Monday, October 18, 2010

An Urbane Sophisticate Types

The big divides of the past century have been those between the city on one side of the Santa Monica Mountains ... and the San Fernando Valley suburbs on the far side.

And ... in the other direction ... the unwillingness of people north of the 10 freeway to venture south.
We certainly fall into both of those camps. Though we aren't frightened of the swarthy hordes south of the Mason-Dixon lineI-10, it's the honkies in Orange & San Diego Counties farther south that give us the willies. And the Valley: Are you kidding? Have you ever been there?

Otherwise, pointless blah blah (also yada yada) about "car" culture vs. "urban" culture, "how we see ourselves," & inane meaningless droning. Don't be a mugwump, come out on the side of what's objectively correct: No more automobiles. Anywhere. Ever.

Think the FBI will interpret that as advocating eco-terrorism? Let's up the ante: BURN A CAR DEALERSHIP!! FUCKING NOW!! (We would ourself, but all the lots w/in walking distance have gone out of business.)


Via verbose idiot Tunku Varadarajan (Go back to Britain, subject of Her Majesty! You're taking work from Real Americans!) bemoaning the peoples' candidates at a NY goobernatorial debate we give you the Rent Is Too Damn High Party.* Careful, link has loud music that won't stop.

Oh, here's what he has against democracy. Well, we can't entirely blame him.
Pity the poor people of New York: Can there ever have been a state so rich, so abundantly endowed with talent and enterprise, to have had a political choice so abject, so meager, so embarrassing? Had we beamed this debate into the cafes of Baghdad, or the hubble-bubble joints of Kabul and Kandahar, all notions of enlightened America exporting democracy to the benighted of the earth would have evaporated forthwith.
Though we blame him for being so fucking dense. Pity? The people of New York voted for these horror shows. Those were their choices! Perhaps Mr. Varadarajan, being a product of colonialism & all, hasn't quite figured out even what passes for democracy here. A clue: The people vote! Twice! Once in a primary, which led to the candidates on display, & once in a general election. It wasn't Her Majesty's representatives telling the natives for whom they could vote, they did this to themselves.

*We can't believe this isn't the largest party in the nation, but considering how long you fucking sheep have been living on horse- & bull-shit we aren't that surprised.

Joe Miller's Fascist Thug Bully Boys

Or: Brown Shirts. Although, judging from the video, the brain dead crewcuts involved should be called Red Ties. Same diff.
It is bizarre enough to have a reporter "arrested" by private security, but those of us who drive past The Drop Zone, the business behind Miller's security every day aren't surprised by their over-reach or connection to Joe Miller.
The only thing more extreme than the weather and wildlife in Alaska is the politics. The Drop Zone was a sponsor of Palin apologist and former radio host, Eddie Burke. The DZ bragged to patrons about their security squad being littered with former Blackwater operatives. Not disclosing full names and a preference for cash transactions were commonplace.  A poster of President Obama as the Joker hangs in their front window.
Part of being a 2nd Amendment Progressive in Alaska is having friends who are gun nuts. Several have recalled "Bill" at the Drop Zone boasting about his partners' participation in rendition and black ops overseas. He would show off the 50 caliber sniper rifle worth at least $80,000.  No one I know would ask what it was worth.  It doesn't take a sniper rifle to put a moose in your freezer.

"Bill", identified in news accounts of this story, is William Fulton. He is the owner of the Drop Zone. Bill was photographed in front of the Alaska 9/11 Glenn Beck-Sarah Palin rally after accosting and pointing a finger at a protester while shouting in her face, "Socialist!" The woman's sign said, "Don't be stupid Alaskans, Don't Vote Joe Miller, We Deserve Better...", and she held her own against the verbal onslaught.
Fighting in the streets, '30s Germany style? Come on! A $3.00(? Haven't priced higher-caliber ammo lately.) round will turn your brains pulpier than they already are, no matter how much your sniper rifle ran you, pin-dick.

One must wonder under what circumstances many of the Red Ties left military service. Or they may just be WHORES(!!!) who like to play their little games, but will always hold out for more money.

Ed Schultz On A Roll Today

Maybe it's idiot Sharron Angle who's on a roll. Transcript & more video.Yeah, when did fatso Istook there decide to go straight?

Joe Miller, Nazi Smart Guy, Likes East Germany (& Their Speech Restrictions)

Anchorage blogger Steve Aufrecht reports that during the town hall, [Miller] cited his time serving at the Fulda Gap, one point on the former border between East and West Germany during the Cold War.

During that time, he said, "East Germany was very, very able to reduce the flow" from one side of the border to the other. "Now, obviously, other things there were involved. We have the capacity to, as a great nation, obviously to secure our border. If East Germany could, we could."
Brainiac Miller doesn't appear to understand the difference between keeping people in a prison-state, & keeping them out of one. But it won't take much more than a few million mines, all the barb-wire in the world, & a free-fire zone. International law? Please. What are you, a fairy?

Note fascist bully-boys in their suits & ties. Obviously deserving of more respect than someone sporting a non-suit.
Anchorage Daily News vid stolen from Salon.

Whiny-Ass Non-Americans Want US To Stop Killing Stuff

U.N. Pleads With World To Stop "Destroying Life on Earth"

With all eyes turned toward the upcoming U.S. elections, it seems unlikely that the birds, bees, and trees can compete this week for attention. The U.N. is soldiering on, however, with its increasingly desperate entreaties for action on the loss of animal and plant species that underpin key human support systems like clean air, water, and fisheries. The latest call came today, at the opening of an international meeting aimed at galvanizing nations to action on the issue, reports Reuters. "This meeting is part of the world's efforts to address a very simple fact—we are destroying life on earth," said Achim Steiner, head of the U.N. Environment Program, said at the opening of the meeting in Nagoya, Japan. The U.N. leaders struck an apocalyptic note as a similar target to halt biodiversity loss by 2010 whizzed by with little to no progress. Delegates from almost 200 nations are meeting to set new goals for 2020, with U.N. officials arguing that maintaining the diversity of species on the planet is crucial to human welfare.
Read original story in& Reuters | Monday, Oct. 18, 2010
Some people have a lot of fucking nerve, don't they?

