Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Which One's Goofier?


We were so looking forward to Sen. Angle's attempt to bring Prohibition back, & her proposing a Constitutional Amendment to ban divorce, premarital S-E-X, & homos.

A.P. Projects Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Will Defeat Republican Sharron Angle in Nevada
The Associated Press is projecting that the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, will survive a high-profile re-election campaign in Nevada against Sharron Angle, a Tea Party-backed Republican.

Guam Gubernatorial Race, Northern Marianas Still Too Close To Call

The governor’s race in Guam is still too close to call with 26 of 58 precincts counted.

The Pacific Daily News reports preliminary election results suggested Democrats will retain the majority in the Guam Legislature and former U.S. Attorney Leonardo Rapadas will be the island’s next attorney general.

The Republican gubernatorial team of Senators Eddie Calvo and Ray Tenorio had 8,557 votes as of 2 a.m., and the Democratic team of former Gov. Carl Gutierrez and Sen. Frank Aguon, Jr., had 8,373 votes.

Democrats were poised to take as many as nine of the Legislature’s 15 seats, with incumbent Senators Tom Ada and Judith Won Pat as the top vote-getters, based on early results.

Voter turnout was greater than 80 percent in some precincts -- a figure supported by the experience at many village polling sites, where ballot boxes reportedly were stuffed to capacity.

And results had yet to emerge in the congressional race in the Northern Marianas by the early hours of this morning.

The Saipan Tribune reports that by 3:45 am local time only 4,278 of the estimated 6,500 votes cast yesterday had been counted.

The paper reported the results were still too close to call with independent candidate Gregorio Sablan only leading his closest rival, Covenant Party candidate Joseph Camacho by 200 votes.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Quitter & Hater, Sitting In A Tree ...

From TPM, last night:
"BREAKING: Tancredo just received glowing endorsement from Sarah Palin - details forthcoming..." the Tancredo campaign wrote on its Facebook wall minutes ago. A link was then posted to an apparent robocall Palin recorded in support of his campaign
Hear it here. It fucking glows alright, like the radioactive wastelands in the heads of both of these fools.

"Paid for & authorized by," was it? Must have been some loooong negotiations over what the still-identifying herself as a governor grizzly mama was going to be paid, & it sounds as if she held out until the last minute, when Mr. Civics Literacy Test had to give in. Imagine how ex-half-term-AK Gov. Palin would do on that test.

Captain Video, Space Cadet

Just advised by the voices in our headon the telebsion that today marks the 10th anniv. of continuous humanoid occupation of space (Not that most of you humanoid fucks aren't just taking up space here on the surface of our tired old earth.) aboard the International Space Station. DJOn-Air Personality time!Are we working a Kohoutek theme around here?

Election Gamma Ray Terror Alert

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a nuclear bomb goes off in your city? With Google's Maps framework and a bit of Javascript, you can see the outcome. And it doesn't look good.
And kiss your ass goodbye.
Courtesy of Morbo: Plug in your location & see if you'll survive. We're good up to a Fat Man of 21 kilotons dropped on or set off precisely on City Hall as far as heat & pressure go, but we are somewhat disturbed that the fallout always blows west from downtown.

Would have survived a Fat Man on the Hollywood sign when we were working at Sunset & Vine, too. Even the fallout, but we've no confidence that the winds are always going to be blowing to the west, & we'd guess that six blocks from the assumed demarcation of the pressure zone might not make that much difference.

Chump-Ass Losers

Pack Your Trunk
Sure, go ahead & vote, delusional American sheep. It will not make a dime's worth of difference. Note well that people like Nut-Meg Whitman neither register nor vote, because they get their way no matter who's in office. You don't get your way, because you're nobody, & you have nothing.

Keep bending over & taking it though. Keep showing up at work, keep lining up to vote, keep buying poison at the supermarket, keep breathing whatever shit is spewed into the air, keep drinking the chlorinated piss they call water from your decaying infrastructure you won't vote money to repair, keep watching the tee vee crap that's radiated all over you as well.

While you're at it, try an appeal to a Just Gawd. It'll take one look at you & reply: "You are a soul-less, brain-dead robot, who is of no interest to us in our eternal competition w/ Lucifer for human souls. Did you learn nothing from the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil?" And it will be absolutely correct.

Also, your mothers dress you funny.

The Ace Of Spades

Eugene Robinson plays The Race Card. (The stating of facts about America by Americans of a skin tone darker-than-the-nat'l. average.)
One thing that struck me from the beginning about the tea party rhetoric was the idea of reclaiming something that has been taken away.

At a recent campaign rally in Paducah, Ky., Senate candidate Rand Paul, a darling of the tea party movement, drew thunderous applause when he said that if Republicans win, “we get to go to Washington and take back our government.”

Take it back from whom? Maybe he thinks it goes without saying, because he didn’t say.

On Sunday, in a last-minute fundraising appeal, Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee implored his supporters to help “return American government to the American people.”

Again, who’s in possession of the government right now, if not the American people? The non-American people? The un-American people?
Exactly, Gene, the un- & non-American people. House UN-American Activities Committee, anyone? One can't really (Not that it would stop any of them, mind you.) accuse anyone of being un-American unless s/he is at least passing, if you will, as American. Un-Americans do live among us.

Plus which, Bush Derangement Syndrome. That is, the stating of facts concerning the not- & never-President.
After all, it was Bush who inherited a budget surplus and left behind a suffocating deficit—I’m not being tendentious, just stating the facts. It was Bush who launched two wars without making any provision in the budget to pay for them, who proposed and won an expensive new prescription-drug entitlement without paying for it, who bailed out irresponsible Wall Street firms with the $700 billion TARP program.

