Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Telebision Set (Manta Ray Pizza)

"Yummy" isn't the word.

True Patriots At Sea

We know all about the two Americas. No, no, not that John Edwards class warfare crap, but the stark difference between real Americans &, & ... It's hard to say, because those who would divide us into "real" & not-real Americans have never been that clear about these differences, & have yet to provide us w/ a catchphrase beyond "smelly liberal fascist who lives in a county w/ a library system" to define fake Americans. (Could one of you drooling rightist dividers get on that? Maybe you could hold a contest, or just beg your readers.)

But we were under the impression that if there were any quality that represented real Americanism it would be patriotism. How awful we felt on discovering that, just as some Americans are somehow ersatz, patriotism is not enough. No, it has to be true patriotism, or no piña colada in your hand. (Unless you're bringing it to massa.)
Quite a vision there, Al. Hoping for "decent," are you?
Since you asked, from Double: $1,259pp Single: $1,601pp Large Inside to Double: $3,268 pp  Single: $5,409pp Deluxe Suite with Verandah. You know, we really feel we deserve a leisurely cruise to nowhere & back this winter. And what fun this one would be. How's that paypal®© thing work again?

Politics: All Local, All Bullshit,
All The Fucking Time

Mother of pearl, it's the end ... the end of everything!!

So the putz from Buffalo who forwards idiotic emails w/in the construction industry has won. And what'd he win? The New York Republican gubernatorial primary. Bookmark it, he will not win the general election, whether against Cuomo, a fictional telebision character (W/ the possible exception of a number of animated favorites that all "Boomers" would vote for in a minute.) or most flora other than crabgrass or really stinging nettles.

So relax. Breathe deeply. Better? OK.

Not that we now (or ever) give a flying fuck at a rolling dough-nut about electoral politics, but just for the hell of it, what does a paper of record have to say?
Very few voters appeared to come out to the polls on Tuesday, and widespread problems were reported with a newly unveiled electronic voting system, prompting outrage from city and state officials.

“A royal screw-up,” said an incensed Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, who described the city’s Elections Board as “a remnant of the days when Tammany Hall ran New York.”

Even with light turnout, Tuesday’s results were likely to be picked apart by analysts eager for any insight into an electorate that has shown signs of revolt against establishment-approved candidates.
Now read this. We got your insight right here.
Just months ago, Mr. Paladino appeared to be out of the race, banished from the Republican ballot by party leaders at their convention. But he began a grass-roots petition drive and started holding whipped-up rallies around the state, where his mixture of white-hot anger and blunt attacks on Albany gained traction. Far-right conservatives, deficit hawks, and New Yorkers who identified with the Tea Party rallied behind him, even as the state’s Republican leadership continued to dismiss his chances.
Even w/ the white-hot anger of the reactionaries voter turnout was light? The tide of rage has at last expressed itself in a trickle of stale energy drinks & greasy diner coffee against a trash-strewn beach? What happened? Where is your righteous indignation, real America?

We won't be arsing ourself w/ numbers (it's all bullshit & we're lazy) but if, w/ every teahadi in NY voting the white-hot anger ticket, turnout remained light, what can we conclude? That the 20-30% (of adults, voters, likely voters, registered voters, blah-fucking-blah) who claim to be 'Baggers or who sympathize w/ general reactionary T.P.ism are the even-nuttier half of the losers who backed McCain & that woman in 2008, as we read somewhere (Who the fuck can remember?) just yesterday. And that they won't be getting "their" (or any) country back w/ turnout this anemic.

One number we would like to know: How many who voted for McCain in 2008 will not be voting in 2012? (There being no absentee ballots in hell.)

Suggestion Box (Shove It!)

This reporter has neither the time nor the inclination to do a thorough job on this recent pile from Carlson's Caller, but this paragraph, from a Kerry Patton (Nom de guerre?) is indicative:
While every American would love to see our best and brightest warriors return home safely and soon, we cannot jump the gun too fast in Iraq and Afghanistan. Less than a week after President Obama stated that all combat missions in Iraq have ceased, violence surged to an all-time high. This suggests that as soon as we leave Iraq, Iran will fuel a civil war in the country.
Because Iran's done nothing prior to the American departure? Because the U.S. invasion & occupation brought unprecedented harmony between Sunnis & Shias? We'd love to see what else is in the Daily Caller's suggestion box.

