Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ending it all: the threat to the entire universe

It has been called "the ultimate ecological catastrophe", but even these strong words fail to convey the true horror and finality of a grim kind of natural disaster known to physicists as "vacuum decay".

Forget pandemic viruses that wipe out humanity, asteroid strikes that devastate life on Earth and even black holes that devour the planet. Vacuum decay leaves the entire universe not only lifeless, but without any hope of life for ever more.

Vacuum decay, which is happily only a theoretical prospect, occurs when part of the universe is knocked into a more stable state than it exists in today. This creates a bubble of "true vacuum" that expands at the speed of light. As the bubble grows, it reduces the energy locked up in the vacuum of space and rewrites the laws of nature.

In 1980, the late Harvard physicist Sidney Coleman published calculations that showed for the first time that vacuum decay was eternally terminal. He wrote: "One could always draw stoic comfort from the possibility that perhaps in the course of time the new vacuum would sustain, if not life as we know it, at least some structures capable of knowing joy. This possibility has now been eliminated."
Theory. So enticing, so disappointing.

Central Intelligence Agency
Culinary Institute Of America
California Institute Of The Arts

There used to be more active culture in yoghurt than in all of Los Angeles. (Runs 15:00, time shown notwithstanding.)NB: The scene imagined at 13:00 is fantasy. The County Hollywood Museum remains chatter, 46 yrs. on, & the CalArts campus was built in the hellhole of Valencia, miles to the north of the Hollywood hilltop campus drawn here. At least the Bowl hasn't been demolished.

Thinking About The Subway

We were once told by a successful "underground" FM disc jockey that one should never play an original & cover back-to-back. We're throwing those rules out the window. Stand clear!

Hornet Down

"Lethridge?" Silly AP.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Who Will Be Number Three?

We enjoyed Nixon Enemies Lister Schorr on NPR when the fascists made us go to work early Sunday mornings.Obviously next (If she's not meat already.):
Death Panel at work?

One More To Ignore

Currently NOT on radar:
  • Le Tour de France
  • San Diego Comic Con
  • And our newest addition:
  • Netroots Nation (A neologism & "Nation" as appendage. Urk.)

Are There No More Sedition Laws?
Have All The Political Prisons Been Closed?

Zack Wamp is a known moron:
Rep. Zach Wamp (R-TN), who is running in a heated three-way Republican primary for governor of Tennessee, has a dire warning about the new health care reform law: If a new Congress and president aren't elected in order to repeal the bill, states might just have to secede.
"I hope that the American people will go to the ballot box in 2010 and 2012 so that states are not forced to consider separation from this government," said Wamp, who has also promised to refuse to implement the law at the state level if he is elected, in an interview with the Hotline.

We're thinking national plebiscite of some sort, the question being, "Which states whose names begin w/ the letter "T" would you most like to see separated from The Union, Tenn. or Tex.?"

Beverly Hills Municipal

Unsure of the concept:
Are the sawhorses & cones part of the deal?
B.H. City Hall w/ marine layer arriving.

A Different World

Westside Baptist Church, Santa Monica.
We assume there's a story behind this.
What it is we can't imagine.
Continuing w/ the aluminium theme, public art in B.H.
From across the boulevard, we thought it was an actual rock.
Next time, we'll read the damn plaque.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Other Side Of The World

Went to the land of the monied today (As an elitist, we get our medical care where the wealthy do, bitchezz!) to pay a visit the croaker. Good news for us, bad news for the rest of the Internet: our ticker continues to tick, even if we weigh 240 lbs. (Sheesh!) The doc says it's safe to exercise (Thanks a lot.) & we'll be trimming some of that flab off before we know it.

The possibility of ass-cancer is still there, but several vials of blood should answer that soon enough. In the meantime, a prescriptionDRUGS to cut down on middle-of-the-sleep-period (only squares sleep at night) visits to the head.

Looks as if the world is stuck w/ us; stick it, world!
Still woozy.
Mere blocks from the doc's is the motel we lived in from Sept.-Nov. 2008.
The dump's been painted.
The very room. None of the signage or other junk was there during our time.
New hardware too.
Would you like to see some more? We'll take that to mean no.

Unconcerned W/, & Intending To Remain That Way

San Diego Comic Con.

Being & Funniness

From (Why should we be surprised?) the Internet source for "Interesting Letterhead Designs."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Movies We'll Not Be Watching Again

And wish we hadn't watched all the way through: "Darby's Rangers," William A. Wellman's second-to-last flick; we're quite sure we won't be taking a gander at his last one, either.