Bush was vilified by critics while he was in office, but not with the suggestion that somehow the government had been seized or usurped—that it had fallen into hands that were not those of “the American people.” Yet this is the tea party suggestion about Obama.
It would be more than fair to state loudly & firmly that, as w/ virtually all the crap thrown at President Obama, the "seized & usurped" meme (Hate that non-word.) in reality applies to Bush. Or have all of you chumps forgotten America's 2000 Presidential Selection, Brought to You by The Supreme Court of These United Snakes in a Purely Partisan Decision? Of course you've forgotten, you're shitheels w/ the attention span of a mayfly, & you more than deserve the government you get.
I have to wonder what it is about Obama that provokes and sustains all this tea party ire. I wonder how he can be seen as “elitist,” when he grew up in modest circumstances—his mother was on food stamps for a time—and paid for his fancy-pants education with student loans. I wonder how people who genuinely cherish the American dream can look at a man who lived that dream and feel no connection, no empathy.
They're assholes, Gene. We know you'd be lynched if you came out w/ the complete truth, but c'mon, go down swinging. (Uh, wait, maybe not the best word choice. Or is it?)
I ask myself what’s so different about Obama, and the answer is pretty obvious: He’s black. For whatever reason, I think this makes some people unsettled, anxious, even suspicious—witness the willingness of so many to believe absurd conspiracy theories about Obama’s birthplace, his religion, and even his absent father’s supposed Svengali-like influence from the grave.
And our answer is that those who are unsettled, anxious & suspicious are two-faced chickenshits, at best. Our patience therew/ grows thinner by the day.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Annals Of Projection

Almost decided to let this pass (We're trying to eat, watch the World Series, & so on here.) but it's such a a classic yet sad example of projection & the truly astounding shallowness of reactionaries that it's passing like a kidney stone. No surprise that one of Tucker Carlson's legacy hires (Tucker's kind of a legacy himself, isn't he?) at The Daily Caller (Someone w/ a "II" after their name, if there's any question about our legacy accusation.) is the typist.

Not only (as we'll see later) is Nicholas Thimmesch II a mind-reader, he can read the minds of the demented & not-so-recently-deceased. Watch:
Anybody who refers to the President of the United States as “dude” to his face is a nutcase, but no more than any POTUS who allows such a slight to go unanswered. I’m certain the late, great Ronald Reagan, a man who would not take off his suit jacket in the Oval Office, is rolling over in his grave.
Considering that the final fashion notes that the "late, great" (Wow, it rhymes! That's extra-clever, original, & as dignified as "Winston tastes good, like a cigarette should.") Ronald Reagan offered the nation was sporting oven mitts so he wouldn't scratch at the help, we can see how his worm-riddled corpse would be spinning at this affront to the kingly, if not imperial dignity of the office. Other dignified Reagan moments include Iran-Contra, & going to Bitburg, Germany to honor the noble SS troops who fought the Red Menace in WWII (w/ just a little collateral damage to a few selected ethnic groups). That's dignified. As was "We begin bombing Russia in five minutes." Late & great!

Nicky Two-Time also has insight into the minds of those hate-filled ralliers last Saturday, who ran amok all over Washington after the rally, knocking over anyone smaller & stepping on their heads if they felt threatened, or heard an opinion w/ which they disagreed. It was all over the papers.
Glenn Beck’s rally tried to be serious to the point of being funny, while Stewart’s, Colbert’s and Shultz’s rallies tried to be funny but were seriously mean if not sick. The best way to describe the theme of the “Rally for Sanity and/or Fear” is, well, The Daily Caller is a family-friendly website, so it won’t allow me to fully express myself, but suffice it to say, it was all about “F-you.”

“F-You,” you crazed Tea Party people, you mean-spirited, corporate-loving Republicans, you Obama-hating weirdos, you birthers, you, well, regular fly-over-country Americans. “F-You”: we’re just as much Americans as you are!

No, they aren’t: the people attending the Stewart/Colbert rally frigging hate the aforementioned Americans, if not America itself. They think they should all be banished, like Helen Thomas said of “the Jews,” back to Germany and Poland, where they all came from after all.
Absolutely. Projection & eliminationist rhetoric has long been the exclusive province of the left, as typist Thimmesch II clearly demonstrated w/ hundreds of photographs of the hateful, "Get Out, Whitey!" (And much worse, but The Daily CallerJust Another Blog [From L.A.]™ is a [Manson] family-friendly website, so we don't type out FUCK, but euphemise it w/ "F-" & "frigging.") signs that polluted the moral atmosphere of Washington. Also, they rode the Metro, & buses!!
No, the rally that clogged the Metro, had WTOP as well C-SPAN radio swooning (WTOP beckoned listeners, “Are you going to the rally?” while C-SPAN’s voice-over commentator could barely contain herself from giggling at Stewart’s jokes), kept bus drivers busy shuttling liberals back and forth from New York City on Arianna Huffington’s dime, and hopefully did not leave the same amount of trash that Obama’s inauguration and Shultz’s brown shirts did.
Lose your train of thought there, genius? What did the rally do again? Or what is it that the rally was? Or what? Is there a verb in there that has any connection w/ the subject?

Onward & downward, he really gets rolling here: Note the sheer, hateful spite & evil he detected.
One sign shown at the beginning of the rally by C-SPAN (since liberals are so hung-up on signs at Tea Party rallies) said: “I’m Pretty Much Cool With The Reasonable Amount Of Taxes I Currently Pay, I’d Probably Be Okay With Paying More Too If That Might Help The Economy With The Deficit.” “Help the economy with the deficit”: oh my, how Keynesian. That sign is as frigging outrageous as any Tea Party sign, except most Tea Partiers actually pay federal income taxes whereas I would imagine that the person holding this sign is among the 45% of Americans who pay no federal income taxes.
(Yes, do imagine. Imagine in one hand, & crap in the other. Either way, your hands will be filled w/ crap.)

