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Newt Gingrich: Sick, Sad, & Old Fuck Whose Missis Has Some Serious Fucking Daddy Issues

Whenever we encounter a shot of Newt ("Pooty-poot-poot") Gingrich & his most recent bride (Not at all necessarily his last, if you know what we mean.)
Why, then, is it not "Newt&Callista.org?" Huh? Why?
we like to remind all & sundry how she presented herself before the two were married (for which, of course, Newt had to convert, the filthy hypocrite) & how she's been remade. 2005 or 2006:
Is your skin crawling yet? Ours has already crawled out the door & thrown itself on the freeway.
More recently:
When they decided which frozen expression would be painted on Callista's face for the remainder of the "marriage," at least they didn't go w/ this look w/ the raccoon eyes. She must have been transitioning from home-wrecker to respectable Catholic when this was taken, 7 December 2008.
Many Freudian interpretations from this shot alone. Note prominently displayed wedding/engagement rings.
We must speculate as to how many times the current Mrs. G. (If the marriage is even legitimate. How much did it cost for the Pope to approve it?) had to flash her thong at Newt, Monica Lewinsky-style, before he grunted & moved toward her, or if, as one might well suspect, considering his "marriage" record, he is a sexual predator who was on her like white on rice? And note the Rielle Hunter/John Edwards similarity. "Can I take your picture, you big handsome lump of flab?"

We also wonder if Newt & Callista are fantasizing about being the new Catholic King & Queen of America, as described below.

Photos stolen from previous Just Another Blog™ items. If you despise Gingrich as much as you should, you'll want to get your two-minute hate on here & here. How little things change in a yr.

No King But Jesus. Or The Pope.
Or Maybe Hitler. (UPDATED)

Courtesy commentator Whale Chowder (Nice nym., W.C. Now we're hungry.) leaving notes at S,N!, we give you:See? Just like the rest of the universe. Nothing to worry about. If our Catholic King has been well-bred, he & all his royal descendants will likewise be virtuous. It's always worked that way before.

Will this startling display of pre-Enlightenment feudalism get non-Catholic religio-fascists a little nervous, as the first sentence of the title indicates? We're in favor of any & all religious warfare, as long as it's the religious killing each other.

All you can stand from this colossal ninny.

Video also posted at Whiskey Fire, w/ different typing.

UPDATE (0017, 18 August 2010): Sissy boy Michael Voris, S.T.B., can't take the heat, & has made his call to overthrow the gov't. & put a Catholic King in charge "private." Let's see how long his response to the response stays up.


You can't lose something that exists only on paper, fools. Yet EK is having a fit.

Dean Baker: 'We’ve lost about $6 trillion in housing wealth, and I expect we will lose more.'

It's what happens when you buy into capitalism w/ less than, say, $500 million. Someone buys you & you're history. Fucking sheep. See you under the freeway.

Jazz Dump

Samples/examples here. Wail, cats!

The Right To Hibernate

That About Which We Could Not Possibly Care Any Fucking Less

Blagojevich (mis)trial & verdict.





Looks as if we've used the title twice previously, once as above, once followed by an ellipse. Clever, aren't we?

The point being that we felt a bit humid on waking, &, on checking, we find that the heat wave expected last wknd. has finally shown up. 90 or 91, depending. We'll be in the cee-ment pond until sundown.

To Single Any Of You Out Would Be
A BIG Mistake

We wonder why all three of the Creams are still kicking. Trio = smaller pool of potential morbidity? Gotta be more than that. The Beatles, The Who, even The Ramones, of a later generation. All rockin' aggregations now half-dead.

(How an FM DJ sounds at 55+: "Now, dig some Cream, w/ an oldie-but-a-goodie, 'N.S.U.' Take it away, boys ...")Live music: Always better recorded for later enjoyment in the solitude of one's bunker.

Free Market Fuckwads

We're quite certain that this sort of thing doesn't happen very often. Never, even. A horrible mistake. Must have been the accountant's fault that no overtime was paid. Don't you think? Because in a truly free market, the workers would have been free to, you know, get a better job. Lazy bastards. Gotta work 'em to get your money's worth.
The owners of four Los Angeles car washes were each sentenced to a year in jail and are expected to have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid wages after pleading no contest to half a dozen criminal counts, authorities said Monday.

