that and more—decapitation, really. But why can’t we be critical of the people who have actually tortured and murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens? We deride private contractors like Blackwater for similar conduct—why are the troops blameless?

Take John McCain, or “McNasty,” as they called him in high school. While the conventional wisdom says that Obama gets a pass from the media, McCain is clearly the least scrutinized presidential candidate. He diddles lobbyists, sings about bombing Iran and doesn’t know Shiite from Shinola, yet he remains unscathed, cloaked in his Vietnam “hero” legend.

Again, what is heroic about involving one’s self in a foolish war, being a shitty pilot or getting tortured? Yeah, it must have sucked, but getting your ass kicked every day for five years doesn’t make you a hero—it makes you a Bad News Bear.

Here’s where America’s military lust becomes a true perversion. If we truly valued military prowess, John McCain would be viewed as a failure. But duty alone is enough to inspire our gratitude. Hence the left’s tendency to obligatorily praise the troops while decrying the sum of their actions. Good thing, too, because this war is unwinnable.

George Washington warned that the biggest threat to the young United States was in keeping and deploying standing armies. An overextended military is a drain on any nation—eventually it will break. It also pisses off the people your army is standing on. We’ll never heed this warning and break the cycle of violence, so long as military service is so reflexively praised.

People want to be respected. And in a country with an abysmal education system and disappearing economic opportunities, they seek respect wherever they can find it—as street corner toughs or as government-sanctioned thugs. It beats McDonald’s. But this kind of victim-of-circumstance-sympathy for the troops turns them into automatons, neither deserving of praise or damnation. Disregarding the Stop Loss back door draft travesty, they had a choice.

We’re a squeamish people; we eschew heated debates and, in principle, strive for political correctness when arguing with those who hold contrary views. The left does anyway; the right makes no such pretense. That’s one of the reasons liberals have taken such a beating in the last few decades.

As plainly stupid as religious belief or participating in immoral and illegal wars may be, the castrated left can only argue against these things by appealing to reason. In America, that fails every time. We respond best to partisan venom and ad hominem attacks.

The right has no problem painting their opponents as cowards or godless heathens, but liberals—instead of sticking to the merits of their arguments—fight those accusations by leaning right, praising god and guns, and pandering to the people who cling to them. The left has taken to appeasing bullies as their only course to victory. And that’s no victory at all.

Liberals need to start calling a moron a moron—and openly mocking that moron if his positions or actions are indefensible. Just as Limbaugh or Hannity insults the left, tilting the battlefield so liberals are left scrounging for their patriotic bona fides, the left must begin attacking stupidity whether in the form of religious nonsense, “free market” capitalism or military worship.

Instead of blowing the troops every chance we get, to prove our patriotism and insulate ourselves against attacks from the right, liberals should grow a pair and start dishing the damnation.

How despicable must a military campaign be before Americans turn on their beloved troops? After chiding the “War on Toddlers” as fool-headed and pointlessly barbaric, would Keith Olbermann still thank the troops for their service? After the “Great Grandmother Slaughter of 2010,” will the press remove the fat military cock from its mouth? Following “Operation Murder Fluffy Kittens,” will the left finally nix the “honored service” crap? No. No, they won’t.

Condemning the “troops”—a term coined during the Gulf War—is almost unthinkable. And it won’t win you any awards. “Troops” are a monolithic entity, a cohesive group of pride-inspiring order-takers. Whereas an individual soldier is accountable for his or her actions, the “troops” are too abstract to blame. For Americans, there are only bad apples, never bad orchards.

But what kind of world would we rather live in: one where fools are admired for being fooled and murderers are extolled for murdering, or one where we have the capacity to step back and say, “I don’t care who told you to do what and why; you’re still an asshole!” Personally, I’d rather live in a world where people who act like retards are treated like retards: executed in Texas.

Americans fear the truth. It’s the slipperiest slope of all. Once we start extending responsibility beyond those who gave orders to those who took them, it won’t be long before we’re blaming ourselves. And we can’t have that.

Well, guess what, kids? The Iraq debacle is a pointless bloodbath—and every time you applaud those who “bravely” fill that tub, you’re soaking in it.
You are all guilty!
UPDATE (1445PDT 6 August 2013): The video above, except this one works.
(For how long we can't say.)

Still Can't Get Ahead

The torture never stops.

Been Too Busy

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Knowing One's Audience

Oh, look, two for the price of one, from YouTube Doubler.