Out-friggin'-rageous!! Those parasites must have some good accountants, & all their money is in the Caymans, right? A cursory search would reveal just a bit about income disparity in these United Snakes, & why people who don't have the wealth aren't asked to pay taxes (Yet.) but then he'd lose his point about how outrageous & w/o a plan these people are.
Like Jon Stewart, these people were all about themselves and their hatred for America. Me, my, I: that’s what we’re interested in, nothing serious, nothing substantial, nothing positive. No solutions for any of America’s serious problems were put forth by anyone, just “We are Americans, too.” It was really the Rally to Mock America.
Nothing demonstrates liberal "hate of country" more than offering to pay taxes. After all, real Americans hate paying taxes because of their vast, all-encompassing "love-of-country." And few signs are more substantial & serious about policy than "We Need a Christian President," "Thank You, FOX News" or "Obama = Hitler." "Taking our country back!" (From the majority of voters?) will be the complete & only possible solution to any & all problems. Certainly extending tax cuts will lower the deficit.

We've read some crap in our time (typed some too) but this Nicholas the Second offering has guaranteed him entry to the Jonah Goldberg Wing of The Transparent Buffoonery & Pathetic Projection Hall of Fame.

So let's learn a bit more about the latest inductee.
Nicholas Thimmesch II, son of the late Los Angeles Times columnist Nick Thimmesch, is a longtime media and communications consultant to numerous campaigns, government representatives and public policy organizations, serving in the Reagan White House as a staff writer.
He's as demented as Reagan. Serving in the Reagan White House? It hasn't existed since 1989, but he's still serving there. Maybe N² was one of the guys who had to serve Ron meals, & was clawed for his efforts. Between the grammatically challenged English & the psychological problems, we can only say, "Dude! Get some help."

Slightly different version at Whiskey Fire.

War on Xmas!!

And speaking of starting a war or two, just saw the first Xmas-themed advert of the consumption season, on the World Series broadcast. Ready, aim, fire!

Last Of The Wailers Wails

Bob Marley nothin', actual wailing self-expression in the music industry came from Ornette Coleman & his ilk, of whom he's now the sole exemplar.

The intro to an interview:
Ornette Coleman spoke to LAist last week, via phone from his home in New York City.

A word about the length and format of this piece: Most of my interviews over the phone tend to run about fifteen minutes, during which I ask and receive answers to anywhere from five to ten questions. Ornette and I spoke for nearly an hour, during which I managed to ask two of the questions on my list, and I’m not sure if he directly addressed either one of them. Instead, he started interviewing me at several points, and I’m horrified to say I ducked several of his questions. (Though to be fair, how would you respond in the moment to something like, ”I don’t have no idea of how much the human race controls the value of life. Do you?”) For the first fifteen minutes I kept waiting for him to say something that might naturally provide a segue into any of my other questions, written out on a sheet of paper, which I kept glancing at while trying to follow his stream of consciousness. But around the fifth time he started to make a point by talking about the mathematical distance from C to F sharp, I looked down at the list, thought, “this too is improvising, keep your eye on the ball”, and pushed it away. And after that, things improved noticeably.
Ornette Coleman appears at UCLA Live’s Royce Hall on Wednesday, November 3 at 8pm. Tickets, $49.25 to $90.25, available from [REDACTED, because we aren't a pimp, & who fucking cares?].
Sorry, fans, but we won't be making a personal appearance.

A Brief Reminder To Americans

The Second Amendment is still in force. We hope all rightcorrect-thinking (By which we mean leftist. Or we could simply mean "all thinking Americans.") Americans have, as certain political figures recently drooled, re-armed & reloaded. And maybe have gotten in some target practice, made sure their ammo supplies are more than adequate (Remember, a penis substitute is useless w/o the seeds of democracy.) cleaned, oiled, yada their weapons, & taken any other necessary steps, should tomorrow's exercise in political theater & bogus democracy not go our way. Because "Second Amendment remedies" are not exclusive to reactionaries, & we will take our country back. (Or forward, depending on how one looks at it.)

Dia Del Derf

Holy shit. Derf Scratch has escaped this mortal coil, & his passing in July seems to have escaped us. Brought to our attention by Punk Turns 30 (And then it dies?) which offered no further details. (Of course not, they must've known three mos. ago, why wallow?)

Too fucking grim to excerpt details or recount his various whatevers. Oh ho, the L.A. Times obit indicates liver disease, & that he died in Camarillo.
Locational irony:
Wrote & vocalized on this one:
Blew on this one.
We are totally out of it, & should pay more attention. To the obituaries.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Xian Identity

The Atlantic, somewhat to our surprise, hasn't completely given up the ghost. We tripped over this while stalking Mme. McSuderman:
The subject of today's class is the Constitution, but the discussion keeps veering to various methods of sending Mexicans back where they came from.

Not surprising: Our instructor is Lester Pearce, Arizona Justice of the Peace and brother of Russell Pearce, author of that state's harshly anti-immigrant Senate Bill 1020. Lester Pearce can't stop mentioning that Mexicans have begun leaving Arizona since the official persecution began. In fact, Pearce says, he wants to send some Americans to Mexico too. "I wrote a bill when I was in the legislature to give [the Gadsden Purchase] back to Mexico, because we had people in Tucson who were socialists." Mexico didn't want them, he says.