For added yocks, General Patton's theme. The general does not want to hear from liberal thinkers, especially on matters military:
NAF is a liberal, partisan think tank attempting to influence the military’s Afghan War policy without having any military or national security expertise.

NAF’s founder, Ted Halstead, who also founded a liberal economic and environmental think tank called Redefining Progress, is an Ivy League academic and journalist with a liberal agenda. While he claims to be neither liberal nor conservative, rest assured that he is indeed a flip-flopping liberal who sides with those who are willing to fund his initiatives. Note that Halstead made a career writing for The Washington Post and The New York Times.

Halstead made Steve Coll NAF’s president. Coll is also an academic with no military or national security background. He is an investigative journalist with twenty plus years’ experience writing for The Washington Post and The New Yorker Magazine.

The entire NAF team, specifically its Afghan Study Group, is filled with academic and media elites who have no real background in anything related to terrorism, counterinsurgency, irregular warfare, intelligence, or national security as a whole. So why should our policy makers listen to them?
For whatever reasons policy makers gave an ear to the Project for a New American Century, where Ivy League jagoff & NYT/WaPo typist William Kristol (To name but one example of the species Chicken Hawk.) has shown what a success a well-informed & non-partisan approach to invasion & occupation can be.

Say what you will about the usual gang of idiots at Arianna's PuffHo, at least the typing there, w/ an exception or two, is at a higher level than the middle-school valedictorian resting on his laurels visible here. The stirringly leaden conclusion:
A disheartening agenda has taken hold in America. That agenda is led by liberal elites. They have surrounded themselves with wealthy heavy hitters who are willing to fund every idea they have. Many of these organizations should be looked at cautiously as they are hindering America’s progress as a free, secure, capitalist nation.
And Arianna's troops have some vauge conception of the outer world. Does Patton think no one not on his side will notice the sheer absurdity of his assertions in the context of the very conflict he's suggesting the Iranians are somehow about to aggrieve? We suspect he's typing for beer.

We also suspect, & would like to suggest, that having people this fucking stupid, w/ the typing/thinking skills of middle-schoolers, is not what we want in "the U.S. Defense and Justice departments, and as a contractor within the Homeland Security and State departments," where Patton claims to have served. We're lucky these United Snakes aren't a smoking pile of rubble, if he's what we're depending on to preserve a free, secure, capitalist nation. Thanks for serving.

Typed almost as much as we quoted. Might as well reuse.

Election Results

O'Donnell wins in Del.! So there's still a chance for a Ladies Anti-Sex Caucus in the U.S. Senate, if she & Sweet Sharron Angle get in.

Several theologians are already declaring that this confirms that the Lord Gawd above wants your dick to fall off, & female genitalia to disappear w/in.

Local News

Monday, September 13, 2010

No One Gives A Shit About Liberace

Dump to be shuttered soon.
Another reason Tea Partiers are uneasy. Their cultural heritage is going away when they go.
A singular landmark since its opening in 1979, the two-building spread topped by a skyward sculpture of a keyboard contains thousands of artifacts from the career of its namesake, who once reigned in the Strip's showrooms by pounding sonatas out of rhinestone-encrusted pianos while donning outlandish sequined capes.

The museum is operated by the Liberace Foundation, whose board chairman announced plans for closure today and said his organization would narrow its focus to raising money for the music scholarships it has awarded for decades. More than 30 employees will lose their jobs.
In thirty yrs. not only will no one give a shit, they won't even have vague memories of Liberace. Hell, we'll probably have forgotten him by then.

The Wretched Of The Earth

The Eco-Nomist (What? Not an environmental rag? E-Con-omist? Really?) takes note of reactionary Bizarro-Worlder Dinesh D'Souza's Gingrich-enabled screed on President Obama's "Kenyan tribesman" roots, inherited anti-colonialism (Check w/ Lysenko on that one.) & general Otherness & Blackitude.
Dinesh D'Souza, on the other hand, appears to have met so few Democrats in recent decades that he finds such views shocking, and thinks they can only be explained by the fact that Mr Obama's father was a Kenyan government economist who pushed for a non-aligned stance in the Cold War during the 1960s-70s. Since the majority of Democrats don't have any Kenyan parents and have no particular stake in the anti-colonialism debates of the 1960s-70s, I'm not sure how Mr D'Souza would explain their views. In any case, Mr D'Souza's explanation of Mr Obama's views doesn't make any sense on its own terms. This, for example, is incomprehensible: "If Obama shares his father's anticolonial crusade, that would explain why he wants people who are already paying close to 50% of their income in overall taxes to pay even more." Come again? Progressive taxation is caused by...anti-colonialism? Message to American billionaires and the people who write for them: many events and movements in world history did not revolve around marginal tax rates on rich people in the United States.
Typist's emphasis, but we would've if s/he hadn't. (And that means you, Megan McArdle!)

