Friday, June 4, 2010

John Wooden Dies At 99

Oh garg, now we in So Cal, especially (Although most of the rest of you will experience some suffering. If symptoms persist, have another drink, or try aspirin.) will be subject to this old bastard's platitudes, homilies & unadulterated corn at least through next wknd.

It is fun when someone's condition is given as "grave." Ha ha. (Not as much fun as "extremely grave," but you can't get everything.)

Proved (@ 2022): Vin Scully has already started.

Attempts to Relieve Ennui

This one gives us the chance to complain (once again) that if the protagonist of Mr. Cash's tune shot a man in Reno, NEVADA, he wouldn't be doing time in Folsom, a CALIFORNIA state prison.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Celtics Finished (Pretty Much)

To keep it in perspective, the (Former) Brooklyn Bums Of Chavez Ravine will be playing good teams in the immediate future. We'll see how that works out.

Two-Tub Man

Laundry, two tubs.
The horror is never-ending.
We are taking a paper & plastic system under advisement.

Peaceful "Prevention"

A guy named Fly, at the Weekly Standard:
On Tuesday, the day after Israeli commandos prevented a flotilla from breaking the naval blockade of Gaza, ABC News reported the (supposedly) definitive U.S. position.
Antiseptic: No mention that the prevention ("It's like wearing a rubber.") involved loss of human life.

More "When To Stop Reading"


The Culture of Narcissism

The solipsism of the millennial generation.
Not w/ our eyeballs on 10-ft. stalks!

Call For War On Turkey In ...

A Roman Catholic bishop has been stabbed to death in southern Turkey, state-run media report.

Luigi Padovese, 63, was attacked in the garden of his summer house in the Mediterranean port of Iskenderun, according to Anatolia news agency.

Police have arrested Bishop Padovese's driver, a man identified only as Murat A. He was suffering from psychological problems, the provincial governor said.

There has been a series of attacks on Christians in Turkey in recent years.
More at the Beeb.

NB: The Editorial Policy here is that anyone w/ a summer home is fair game.

Amity Shlaes: Dumb Or Disingenuous?

Apparently a complete stranger had to point out to Ms. Shlaes what a complete dimbulb she is, not that it hasn't been proved before.
Except, of course, that the online social communities of teenage girls and the real businesses of Wall Street traders have nothing in common. Shlaes might as well be recommending using the United States’ successful drunk-driving laws to referee the upcoming World Cup.

Local Action: Police Terror Up-Date

Four LAPD officers accused of clashing with bicyclists are relieved of field duty

The department launches an internal investigation into a videotaped altercation Friday night in Hollywood that appears to show an officer kicking the wheel of a cyclist.

Porn Killer On Loose!

Stephen Clancy Hill, a.k.a. Steve Driver, allegedly went through a Van Nuys production house with a machete, killing a former co-star. Police are investigating reports that he was being fired and evicted.

The LAPD is investigating the attack as a case of workplace violence. The suspect fled in a blue Toyota RAV4 with license plate 5YTC423.
Please keep your eyes open.

Postulating W/ Gravity

A Pastor Swank sort, able to make perfectly legitimate English words sound oddly out-of-tune, though not w/ the artful dissonance of the Swankster. And, unlike Swank, published in a forum that reaches a larger forum than Alan Keyes' Renew America, Tucker C.'s Daily Caller. Is it the yrs. reading the KJV at divinity school that disconnects them from American English usage?
William Temple is a historical re-enactor, a pastor of a Bible church in Brunswick, Ga., and a well-known figure at Tea Party events across the country.
So, they worship the Bible rather than gawd or Jesus?
Read more.

Yes, why don't you? We have some knitting needles you can shove in your eyes when you've had enough.
So maybe, just maybe, “professionals” are not the solution. Perhaps they are the “whole” problem, and have been for many years; creating a vast bloated federal bureaucracy with departments and agencies our founders never envisioned; taking away the rights of the sovereign States and the people, rights so clearly laid out in our founding document—the Constitution; so that even an amateur Tea Party buffoon, like myself, could reasonably understand its heavy machinations. And no lawyer required! How about a citizen legislature with no perks? You just go, serve, and then go back home! I like this!