Lurking behind these words is the idea that the Constitution is not only a religious document, but a tribal one--written by one kind of people, white Anglo-Saxons, and enshrining their superiority. The Constitution is "ours"; immigrants, non-Christians, Jews, Presidents with funny names are here in "our" country by "our" sufferance, and the time has come to take "our" country back. None of this is quite said; but it hangs in the air. "The divisions are going to become greater and greater," Lester Pearce warns the students at Our Savior's Way. "It's not between the haves and the have-nots. It's between the haves and the entitled. Have you ever seen an interview with Obama's aunt? She says, 'they owe me.'" The one bright spot is Arizona's permissive concealed-weapon law, he explains. When the U.N. troops arrive, "they're going to have trouble."

Once the seminar begins marching through the Constitution itself, there aren't many surprises: regulatory agencies, the Federal Reserve, paper money, national parks, Social Security, Medicare, the Environmental Protection Agency, disaster aid for Katrina victims, hate crime laws--all are flatly unconstitutional.
Euro-Jesus, in his incarnation as Corrections Corporation of America, wants more prisons, prisoners, & profit.

All Over But Another Game Or Two

Pretty damn obvious that the appearance of the Bushes cursed the Rangers by en-limpening their sticks.

Couldn't happen to a more deserving group.
In the 1880s, white men in East Texas used violence as a method of political control, and lynching became the common form of retaliation for alleged rapes of white women or for other insults or injuries perpetrated upon white society. Mexican Americans of South Texas experienced similar forms of brutality. The Ku Klux Klan, the White Caps, law officials, and the Texas Rangers, all acting as agents of white authority, regularly terrorized both Mexican Americans and black Texans.

A Dedication To A. Breitbart

Why, it's as if whoever wrote the words was looking into the future & saw the ugly.
Is there anything good inside of you
If there is, I really wanna know
Is there anything
Good inside of you
If there is
I really wanna
Is there anything
Good inside of you
If there is
I really wanna
Is there?

Is there any-thaaaang good inside of you
If there is, I really wanna know-woh-oh-oh-oh
Is there any-thaaaang good inside of you
If there is, I really wanna know,
Really wanna know...


Show me a sign
If you don't mind
Show me a sign
If you don't mind

Do you know what I'm really telling you
Is it something that you can understand
Do you know what I'm really telling you
Is it something that you can understand
Do you know what I'm really telling you
Is it something that you can understand
Do you know what I'm really telling you
Is it something that you can understand

Andy de vine
Had a thong rind
It was sublime
But the wrong kind
Andy de vine
Had a thong rind
It was sublime
But the wrong kind

Have I aligned
With a blown mind
Wasted my time
On a drawn blind
Have I aligned
With a blown mind
Wasted my time
On a drawn blind

Oh Andy ...
Blah blah, copyright disclaimer, yada, something, whatever.

Two Faces Of Evil
(Now UPDATED W/ A Link)

Were there any reason to prefer Texass (They've never been, spread the wealth, yada.) over Frisco in this Series, it flew out the window & crashed to the sidewalk in a bloody pulp when they dragged elitist economic criminal George "Four-name" Bush & his son, the war & economic criminal George "Three-name" Bush out of their sarcophagi to drive around the field.

Seeing the two personifications of exceptional American evil side by side (Would that it were a line-up, where the two shits were being fingered by the ghosts of the Iraqis, Afghanis & so on they caused to be murdered.) we noted the elder of the vicious, soul-less pigs looks no worse for wear nor much older than his devil-spawn; that may be the sad genetic influence of plutocratic succubus Barbara "Beautiful Mind" Bush. Or the result of a twinge of conscience on Junior's part, though we imagine his conscience would have been expunged long ago as part of his elitist pig education. (Assuming the in-breeding eugenics program of the elites hasn't entirely eliminated conscience from all of them.)

On the other hand, A Weak-Minded Wart:

Is it fair for Bush (and Bush, elder) to be on camera in such a glowing light, for hours on end?

We're watching the World Series, and I'm wondering if the Bushes are making a profound subliminal impression on American minds, drawing us toward the stability of the past. Bush and baseball — is that a political argument against which the mind cannot defend?

Thinking Ahead

Just received a 'phone call from some guy named Danny Glover (probably not his real name) urging us to vote for this proposition 19 thing. Tried to tell him we'd already voted, but he wouldn't shut up & listen, so we hung up on him.

Earlier we rec'd. a call from an anonymous human who urged us to vote for S.F. D.A. Kamala Harris, who's running against former L.A. D.A. Steve Cooley for A.G. (Suck it, rural Californians! Millions of you hicks in the Golden State, but not enough for any of you to matter!) That caller at least listened when we advised him we'd already voted, & had cast our ballot for Ms. Harris, though we did tell him we had to hold our nose while doing so, as Harris is opposed to Proposition 19. As is Dianne Feinstein, whom we will personally primary out on her married-to-investment-banker-scum ass if she dares run in 2012.

Hey! If, according to feminist theory, marriage is prostitution, can this be used to prove just what Sen. Feinstein is?
In 1956, she married Jack Berman (died 2002), a colleague in the San Francisco District Attorney's office. Feinstein and Berman divorced three years later. Their daughter, Katherine Feinstein Mariano (b. 1957), is a Superior Court judge in San Francisco.

In 1962, shortly after beginning her career in politics, Feinstein married neurosurgeon Bertram Feinstein; her second husband died of colon cancer in 1978.

In 1980, Feinstein married Richard C. Blum*, an investment banker. In 2003, Feinstein was ranked the fifth-wealthiest senator, with an estimated net worth of $26 million. By 2005 her net worth had increased to between $43 million and $99 million. Her 347-page financial-disclosure statement – characterized by the San Francisco Chronicle as "nearly the size of a phonebook" – draws clear lines between her assets and those of her husband, with many of her assets in blind trusts.
*No relation, we hope, to this Dick Blum.