Benny and Nissan Pirian were charged by the city attorney's office in 2009 with 172 counts of violating criminal and labor laws for their treatment of workers. The original criminal complaint named four of their car wash businesses, including Celebrity Car Wash Inc. of Hollywood, Five Star Car Wash Inc. of Northridge, and Hollywood Car Wash Inc. and Vermont Hand Wash Inc. of Los Feliz.


The city attorney's office noted that the court also issued a protective order prohibiting the Pirians from attempting to intimidate witnesses or victims involved in the investigation.

Witnesses in the case testified that a vast majority of the workers at the car washes were required to arrive at least 15 minutes before their shift, and to stay half an hour after closing. None of the workers were paid overtime and were discouraged from taking rest breaks or were denied breaks entirely, even during times of extreme heat.

The workers were paid a flat rate of $35 to $40 a day in violation of minimum-wage laws, according to the deputy city attorneys who tried the case, Julia Figueira-McDonough, Andrew Wong and Akili Nickson. Some worked for tips alone.
Ah, it's that socialist/fascist/Communist/Islamic minimum-wage law, tying the hands of honest businessmen, keeping teens from getting jobs, & spoiling our moral fiber, if we've read or heard anything at all from the feudal elements of this pig society.

We know where the Celebrity Car Wash is.

Get on down there & get some jihad going on those two motherfuckers. They close at 1800; it's dark by 2000. What are you waiting for, an engraved invitation?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch ...

Did we mention this? It's the ceiling in our shower.
It came from above.
Also, a leak over the toilet.

The King Is Dead, &c.

He isn't getting out from under that.
Elvis, UFOs, Conspiracy Theories.

Teabag types at their gawd's grave.
The audio tour must be included in the admission.
Not entirely fair; The Pelvis is big on the other side of the Pacific as well.
In the Philippines.
And South Korea. This photo taken on July 18, 2010 shows South Korean Lee Jong-Jin, who sold two apartments to build his own memorial hall, posing with his collection at the "Follow That Dream" hall for Elvis Presley in Paju, north of Seoul. More than 30 years after the untimely death of Elvis Presley, devotees worldwide are still paying fervent tribute to the King of Rock 'n Roll. AFP PHOTO / JUNG YEON-JE (Photo credit should read JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images)
We've thought for some time that Elvis worship would follow Mormonism & Scientology as the third Great American Foisting of religion on the drooling superstitious masses.Another step closer:
The author claimed that it all began the night the King was born -- Jan. 8, 1935 -- when a strange, unidentified blue light reportedly hovered in the night skies above Elvis' childhood home in Tupelo, Miss.

"The light was seen by the doctor who delivered him and by Elvis' father, who later told Elvis all about it," alleged Luckman.
Waste a few more precious moments of your existence w/ our thirtieth anniversary take on Elvis's end.

Triple, Triple, Toil & Trouble

Today we cannibalize Eleanor Clift, mostly to steal this lovely triptych:
Fiorina, Whitman, McMahon: Three Faces Of Evil
These aren’t moms in tennis shoes, or earnest reformers who got their starts on the school board or with the League of Women Voters, or, on the right, women who cut their teeth in the right-to-life movement. They’re playing from the men’s tee, elbows out and with their own money. Whitman is outspending her opponent in the California gubernatorial race, Democrat Jerry Brown, 86 to 1. One report said she spent more in one day than he has during the entire campaign. She has already dropped $100 million and is on track to become the biggest spender in a state with a long record of affluent people seeking office on the coattails of their money. According to a survey done earlier this year by The San Diego Union-Tribune, only one of 18 self-funded notables running since 1964 got elected, and that was Arnold Schwarzenegger, who spent “only” $6 million of his money, a pittance compared with Whitman.
No, far from "earnest reformers," as the (non)voting or registration records of these three indicate.

What it is all about:
Democrat Richard Blumenthal, the state’s attorney general, says she’s turning the race into an auction by vowing to spend up to $50 million of her money. Asked to respond to the charge, McMahon says it’s money she earned, and that she’s investing in herself as a public servant.
Democracy at work. Why should candidates wait for voters to invest in them, when they can invest in themselves? Eliminate the middle-person. Kick 'em in the nuts, even. Hell, it's the American way.

Nest Of Vipers In Eagle Rock!

Not the same house. Next door.