The Tea Parties are not going away! We will demand that our Constitution be obeyed, that it be taught in our schools (as well as the founders who wrote and signed it), and that it be restored to the absolute “center” of all government actions. For anyone coming new to the political world, running for office in the future, you better read this document, understand its simplicity, then follow it carefully. The Tea Parties have nothing better to do than hold legislators accountable for breaking their oaths to it.

So for you with eyes to see and ears to hear, this little parade of amateurs is just getting started. And if the career “professionals” could make such a mess out of this great Nation, do you really think for a moment that the “non-professionals” could do any worse? They are the ones after all who know how to balance a check book day to day; say “no” to their excessive wants when they can’t afford them; do real productive work; pay the exorbitant taxes; fight the wars; and feed, clothe, and house their families without handouts from stuffy bureaucrats.

The Tea Parties have only one thing to tell the government professionals and the media elites—“It’s the Constitution Stupid!”
We researched this sad sacker,
who is described as amiable, & cheerful.
"Note it is called the Contract From America, not the Contract With America," said William Temple, who runs a tea party group in Brunswick, Ga. "We are the ones giving the direction."

A cheerful man with a broad set of interests -- he is a pastor of "an all-black Maranatha" church, a painter, a retired Secret Service and Homeland Security employee, and a historical reenactor -- he made these pronouncements using an accent he hoped would sound early American, and he was dressed in period costume as Button Gwinnett, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Funny, he doesn't type so amiably.

A note of non-madness on these buffoons.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When To Stop Reading

The bravest woman I know—and I know plenty, including Margaret Thatcher—
Yes! Right there.

We must be the only person who still glances at Tina B.'s Daily Beast.

You Know Who At It Again

How Hitler Is Making the European Economic Crisis Even Worse

Hitler's Daughter Tells A Lie

WHEN REPUBLICANS LIE ABOUT RELATIVES' SERVICE RECORDS.... When people compare Arizona's "let me see your papers" immigration law to 1930s Germany, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) takes it personally. "Knowing that my father died fighting the Nazi regime in Germany, that I lost him when I was 11 because of that ... and then to have them call me Hitler's daughter. It hurts," she said the other day. "It's ugliness beyond anything I've ever experienced."

The problem, as Kos noted, is that Brewer's father didn't die fighting the Nazi regime in Germany.
Not really a problem for these people, who will lie like a rug at the drop of a hat.
For crying out loud.

OK, so Brewer misled the public about her father's service record. She'll apologize and move on, right? Wrong.
Officials with the governor's administration said her statement should not be taken to mean that she was claiming her father was a soldier in Germany during the Nazi regime.
I'm confused. When Brewer said her "father died fighting the Nazi regime in Germany," that wasn't intended to mean that her father was an American soldier in Germany during the Nazi regime?
Well, it's not "intended" to mean anything at all. It's just something one says, y'know?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today's Rights Rollback Round-Up

Not Carmen, You Cretin

In a nation where the vast majority of sheep can't name any of the weasels on the Supreme Court, is it fair to ask that an affirmative Miranda declaration be made before suspects' rights are observed? Is the traditional reading/explaining of rights already a thing of the past?

The real problem:
"This result is not especially surprising nor, by itself, should it be alarming," said Michael C. Dorf, a former Supreme Court clerk who currently teaches constitutional law at Cornell University Law School and authors a legal column for FindLaw. "Even though Supreme Court rulings can have a major impact on contentious issues such as the death penalty, abortion rights, discrimination and environmental protection, the Court issues its rulings as a collective body. After their 15 minutes before the Senate Judiciary Committee are up, Supreme Court justices rarely appear on television. What is a source for concern are polls consistently showing that many Americans are unfamiliar with basic features of our constitutional system."

Increasing White Reactionary Dementia-Sufferers in The Senate

By repealing that pesky Seventeenth Amendment.
That the idea has taken hold among a vocal subset of activists does, however, tell us a few things about our times. The first is that skepticism of government generally has reached such intensity that it has become commonplace for the losing side in any political argument to scrutinize not just their party or their candidates, but the system itself.