Oh Irony, Where Is Thy Sting?

Andrew Breitbart reveals himself:
Come on, "grass-rooters," sign up w/ a Washington-based firm that lobbies for huge corporate interests to demonstrate your grass-roots authenticity. What are you waiting for? You don't want (or even need) clean air &/or average temps below 100°F, do you?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Angry Asshole Routine Not Working So Well In NY

Breaking News Alert The New York Times Sun, October 17, 2010 -- 7:25 PM ET
New York Poll Finds Anger at Albany and Wide Edge for Andrew M. Cuomo

New York voters are profoundly pessimistic about the state economy, worried that they or someone in their household will be laid off in the coming year, and convinced that Albany is rife with corruption.

But in the race for governor, they are rallying not around the gruff outsider who has promised to take a baseball bat to Albany, but around an insider who has spent much of his adult life working in government: Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo.

Read More
Maybe if Paladino can actually make his head explode w/ rage he'll pick up a few points.

California's Clueless Corporate Candidate

Hey, Carly, here's an idea (Yes, that's we call them, those things that happen occasionally when you're thinking. Try it sometime, airhead.): If you outsourced (One idea you do get.) all the poor people to where they should be, you could really cut that budgetdeficit. And where should the lazy parasites be outsourced? Ice floes are very nice.

Inspired by Fiorina's Jan Brewer moment on FOX. Not really: Carly just keeps spewing meaningless boilerplate ("FIORINA: … We don’t know how taxpayer money is spent in Washington, D.C.") rather than clamming up & smiling like a clown, Brewer-stylee. And, Ms. Fiorina? CAN YOU FUCKING READ A BUDGET, BUSINESSWOMAN? That might give you some idea of where all that money goes.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

No Shit, The Place Is A Dump

In Westwood Wednesday to hear McArdle (The Hammer Museum is in a lower corner of Occidental Petroleum's corporate edifice.)
we noted the "cracked, trash-strewn sidewalks, neglected landscaping and numerous vacancies" first-hand.
In 1993, Westwood merchants petitioned L.A. city officials to decrease meter rates from one dollar to fifty cents, which in turn brought overcrowded curbside parking. Still, the revenues raised were not kept in the neighborhood and these days you have a relatively sleepy commercial district (especially in the summer when UCLA is on break) where "residents and merchants bemoan the cracked, trash-strewn sidewalks, neglected landscaping and numerous vacancies," as Groves put it.

In contrast, look at Old Pasadena. The same year Westwood decreased rates, the City of Roses upped them to $1-an-hour and took the revenues to improve the area. "Many area employees who had parked on the street and moved their vehicles every two hours began to pay for parking in city structures, so that curb spaces were freed for customers," explained Groves. "The shift helped transform the area from a blighted eyesore into a vibrant destination with shops and restaurants. Shoup doesn't take credit for Old Pasadena's change, but he often uses the area as Exhibit A in his talks."
The Hammer, across Wilshire Blvd., at 2104 on a Wednesday. Note sidewalk, crowds.
We can correlate that Old Pasadena is indeed a thriving hotbed of (filthy, disgusting) consumerism. Put that in your proverbial pipe & fucking smoke it, glibertarians. More taxes, more parking regulations & more gov't. coercion = More profit for pigs. Boggles the mind, dunnit?
Hammer Window Art

No More "Whore." After This.

Too lay-zee to pull any quotes. Read it or don't. If you do, you'll see how losing GOP media whores use the "radically left" & bankrupt in every way L.A. Times. And you'll get even angrier about everything & everybody & how much they all suck. Then it's the spiral into the abyss of dull, or explode into space from the anger.

Or a nap.

Bklah b;lah yada.

completely not caring, go here for the real thing/.*
I tend to agree that the word “whore” in such a context, while ugly, is not particularly sexist, but I do happen to think that ugly language deserves a comment or two at this particular moment in time. Because the thing is, words do hurt. Bullying is reportedly rampant, as are suicides of its victims. People can say and do really ugly things to each other. Look at the cases of Phoebe Prince or Tyler Clementi. Look at the ways in which Hillary Clinton has been talked about, for gods sake.

But that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re not talking about sexism; we’re talking about pottymouth. We’re talking about the ugliness of politics, of what happens when someone who’s demonstrated zero interest in politics for the bulk of her life comes into billions of dollars, runs out of toys to buy herself and decides to buy a public office instead, breaking records on campaign spending, and swapping endorsements for favors. (Oops, did I type that out loud?)

Seriously, to suggest that the W-word in question is on par with the N-word–or “deeply offensive to women” in one instance while “a completely different thing” in another–is, quite frankly, offensive in and of itself. Splitting hairs is an insult to voters’ intelligence–and it points to the disingenuousness of Whitman’s decision to play the woman card here, despite the fact that there is precious little in her platform or proposed policy that would benefit women. Even putting that aside, claiming offense in this instance cheapens what people go through when they are the victims of truly hateful language. Politics is ugly, but not as ugly as hate. And what we have here is a non-issue, played up for drama–and votes. There’s plenty of truly offensive instances of hateful language and sexist bullshit to get pissed off about, but this is not one of them. And if you ask me, the most offensive part of the whole thing is this: California is in one hell of a mess, and in desperate need of some quality leadership. And this is what we’re talking about instead.
*All typos completely authentic.

Nut-Meg: Whore Likes State Murder

We were just exposed to this pile of digital fascism (Twice in one local break!) & idly wondered if calling Nut-Meg a wanna-be killer would arouse any ire.Also, is it still OK to call cops pigs, or is a visit from PETA exemplifying literal-mindedness imminent?