A nice woman, not her fault, really.
For today's young Disney© Prin-cess.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Two Items Today!

Backstage at the art factory.
Behind the scenes, also.
Bee info.
So old, the after-party starts at 2300. (Why not "post-party?")
We're surprised any rocks remain in the Arroyo Seco.

Ask & You Shall Receive

Note below where we advised you NOT to ask us for a butt.

Didn't happen at the fountain (didn't even go there) but as we wandered the streets of Highland Park from the train to Chicken Boy, smoking, we were hit up for a butt three damn times by low-lifes. Damn!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Personal Appearance (& Warning)

We'll be here later. If you spot us, do not approach. We can be dangerous!

UPDATE (1605 PDT): Wandering the webs when we encountered a photo essay of/babble on where we'll be taking a cigarette break during our expedition.
Yes, near the fountain. DO NOT ASK US FOR A CIGARETTE, EITHER!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Captain America Major Disaster

That's What You Got

Fri. 13 music (not that Fri. isn't per se awful: The squares still gainfully employed suddenly furloughed from their cells, the streets already crowded w/ wknd. hippies, college students & show biz lice):

No show biz then, just grit.The rap starts about (4:20). Cut down, baby!

What's The Matter W/ Ohio Up-Date

Courtesy Green Eagle.

Terror, Baby!

Little Skippy Silverspoon

We're Fat Too. What About It?

NEW YORK (AP) — Floods, fires, melting ice and feverish heat: From smoke-choked Moscow to water-soaked Iowa and the High Arctic, the planet seems to be having a midsummer breakdown. It’s not just a portent of things to come, scientists say, but a sign of troubling climate change already under way.

The weather-related cataclysms of July and August fit patterns predicted by climate scientists, the Geneva-based World Meteorological Organization says — although those scientists always shy from tying individual disasters directly to global warming.

The experts now see an urgent need for better ways to forecast extreme events like Russia’s heat wave and wildfires and the record deluge devastating Pakistan. They’ll discuss such tools in meetings this month and next in Europe and America, under United Nations, U.S. and British government sponsorship.

“There is no time to waste,” because societies must be equipped to deal with global warming, says British government climatologist Peter Stott.

He said modelers of climate systems are “very keen” to develop supercomputer modeling that would enable more detailed linking of cause and effect as a warming world shifts jet streams and other atmospheric currents. Those changes can wreak weather havoc.

The U.N.’s network of climate scientists — the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) — has long predicted that rising global temperatures would produce more frequent and intense heat waves, and more intense rainfalls. In its latest assessment, in 2007, the Nobel Prize-winning panel went beyond that. It said these trends “have already been observed,” in an increase in heat waves since 1950, for example.

Still, climatologists generally refrain from blaming warming for this drought or that flood, since so many other factors also affect the day’s weather.

Stott and NASA’s Gavin Schmidt, at the Goddard Institute of Space Studies in New York, said it’s better to think in terms of odds: Warming might double the chances for heat waves, for example. “That is exactly what’s happening,” Schmidt said, “a lot more warm extremes and less cold extremes.”

The WMO pointed out that this summer’s events fit the international scientists’ projections of “more frequent and more intense extreme weather events due to global warming.”

In fact, in key cases they’re a perfect fit:


It’s been the hottest summer ever recorded in Russia, with Moscow temperatures topping 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 degrees C) for the first time. Russia’s drought has sparked hundreds of wildfires in forests and dried peat bogs, blanketing Moscow with a toxic smog that finally lifted Thursday after six days. The Russian capital’s death rate doubled to 700 people a day at one point. The drought reduced the wheat harvest by more than one-third.

The 2007 IPCC report predicted a doubling of disastrous droughts in Russia this century and cited studies foreseeing catastrophic fires during dry years. It also said Russia would suffer large crop losses.


The heaviest monsoon rains on record — 12 inches (300 millimeters) in one 36-hour period — have sent rivers rampaging over huge swaths of countryside, flooding thousands of villages. It has left 14 million Pakistanis homeless or otherwise affected, and killed 1,500. The government calls it the worst natural disaster in the nation’s history.

A warmer atmosphere can hold — and discharge — more water. The 2007 IPCC report said rains have grown heavier for 40 years over north Pakistan and predicted greater flooding this century in south Asia’s monsoon region.