Ah, G'wan, Have Another

Miniature livers 'grown in lab'

Scientists have managed to produce a small-scale version of a human liver in the laboratory using stem cells.
All well and good, but when can we start growing ribeyes in the tanks in the basement?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pontiac Follows Olds
To Big Wrecking Yard In Sky

The last new Pontiac for sale on the lot at Lee Pontiac GMC in Fort Walton Beach, Fla., is a 2009 Pontiac Solstice coupe hardtop. Gary McCracken for The New York Times

Pontiac, 84, Dies of Indifference

We don't actually give the proverbial flying fuck at a rolling dough-nut, having never owned a car or been licensed to pollute the air from behind a steering wheel. Perhaps we feel a bit of nostalgia for the sense that life & income would go as GM intended, moving the consuming sheep from Chevrolet to Pontiac to Olds to Buick to Cadillac. (Hey, this could be quite a metaphor for the end of the American middle-class, if we gave a shit about those fucks in the first place. And since the sheep allowed themselves to be screwed into virtual non-existence, when they weren't willingly bending over for it — not unlike Pontiac itself, if The NYT is to be believed — they can all go to hell. )
Pontiac built its last car nearly a year ago, but the official end was set for Oct. 31, when G.M.’s agreements with Pontiac dealers expire.

“They were C.P.R.-ing a corpse for a long time,” said Larry Kummer, a retired graphic artist who has owned more than two dozen Pontiacs and runs the Web site PontiacRegistry.com.
A slideshow, which reminded us that the hateful pigs who held us prisoner for the first 18 yrs. of our existence had a Tempest at one time. The big deal w/ the Tempest was its four-cylinder mill.

While you're at it, List of defunct United States automobile manufacturers

Marking the grave.
As for the fate of the sculpture that was taken down in mid-March?

"It's gone. The piece didn't sell. It was destroyed and sold for scrap," Losh says. "It went the way of the dodo." Just like Pontiac itself.

Irony Defined

PHOTOS: Fire at SE St. Cloud fire station by Jim Maurice, WJON.com

ST. CLOUD -- The St. Cloud fire department battled a fire at one of their own fire halls this (Friday) morning.

It broke out at Station 3, which is by the Talahi school in southeast St. Cloud sometime before 6:00 a.m.

A fire truck was destroyed and there is also some smoke damage to the building.

More details are expected later this morning, but it appears the fire broke out in one of the trucks inside the garage bay.  Crews are making temporary repairs to the roof today, but fire officials say Fire Station 3 could be out of commission for awhile.

St. Cloud Fire Marshall Mike Post is working with the state fire marshall to determine the cause of the blaze and develop a damage estimate.

Post says the fire alarms sounded and all of the firefighters inside the building were able to get out unharmed.
Added bonus: Bullshit defined for you.
This news is protected by Copyright.
© 2010 Townsquare Media, Inc. All rights reserved.
This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
This news is copyrighted? Really? And how did you plan to stop us?

And We Quote:

Do keep trying to present yourself as anything but an upward-failing loser; it's not working.
California cannot afford another six years of Boxer’s ineffective leadership and bitter partisanship, which have resulted in trillions of dollars in wasteful spending and millions of out-of-work Californians.
Fiorina, the "effective" leader who was pushed out screaming from HP after she ran it into the ground.

We're not quite sure what she's "delivered," unless she worked for FedEx or UPS. (Using the five HP corporate jets to ship stuff?) Or delivered lay-offs to HP employees.
As voters continue to be reminded of Boxer’s dismal, long tenure, they will turn instead to Carly Fiorina who has a record of delivering and who will bring to Washington a focus on economic recovery and job creation.
Not partisan, either.Tea Partisan, actually.

Actual Elites

Nothing to see here, please move along or you will be wrestled to the ground & stomped upon by an aging redneck who has to use his foot because his "bad back" won't allow him to bend over to punch your head. Or by actual statist pigspolice officers. Or Joe Miller's active-duty military, moonlighting as SA members, will handcuff you for asking questions.
According to a Roll Call analysis of Senate financial disclosure forms filed in 2010, more than half of the chamber’s membership, 54 lawmakers, reported a minimum net worth of more than $1 million. Another four Senators fell short of that mark by less than $100,000.

In addition, more than half of the Senate’s membership saw their individual fortunes grow in 2009, the period covered by their most recent disclosure reports.
Here in Paradise somewhat lost, we do not put up w/ this shit from corporate drones!
LOS ANGELES — At one point, it appeared that 2010 might be the year of the female Republican chief executive in California. Two of them — Meg Whitman, a candidate for governor, and Carly Fiorina, a candidate for Senate — have presented themselves as credible, competent and wealthy products of the corporate world in a state that, while decidedly Democratic, nonetheless seemed tired of the status quo and hungry for reform.

Better Late Than Never,

That means you, Tweety M.! We had his third item some time ago. Note also that Nut-Meg Whitman is in no way at all horrible, despicable person. And note that The Tweetster left out this line from the transcript we offered: "And biblically, again, I'm gonna go right back to my fundamental Christian beliefs . . ." Why'd you forget that, apologist?

