Friday, August 27, 2010

"It Is The Sheriff's Deputy's Job
To Be Afraid"

Triple murder in former stomping grounds WeHo (Glad we're in a nicer neighborhood now.) led us to crime rates, & a quote worth quoting:
The Sheriff's Department relies on information provided by inhabitants. "If you see something suspicious, call it in," he said. "Don't be afraid. That's our job. We need everybody's help."
Statistical massage:
Methodology used in tabulating crime rates could present a misleading picture because crimes are calculated by occurrence per 10,000 residents.  An artificially low number of city inhabitants in the divisor produces a higher rate, making Weho appear more crime-dense than it really is.

West Hollywood's population is about 36,000, but with a daytime population boost of about 30,000 office workers on weekdays and 35,000 to 40,000 nightlife patrons replacing those daytime employees, the number of people present within the city's borders stays consistent at about 70,000, not counting special events, protests, tourists or the weekend club scene on Sunset Boulevard.

For some events and marches, the numbers can swell into the hundreds of thousands.
No wonder WeHo's a madhouse. 70,000 weasels (half of them wage-slavin' squares, replaced by a night shift of suburban scumbag/wknd. hippie types) stuffed into 1.9 miles2, twice the announced residents. Not to mention the steady stream of Angelenos on all the surface streets, the residents of WeHo's neighbor to the west, Beverly Hills, having some time ago successfully NIMBY'd a freeway for the area.

Which leads to the other amusing massage:
West Hollywood made no improvements in auto theft, which is also attributable to the city's character, in Smith's estimation. "Most of our community is pretty well off and the bad guys look for nice cars," he said. "Some of them are experts from car theft rings. They can steal a car in 10 seconds."

Smith explained that a strong sheriff's presence cannot always prevent such thieves because of the city's prevalence of underground parking structures, which are out of the view of patrolling deputies.
Here the schadenfreude is piled high & deep, as it is these same can't-be-seen-from-the-street garages, missing a wall, that will collapse in the next seismic event big enough to cause that sort of thing.
Ha ha. You suck & your life is shit.

What The Party People Eat

Grotesque preserved human hand is a popular item.
Gesticulating wildly often causes others to flee the immediate vicinity.
The Naked Bar-B-Q.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

This Is What We Like To Read

Even the short run looks gloomy, and the slightly longer run -- the next twenty to thirty years -- could be a turning point in human history.
Not that every moment isn't, maybe, a turning point, depending. And not that the rest of the article, snappy third paragraph aside, isn't (as far as could be determined by a cursory scan) a litany of hippie-dippie verdancy; there is some (not enough) litanizing of what's going wrong w/ everything, & we always like that.
[A Swede named Rockstrom] and his colleagues have worked out the biophysical conditions that allowed human beings to appear and then prosper on the planet -- the safe operating conditions for humanity. They have quantified nine interlinked planetary conditions and their boundaries, which include climate change, ocean acidification, biodiversity loss and other eco-indicators necessary for human survival and civilized development. Three of these boundaries have already been overstepped because of growing global reliance on fossil fuels, industrialized forms of agriculture, and overuse of natural resources. The world economy is fast approaching almost all of the other boundaries.

Rockstrom and his colleagues' work and analysis deserves the widest possible attention -- yet few public figures in the US seem to have heard of him.
America does not want to be alarmed by facts, but by scary boogie men. Always helps to keep that in mind.

Ripped from the headlines:
[M]any firsthand observers [...] have amply documented the country's horrifying amount of air, water and soil pollution. Anyone who has visited China in recent years can view the air pollution, dirty rivers, incredible traffic jams, and endless urbanization for themselves.
OK, no hope there then. Anywhere, really. Certainly none here.
Public opinion is in our favor. There is a climate majority. Nearly 75% of Americans tell pollsters that they believe the earth's temperature is warming and that human behavior is responsible. Solid majorities think the nation needs a fundamental overhaul of its energy policies and expect oil to be replaced as a major source of fuel with 25 years. Yet, our political system seems unable to act and our president unable to lead.
Please remind us of the last time the system acted in favor of something that needed action. (Tax cuts & wars excepted, of course.) Cynic that we are, we imagine a Bradley effect: 75% of those polled are all for action, but a different tune will be warbled or screeched if any cutbacks or contractions are necessary, whether in gated communities or urban tenements.
What do we need to do as Americans? Tom Friedman thinks we need a Green Tea Party -- and perhaps that would help.
Not terribly fair to mock the typist, as he does weasel around it, but isn't mentioning Friedman a violation of one of those irksome Intertubular discourse things; that is, quoting him w/o identifying him as the Mustache of Understanding or the Great Friend of the Taxi Driver is an automatic disqualification? Picayune bull aside, imagining a Green Tea Party is pretty damn funny. Is there not a "Green" Party, which should be winning elections if any of the sheep gave a flying fuck at a rolling dough-nut about much beyond their next dough-nut?

