Saturday, June 12, 2010

Annals Of Blowback

At last, Tucker's interns are getting into Newsmax/World Net Daily/Conservative News Service territory.
A foreign enemy is undermining America. An organization founded in Egypt in 1928, sworn to eradicate democracy, is working to raise their black flag over America and every other nation in the world. With plans to destroy our Constitution, it has infiltrated the highest levels of government, defense, and law enforcement. Bearded and robed, it walks the streets of our cities and lurks in hostile ghettos. It is the Muslim Brotherhood. Why does the Obama administration refuse to even name it?
Why so long? Maybe Tucker took a while to convince potential columnists that the venture capital was tied up in something other than payment for columns. Riding lessons, maybe.

So. Compare & contrast.
Is that clear? It was clear to McCarthy and he took it as the title of his book, The Grand Jihad, How Islam and the Left Sabotage America (Encounter Books, 455 pp, $27.95). This book lives on my desk because it answers two questions: Why do Muslims blow up buildings, highjack airplanes, and kill Americans if their real plot is to destroy us from within; and why did President Obama say to the Turkish Parliament, “Let me say this as clearly as I can: The United States is not, and never will be at war with Islam.”
Perhaps if this
lived on Cuckoo Chet's desk, instead of McCarthy's delusional pants-pissing, Chet might have some idea of what's actually transpired in the real world in the last 60-odd yrs.
One of these days the United Snakes will not just shoot off a toe, or crease its thigh when the hog-leg in the sweat pants goes off. No, current trends continuing or worsening (as they always do) soon the U.S. of A., on a hunting trip in some far-flung but oddly oil-rich part of the world, will have its head blown completely off by the shotgun (safety off, natch) it carelessly & precariously propped against the fence it was trying to climb over.

Science Gone Too Far

Yet another sappy optimist weighs in on "meaning" in the pages of Huffington's Old-Timey Feel Good Spiritualism Review.
The mantra that only science can save us from these perils rings hollow to many youngsters, since it was largely science and technology that bequeathed them in the first place. As anthropologist and educator Loren Eiseley put it,

We have lived to see the technological progress that was hailed in one age as the savior of man become the horror of the next. We have observed that the same able and energetic minds which built lights, steamships and telephones turn with equal facility to the creation of what euphemistically is termed the "ultimate weapon." It is in this reversal that the modern age comes off so badly.
Who could conceive that something might be used for purposes other than originally & oh so nobly intended. Dumb Dr. Dossey blames it on "Science," rather than the brain-dead optimism of those who, like he, would deny the truth, seemingly because it makes them sad:
Must Science Be Depressing?

Why would anyone who is psychologically healthy pick a career that demands a view of the world that is morbid, pessimistic and depressing? That's precisely the worldview advocated by some of the most outstanding scientists of our day. This can be a turnoff to any optimistic, questing, curious, intelligent kid who stumbles onto it. Perhaps that is why the advocates of science education almost never acknowledge this prevailing view when promoting the wonders of science to youngsters.

Typical of the gloomy perspective is that of Nobel physicist Steven Weinberg in his 1977 book The First Three Minutes. In a now-famous passage, he writes,
It is almost irresistible for humans to believe that we have some special relation to the universe, that human life is not just a more-or-less farcical outcome of a chain of accidents reaching back to the first three minutes, but that we were somehow built in from the beginning... It is hard to realize that this all [i.e., life on Earth] is just a tiny part of an overwhelmingly hostile universe. It is even harder to realize that this present universe has evolved from an unspeakably unfamiliar early condition, and faces a future extinction of endless cold or intolerable heat. The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it also seems pointless.
By the time Weinberg unveiled his gloomy view, the notion of a purposeless, meaningless universe was already on a roll in science. One of the most influential supporters of this perspective was the Nobel molecular biologist Jacques Monod (1910-1976), whose 1972 book Chance and Necessity powerfully influenced a generation of scientists. For Monod, purpose and meaning in nature were outlaw concepts; for a scientist to believe in them was unbecoming at best and a moral failing at worst. As he confidently proclaimed, "The cornerstone of scientific method is the systematic denial that 'true' knowledge can be got at by interpreting phenomena in terms of final causes--that is to say, of 'purpose.'"
One person's depression is the next rational person's liberation, isn't it?