Is That Her Night-Shirt?

Early onset Alzheimer's disease would explain a lot about Ex-AK Gov. Palin & her extemporaneous speaking style. And this shot of Granny Grizzly in whatever it is indicates she may be in assisted-living by 2012. Not that that would keep millions from writing her in.
Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin tells a crowd of about 2,000 at a forum hosted by the Sacramento Metro Chamber that the country needs to elect business-minded candidates who won't sell their principles for the sake of bipartisanship. Friday, Oct. 15, 2010. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)
Call Fiorina & Whitman what you like (WHORES!!) at least they aren't quitters. And what does this say about Granny G.'s 2012 bid?
Political observers are not surprised by the snubs because Palin’s endorsement could turn off some independent voters.

“Palin is high risk and high gain,” said Raphael Sonenshein, a Cal State Fullerton political science professor.

A recent poll conducted by the university showed Whitman and Fiorina in Orange County draw about the same share of Republican votes but “Whitman’s getting twice as many Democrats. Fiorina is running a base campaign and Whitman’s running to the center and it shows,” Sonenshein said.
("Base" indeed. Har har.)

Is Palin (per the photo caption above) accusing Nut-Meg of being a WHOREunprincipled sell-out of business-mindedness, just to get some votes? What an awful thing to say! Condemn her roundly, business-minded feminists!!
Whitman likely didn’t want to join Palin at the Anaheim event because, “There’s a history there dating back to the primaries,” DeSipio said.

“She and the Palin wing of the party didn’t see eye to eye,” DeSipio said.
[Checks the time again.] What's taking you?

MOMENTS LATER: We see that our new crush,Joan Walsh, has weighed in on La Palin as well. All reasonable & non-inflammatory.

Good-Bye, Pearl Necklace

Beaver Cleaver. Hee hee.

You Know Who Else ...

Yup, that guy again.
Instead, the show focuses on the society that nurtured and empowered him. It is not the first time historians have argued that Hitler did not corral the Germans as much as the Germans elevated Hitler. But one curator said the message was arguably more vital for Germany now than at any time in the past six decades, as rising nationalism, more open hostility to immigrants and a generational disconnect from the events of the Nazi era have older Germans concerned about repeating the past.

“The only hope for stopping extremists is to isolate them from society so that they are separated, so they do not have a relationship with the bourgeoisie and the other classes,” Mr. Thamer said. “The Nazis were members of high society. This was the dangerous moment.

“This we have to avoid from happening.”

Increasingly, Germans have put the guilt of the past behind them, reasserting their pride in national identity in many positive ways. But there also have been troubling signs seeping from the margins into the mainstream.

A best-selling book by a former banker promoted genetic theories of intelligence and said that Muslims were “dumbing down” society. A leading politician condemned “alien cultures.” A new right-wing party recently attracted hundreds to a speech by the far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

Even government officials say that immigrant children are picking on native Germans. The media is filled daily with reports of conflict between immigrants, especially Muslims, and Germans.
You may have heard this recently in these United Snakes too.Continuing the anti-fascist, anti-bourgeois musical tradition.

Sexist Double-Standard Wrap-Up:
Where's The Outrage?

We are sitting here tapping our fingers on the desk, anxiously checking the time. Where is the firestorm of feminist condemnation of this disturbing trend?

Gender-Based Attacks Growing Common in Campaigns

Sarah Palin talked about President Obama's lack of "cojones," Delaware Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell said her primary opponent "should put his man pants on," and, most recently, Sharron Angle told Sen. Harry Reid to "man up." All this adds up to an election cycle that "may be remembered for a jarring shift in the political dialogue between the sexes, a moment when polite sensitivities were shelved and bold gender-based power plays became the norm,"writes the Los Angeles TimesPolitico also takes a look at the trend, noting that "it's the political equivalent of a high school football coach calling his players 'ladies'." Conservative women aren't alone in using these kinds of phrases, and male candidates also often use it in a way to refer to their opponents lack of courage. Still, the trend is most interesting coming from female candidate since it seems to be a clear attempt to turn the tables on the stereotypical view of women. Of course, it also suggests somewhat of a double standard since it seems hard to imagine "a male candidate telling a female opponent to be more ladylike," notes the LAT. Indeed, "There's simply no way for the male candidate to respond," notes Politico, "let alone respond in kind."
Read original story in The Los Angeles Times | Saturday, Oct. 16, 2010
Perhaps the ladieswymyn are too busy organizing an HBO boycott.

Posted by Jim Hoft on Saturday, October 16, 2010, 12:40 PM

Is this supposed to be funny?
Could you imagine a so-called comedian today attacking black men, or Asian men, or Hispanic men, or any other ethnic group like this? Why is it appropriate to crack racist jokes against white men? Is this supposed to make you sound sophisticated? Enlightened? What?

And, when did racist-sex [sic] jokes about conservative women become acceptable?
Yeah, when did that happen?

Lame Telebision Theatre

Syndicated monochromatic crime action. Dig the cat getting plugged in the intro. (W/ Rocky Graziano.)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Nut-Meg Bobblehead

From our friends at the Promotion of Prison Brutality & Overtime Union. You know, guys & gals who want to beat up poor people but can't cut it on the street as real pigs. Sucky acoustic guitar folk music too. California is not perfect.

Penis Envy

Shut the fucking hell up you witches; come back when you don't have to squat to pee.As a man, we have never, ever, been more offended in our entire life! Ever. (Note: More interested in the compilation of these awful whores — They're mostly married, aren't they? And we all know that marriage is prostitution, don't we? — than in anything Chris Matthews & his Village Idjits have to say on the subject.)

Further "Fashion Show" info. And, where Hardball producers get their segment ideas.

"Reality Is Kinda Optional"

Next time we're watching it all before posting. "Oakland Raiders of politics" our ass! East Coast bias!!