The same thing happened after the 2004 elections, when a group of frustrated liberal academics began to posit that the real problem in Washington was the structure of the Senate, which prevented the urban masses from imposing their will on sparsely populated rural states. (Funny how that complaint has largely disappeared, now that Democrats control 59 seats.)

Having been through a controversial impeachment, a deadlocked election and a divisive war, all within a dozen years, perhaps it is unavoidable that we should now cast suspicions not just on the actors in our democracy, but also on the rules that govern it.
Yup. That's bullshit you smell. Also known as "balance." Jonathan Chait gets the shovel & exposes it.
There is a whole lot of wrongness packed into one small section. Bai's suggestion that liberal complaints about the malaportioned Senate have "largely disappeared" since the start of 2009 is simply bizarre.

Kaus, Klaus, Whatever ...

Via McGravitas, we were exposed to this:which we've not yet seen on our telescreen, though we've been exposed to more Whitman & Poizner adverts during seven & a half innings of the ball game than we dared count.

"Liberal!" "More liberal!!" "Liberalest!!!"

Mickey may have a new career in front of him.Pointless aside: This was related to "Kaus."

"What The Hell Is Going On Here?
And Why?"

All Gawd's Chillun got problems (we certainly have our share) but it wasn't until we read this sufferer's complaints
"I don't understand at all what is going on here," she says.

"None of it makes sense. What's happening here? How did I get here? What's happening? Please. Please."
that we realized we, too, have been suffering from Reagan's disease, & not just of late, but from the time we realized that was a world external to ourself. (We're still struggling w/ that whole concept, too.)

Freedom & liberty: Crazy ideas?
Nancy has deteriorated from a benignly forgetful doting grandmother to a raging harpy, who slaps her granddaughters, calls her beloved grandson variously a bastard, arsehole and bitch, cannot remember how to use cutlery, prefers not to wash, tucks used bits of loo paper up her sleeve, squats on the floor to pee and hides her own turds behind paperbacks in the bookshelves ("the kind of discovery that's unexpected late at night when you're looking for something to read").
Sounds like a Randian paradise. Nobody tells us nuthin', y'hear?

2 June 2010 @ 1938PDT: Added the "The" to the title. We weren't asking for a description of the hell we're in.

Roosevelt & The End Of Prohibition: The Beginning Of American Cultural Decline & The Rise Of Secularism

More crap we didn't know that is not entirely uninteresting. This time the crap concerns the connection between Prohibition & suffrage. As well as the economic interests involved.
You call Wayne Bidwell Wheeler "the genius behind the Prohibition movement." Who was he?
Wheeler helped found the Anti-Saloon League, in 1893. And their first effort was to go state by state. We'll get a law here. We'll get a law there. He was an extremely effective, absolutely sincere, somewhat ruthless, and indefatigable political manipulator who realized that if you control the margins, you could create a majority. So if you had 10 percent of the people in a given district, if you could deliver those 10 percent to one candidate or another based on their position on Prohibition, you could win elections, and in fact take over Congress, which he did in the 1916 election.

You write that another Constitutional amendment—the 16th Amendment, which passed in 1913 and provided for an income tax—helped spur Prohibition.
In 1913, when the income tax amendment is passed, things suddenly change. The federal government up until that point got as much as 40 percent of its annual revenue from the excise tax on alcohol. After the income tax was passed, reformers realized there was a replacement for the revenue that came from taxing alcohol, and they started to push for a Constitutional amendment.

At the time, beer was becoming a major industry. Didn't the beer and spirits industry fight back?
They shot themselves in the foot. What they really fought more than anything else was suffrage, because they knew that women would vote against the saloon. And the more public they were about fighting suffrage, the more it guaranteed that women would vote against the saloon because it was very clear what the brewers were up to. In World War I the Anti-Saloon League was able to paint the brewers as the tools of the kaiser, because they had names like Pabst, Blatz, and Anheuser-Busch. And that almost guaranteed the ratification of the prohibition amendment. It was ratified in 1919, to go into effect one year later on Jan. 16, 1920.
Fucking Krauts! And the Kaiser!

The "Straight Scoop," & Where To Get It

Good gawd!! Look at this:
Via Anti-Semite Andrew Sullivan (Get it?) who also raised this question:
A response from TNR.