We'll admit to being sad we must wait for the next installment for the good doctor to condemn atheists as immoral ("They aren't scared of gawd! It'll be anarchy!") appeal to an undefined, meaningless (Hah!) spirituality & make further Soviet-style accusations of psychiatric unhealthiness.
Although prevalent, this depressing verdict on the status of meaning, direction and purpose in the world is not unanimous, and kids who intuitively reject this view have a few strong shoulders to stand on, as we'll see in the next blog.
We have your intuitive rejection right here, Doc. No, here. Look a little closer.

We Are ++Screwed

Bad enough:
What we are witnessing in this election cycle is the slow death of traditional statewide campaign journalism. I noticed the same pattern (and the same nearly reporter-free campaign trail) in Kentucky last month as I covered libertarian Rand Paul's decisive defeat of the state Republican establishment in the GOP Senate primary. Aside from an occasional AP reporter, virtually the only print journalists whom I encountered at campaign events were my national press-pack colleagues from the New York Times, the Washington Post, Politico and the Atlantic Monthly.
But Hokey Smokes, look at the apparent replacements (which we kindly bolded) & their coverage.
The gradual abandonment of on-the-ground campaign coverage means that polls are fast becoming the only way to glimpse voter sentiment. Since most polls in statewide races (particularly primaries) are automated short-answer surveys, it becomes easy to jump to blunderbuss conclusions like "all incumbents are imperiled" or "the Tea Party movement is all-powerful."

After Republican Scott Brown sent conventional wisdom reeling by winning Ted Kennedy's old Senate seat in January, an analysis of the media coverage demonstrated why the press was so slow to realize an upset was in the making. The reason: Political reporters never left Boston, even though no place in Massachusetts is more than a three-hour drive away. The study by the Pew Research Center for Excellence in Journalism found that only 6 percent of major newspaper and AP stories covering the last two weeks of the general election campaign were based on non-Boston coverage.

Must These Englishmen Live
That We Might Tie?

Limeys 1, USA 1.

Annals Of Perversion

No comment:
PAYSON, Ariz. -- Following a three-week investigation, Payson police detectives arrested a 94-year-old man for public sexual indecency, aggravated assault and child molestation.

The investigation began after it was alleged that Dale Warren Graham was found in a garage that did not belong to him with a running vacuum cleaner attached to the front of his pants, according to Payson Police Chief Donald Engler.

"Gotcha!" Journalism: McCain Caught W/ Meat In Mouth

Good one (And it's short!) from Glenn Greenwald, reacting to wretched old shithead John Sidney McCain III's typical hypocritical bullshit.
Of all McCain's paragraphs, this is probably my favorite (h/t sandbun):
Is it any wonder that this is the same regime that spends its people’s precious resources not on roads, or schools, or hospitals, or jobs that benefit all Iranians -- but on funding violent groups of foreign extremists who murder the innocent?
As the American war in Afghanistan enters its ninth full year and our occupation of Iraq its seventh, and as we continue to find all new ways to kill innocent civilians in various countries around the world, and as we continue to transfer billions of dollars every year to Israel and the Egyptian dictatorship -- all while thinking about how to slash Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and thus erode the weak safety net even further, while confronting collapsing domestic infrastructurerampant unemployment, and massive teacher lay-offs and even grade elimination for American children -- is there any other country you can think of, besides Iran, which "spends its people's precious resources not on roads, or schools, or hospitals, or jobs that benefit all [citizens]" but rather on wars and support for foreign groups which kill "the innocent"?  And over the last decade, what was the position of John McCain and his party on whether the "people's precious resources" should be spent (a) on "roads, or schools, or hospitals, or jobs that benefit all" (see here) or (b) wars that kill the innocent?
We might quibble w/ that last one: No one is innocent!!

Got Values?

We'd been wondering if anyone could come up w/ exact, chapter & verse Torah & Bible quotations of those often-mentioned but still mysterious Judeo-Christian values that we just can't find in the silly old Constitution.
He said that "Oklahomans recognize that America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles," and that his measure "is a pre-emptive strike to make sure that liberal judges don't take to the bench in an effort to use their position to undermine" those principles by considering international or sharia law.