We find ourself oddly compelled by this entity, not unlike a smallish rodent, about to be consumed by an iguana or what have you, that is fascinated by the size of those fangs.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Go Away, We're Much Too Busy

Tucker Carlson's Dazed & Confused

"New media" our ass. Take your venture capital & get lost, already.
Note the related article above.
Does the dump need an intervention?

And those ++irksome green links to nothing. (One more link in the chain of petty irritations that will be wrapped around someone's neck before long.)

Military Threat, Curse Of The Bears, March To The Sea

Various sissies, weaklings & cowards on the bought-&-paid-for left are pearl-clutching about Ted Rall's call for revolution in these United Snakes.Our debased discourse makes it completely acceptable for Republican candidates (Not free-lance cartoonists, actual, party-nominated candidates!) to bring up the "Second Amendment remedies" & make it clear that the violent revolution card remains "on the table."That, after all is to be expected & it's what the hell the Second Amendment is for, isn't it?

But beyond "They started it!" (And they did.) what other illustrations of the imminent necessity of armed self-defense can we find? First they came for the whales, but we were not a bear. We'd be worried if we were:
No, he doesn't seem to be aiming at "Mama Grizzlies," if you know what we mean. Plenty of confused climate change babble, and a startling insight into the natural world:
God makes it clear in Scripture that deaths of people and livestock at the hands of savage beasts is a sign that the land is under a curse. The tragic thing here is that we are bringing this curse upon ourselves.
Please convince us that we won't need to be armed when we start to herd these livestock into the mental health facilities.

Weould it be cruel of us to mention that the titular leader of Mr. Fischer's death cult often reminds us of a hot dog on a stick? Sure it would, so we will.
And speaking of mental health, one of the hand-wringers provides hard evidence that these people literally worship death. Rick Santorum & now G.W. Bush have shared their miscarriage experiences w/ us (yes, went out of their ways to tell all of America about the fetus in a jar fetish) & another, even creepier, has been shared w/ all.
There's also this concerning Allen Quist, a former Minnesota state legislator and unsuccessful congressional and gubernatorial candidate who's an unswerving religious conservative:

The depth of his conviction on the abortion issue is illustrated in the most traumatic moment in his life. On a winter morning in 1986, Quist's first wife, Diane, 6 1/2 months pregnant with their 10th child, was on her way to a friend's house when her car slid off the road and rammed into a drainage ditch. She was killed, along with the unborn child.

Legislators who went to the funeral said they were shocked to see the fetus in the open casket with Diane.

So there's something, well, archetypal about this kind of story for religious rightists.
Tell us we don't need to throw people like that out of office. Spare us the democracy crap. Also tell us why those who call for the deaths of untold more thousands can be stopped w/o a credible military threat? It's all they understand.
Republican Senator sparks outrage after calling on U.S. to consider pre-emptive strike to 'neuter' Iran


Mr Graham, who has been in office since 2003 and serves on the armed services senate committee, said the last thing the world needed was a nuclear-armed Iran.

He said: 'So my view of military force would be not to just neutralise their nuclear programme, which are probably dispersed and hardened, but to sink their navy, destroy their air force and deliver a decisive blow to the Revolutionary Guard.

'In other words, neuter that regime.'

Mr Graham, who also serves in the U.S. military as an active member of the Air Force reserves, added: 'Nobody would like to see the sanctions work any more than I would because I'm still in the military and I get to meet these young men and women on a regular basis.

'I know what it's been like for the last nine years and if you use military force, if sanctions are not going to work, and a year from now it's pretty clear they're not going to work, what do our friends in Israel do?'
The idea of a sad sack like Graham calling for the neutering of anything has us in stitches.

And No More Mr. Nice Blog, w/ plenty of linkage & quotes from other would-be murderers, provides even more reasons to pick up the gun.
... I don't care how this gets painted by the mainstream media, I don't care if this shows up on YouTube, because I am convinced that the most important thing the Founding Fathers did to ensure me my First Amendment rights was they gave me a Second Amendment.

And if ballots don't work, bullets will.

I've never in my life thought that the day would come where I would tell individual citizens that you are responsible for being the militia that the Founding Fathers designed. They were very specific. You need to be prepared to fight tyranny, whether it comes from outside or whether it comes from inside. And we are at a moment in history where I have a president who has declared to the entire world that he cannot secure my borders, that he cannot get rid of people who don't belong in this country, which means he cannot do his job -- and when you cannot do your job, you gotta go home....