Bottom Tens

Minor Leagues:
Others receiving votes (in alphabetical disorder): Kansas (2-5); Alabama Birmingham (2-5); Tennessee (2-5).
Rout of the weak: Ohio State (7-1) at Minnehaha (1-7).
Crummy game of the weak: New Mexico (0-7) at Colorado State (2-6).
Dumbest quote of the year: Coach Derek Dooley of Tennessee (2-5) compared his team to the German forces during the Allies' D-Day invasion of Normandy: "We're like the Germans in World War II … like, 'Oh my God, the invasion is coming!' "
International crummy game of the weak: Denver (2-5) vs. San Francisco (1-6) in London.
U.S. crummy game of the weak: Jacksonville (3-4) at Dallas (1-5).
A helmet-to-head victim? Tampa Bay Coach Raheem Morris said of the Bucs (4-2): "We're the best team in the NFC." (Everyone knows Seattle will be the NFC representative in the Super Bowl — against Kansas City.)
Admitting we are a thief: Copyright © 2010, Los Angeles Times Come get us, Tribune Company!!

I Couldn't Spell Kohoutek

Possibly the oddest musical double bill we've ever seen was Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs & Journey (prior to the revolting Steve Perry, but w/ Aynsley Dunbar on skins & the two guys from Santana) at the Whisky, sometime in 1974.
What isn't on YouTube?

UPDATE (0035 PDT, 25 APRIL 2012): A Journey gig from 1974 to replace the above removed videos.
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Open Letter To The Humanoids

We've known it since well before we hit puberty, but more proof arrives every day:

It’s the Stupidity, Stupid

Two new academic studies suggest all roads lead to ignorance.

The first, by Harvard’s Michael Norton and Duke’s Dan Ariely, finds that Americans grossly underestimate how much inequality our economy produces.


As Northwestern University’s David Gal and Derek Rucker recently documented in a paper titled “When in Doubt, Shout!” many Americans respond to convention-challenging facts not by re-evaluating their worldview. Shaken by an assault on their assumptions, many become more adamant in defense of wrongheaded ideas.
There is obviously no reason or purpose to the continued existence of people, so please do one of your betters (US!) a favor & vanish from the face of the earth, before our righteous rage gets us off our ass & over to the sarin dispenser.

File this under: Threats, Maybe Not So Idle.

Leave Our Labels Alone

If the fucking piece of shit takes three or four yrs. to load, you can click again & go to a separate page, where you'll see & hear less than a minute of the several mins. this took on the narrowcast. We can't imagine why MICROSOFTNBC would not have adequate bandwidth or whatever it takes, but they don't. Why we only get the last min. is beyond us as well. A stern letter to MSNBC in on the way, you may rest assured.

Leno: It Is To Laugh (Not!)

Enough w/ politics; people who prostitute themselves & their talents or art (You know, whores!) are everywhere. A national example of this (We may be stretching the concept of art when we apply it to Leno, but hey.) is given in Tina Brown's Daily Beast.

No mention in The Beast that the aging squares who might enjoy Jay's mainstream "idiot pandering" comedy stylings probably can't stay awake until 2335 (2235 Central) because their early bird turkey loaf dinner has them keeling over right after Matlock reruns on the Hallmark Movie Channel.

Here's the (lamely obvious) funny:
Now, however, there's fresh blood in the water. The Tonight Show With Jay Leno has lost 21 percent in overall audience compared with 2008, and 25 percent of its viewers aged 18 to 49, according to Nielsen. This comes after the show's ratings hit historic lows last summer. Among 18-to-49 year-olds, advertisers' preferred demographic, Leno is attracting even fewer viewers than O'Brien did during his brief stint as host—those same ratings spelled doom for the Conan Tonight.

Cue the schadenfreude.

"Ha! Ha! Ha!" comedian Andy Kindler said in response to news of Leno's ratings. "You reap what you sow."

Kindler, a well-known critic of Leno, is not the only one taking some bitter satisfaction in Leno's latest ratings. Comics on both coasts are quietly taking note that what they suspected all along is finally coming to pass. "Jay wanted The Tonight Show back in the worst way," says comedy writer and standup Dana Gould. "And he got his wish."


Comedian Patton Oswalt was the first notable comedian to go public with his resentment of Leno back in January, calling the talk-show host "Nixonian" and "passively aggressively mean."

"Comedians that don't like Jay Leno now—and I'm one of them—we're not like, 'Oh, Jay Leno sucks!'" Oswalt said on the Jan. 8 edition of Comedy Death Ray Radio. "It's that we're so hurt and disappointed that one of the best comedians of our generation willfully shut that switch off and was like, 'No more for you guys!'"

Back in the 1980s, Leno was a comic's comic. He was a regular guest on NBC's Late Night With David Letterman, known for having the most cutting one-liners on any news event and for calling out other comedians who pandered to the masses. Then in 1992, he took over The Tonight Show, toned down his material and championed comedians whose acts went counter to his early persona.

"The first person that he got behind on The Tonight Show and made a star was Carrot Top," says Gould. "He immediately went against what he preached to other comedians. It left everybody scratching their heads."
Best bet on network telebision after the late news: The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
Fergie as Limey Prince Charlie. That's funny.
Hand puppets, too!

Tee Vee (Lying) Eye

aAnd Republican strategist Karen Hanretty can't handle the truth, mostly because she's paid to deny it.Which came first, Hanretty, the delusion or your greed?


"Hollywood Star Whackers"

Is Big Hollywood all over this yet? No. Why not?
VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — Actor Randy Quaid says a group of Hollywood bankers, lawyers and executives is out to ruin him as he continues to seek refugee status in Canada following his arrest on U.S. warrants.

Quaid made the comments Thursday after he attended an immigration hearing in Vancouver, British Columbia, to determine if he would be admissible as a refugee in Canada.

Quaid and his wife were arrested in Vancouver last week and jailed on outstanding U.S. warrants related to vandalism charges. The Quaids are wanted in Santa Barbara, California, where they missed a court hearing last week on felony vandalism charges.