When asked if there was a danger of judges doing this, Duncan maintained that though it hasn't happened yet, "it's not just a danger. It's a reality."
We wonder no more; New York Senator Chuck Schumer stepped forward to answer our question:

Schumer on Gaza: ‘Strangle them,’ they ‘don’t believe in the Torah’

Ah, convert or we strangle you? Some values.
During one point of his speech, Schumer turned his attention to the situation in Gaza. He told the audience that the “Palestinian people still don’t believe in the Jewish state, in a two-state solution,” and also that “they don’t believe in the Torah, in David.” He went on to say “you have to force them to say Israel is here to stay.”
Oh damn, not actual strangling (yet).
And to me, since the Palestinians in Gaza elected Hamas, while certainly there should be humanitarian aid and people not starving to death, to strangle them economically until they see that’s not the way to go, makes sense.
Must. Control. Urge To ...

Waitaminnit, Who's Blaming Whom For What Imaginary Things?

Sometimes it's type something or bang oneself w/ a hammer.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ghost Graffiti

Recording the splotches of censorship.
The Present-Day Tagger Refuses to Die: Note writing on curb.

From The In-Box

Shrink School? Why not? Even more fun to abuse from authority.

WTF Is Wrong W/ All Of You?

The question, following a scan of various internment-net sources. 

It is beyond our admittedly limited comprehension how people who work for a living have not yet risen to murder their overseers. Where's the humanity?

Currently Ignoring:

FIFA World Cup 2010.

Anything else we can ignore or discount for you?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good Night, Ladies

Amanda Marcotte recaps "feminist" anti-feminists. The best stuff is directly from the antis' own mouths/typings.

Classic quote: From Phyllis Schlafly: "It's very healthy for a young girl to be deterred from promiscuity by fear of contracting a painful, incurable disease, or cervical cancer, or sterility, or the likelihood of giving birth to a dead, blind, or brain-damaged baby (even 10 years later when she may be happily married)."

Classic quote: From Camille Paglia: "You have to accept the fact that part of the sizzle of sex comes from the danger of sex. You can be overpowered."

Classic quote: From Caitlin Flanagan: "[T]he forces of feminism have worked relentlessly to erode the patriarchy—which, despite its manifold evils, held that providing for the sexual safety of young girls was among its primary reasons for existence."

Caitlin Flanagan is extra-creepy, & we think you know why, pig!

A lot of this was creepy. As one example, we didn't know that the second wave of backlash was because of (real) "feminists telling women that they were delicate flowers unable to handle the intimidating ribaldry and exciting hints of violence that mark the true male spirit."

Exciting hints of violence? If the shoe fits, we have to wear it. Or beat someone silly over the head therew/.

Trouble At The Frolic

We have spent/wasted more than one wasted evening at the Frolic Room over the last 30+ yrs.
Quite a few, actually, 'though none recently. Now, a bouncer has died under suspicious circumstances.
The man got his drink then quibbled over paying. Either out of confidence, or a lapse in tactical thinking, Jerry turned his back as he walked the man out the bar. “Jerry was leading, the man followed” Carole learned from staffers at the Frolic. The next time anyone saw Andersen he was spread-eagled in the cramped vestibule, blood pouring out his ears.

Police have found no witnesses. The narrow entrance between the door and the bar is out of sight from the back, where the bartender was cleaning up when whatever happened went down. But the man who wouldn’t pay for his drink is known to police. “They have his name, where he works, where he lives” says Carole. He remains “a person of interest” in cop jargon, and evidence may turn up that will lead to an arrest.
Inner Frolic: We don't know these "visitors," but we like the Hirschfeld mural.
Not sure how many "Nina"s, if any.

Home-Wrecking Tramp Slutty Sally Quinn Weighs In On The Gores' Personal Lives

What subject has the interminable D.C. religious/party-scribe latched on to this week?

Why, the Gore’s divorce.
The Gores have handled their decision to separate with dignity and grace. In doing so, they have given us all a great gift — an opportunity for a deeply important and mature conversation about the changing nature of marriage…
Honest to fucking gawd, how many times did this ++hypocritical whore-on-wheels have to walk into her concrete meditation labyrinth to figure that bullshit out? She probably thinks gawd will give her a pass because it's wife coveting, rather than the coveting of husbands, that's forbidden in those ten commandments.

Spotted atStolen from Some Dude w/ a Fez.

Norwegian Beck

Choice extractions from

The Book Glenn Beck Loved So Much

he wanted to marry it.