You've got to do it now. This is the standoff. When I say I'll put my microphone down on November 2 if we haven't achieved substantial victories, I mean it, because at that point I'm going to go off into the hills of Kentucky, I'm going to go out into the Midwest, I'm going to go up in the Vermont and New Hampshire outreaches, and I'm going to gather together men and women who understand that some things are worth fighting for and some things are worth dying for....

Ladies and gentlemen, the new chief of staff for an incoming congressman.

Weep for your country.
Entire rant:Weep for your country? Kill for it, wimp! They claim they're willing to, why aren't we at least making that claim?

Fuck, just a few minutes reading these lunatics & we're calling for a 21st-Century March to The Sea. We'll start in San Diego w/ all the retired military retards & march right along the Christopher Columbus Intercontinental Freeway to the Atlantic, leaving the Sun & Bible Belt in ruins after us. Once we've cleaned out Georgia like Sherman did, we take a right turn (Ha ha!) at Georgia & clear out Florida. You're w/ us or against us; maybe you'd better get off the fence before someone pushes you.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Couple Days Late, & Several Million Over Budget

It was 40 yrs. ago today (giving/taking a day or two here & there) & we were there. A very long time ago.

Now we're here. Yup. Right here. Now. 40 yrs. later.

Party Of Devils, Axis Of Evil

A radical US-born Yemeni Islamist cleric has called for the killing of Americans in a new video message posted on radical web sites.

Anwar al-Awlaki said no permission was needed to kill Americans as they are from the "party of devils".
Well, just call us a "radical web site," then. Also the Beeb.
"Kings, emirs, and presidents are not now qualified to lead the nation, or even a flock of sheep," he said.

"If the leaders are corrupt, the scholars have the responsibility to lead the nation."
Another vote for liberal academics.
He was shown seated at a desk, wearing traditional Yemeni clothes with a dagger in his belt.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Patience Is A Virtue, & Thrifty Too

Paid good money to see the most-recently-restored version of Metropolis in an actual outside-our-comfort-zone theater earlier this yr., & now it's absolutely free on the tee vee, & no apparent difference in our life for having seen it mos. ago at the cinema! Feh.

And we can't remember when our aging bladder forced us to the men's room during the theatrical run. We'll sit here, watch it all, & still not know what we missed.

(Self-Note: Face it, you'll be needing a gerontology category here pretty damn soon.)

No Joy In Black Hole-Ville?

UPDATE (1655): Sudden-death overtime! Sounds scary.

Terse Business Report:
Belts Tightened

Summary Box: The end of leisure shopping

OK, Now It's Tw— ... No, Wait,
It's Really ...

Let's see, the big hand is on the 12, so ...

Election Update UPDATE

From the California Democratic Party:
Dear [Oh, wouldn't you like to know?],

The Kamala Harris campaign for attorney general needs our help.

The polls have closed and with 100% of the precincts reporting its now clear that Harris not only came from behind to close the gap with her opponent Steve Cooley but that the final count is much closer than anyone anticipated.

Right now over 1 million vote-by-mail and provisional ballots have yet to be counted. There is a great deal of work to be done over the next few days to ensure the integrity of the vote canvass process and that's where you come in.

The Harris campaign needs people throughout California to help monitor the ballot count. They will take as much time as you're willing to give, and you will be asked you to travel as far as you're willing to go to help us and the Harris campaign cover every corner of California for Kamala!

Volunteers are currently being trained and dispatched all over the state so that the campaign can have a strong and positive presence in every last Election office. We can use everyone's help; attorneys, law students and those with legal knowledge are particularly helpful. And please let us know if you have experience monitoring votes.


QUESTIONS? Email the Field Team at

Your support has made the difference so far, please help us for one final push.

Peace and Friendship,

John Burton

You Have About An Hr.
To Figure This Out

(CBS News/CNN)- When most people turn back their clocks Saturday night or Sunday morning, iPhone users may have to have a backup alarm.

According to CNN, there's a glitch in the alarm clock app that will keep iPhone alarm clocks from recognizing this week's time change in most U.S. states. CNN's Tech reporter spoke with an Apple spokesperson on Friday. Natalie Harrison told CNN that users who depend on the iPhone to wake them should "set nonrepeating alarms for now and reset after November 7 to resolve the issue." The bug only applies to "repeating" alarm settings, such as those that are set to go off at the same time every day. Apple posted information on its support page about the problem.

Daylight Savings time officially ends at 0200 Sunday morning, returning most of the country to Standard time.

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