How Low Can You Go?

Crummy game of the weak: Nevada Las Vegas (1-5) at Colorado State (1-5).
Rout of the weak: Arizona (4-1) at Washington State (1-5).
Say again: The Sagarin computer rankings have Arizona State as No. 20 in the nation. ASU is 3-3. (Leave the jokes to the Bottom Ten, please.)
Old school: A student cited for 21 counts of procuring alcohol for underage persons for a party before Wisconsin's game against San Jose State told the Milwaukee Sentinel that the bash started out to be for "a bunch of old guys we sell our parking to. It's all like 40- or 50-year-olds with their families."

Crummy game of the weak: Dallas (1-3) at Minnehaha (1-3).
Monday night crummy game of the year: Tennessee (3-2) at Jacksonville (3-2).
Rout of the weak: Bye over Buffalo (0-5).
Fantasy flops:
  Running back Arian Foster (Houston), 11 carries, 25 yards, no touchdowns; quarterback Jimmy Clausen (Carolina) 22 passes, nine completions, 61 yards, one interception, no touchdowns.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Inane Images?*

This always makes us feel good. A former Borders Books Movies Music & a Cafe being put to better use. We'll outlive the entire corporation.
*Enough w/ the blogging, then. What's on telebision? Oooooh, prime time.

Still Am

Took a few pix last night on the long, difficult pilgrimage to McArdleville, on the Westside where the whiteys is. (Thank you all so much for the bus-fare contributions!) Had already forgotten the pix & the whiteys, until The Daily Dish's daily filler (Below: At 1300, no date given.) reminded us.
Our view of Century City's twin towers, from Beverly Hills, CA, at 1820.
Been waiting for bin Laden to finish these for almost 10 yrs. now.
Pointless aside: Wasted several mos. of our even-then empty & meaningless existence inside the eastern (or southern, maybe) tower, going over documents in the lawsuit the builders had filed against the owners of the towers. And we'll admit we kinda dig the soul-draining concrete sterility/brutality of Century City. (It's not as if we actually had a soul, so no biggie.)
Better, but not embeddable. (What's their deal?) Or, same thing, embeddable, maybe lower def.

Science Goes Too Far

What will Andy Sullivan say about this obviously biased bit of left-wing coverage?
Politics may be the reason why the media has so far failed to report the small role of genes. The political right believes that genes largely explain why the poor are poor, as well as twice as likely as the rich to be mentally ill. To them, the poor are genetic mud, sinking to the bottom of the genetic pool.

Writing in 2000, the political scientist Charles Murray made a rash prediction he may now regret. "The story of human nature, as revealed by genetics and neuroscience, will be conservative in its political [shape]." The American poor would turn out to have significantly different genes to the affluent: "This is not unimaginable. It is almost certainly true." Almost certainly false, more like.

Instead, the Human Genome Project is rapidly providing a scientific basis for the political left. Childhood maltreatment, economic inequality and excessive materialism seem the main determinants of mental illness. State-sponsored interventions, like reduced inequality, are the most likely solutions.
We kept telling you fucking assholes your pig society was driving us mad, didn't we? Maybe this time you'll listen, before more people get hurt.

D'Souza Revisionism, Already

Are you ready for some revising? Even rightists can't dance around facts forever; one of them just noticed (besides everything the Pres. typed in his book that D'Souza couldn't be bothered to quote, because it would refute his Unified Bullshit Theory of Mystical Anti-Colonialist Influence) that President Obama really hadn't been around his Luo tribesman father during his formative yrs., so a more plausible malign influence should be found, & surprise, surprise, the demon's been right there all along!
I'm not going to dissect D'Souza's argument. [Oh, we knew that! D.D.'s argument is so fragile we doubt if he'd breathe on it. — M.B.] But I would like to add some important information: If Obama is indeed motivated by anti-colonialism, the source may be Frank Marshall Davis as much as, if not more than, Obama's father.
You know where this is going if you're the sort who's amused enough by these people to be reading this, so we won't bother ourself w/ Googling Frank Marshall Davis for you. And if Jeremiah Wright & the Weather Underground are more familiar to you than Davis is, it's only because he didn't leave us w/ as many documented outrages ("God Damn America!!") as the other Obama-molders. Typist Kengor, however, dug deep into the Communist files, because, more surprises, he's pimping* a new book himself.
I come to this via a different route from D'Souza. My new book -- released the same day as D'Souza's, coincidentally -- examined the communist movement in the 20th century, and specifically how communists duped progressives and liberals. I determined, definitively, that Frank Marshall Davis was not a duped liberal but a duping communist. I show this at length, quoting Davis's weekly columns from the CPUSA organ, the Honolulu Record, and reprinting pages from Congressional investigations and from Davis's declassified FBI file, including a document that lists his Communist Party number: 47544.
And Kengor rests his case. Talk about having a guy's number! Heh indeedy!

Oddly enough, there is classical leftist revisionism in Kengor's McCarthyite (No, reactionaries, that is not a compliment. It's an insult, if insulting if still permitted.) screed. It's quickly dismissed as evil anti-Americanism, natch, but Frank Marshall Davis raises an interesting point or two about colonialism.
Consider a May 19, 1949 column, "How Our Democracy Looks To Oppressed Peoples," where Davis excoriated the Marshall Plan. Yes, the Marshall Plan.

"For a nation that calls itself the champion of democracy, our stupendous stupidity is equaled only by our mountainous ego," Davis complained. "Our actions at home and abroad are making American democracy synonymous with oppression." He added: "I have watched with growing shame for my America as our leaders have used our golden riches to re-enslave the yellow and brown and black peoples of the world."

Davis characterized the Marshall Plan as a "device" to maintain "white imperialism." This nefarious "oppression of non-white peoples everywhere" was purchased via Secretary of State George Marshall's "billions of U.S. dollars … to bolster the tottering empires of England, France, Belgium, Holland and the other western exploiters of teeming millions of humans."