China is witnessing its worst floods in decades, the WMO says, particularly in the northwest province of Gansu. There, floods and landslides last weekend killed at least 1,100 people and left more than 600 missing, feared swept away or buried beneath mud and debris.

The IPCC reported in 2007 that rains had increased in northwest China by up to 33 percent since 1961, and floods nationwide had increased sevenfold since the 1950s. It predicted still more frequent flooding this century.


In Iowa, soaked by its wettest 36-month period in 127 years of recordkeeping, floodwaters from three nights of rain this week forced hundreds from their homes and killed a 16-year-old girl.

The international climate panel projected increased U.S. precipitation this century — except for the Southwest [Fuck! —Ed.]— and more extreme rain events causing flooding.


Researchers last week spotted a 100-square-mile (260-square-kilometer) chunk of ice calved off from the great Petermann Glacier in Greenland’s far northwest. It was the most massive ice island to break away in the Arctic in a half-century of observation.

The huge iceberg appeared just five months after an international scientific team published a report saying ice loss from the Greenland ice sheet is expanding up its northwest coast from the south.

Changes in the ice sheet “are happening fast, and we are definitely losing more ice mass than we had anticipated,” said one of the scientists, NASA’s Isabella Velicogna.

In the Arctic Ocean itself, the summer melt of the vast ice cap has reached unprecedented proportions in recent years. Satellite data show the ocean area covered by ice last month was the second-lowest ever recorded for July.

The melting of land ice into the oceans is causing about 60 percent of the accelerating rise in sea levels worldwide, with thermal expansion from warming waters causing the rest. The WMO’S World Climate Research Program says seas are rising by 1.34 inches (34 millimeters) per decade, about twice the 20th century’s average.

Worldwide temperature readings, meanwhile, show that this January-June was the hottest first half of a year since recordkeeping began in the mid-19th century. Meteorologists say 17 nations have recorded all-time-high temperatures in 2010, more than in any other year.

Scientists blame the warming on carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases pouring into the atmosphere from power plants, cars and trucks, furnaces and other fossil fuel-burning industrial and residential sources.

Experts are growing ever more vocal in urging sharp cutbacks in emissions, to protect the climate that has nurtured modern civilization.

“Reducing emissions is something everyone is capable of,” Nanjing-based climatologist Tao Li told an academic journal in China, now the world’s No. 1 emitter, ahead of the U.S.

But not everyone is willing to act.

The U.S. remains the only major industrialized nation not to have legislated caps on carbon emissions, after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid last week withdrew climate legislation in the face of resistance from Republicans and some Democrats.

The U.S. inaction, dating back to the 1990s, is a key reason global talks have bogged down for a pact to succeed the expiring Kyoto Protocol. That is the relatively weak accord on emissions cuts adhered to by all other industrialized states.

Governments around the world, especially in poorer nations that will be hard-hit, are scrambling to find ways and money to adapt to shifts in climate and rising seas.

The meetings of climatologists in the coming weeks in Paris, Britain and Colorado will be one step toward adaptation, seeking ways to identify trends in extreme events and better means of forecasting them.

A U.N. specialist in natural disasters says much more needs to be done.

Salvano Briceno of the U.N.’s International Strategy for Disaster Reduction pointed to aggravating factors in the latest climate catastrophes: China’s failure to stem deforestation, contributing to its deadly mudslides; Russia’s poor forest management, feeding fires; and the settling of poor Pakistanis on flood plains and dry riverbeds in the densely populated country, squatters’ turf that suddenly turned into torrents.

“The IPCC has already identified the influence of climate change in these disasters. That’s clear,” Briceno said. “But the main trend we need to look at is increasing vulnerability, the fact we have more people living in the wrong places, doing the wrong things.”
AP Correspondents Michael J. Crumb in Des Moines, Iowa, and Christopher Bodeen in Beijing contributed to this report.

As stolen from The Daily Caller, our source for every story the AP breaks & crap. Bet it chapped their hides to run it.

Crap, Friday The 13th Already


Thursday, August 12, 2010

All In The Family

Let's not forget Ben's mom, Marilyn, as photographed on 28 January 2009.
The eyes follow you around the room.
We'd laugh, but that woman just below this was elected.