Nation Of Sheep
Stupid Wage-Slaves
Your Bosses Will Work You
'Til You're In Your Graves

We love typing "We told you so!" as The New York Times asks the question:
How high can or should the retirement age go, and should it be tied to increases in life expectancy? What will changes in retirement patterns mean for the United States, compared with Western Europe?
And while we're in visionary mode: Indentured servitude for gov't. workers.
... government officials are looking for ways to reduce the costs of ballooning public sector pensions and are pressuring unions to agree to later retirement dates.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Pegging The Irony Meter

Internet addicts guilty of starving baby to death

A South Korean couple were convicted Friday of abandoning their newborn daughter, who starved to death while they addictively played an online game raising a virtual child.
Associated Press Writer
SEOUL, South Korea —
A South Korean couple were convicted Friday of abandoning their newborn daughter, who starved to death while they addictively played an online game raising a virtual child.

The husband, a 41-year-old taxi driver, and his 25-year-old wife were sentenced to two years in prison, but the woman's term was suspended because she is pregnant.

The couple played at Internet cafes on average 10 hours every day and bottle-fed their baby only once a day, prosecutors said in an affidavit.

The girl, who was born prematurely and weighed 5 pounds (2.25 kilograms), was often fed rotten formula and was beaten when she cried out of hunger, the affidavit said.

They found her dead when they returned to their home in Suwon, just south of Seoul, after an all-night gaming session last September, the ruling said. They hid at a relative's home after a autopsy found the baby died of malnutrition.
And now, the rest of the story.

Bums Beat 'Backs On Balk, 5 - 4

Couldn't resist.


Exodus: History Shows Again & Again

The “Exodus 1947,” a ship filled with Jewish Holocaust survivors who wanted to immigrate to Palestine, after it was seized by the British Navy in a deadly struggle at sea and brought to Haifa in July, 1947.The New York Times
History, & several videos of yesterday's piracy.
Click image above, leads to 1947 actuality.
And an extra-obvious video, just because.

Our Boys & Girls Died So Boss Hogg Could Run Your Life & Wave His Dick At You While Walking Tall

The AP story: Drooling compensators want to be able to wave their rods around very publicly.
"It is time for the sworn protectors of liberty, the Sheriffs of these United States of America, to walk tall and stand up for our Constitution and Bill of Rights," proclaimed Larimer County, Colo., candidate Carl Bruning in his campaign literature.

The retired Air Force pilot is running against an incumbent, Sheriff James Alderden, who himself is popular with the gun rights supporters for refusing to enforce a Colorado State University gun ban.

But Bruning even goes further by vowing to never enter the names of concealed-carry permit holders into the statewide database.

In Orange County, Calif., Oath Keeper Bill Hunt said California needs strong sheriffs to stand up to the federal government in the modern day wars over water, and to stick up for citizens who have a hard time getting concealed weapons permits.

Hunt, who is running a credible campaign in the large county, said it will only take a strong presence from the sheriff, and possibly lawsuits, not some sort of armed standoff.

"Leadership is meeting with the other agencies in government and letting them know it if they are outside their jurisdiction," Hunt said.
That's leadership America can get behind. Let's see if we have this right: The sheriff is to enforce imaginary Constitutional limits on other gummint agencies, & the concealed carry permit holders will enforce actual law w/ a little street justice?

The commies lite of Think Progress add context, by which we mean point out what a sad collection of pin-dicked loser asshole weirdos these "Oath Keepers" are.

Just Fucking Imagine

Andrew Sullivan suggests a use for your mind:
Just imagine if a flotilla of anti-Tehran activists were attacked in international waters by Iran's Revolutionary Guards, and that the Guards killed 16 or more of the civilians. What do you think Commentary would be saying then?

Cultural Criticism

This is a tough one. Leftists mocking "our" troops as too weak to whip a dinosaur?
Or conservative reinforcement? Jesus rode a dinosaur, why can't G.I. Joe?

This just in: It's apolitical crap, unless you think the deliberate foisting of crap on suckers to divert them from actuality is a political act. In which case you'd be absolutely correct.