In another column a few weeks later, on August 18, Davis stepped up the communist attack on "the double-talking Truman administration with its program for World War III." "The Truman doctrine in Greece and Turkey and then the Marshall Plan," were, claimed Davis, "based upon the continuation of colonial slavery by the ruling classes of Western Europe."

In his next column, Davis protested: "I shall not help England and France keep millions of my colored brothers in Africa and Asia in colonial slavery. Yet that is what our dividend diplomats ask of you and me when they demand our support of the bi-partisan Marshall plan."
We can't disagree w/ that. And the horror doesn't stop. Brace yourselves (Our emphasis. COMMIES!):
Yet, there's a more sinister element, as suggested by a July 1935 document held in Comintern Archives in Moscow. That document ordered American comrades (like Davis, who, at that point, lived in Chicago), to go to Hawaii to agitate against Hawaii becoming part of the United States. The Soviets wanted the territory as a base of operations. What would be the party line? The document ordered American communists to claim there was a "growing discontent of the masses of the population in the Hawaiian Islands," resulting from "the regime of colonial oppression and the exploitation of American imperialism with its policy of militarisation of the Hawaiian Islands."
So in 1935 Hawai'i was not a Territory of these United Snakes, but a division of the Dole Corporation? Next we'll be told that until statehood was granted, the islands were just floating out there, unanchored, & menaced by sharks & giant octopi.
That was precisely Davis's position when he relocated to Hawaii, whether by orders, by personal beliefs, or both. And it isn't unreasonable to expect he might have shared such thinking with a bright teenager named Barack Obama. Bear in mind, Obama admitted to learning from Davis, including college advice -- his very next step. Obama describes his first days at college as hanging out with "Marxist professors," attending "socialist conferences," and "discuss[ing] neocolonialism."

Rather than heralding the American exceptionalism that sought freedom for the people of the USSR and Eastern Europe, Davis would have passed to Obama a very different narrative about America's place in the world, beginning with its alleged imperial-colonial sins.

This was the wrong side of history, but it was the side of Frank Marshall Davis. The remaining question is to what extent this affected Obama, then and still today.
Should those whose idea of history is to stand athwart it yelling "Commie!" at the top of their lungs ever be taken seriously when they decide which side of history is "right?" We think not. But that is quite a question Mr. History poses. 30-plus yrs. ago some guy maybe repeated to Obama something he'd typed 20-plus yrs. before that? Since nobody, nowhere knows nothin', no how, 'bout Obama, except what they think he's thinking, based on any wild delusion (but seldom on anything he's actually said & done) there's just no way that remaining question could be answered, is there?

At least not until the President's Executive Order on Hawai'i is issued. Then we'll know whether he's handing it over to the Hawai'ians, selling it back to Dole, or just turning it into Airstrip One & running all the drone attacks in Pakistan & Afghanistan from Pearl Harbor.

*Referred to a man as pimping something! Can we expect an avalanche of mens rights weasels complaining?

Hookers & Hos
In Firestorm Of Controversy

Gender-neutral, damnit!!No, we don't have the nerve to post this there. (And we do have the minimal am't. of respect necessary for the proprietor.)

Posting this would open the entire can of sex (Icky!) worms, so it's right out too.
Guess the whore!
Joan Walsh expands.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Peak Idiot

Via Balloon Juice, as mentioned, the glibertarian solution:
The most amazing voice from the anti-tyranny forces, though, belonged to a woman named Amanda Biondolillo, from Concord:
"The family should be left to resolve it on their own," Biondolillo said. "Or private enterprise - private companies can contact the family and say, 'We heard you were hitting your kids. Can you stop that?' "
Is Amanda Biondolillo a prankster who shows up at protests to say things to make libertarians look like morons? Her online presence looks sincere. But: really? Private enterprise! The solution to domestic violence is for there to be private companies that will go around telling people to please stop hitting their kids. Oh, the parents will say, we hadn't thought of that. We will stop hitting the children now.
Original report.
But the vast majority of protesters did not know Irish or Taylor, though they said they were familiar with similar struggles.

"We've got Nazis in our airports," said David Oliver, an Exeter man. "They're restricting our movement, trying to chill everybody by stealing babies."
Gypsies or fairies?

Early McArdle Report

Disappointing: Ms. McA. does not give off actual evil vibes in person, & no recording was allowed.

UPDATE (0032PDT 14 October 2010): Link to sponsoring org.'s rundown. We are redundant.

There's A Fog Upon L.A.

Oh, as if you could have resisted.

Yes, We Call It A River

From The Murder-Suicide Files

MESA, Ariz. (AP) — Police says [sic] a 21-year-old Arizona man fatally shot his father then turned the gun on himself after they argued about the son doing the dishes.

Mesa police found Aaron Farinacci (fehr-ihn-AH’-chee) blocks from his parent’s house with a gunshot wound to his chest. He was in critical condition Tuesday.

Police say the incident began just after 6 p.m. Monday when Aaron Farinacci argued with his father, Jeffrey Farinacci, then ran into his parent’s bedroom and locked the door. Jeffrey Farinacci got a key and unlocked the door, and his wife then heard two shots. She told police her son pointed the gun at her as she went to investigate.

Police say Aaron Farinacci had gotten his father’s handgun from the nightstand.

Jeffrey Farinacci died at the hospital.
See, if only the Farinaccis had had a gun in the house, they would have been safe from a crazy person w/ a gun.

And parents, enough w/ being such non-stop fucking assholes, already. Shit.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Butch Enough To Be A Nazi?