Texas Scold 'Em

She didn't know she was going to be grilled.
Bear in mind that this bottle-blond (Why does she hate Gawd & His plan for her hair?) Peggy Noonan-looking woman is a State Senator. An elected official. Chosen by a majority of those in her zone who voted. Wrap the brain around that for a few seconds. Then you can pretty much abandon all hope & wander off for a drink.

There too. (Internet trad w/ which we're familiar, but why? Legitimized self-promotion? Who has gone there, or come here, to re-read any of this? Assuming there was reading occurring at all.)

Civil Dis

Could just one of these jerks explain why sneering at people who richly deserve a thorough sneering is so damn wrong?

"Finally, A Way for Liberals to Sneer At People" by Little Davey Weigel. What he considers sneering:
We are amused.

Have any of these "be nice" assholes ever had anything to do w/ these "people" they find so deserving of their abstract (& meaningless) respect? We sincerely & sneeringly doubt it, because if they had, they'd be sneering at the fucking jerk idiots right along w/ us & the other rational members of society.

And in the false equivalence world of "Oh, the other side does the exact same things too, all the time," where is the recognition that virtually every actual policy & program proposed by actual Republican office-holders (Not profit-seeking T-shirt merchants!) is a full-blast, two-tone, diamond-encrusted sneer at around 95% of the American people. (To be followed by an actual fucking of the sheep if the policy, program or whatever becomes law.)

We believe ourself to be absolutely justified in expressing a sincere & sneering FUCK YOU! to Mr. Weigel & his fellow Politeness Nazis.

Crossly posted at Whiskey Fire.

Nap After Football?

OK, another cuppa joe & a slice of pizza
& we'll see if we're up to producing (Creating? Oh, come on.) anything.
Nope, just feeling sick. And tired. And now you've suffered too.

Mob Scene Up-Date

30,000(!) people at Michelle Malkin's imagined mob/riot, types the Journal-Constitution. That many people crowded together to cash in on the free money, you'd think something would have burned down. Guess not.
Still, officials of East Point declared the day a success. Nobody was arrested and nobody was seriously injured, they said.
Dep't. of Dependence & Entitlement: Stuff from hud.gov reprinted, for the detail-oriented.

Moving pictures, for the less detail-oriented.

Music From Guam

KUAM. Country & Western influenced.

Beyond The Fringe

What is it about Columbus, Oh. that attracts these people?
In this June 24, 2010 photo, James T. McBride discusses his governmental beliefs during an interview in Columbus, Ohio. As a member of the Sovereign Citizens movement, McBride contends the U.S. government has not had authority over citizens for more than a century.(AP Photo/Jay LaPrete)
COLUMBUS, Ohio – They call themselves sovereign citizens, U.S. residents who declare themselves above state and federal laws.


At the heart of their belief system: The government creates a secret identity for each citizen at birth, a "straw man," that controls an account at the U.S. Treasury used as collateral for foreign debt. File enough documents at the right offices and the money in those accounts can be used to pay off debt or make purchases worth thousands of dollars.


"These people really seem to feel that filing certain kinds of legal papers that are connected to their theories will somehow also magically have the power to alter relationships and grant things that otherwise would be unobtainable," [Barkun] said.


Martin Smith, 48, a civil engineer in Carthage, Mo., lost $8,000 to a father-and-son company in Columbus called Liberty Resources that pitched a method to eliminate credit card debt based on a theory that national banks aren't authorized to issue credit.

"We just became convinced that each of the parts of the puzzle that Liberty Resources ... was telling us existed would work," said Smith.


Jim Jarvis is Ohio coordinator for the Restore America Plan, which shares similar beliefs with the Guardians group. He maintains the country has lacked a legitimate government since Congress failed to adjourn properly in 1861.

The people who are crazy, he says, are those who won't do the research to find out what's really going on in the country.


In a 2003 document Jerry Kane filed in a county recorder's office in Ohio, he said he was not a "Fourteen Amendment Citizen." Many sovereign citizens believe the 14th Amendment created a new class of citizens, people who had no constitutional rights but were instead slaves to the government, according to Mark Pitcavage, investigative researcher for the Anti-Defamation League.

McBride, the jailed sovereign citizen, came across anti-government beliefs while in federal prison in Michigan on a 1992 cocaine importing conviction.

Over the years he developed his own tenets, including a revised history of the United States that says the country was secretly organized as a general post office in 1789.