Oh ho. Further research reveals that typist M.S. has given us a bit of ol' Dinesh's Catholic Caste background. We did not know this (R.I.P., Ed McMahon.) in detail, beyond the Portugese Catholic Colonial wackery implied in Mr. D'Souza's last name. Dig as Dinesh is tarred w/ his own brush:
And if I were to try to understand his thinking using the same methods he uses to interpret Mr Obama, I might look to his Indian background, which is where he says he gained his insight into anti-colonialism. Mr D'Souza notes simply that he grew up in Mumbai, but a more complete accounting is that his parents were members of the Christian community in the state of Goa, which was colonised by Portugal. The last name "D'Souza" is a common family name in West Africa, where it indicates that the family is descended from the slave-trading coastal mixed-race elite. In India, however, it indicates that the family likely belongs to the Roman Catholic Brahmins, Hindu Brahmins who were converted by missionaries beginning in the 17th century. Interestingly, the Christian community in Goa retained a Hindu-style caste system, with Catholic Brahmins continuing to discriminate against Catholic dalit or "untouchables", whom they refer to as mahara or chamaar. Elite Catholic Brahmin households in Goa sent their children to Jesuit schools (like the one Mr D'Souza attended) and often spoke Portuguese at home, referring to the main local native language, Konkani, as the lingua des criados ("language of servants").

Goa remained a Portuguese colony until it was annexed by India in 1961, which happens to be the year of Mr D'Souza's birth. Many Goan Christians did not welcome the annexation, fearing they would be subsumed in the Hindu-Muslim mega-state. A later source of anxiety was India's affirmative action (or "reservation") policies, which set aside university slots and civil-service jobs for people from recognised historically stigmatised groups, known as "scheduled castes and tribes". Beginning in the early 1980s, when Mr D'Souza was off studying at Dartmouth, these affirmative-action policies engendered widespread resistance among India's elite classes, who were terrified of losing their privileged status in a colossal country where hundreds of millions of indigents might overwhelm the available spots at top schools (and reduce their kids' chances of, say, going to Dartmouth). Goa itself has set itself up as a redoubt against the reservation policies: it has the fewest scheduled castes and tribes of any Indian state. This is largely because elite Christians have refused to acknowledge discrimination against the Christian dalit, or to allow them to be recognised as a scheduled caste. Pope John Paul II rebuked Indian bishops for these practices on his visit to Goa in 2003.
Damn. Nice Christian Catholics. And all the "proof" we need that Mr. D'Souza is objectively a colonialist.

We grant that author M.S. (Ooh, mysterious.) goes on to note this is bullshit (After a good bit we won't cop, but you should read, about Brahmin D'Souza's defense of nepotism & elitism.) although D'Souza has certainly been truer to his heritage than our Prez has to the tribal anti-colonial claptrap that's been attached to his father.

But enough of Dinesh. If you didn't read it all, you missed this link. And let's listen to a ninny.
Shamelessly stolen from El Cid.

Better Late Than Never,
But Never Better Late

We know "early risers" have been on this for literally 24 hrs., but some of us take the wknd. off. These two middle-aged Villagers & their youthful acolyte, for example. (Of course, the stupid cable network on which they appear takes the entire fucking wknd. off too.)

Dialectic & Discourse:
Two Ninnies & A Host*

First thing that registered in our media awareness sensor on rising today:Listen to the older fool: The Saudis paid for anti-communist stuff!

*Or: Nine Mins., 58 Secs. We'll Never Have Again.

Neon Meate Dream Of A Octafish (Illustrated)

Always hungry: I'm in heat. Never, never, never enough meat.