Oh, surprise, surprise, Congressional (& Nazi) wanna-be Rich Iott (R-OH) may have more skeletons in his closet,if queer-hatin' Bryan Fischer & the book from which he stole his column are correct.
Even today in America, it is chic in some homosexual circles for individuals to wear replicas of Nazi Germany uniforms, complete with iron crosses, storm trooper outfits, military boots and even swastikas.
Rich Iott, second from right, in a Nazi SS Waffen uniform.
Iott at Nazi re-enactment.
We don't see Iron Crosses or swastikas. Maybe these aren't butch homos. Could be the effeminate 'mos the butch Nazis killed. (You think we kid? Read it. Apparently Nazi homo is redundant.)

Photos courtesy of the Atlantic, by the way.

We Knew It: "Bullcrap!"

All things coming to those who sit & wait while distracting themselves w/ pseudo-spectacle, we didn't even have to search actively for confirmation of our suspicions about Joe Miller (Is that his real name?) & democracy. Had to look here & click this.
Miller often returned to the idea of restricting the federal government to only powers allowed by the Constitution.

He called the idea of a living, changing Constitution “bullcrap,” and said he would support an amendment for term limits as well as an amendment repealing the 17th Amendment, which allows for the direct election of senators by the public rather than by state legislatures.
Then the Nineteenth Amendment, we suppose. Can't convince them that there was any original intent to let fair womanhood vote.

All the News You Need

That's all. Folks.
Where have we heard this particular complaint before? About a yr. ago? Fuckin' Norgies, always making trouble!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Erik Erikson's Hypocritical House
of Moral Cards

Say, Erik Erikson, when did you achieve puberty, your 20th birthday?
Beyond this being a derivative and foreseeably byproduct of sexualizing teens like Mylie [Sic, sic, sic!] Cyrus and the whole Bratz phenomenon, the problem we have here is people like David Frum giving a 20 year old who goes on a gay teen forum to engage in fantasies about sex with underage boys a forum to espouse views that Frum and others characterize as conservative or libertarian, thereby giving him a legitimacy no one should.
In our day (even farther into the Golden Past of Erik's Imaginary Normal America than Erik goes) "teen" was pretty much defined by sex. The macro-we were interested in it, wanted it, & wanted more not long after. ("Adolescence, how does it work?")

Were laws against child-molestation unnecessary until the Disney Channel started pushing Miley Cyrus down America's throat? Did it take "the whole Bratz phenomenon" to bring attention to perverts? (Not that teens being horny has anything to do w/ sexual abuse. But to deny that teens are sexual, & then to imply that Bratz/Miley Cyrus [and the vast free-market capitalist entities that profit therefrom] are responsible for pedophiles & ephebophiles is bullshit.)

Not that we're defending Erik's main target, Alex Knepper. But was it really a Bratz doll that set creepy Alex on the road to whatever psychological problems he has? Doubtful.

Still, you can't help but love a cretin like Erikson, who will go on for a seeming eternity about timeless values from G-d, his side is right, liberals are wrong, & indecent, & immoral perverts, & everyone who's normal agrees w/ him. But put an 8x10 of Miley Cyrus or a Bratz doll in front of their home-schooled junior Christians & their whole morally superior cultural thing collapses w/o a fight. You've got a brand loyalty problem there, Erik. Is it branding, or is it just that the product is no damn good? And just how large a government are you willing to have to enforce your idea of normal, since all your lies have failed?

Also: We're sure Mr. Erikson had a long & harsh piece on the National Review Online & its Gallery of Sickening Old Pervs (John Derbyshire). Didn't he?

Added touch of the schadenfreude, from the complaining party:
There’s a young conservative writer on the rise – published at Big Hollywood, NewsBusters, and the Daily Caller, and personally supported by former National Review columnist and former Enterprise Institute fellow David Frum — and he’s a defender of pedophilia.
No surprise to us, sadly.

Elements of Style©: As an aficionado & occasional practitioner of the run-on sentence, & having reread E.E.'s quoted stuff way up there (Prepared for the jaw-dropper, this time it scanned & we realized it was but one sentence.) we'll give him a C-. B- on effort.

Because Character Counts. No Really,
It Does. Unless ... Well, You Know.

Miller Refuses to Talk About His Background

Alaska U.S. Senate nominee Joe Miller (R) said that "he will not be answering any more questions about his personal background for the remainder of the campaign," the Anchorage Daily News reports.

Said Miller: "We've drawn a line in the sand. You can ask me about background, you can ask me about personal issues. I'm not going to answer."

Miller "has faced scrutiny in recent weeks on a number of fronts involving his personal background, including that his family received low-income medical benefits, low-income hunting and fishing licenses and that his wife drew unemployment benefits. Miller has been critical of such programs at the federal level, saying the nation suffers from an 'entitlement mentality' and is on the brink of bankruptcy."
U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller, accompanied by his wife,
Kathleen, talks to the press in a press conference at the
Dena'ina Center in Anchorage on Monday, Oct. 11, 2010.
BILL ROTH/Anchorage Daily News
What the hell else is this hypocrite & whore* hiding? Or is this just an illustration of "Stupid voters, you have no right to know who represents you?" No official position on the Seventeenth Amendment (Sure would make it easier on ol' Joe though, just having to buy a few votes in the statehouse, instead of selling a whole lotta rubes on himself.) on his virtually content-free issues page. Candidates on the "Lizard People Are Here! NOW!!" ticket have more info on their issues than this sad joke. (Amendment-wise, he does admit to being a Tenther.)

MORE INFO (0230PDT 12 October 2010): Big surprise: Joe is anti-democratic.

*"Slut-shaming"(?): Not progressive. Shame on US!

Uh-Oh! Need A Gun, Quick!

We will not settle for golf clubs.
An armed gunman forced his way into a couple's Koreatown apartment on the 700 block of Kingsley Drive early Monday morning where he received $120 from the woman's wallet and two blunt force blows to the head from her golf club. Which subsequently broke in half. And caused brain swelling and bleeding that sent the burglar to the hospital. Koreatown is already on crime watch with 50 reported property crimes in the seven days ending Oct. 4.
More poop, w/ interactive map. Ha ha ha, all to the south of our bunker, where people w/ filthy lucre live. Nothing worth stealing up here. STILL WANT A GUN!@!