He dismisses any accusation that the programs he pitched were fraud, arguing he's not subject to the laws of the U.S., which he calls a corporation along the lines of a car company.

"General Motor's laws don't affect me because I'm not an employee of them," McBride said. "Same with the state of Ohio and the United States."

Today, McBride is headed back to federal prison after prosecutors said he cashed bogus checks and refused to cooperate with his parole officers following a 2004 bankruptcy fraud conviction.
Foaming of the first water. Superfluous snark would only ruin the magical legalism. Pictures, however ...
In this July 2, 2010 photo, a store front housing a business operated by James T. McBride, a member of the Sovereign Citizens movement, is shown in a shopping plaza in Columbus, Ohio. McBride runs a business from this location providing information about his anti-government views in exchange for donations.(AP Photo/Jay LaPrete)
FWIW: AP offers the Southern Poverty Law Center as a source.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Army Of Peggys

As a relic ourself, & a Section Eight recipient, we refuse to be arsed to refudiate (Look, we made up a word, we're fucking Shakespeare!) the claptrap excerpted by Michelle Malkin from boilerplate about will-sapping entitlements.
[Section Eight] is a welfare-state relic. Housing policy expert Howard Husock at the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal exposed the entitlement failure several years ago
We just bet he did.

But the real fun is the little secrets Malkin has w/ her tribe.
Remember Peggy the Moocher, the Obama supporter who couldn’t wait for her government savior to usher in the Age of Bottomless Household Entitlements?

Now, imagine thousands of Peggys crowded together on the streets demanding their cash money.
Oh, imagine. "Cash money." That's what the coloreds say, you know. (We're lost as to "crowded together on the streets." Does she mean crowding together? Do crowds make her nervous? Or just more than two Others crowding any given location?) Give you a delicious little frisson there? One is never so alive as when menaced by Mooching Peggys, is one? And don't think they aren't menacing! Mme. Malkin goes on w/ three paragraphs from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, one of which indicates that fights broke out in the crowd of thousands, some of who'd been waiting for two days. The last paragraph is police porn, w/ this sentence tossed in: "Firefighters and EMTs were attending to people who were overheating in the sun."

Savages, w/ pitchforks & paving stones, storming the welfare office for CASH MONEY! Or, tired hot people lined up for something more important to them than the first screening of a George Lucas blockbuster may be to middle-class suburbanites. Or the standard (even when the economy is in better shape) news item of thousands showing up for scores of new jobs when a service/retail prison opens. That could be attributed to Obama as well, obviously, if Malkin ever mentioned such events. At the very least she could call them a mob.

And let us reassure you that "The mob [that] was waiting to collect on Section 8 vouchers" was not "collecting on" anything. Voucher recipients get to pay about a third of their income toward rent, & the gummint makes up the difference, w/ a fairly low ceiling on what the total rent can be. No cash involved. This reporter would still be on the streets (Best-case scenario: Board & care w/ other loons, a room-mate. Gaaahh!) or at least in a park, if not for Section Eight. Mooching rules, & we sure have it sweet!

We must speculate as to what Mme. Malkin's solution to the problem of savage welfare mobs is, especially as it's sure to worsen once some austerity is imposed around here. Perhaps the establishment of camps away from the temptations of the city, where the value of a hard day's work could be instilled in the mob. Whattya say, Michelle?

Also at.

Justice Done To Air-Polluting
Assholes Assaulting Pedestrians

Beverly Hills, number one Cali-wide in per capita pedestrian whacking.

Oh, BH Courier: Hire a real American, pseudo-elitist pigs!


Another Outraged Liberal, that is. Righteously outraged, well expressed, absolutely true & would inspire jealousy, but the outraged liberal had to read the NYT piece to type the thing. (We also serve who only copy & paste.)
The Times report, however, descends into a kind of "liberal" media known-nothingism when it comes to how this became a controversy, suggesting that "a combination of arguable naïveté, public-relations missteps and a national political climate in which perhaps no preparation could have headed off controversy." This is a remarkable formula that manages to place the blame everywhere except where it belongs -- on a right-wing smear machine that went into overdrive in an effort to portray Rauf and Khan as terrorist sympathizers, an experience no one outside of contemporary partisan politics could have possibly been prepared for. The conservative media lied about the location of the project, they lied about Rauf's background, they lied about the project's funding, they lied about when the project would be built, and they lied about Rauf's political beliefs. And it would have been one thing if it had just been a small group of people lying, but they had an entire cable news station to lie for them, and politicians who were willing to amplify their smears. This controversy isn't about the "political climate." It's the fruit of a conscious, deliberate, and sustained effort.
Damned vicious Liberal Bible & its false equivalence.