A question:
Ask yourself if in recent years sex, pacifistic, atheistic, and socialistic propaganda has increased in America and why.
If author Elizabeth Dilling could only see today's sex propaganda. Some people have almost been convinced sex is not instantly fatal.

Even more stupid fucking crap from the '30s. How has America survived the last 80 yrs. in a recognizable form, w/ every sex-crazed commie pacifist at her throat?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stairway To The Stars

The Conquest of EuropeSpace

CEO Fiorina Now Knows What It's Like To Be Spied Upon

A mainstream Internet media take on feminism as practiced by crypto-fascist millionairesses. Here's the end:
In addition to the obvious nonsensical aspect of generalizing from one experience to 300 million Americans—if Frank had turned out to be a jerk like Carly's first husband, would that mean abortion should be mandatory?—Fiorina and Palin's pitches reveal graphically how selfish their brand of feminism is. With the addition of a hefty dose of good luck, and, in Fiorina's case, the value of a privileged family background, they made it. So their public policy is not to make it any easier for any woman who comes after them with, say, control of her reproduction or health care separate from her husband's job. Somehow the brilliant light of their narcissism is supposed to blind voters to the fact that there's another response to making it. Here's what real—not grizzly—mothers do: Make it easier for the young ones coming along next.


A former colleague?
Kaus, a former TNR senior editor turned gadfly, has garnered a great deal of media coverage, and yesterday sent out an excited message to supporters claiming "We are peaking at the right time." After hauling in 5% of the vote, Kaus is claiming victory:
I congratulate Senator Boxer on her primary victory. But the results send more than one message.

I'm a blogger. I spent about $40,000. I had one part-time aide, a recent college grad who was prepping for his LSATs. We had no headquarters, no pollsters, no highly paid strategists and consultants. We had a couple of laptops and an old Volvo. And we still ripped off more than 100,000 votes from a three term incumbent because there is  a large group of voters who are dissatisfied with the prevailing dogma of the Democratic party.

Hmm. Is there some unusual level of dissatisfaction? Here are the last three contested Democratic Senate primaries:

2006 (%)
Dianne Feinstein 87.0
Colleen Fernald 8.0
Martin Luther Church 5.0

Dianne Feinstein 95.5
Michael Schmier 4.5

Barbara Boxer 92.15
James Pinkerton 7.85

I think Kaus peaked too soon.
We can absolutely see Mickey as a gadfly: Unshaven, disheveled, wandering from City Council meeting to obscure gov't. board meeting, topping the day w/ a live podcast from whichever Starbucks he's camping in, & eventually living in that Volvo. (We believe it's his mother's, actually.)

The only real question here is when/if Mick will be back blowing off steam at Slate, Suck, Salon or wherever it was that we ignored his typing before his quest to nowhere. Someone was "ripped off." Refunds, anyone?

Web Log Stars Drop Two-Hr. Load

Imagine Jonah Goldberg, Ross Douthat, Republican strategist Kristen Soltis, & David Weigel all flapping their gums in the same room at the same time. Two hrs. of the same time. (Talk about movies one wouldn't want to watch.)

Imagine no longer: Thanks to the AEI & C-SPAN3, this bizarre & perverted fantasy has been made an ugly reality.

Left to right: Goldberg, Soltis, Weigel, Douthat.
You bet your ass it's comedy gold, but extracting useful amusement from this two-hr. lode may be as difficult as getting crude oil from the ocean floor a mile below the surface.

Primary Election Wrap-Up


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Holy Joe The Hypocrite

TPM notes that Joe Lieberman is at it again:
Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), who is known for his campaigns against indecency in the media, says that Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon's background as a pro-wrestling executive isn't a problem, if he were to possibly support her.

"You know the first time I met Linda McMahon was around that very subject. I was concerned and I was working with colleagues in the Senate, and Bill Bennett, about the messages that the World Wrestling was sending out to kids. And we had a good conversation," Lieberman told reports Monday. "But you know, she's running for the Senate now, so I'm not gonna hold her accountable for anything she did in the past. I want to hear what her ideas are on foreign policy, domestic policy.

"Obviously I've known [Democratic candidate, state Attorney General] Dick Blumenthal for a long time, but he's been focused on being attorney general," Lieberman continued.