Debate Society

Will Bunch pimps his book on the loons while "debating" somebody or another who's pimping his book on the loons, at The Daily Bleat.
Others would tell you a different story. This week here at The Daily Beast, I will be debating Douglas Schoen, co-author with fellow national polling guru Scott Rasmussen of another new book, Mad as Hell: How the Tea Party Movement Is Fundamentally Remaking Our Two-Party System. Their book agrees with mine on one key point: that the decimation of the U.S. middle class, a tragedy that has been decades in the making, marks a powerful tipping point for the anger in America today. But their broader conclusion, that the Tea Party movement is a powerful organic and independent force akin to a third party, flies in the face of evidence that the Obama backlash is largely a new “paranoid style” for a conservative and overwhelming Republican movement that has existed for decades. More important, in their eagerness to ignore the underlying currents of race and what Beck once called “white culture,” they ignore the roots of the conflagrations we now see on the Arizona border and at a proposed mosque site in Lower Manhattan. And they give shockingly short shrift to the critical role of the media and specifically a huckster such as Beck, whose tire treads are all over the Obama backlash, in whipping up fear for fun and profit, with no regard to the consequences.
Why does anyone bother? (Us included.)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

States & Their Rights

A masterpiece of "180° wrong on the First Amendment" reactionary thought, ripped from the pages of The American Spectator, as typed by one (&, we hope, the only) George Neumayr, a professional Catholic ([E]editor of Catholic World Report and press critic for California Political Review.) yet.

Neumayr's papismconstitutional scholarship has led him to conclude that the First Amendment means only that the Feds need not inquire when any state decides to burn a mosque or otherwise enforce a religious preference.
Such pitiful reliance upon mindless cliché and bogus First Amendment jurisprudence renders public officials useless in the face of dangerous stupidity.
(We must pause to ask. The above sentence: As pleasurable to type as it was painful to read? Yeesh.)
The truth is that the First Amendment protects neither the Ground Zero mosque nor Jones's burning of copies of the Koran. How do we know this? Because under the real First Amendment, the one written by the Founding Fathers, local communities within states were perfectly free to pass laws prohibiting the construction of particular religious buildings or pass laws that banned book burnings.
The plot of National Treasure III revealed to us? "169 years ago, the Bilderbergers hid the REAL First Amendment! Now, Nicolas Cage wants to find it!"
Six of the thirteen states that signed the Constitution ran established churches. It is a historical fact that the First Amendment was written not to suppress those state churches but to protect them. Those six states would have never signed the Constitution otherwise. They insisted on the language, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof," to make clear that the federal government had no right to establish its own religion and disestablish theirs. The wall of separation in the Constitution is not between government and religion but between the federal government and the states' religious activities.
We're no Constitutional scholar (Nor, we suspect, is Mr. Neumayr, & to be forthright, we're not even a "scholar.") or lawyer, but this goes beyond ordinary Bizarro World, "Shut up, that's why!" opposition to anything allegedly liberal & enters a parallel & imaginary universe where judicial activism is unheard of, judges serving strictly to preserve the Constitution, unchanged from the wisdom of its Founders.
The notion that the First Amendment requires individual states to treat all religious believers equally was invented out of thin air by judicial activists. For decades after the Constitution was written, several states baldly preferred one religion over another. As author M. Stanton Evans has written, "there remained a network of religious requirements for public office -- typically, that one be a professing Christian of orthodox persuasion. Such requirements existed in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia and the Carolinas. For example, the state of Vermont, one of the more liberal states of the era (admitted to the Union in 1791) required the following oath of office: 'I do believe in one God, the Creator and Governor of the Universe, the rewarder of the good and the punisher of the wicked. And I do acknowledge the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be given by divine inspiration and own and profess the Protestant religion.'"
All well & good, but it leaves us hanging. Does M. Stanton Evans go on w/ what happened after those post-Constitutional decades of bald religious preference? Would Neumayr have us believe that at some point in time (now lost in revised reactionary history) pre-Marx Marxist judges shoved the "real" Constitution in the back of the junk drawer, whence it was pushed out by the addition of more junk, fell down the back of the cabinet, & was lost to real history? And nobody noticed? 150+ yrs. of judicial wrong-think have rendered America helpless in the face of the minority.
The rejection of the real Constitution for the phony "living" one explains today's tyranny of the minority. That tyranny has assumed ironically divergent forms in recent days. In New York City, a majority stands aghast as a group of Muslims tries to build a mosque within blocks of the World Trade Center ruins. In Florida, the majority stands appalled but idle before the pastor of a tiny church who launches an "International Burn-a-Koran Day." Both incidents are, in varying degrees, acts of gross and pointless incivility that do not truly enjoy constitutional protections, but all public officials can mumble in the face of them is the cliché du jour that Americans have a "right to be wrong."
Now we're completely lost. The happened-in-the-parallel-universe approach works if one assumes there have been, at least in Neumayr's mind, "incidents" (Has anything actually happened, besides blather & argle-bargle? The planning & discussion of a building project now constitute an "incident?" Or is reactionary outrage alone now an "incident?") The comparison of a majority (Of?) "standing aghast" & "standing appalled but idle" is where we started to wonder where the hell we were. By the time we noticed "do not truly enjoy constitutional protections" we were wishing we'd left some markers along the trail; George's magical forest can addle the strongest of minds, let alone the tee vee & Internet-sapped brain w/ which we're working.