You're more than welcome.

Quote Of The Day

Military Leaders Want More Time in Afghanistan "While we've been in Afghanistan for nine years, only in the past 12 months or so have we started doing this right."
Read original story in The New York Times | Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2010

An implicit condemnation of the Bush Administration. And approval of the current admin.

If one thoroughly over-thinks it.

Nobody Knows The Trouble We Seen

Currently not receiving MSNBC (Mighty Sorry, No Body Cares) via cable. (Not getting Headline News Network either, but that we can live w/ [or w/o].) How, though, are we supposed to know what the liberal issuesGeorge Soros talking points of the day are?

We suppose this has to do w/ the new firmware installed. It's already fucked up our favorites list.

And why are CNN, CNBC, CNBC World, FOX News & FOX Business still available to the masses? Conspiracy, or fascist plot? Either way, this will not stand! (It's sitting right now, even.)

What this means to you, the reader: We may be on the horn w/ TWCable the remainder of the afternoon, meaning typing will be one-handed. Heh heh.


We found this one the most disturbing. Those hairless pink paws w/ the talons, though ...

Photos Of The Day:
Japanese Garden At The Huntington

We should be able to milk this for wks.
Fish mosh.
Who invited her?
New look for the bunker? Note absence of irritating humanoids.
Ginkgo gash more visible cropped.
Sayonara, suckers!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Misery Loves Suffering

Hey, maybe we can have a triple-dip recession, as M&A activity increases, more & more people who work for a living are thrown out of work by corporate entity consolidation, consumer demand falls even more, the economy spirals to the bottom, & so on. Sweeee-eeet.

As an editor/publisher/typist on a fixed income, we can state w/o reservation that we favor deflation that will knock the fucking socks off slobs who work for a living. Some of you fuckers out there lucky enough to have a job (as of this typing) may not see another raise in your wage-slaving lifetimes.

[Cue evil laugh. (We really gotta record that, to add to the schadenfreude.)]

Imposing Wrap-Up

Started reading a story about a really depressed quantum mechanic a few days ago. Didn't finish of course (Seemed depressing.) but we were informed by the part where the melancholy protagonist felt that everything was an imposition.

Tell us about it! Breathing, for one example. Will it never stop? Just stop making demands on us! (You may have heard "Leave Hulk alone!" somewhere before. We asked politely. Then.)

So imagine dealing w/ the desire to type something. It's an imposition even to find something we can proudly announce we don't give a shit about. Finding something worth bitching about that hasn't already been bitched to death is another imposition. There's a lot of bitching going on. And now we feel we aren't holding up our end of the bitching. Fuck it, we're superfluous, we'll just sit down over here & supervise.

Keep bitching, damnit!

Swanson's Frozen TV Pancakes

Breaking! Must credit Just Another Blog (From L.A.)™!!

Tucker Carlson's employees/interns are illiterate morons:
Perhaps the mere thought of Dick Cheney so excited one of Tuck's young wards that the above was the result?

Say what you will about The NYT, they can type.

End Of The Night

Sturdy Peasant Stock

Sheila Kuehl begins chipping away at Goobernator Schwarzenegger's assumed legacy.
After more than six years of carving up and flushing what used to be referred to as the California Dream, the Governor has looked around at the wreckage and decided to float the story that it wasn't his doing. Many have obediently picked up the narrative and amplified it through the press and online. The story, as set out, for instance, in the New York Times, goes: the Governor is a real independent, neither a rabid left-wing Democrat nor a salivating Tea Partier and, therefore, no one loves him any more. Somehow, even as he stands in the rubble of California, Arnold has spun this to be a good thing, when, instead, he is an embodiment of what Texas gadfly Jim Hightower meant when he said, "There's nothing in the middle of the road but yellow stripes and dead armadillos."
Spotted at me.

Underground Carbon Copy

First touristy thing we did in Paris was the boat tour of the sewers.Story, not too interesting.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Time For Murder, Again

So alienated from & bored by the species that makes this planet the hell-hole it is, we decided to lie down for a nap. No sooner had consciousness faded than the fucking mobile rang.