HELP! Democracy!!

'Voter Fraud Watch' — Uncle Pajamas* Wants You!

by Roger L Simon

Got a digital camera, flip video camera, Blackberry, or cell phone that shoots video? Put them to use to on election day. In the meantime, leave suggestions in the comments as to how to help eliminate voting fraud this November.
Say, maybe some African-American Tea Partiers could assuage their desires to be on camera by putting on a pair of boots & swinging a stick in front of a polling place somewhere for some of their camera-wielding fellow patriots. Just an idea. Don't forget your beret!

*"Uncle Pajamas?" ++creepy.

GOP House Candidate Up-Date:
Dressing Like A Nazi, Being A Nazi

Nazi dress-up's been covered enough, already! A.C.'s Anti-Fascist Encyclopedia reminds us what happens when reactionary elements actually enlist in our fighting forces, & are deployed.

Today's follow-up: Someone has decided the facts should be known.
[A] state GOP official alleges that voters in the 7th Congressional District have been getting a push poll in which they are told about the murder charges brought against Pantano in 2005 -- which were ultimately dropped.
Charges dropped? Two letters: O.J. Who didn't leave a sign at the murder scene.
In Iraq in 2004 Pantano shot two unarmed Iraqi prisoners, unloading up to 60 rounds, and then placed a sign next to their bodies with a Marine slogan, “No better friend, no worse enemy.”
Who's the fucking terrorist here?


Pretty sure that was three rounds that someone just fired somewhere outside.

LATER (1535PDT): Lost our grammatical chops in the desperate urge to make a last post. Try "Pretty sure that wasthose were three rounds that someone just fired somewhere outside."

Equivalent Assholes

Former Giuliani speech writer & would-be Mugwump at the Daily Beast has a Wingnut Index. A scrupulous attempt at being fair & balanced, by pretending there is an extremist left of any significance in crypto-fascist America.
In the 10 areas measured, we have reached for binary criteria whenever possible, such as whether the candidate subscribes to the conspiracy theories of being a "birther" or a 9/11 truther, or whether they have compared their political opponents to either Nazis or communists. Evidence of either Bush Derangement Syndrome or Obama Derangement Syndrome was included in the general category of fearmongering.
Considering most Tea Partiers are willing to call anyone a commie, Nazi, fascist or socialist indiscriminately, how binary can this criterion be? Birth/Truth? Two sides of the same coin? Doesn't stop there; a comparison is drawn between the Family Research Council & AFSCME.
Hyper-partisan, special-interest-driven voting records were taken into account when possible—for example, candidates who received a 100 percent rating from the Family Research Council or a 100 percent rating from what could be considered their opposite interest group on the left, the AFS ratings by the Association of Federal, State, County and Municipal Employees. (In the interest of full disclosure, Barbara Boxer's 99 rating was rounded up for inclusion.)
Could be considered their opposite interest group? Well, if ASCME were a coven, maybe. If not, what the fucking hell?
RINO hunting and DINO hunting are Wingnut hobbies and as one measure of that impulse we added points for those backed by the Club for Growth or its comparably small liberal corollary, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. Both groups target centrists in their own party.
Comparably small? We can only assume it's liberal media bias that gives the Club for Growth about 4,610,000 Google results, & the Progressive Change Campaign Committee about 411,00.

Then he just gives up & admits he's full of shit.
Despite our attempt to be genuinely fair and balanced in the selection criteria, it was perhaps inevitable that this list would lean decidedly right this year. Parties out of power can more easily be dominated to angry ideological absolutists absent the responsibilities of governing. The conservative populist movement is now surging within the Republican Party and winning primaries. Populists in the Democratic Party may be loud but they are not that influential in terms of actual representation in Senate candidates (this will change when we look at Congress next week). For example, while three GOP Senate candidates rank among the birthers—and one of them, Maryland's hapless Eric Wargotz, didn't even make the list—there are no Democrats running for Senate who embraced truther conspiracies in the Bush era. "Those are the facts," as H.L. Mencken once said, "and I'm sorry to have the Babylonian indecency of printing them."
We emphasize, he denies.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Inability To Distinguish Between Parody & Its Objects

We were awfully excited to see our name on memeorandum, until humorless strangers showed up & picked on us.

Then we noticed The Last Tradition on memorandum, & consoled ourself w/ knowing that if the Just Another Blog™ aspect of our imaginary empire doesn't hit the big time (And thanks to Thers for letting us borrow his megaphone-equipped soapbox. Help his ass out!) it ain't no thang.
Finally we have a man's man with the courage to espouse a belief that is supported by Christianity, Islam, and Judaism!

All three are constituent protected faiths that all Americans are allowed to participate in.

Carl Paladino and millions of others in this country have a right to believes and say that homosexuality immoral, dysfunctional, and wrong.

But, of course the torrent that will come his way from the postmodern-cultural relativist who don’t believe in absolute truths, but believe that carbon is a pollutant, speaks for itself.

The New York Post reports that Carl Paladino says it’s not okay to be gay.
Crux of the artful parody/actual loon decision: "All three are constituent protected faiths that all Americans are allowed to participate in."

And one can no longer judge a web log by its links, because intentionalism has raised its ugly head. This guy must be kidding.Maybe not. Someone else has run the pastor & his poor broody hen wife into the ground. And salted the ground.

Paging Dr. Freud

As a public dis-service, we advise that Parts I & II of an interview w/ Dinesh D'Souza are available at The Daily Tucker. We'd as soon not type another word (On D.D'S., for sure, other stuff ...) but this unfortunate phrasing caught our attention during a quick scan of Part I:
DD: I think Obama’s vision for America is, well, you could call it, “soft socialism at home, and impotence abroad.”