Randy Quaid and his wife, Evi, appeared at their first immigration hearing last week and requested refugee status based on their belief that they were being persecuted by “Hollywood star whackers” and that their lives were in danger.
Title: Not what you think, sick fucks.

Consumer Round-Up*

To begin, Democrat or Republican, you're a fucking consumer sheep if you have a "favorite brand." A recent survey of the sheep does indicate how brain-dead reactionary ovines are.
According to Advertising Age, YouGov asked people about a bunch of brands' quality, value, their satisfaction with it, their willingness to recommend it and their general impression of it, and they came up with an overall index of favorability.
And then they sorted the answers according to the political party of the respondents. (We did something like that in the 2008 election, when we worked with Zogby to figure out how entertainment preferences correlate with political preferences.)
The number one most favored brand among Democrats appears nowhere among the top ten most favored brands among Republicans. Ditto the reverse: Republicans' favorite brand is nowhere among Democrats' top ten.
If you look at what those two brands are, you can infer a lot about America right now.
Republicans' top brand: Fox News Channel. Democrats: Google.
Fox News: a hermetically sealed bubble of unquestionable absolutes, with sacred sages, approved opinions, official history, bright-line boundaries, party-line facts.
Google: the cacophony of the crowd, the contest of contradictions, the boundless wild west, the jumble of truth and rumor, the burden on its users to sort science from fiction -- with all the anxiety, uncertainty, tentativeness and humility that comes along with that obligation.
On a good day for the network, a couple million or so Americans watch Fox News. On an average day, a couple hundred million or so Americans use Google or some other search engine. It's odd that the media frame the battle lines as Fox vs. MSNBC, when the real fissure may be the one between the zealots and the searchers.
*Fuck yes! Round 'em up, put 'em in a fucking pen, & shear them. Oh, too late, already been done, & many yrs. ago. Baaaaa!


There was absolutely no fucking reason to wake up or get out of bed today. Yet we did.

File under: Crap we probably should have twitted.

HitlerPope's Brit Blitzkrieg
Screws Local Catholics

Operation Sea Lion II seems to have worked out quite well for someone. But as usual, someone else is left holding the bag. And, presumably, begging for spare change.
Two older queens. Though the one on the left may be a mama grizzly.
The Roman Catholic Church of England and Wales has until April to clear its multi-million pound debt with the government over the papal visit, with officials admitting they are currently unsure how the cost will be met.

The government covered many of the church's contributions towards the four-day trip, which took place last month, and wants the money to be repaid by the end of the financial year.

The church has raised £6.5m but, as the total costs are £10m, it faces a £3.5m shortfall. It is counting on diocesan and individual contributions, in addition to sales of a papal visit prayer book, to settle the account.

A parish collection raised just £1.4m while appeals to the wealthy were more successful, netting around £4m. The previous papal visit, from John Paul II in 1982, left the church £13m in debt as it had to foot the bill entirely for the pastoral tour.
The rich, still trying to buy an indulgence & pass through the eye of a needle.

Plus which: Extending money/credit to a religious organization? Never a good move, especially in the newly-austere Britain.

"What's Wrong W/ These People?"
Ed Schultz Asks

Chris Cillizza is a disingenuous jerk, around (9:00). This isn't right-wing, it's just "passion?" Even Matthews knows better.And Ed is fired up, pig-biting mad (Shit, we're out of bacon ... Uh, where were we?) about chicken-shit Tim Profitt.Nothing from Maddow today; we were watching men who are paid millions of dollars for playing a child's game when her show was on.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Speaking Of Brownshirts ...

Thanks to BJ common tater Todd (In a good item from a new typist there.) for refreshing our memory of this lovely 1938 incident. Note the great big George (Founding Father) Washington overseeing it all. The Tim Profitt-type action starts at (0:22).And dig the description of the libertarian/objectivist paradise that follows.

Sad News, Late

Just grabbed a newspaper from the pile to peruse on the throne. Odd that the 30 July (this yr., at least) section w/ the obits hadn't been sent out the door yet. Even odder (Not going to be that odd in the future. Get used to it.) that we should know one of those obituarized, Irene C. Forrest,
long time gal pal/roommate of a long-time acquaintance. Haven't seen either in some time (They left L.A. yrs. ago, like sensible people, & contact was lost.) our long-time acquaintance wasn't mentioned among the survivors (Romance may have soured, who knows?) but we met Irene several times, & there was nothing not to like about her. Putting up w/ our acquaintance may have gotten her some sainthood points. Belated condolences to all.

Just The Same, Really,
Except When It Isn't

Grasping at straw people.

Confirmation Bias, Or Should That Be Bias Confirmation?

We don't know all that much about stuff, &, like, things, y'know, but we do have a more than passing acquaintance w/ American telebision programming. So, when confronted w/ this inane horseshit from David "Bobo" Brooks (Doubtlesssly filed via WiFi directly from an Applebee®'s salad bar somewhere.) a wk. ago, we were almost inspired to rake Brooks' ignorant ass over the coals, but slothour better nature won.

However, on noticing another smart-ass (w/ a larger soapbox from which to spew) take Brooks' bullshit on, we managed to overcome inertia w/ judicious copying/pasting.
Saying "For most of television history, sitcoms have been about families" is like saying "In modern America, presidents have been Republicans." It's ludicrously wrong, Alessandra Stanley-grade wrong. Does David Brooks even own a TV set? Or does he while away the evenings putting on puppet shows for himself?

You know what would be a good sitcom, to take advantage of this trend? If you did one about a professional pundit, an effete dork who keeps humiliating himself by trying to pass himself off as a man of the people. (Down the hall is a mean Irish lady who talks entirely in dialogue from old movies.) The episode where he goes to Red Lobster would be priceless.
Smart-ass Scocca doesn't manage to link directly to Neal Gabler's inspiration for D.B., so we will. Compare & contrast w/ Bobo.