And could you explain, Sen. Two-Face, why being a state attorney general (And focusing on it.) is not necessarily a good thing, but McMahon, who's been focused on increasing her personal wealth at the expense of the nation's morals & Bill Bennett's hypocritical outrage, would be a wonderful candidate? The foreign policy expertise required to sell wrestling programming to Canada & the Middle East?

S.S. Cupp Sinks On NASCAR Vacation Cruise

On occasion, mere words can't do justice to other words. A physical action is almost necessary, but there's nothing we can smash around here.

What words, did you ask? Alright, we'll have to get around to them sooner or later, so please join us in our misery, as inflicted by one S.E. Cupp:
That same day I trotted over to tape a live segment for “The 700 Club” to talk about “Losing Our Religion” in the same studio [sic] I once did a segment for Alhurra, an Arabic-language television network serving the Middle East. I had the host in one ear via satellite, and his translator in the other, asking me questions about the importance of Muslim Americans in the 2008 presidential election. It was like I was at the UN, except I didn’t feel soiled afterward.
We never had the privilege of reading Larry King's newspaper column, but it must have been close to this awful. He may not have waxed political, but we doubt if he ever fucking "trotted over" anywhere.

And what the hell is this, speaking of old tee vee/radio bastards?
Upon returning, it was back to work. I did “Imus in the Morning” (which is to say, I did Imus’s morning show, and not an act you might find a requisite in Dante’s seventh circle of hell.) And as usual it was just lovely. Here’s a hilarious recap of our exchange. If I weren’t absolutely terrified of him (and if I could actually understand what he was saying) we might be able to enjoy a beautiful friendship. I like to imagine us watching re-runs of “Silver Spoons” on TV Land, over a pint of Cherry Garcia. We’d occasionally stop to kill a live horse and play with its entrails. We’d end the evening performing an acoustic version of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” on the castanets for my stuffed teddy bears, Junior Johnson and Thin Lizzy. Until that glorious day, I’ll just have to settle for being the adorable little Vanna to his Pat Sajak on the show.
????? At least Vanna keeps her trap shut & her fingers away from keyboards.

Astrology Dominae

Whatta town.
My friend Laraine Newman is the exact same age as I am to the day — almost to the hour, I believe. It's a great argument against Astrology since our lives have diverged in so many ways. One, which she writes about in this article, is in the kind of music that has underscored her life and inspired her. She grew up in this city and saw (among others) The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon, The Ike & Tina Turner Revue, Big Mama Thornton and Jimi Hendrix. I grew up in the same city at the same time and saw none of those. I did, however, go watch them film The Dick Van Dyke Show, watched them tape Laugh-In, watched Johnny Carson do The Tonight Show...
Not quite rockers & mods ...

Got My Mojo Woikin'

From New Age (Sad old, really.) HQ, the PuffHo, we are treated to the ridiculous:
 to me, there's something intriguing about the idea of powerful and potentially dangerous magic being offered under the bright fluorescent lights of an otherwise unremarkable one room storefront.
You insufferable cretin, the only potential danger in the rookery you visited would be if someone disposed of their John the Conquer Root aerosol can in a fire.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dropping Like Flies

Damn. No sooner had we discovered that Elton Dean has been dead for two yrs. then we looked up someone else (just below) who'd also died w/o the courtesy of letting us know. And while we read that we saw that the youngest Isley Brother, Marvin, has died. Recently, however. AT 56!! And Saturday night we heard this on the radio.

The Ring In Two Cities

Los Angeles & New York.

Meaningless disclosure: We used to live next door to the guy who typed the L.A. Times piece. Unless it was Mark Schwed. Who, we just discovered, has been dead for two yrs.

Funny, 'cause we once gave neighbor Swed some mail we'd gotten by mistake, & asked if he was the Times music guy. He wanted to be sure we knew he wasn't the tee vee crit.

Banana Republicans

Per POLITICO, La Taitz is not an incredible longshot.
Taitz is running against Damon Dunn, an African-American former professional football player. As with Obama, she’s turned to lawsuits to challenge him, arguing that Dunn’s brief time as a registered Democrat in Florida — from his playing days with the Jacksonville Jaguars — disqualifies him from the California ballot and amounts to fraud.

“Our country will turn into a banana republican [sic] until we disclose information that is related to voter fraud,” she told POLITICO.
Can't a brother get a break around here? Is she going to sue every black guy who runs for office?