And in conclusion, Mr. Neumayr would like to issue a gratuitous bitch-slap or two.
The planned burning of copies of the Koran is a gratuitously stupid and ugly act, one which will mirror radical Islam's violence not illuminate it. But it is also dumb for the U.S. government to elevate the aberrant event's significance. Why are Hillary Clinton and company even talking about it? Jones is the pastor of a church with 50 members. He should be ignored. Instead, the Obama administration and the media, both desperately looking around for evidence of "Islamophobia," continue to build him up, thereby prolonging an Islamic outcry that will endanger U.S. troops.
Take that, America-hating libs! He knows what you're really up to! The exact opposite of what you say. General Petraeus didn't stir the pot looking for "Islamophobia," did he? Well?

Elements of Style©: The reasoned, objective, civil, non-buzz phrase argument. Examples: "foolish and false," "pitiful reliance upon mindless cliché and bogus First Amendment jurisprudence," "invented out of thin air by judicial activists," & of course "Ground Zero mosque." Twice.

Click for virtually the same.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

There Will Always Be &c.

Your Head Is Harder
Than A Watermelon

Why The Hell & Why The Hell Not

Read something about the new NPR website. More AP stories? What a concept.

Poets' Corner

Callista, Queen Of The Real Americans

Commenter noen asks, "Where'd he get the Fembot?"We were confronted w/ this earlier today, & began to wonder if it's Newtie who wants to run; could all be Nancy ("Wanted to be queen of more than Hollywood blowjobs.") Reagan redux. Indeed, w/ Callista constantly visible at Newt's side, this may be more about her potential candidacy. And between her aging ovaries & Newton Leroy's in-nature-would-have-been-dead-30-yrs.-ago nuts, there's probably a good chance Mrs. Gingrich could give birth to a disabled child prop by 2012, & milk that for all it's worth. No longer unprecedented for mama grizzlies.


And may every copy of every "holy" book spontaneously combust. Preferably while lodged in the ass of a "holy" person.Added fun: Live, can not be embedded. And, larger context/prescience (Surprised the T.P. people haven't made this their battle cry.):


Reduced to this sort of thing.

Tee Vee From
The Day Before Yesterday

Off grid, catching up. 

Yesterday: Hotter

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lovely Day Today
(More Than We Deserve, Really)

The sun has barely appeared. The clouds are gray, & the intermittent patches of blue among them are rare. Temperatures are expected to remain below 70F the remainder of the wk.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We're Probably Lucky It's Not Unbearably Hot

L.A.Times live blogging it an hr. ago.
Police in riot gear were confronting protesters Tuesday night on 6th Street near Union Avenue and fired non-lethal projectiles toward the crowd that had gathered to protest the shooting death of man who officers said was wielding a switchblade Sunday.

The confrontation was sparked after people tore down a police sign and threw objects at windows of the Los Angeles Police Department's Rampart station at 6th and Valencia streets. The crowd was pushed west on 6th toward Union Avenue by the officers in riot gear.

Earlier, about 300 people were blocking the intersection of Union and 6th. They were standing outside the Restaurant Atilan Express, a Guatemalan eatery, and were illuminated by the spotlight of police helicopters circling overhead.

The shooting of Manuel Jamines, who the LAPD says threatened officers and passersby with a knife, has heightened tensions in the heavily immigrant community.
11:15 p.m. update: At least 15 people were arrested tonight, and police were attacked from above by objects thrown from rooftops, the L.A. Times reports. It's 22 arrests, says KFI News.

Top Several Twangy Telebision Themes

Order is for others.

Your Bosses Will Work You
'Til You're In Your Graves,
Part ...