Does anyone w/ any authority (Or a connection w/ reality?) at The NYT ever read Brooks? We can only assume not, considering that he is still employed there.

And because we can not resist, "Flock you, David Brooks, you incompetent drone."

No-Info Morons

There is no hope.Reëducation camps? Sending people like this back to kindergarten to receive an actual education wouldn't help any. Although there's certainly more at work here than mere sub-human idiocy. There aren't enough shrinks on the planet to help these cretins understand how & why they are so fucking stupid & joyfully ignorant.

UPDATE: Parsing the morons. "Ignorance spreads like a cancer, and right about now, it's making our body politic pretty sick."

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Have You?

Stupid Zombie Bullshit Finally Killed By Sears

YouTube commenter:
George Romero created the zombie genre as a critique on how we've all become mindless, brain dead consumers...the irony of this is too much to bare
Put some damn clothes on it then. (Good point otherwise.)

Night Nurse Cuts Off
Gregory Isaacs' Oxygen

Another "battle" lost: On Monday (October 25), reggae legend Gregory Isaacs passed away at the age of 59 after battling lung cancer.

Bald-head Babylonian mo-fos can catch up on the man's work here. And another classic, live.

On Hiatus

We're hitting the damn sack; when we wake up it will be cool enough to head for a local un-named desert, where we'll recover our large cache of small & medium arms, ammo & things of an even-less legal nature.

Bring it on, manly woman-stomping Rand Paul-shirted stormtroopers. You want it, we got it!

Dumb-ass fuckface Jim Hoft thinks it's hee-larious.
Another day… Another unhinged leftist stalks and tries to harass a Republican leader.

MoveOn.org activist Lauren Valle wasn’t counting on this reaction by Rand Paul supporters.She was tackled and stepped on by Paul supporters. (TPM)

Look for the state-run media to make her into some kind of saint by the end of the day.
First Things first, we say.

Curiosity Solved

We've noted the tilt of downtown Hell-A
We keep forgetting how close we are to Tommy's.
Have to drop by for an artery-clogger soon's that gummint money gits here.
(Expand the map & note the Hoover St. dividing line.)
when mapping expeditions to & from various bank brancheshamburger stands & the like, & now it's explained for us, & for those who don't know or care.

Public Service Announcement

New spew de nous chez Whiskey Fire. If there's anyone who visits here but not there.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Desperately Unorthodox

Compare & contrast: This web log's take on Nut-Meg & her desperation time advert, and the reaction from Tucker's Daily Caller:
Meg Whitman delivers an unorthodox reintroduction of herself to California’s voters in the closing days of the election.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/10/25/whitman-i-know-you-think-of-this-election-as-an-unhappy-choice/#ixzz13QcZJ0az
NB: Like a large portion of everything The Daily Crawling Terror shoves down America's throat, the above auto-link is a lie: there's nothing more to read at the page linked, & very little else worth consumption at the site.

Though we are amazed at the non-stop rerunning of every AP story about fatal transportation accidents world-wide. Here, here, here, & here.

Democracy Killed By Nation Of Rubes

From Colorado:
As The Denver Post reported back in September, minor party status means that Republicans wouldn't appear at the top of the ballot with the Democrats in 2012 and 2014. Instead, they'll be listed down with the Libertarian, Green Party and other third-party candidates.


[A] memo written by Arapahoe County Republican Party Chairman Dave Kerber obtained by the Post in early October spells out some serious consequences.
Our state house and senate candidates will similarly be relegated to bottom positions. In 2014, when we have our US Senate, Governor, Attorney General, Treasurer etc races, again, we will be at the bottom of the ballot fighting the libertarians etc for ballot placement. As we all know, being at the top or toward the top can mean several percentage points in the vote, enough in a close race to secure victory.
Our emphasis. Are the voters flipping coins once they get in the booth? See also: South Carolina's Democratic Senate nominee, Alvin Greene.
Indeed, in a three-hour interview, the unemployed military veteran could not name a single specific thing he'd done to campaign. Yet more than 100,000 South Carolinians voted for him on Tuesday, handing him nearly 60 percent of the vote and a resounding victory over Vic Rawl, a former judge who has served four terms in the state legislature.
Proud of yourselves, sheep?It is not possible to despise a group of people more than we despise American citizens. We hold the rest of the species in utter contempt as well (No favorites!) but knowing Yankee morons as we do, we place them at the top of the shit-list.

Hurry Up W/ The Damn Election, Already

We aren't usually subjected to Presidential campaign advertising in the Tarnished State; as crazy & lazy as many of our residents are, they still don't go for the toads the Reactionary Party offers us nationally every four yrs., so there's little point in spending much here. Statewide elections are another story.

Imagine this simpering smile & generally snippy demeanor (approaching the "explaining voice," we dare say) in this close-up, but four times life size, on your telebision. Seemingly at every commercial break.We find this one even more irritating.The primary thrust of our complaint, however, is that the day after the damn election we'll get the money the gummint pays us not to work, in a noble effort to reduce workplace violence. Although were there serious concern over our mental health, they'd get Fiorina off our damn telebision, at least.

We'll grant her campaign one thing: They allow comments on the CarlyforCalifornia YouTube posts, which is more than can be said for Nut-MegWhitman2010. (Or not. Some of the videos seem to be comment-disabled, some don't. Same w/ Babs here. May apply w/ Nut-Meg & Brown too. Whatever.)

FAIRNESS DOCTRINE:Note the "voice" here too.Where's our money, damnit?