This, however, warms our evil little heart:
[L]ongtime California GOP strategist Allan Hoffenblum, who publishes the California Target Book, says a Taitz victory is entirely possible. “It will be a complete embarrassment if she wins, but these things can happen,” he said.
Fingers crossed, breath bated, & so on.

Annals Of Self-Promotion

We get some credit from Johngcole, & he's on it immediately. Sullivan takes two wks. & doesn't even give w/ the "a reader writes" bit.
(Matter of fact, we'd completely forgotten we'd sent that to Sullivan; it was chance we were even sifting through the debris there today.)

Oh Them Jooos:
Diseased Homosexuals, Every One!

This Is Something To Be Nervous About

We hope to see this image plastered across our fair state should NutMeg win tomorrow's primary.
Think about it: the one question that’s never remotely been answered about her obsessive spending spree to buy the governorship is: Why the hell would she want the lousy job? (And don’t tell us it’s because she had an epiphany and — barf — realized she “won’t let California fail”)

Put another way, why else has Meg Whitman “invested” –- that’s the word she invariably uses when she’s asked about her obscene campaign spending — more than $71 million of her own fortune to capture the Republican nomination for governor? And why is she prepared to spend at least as much in the general election?

Answer: Because she wants to be president of the United States.
Even worse, they think it could happen.

Annals Of Nervousness

Whew. Not sure all of this will happen by the end of the wk.
Those gathered into the arms of this Christian fascist movement are desperately struggling to survive in an increasingly hostile environment. We failed them; we owe them more: This is their response. The financial dislocations, the struggles with domestic and sexual abuse, the battle against addictions, the poverty and the despair that many in the movement endure are tragic, painful and real. They have a right to their rage and alienation. But they are also being used and manipulated by forces that seek to dismantle what is left of our democracy and abolish the pluralism that was once the hallmark of our society.

The spark that could set this conflagration ablaze could be lying in the hands of a small Islamic terrorist cell. It could be in the hands of greedy Wall Street speculators who gamble with taxpayer money in the elaborate global system of casino capitalism. The next catastrophic attack, or the next economic meltdown, could be our Reichstag fire. It could be the excuse used by these totalitarian forces, this Christian fascism, to extinguish what remains of our open society.
But we suppose it's fun to anticipate one's own martyrdom.

View From Our Damn Window

Sunday, June 6, 2010

We Have Always Despised Elton John

So we don't get the big deal about his whoring his assfingers & vocal cords for Rush Limbaugh's Incestfestvirgin sacrifice in Florida.
Rogers told the Post in 2008 that the couple's age gap is part of what makes the romance work.

"I grew up so differently, traveling around the world, that I'm sometimes not able to relate to the average person my age," Rogers said. "Rush has such amazing experience."
Oh, indeed he does. And an example of the former Ms. Rogers' sophistication & accomplishments:
The couple met six years ago, while she was running a charity golf tournament and Limbaugh was in the process of divorcing for the third time.
More People info:
Rogers is a direct descendant of President John Adams, and her father attended the U.S. Naval Academy with the future Arizona Senator (and 2008 Republican Presidential candidate) John McCain, reports NewsCore.

The wire service also quotes the new bride as saying of the couple's 26-year age gap: "I'm sometimes not able to relate to the average person my age."
If your skin isn't crawling yet, you should probably consult a dermatologist as soon as possible.

No Sex, Please: We're Disgusted By The Whole Thing

We're the first to admit we haven't the intestinal fortitude (or a strong enough gag reflex) to go gently or apprehensively into the dark night of the soul that is NRO. But we've haven't seen any mention of this by more intrepid sorts. No, we had to wait for the old, legacy, state-run mainstream/lamestream media (where the "20 Hottest Conservaskanks" competition was under discussion) to find this:
But K-Lo has also blasted pornography for "quietly tearing at the time, efficiency, and souls of young men, families, and workplaces today" (porn being a contentious issue throughout feminism) and has complained about the salacious content of—well, of NEWSWEEK's site, actually.

So, let's see what Lopez has to say to Goldberg:
Snark and Boobs? The things you learn ... I suspect you didn't enlist an AEI intern for this assignment, but covered it yourself.