We stoleran/linked an item on SoCal car washes last month. The NYT caught up yesterday. (OK, we've been napping & they caught us.)
In some ways, union leaders say, this campaign parallels previous ones in which unions organized thousands of immigrant janitors in Houston and Los Angeles and substantially lifted their wages.

In addition to adding members, the carwash campaign hopes to send a strong message to employers to stop taking advantage of workers in an industry where it is common practice.

California officials have estimated that two-thirds of the 500 carwashes in Los Angeles violate workplace laws. Many workers say they are paid just $35 for a 10-hour workday — less than half the minimum wage — and some say they are not paid for time during which no cars go through the wash. Others complain that they are not given gloves or goggles even though they often use stinging acids to clean tire rims.
Alternately: Why Illegal Immigration Will Never Be Stopped

Small Universe

This is stupidly amusing. Extra amusing to us is that we saw an ossifer speaking to the maintenance-uniformed hurler seen in the video around 1325 last Friday, as we were leaving the Museum Square edifice. Missed it by that much. The other ossifer (they travel in pairs, you know) was inside bee-essing w/ the Museum Square security guards, whose main function is sitting behind a desk & monitoring the keys to what we Yanks like to euphemise as the rest rooms.
Matt Geller of the SCMFVA said office workers are not happy with their ad hoc food choices disappearing. "People feel their rights are being infringed upon," he noted, adding that he has a meeting set up with Councilmember Tom LaBonge, who wants to regulate food trucks. "I hope we can alleviate all of this in the next few weeks with the agreement we're putting together."
Yeah, we hope you get your fucking pony, & world peace too, sonny.

Hey, Look Over There!
No, There! Shiny!

From the morning email load that we don't get to until half the working stiffs in North America are already heading home:
We were quite curious about Muslim inbreeding. And became curiouser when a click made around 1435 PDT led us not to an article about this latest horror of the Musselmen, but to the slightly different horror of the PAJAMASMEDIA® homepage. Cursory searching of the site revealed the most recent item containing inbreeding is dated 2 August 2010. And all these link to the PJM homepage.
Apparent typist Jamie Glazov appears on the Google, but not w/ credit for anything recent to do w/ inbreeding. Yet. Ah. He does enjoy the theme.
A story disappeared by a website which regularly features Victor David Hanson & Michael Ledeen must have been a masterpiece, especially given Jamie's record.

UPDATE (1852 PDT, 7 September 2010): Unlike Jonah Goldberg, we needn't be obvious when we're on deadline or sacktime. Internet Scotsman Substance McGravitas points us to Pp. 1 & 2 of whatever it is. (Crud, now less sleepytime.)

Catholic Junior Anti-Sex League

Delaware Republican Senate primary candidate Christine O'Donnell:
When a married person uses pornography, or is unfaithful, it compromises not just his (or her) purity, but also compromises the spouse's purity. As a church, we need to teach a higher standard than abstinence. We need to preach a righteous lifestyle.
On an MTV show about abstinence (as summarized by Huffington Post), O'Donnell explained:
The reason that you don't tell [people] that masturbation is the answer to AIDS and all these other problems that come with sex outside of marriage is because again it is not addressing the issue. ... You're just gonna create somebody who is, I was gonna say, toying with his sexuality. Pardon the pun.
In the 90s era discussion on MTV, O'Donnell said, "The Bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery. So you can't masturbate without lust."

Yet one can certainly lust w/o pounding/rubbing one's pud. Does candidate O'Donnell therefore want everyone's hands cut off to improve their chances of living a righteous life? It would be irresponsible not to ask.

The Roman Catholic Church: Causing human misery w/ its anti-life, anti-sex, anti-human policies for well over a thousand yrs. Including the misery that Sister O'Donnell's espousal of Catholic claptrap will cause her to suffer as she sails to defeat.

Audio, Video, And Typing

Haley Barbour’s Ridiculous Story

Posted on Sep 6, 2010
By Eugene Robinson

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, who may seek the Republican nomination for president, is trying to sell the biggest load of revisionist nonsense about race, politics and the South that I’ve ever heard. Ever.

He has the gall to try to portray Southern Republicans as having been enlightened supporters of the civil rights movement all along. I can’t decide whether this exercise in rewriting history should be described as cynical or sinister. Whichever it is, the record has to be set straight.