To The Past, Quickly

One-time Laura Bush lap dog Andrew Malcolm embedded a pair of Kate Smith videos & signed off today's hard work w/ this:
And may God bless all free men and women in uniform. Happy Holiday.
If Andrew Malcolm gave a gawd-damned shit about the noble fucking dead he wouldn't be suggesting that a happy holiday be had, he'd be in America's parks & backyards overturning grills & screaming at the real Americans how they're lazy parasites not fit to lick the shit-stained boots of the noble dead. Most of whom died in vain, it seems, as no one in America is free from the national security state or the rent-collecting elites.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Oh, sorry. Wasn't pirates after all, it was the Israeli Navy. Hard to tell when your flotilla is in international waters. Heh heh.

Report: At least 10 activists killed as Israel Navy opens fire on Gaza aid flotilla

Over 60 pro-Palestinian campaigners wounded after six-ship convoy sailing for Gaza Strip ignored Israel's order to turn back, Turkish news reports. IDF confirms two commandos also wounded.


The Israeli navy was operating under the assumption that the activists manning the boats would not heed their calls to turn around, and Israeli troops were prepared to board the ships and steer them away from the Gaza shores and toward the Israeli port city of Ashdod.

Please do not pee on our leg & tell us this isn't piracy. We'll be expecting the U.S. Sixth Fleet to take the appropriate action immediately, as the USN does w/ Somali pirates.

If It Weren't for The Internet We Could Ignore This Rot

The World's Greatest Music Contest - and you just missed it

Contest? Why not just have a fucking war? Been done w/ soccer. And are we somehow mistaken to believe that the Ay-rabs & Moose-lims have turned Europe, from Iceland to the Urals, into a mandatory burqa zone? Doesn't look it here, but for all we know Al-Jazeera is running the whole thing.

Twilight Of The Amazing Blue Ribbon 400

Desperate for material, we thought this might be amusing enough. Then we got to the LaRouche people.
One banner read: “Wagner: Loved by Nazis, Rejected by Humans.” Another said: “L.A. County: $14 Million to promote Nazi Wagner, Layoffs for Music Teachers.”

The protesters identified themselves as supporters for [sic] Lyndon LaRouche, the eccentric political activist and frequent presidential candidate who once led the U.S. Labor Party. The group handed out fliers published by the Schiller Institute, an organization founded by LaRouche’s wife, Helga.

The fliers denounced Wagner’s anti-Semitic personal views and criticized the county for rescuing the opera company. “Does Los Angeles County have nothing better to do … than bail out L.A. Opera, so that it can celebrate the monstrous sexual fantasies, and the cult of violence, of that vile anti-Semite, Wagner?” read the flier.

Stephen Rountree, who serves as chief operating officer of L.A. Opera and president of the Music Center, said in a statement that “dialogue is good and we welcome all conversations” in connection to the “Ring.”

In December, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors approved a $14-million loan to the opera company, which at the time said it was $20 million in debt. The loan is intended to help keep L.A. Opera afloat through mid-2010.


Brittany Gash of Inglewood was attending “South Pacific” at the Ahmanson Theater but stopped to survey the action. “I think the ‘Ring’ Festival is a sham,” she said. “I consider myself a music lover, but I don’t think Angelenos can relate to this production. It’s not an accessible piece for the public.”
All praise to Wotan, for creating commonsense real Americans who can get behind "South Pacific."

Joke: Combine "accessibility" & "mentally handicapped." Also, laugh at "Brittany Gash."

Time To Start The "Pull Out Now Like Your Father Should Have" Campaign?

Don't Ask. Don't Even Think Of Asking.

From the pp. of Boy Commandos #1.

This Yr.'s Eurovision Winner

Our boys died so the Euros could come up w/ this stuff? And then they rub our noses in it on Memorial Day.

Enjoy Decoration Day. Get Out There & Decorate A Grave!

While you're stuffing your fat American face this wknd., don't even give a thought to the now-one thousand Americans (not to mention all the non-Americans) who have died for nothing at all in Afghanistan.

And just forget everyone else who has died in vain. Or who's been murdered to serve corporate interests. You already have? Good for you. You're a real American. Patriots keep their minds & mouths shut.