Outside World: Partly Cloudy

Guess the purpose of the edifice in the mid-ground.
Hot rails to somewhere.

The Perpetual Nap Of Indifference

Early analysis of the blog-o-sphere following a day's non-analysis of it would indicate that everyone remains full of shit, & we all continue to die. Surprised? (Nauseated is more like it.)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Crap Slate Would Have You Believe You Should Know Now

Whatever the source (It's all shit anyway, why differentiate?) these 12 items are semi-indicative of something (Oh, yeah, the zeitgeist.) & we're perfectly satisfied to copy & paste them w/o further comment. No, not the most ringing endorsement.
  1. Political Veterans Poised to Win Tomorrow's Primaries
    It was supposed to be the year of anti-incumbent outrage, but in Arizona and Florida, long-time politicians - including Sen. John McCain - are beating upstarts, even the independently wealthy ones.
    Read original story in The Washington Post | Monday, Aug. 23, 2010
  2. U.S. Chamber of Commerce Will Be a "Virtual Third Party" In Mid-Terms
    The group plans to spend at least $75 million getting candidates who are "supportive of free enterprise" elected.
    Read original story in The Associated Press | Monday, Aug. 23, 2010
  3. Tiger and Elin Officially Divorced
    The ex-couple says their family's privacy is a "principal concern." TMZ says it has all the details on the divorce settlement.
    Read original story in TMZ | Monday, Aug. 23, 2010
  4. Anti-Islam Tensions Flare Over Mosque Controversy
    As anti-Islam sentiment crops up across the United States, analysts say that the backlash against the proposed Islamic community center has created "an absolute propaganda coup" for al-Qaida.
    Read original story in Wall Street Journal | Monday, Aug. 23, 2010
  5. A Home May Never Be a Good Investment Again
    Americans think "it's a law of nature" that real estate appreciates in value. It's not.
    Read original story in The New York Times | Monday, Aug. 23, 2010
  6. Philippine Hostage Situation Ends in Violence
    An 11-hour hostage situation came to a close on Monday after Philippine police charged a bus that had been hijacked by a former cop in downtown Manila. Six people--not including the gunman--have been reported dead.
    Read original story in CNN CNN | Monday, Aug. 23, 2010
  7. We Knew It Was Safe to Leave Iraq When the Porn Came Out
    A reporter for the Associated Press argues that the presence of porn on Baghdad's streets says a lot about the security situation in Iraq.
    Read original story in The Associated Press | Monday, Aug. 23, 2010
  8. "The Situation" Will Make $5 Million This Year
    It's not just the Jersey Shore contract - Mike Sorriento and his abs are raking in the cash with endorsement deals for Vitamin Water, Reebok, a clothing line, and a new vodka brand. Then there's the book deal.
    Read original story in The Hollywood Reporter | Monday, Aug. 23, 2010
  9. School-Supply Lists Grow As State Budgets Shrink
    Cash-starved schools are asking kids to supply their own classroom with everything from construction paper to toilet paper.
    Read original story in The New York Times | Monday, Aug. 23, 2010
  10. China's 60-Mile Traffic Jam Could Last a Month
    But right now, it's only in day nine.
    Read original story in Global Times | Monday, Aug. 23, 2010
  11. Colleges Work Harder Than Ever to Pry Parents Away from Students
    As helicopter parents give way to "velcro parents," universities have to get more explicit about when it's time to leave your 18-year-old alone.
    Read original story in The New York Times | Monday, Aug. 23, 2010
  12. Justice Department Hiring Ebonics Experts
    If you're fluent in "Black English," there may be a job for you at the Drug Enforcement Agency.
    Read original story in The Smoking Gun | Monday, Aug. 23, 2010
Alright, one declaration, one question, about item 5. You people are soooo fucking dumb. How stupid can you be? What the hell's your problem? You're never going to wise up, are you? Ad nauseam.

Fearless, Fighting, Foul-Mouthed! UPDATED W/ "Working" Link!

Wonder Warthog (Yes, the Hog of Steel!) goes on welfare, from 37 yrs. ago.

UPDATE (2005, 23 August 2010): Huh. Screwed by someone we know in meatspace. Here's the orig.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

TheThrills Never Stop

SoCal Living at its finest/dullest:
Breaking in a new grill.
Moonlight on Garvanza
Venus over Highland Park

Hey Bob A Ree Bob