Now That This Is All Straightened Out We Can Die In Peace

Clarification: Soup Nazi story

NEW YORK (AP) — In a July 20 story, The Associated Press reported about the reopening of the store that inspired the Soup Nazi episode on “Seinfeld.” The story said the store charges $20 for an extra-large cup of crab bisque. It should have specified the extra-large serving comes in a quart-size container.

It's Always About Whitey, Isn't It?

Entire program worth watching. No adverts, either!Only one advert!

Trouble At The KPFK

Observed & quoted from.
If you recognize that your show cannot make such a contribution than we, the management team, would encourage you to either:

1. offer to cut the length of your show (e.g. from one hour to 30 minutes a week)
2. move your show off-air to a web-based show available on
3. end your show
The party/dream is over.

Marketing Up-Date

We can't decide which better represents us.

Wise Words From
The Master Of Mysticism

Click, chump-ass suckahs!


Michele ("Crazy Shelley") Bachmann. What is she saying? Essentially, she & her "caucus" refuse to listen to any criticism of, or vouch for, the T.P. & its organizations, or individuals, or their actions, or any signs, billboards, or anything. The Tea Party Caucus is there only to receive the T.P.'s ideas. (Not their signs or actions, those mean nothing, y'hear, nothing?)

Ringleader Chris "Tweety" Matthews deserves credit for steering himself away from himself, although the tingling leg he's had for Rep. Bachmann since he got her to skree that the media should investigate Congress for "Americanism," or lack thereof, is amusingly self-serving. Good job on receptacle, too, Chris. (Not perfect, however. Isn't being a "receptacle" biblical code, "servant-leadership" style? We'll leave this to one of our intrepid readers; our time is money, & none of those lefty bastards have jobs, as we all know.)

John ("Waste Of Skin, Far's We Can Tell") Heilemann. What was his purpose there?

Bourgeois Parliamentary Democracy
& The Liberals Who Love It

According to liberal theory, elections are the means by which “the people”, having heard and considered the policies of the various parties and their leaders, get to make their decision on the next government and its program. This mythology of “popular sovereignty” had already suffered a body blow with the June 23-24 political coup that deposed the elected Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, before he had completed even his first term in office. Now it is being further undermined by the election campaign itself.

The most significant event of the campaign’s opening days has been, not the announcement by the major parties of their policies and program, much less the clash of ideas and argument, but the wave of boredom, revulsion and, in some cases, outright anger that has greeted the endless series of empty slogans trotted out by the party leaders.

Launching the federal election campaign last Saturday, Prime Minister Julia Gillard used the phrase “moving forward” at least 39 times in a press conference lasting 31 minutes.

Questioned about her repeated use of the mantra in a television interview on Monday, Gillard could only respond with another series of hackneyed phrases, declaring that “moving forward” expressed her optimism about the future and reflected her view that the best days of Australia lay in front of it, not behind.
All cliché, all the time.

From the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI).

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Barely Efforting

Steranko story.

And images from the Just Another Blog™ collection of images.
Big fucking tease.
Morbid SOB.
Wide screen.
Dime Store Dali.


Context, beeotchiz.

Cold Rails To Santa Monica


Monday, July 19, 2010

Bombs Away!

Dunno whence 'twas stolen: no credit here.

Also: no credited Israeli explosions?

Ignorant Rubes Astounded At
Extent Of National Security State

You fucking cretins, this shadow gov't. bullshit has been going on since the Truman Admin. pissed its BVDs over the Communist Menace in 1946/7!

Now the latest episodes of manly, serious incontinence (11 September 2001 & anything that's happened since) have brought to these United Snakes an outsourced national security establishment on a steroid rampage, out of control & so beefed-up & musclebound as to be barely effective.

And the media & sheep stand about w/ their thumbs up their asses & expressions of astonishment on their already slack-jawed faces.

Truly an exceptional nation, gifted by gawd.

Red State, Blue State

At New Wars.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fifty Yrs. Of The Left-Wing
Media Menace

"me" finds this
LAT, 14 July 1960
among other crap from the L.A. Times of July 1960.
Funny we didn't notice the fiftieth anniv. of JFK's ultra-lib nomination observed anywhere.

Mildly Amusing Curiosity

No, we didn't care enough to find this ourself.

Possibly The Worst Background
Of All Eternity

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