Stipulated: No reason in the entire dull world of alienating weirdos to have had it on, you're right, our fault, but c'mon, it was a call from somewhere in 702 (Las Vegas). Meaning a wrong number. No one we know. We're still weighing printing the number, if any Amy Alkon types would like to give the caller a piece of our mind for us.

Now that we've been forced into what passes for consciousness around here, we may waste some time & electricity w/ the new firmware that appeared in the DVR today. Most "exciting" is a folder option in the list of crap that's sitting in the hard drive. (Result: Less clicking when trying to decide which movie not to watch.)

At this point we can't determine which is sillier: being so jaded, or pretending we give a fuck. Certainly the latter is pretty transparent, but there's no way it can be proved we aren't jaded beyond all human possibility.

Hawking: Send Humans Into Space

Bouffant: Please! We've got a list right here w/ which you may start.



You might still be able to get a byte in edgewise.

Lest We Forget, Part II

Nagasaki, 9 August 1945
And pictures that move.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bored ++Limp

Even after four cups of coffee opening a wrist doesn't seem such a bad idea, though Sunday night (In August?) professional football may keep us amused enough to continue w/ the in- & exhalation. Perhaps from a prone position.

 Not even a murdered intern or a shark attack to be had. Here's a picture of a large shellacked rabbit.

Existential August

Noting an outburst of music/video posting, we realized White Christian Country American Music might be under-represented by left-libs. Here's a honky whose birthday happens to be today.You can not do anything whiter than bill yourself as "The Singing Sheriff."Above Not Safe For Aging Melancholics.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Spreading Ourselves Thickly Wrap-Up

Most of the good stuff we've extruded today is at Whiskey Fire, as well as attempts to lively it up w/ Gulcher, &tc.

Cross-posted (very angry): Abuse of McArdle.

On to tonight's performance piece, A Night in Hell: Cable/Broadcast Telebision on a Saturday Night/Sunday Morning in August.

The Nanny Church

State of The Discourse: Posts. And worse, posts made of Twitterings.

The Subject: Life itself, made easier for the simpleuncomplicated.

The Shorter: How to Fuck, for Married w/ Children Jesus Freaks. (Emphasis theirs.)
Husbands, don’t waste every date night at a movie where you can’t talk. Use the time to visit with your wife, draw her out, and study her like you do the Bible.

Husbands, plan out your date nights. Ask you wife in advance what sounds good, see what your options are, and make a plan. She’ll be thankful.


Men, you don’t pursue a woman to marry her and stop pursuing her. You pursue a woman to marry her and pursue her with more passion and creativity than ever. How’s it going husbands?

Men, if you don’t date your wife, someone else may eventually volunteer for the job.

Ladies, sometimes it’s a great gift to go into your husband’s world for a date night by doing something like putting on a jersey going to a game and eating a hot dog. His love language may just be hot dog.

Men: find a shirt with buttons, try two eyebrows instead of one, find a breath mint or 20, show up with a gift, don’t ogle other women, and go to a restaurant that does not have a spork.

Sometimes the best date night is date breakfast, date lunch, or surprise pick up your spouse from work for an hour at a hotel.
Those trying to make sense of this in a context more recent than "The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet" should be advised that our source is a mega-church w/ "Biblical manhood" as one of its themes.

Below, "Pastor" Mark & the Missis. What Ricky Nelson would look like today.
Hair colored as gawd intended it.
While this sort of "men are pigs, women are teasing sluts" role play is thought to be headed in the direction of buggy whips, eight-track cartridges & printed, bound books, it's to be understood that three-card monte & other bunco schemes will always have a few willing players. No wonder the parishioners need to be reminded how & why to "date."

Who, Us?

Thers, Head-Typist-In-Charge of Whiskey Fire, has (not knowing any better, & you'd think, what w/ having offspring & all, he would) "left us the keys" to his establishment as he vacates for a wk.

This couldn't come at a worse time for us, as we misplaced our mojo somewhere, & haven't been as inspired in our railing against the forces of repression lately. Just as well, we'll cool it there w/ the death-threats we've been reduced to making here.

And spare us the crap about "upping our game." This is not a game, it's serious. Like cancer.