Read more

Saturday, October 9, 2010

No Joy In Mudville
(Why Would It Be Different There?)

Locals go north, suck against cross-state rivals ... Why do the Yankees hate America? The Evil Empire of Eastern Elitism just swept those nice boys from the Mid-West, whichever faceless industrial wasteland surrounded by rednecks they were from ... They did it last yr. too ... Be fair, let the Heartland win! ... It's rumo(u)red that iceball, played in the frozen hells of Canada, Chicago & Beantown has begun its season ... Like, what. EVER ... In a random & meaningless universe, what could be more random & meaningless than the sporting life? You could look it up ... Hell, it's a lot easier to look it up now ... So what are you complaining about?

Snapshot Of The Discourse:
Children Are Property, They Don't Need "Rights"

We haven't time to break it down (Not true at all. We have all the time in the world, but there's no way in hell.) but the oh-so-serious giants of glibertarian intellect at Reason are unhappy w/ their counterparts, the more-serious-than-cancer collection of philosophes who type for pay & comment for kicks at The Journal of The American Society Of PhilosophyWonkette.

Reason, as always (Or not, our beautiful mind can't take much of it, we really have no idea what they do.) abuses language to make every gov't. action criminal.
The setup: a couple in New Hampshire had their baby stolen from them by government agents--which I think most normal humans recognize as one of the most wrenching, horrific, violative of one's integrity and liberty things that a state, or anyone, could possibly do--whatever the reason for it might be.
Horrors! The only things more integrity-violative (Have to have it before it can be violated!) to the freeman's mind would be actually being in jail, himself, or ... what if they confiscatedtook by force one of his precious guns? (Easy, freeman, just a hypothetical. Breathe into that paper bag if you started hyperventilating.)
The affidavit about the snatch lists ongoing charges of child neglect against the mother regarding her other two children, and charges against the father involving weapons possession without a license, as among the reasons for the kidnapping.


(Whether anyone thinks an act of violence as severe as taking a newborn from parents is justified by these sorts of procedures is the big question)
(All boldface ours.)

We can only speculate as to reaction Reason might have had to the couple (whose baby was apparently thrown in a cattle car & shipped to the East) if they weren't bitter gun clingers. We could have been treated to a dissertation on the nerve of societal parasites, moral & physical inferiors, & the other standard droning.
[The father] said he was unemployed and collected disability because he is blind in his left eye from a childhood accident. He said that Taylor suffers from "stress-induced seizure disorder" and that complications during her pregnancy required him to tend to her almost constantly.
Honestly, should people on welfare be allowed to reproduce? What's the likelihood that Ms. Taylor's spawn will be on the welfare rolls the minute they're out of their foster homes?

Be Sure To Wear
A Flower In Your Hair

Or stick it up your ass!One of San Francisco's better punk combos. (Which isn't saying much.) We like Crime too.And the Mabuhay was kinda fun.

Lying & Dishonest: Needn't Call Anyone Names

Ann Althouse's Narrative of Untruth:
A (Republican) Senate candidate has been called a witch. A (Republican) gubernatorial candidate has been called a whore. And now... a — guess which party? — House candidate is tarred with Nazi.
No, Professor, the (Republican) Senate candidate called herself a witch. The (Republican) gubernatorial candidate was not called a whore, it was wondered if she (a blatant & obvious whore) should be labeled as such. And then it was decided the truth should be suppressed.

As far as "tarred with Nazi," was a gun held to candidate Iott's head to force him to put on Waffen-SS uniforms & pose for pictures? Not that Nazi is such a pejorative these days. After all, they fought Bolshevist Communism, as explained at The Atlantic, and isn't that what's important?
The website makes scant mention of the atrocities committed by the Waffen SS, and includes only a glancing reference to the "twisted" nature of Nazism. Instead, it emphasizes how the Wiking unit fought Bolshevist Communism:

Nazi Germany had no problem in recruiting the multitudes of volunteers willing to lay down their lives to ensure a "New and Free Europe", free of the threat of Communism. National Socialism was seen by many in Holland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and other eastern European and Balkan countries as the protector of personal freedom and their very way of life, despite the true underlying totalitarian (and quite twisted, in most cases) nature of the movement. Regardless, thousands upon thousands of valiant men died defending their respective countries in the name of a better tomorrow. We salute these idealists; no matter how unsavory the Nazi government was, the front-line soldiers of the Waffen-SS (in particular the foreign volunteers) gave their lives for their loved ones and a basic desire to be free.
Historians of Nazi Germany vehemently dispute this characterization. "These guys don't know their history," said Charles W. Sydnor, Jr., a retired history professor and author of "Soldiers of Destruction: The SS Death's Head Division, 1933-45," which chronicles an SS division. "They have a sanitized, romanticized view of what occurred."
Althouse's reaction?
A decent journalist would have ascertained how many war reenactments Iott has done and which roles Iott played in them. What is the proportion of Nazi roles he assumed compared to the number of times he played WW2 American infantrymen or paratroopers? Who decides, when war reenactments are done, which side somebody plays? Give me a realistic picture of what participation in war reenactments is really like so I can assess what Iott did.
We can advise the Prof. on which side somebody plays: The side for which they have the uniforms, weapons, accessories & so on. Which they have chosen/made/purchased all by themselves. Quite possibly w/ an eye to their ideologies. "I'm not a Nazi, but I play one on weekends, in proportion to my other fantasies."

Perhaps Professor Althouse could ask one of her students to show her where the U. of Wisc.'s English Dep't. is, & once there she could ask a T.A. for advice on dictionary usage, the commonly-understood meaning of words like "smear," &c. Then, one day, someone could have an actual discussion about reality w/ the Professor.

We'll be holding our breath awaiting some high dudgeon from Her Hypocritical Majesty concerning the idiotic but actual smears directed at President Obama. Makes us wonder if her real complaint is that what she's decrying as smears is the truth?

Available at a legitimate site as well.