In a recent interview with Human Events, a conservative magazine and website, Barbour gave his version of how the South, once a Democratic stronghold, became a Republican bastion. The 62-year-old Barbour claimed that it was “my generation” that led the switch: “my generation, who went to integrated schools. I went to integrated college—never thought twice about it.”

The “old Democrats” fought integration tooth and nail, Barbour said, but “by my time, people realized that was the past, it was indefensible, it wasn’t gonna be that way anymore. And so the people who really changed the South from Democrat to Republican was a different generation from those who fought integration.”

Not a word of this is true.

Shorter to read the remainder than to see/listen. We hope.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sudden Realization
We Felt We Should Share

Having spent the last two days in a telebision-less Third World zone, we did not see one damn minute of the Larry Jewish MDA Labor Day Telethon. Nor did we donate to the MDA when asked at the supermarket check-out.
Please find it in your hearts to pick up the slack for us, & tell the next begging moocher to fuck off.

Police Terror, Part Infinite

We wondered why there were choppers orbiting downtown as we were wending our way back to the Just Another Blog™ bunker mere moments ago.
After a day of protest marches, vigils and confrontations with police, the LAPD declared an illegal assembly about 10 p.m. and officers in riot gear began clearing the streets around 6th Street and Union Avenue. That's where an LAPD bicycle officer on Sunday shot and killed a man identiified by friends as Manuel Jamines. The department says he was threatening a pregnant woman with a wife [sic] and came at officers. People in the community say he was a gentle soul, an immigrant from Guatemala who did not understand English or Spanish very well. A march that began at the intersection moved to the Rampart police station, then back to the 6th and Union area where rocks and eggs were thrown at police. It looks on media reports as if activists from the Revolutionary Communist Party have been in the crowd urging on the protests.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mocking Hockney

So, what happens w/ the over-50 set at pool parties is: Everyone grabs one of the above "noodles," & floats. No splashing, no one thrown in the pool. Nothing.

In Living Color

For the impatient, Count Basie & Orchestra wail around (7:35). By way of. And some more Miltie.

Prisoners Of Art

Alternate title: At The New Death Panel Bldg.

Rest Of The Light Standard Pix

This one just because we're being faithful to the title.

Maybe We Can't Shoot
Your Precious Art ...

... inside, but here's a shot of J. Koons' damn train anyway:
Better train set.

Variety Sign Building: Night & Day

Alternate (less nature) take:

Quitting Time

17:28 PDT
18:20 PDT

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Decline & Collapse

Giant Head Awaiting Installation
At New LACMA Building

Can We Just Clear Out This Rat's Nest Once & For All, Damnit?

30 False Fronts Won Contracts for Blackwater

WASHINGTON — Blackwater Worldwide created a web of more than 30 shell companies or subsidiaries in part to obtain millions of dollars in American government contracts after the security company came under intense criticism for reckless conduct in Iraq, according to Congressional investigators and former Blackwater officials.

Why Andrew Breitbart Is A

This is probably more EVIDENCE of you-know-what media bias, but ...
Breitbart, who has emerged as a star of the "tea party" movement, loves telling his apostate's tale in the italicized, frequently profane manner that is his trademark. Three epiphanies stand out:

1. The Black Dorm Moment. In 1986, Breitbart was a freshman at Tulane University when his friend Larry Solov, a sophomore at Stanford, happened to mention his school's African-American-themed residence hall.

"He just matter-of-factly said there was a black dorm and I was like, 'What the friggin' hell? Are you kidding me?'" said Breitbart, who is now business partners with Solov, a former corporate litigator. "And then, when I found out that it was not segregation in the sense of white people doing it, I was like, 'What are you talking about? Why aren't we working toward the colorblind ideal?'"

2. The Clarence Thomas Moment. In 1991, he was riveted by Supreme Court hearings in which the future associate justice was grilled by hostile Democrats .

"I remember the mainstream media telling me, 'Bad man! Really bad man! Sexual harassment bad man! Worst-bad-man-in-the-history-of-the-world bad man!" he told a Philadelphia tea party rally in July. "By the end of the week, I said, 'What did this man do? This man is an American hero!' … It was a cavalcade of Caucasians asking this man about his very private video rentals!"

3. The Kurt Cobain Moment, around 1994. "In essence, the media was saying, 'Hey, see that guy, that's your generation's spokesman,'" said Breitbart, not a fan of . "I was like, 'This guy seems like a world class [screw-up].' And I just started to have the awkwardly pedestrian revelation that my parents were right."