You Think You're So Smart

Every jerk on this planet (were there non-jerks they'd think they were exceptional, just for not bring jerks) thinks he or she is special; many extend specialness & exceptionalism to a tribe w/ which they have some connection. Well, you aren't special, & neither are those who accept the same conventional wisdom you do. You're a piece of dirt like six billion other cretins taking up space & oxygen on this spinning rock who are supposed to have rights & stuff, just like you are, but probably don't, so get over it.

Reading this may wise a few of you up. Chabon may be a bit culturally specific, but we extend the pointy finger & explaining voice at every one of you not reading this.

Ghetto Fabuloso

Via Getty Images (really, from DR) Sarin at the Belmont:
If you keep making that expression, Sarin, your sell-by date will be coming sooner than you realize.

One would think that Sarin worshipers would be taken aback at a well-known NON-ELITEST somehow getting from AK to NY to watch a fucking horse race. One would, of course, be sorely mistaken to make such an assumption.

Why We Are Not Willing To Take Torture Off The Table

Madoff Revered Behind Bars
Most inmates are happy to share space with Bernard Madoff, 71, who has become a sort of folk hero to those on the inside. But when someone decided to criticize him for his theft, the disgraced financier shot back: "Fuck my victims. I carried them for 20 years, and now I'm doing 150 years," he said, according to the New York Post, citing an upcoming issue of New York magazine. In general, Madoff, once described as sticking to himself behind bars, seems to be much more comfortable now talking to his fellow inmates, many of whom seem to admire him for being a criminal legend. When a fellow convict told Madoff he admired the way he had stolen millions from his clients, the financier was quick to correct him: "No, billions." Meanwhile, Madoff has made it clear that just because he's behind bars doesn't mean he's going to stop being a savvy businessman. An inmate who does laundry for others for $10 a month agreed to wash Madoff's for $8.
Read original story in The New York Post | Sunday, June 6, 2010
We do think torture should only be used on the convicted. Surely no one could object to Mr. Madoff being placed in the stocks & having various rotten crap heaved at him. Limits on the size of stones & rocks hurled would have to be set, of course. Perhaps approved items could be sold to the hurlers for a small profit, to benefit those suckeredvictimized by Madoff.

D-Day + 66 Y-Years

Notion's Capital recycles from last yr., so we'll recycle as well. Double use!
From this Quay, 60 cutters of the United States Coast Guard Rescue Flotilla 1 departed for the Normandy Invasion, 6 June 1944.  These 83 foot boats, built entirely of wood, and the 840 crewmembers were credited with saving the lives of 1437 men and 1 woman.  In remembrance of the service of Rescue Flotilla 1, and with appreciation of the kindnesses of the people of Poole to the crews, this Plaque is given by the men and women of the United States Coast Guard.

Saturday Afternoon In The City
W/ M. Bouffant

Bougainvillea invades Silver Lake Bachelor Central.
The Naked Bar-B-Q. That damned bush (& its leaves) is everywhere.

Our Shrinking Sheep: Middle-Class Joins Wage-Slave Service Economy

America eats its own:
As head of human resources for Nationwide Auction Systems, it was Wivory Bell's job to travel around California in late 2008 and tell people they were being let go. By last April, there were so few humans left, her own services were no longer required.
From an AP story personalizng the results of boom-&-bust economic cycles & the bizarre desire of corporate entities to destroy the nation's consumer base.

One of the ways they get away w/ it:
But his Pentecostal faith tells him that things happen for a reason. Although his salary isn't quite where it was, he's with a good company, one where he seems to fit.

"I think I really have to experience the things I've had to experience to get me where I'm going," he says. "I can't really explain it, but I'm a whole lot happier than I've been in a long time."

As if on cue, the couple's dilapidated van died recently. They bought a replacement, meaning their hopes of socking away some money will have to wait a bit longer.

"Just once I want to catch a break," Marshall says.
Does his Pentecostal faith tell him that the "reasons" for which things happen aren't necessarily good, & that he shouldn't be taking this lying down?

Up-Close & Personal:
"I didn't think it was going to be like this," he says. "I thought, `I'll be a doctor of chiropractic. I'll work hard, save up a bunch of money, maybe retire early.' Now it's like, work until you die."

We Told You So; Now We're Going to Rub It Your Faces Segment:

"Nation of Sheep
Stupid wage-slaves
Your bosses will work you
'Til you're in your graves"
— The prescient Malignant Bouffant, ca. 1983.

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