We're no fans of "grunge music" ourself ("Grudge nusic" is more our style.) but we've no idea why anyone should give the proverbial crap about media presentation of any pop music thing, idol ("Grunge music's suicidal prince." Sheesh!) telebision programming or much else cultural. Certainly not enough of a crap to conclude that the problem w/ media is that it's somehow too leftist.

And that's it for us. No desire to read the no doubt even-handed (Cough. Hack. Expectorate.) item. But: Reaction! (We'd like to think running coverage of a comment thread is objectively worse than noting that this item appears in almost identical form elsewhere.)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ditko The Libertarian

"The Lighthouse From Nowhere," from Strange Tales #87, August 1961, in which a Scottish Howard Roarkobjectivist übermensch saves humankind from scaly green monsters from outer space.

Lashing Back

Will Bunch pimps his new book at PuffHo. Anecdotes of fear & reaction among the single-information-source voter. Most chilling:
... somehow Obama was factually not an American, to match their gut reaction to the new president. They feel the same way about Obama voters. In one moment I will never forget, I sat in a Dover diner as the leaders of the Delaware 9-12 Patriots tried to convince me that Obama's victory in their state wasn't legit because his majority came from "the handout people" in urban Wilmington.
In the long run, the evidence remains strong that the coalition that elected the president in 2008 -- more multicultural, more likely to be college educated and somewhat less likely to be religious -- is still ascendant.
Optimist. None of those people will qualify to vote under the Real American Guaranteed Elections Act, which will suspend the 14th & 17th Amendments (minimum) & allow only Christian property owners & their wives (maybe) to vote. It'll be the first bill Pres. Palin signs.

Warning To Female Republicans

The every-so-often dumping of hydrogen peroxide on your hair & head, & the anesthesia required when your your eye sockets are tucked-&-rolled may be causing brain damage beyond the original damage that led you to Republicanism.

Case in point:Also: No Botox®, Wrinkle-Woman?

More Drivel We Won't Be Reading


Iraq in the Long Run

Barack Obama still believes the Iraq War was a mistake. Should we?
Yes, Douthat, we realize that you don't work from a reality-based perspective, but really, it's not a question of what we should believe. Didn't the fucking Pope at the time say it was not a good thing? Aren't His Holiness's beliefs what what you should be basing your beliefs on? And if it was such a good thing, why wasn't your ass in the U.S. Army helping?

Trotsky Thursday:
Permanent Revolution, Baby!

Public meetings in Sri Lanka

Seventy years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky: The return of history and the strategy of the world revolution

By the Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka) 
1 September 2010
The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) and the International Students for Social Equality (ISSE) will hold a series of public meetings in Sri Lanka on the historic legacy of Leon Trotsky and its relevance to today’s fight for world socialist revolution.

Trotsky was the co-leader with Lenin of the Russian Revolution in 1917 and led the Red Army that defended the first workers’ state. After Lenin’s death, he politically and theoretically led the struggle against the Stalinist degeneration of the Soviet state. After Stalin’s betrayals allowed Hitler to come to power in 1933, Trotsky concluded that the Third International was dead and called for the building of the Fourth International, which he founded in 1938.
Trotsky was assassinated in Coyoacan, Mexico on August 21, 1940 by a Stalinist agent. His murder was the culmination of Stalin’s purges that physically eliminated the finest representatives of the entire generation that had carried out the October Revolution.
Trotsky’s life and work has a profound contemporary significance. The global profit system is, once again, mired in a fundamental economic and political crisis. The lessons of Trotsky’s struggles provide the essential political weapons for uniting the working class to abolish capitalism and establish a world planned socialist economy.
In countries of a belated capitalist development, Trotsky’s theory of Permanent Revolution has been repeatedly confirmed by the inability of the bourgeoisie to meet the aspirations of working people for democratic rights and a decent living standard. The quarter century of civil war in Sri Lanka is one tragic example.
We warmly invite workers, housewives, youth and intellectuals looking for a way to oppose war, oppression and poverty to attend our public meetings.
Venue: New Town Hall
Date and Time: September 12, 3.00 p.m.
Venue: Janamadura Hall
Date and Time: September 23, 3.00 p.m.
Venue: Co-operative Hall
Date and Time: September 26, 2.00 p.m.
Main speaker: SEP General Secretary Wije Dias